翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 我走这条路去中国银行对吗? My grandfather got married in 1921. 我祖父是一九二一年结婚的。 There's nothing I like less. 我最不喜欢的莫过于此了。 There's nothing I like less than gossiping. 我最不喜欢的莫过于说长道短了。 I hate having to mention this, but could you possibly try to be a little earlier in the morning? 我最不想提这件事,可是你早上能不能早点来? I'd better be going. 我最好得走了。 I'd better not come. 我最好还是不来吧。 I'd better finish it in time. 我最好及时完成工作。 I like playing tennis best of all. 我最喜欢打网球。 There's nothing I like more than attending a dance party. 我最喜欢的莫过于参加舞会了。 There's nothing I enjoy more than attending a dance party. 我最喜欢的莫过于参加舞会了。 What I enjoy most is reading. 我最喜欢的是读书。 I'm fond of collecting stamps most. 我最喜欢集邮。 I like news program best. 我最喜欢看新闻节目。 I like hot weather best. 我最喜欢热天。 I saw the man yesterday at about, just let me think about it a moment, oh yes, at about ten o'clock. 我昨天大约,让我想一想,对,大约十点钟见过这男子。 I got a parcel arrival notice yesterday. Can I get it here? 我昨天收到一张包裹单,可以在此领取吗? I'm right behind you! 我作你的后盾! Would it be all right if I take this seat? 我坐在这儿行吗? What a silly decision I've made! 我做了一个多蠢的决定! I'm right behind you. 我做你的后盾。 Pollution is much worse than it was two months ago. 污染比两个月前糟糕多了。 One can't say with any certainty that he is trustful. 无法断言他是值得信赖的。 No comment. 无可奉告。 She can equal any of us, either beauty or as a dancer. 无论从美貌还是舞蹈艺术来说,她能与我们中的任何人相匹敌。 Boarding begins in five minutes. 五分钟后开始登船。 We can seat you in five minutes or so. 五分钟左右我们就可以为您安排好座位。 It comes to RMB50. 五十元。 There is a liner Mayflower out of New York at 7:15 a.m. 五月花号轮早上 7:15 从纽约启航。 Afternoon! 午安! Good afternoon! 午安! It may rain before noon. 午前可能下雨。 The Hall of Weapons is the most attractive one. 武器厅是最引人注目的。 A dancing-party will be held on the sun-deck. 舞会地点在日光甲板。 The stage decoration is magnificent. 舞台布置得很华丽。 Do join me for a drink. 务必和我一起喝杯酒。 How disappointing it was to have missed the train! 误了火车,多令人失望! The fog is lifting. 雾开始散了。 Simon, are you free tonight? How about joining us for bridge? 西蒙,今晚有空吗?跟我们一起打桥牌好吗? The induction elbow needs repairing. 吸入弯管需要修理。 Smoking is supposedly an important factor which causes lung cancer. 吸烟被认为是导致肺癌的一大因素。 Smoking is very enjoyable. 吸烟是种享受。 There's a job at the Hilton Hotel. 希尔顿饭店有份工作。 Which direction is the Hilton Hotel? 希尔顿饭店在哪个方向? I hope you'll recover soon. 希望你不久就能康复。 I hope you enjoy your trip to Paris. 希望你的巴黎之行愉快。 I hope you'll soon feel much better. 希望你的身体不久就会好转。 I hope to see you at our next fair. 希望你光临我们下次交易会。 I hope you have a good time. 希望你过得愉快。 I hope you have a good weekend. 希望你过个愉快的周末。 I hope you'll get well soon. 希望你很快就能康复。 I hope you'll have a pleasant trip. 希望你旅途愉快。 I hope everything goes well. 希望你事事顺利。 I hope everything goes well with your business. 希望你事业事事顺利。 As you wish. 悉听尊便。 Lizard is a small creature with four legs, a sort of reptile. 蜥蜴是有四条腿的小动物,一种爬行类动物。 Don't rub this when washing. 洗的时候不要搓揉。 Don't stack the cards! 洗牌别作弊。 Where is the toilet? 洗手间在哪儿? Where are the restrooms? 洗手间在哪里? Some curative baths will help you to recover. 洗洗医疗浴能帮助你康复。 Yeah, I adore light music. 喜欢,我特别喜欢轻音乐。 Like to come to our dance party? 喜欢来参加我们的舞会吗? People who enjoy playing sports are usually healthy. 喜欢做体育运动的人通常是健康的。 It's a comedy. 喜剧。 The play is about to begin. 戏就要开演了。 The cast of the play included a famous actor. 戏里的角色包括一个很出名的男演员。 The play lasts a bit more than two hours. 戏演了两个小时多一点儿。 The play should have begun. 戏应该开演了。 After work, I'm always in a state of exhaustion. 下班之后,我总是精疲力尽。 You get off and stay right at the same stop for No. 47 bus. 下车后,就呆在原车站等车。 Mind the stairs going down, please. 下车请当心。 Please don't forget your belongings when you get off. 下车时请别忘了你的东西。 Don't leave us so soon next time. 下次别这么急着离开我们。 You ought to be careful next time. 下次你应小心一些。 Stop again when you're in the neighborhood. 下次有机会到这里请再来玩。 Better luck next time. 下次运气好点吧。 I shall very likely be here again next month. 下个月我很可能再来这儿。 At half past one in the afternoon. 下午 1 点 30 分。 How about 1:30? 下午 1 点 30 分行吗? Would 2:00 in the afternoon be convenient? 下午 2 点行吗? 5 p.m. 下午 5 点。 No work this afternoon. Let's really splurge. 下午没工作,让我们好好地喝一顿。 Could I possibly make it early in the afternoon? 下午早些时候我是否有可能呢? It's the next stop but one. 下下站。 I'm going to be sixty-one next Tuesday. 下星期二我就要六十一岁了。 There'll be a scales exhibition of new books here next week. 下星期在这儿将举行一次新书展销。 When does the next bus depart? 下一班公共汽车几点开? When does the next bus leave for downtown? 下一班往城里去的公共汽车何时开? When is the next available flight? 下一班有座位的班次是什么时候的? Where are you off to next? 下一步你准备去哪儿? The next procedure is to classify the information. 下一步是把信息归类。 What time is the next feature? 下一部故事片什么时候上映? You had better try face bleaching next time. 下一次您最好进行脸部漂白。 The next item on the agenda is the advertising campaign for the new product. 下一个议题是新产品的广告活动。 What station is the next? 下一站是什么地方? Is the next stop near Sanfeng Supermarket? 下一站是在三峰超级市场附近吗? There's certainly the possibility that it will rain. 下雨的可能性必定存在。 Rainy days always get me down. 下雨天总使我沮丧。 What concerts are scheduled for next week? 下周有什么音乐会? The summer heat made me feel pooped out. 夏季的炎热使我感到累坏了。 Hawaii is really a natural monument. 夏威夷是一座自然的胜迹。 Don't start to turn yet! 先别拐弯! Lead away from hearts! 先出红心! First you beat the eggs, and then put some salt in it. 先打蛋,然后再加些盐。 Would you care for a drink before you order, sir? 先生,点菜前是否先来点饮料? Any special brandy, sir? 先生,来杯特制白兰地? A hair cut and shave, sir? 先生,理发加修面吗? What's your seat number, sir? 先生,您的座位号码是多少? Can you use chopsticks, sir? 先生,您会用筷子吗? Have you decided something, sir? 先生,您是否已决定点什么菜了吗? How much do you want to exchange, sir? 先生,您要兑换多少呢? Where to, sir? 先生,去什么地方? When should we hand in our papers, sir? 先生,我们该什么时候交作业? We'll open until 9:00 p.m., sir. 先生,我们营业至晚上九点。 Do you want it washed, sir? 先生,要洗头吗? It's 5.50 RMB altogether, sir. 先生,一共是五元五角。 Do you have any laundry, sir? 先生,有什么东西要洗? Is this for dry cleaning, sir? 先生,这个要干洗吗? Here's the menu, sir. 先生,这是菜单。 Here's your ticket, sir. It's all in order. 先生,这是您的机票,全都办妥了。 Here is the receipt, sir. 先生,这是您的收据。 Here's your gin and tonic, sir, that'll be RMB15. 先生,这是您要的杜松子酒,十五元。 Here's your change, sir. 先生,这是找的钱。 Do you like these shirts starched, sir? 先生,这些衬衫要浆洗吗? Just listen to me a minute. 先听我说一下。 First pour some milk into a cup, then add some sugar in it. 先往杯子里倒些牛奶,再加入些糖。 You fill the glass with water, then you put the crackers in it. 先往杯子里灌满水,再把饼干放进去。 Obviously his wife's left him. 显然他的妻子离开了他。 Apparently he's lost his job. 显然他失业了。 Cash. 现金。 It is out of print. 现已售完。 It's 6:00, isn't it? 现在 6:00,对不对? Now, item 5, air pollution. 现在,第五项,空气污染问题。 Now, is there any other business? 现在,还有别的事吗? He's playing low again. 现在,他又在出最小的了。 Now, I believe you've all seen the minute of our last meeting? 现在,我相信你们都已看过上次会议的记录了吧? It's too late to enroll in that class. 现在报名进那个班太晚了。 Don't overtake that bus now! 现在别超过那辆公共汽车! The museum is open now. 现在博物馆对外开放。 Color photographs are very popular nowadays. 现在彩色照片很普遍。 What's the speed now? 现在车速多少? Wouldn't it be an idea to phone him now? 现在打电话给他不是很好吗? What's on Channel 8 now? 现在第八频道播放什么? Would you like to order now? 现在点菜吗? Now to settle with you! 现在跟你算账! What time is it now? 现在几点了? Now change the partner. 现在交换舞伴。 Just tell him now. 现在就告诉他吧。 Is this OK now? 现在可以了吗? Shall we go now? 现在可以走了吗? Nothing can change his decision now. 现在没什么能使他改变决定了。 No seats now. 现在没有座位。 Is that to your liking now? 现在您称心了吗? It's just the time for a visit to the two hot spring parks. 现在去那两个温泉公园玩是最适宜了。 Let's begin now. 现在让我们开始吧。 It's half past ten. 现在是 10 点半。 It's twenty past four. 现在是 4 点 20 分。 It's ten to six. 现在是 5 点 50 分。 Now it is prime time. 现在是黄金时间。 It's coming back to me now. 现在我渐渐想起来了。 It's coming back to me now: he came from America. 现在我渐渐想起来了:他从美国来。 May I go now? 现在我可以走了吗? I'm afraid I really must be going now. 现在我恐怕真的必须走了。 I'm tired to death now. 现在我累死了。 Now we come to the main item on the agenda. 现在我们进入了议事行程上的主要议题。 Could we move on now to the advertising time? 现在我们可以讨论广告时间一事吗? Here we are at the Confucian Temple. 现在我们来到孔庙。 Now, let's talk about the reciprocal reception. 现在我们来讨论一下答谢宴会一事。 I can see it now! 现在我想起来了! Now I declare the meeting adjourned. 现在我宣布休会。 I'll tip my hand now. 现在我要摊牌了。 All I hear is advertising for the moment. Oh, here the weather report comes. 现在我只能收到广告。哦,天气预报开始了。 So much for digression. 现在言归正传。 It's too late to change the decision now. 现在要改变那决定已太晚了。 It's all over now. 现在一切都过去了。 It's impossible to change the decision now. 现在已不可能改变决定了。 Books about language and education are very popular at the time. 现在有关语言和教育的书很受欢迎。 Is there a circus in town? 现在有马戏团表演吗? Now ready? 现在预备好了吗? Bye for now! 现在再见啦! It's now transmitting a baseball game from New York via satellite. 现在正透过卫星从纽约转播一场棒球比赛。 Now ready, don't move, all right. 现在注意,不要动,好。 How many kilos of luggage are free? 限带多少公斤行李? There aren't many people in the country; it is quieter there. 乡下没有很多人那儿比较安静。 It's fool's trick to trust your words. 相信你的话才傻呢。 Believe me, you will succeed one day. 相信我,有一天你会成功的。 Depend on me. 相信我。 Fancy you should say that. 想不到你会这样说。 Would you like a drag? 想抽口烟吗? Do you want a cigarette? 想抽烟吗? Would you like a fag? 想抽支烟吗? I shiver to the idea that he could have met a traffic accident. 想到他可能会遇上车祸,我不禁不寒而栗。 Want me to post the letter for you? 想让我替你寄信吗? Would you like me to restyle your hair? 想让我为您重新做个新发型吗? Fancy the false eyelashes? 想试试假睫毛? To think that I made so much efforts for nothing. 想想看,我花了这么多功夫,到头来什么也没有。 Regards to your parents. 向你的父母问好。 Give my love to your kids. 向你的孩子们问好。 Give my love to your mother! 向你母亲问好! Regards to your family. 向你全家问好。 Turn right, and you'll find first-class sleeper. 向右转弯,就可以找到头等卧铺。 Like Chris, he is one of the football fans. 像克里斯,他就是足球迷之一。 It looks like an impressionistic painting. 像是一幅印象派画作。 It's very difficult to make a sculpture work like this. 像这样的雕塑是很难制作的。 The muffler doesn't work properly. 消音器失灵了。 The young grass looks so fresh and green. 小草看上去那样葱绿。 Booklets and handbooks are all on the open shelves. 小册子和手册都开架出售。 How shall I do your hair, miss? 小姐,我该怎么做您的头发? Miss, I want to place a long distance call collect to Ohio. 小姐,我想打个长途电话到俄亥俄州去,对方付钱。 What is the trail like? 小径是怎么样的? Poor little thing! 小可怜虫! A little slam! 小满贯! No big deal. 小事一桩。 It's a piece of cake! 小事一桩。 Be careful! The tea is hot. 小心!茶是烫的。 Be careful not to upset the milk! 小心,别把牛奶弄翻了! Mind you don't fall into the ditch! 小心,别掉到沟里去! Take care, you'll fall down the hatch. 小心,不要掉进舱口。 Look out! You've stepped on my dress. 小心,你踩在我的衣服上了。 Be careful. You've broken my glass. 小心。你摔破我的杯子了。 Be careful not to touch the button. 小心不要碰着按钮。 Be careful, you're driving too fast. 小心点,你开得太快了。 Handle it with care! 小心轻放! Thank goodness! 谢天谢地! Thank heavens! 谢天谢地! Thank goodness for arriving home. 谢天谢地,到家了。 We can thank our lucky stars the plan has turned out fine. 谢天谢地,计划一切顺利。 We should thank heavens that he'll be here in a few days. 谢天谢地,他几天内就能来这儿了。 Thank heavens, he's coming. 谢天谢地,他总算来了。 Thank heavens we're back to our homeland. 谢天谢地,我们回国了。 We should thank heavens for succeeding in the new experiment. 谢天谢地,新实验成功了。 Thank goodness for that. 谢天谢地。 We can thank our lucky stars that nothing has gone wrong. 谢天谢地没出什么差错。 Cheers. 谢谢! Thank you. You are very kind. 谢谢,非常感谢你。 Thank you. It was very good. 谢谢,非常好。 Thank you. I'll ring for you. 谢谢,我来为你接通电话。 Thank you, but we can't take tips. 谢谢,我们不能收小费。 Thank you. We don't take tips. 谢谢,我们不收小费。 Thank you, we don't accept tips. 谢谢,我们不收小费。 Thank you very much, sir. 谢谢,先生。 You're welcome, and thank you for coming. 谢谢,谢谢你的光临。 Thanks. 谢谢。 Thanks. 谢谢。 Thanks anyway, but I won't. 谢谢。不过我不要了。 Thanks. The same to you! 谢谢。你也一样! Yes. Could you please cash this traveler's check for me? 谢谢。请帮我兑现这张旅行支票好吗? Thank you. I'm glad to have the opportunity. 谢谢。我很高兴有此机会。 Thank you. I feel quite at home here. 谢谢。在这里我感到像在家里一样。 Thank you for coming in. Please call again. 谢谢光临。请再来。 Not for me, thank you. 谢谢你,我不要。 Thank you, I'd like to very much. 谢谢你,我很愿意。 It's very kind of you, but I don't think I will. 谢谢你,我想我不会去。 Thank you. 谢谢你。 Thank you. You too! 谢谢你。你也一样! Thank you. And the same to you! 谢谢你。你也一样! Thank you. But some other time, maybe. 谢谢你。也许以后再来吧。 Thank you. And a happy New Year to you too! 谢谢你。也祝你新年快乐。 Thank you. And a happy Easter to you! 谢谢你。祝你复活节快乐! Thank you for helping me. 谢谢你的帮助。 Thank you for waiting for us. 谢谢你等我们。 Thanks for telling me. 谢谢你告诉我。 Thank you for the interview. 谢谢你给我这次面试机会。 Thank you for the ticket. 谢谢你给我这张票。 Thank you for everything and here's some thing for you. 谢谢你所做的一切,这是给你的东西。 It's nice of you to ask, but I don't think so. 谢谢你问我,但是我不这样认为。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司