翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 My legs felt weak after a day of running around. 一整天四处奔走之后我的腿软了。 A pen, or... a ball-point pen? 一支钢笔,还是......一支圆珠笔? Go straight on, then take the third turning on the right. 一直往前走,到第三个拐角处再往右转弯。 Carry straight on, you can't miss it. 一直往前走,你不会找不到的。 Keep going straight and turn at the first stoplight. 一直往前走,在第一个红绿灯的地方转弯。 Go straight ahead. 一直往前走。 There's a restaurant straight on. 一直往前走有家餐馆。 A watch, uh, how do you put it, a luminous watch? 一只手表,呃,叫它什么来着,一只夜光表? A clock, um, what's it called, an alarm clock? 一只钟,呃,这叫什么来着,一个闹表? The doctor discovered that I'm a little overweight. 医生发现我略微有点超重。 The doctor's given me this prescription. 医生给我开了这张处方。 The doctor told me not to overdo things. 医生叫我别劳累过度。 The doctor advised me to get plenty of exercise. 医生劝我多运动。 In my opinion, it's the proper course to take. 依我看,就该这么做。 The way I see it, there's something wrong with the plan. 依我看,那个计划有点问题。 The way I see it, you shouldn't stay at home. 依我看,你不该待在家里。 The way I see it, you should leave him. 依我看,你该离开他。 From my point of view, the world is improving. 依我看,世界正在进步。 In my opinion, we must try to ration gas and electricity. 依我看,我们必须实行煤气、电力的限量配给。 In my opinion, it's quite wrong. 依我看,这是很不对的。 The dashlight is broken. 仪表板灯坏了。 The pity is that the flight has been cancelled. 遗憾的是那个航班被取消了。 The thing to be regretted is that he again failed in the exam. 遗憾的是他考试又没及格。 Somebody has already told me about that. 已经有人告诉我这事了。 It's engaged. 已有人订了。 See you later! 以后见! Did you ever have any trouble with the carburetor? 以前化油器出过毛病吗? Have you ever had this experience before? 以前你有过这种情况吗? Fragile! 易碎物品! Because they're cleaning the pool. 因为他们要清洗池子。 I was able to help her as my income was quite handsome. 因为我的收入相当可观,所以我能帮助她。 Because it's peak season right now, the laundry service is running behind schedule. 因为现在是旺季,洗衣服务比原定时间要慢一些。 We can't polish your leather jacket since the color is very special. 因为这颜色很特别,我们无法给您这件皮夹克上光。 Let's go somewhere nice for drinks after the concert. 音乐会后我们找个好地方喝一点酒。 The engine is overheating. 引擎过热。 The usher showed us to our seats. 引座员引我们到座位上。 The following procedures should be adopted:... 应采取下列步骤:...... It was me to blame. 应该怪我不好。 Somebody should warn me beforehand. 应该事先有人告诫我一下! Smoking should be banned altogether. 应该完全禁止抽烟。 Somebody could have phoned me! 应该有人给我打个电话! Somebody might have told me. 应该有人早告诉我。 Where is the check-in counter for British Airways? 英国航空公司的登记台在哪里? English is difficult to learn, don't you think? 英语很难学,你不这样认为吗? Our business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 营业时间从早上 9:00 到晚上 9:00。 How long will the video show run? 影片要演多久? What's on following the film? 影片以后是什么节目? Gosh, it's hot out today! 哟,今天外头这么热! Whew! 唷! Whew! 唷! It might not be true that it would be nice to own a big house. 拥有一所大房子真不错,这不一定是事实。 Never say die. 永远不要气馁。 Be a good sport and sing us a song. 勇敢些,给我们唱支歌吧。 There's no point in upsetting yourself. 用不着让自己这么不安的。 No need to get so upset. 用不着如此不安。 There's no point in getting upset. 用不着心烦意乱的。 No need to get so worked up. 用不着这么着急。 What is the dosage? 用量多少? Put the dog on the lead! 用皮带牵住狗! May I write it in pencil? 用铅笔填写可以吗? It's harmful to the skin if you squeeze the pimples. 用手挤粉刺对皮肤有害。 Use only lukewarm water. 用温水洗。 Put this lotion on three times a day. 用这种药水,一天三次。 Where are your humor books? 幽默类的书在哪里? It's up to you to make a decision. 由你决定。 You decide. 由你来作决定。 The decision is yours. 由您决定。 The flight was put off because of ground fog. 由于地面有雾,这次班机延迟起飞。 Tonight's movie has been cancelled due to lack of interest. 由于观众不多,今晚的电影被取消了。 She's physically exhausted from having too many kids. 由于孩子太多,她耗尽了体力。 He collapsed due to overwork. 由于劳累过度他的身体垮了。 He can't dress himself yet because he's too young. 由于他太年幼,自己还不会穿衣服。 Since I didn't read it, I don't know how the story ended. 由于我没读它, 我不知道故事如何结尾。 When will the post be dispatched? 邮件什么时候发出? Where shall I stick the stamps? 邮票贴在哪里? Where is the mail box? 邮筒在哪儿? The mail box is around the corner. 邮筒在转角处。 Was the postage not fully paid? 邮资不够吗? The fuel pump has to be replaced. 油泵得换了。 Wet paint! 油漆没干! Visitors are respectfully requested not to feed the giraffes. 游客请勿喂长颈鹿。 The coach will pick you up at 8:00. 游览车八点会来接你。 I'm not too bad at swimming. 游泳我还会两下子。 Are there any messages for room number 555? 有 555 号房间的留言吗? Yes, there's a dinner at 11 and they serve bread. 有,11 点吃饭,他们也卖面包。 Yes, we have just two. 有,我们只有两张。 Yes, there're quite a few here. 有,这儿有不少呢。 Are there any boxes? 有包厢吗? There's every reason to keep up your self-confidence. 有充分理由保持你的自信心。 Are there any trains to Paris? 有到巴黎的火车吗? Is there public transportation to the lake? 有到湖边的公共交通工具吗? Sure, you bet. 有的,的确。 Yes, there is one just yonder. 有的,那边有一座。 Yes, front centre. 有的,前排中间的。 Yes, it's to be held next week. 有的,下周将举办。 Yes. Bottle or draught? 有的。瓶装的还是桶装的? Something has got into my eye. 有东西跑到我眼睛里。 How many people will be coming to the party? 有多少客人来参加聚会呢? How many guests are we expecting to the reunion? 有多少客人来参加我们的团聚联欢会? How many catalogues are there? 有多少目录? Do you have any French magazines or newspapers? 有法文的杂志或报纸吗? We have two shelves for books on industrial management. 有关工业管理的书我们有满满两书架。 On the subject of pollution, it's a global problem. 有关污染,这是个全球性问题。 There's a lot to do, you'd better hop to it. 有很多事情做,你最好快一点。 Got a match? 有火柴吗? Have a match? 有火柴吗? Got a light? 有火吗? I'm afraid I've got something to tell you. 有件事恐怕我得告诉你一下。 Any chance? 有可能吗? It's probable that he'll be punished severely. 有可能他将会被严惩。 There's a possibility we'll go, but it all depends on the weather. 有可能我们会去,不过全要看天气了。 Any chance of speaking to your boss now? 有可能现在和你的老板说话吗? It's not likely that they'll be ready before Friday. 有可能要等到星期五以后他们才能准备好。 Got two dollars? 有两美元吗? There're two catalogues: the author catalogue and the subject catalogue. 有两种目录:作者目录和主题目录。 Do you have a city guide book? 有没有本市游览指南书? Have you got anything less expensive? 有没有比较不贵的东西? Is there bus service to the city center? 有没有到市中心的公共汽车? Do you carry children's games? 有没有儿童益智玩具? Are there any books which are not yet catalogued? 有没有还没编排目录的书? Do you have anything cheaper? 有没有较便宜的东西? Have you got any stationery with local motifs? 有没有具地方色彩图案的信纸? Any excursion tickets? 有没有旅游券? Have you any sturdy hiking boots? 有没有耐用的健行靴? Do you have any commemorative stamps? 有没有什么纪念邮票? Do you serve any vegetarian dishes? 有没有素菜? Is there any good medicine for my rheumatism? 有没有治疗风湿的好药? Is there a show of Chinese paintings by famous painters? 有没有著名画家的国画展? I can't say how delighted to have you accompany me. 有你陪伴我有说不出的高兴。 Are there any jobs for cleaners? 有清洁工的工作吗? Is your car engaged? 有人订了你的车吗? Has somebody told you about his marriage? 有人告诉你他结婚的事了吗? Have you been told about it? 有人告诉你这件事了吗? Did someone tell you about it? 有人告诉你这件事吗? It was suggested that new experiment be canceled at once. 有人建议新试验应马上取消。 Are you being served? 有人接待您吗? Could anyone put forward some more feasible suggestions? 有人提出一些更可行的建议吗? Would someone move that the plan be accepted? 有人提议接受这个计划吗? Is there anybody to get off? 有人要下车吗? I've been told about the latest news. 有人已告诉我那最新消息了。 Did anybody ask for me? 有人找我吗? You have your choice of three flavors of ice cream. 有三种不同风味的冰淇淋,你随便选。 Is there any room for doubt? 有什么地方值得怀疑吗? Is there any objection? 有什么反对意见吗? Is there a good road to that secluded lake? 有什么好的路可以到那幽密的湖? Are there any good jogging trails? 有什么好的慢跑野外小径? What's the good word? 有什么好消息? What's the good news? 有什么好消息? Are there any places of historic interest? 有什么历史遗迹吗? Is there anything you find interesting? 有什么你感到有兴趣的工作吗? Is there anything I can do to help you? 有什么我可以帮忙的事情吗? The self-timer is sometimes very useful. 有时候定时装置很有用。 Sometimes I get the feeling that they're all letting me down. 有时候我觉得他们都在拆我的台。 Sometimes I have a hunch that they're all making fun of me. 有时候我觉得他们都在取笑我。 There's a difference of four hours. 有四小时的时差。 Do you have any cancellations? 有退票吗? Any contraband? 有违禁品吗? Is there any mail for me? 有我的邮件吗? Are there any seats for us? 有我们的座位吗? Is it valid for the two full weeks? 有效期是两个星期吗? What kind of desserts do you have? 有些什么甜食? Do you sell envelopes? 有信封吗? There are several seats for the second program on Sunday. 有星期天第二场的几张票。 Do you have a ten o'clock flight to San Francisco on Friday? 有星期五十点飞旧金山的班机吗? There's an opening for a plumber. 有一个铅管工的空缺。 One idea would be to reserve seat in advance. 有一个想法就是先预定好座位。 You'll become a popular singer one day. 有一天你会成为一名受人欢迎的歌手的。 Anything dutiable? 有应缴税的东西吗? Is there a copy of Chinese history in English? 有英文版的中国历史书吗? Anyone for that? 有赞成的吗? Is this book available? 有这本书吗? There are so many people that I've been dying to meet. 有这么多我渴望见到的人。 There's every reason to believe that you will win the game. 有种种理由相信你会赢这场此赛。 There you are! You just imagined it! 又来了!你不过是想出来的罢了! Here we go again. What's the point of talking about it? 又来了。再谈论这件事又有什么意义呢? Here comes another one. Let's get on. 又来一辆。上去吧。 Won't it be marvelous to see my parents again? 又要见到我的父母了,这有多棒啊。 Won't it be nice to see my old friend again? 又要见到我的老朋友了,这有多好啊! Take a right and walk up along the street to 777. 右转弯,沿街一直走到 777 号。 Turn right and right again. 右转弯,再右转弯。 I'd like nothing better than to see a picture with you. 与你一起去看电影是再好不过的事了。 Rather than stay at home, I'd prefer having a holiday in the countryside. 与其待在家里,我宁愿去乡村度假。 Rather than spend much money on clothes, I'd prefer to buy some good books. 与其花许多钱买衣服,我还不如去买些好书。 The shoes are more comfortable than pretty. 与其说这双鞋子漂亮,还不如说穿上去很舒服。 The rain's letting up and the fog's starting to lift. 雨快停了,雾气也开始散了。 It would be better if the rain would stop. 雨停了就好了。 Man is distinguished from animal by speech. 语言使人区别于动物。 The bathtub is dirty. 浴缸是脏的。 The faucets in the bathroom are leaking. 浴室的水龙头在漏水。 Get set, go! 预备,开始! The previews will last around 10 minutes, so we still have time. 预告片要持续约十分钟,所以我们还有时间。 I expect I'll stay at home this weekend. 预计本周末我将待在家里。 What a nuisance, having this rainy weather! 遇上这多雨的天气,真讨厌! Iris is the French national flower. 鸢尾是法国国花。 The gardeners are mowing the lawn now. 园丁们正在修整草坪。 It's elegant, peaceful, and secluded. 园中非常雅致幽静。 The liner is supposed to arrive in at 7:50 a.m. 原定班轮应早上 7:15 到港。 I agree in principle. 原则上我同意。 Bless you! 愿上帝保佑你! God bless you! 愿上帝保佑你! Will you accept my arm? 愿意同我跳个舞吗? John, do you think you could help me move the table, please? 约翰,你觉得你能帮我搬一下那张桌子吗? John, this is Anne. 约翰,这是安妮。 John's hat is very much like mine in style. 约翰的帽子跟我的式样差不多。 John and I are old friends. 约翰和我是老朋友。 John is a boy. 约翰是一个男孩。 Mr Johnson, could you please give us a summary first? 约翰逊先生,请您先给我们做个摘要好吗? John was angry with me because I had broken my promise. 约翰因为我没有遵守诺言而感到生气。 Does John have a yellow pencil? 约翰有一只黄色的铅笔吗? Was John happy yesterday? 约翰昨天高兴吗? Is reading your chief interest? 阅读是你的主要爱好吗? The reading room seems to be always well occupied. 阅览室似乎总是坐满了人。 The sooner, the better. 越快越好。 Let me convey my deepest sympathy. 允许我表达我最深切的同情。 Let me express our sorrow for the accident. 允许我对这起事故表达我们的悲痛。 Would I be allowed to give up the experiment? 允许我放弃这项试验吗? May I introduce myself: John Smith, sales manager. 允许我自我介绍:我是约翰·史密斯,销售经理。 The shipment has arrived in good condition. 运到的货情况良好。 Thank you again for bringing me to the airport. 再次感谢你送我到机场来。 I won't care what happens then. 再发生什么事我都不管了。 Give me six more on the double. 再给六个,要快! Will you favor us an encore? 再给我们来一个好吗? I'd like nothing better. 再好不过了。 But there is always room for one more. 再挤一个人总有地方。 Goodbye! 再见! Bye! 再见! Bye-bye! 再见! Cheerio! 再见! Cheers! 再见! See you! 再见! So long! 再见! Goodbye and all the very best. 再见,并致以最好的祝愿。 Goodbye and thank you very much for all you've done. 再见,非常感谢你所做的一切。 Goodbye and thanks again for everything. 再见,感谢你所做的一切。 Goodbye and be sure to phone us if you're ever in Beloit. 再见,如果有机会到贝洛伊特一定要打电话来。 Goodbye and see you again next time you're in town. 再见,下次你来城里时再见。 Goodbye and have a good trip! 再见,一路顺风! See you soon. 再见。 Au revoir till we meet again. 再见。 I simply can't bear to see you again. 再见到你我简直受不了。 Step it up a little more! 再快一点! Some scent for you, and that's it. 再来点香水,好了! Another cup of tea. 再来一杯茶。 Would you care for another helping? 再来一份,好吗? Have some more. 再来一些。 There's nothing I like so much as reading by the fire. 再没有比坐在火炉边读书更令我喜爱的了。 Do that again, and I'll break your neck. 再那么做,我就拧断你的脖子。 Have another try! 再试一次! Try again! 再试一次! Just one more point. 再提一点。 What about another dance? 再跳一支舞怎么样? No other book is worse than this one. 再也没有比这书更糟的了。 It's on Carriage No. 8. 在 8 号车厢。 Riding a bike on ice is what grabs me. 在冰上骑车对我很有吸引力。 At the Museum, the next stop. 在博物馆,就是下一站。 You can stop over at any station within the ticket validity. 在车票的有效期内你可以在任何车站停留。 It's at the ends of the carriage. 在车厢的两头。 Can one buy advance tickets in town? 在城里可以买预售票吗? Please list quantity of each article on a lip. 在单据上请写明各项之数目。 You should not touch the film winder before you use up all the film. 在底片用完之前,不能动卷片旋钮。 It's on Channel 8. 在第八频道。 In the second round, he was down and out. 在第二轮比赛中,他被淘汰了。 Make a left at the third turning. 在第三个拐角处往左转。 On the fifth floor. 在第五层。 Your name and address at the bottom are not to be transmitted. 在电报纸下端你的名字和地址是不拍发的。 It's at the stop across the street. 在对面街上的车站。 We have a nice room on the second floor. 在二楼我们有一间很好的房间。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司