翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 Is there a drugstore nearby? 这附近有没有药店? Well, um, I'm not very sure, maybe I left it at home. 这个,呃,我不确定,也许我把它忘在家里了。 Well, uh, perhaps you left it in the office. 这个,呃,也许你把它放在办公室了。 Well, let me think, I got there at 8:00 in the morning. 这个,让我想想看,我是早上八点到达那儿的。 Well, I'd rather not, if you don't mind. 这个,如果你不介意的话,我还是不这样的好。 Well, actually, I'm thinking of going tomorrow. 这个,事实上,我正准备明天去。 Well, I'm not sure, I'll have to think it over. 这个,我不确定,我得仔细考虑考虑。 Well, I don't know. I'll have to think about it. 这个,我不知道。我得考虑一下。 Well, let's see now, the rent is 60 dollars per day. 这个,我们来考虑一下吧,租金是六十美元一天。 Well... I really haven't thought much about it. 这个......我真的还没好好考虑过。 This button turns on your overhead light. 这个按钮用来开亮您头顶上方的灯。 This throne symbolized the supreme power of the feudal society. 这个宝座是封建皇权的象征。 The Ph.D. candidate has presumably discussed the area of his research with his supervisor. 这个博士研究生被认为已经和他的导师讨论过研究领域了。 The museum was repaired and restored in 1949. 这个博物馆是 1949 年修复的。 The museum has a permanent collection of 3,300 works of art done since 1908. 这个博物馆拥有 3300 件 1908 年以来的艺术作品的永久收藏品。 The Museum specializes in the military history. 这个博物馆专门介绍军事历史。 It has a three-year guarantee. 这个产品可以保修三年。 This window is just as wide as that one. 这个窗户正好和那个窗户一样宽。 The movie is too, well, what I'm trying to say is, too boring. 这个电影太,嗯,我想说的是,太乏味了。 The team is bound to win. 这个队一定会取胜。 The story is er, I mean, thought-provoking. 这个故事,呃,我是说,发人深省。 This hall exhibits jadeware and ceramics. 这个馆陈列的是玉器和陶器。 This hall has an amazingly wide collection of clocks and watches of different historical periods from different nation. 这个馆荟萃了各个历史时期来自各个国家的钟表。 Books inside this counter are not for sale. 这个柜台里的书是非卖品。 The plan is doomed to fail. 这个计划注定要失败。 How about a crew-cut for this season? 这个季节理个平头怎么样? This building is made of grey bricks and tiles. 这个建筑是用青砖素瓦建成的。 The lecture is deadly boring. 这个讲座乏味极了。 Is this all right? 这个可以吗? That's a good girl. 这个女孩真乖。 Is the right spelling? 这个拼写是否正确? The walls are three inches thick. 这个墙是三英寸厚。 The man didn't come until three days later. 这个人三天后才来。 Who is this man? 这个人是谁? Are there any local festivals this time of year? 这个时候有没有什么本地的节庆? Is this style suitable for me? 这个式样适合我吗? The question is, how shall I say, quite thorny. 这个问题,我该怎么说呢,十分棘手。 I want to send this by surface mail. 这个我要用水陆递送。 I've just about had enough of it. 这个我真受够了。 This stain can be removed. 这个污渍能洗掉。 This dance step is quite complicated. 这个舞步挺复杂的。 Isn't this dancing hall marvelous? 这个舞厅是不是很棒啊? This small one's best for me. 这个小的对我来说最好。 The new experiment is fated to fail. 这个新试验注定会失败的。 This coming Sunday afternoon. 这个星期天下午。 The institute has accomplished as many research projects this year as it did in the past three years. 这个研究所今年完成的研究项目和过去三年中完成的一样多。 Every year the museum organizes 10 temporary exhibitions. 这个展览馆每年举行十次短期展览。 The theme of this hall is 'Man and the Bicycle'. 这个展览厅的主题是"人类和自行车"。 This exhibition shows you hundreds of pieces of bronzeware of the West Zhou and Warring States periods. 这个展览为你们展现了几百件西周和战国时期的青铜器。 That sounds fine. I'll be there around 6:30. 这个主意不错,6 点 30 分 左右我会来的。 That sounds like a good idea. 这个主意不错。 How about this idea: we invite them out for dinner tomorrow evening. 这个主意怎么样:我们明晚邀请他们出去吃晚饭。 That's simply not on. 这根本不行。 The work is pretty tiring; it tired me out. 这工作很累人它把我累坏了。 The work wearies me; sometimes I think I'll never finish it. 这工作使我很累有时我想我永远也完成不了它了。 What fatiguing work this is! 这工作真累人! The park is famed for its ponds. 这公园以池塘著称。 This park is located on the hill by the waterside. 这公园在水边的小山上。 What's it to you? 这关你什么事了? The child looked troubled. 这孩子看来有困扰。 What a worry that boy is. 这孩子真让人操心。 That's fairly good. 这很不错。 That's pretty well. 这很不错了。 It's jolly good. 这很好。 It's very easy. You open the lid, and put the chicken in it. 这很简单。你打开盖子,把鸡放进去。 It's very durable, of good quality. 这很耐用,质量非常好。 It's difficult to say. 这很难说。 It's hard to tell. 这很难说。 It goes beautifully with your pants. 这很配你的裤子。 It's easy. Just go to the exchange desk around the corner. 这很容易,就到拐角处那个兑换台去吧。 It's easy to remember. All you do is to mix them thoroughly. 这很容易记住。你只要充分搅拌就可以了。 That's silly! 这很傻! That's quite in order. 这很妥当。 That's quite true, but everyone should make his own decision. 这很正确,但每个人都应自己拿主意。 These two warriors are guards. 这哼、哈二将也是守门的卫士。 The Bodhisattva at the back looks very kind. 这后面的菩萨看上去非常和善。 This lake resembles a violin, so it is called the Violin Lake. 这湖像一把小提琴,所以叫"如琴湖"。 The painting wasn't as good as I'd expected. 这画没有我原本想得那么好。 This is a good mixture. 这混合烟丝不错。 How often does that train run? 这火车多久有一班? How long will this train stay here? 这火车在这里停留多久? That's more or less true, but we can postpone the appointment. 这或多或少是真的,不过我们可以延迟见面。 The chicken is really tender. How is it cooked? 这鸡真嫩。是怎么做成的? What have you been doing these days? 这几天你一直都在做些什么? What are you doing these days? 这几天你在做些什么? I just never seem to have a second to spare these days. 这几天我实在是抽不出时间。 The plan may go wrong. 这计划也许会出错。 The plan will never go wrong. 这计划永远都不会出错。 That's minuted on page 7, paragraph 8. 这记录在会议记录的第七页,第八段。 This shop has a variety of photographic apparatuses. 这家商店供应各种照相器材。 The shop assistants in this bookstore are ever ready for inquiry and service. 这家书店的售货员百问不厌,百拿不烦。 There's a variety of non-book materials in this store. 这家书店有各种非书籍的资料。 The new bookstore has set up a night sales system. 这家新书店建立了夜间服务制度。 The range finder in this camera is really good. 这架相机的测距器很管用。 The automatics in this camera work very well. 这架相机的自动装置运转很灵。 The camera has already got a roll of color film in it. 这架相机里已经装有一卷彩色底片。 There's a built-in flash in this camera. 这架相机有一个内藏闪光灯。 BJDFYHKJFZYXGSBQSY This camera is equipped with a multi-time flash unit. 这架相机装有一个可重复使用的闪光灯。 This camera is equipped with a magic eye. 这架相机装有一只电眼。 It's unbelievable! 这简直令人难以置信! The shirt is made of pure silk. 这件衬衫是真丝的。 How can I send this china piece? 这件瓷器怎么寄? This is done as follows:... 这件事按下述方法进行:...... The event decided me to resign. 这件事使我下了辞职的决心。 I wish I knew all about this matter. 这件事我要是全知道就好了。 This coat is wool and cotton blended. 这件外套是毛棉混纺的。 This evening dress was fashioned from silk. 这件晚礼服是真丝做的。 This tailcoat looks as if it were made for you. 这件燕尾服看上去就像为您定做的。 What a charming dress! 这件衣服真迷人! Does the proposal meet with your approval? 这建议是否会得到你的赞同? That's the last straw! 这叫我受不了了! The wine is not of the same kind as the one we bought last year. 这酒与我们去年买的不一样。 That won't be necessary. 这就不必了。 That's why the car can't stop properly. 这就是车子停不稳的原因。 Is this the airport you mean, sir? 这就是您打算要到的飞机场吗,先生? Such is the life. 这就是生活。 That means you have to pay the charge for seven words. 这就是说你得付 7 个字的费用。 Does that mean I can borrow that book for two months? 这就是说这本书我可以借两个月? That's no excuse. 这绝不是理由。 It looks rather boring. 这看上去很乏味。 It looks very nice. 这看上去很漂亮。 It's a secret, you know, but I'll teach you later. 这可是个秘密,不过以后我会教你的。 It must be true. 这肯定是真的。 Definitely, he is to blame. 这肯定要怪他。 The dull meeting made me feel sleepy. 这枯燥的会议使我感到昏昏欲睡。 Do you have this style in khaki? 这款式有没有土黄色的? This blue one's better for me. 这蓝色的对我来说更好。 Do you pay interest on this account? 这类储蓄你们付息吗? The account carries interest of 8 percent. 这类储蓄有百分之八利息。 This sort of dance is very popular nowadays. 这类舞现在相当流行。 Here or to go? 这里吃还是带走? The lake here is divided into many independent small lakes. 这里的湖面被分割成许多独立的小湖。 Does that seem to make sense? 这里的意思是否明白易懂? Does it snow very much here in winter? 这里冬天下雪多吗? This is a land of beauty, and it always catches the fancy of visitors. 这里风景秀丽,深受来访者的喜爱。 No smoking here! 这里禁止吸烟! May I take pictures here? 这里可以拍照吗? ABC Taxi. 这里是 ABC 出租车公司。 Here's the taxi-rank. We'd better take a taxi. 这里是出租车行。我们最好还是坐出租车。 This is called the Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha. 这里是佛香阁。 Here they are: a shirt, a pair of trousers and a man's suit. 这里是您的衣服:一件衬衫,一条裤子和一套男服。 Here we are at the Botanical Garden. 这里是植物园。 One point I must say here. 这里我得说一点。 I just swept in here! 这里我刚扫过! There are kangaroos here. 这里有袋鼠。 Do you know somebody here who speaks Spanish? 这里有人说西班牙语吗? Here is a book which can help you. 这里有一本能帮助你的书。 There's a "No Parking" sign. 这里有一个禁止停车的指示牌。 What is the duty on this dress? 这连衣裙要纳多少税? There is some sameness between the two feature films. 这两部故事片有某些雷同。 These two tires have been worn quite smooth. 这两个轮胎已经磨平了。 The two girls stopped to look at the flowers. 这两个女孩停下来看花。 The two issues are entirely different in nature. 这两个问题的性质完全不同。 These two stains are hard to get off. 这两个污渍是很难洗掉的。 Of the two students, Miss Parker works more conscientiously. 这两个学生中,派克小姐学习更认真些。 The traffic signs of the two countries are of the same system. 这两国的交通标记是同一系统。 The two photos are identical. 这两张照片完全一样。 Those two ideas are distinct from each other. 这两种观点迥然不同。 How much similarity is there between the two approaches? 这两种路子有多少相同之处? This bus is packed with people; we'll wait for the next one. 这辆车挤满了人,等下一辆吧。 The car needs a new headlight. 这辆车需要新的前灯。 Is this taxi free? 这辆出租车没人用吧。 Is this taxi taken? 这辆出租车有人了吗? Is there anything wrong with the lorry? 这辆卡车有毛病吗? It's A-1! 这了不起! This is most unsatisfactory. 这令人非常不满意。 This open-air terrace is really spacious. 这露台很宽敞。 What does all this bother about? 这么烦干吗? I'm tired of all this cold. 这么冷的天我真是腻透了。 So young? What a pity! 这么年轻啊?真遗憾! Is this inside the free allowance? 这没超过免费行李限量吧? It doesn't matter. Let me teach you. 这没关系,让我来教你。 That's OK. 这没什么。 That's all right. 这没什么。 Nothing wrong with that. 这没什么错。 It makes no sense. 这没有道理。 It's no good. 这没有用。 The boy has not learned arithmetic, not to mention algebra. 这男孩没学过算术,更不用说代数了。 Don't worry about that; we'll clean it up afterwards. 这你不用担心,聚会后我们会打扫干净的。 This article is awfully dull. 这篇文章乏味极了。 Is this syrup for my cough? 这瓶糖浆是治咳嗽的吗? This bottle of liquid medicine is for external application. 这瓶药水是外用的。 This is right off the top of my head. 这恰好是我不能肯定的。 In front of it are rockeries. 这前面是假山。 It was really quite unintentional. 这确实不是故意的。 It's not really your fault. 这确实不是你的过错。 It really isn't worth mentioning. 这确实不值得一提。 That's all right. 这确实很不错。 It's truly fascinating! 这确实了不起! It does seem a bit strange! 这确实有点奇怪! The methods used by the three teachers are similar. 这三位教师使用的方法相同。 It really isn't good enough. 这实在不够好。 It just won't do. 这实在不行。 It really isn't worth mentioning. 这实在不值一提。 It really annoys me. 这实在使我烦恼。 It really makes me cross. 这实在使我生气! It's really not necessary. 这实在是没有必要。 It's really of no importance. 这实在是微不足道的事情。 It was the least I could do. 这实在微不足道,不过尽力而已。 That puts them one point ahead. 这使他们领先一分。 It gives me great satisfaction. 这使我得到极大的满足。 This has shaken my belief in doctors. 这使我动摇了对医生的信任。 That decides me. 这使我下了决心。 It is a hopeless case. 这事没希望了。 Please don't hesitate to do that. 这事请放心去做。 I remember it quite clearly. 这事我记得很清楚。 That's news to me. 这事我现在才知道。 I've forgotten all about that. 这事我已全忘了。 I know it. 这事我知道。 It would have to happen now, wouldn't it? 这事现在不能不发生了,是吗? No need to get so upset about that. 这事用不着如此不安。 No need to get so worked up about that. 这事用不着这么着急。 That's what gets me down. 这事真叫我恼火。 I am glad about that! 这事真让我高兴! We should thank heavens for that! 这事真是谢天谢地! We can thank our lucky stars for that. 这事真是谢天谢地。 We should thank God for that. 这事真要感谢上帝。 This is the yearbook for 1990. 这是 1990 年年鉴。 Here is fifty dollars, and give me sixty cents, please. 这是 50 美元,请找给我 60 美分。 This is 'Guanyin Bodhisattva on a Sea Island'. 这是"海岛观音"。 It's an audio-visual book. 这是本视听图书。 It's a new volume of scientific literature. 这是本新的科学文献。 This is our standard price. 这是标准价格。 This isn't prohibited, is this? 这是不禁止的,不是吗? There's no way to avoid it. 这是不可避免的。 Does this mean we're not allowed to enter it? 这是不是说我们不准进去? Is this the last 15 minutes? 这是不是最后 15 分钟? This was a very good kung fu movie. 这是部非常好的功夫片。 That's the best thing I've heard for a long time. 这是长久以来我听到的最好消息。 This one is the Buddha of Longevity. 这是长寿佛。 This is one of our best selling items. 这是畅销商品之一。 Here is the fare, and this is for you. 这是车费,这是给你的。 It's an unforgettable experience. 这是次令人难忘的经历。 It's a copy of Leonardo da Vinci's. 这是达芬奇作品的复制品。 This is the Hall of Ceremony. 这是大雄宝殿。 It's a large screen set. 这是大荧幕的电视机。 This is a memorial volume of the Second World War. 这是第二次世界大战的纪念册。 This is Volume One. 这是第一卷。 This is Lesson One. 这是第一课。 This is East Street. 这是东街? It's the best news I've heard in years. 这是多年来我听到的最好消息。 It's a perennial. 这是多年生草本植物。 It's double ruff! 这是二搭档相互将吃! This is a 35-millimeter film with 26 exposures. 这是二十六张装的三十五毫米底片。 It's the best room in the hotel. 这是饭店中最好的房间。 It's a weekly periodical. 这是份周刊。 This is negative film. 这是负片。 This is the newest edition of the book. 这是该书的最新版。 This is a long focus lens. 这是个长焦距镜头。 What a monster it is! 这是个大怪物! That's a good idea, but it's not for me to say. 这是个好主意,不过这不是我说了算数的。 That's a great idea! 这是个好主意。 That's a good idea. 这是个好主意。 That's a good idea. 这是个好主意。 It's a thought. 这是个主意。 Here's the number slip. 这是号码牌。 It is the exhibition of paintings and calligraphy, isn't it? 这是绘画、书法展,对吗? What month is this? 这是几月? It's informal dinner, isn't it? 这是家常便饭,对吗? This is a second-hand bookstore. 这是家旧书店。 This is a general hospital with various departments. 这是家综合医院,有各种科室。 This is a Polaroid Land camera. 这是架宝丽来快速相机。 This is the Central Town Park. 这是街心公园。 It's her mother, not her sister. 这是她母亲,不是她姐姐。 This is a still life picture. 这是静物画。 Here is your program. 这是剧目。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司