翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 Thank you very much for saying so. 谢谢你这样说。 Thank you, I'd appreciate it. 谢谢您,我很感激。 It's very kind of you to offer, but I can do it myself. 谢谢您的好意,但我自己能做。 Thank you for giving me the information. 谢谢您提供给我信息。 Psychology is a fascinating subject. 心理学是一门很有趣的课题。 The latest departure time will be informed over radio. 新的开船时间将由广播通知。 A new gallery has been constructed to display rare textiles. 新建的陈列室用来展览珍奇纺织品。 The bride and groom were so happy, and a good time was had by all. 新郎新娘幸福无比,大家都玩得很愉快。 Happy New Year! 新年快乐! New Year's Day is drawing near. 新年马上就要到了。 Bridal make-up is available every day. 新娘美容每天都有。 And what's the salary? 薪水怎么样? Where were you on Tuesday? 星期二你在哪里? Saturday? Oh, what a pity! I'll be busy then. 星期六?哦,真遗憾!那时我有事。 What time is the mail delivered on Saturday? 星期六信件什么时候送到? No laundry is accepted or returned on Sundays. 星期日不营业。 How would you like to come fishing with me on Wednesday? 星期三和我一起去钓鱼好吗? Is it open on Sunday? 星期天开门吗? Are there any seats left for Sunday night? 星期天晚上的票还有吗? Will you get to the Wisconsin border by Sunday? 星期天之前你能到达威斯康辛州边界吗? What's on on Friday? 星期五上演什么? It's Monday. 星期一。 Could you work overtime on Monday? 星期一你能加班吗? Sure. After all this is a special occasion. 行,毕竟今天和平日不同。 OK, fine. 行,不错。 Sure, but don't tell others. 行,不过别告诉其他人。 Yes, though you should give me a helping hand. 行,不过你应该帮助我。 Yes, but it depends on how much you're going to pay me. 行,不过这取决于你打算给我多少钱。 Yes, and it's cheaper. 行,而且比较便宜。 OK, that's fine. 行,那好极了。 Yes, he'll be free then. 行,那时他有空。 Sure, please wait a second. 行,请等一下。 All right, if that will make you happy. 行,如果这会使你高兴的话。 All right, I'll take it. 行,我就拿这个。 Yes, I can arrange that. 行,我能安排这件事。 Sure thing, sir. 行,先生。 Yes, sir. Just fill in this form, please. 行,先生。请填一下这张表。 Yes, that could be very nice. 行,这个主意不错。 Certainly, here is the form, please fill it in. 行,这是电报纸,请填写。 Yes, that sounds nice. 行,这样决定不错。 Yes, as long as my parents permit. 行,只要我父母允许。 All right. 行。 OK. 行。 All right. 行。 OK. 行。 Right you are. 行。 All right. Step in, please. 行。请上车。 May I leave my baggage on board? 行李可以留在飞机上吗? OK? 行吗? Have I got the go-ahead? 行吗? All right? 行吗? OK? 行吗? Can I have the OK? 行吗? Xing Tan is the place where Confucius taught his disciples. 杏坛是孔子教授弟子读书的地方。 Are the names and addresses to be transmitted? 姓名和地址拍发吗? It's a good thing the child didn't break the window. 幸好那个孩子没有敲碎玻璃窗。 It's a mercy you didn't catch a cold. 幸好你没患上感冒。 It was a mercy you couldn't go there. 幸好你没能去那儿。 It's lucky you didn't meet that woman. 幸好你没碰到那个女人。 How lucky that you didn't go to see the movie! 幸好你没去看电影! It's a fortune you didn't forget. 幸好你没忘。 It's fortunate you didn't forget it. 幸好你没忘了。 How fortunate that you didn't turn on the light! 幸好你没有开灯! It's lucky that you didn't hurt yourself. 幸好你没有受伤。 The two brothers differ widely in their tastes. 兄弟俩的爱好有很大的不同。 The two brothers are much alike. 兄弟俩很相像。 What would you say to a coffee break? 休息一下,喝点咖啡怎么样? It'd be nice to have some rest. 休息一下挺不错。 It's not too difficult to mend the fuses. 修理这些保险丝并不困难。 There are miniatures. 袖珍画。 Sh! Please don't talk! The film starts! 嘘!请别讲话!电影开始了。 An urgent operation is necessary. 需要立即进行手术。 Do I need to get a fishing permit? 需要取得钓鱼许可证吗? Yes, ma'am. 需要什么,夫人? You can use the tripod, if necessary. 需要时可使用三角架。 It will take five days. 需要五天时间。 Do I have to change? 需要转车吗? Many of the big department stores are like small cities. 许多大百货公司好像小城市一样。 Many young people would lose the opportunity to receive higher education. 许多年轻人将会失去接受高等教育的机会。 Many people like the flower begonia; it's an indoor plant. 许多人喜爱秋海棠,这是一种室内植物。 Many people also like the taste of tar in cigarettes. 许多人也喜欢香烟中焦油的味道。 Many people have different ideas. 许多人有不同的意见。 Numerous devout men and women are kowtowing and praying. 许多善男信女在磕头祈祷。 Is the battery working? 蓄电池是不是有电? Is it necessary to learn English well? 学好英语有必要吗? It won't take one long to get one's hand in at cards. 学会熟练地玩牌不需要很长时间。 When did the students eat lunch? 学生们何时吃了午餐? How did the students go to Youth Park? 学生们怎样去青年公园? Student tickets are half price. 学生票半价。 The school is just around the corner. 学校就在拐角附近。 This dance step is quite easy to learn. 学这个舞步挺容易的。 The touring exhibition shows you the four treasures of the study, i.e. the writing brush, the ink, the inkstone and the paper. 巡回展览展出的是文房四宝:笔、墨、砚、纸。 Oh, that's absolutely terrible! 呀,真是可怕极了! How much is the deposit? 押金要多少? How do dentists recommend you to brush your teeth? 牙科医生是如何建议你刷牙的? Tobacco is a wonderful commodity to tax. 烟草是税收丰盈的商品。 Every car parked along the street was gone. 沿路边停放的每辆汽车都不见了。 What can I see along the way? 沿路可以看到什么? How many stations are there along this line? 沿线有多少站? Follow this street back for about three miles. 沿这条街往回走大约三英里。 Stay on this street until you get to the cinema. 沿这条街走到电影院。 Keep straight along this path for three blocks. 沿这条小路一直走三个街区。 It's down on the end of this aisle. 沿着这条走廊走到底就是。 What color for eye shadow? 眼影要什么颜色? The production wasn't very good, was it? 演出不太好,是吗? When does the performance begin? 演出什么时候开始? I'm afraid the performance leaves me cold. 演出一点儿都没打动我。 The show could have been much better. 演出原本可以更好的。 Who was the actress playing the doctor? 演那医生的女演员是谁? Wool has the best of everything--more comfort, more quality, more value. 羊毛是最好的东西--穿着舒适,质地好,且有价值。 Woolen fabrics shrink after washing. 羊毛织物洗后会缩水。 The invitation says that everyone should wear a disguise. 邀请信上说每个人都应化装。 It's a relief that the rumour didn't go around. 谣言没有流传,令人宽心。 The remote control doesn't work. 遥控器坏了。 Try to frame the subject within the lines. 要把被摄物框在界限内。 Need some help, Jane? 要帮忙吗,简? Want a hand to wash the dishes? 要帮忙洗碟子吗? Would you like any help to clean the room? 要不要帮忙打扫房间? Would you like it wrapped as a gift? 要不要包成礼品式样? Shall I wrap it up? 要不要包起来? Is there any service charge? 要不要付手续费呢? Would you care for a drink? 要不要来杯饮料? Would you like a dessert? 要不要甜食? Am I expected to go there? 要不要我去那儿? Anything on? 要擦些什么吗? Yes, please give me two small bottles. 要的,请给我两小瓶。 How long will it take to get there? 要多长时间到那儿? How long will it take to get there? 要多久才能到达? How many do you want? 要多少? How long does the flight take? 要飞多久? Won't it be fun having dinner with so many lovely children? 要和那么多可爱的孩子共进晚餐,那多有趣啊, Is it on very late? 要很晚才播出吗? Does it cost much? 要花很多钱吗? Would you like me to check the tires? 要检查一下车胎吗? An example of this would be Dickens' novel Oliver Twist. 要举这方面的例子,请看狄更斯的小说《雾都孤儿》。 It all depends. 要看情形了。 Bring a magnum. 要两夸脱的。 What brand of bicycle would you like? 要买什么牌子的自行车? What a bother having to climb stories home! 要爬楼梯回家真烦人。 There's going to be a heavy sea! 要起风浪了。 Won't it be exciting to spend the honeymoon in Paris? 要去巴黎度蜜月了,这多令人兴奋啊! Won't it be great to work in a big modern city? 要去一个现代化大都市工作了,这有多好啊。 It's three yuan. 要三元。 That'll be ten yuan. 要十元。 What's it to be? 要什么? Yes, what currency do you want? 要什么币种? In what denominations? 要什么票面的? What if the prices go up soon? 要是价格不久上涨怎么办呢? It'll be nice to swim in the sea again. 要是能再去海里游泳真是太好了。 If only he came to see me last night. 要是他昨晚来看我有多好。 It'll be pleasant to have a chance to see you again. 要是有机会再见到你真是太好了。 I'd be surprised to see him on such an occasion. 要是在这种场合看到他我会很惊奇的。 Do you want a receipt? 要收据吗? Would you like me to shave off your beard? 要我把您的络腮胡子刮掉吗? Is there anything I could bring? 要我带点什么东西吗? Shall I call you a taxi? 要我给你叫辆出租车吗? Shall we deliver it? 要我们送衣到府上吗? It's quite out of the question for me to go there. 要我去那儿是不可能的。 Do you want me to wrap up the books for you? 要我为您把书包起来吗? Are you getting off? 要下车吗? Bring the subject into focus if you want to have a good picture. 要想拍出好的照片,必须给被摄物对好焦距。 We must hurry up if we want to be there on time. 要想准时到达那里我们就得赶快。 Would you like some hair tonic? 要些护发素吗? Would you like an eye-brow pick? 要修眉吗? A glass of orange juice for you? 要一杯桔子汁吗? Where do I board the airport bus? 要在哪里搭机场班车? How do you like it, sir? 要怎么理,先生? Want the book? 要这本书吗? Need the dictionary? 要这本字典吗? Be sure to keep warm and have enough rest. 要注意保暖和充分休息。 It's also counted by the word. 也是按字计算。 That's my view, too. 也是我的看法。 Perhaps. 也许。 Maybe not. 也许不会。 Perhaps not. 也许不是这样。 Perhaps a moped would be more suitable. 也许机动自行车比较适合。 It could be that she'll have a son. 也许她会生个儿子。 I'm not sure if that will be necessary. 也许没有必要吧。 Perhaps your watch is slow. 也许你的表慢了。 Maybe you ought to take his advice. 也许你该接受他的劝告的。 Perhaps you ought to see a doctor. 也许你该去看医生。 Perhaps you should give him another chance. 也许你该再给他一次机会。 Maybe you should support them. 也许你该支持他们。 Perhaps you could go to the library and borrow one for me. 也许你能从图书馆里借一本给我。 Perhaps you've forgotten your promise? 也许你已忘了你的诺言了? Perhaps you could solve the problem by paying more 'danger money'. 也许你应该付给他们更多的"危险津贴"来解决问题。 Perhaps you'd care to accept the arrangement. 也许您愿意接受这一安排吧。 Perhaps you'd care to come to a party this evening. 也许您愿意来参加今晚的宴会吧。 May be. 也许是的。 Perhaps I ought to remind you of the meeting you have to attend this afternoon. 也许我该提醒您,您今天下午要出席一个会议。 Perhaps I can give you a hand. 也许我能帮你的忙。 There are water-color paintings as well. 也有水彩画。 Have a nice picnic. 野餐快乐。 To her great disappointment, it rained on the day of the picnic. 野餐那天下雨了,很令她失望。 It is fun to have a picnic. 野餐是好玩的。 It's not safe to walk alone at this time of night. 夜间这种时刻独自步行是不安全的。 It's 780 HK dollars for 100 dollars. 一百美元可以兑换七百八十元港币。 On balance, Mr. Black's plan is more acceptable. 一般而言,布莱克先生的计划更让人接受。 By and large, the German team is better. 一般而言,德国队要更强些。 It was generally felt that the plan is practical. 一般认为计划是可行的。 A Coke and a piece of bread would go down well. 一杯可乐和一片面包就可以吃得很舒服。 A three-dimension film. 一部立体电影。 A porn and a Walt Disney. 一部色情片和一部卡通片。 It always gets cold after a terrible snow fall. 一场大雪之后,天气总会变冷的。 A Shakespeare play. 一出莎士比亚戏剧。 You should take one pill at a time. 一次服一颗。 Don't worry about a thing. 一点儿也别担心。 Not at all. Please do. 一点儿也不。请吧。 Not a bit. 一点儿也不行。 It's no distance at all. 一点儿也不远。 Spot on. 一点儿也没错。 Precisely. 一点儿也没错。 Haven't any clue. 一点也不知道。 It really doesn't matter at all. 一点也没关系。 It's nothing at all. 一点也没关系。 No harm done at all. 一点也没什么。 Surely not. 一定不会的。 It's bound not to. 一定不是的。 Do behave! 一定得规矩点! There must be some mistakes. 一定是出了什么差错。 It must be about time for supper. 一定是到了吃晚饭的时候了。 It must be about three thirty. 一定是三点半左右。 It can't be otherwise. 一定是这样的。 A young married couple moved in next door to us. 一对年轻夫妇搬进了我们隔壁。 Isn't it true to say that one should eat to live, not live to eat? 一个人应该是为了活着而吃饭,不是为了吃饭而活着,这说法不对吗? How much is one word? 一个字多少钱? The total is NT$82. 一共是八十二元。 How much is that all together? 一共要多少钱? How many miles to the gallon do you get? 一加仑汽油你能开多少英哩? There isn't a moment to lose! 一刻也不能迟疑了! Bon voyage! 一路平安! Have a good trip! 一路顺风! That's all very well, but there may be a sudden rain tomorrow. 一切都好,但明天可能会有一场阵雨。 What a relief everything turned out fine! 一切都好,真叫人安慰。 How's everything? 一切都好吗? Everything was wonderful. It couldn't have been better. 一切都很出色,尽善尽美。 Everything's going to be OK. 一切都会好的。 Everything will be all right. 一切都会好的。 Everything will be fine. 一切都会好的。 It'll all turn out fine. 一切都会好的。 Everything will turn out OK. 一切都会好的。 Everything's going to turn out all right. 一切都会好的。 Everything will be good. 一切都会好的。 Everything will be quite OK. 一切都会很好的。 Everything will go smoothly. 一切都会顺利的。 It's all going to be pretty well. 一切都会挺好的。 Everything's going to be pretty good. 一切都会挺好的。 Everything will turn out fine. 一切都将会好的。 I was just relieved it was over. 一切都结束了,我很欣慰。 All will be OK. 一切将会好的。 What a relief that everything went smoothly! 一切进行顺利真叫人宽慰! How fresh everything looks! 一切是那样清新! Everything's going to work out fine. 一切终归会好的。 It's nice to unwind at the end of a hard day. 一天劳累之后去轻松一下,真是惬意。 Seven hours per day. 一天七个小时。 How many hours are there in a day? 一天有几小时? I've been looking forward to it all evening. 一晚上我一直在盼望这个节目。 A professor, uh, what does he do, a doctor? 一位教授,呃,她是干什么的来着,一位医生? An elderly man rented the big white house. 一位老年人租下了这栋白色大房子。 There are sixty minutes in an hour. 一小时有六十分钟。 Come back in a week and we'll give you further treatment. 一星期以后再来,我们将给你进一步治疗。 Your friend was here a week ago, wasn't he? 一星期以前你的朋友在这里,不是吗? I'll give you first small table available. 一有桌子,我立即就给你。 One yuan and forty-four fen. 一元四角四分。 A small diamond! 一张方块小牌! How much does a ticket cost? 一张票多少钱? It'll rain intermittently all day. 一整天都会断断续续地下雨。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司