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Great changes are in prospect in this area due to foreign investment. 因为外资的引进, 该地区会发生很大变化。 In prospect of increase in demand, we should operate at full capacity. 预计需求会有很大增长, 我们应该开足马力生产。 It's the bad manner to spit in public. 当众吐痰是不礼貌的行为。 We work hard in pursuit of happy life. 我们为追求幸福生活而努力工作。 Walking in the street, I often see beggars in rags. 走在街上时, 我经常可以看到一些衣衫褴褛的乞丐。 Love is sometimes put in range with a career. 人们往往认为爱情和事业是并驾齐驱的。 In reality, things always happen out of expectation. 现实中, 事情总是出乎意料地发生。 The plan is feasible in reason but impractical. 这个计划道理上行得通, 但不现实。 He was rewarded in recognition of his service. 他的贡献得到认可而受到嘉奖。 We have reached an agreement with him in regard to the shipment. 我们已经就装运问题同他达成协议。 I have nothing to say in relation to that matter. 关于那件事, 我没什么好说的。 In remembrance of the battle, we set up a museum. 为纪念那次战役, 我们建立了一座博物馆。 In reply to your inquiry, we have sent you our latest price list. 为答复你方的询价, 我们寄去了最新的价格单。 In respect of financial standing, this firm is reliable. 在资信方面, 这家商行还是很可靠的。 In response to their hospitality, we wrote a thank-you note. 为回报他们的热情, 我们写了一封感谢信。 I sent him a present in return for his help. 我送给他一份礼物以回报他的帮助。 The invader laid towns and villages in ruins. 入侵者把村镇变为废墟。 The scientists are in search of a new element. 科学家们正在寻找一种新元素。 The style of this skirt is just in season. 这条裙子的款式正当时令。 It is said President has escaped to the border in secret. 据说总统已经秘密逃往边境了。 Put the mixed historical facts in sequence. 将混淆的历史事件按顺序排列。 In short, I am interested in all of the sports. 简而言之, 我对一切运动都感兴趣。 An island is coming in sight. 一个小岛已逐渐可见。 I could not stand it in silence any more and disclosed it to my best friend. 我再也不能默默忍受, 把这件事告诉了我的好朋友。 The universe exists in space. 宇宙存在于太空。 In spite of the bad weather, we went fishing. 我们不顾恶劣的天气而去钓鱼。 The grocer's has plenty varieties of goods in stock. 杂货商有种类繁多的存货。 Mother has something delicious in store for me. 妈妈准备了好吃的东西给我。 Tragedy is in store for that poor girl from the beginning. 从一开始, 那个女孩的悲剧就是不可避免的。 Her clothes are always in style. 她的衣服总是很时髦。 He opened his eyes wide in surprise. 他吃惊地睁大了眼睛。 He often talks about his girlfriend in terms of love. 他经常用充满爱意的语言谈论他的女朋友。 In terms of finance, Company A has great advantage. 从财力方面讲, A 公司有很大优势。 In the absence of Mr. Jackson, we held a meeting. 在杰克逊先生不在的情况下, 我们开了会。 We are in the absence of experience. 我们缺乏经验。 It is in the air that there will be a typhoon this week. 有传言说这星期将有台风。 The supermarket is just in the corner of the street. 超市就在街角。 In the course of your absence, many stories happened. 在你不在期间, 发生了很多事。 The girl is in the custody of her aunt after her parents' death. 自从她的父母去世后, 那个女孩受她的姨母堡。 I couldn't tell what it was in the dark. 黑暗中我看不清那东西是什么。 Don't leave me in the dark. 别把我蒙在鼓里。 We work in the day and rest at night. 我们白天工作晚上休息。 We can't see stars in the daytime. 我们不能在白天看到星星。 In the default of one player we have to take the little boy as our team member. 因为缺乏一名运动员我们只好叫这个小男孩做我们的队员。 We saw a house in the distance. 我们看到远处有幢房子。 After many years of hard work, he won the award in the end. 经过许多年的努力, 他最后终于获得了大奖。 In the event of exam, we cannot go swimming today. 假如考试, 我们今天就不能去游泳。 The small city has the climate that is changeable in the extreme. 这座小城有变化多端的存货。 We should hold on in the face of hardships. 在困难面前我们应该坚持。 I only heard of the story in the far past. 我只是在很久以前听说过这件事。 He has got brilliant achievements in the field of physics. 他在物理学方面已经取得了巨大成就。 I am a teacher in the first place and a writer in the next place. 我首先是一个教师, 其次才是一个作家。 In time of aristocracy, people's fates are not in the hands of themselves. 贵族统治时代人们的命运并不掌握在自己手中。 I went back to that shop in the hope of finding him waiting there. 我回到那家商店, 希望他在那等我。 We entered into this contract in the interests of both parties. 我们为了双方的利益签订这项合同。 None of the students except Jim is in the know of the exam. 除了吉姆, 学生们谁都不知道考试的事。 He is not interested in math in the least. 他对数学一点都不感兴趣。 In the long run, one should save money for emergencies. 从长远看, 应该存钱以备不测。 We hope to make great profit in the long term. 我们希望长期获利。 The manager will give details at the meeting in the matter of new plan. 会上经理将谈谈关于新计划的细节。 I like skiing and in the meantime, I know it is very dangerous. 我喜欢滑雪, 同时也知道这非常危险。 A boy rushed into the classroom in the middle of the exam. 考试中间, 有个男孩冲进了教室。 He is standing in the middle of the classroom. 他正站在教室中间。 I would like to give you some advice in the name of a friend. 我愿意以朋友的名义给你一些建议。 Doing exercises in the open air is good for your health. 露天锻炼身体有益你的健康。 Professor Li is absent, I will take the lesson in the place of him. 李教授不在, 我替他上课。 The teacher praised me in the presence of my mother. 老师当着我母亲的面表扬我。 People in the same boat should help each other. 境遇相同的人应该互相帮助。 Plague came in the wake of earthquake. 地震之后紧跟着就是瘟疫。 Don't stand in the way. 闪开, 别挡道。 You understood him in the wrong way. 你错误地理解他了。 His proposition is good in theory but cannot be put into practice. 他的建议在理论上可以, 但不能付诸实现。 They have something in common in this connection. 在这点上, 他们有些共同之处。 The work should be done in this way. 应该这样做工作。 We called the police and they arrived in time. 我们给警署打电话后他们及时赶到了。 Hurry up, or we cannot get to the railway station on time. 快些, 否则我们不能按时赶到火车站了。 Hold out and you will succeed in time. 坚持下去, 你最终会成功的。 In time of depression, there were no enough jobs. 萧条时期, 没有足够的工作机会。 We sent the poor girl a birthday present in token of friendship. 我们送给那个可怜的小女孩一份生日礼物作为友谊的表示。 I kept in touch with my classmates during my journey. 我在旅行期间舆同学们保持联系。 You are always getting yourself in trouble. 你总是给自己找麻烦。 He went to the library in truth last night, but you weren't there. 他昨晚真的去图书馆了, 但是你不在那。 The curtain is not in tune with the atmosphere of the room. 窗帘同房间的气氛不协调。 The students clean the classroom everyday in turn. 学生们每天轮流打扫教室。 The new version of this dictionary is not in use yet. 这本字典的新版本还未通行。 He tried in vain to catch the butterfly on the flower. 他白费力气想抓住停在花上的蝴蝶。 The destination is in view. 终点已经在望。 In view of our long-standing relationship, we agree to allow you a discount. 考虑到我们长期的关系, 我方同意给你方折扣。 He became a champion at last in virtue of his perseverance. 凭着坚韧不拔的精神, 他终于成为冠军。 Our company is in want of fund. 我们的公司需要资金。 Many a woman has great influence on her husband. 许多女人对丈夫有很大影响。 Keep me informed of fresh developments. 随时告诉我新的发展。 He asked me to inquire after you. 他要我问候你。 The police will inquire into the cause of his death. 警方将调查他的死因。 I insisted on his coming with us. 我坚决主张他与我们同行。 He persisted in carrying on the experiment in spite of all kinds of setbacks. 尽管遇到很多挫折, 他仍坚持做实验。 Every student must get an insurance policy. 每个学生必须得到一张保险单。 We must pass an intelligence test before being hired by the boss. 我们必须通过智力测验才能被老板雇用。 Interest rate generally fluctuates in a cyclical manner. 利率常以周期方式浮动。 Do you ever allow pleasure to interfere with duty? 你曾为了玩乐而影响了你的工作吗? We are fascinated by the delicate interior design of the apartment. 我们被这所公寓的精致的室内装潢设计吸引。 She introduced me to her parents. 她将我介绍给她的父母。 Don't involve yourself in unnecessary expense. 勿做不必要的花费。 They all jeer at the foolish speaker. 他们都嘲笑那个愚蠢的演说者。 He is not a man to jest with. 他是个不能开玩笑的人。 Will you join us in rowing? 你愿意和我们一起划船吗? Don't judge a man by his looks. 不要凭外表判断人。 Alice would jump at the chance to Egypt. 爱丽丝会很高兴有机会去埃及。 He jumped to a conclusion without careful investigation. 他未做认真的调查就仓促做出了结论。 He jumped off the horse and went straight into the hut. 他跳下马, 径直朝小屋走去。 He jumped onto the horse and galloped in the direction of the temple. 他跳上马, 朝寺庙方向飞奔而去。 I object to being jumped upon for trivial matter like this. 我讨厌因这种小事而受人责备。 The theater is just about the park. 戏院就在公园附近。 Your boyfriend called you just now. 刚才你男朋友给你打电话了。 Please keep an eye on the baby. 请照看一下孩子。 The police have been instructed to keep an eye out for pickpockets at the fair. 遵照指示, 警察在展览会期间警戒小偷。 Mary kept at her homework until she finished. 玛丽坚持把作业写完。 Nobody can entirely keep away from this competitive world. 没有人能够完全远离这个竞争社会。 He may be telling the truth but he is keeping something back. 他在陈述事实, 但他隐瞒了一些事。 She tried to keep back her tears. 她试图抑制住眼泪。 You should keep clear of that fellow. 你应避开那个家伙。 The king kept the conquered people down. 国王镇压了反抗的人民。 Maybe you have discovered some clever ways to keep yourself from forgetting. 也许你发现了什么好方法使自己不忘事。 My watch keeps good time. 我的手表走时准确。 He said that he wanted his wife to keep house and not to work in an office. 他说他希望他的太太不工作, 专门在家里管理家务。 Keep in mind that you have to be home by 11 o'clock. 记住, 你必须在十一点以前回家。 He kept in touch with his manager. 他与经理保持联系。 Keep off the grass. 请勿践踏草坪。 The neighbors asked them to stop making a noise, but they kept on. 邻居们请他们安静一些, 可他们还是吵吵闹闹。 He survived the accident because he kept his head. 他能在事故中幸存, 归功于他在事故发生时很镇静。 I'll keep my word, and tell him everything. 我会遵守诺言告诉他所有的事。 You should keep out of these things. 你不能牵涉进这些事。 Tom has to take long steps to keep pace with his father. 汤姆必须迈大步才能跟上他的父亲。 The doctor ordered the man who had sprained his ankle to keep quiet a few days. 医生命令那扭伤足踝的人静养几天。 Could you please keep silent for a while? 你能不能清静一会儿? They keep to the custom of having their marriages only in May. 他们固守传统, 只在五月举行婚礼。 He keeps to himself most of the time. 他大部分时间独居。 You'll keep it to yourself, won't you? 你会保守秘密的, 是吧! We have to keep track of every cent we spend. 我们得记下我们花的每一分钱。 He reads the newspapers to keep track of current events. 他阅读报纸以了解时事。 We've kept up our friendship for over 20 years. 我们的友谊已经持续了二十多年。 They could not keep up with us when we climbed the mountain. 爬山时, 他们跟不上我们。 To kill time until the exhibition opened, we looked round the shops. 为了消磨时间等待展览开始, 我们逛了逛商场。 Who is knocking at the door? 谁在敲门? He knocked him down with one blow of his fist. 他挥拳一击把他打倒在地。 I was able to knock their price down to $1. 我把价格压到一美元。 The boy knocked into her. 那个男孩撞到了她身上。 We knock off at 12:30 for lunch. 我们十二点半时停下工作去吃饭。 They knocked five pounds off the price. 他们把价格降低五镑。 A blow on the head knocked him out. 头上的一击使他昏厥。 I feel that I know about the value of my own work. 我觉得我知道自己工作的价值。 I have never met Mr. Reese; I simply know him by sight. 我从未见过里斯先生, 我只是看他面熟。 The school labors under the disadvantage of not having enough textbooks. 这所学校深受缺乏教材之苦。 Would you please spell your last name? 请你拼一下你的姓好吗? Ignorant children sometimes laugh at beggars and tramps. 无知的孩子们有时会嘲笑乞丐和无家可归的人。 We laugh over this tale, but it's becoming almost as true of people. 我们笑着谈论此则故事, 但对人类来说, 情形也差不多一样。 Law and order is vital to a country. 法律和秩序对一个国家很重要。 Why don't you lay that problem aside for a while and work at it later? 你为什么不先把问题放在一边过会儿再说? She had managed to lay aside three dollars. 她已经设法存了三美元。 He has laid down certain conditions which you must follow. 他规定了一些条件你必须遵守。 The general told the troops to lay down their arms. 将军命令部队放下武器。 He was willing to lay down his life for his country. 他愿意为祖国牺牲他的生命。 The factory has laid off workers because of the drop in sales. 因为销售额减少, 工厂解雇了一批工人。 Why don't you lay off smoking for a while until your cough gets better? 你为什么不先戒烟等你的咳嗽好了一些后再说? The architect laid out the interior of the building. 设计师设计了这座建筑的内部格局。 How much did you have to lay out for your new car? 你这辆新车花了多少钱? The army has laid siege to the city several months. 部队包围了这城市好几个月。 He was smitten with Mary's attractions and laid siege to her heart. 他被玛丽的魅力迷惑, 对她苦缠不休。 The detective laid great stress on details. 侦探特别强调细节。 I wish this boy would lay to heart the wise counsels his master has given him. 我希望这个孩子能够好好考虑一下老师给他的明智的忠告。 Such ideas will only lead the world's people astray. 这种思想只能把世人引入歧途。 The town band led off by playing the national anthem. 市乐队以国歌开始他们的演奏。 Too much work and too little rest often lead to illness. 过量的工作和过少的休息会引起疾病。 The report describes the negotiations that led up to the settlement. 这个报导记述了达成协议的那次谈判。 The news leaked out. 消息走漏了。 She leans on her husband for advice. 她依靠她的丈夫获得忠告。 Everyone in the class has to learn Lincoln's Gettysburg Address by heart. 班上每个学生都必须默诵林肯葛底斯堡演说词。 Leave me alone. I'm hopeless. 别打扰我。我已经彻底绝望了。 We leave for Madrid by the next plane. 我们将乘下一航班去马德里。 She left off sobbing at last, and dried her eyes with her handkerchief. 她终于不哭了, 并用手绢擦干了眼泪。 It's hot today, I think I'll leave my jacket off. 今天挺热的, 我今天不穿外套了。 She left out an important detail in her account. 她在描述中遗漏了一个重要的细节。 You left out the possibility that the train might be late. 你忽略了火车或许迟到的可能性。 I lent ten dollars to him yesterday. 我昨天借给他十美元。 I borrowed a dictionary from him. 我找他借了本字典。 When Joel gets mad, just let him alone. 乔生气时, 先别理睬他。 He hasn't enough money for food, let alone amusements. 他连温饱都无法解决, 就更不用说娱乐了。 We should let bygones be bygones and try to get along with each other. 我们应当本着既往不咎的原则重新合伙。 He let down the rope to us. 他给我们放下了绳子。 He won't let you down; he's reliable. 他值得信赖, 不会让你失望。 When the girl let go her father's hand, she fell down. 那女孩放开她爸爸的手时, 摔倒了。 The roof let in the rain. 屋顶漏雨. Willie accidentally lets off his father's shotgun and made a hole in the wall. 威利玩他父亲的手枪时不小心走火了, 把墙壁打出一个洞。 I'll let you off if you promise never to do it again. 如果你保证再不犯同样的错误, 我就不罚你。 The factory closed for a month in the summer and let the workers off. 这家工厂暑期停工一个月, 给工人放了假。 He knew where the boy was but he didn't let on. 他知道那孩子在哪, 但是他没揭发。 They let out horses by the day. 他们按天计算出租马匹。 She let out a yell and ran home. 她尖叫了一声跑回了家。 Who let out the details of the reshuffle in the department? 是谁泄漏了部门重组的细节? Let up for a minute. You can't work hard all day. 暂停一会儿, 你不能整天都拼命工作。 The doctors were having a hard time persuading him to lie down. 医生费了好大劲才劝他躺了下来。 He lay down like a coward. 他驯服得像一个懦夫。 All their hopes lie in him. 他们所有的希望都在他身上。 It lies on him to support his family. 养家是他的义务。 Your success lies upon your effort. 你成功与否取决于你的努力。 The guests said that they wouldn't mind having a little light music. 客人们说他们不反对听听轻音乐。 Sue's face lighted up when she heard the good news. 当苏听到这个好消息时, 她的脸露出了喜色。 Bob lit up one of his best Havana. 鲍勃点燃了一只他最好的哈瓦那烟。 To choose such a line of work is to invite ridicule. 选择从事这个行业会惹人嘲笑。 We lined up to buy tickets. 我们排队买票。 I won't listen to anything against him. 我不会听从任何对他不利的话。 He has changed year by year and little by little. 他随时间逐渐改变。 She lives by teaching. 她以教书为生。 He has no property, and is living from hand to mouth. 他没有财产, 生活仅够糊口。 We watched the football match on live show television. 我们看了电视实况转播的足球比赛。 She tries up to live up to her ideals. 她努力要实现她的理想。 We live with the country folks. 我们和村民住在一起。 I longed for friendship. 我渴望友谊。 Look about and decide if you like the position. 你考虑一下, 然后决定是否想要这个职位。 She's looking after the luggage. 她在照看行李。 We went to look around the town. 我们去参观这个小镇。 You may look at things that way, but society won't. 你可以以这种眼光看待事物, 但是社会可不会跟你一样。 I like to look back on my high-school days, which were the happiest in my life. 我喜欢回顾我的中学时代, 那是我生命中最快乐的时光。 All people with a sense of decency will look down upon such conduct as that. 注重尊严的人都会轻视那种行为。 He began to look for another position immediately. 他马上开始寻找另一个职位。 The children were eagerly looking forward to the party. 孩子们热情地期待着晚会。 On his way downtown, Jim looked in on his aunt. 在去市内的路上, 吉姆顺道拜访了他的姨妈。 The police are looking into the complaint. 警方在调查这份申诉。 He looks just like his mother. 他和他母亲长得很像。 John took part in the games, but the rest of us just looked on. 约翰参加了比赛, 而我们只在一边旁观。 I look on the matter as most unusual. 我认为这件事极不寻常。 "Look out!" Jone called as the car came towards me. 车朝我开过来时约翰叫道:"小心!" I would like you to look over these documents. 我希望你检查一下这些文件。 He looked round and then slipped into the house. 他向四周看看, 然后溜进屋里。 Don't make a hurried decision, look round well first. 别急于做决定, 先仔细考虑一下。 He looks through the book and decided that he wouldn't like it. 他看完这本书, 觉得不太满意。 His greed looked through his eyes. 从他的眼中透出一种贪婪。 The child looks to his mother to cure his hurts. 孩子希望妈妈能治愈他的创痛。 I want to look them up sometime. 我希望能去拜访他们。 He looked up this word in that dictionary. 他在那本字典里查到了那个字。 How much money did you lose at the races? 在赛马中你输了多少钱? We have lost contact with him since he left last summer. 自从他去年夏天离去, 我们就失去了联系。 If a teacher can't answer this simple question, he'll lose face with his class. 如果老师连如此简单的问题都不能回答, 他会在学生面前丢脸的。 He lost heart when he heard that she was going to marry. 当他听说她要出嫁时, 很是失望。 They lost their tempers easily and called one another's names. 他们动不动就发脾气, 互相谩骂。 We lost ourselves in the woods. 我们在森林里迷了路。 I had lost myself in thought. 我陷入了沉思。 I watched the plane go higher and higher until I lost sight of it. 我一直看着飞机飞得越来越高, 一会儿就看不见了。 Everyone in the class knows their love affairs. 班里的每一个人都知道他们的恋爱。 The machine tool went out of control because of improper use. 由于使用不当, 机床失去控制。 The main idea of this passage is about the importance of Venus to Earth. 这篇文章的主要内容是金星对地球的重要性。 It won't make much difference whether you go today or tomorrow. 你今天或明天去没有多大关系。 It is very cruel of these boys to make a fool of that old man. 这些男孩捉弄那位老人真是残忍。 Behave yourself; don't make a fool of yourself. 注意你的举止, 别闹出笑话来。 He went to Australia and soon made a fortune. 他去了澳洲, 很快就发了大财。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司