翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 I can well believe that. 我完全可以相信它。 I am fully aware that he is going to resign. 我完全清楚他打算辞职了。 I couldn't agree more. 我完全同意。 I agree with your view, absolutely. 我完全同意你的观点。 I agree absolutely with that. 我完全同意这个观点。 I entirely agree with that. 我完全同意这一点。 I'm in the full conviction that he is courageous. 我完全相信他很勇敢。 I have full confidence that he will keep his promise. 我完全相信他将遵守诺言。 I have complete faith in what he said. 我完全相信他说的话。 I have perfect trust in my friend Peter. 我完全相信我的朋友彼得。 I can thoroughly recommend the new project. 我完全赞成这项新工程。 I'm all for your suggestion. 我完全赞同你的建议。 I am fully aware. 我完全知道。 I am fully aware of the truth. 我完全知道真相。 I went to bed at 11:30 p.m. 我晚上十一点三十分就寝。 I tend to prefer light colors. 我往往更喜欢淡颜色。 I tend to prefer having a holiday in the countryside. 我往往更喜欢去乡村度假。 I forget what you told me. 我忘记你告诉我的事。 I'm worrying that she doesn't come. 我为她没来而发愁。 I have serious misgivings about his heart troubles. 我为他的心脏病忧心忡忡。 I'm terribly sorry about that. 我为这事感到非常难过。 I couldn't keep the appointment because I was sick. 我未能守约,因为我生病了。 I asked him a lot of questions. 我问过他好多问题。 I asked him how old he was. 我问他多大年纪了。 I asked him if he spoke English. 我问他是不是会讲英语。 I can do nothing to help you. 我无法帮你。 I'm not able to help you with your questions. 我无法回答您的问题。 I can't decide it. 我无法决定。 I'm in two minds about that. 我无法决定。 I'm in two minds whether we should go or not. 我无法决定我们是否应该去。 I can't fasten this collar button. 我无法扣紧这个领扣。 I have trouble making him understand. 我无法让他了解那方面的问题。 I cannot tolerate your rudeness! 我无法忍受你的粗鲁。 I can't find words to express how much I like this book. 我无法用语言表达我是多么喜欢这本书。 My interest in music is beyond words. 我无法用语言来表达我对音乐的兴趣。 There's no way I can conduct an orchestra. 我无法指挥一个管弦乐队。 It doesn't matter to me. 我无所谓。 I smoke heavily. 我吸烟很厉害。 I hope not. 我希望别这样。 I hope I'm not disturbing you. 我希望并没有打搅你。 I hope it has your support. 我希望会得到你的支持。 I had hoped I would be promoted. 我希望会升迁。 I wish today were my birthday. 我希望今天就是我的生日。 I hope friendship would bring you here again next year. 我希望明年友谊会再次把你带来这里的。 I wish tomorrow were Sunday. 我希望明天就是星期天。 I want to be able to pay for things in checks. 我希望能用支票偿付买东西的费用。 I wish you wouldn't play the TV so loud. 我希望你把电视机声音关小点。 I hope you don't mind my asking, but haven't we met somewhere before? 我希望你不介意我问一下,以前我们在哪儿见过面吗? I hope you enjoyed this film as much as I did. 我希望你跟我一样喜欢这部影片。 I hope you won't stand on ceremony. 我希望你们别客气。 I hope you'll excuse me, but I really can't stay any longer. 我希望你能原谅我,我实在不能再待下去了。 I hope you will excuse me for breaking your window. 我希望你能原谅我打碎你的窗户。 I'd like to have this hat. 我希望你收下这顶帽子。 Next time I hope you'll stay longer. 我希望你下次待得长一些。 I hope you don't mind my opening the window. 我希望您不反对我开窗。 I hope you enjoyed your meal. 我希望您吃得满意。 I hope you'll be satisfied with this initial shipment. 我希望您能对第一批货感到满意。 I hope the sow keeps up in the mountain so we can go skiing as planned. 我希望山上能积起雪来,那样的话我们就能按计划去滑雪了。 I wish time didn't go so slowly. 我希望时间不是走得这么慢。 I wish time flowed by quickly. 我希望时间走得快一些。 I wish the summer vacation began now. 我希望暑假现在就开始。 I hope it won't be too hot, I can't stand it. 我希望天气别太热,我无法忍受它。 I'm hoping for a change in the weather. 我希望天气能变一下。 I'm hoping to hear she has arrived safely. 我希望听到她安全到达的消息。 I hope I haven't arrived at an awkward moment. 我希望我的到来并没有带来不便。 I hope to have the pleasure of your friendship. 我希望我们能成为朋友。 Let's hope it's au revoir. 我希望我们能再相会。 I hope I can repay you for that. 我希望我能回报您。 I wish I could, but I won't be free. 我希望我能来,但是我没空。 I wish I could come, but I've already made a plan. 我希望我能来,但我已有了安排。 I wish I could dance as well as she does. 我希望我能跳得和她一样好。 I wish I knew how to do it. 我希望我能知道怎么做。 I hope that's clear. 我希望我说清楚了。 I wish I were there. 我希望我也能在那儿。 I wish I had time to do it. 我希望我有时间做这事。 I wish I were with my parents now. 我希望现在和我的父母在一起。 I'd prefer something in an oil company. 我希望有一份石油公司的工作。 I'm hoping to spend a few days in the mountains. 我希望在山中消磨几天。 I'm used to having soup first. 我习惯先喝汤。 I adore flying. 我喜爱飞行。 When I get the prints I will send you one. 我喜好后会寄给你一张。 I prefer a package tour. 我喜欢包价旅行。 I prefer walking to cycling. 我喜欢步行更甚于骑自行车。 I like fruits, such as apples, pears, bananas... 我喜欢吃水果,比如苹果、梨子、香蕉等等。 Prefer fish to meat. 我喜欢吃鱼胜过吃肉。 I prefer mild ones. 我喜欢抽淡一点的烟。 I like to play tennis, but I'm not a very good player. 我喜欢打网球,但我不是个好手。 I have a preference for serious novels to popular fictions. 我喜欢读严肃小说胜于通俗小说。 I love classic music. 我喜欢古典音乐。 I wish the seascape as my background. 我喜欢海景作为背景。 I enjoy watching TV. 我喜欢看电视。 I like the acting very much. 我喜欢里面的动作。 I'd care for skating. 我喜欢溜冰。 I have a fancy for that dish. 我喜欢那道菜。 I love that design. 我喜欢那样的图案。 I like the shape of that table. 我喜欢那张桌子的式样。 I fancy that color. 我喜欢那种颜色。 I love your dress. 我喜欢你的衣服。 I'd go for volleyball. 我喜欢排球。 I like running best. 我喜欢跑步。 I'd like to work in three shifts. 我喜欢三班制。 I'd love to dance, but I don't know the steps. 我喜欢跳舞不过不懂舞步。 I enjoy listening to music. 我喜欢听音乐。 I like enjoying music better than watching TV. 我喜欢欣赏音乐更甚于观看电视。 I'd plump for classic music. 我喜欢选择古典音乐。 I'd fancy a blue one. 我喜欢选择蓝色的。 I like swimming. 我喜欢游泳。 I prefer to sit further forward, in about the 6th row. 我喜欢再坐前面一点,大约第六排的座位。 I like the hair style. 我喜欢这发型。 I like the dress, it must be the latest fashion. 我喜欢这衣服,它一定是最新的式样。 I finish working at 5:45 p.m. 我下午五点四十五分做完工作。 I must get off at the station. 我下一站就下。 I'll give you a shot to deaden the pain first. 我先给你打一针止痛。 Let me load the camera first. 我先来给相机装好底片。 Let me check the battery, the oil and water first. 我先来检查一下蓄电池,机油和水。 I'll take care of your zits first. 我先来看看您脸上的青春痘。 May I issue a ticket to you now? 我现在把机票开给你好吗? I am quite all right now. 我现在很好。 Now I think about it, he did tell me about it. 我现在回想起来了,他确实跟我说过这事。 Anybody mind if I leave now? 我现在就走大家不反对吧? I am ready for my coffee now, thank you. 我现在可以喝咖啡,谢谢。 I'm not doing anything right now. 我现在没有做任何事情。 I haven't much money now, but live in hope. 我现在钱不多,但是抱着希望。 I feel like a cold drink now. 我现在想喝点冷饮。 I'll slow down now. 我现在要减速了。 Where am I now? 我现在在哪里? I'm in the belief that she would support me. 我相信她会支持我。 I believe you. 我相信你。 I believe your reports. 我相信你的报告。 I'll take your word for it. 我相信你的话。 I believe what you said just now. 我相信你刚才说的话。 I'm sure you'll have a pleasant trip. 我相信你会一路顺风。 I'm sure you're right. 我相信你是正确的。 I'm confident you've made the right choice. 我相信你已作了正确的选择。 I believe you'll enjoy yourself at the party. 我相信你在晚会上会过得很愉快的。 Nothing can defeat you, I believe. 我相信什么都打不垮你的。 I'm convinced of his honesty. 我相信他的诚实。 It's my conviction that he'll succeed in the experiment. 我相信他的试验会成功的。 I feel confident of his ability to cure my disease. 我相信他能治好我的病。 I believe he was wronged. 我相信他是被冤枉的。 I have the conviction that he is telling the truth. 我相信他在说真话。 I am confident that the weather will be fine. 我相信天气会好的。 It's my conviction that I will score a good mark in the final examination. 我相信我会在期末考试中取得好成绩的。 I trust I make myself clear. 我相信我讲得很明白。 It's my conviction that we'll win. 我相信我们会赢。 I believe we can get this spot out all right. 我相信我们能洗掉这个污渍。 I believe it's necessary for us to support them. 我相信我们有必要支持他们。 The lecture was well attended, I believe. 我相信有很多人都听了这个讲座。 It is my belief that there are living creatures in some other planets. 我相信在其他一些行星上有生物存在。 The exhibition will be splendid, I believe. 我相信展览会很精彩的。 I think it'd be a great idea to buy a new color TV set. 我想,买一台新的彩色电视机倒是个极好的主意。 I'd like to exchange NT dollars for US dollars. 我想把台币换成美元。 I'd like to renew the book for another week. 我想把这本书续借一周。 I'd like to deposit these checks in my account. 我想把这些支票存入我的帐户。 I'd like to cash this money order. 我想把这张汇款单兑现。 I'd like to break a hundred-dollar bill. 我想把这张一百元钞票换成零钱。 I feel like going to see him this Sunday. 我想本星期天去看他。 I should like to say how much I disapprove of that proposal. 我想表明我很不赞成这建议。 I don't think so, thank you. 我想不必了,谢谢你。 I can't think of a better idea. 我想不出更好的主意了。 I can't recall to mind where I put my letters. 我想不起来我把信放哪儿了。 I don't recall how to play bridge. 我想不起怎么打桥牌了。 I don't recollect talking to the man. 我想不起曾和那人说过话。 I believe there's a fare adjustment office on this train. 我想车上应有补票处。 Well, I'd like the sole, please? 我想吃板鱼。 I would like to have my coffee after eating. 我想吃完饭以后再喝咖啡。 I feel like going out for some fresh air. 我想出去透点新鲜空气。 I'd like to withdraw $50 from my savings account. 我想从存折上取出 50 美元。 I want to call the French embassy. 我想打电话给法国大使馆。 I think a guide will tell you all about sites of interest. 我想导游会向你介绍所有名胜古迹的。 I'd like to wire some money. 我想电汇一笔钱。 I'd like to book a liner to New York for next Sunday. 我想订一张下星期日去纽约的船票。 I would like to send an urgent cable to Beloit. 我想发份去贝洛伊特的急电。 I want to send this telegram express. 我想发封紧急电报。 I want to send a telegram to London. 我想发个电报到伦敦。 I suppose the hotel has a shop where I can get odds and ends. 我想饭店有个我可购买杂物的商店。 I want to catch a late show. 我想赶上看一个夜间节目。 I'd like to place a station-to-station call to Ann Arbor please. 我想给安·阿勃挂个叫号电话。 I'd like to give you this ring. 我想给你这只戒指。 I would like to have myself photographed. 我想给自己照一张相片。 I thought about knitting him a sweater. 我想过要给他织一件毛衣。 I thought I'd retire. 我想过要退休。 I'd like to check that I have got the booking form right. 我想核对一下我的预订表格是否都填写正确了。 I don't think it's four o'clock yet. 我想还不到四点钟吧。 I'd love to see a different type of movie for a change. 我想换换口味,看一种不同类别的电影。 I want to go back now. 我想回去了。 I'd like it to be a one-hundred-dollar money order. 我想汇一百美元。 I think I can have it done in a couple of hours. 我想几小时即可将它修好。 I'd like to send this letter registered. 我想寄封挂号信。 I want to post some letters. 我想寄封信。 I want to send this by special delivery. 我想寄特快专递。 I'd like to send some money to New York. 我想寄些钱到纽约。 I wish to see your manager. 我想见见你们的经理。 I'd like to suggest we go hunting. 我想建议我们去打猎。 I'd like to close my account with you. 我想结束我在你们这儿的帐户。 I suppose one solution might be to increase their salaries. 我想解决办法之一是提高他们的工资。 I'd like to borrow a book by Virginia Woolf. 我想借一本弗吉尼亚·伍尔夫的书。 I thought I'd borrow your bike. 我想借用你的自行车。 I feel inclined to see a picture tonight. 我想今晚去看场电影。 I want to see her tonight. 我想今晚去看她。 I'd like to see Mr. Burrows as soon as possible. 我想尽快地见到巴勒斯先生。 I'd like to open an account. 我想开个账户。 I'd like a current account. 我想开一个活期存款帐户。 I'd like to see a show of abstract paintings. 我想看抽象画展。 I would like to see a movie. 我想看电影。 I would like to see your classical music tapes. 我想看看你们的古典音乐录音带。 I'd like to see a show of contemporary paintings by young artists. 我想看年轻艺术家的现代绘画展。 I think it's going to rain. 我想可能要下雨了。 I guess so. 我想可以。 I think so. 我想可以。 I'd like a cup of coffee. 我想来杯咖啡。 I would like to buy a joke book. 我想买本笑话书。 I want a shirt. 我想买件衬衫。 I wish to buy something for my fiancee. 我想买些东西给我未婚妻。 I'm trying to buy some cheroot. 我想买些方头雪茄。 I would like to buy some video cassette tapes. 我想买些录影带。 I would like to purchase a one liter bottle of whiskey. 我想买一公升瓶装的威士忌。 I would like to buy a pack of your best golf balls. 我想买一盒你们最好的高尔夫球。 I am interested in buying a sophisticated 35mm camera. 我想买一台高性能的 35 毫米相机。 I'd like to buy a bank draft. 我想买一张银行汇票。 I'd like something for a sty. 我想买治麦粒肿的药。 I suppose there's nothing cheaper, is there? 我想没有更便宜的票了,是吗? I think I'll write to Chris tomorrow. 我想明天我会写信给克里斯的。 That would be 1902, I think. 我想那是 1902 年。 I don't think you should drink too much. 我想你不该喝得太多。 I don't reckon you should go there. 我想你不该去那里。 I don't think you will win. 我想你不会赢的。 Would I be right in supposing you don't want me to go? 我想你不要我去,对吗? I reckon you should tell him. 我想你该告诉他的。 I thought you might like to see a doctor first. 我想你可能希望先去看一下医生吧。 I think you can find it in the card catalogue. 我想你可以在卡片目录中找到。 I guess you could say that. 我想你可以这么说。 I guess you're wrong. 我想你是错的。 I think you said you would write a report. 我想你说过要写一份报告的。 I think you'll pass the exam next time. 我想你下次会通过考试的。 I believe you know my friend John Smith. 我想你一定认识我的朋友约翰·史密斯。 I think you should set the weather pointer first. 我想你应该先把天气指针拨好。 I think you ought to do it better. 我想你应该做得更好。 I trust you are keeping well? 我想您过得不错吧? I hope all goes well with you? 我想您一切都好吧? I want to have this prescription filled. 我想配齐这张处方。 I'd like your advice about our traveling plan. 我想请你对我们的旅游计划提些意见。 I would like to invite you to a ball next Sunday. 我想请你下星期日去参加舞会好吗? I want to cancel my reservation to Chicago. 我想取消去芝加哥的订位。 I want to withdraw some money. 我想取一些钱。 I would like to go to a local health club. 我想去本地的健身俱乐部。 I'd like a change on the beach. 我想去海边换换环境。 I'd like to make sure my plane reservation is in order. 我想确定我预订的机票已经办妥了。 I'd love you to come with me. 我想让你和我一起来。 I want you to meet my old friend David. 我想让你见一见我的老朋友大卫。 I'd like you to meet John, my classmate. 我想让你见一见约翰,我的同班同学。 I think I will leave it up to you. 我想让你全权做主。 I'd like you to meet Jane Parker. 我想让您认识一下简·派克。 I don't think anybody can keep me from doing it. 我想任何人都不能阻止我去做这件事。 I'd like to apply for a personal loan. 我想申请个人贷款。 I'd like to apply for a library card. 我想申请一张借书卡。 I'd like to try chopsticks. 我想试试筷子。 I think it was delayed on the other side. 我想是对方延误了。 Our teacher is, I think. 我想是我们的老师。 I think so, I set it by the radio this morning. 我想是准的,今天早上我把表跟收音机的报时对过了。 I'm trying to sleep off my fatigue. 我想睡觉解除疲劳。 The point I'm trying to make is, we should enlarge our business scope. 我想说的是,我们应该扩大业务范围。 She has a good taste in dressing, I would say. 我想说她在穿着方面有很好的品味。 I should say your estimation is perfectly correct. 我想说你的估价完全正确。 I want to complain of these shoes. 我想说说对这双鞋子的意见。 I'd like to say that my assessment is correct. 我想说我的估价是正确的。 I should say this shirt matches your trousers fabulously. 我想说这件衬衫配你的裤子美极了。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司