翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 This is the hall of military history. 这是军事历史展览厅。 It's Kodak color 135. 这是柯达 135 彩色底片。 That can be believed. 这是可信的。 This is the statue of Confucius, flanked by the statues of Yanzi, Zenzi, Zisi and Mencius. 这是孔子雕像,左右是颜子、曾子、子思和孟子的塑像。 This is for oral administration, and that's for external use. 这是口服药,那是外用药。 This medicine is to be taken orally. 这是口服药。 Is this an express train? 这是快车吗? Is this an express bus? 这是快速公共汽车吗? This is the book that Miss Li bought yesterday. 这是李小姐昨天买的书。 Here are two seats in the rear stalls. 这是两张正厅后排的座票。 It's convincing. 这是令人信服的。 It's a tourist attraction. 这是旅游胜地。 This is Maitreya, the Buddha of the future. 这是弥勒佛,也就是未来佛。 It's a secret, so keep it under your hat. 这是秘密,所以你一人知道就可以了。 It's a well-known make of shirt. 这是名牌衬衫。 This is a revised edition of the encyclopaedia. 这是那部百科全书的修订版。 It's just one of those things. 这是难免的事。 Is this your desk? 这是你的课桌吗? Here's your receipt. 这是你的收据。 Is this your book? 这是你的书吗? Here's your key and the elevator's just round the corner. 这是你的钥匙,电梯就在拐角处。 Here's your bill, sir. 这是你的帐单,先生。 This is your bill, please. 这是你的帐单。 Here are your tickets and the change. 这是你们的票和零钱。 It can't be helped. 这是你我都无能为力的事! The tape you asked for. 这是你要的磁带。 This is your sick-leave certificate for a week. 这是你一星期的病假单。 Here's your table. 这是您的餐桌。 Here's your change. Please check it. 这是您的零钱。请核对。 Here's your passbook. 这是您的银行存折。 Here's a prescription for the medicine. 这是配这药的处方。 Here is seven dollars. Please keep the change. 这是七元钱。不用找了。 You get a chance like this only once in a blue moon. 这是千载难逢的机会。 Here is the money, keep the change. 这是钱,不用找零钱。 This is Qingdao Beer. I hope you like it. 这是青岛啤酒。我希望你喜欢。 This is the Bronzeware Hall. 这是青铜器馆。 Here's the view-finder. 这是取景器。 Is this the bus for the Grand Square? 这是去大广场的车吗? Is this the bus stop for the hourly shuttle to Harvard? 这是去哈佛大学每小时一次的班车站吗? Is this Bus No. 55 for the Municipal Government Hall? 这是去市政大厦的 55 路车吗? It's all wool. 这是全毛的。 This is the best seller for the past three weeks. 这是三星期来的畅销书。 Here is an order form. You can order them by mail. 这是申请表。您可以用邮递的方法申请。 What's this? 这是什么? What is this place? 这是什么地方? What is this material? 这是什么料子的? What material is this? 这是什么质料? This is a live program. 这是实况转播节目。 This is the apartment where the Smiths live. 这是史密斯一家人住的公寓。 It's one of the world's finest tobaccos. 这是世界上最好的香烟之一。 This is two-way traffic. 这是双行道。 Whose book is this? 这是谁的书? Whose room is this? 这是谁的屋子? Whose work is it? 这是谁的作品? Here's Tom. 这是汤姆。 This is a special, so you can't return it. 这是特价商品,你不能退换。 What street is this? 这是条什么街? Here's a foreign currency registration certificate. 这是外币登记证。 This is a take out order. 这是外带的。 My mistake, 20 it is. 这是我的错,应该是 20。 Here is my boarding pass. 这是我的登机证。 Here is my international driver's license. 这是我的国际驾照。 This is my calling card. 这是我的名片。 Here is my business card. 这是我的名片。 Here is my ticket. 这是我的票。 Here is my vaccination certificate. 这是我的预防注射证明单。 This is the longest film I've ever seen. 这是我看过的电影中最长的一部。 This is the best movie I've ever seen. 这是我看所看过的最好的一场电影。 Here's a little gift from me. 这是我送你的一件小礼物。 This is the worst performance I've ever seen. 这是我所见过的最糟的表演。 This is the worst performance I've ever seen. 这是我所看过的最糟的演出。 This is where I want to go. 这是我想去的地方。 It's the worst moment in my life. 这是我一生中最糟糕的时候。 Is this the intersection I am looking for? 这是我在找的那个十字路口吗? Here is my passport for identification. 这是我证明身份的护照。 There's no way to avoid it. 这是无法避免的。 There's no way to get away with it. 这是无法避免的。 That's the dining room for western food. 这是西餐餐厅。 Here's the laundry slip. 这是洗衣单。 This is tips, only a little. 这是小费,不多。 This is an eye drop to relieve your eyesore. 这是眼药水,治眼睛痛的。 Here are the medicine and the change. 这是药和找的钱。 This is a new inter-disciplinary journal. 这是一本新的综合性学科杂志。 It's a five-act play with an interesting plot. 这是一出五幕剧,情节有趣。 This is a Sunday supplement. 这是一份星期日增刊。 Here's a beautiful landscape. 这是一幅精彩的风景画。 This is a mural of the Tang dynasty. 这是一幅唐朝的壁画。 This is a box camera and that's a folding one. 这是一架盒式相机,那架是折合式的。 It's a private dining room with a beautiful view. 这是一间小厅,可以看到美丽的风景。 Is this a jeep? 这是一辆吉普车吗? Here are some exhibits of tricolored glazed pottery of the Tang dynasty. 这是一些唐三彩工艺品。 This is the synopsis for some new books. 这是一些新书的内容提要。 These are duplicates of some scarce books. 这是一些珍本的副本。 That's one way of looking at it, but couldn't we consider it in another way? 这是一种看问题的方法,但是我们是不是能从另外一个角度看问题呢? This is a new type of pain killer. 这是一种新的止痛药。 This is the doctor's prescription. 这是医生开的处方。 This is a certificate for the registration of objects d'art. 这是艺术品登记证。 Is this grease? 这是油渍吗? It's an abridged edition of the original one. 这是原来版本的节选本。 This is a branch of Far East Bookstore. 这是远东书店分部。 This is John Smith. 这是约翰·史密斯。 It was during the, er, what's it called, the First World War. 这是在,呃,那叫什么来着,第一次世界大战期间。 What's it all about? 这是怎么回事啊? This is the enlarged edition. 这是增订版。 Here's the check. 这是帐单。 Is this original? 这是真品吗? It's a non-stop liner. 这是直达班轮。 It's the latest fashion, very popular. 这是最新式样,非常流行。 Here's the latest one. 这是最新一期。 This is the latest issue of Newsweek. 这是最新一期的"新闻周刊"。 There won't be anything wrong with the radio. 这收音机一定不会有毛病的。 There must be something wrong with the radio. 这收音机一定出什么毛病了。 It is allowed to import this watch. 这手表可以进口。 It's better to open this hand with two diamonds. 这手牌最好开叫二方块。 The book isn't worthy of mention. 这书不值得一提。 Books on this shelf have a discount. 这书架上的书打折扣出售。 It seems very sensible. 这似乎非常合理。 That seems perfectly acceptable. 这似乎完全可以接受。 It's in good condition. 这台电视机情况良好。 The machine must be operated as follows:... 这台机器应按下列步骤进行操作:...... Does this radio belong to you? 这台收音机是属于你的吗? This is too much for me! 这太过分了,我受不了! That sounds terrific. But when? 这太好了,什么时侯? This is very nice. 这太好了。 It's very depressing. 这太令人沮丧了。 That's the surprise in my life! 这太令我吃惊了! That's terrific. 这太妙了。 It's marvelous. 这太奇妙了。 It's a piece of cake. 这太容易了。 It's a piece of cake. You press the button from right to left. 这太容易了。你从右往左按钮。 That's nasty, that is! 这太下流了,真的! Altogether it will take ten days to make the trip. 这趟旅行总共需要十天的时间。 This set of books are from Earth Fine Arts Press. 这套书由大地美术出版社出版。 Isn't this glorious weather? 这天气真好! The speed limit is 90 miles per hour on this highway. 这条高速公路车辆限速是每小时九十英哩。 What is the name of this street? 这条街叫什么名字? Where does this street lead to? 这条街通向哪里? Is this the way to Gate 9? 这条路到 9 号登机门吗? This necklace is with a heart-shape pendant. 这条项链有一鸡心型坠子。 It sounds just fine. 这听起来不错。 That sounds like a marvelous idea. 这听起来像是个好主意。 It sounds quite boring. 这听上去很枯燥乏味。 When will this cable arrive in London? 这通海底电报何时会到伦敦? It's perfectly all right. 这完全没有问题。 It's dangerous! Let me give you a ride. 这危险!让我来开车送你吧。 This one looks furious about something. 这位看上去一幅怒气冲冲的样子。 That lady sings enchantingly. 这位女士唱得真动听。 This corpus has altogether 15 volumes. 这文集共有十五卷。 That's my thing. 这我相信。 That's where I am. 这我相信。 The play is going to be good. 这戏会很好看的。 The shutter of this camera doesn't work. 这相机的快门失灵了。 This photo is too large to transmit at one time. 这相片太大,一次没法发出。 Is the project acceptable? 这项工程能被人接受吗? The work should be done according to the following procedures:... 这项工作应按下列步骤进行:...... The job should be done according to the following steps:... 这项工作应按下列步骤进行:...... The experiment should be conducted according to the following suggestions:... 这项实验应按下列建议进行:...... The bad news exceeded my worst fear. 这消息比我所担心的还要糟。 How disappointing the news is! 这消息多令人失望啊! The little animal did not know what to do. 这小动物不知该怎么办。 This child is tall enough to need a ticket. 这小孩的身高已超出免票高度。 The baby can't even walk, let alone run. 这小孩连走路都不会,更不用说跑了。 This washing will be done by the evening. 这些傍晚前能洗好。 These ice lanterns are crystal-clear and transparent, pure as jade. 这些冰灯晶莹剔透,像玉砌琼琢一般。 Are these maps complimentary? 这些地图是免费赠送的吗? Are they all oil-paintings? 这些都是油画吗? These francs are worth 30 dollars. 这些法郎可换三十美元。 Those aren't your pens, are they? 这些钢笔不是你的,是吗? Are these your pens? 这些钢笔是你的吗? You don't have to pay any duty on these personal belongings. 这些个人物品你不必赋税。 The export of these curios is prohibited. 这些古玩是不准出口的。 These vases are liable to customs duties. 这些花瓶要付税。 The archaeological objects are dated from the Stone Age to the medieval period. 这些考古物件的年代是从石器时代至中世纪时期。 These loaves of bread are fresh out of oven. 这些面包刚出炉。 These woodblock prints are vividly molded, true to life. 这些木刻造型生动,形态逼真。 We can't complain about the weather these days, can we? 这些日子的天气真是无可挑剔了。 These events were clearly predestined to happen. 这些事显然是注定要发生的。 There are rubbings from tablet inscriptions. 这些是碑文摹拓本。 Here are the books you want. 这些是你要的书。 These are apples. 这些是苹果。 What are these? 这些是什么? These are my pencils. 这些是我的铅笔。 Those are reprinted copies. 这些是再版书。 These animals are unique to China. 这些是中国特有的动物。 The books are shelved by call number. 这些书是根据书码装架的。 These are your books, aren't they? 这些书是你的,不是吗? How are these books shelved? 这些书是如何装架的? These books are brought by Tom and me. 这些书是汤姆和我带来的。 These temples are scattered randomly over the mountain. 这些寺庙各抱山势,高低错落。 These statues are in different postures and manners. 这些塑像千姿百态。 These statues are carved out of rock. 这些塑像是石雕的。 Some of the statues stand alone, while others are grouped. 这些塑像有单个的,也有成群的。 No duty on these articles since the total value is below 200 dollars. 这些物品不用付税,因为总价值低于二百美元。 The pamphlets are free of charge. 这些小册子是免费的。 There's a discount for these sample copies. 这些样书打折扣出售。 The pills should be taken on an empty stomach. 这些药片应该空腹吃。 How long will these pills last? 这些药丸能吃几天? You're not allowed to bring these objets d'art out of the country. 这些艺术品是不准带出国的。 How reliable are these? 这些有多可靠? These gardens ingeniously combine hills, waters, buildings, trees and flowers. 这些园林把山、水、建筑和草木巧妙地组合起来。 These gardens are not big but exquisitely laid out. 这些园林规模不大,但布局灵巧。 These magazines are monthly. 这些杂志是月刊。 These seats are terrible. 这些座位很糟糕。 I'm leaving this Thursday. 这星期四我要动身了。 Will that do? 这行吗? This cigar smells terrible. 这雪茄烟的味道真难闻。 The subtlety of color is absolutely unbelievable. 这颜色的微妙之处是绝对让人难以置信。 The color is becoming you. 这颜色很配你。 An exposure of 1/100 of a second will be enough in this sunshine. 这样的阳光下,百分之一秒的曝光时间足够了。 A shower like this never lasts long at this time of the year. 这样的阵雨在一年的这个时节是绝对不会长久的。 That's fine? 这样很好吗? These strains can cause tension. 这样劳累过度会造成紧张。 Is it true to say so? 这样说符合事实吗? It's not correct to say so. 这样说是不对的。 It's wrong to do that. 这样做错了。 That's a mean thing to trick. 这样做很卑鄙的。 Is it the right way of doing it? 这样做是否正确? What are the directions for using this medicine? 这药如何用? It depends on where the house is. 这要看房子在哪儿。 It depends. 这要看具体情况而定。 The meal is really terrific. 这一餐真是好吃极了。 Golden dragons are carved on this row of huge stone columns. 这一排巨型石柱上都雕刻着金龙。 You'll be the dealer this round. 这一圈你发牌。 What a terrible day I've had! 这一天我过得可真糟啊! This small bottle of perfume is duty-free. 这一小瓶香水可以免税。 Is this the stop for the Central Park? 这一站是中心公园吗? Is this dress washable? 这衣服可以洗吗? I enjoyed every minute of this film. 这影片的每一分钟我都非常欣赏。 It's up to you, it's about two miles away. 这由你决定,大约二英里远。 It's up to you but I wouldn't wait. 这由你决定,可我等不了。 It's for you to make a decision. 这由你自己决定。 That's a bit low, isn't it? 这有点粗俗,不是吗? That's going a bit too far! 这有点过分了! It's sort of embarrassing. 这有点叫人难堪。 It would matter a lot! 这有很大关系! The rich man was very sad to see this. 这有钱人看到这件事非常悲哀。 What good will it do? 这有什么用呢? The outside-right headed a very nice goal. 这右边锋顶了一个非常好的进球。 The fish is really delicious. 这鱼味道真是好极了。 It's quite different from the weather report. 这与天气预报出入很大。 How splendid the feathers look! 这羽毛多好看啊! It could have been better. 这原本可以更好的。 How is that possible? 这怎么可能呢? The exhibition wasn't worth seeing. 这展览不值一看。 Will this table be all right? 这张餐桌行吗? How long is this ticket valid? 这张票的有效期是多久? Can I have it refilled? 这张药方可以再来配药吗? This round table weights about forty-five pounds. 这张圆桌大约重四十五磅。 The photo flatters you. 这张照片比你本人好看。 The picture doesn't have good depth of field. 这张照片景深不够。 This picture has done him justice. 这张照片与他本人很像。 That's really not necessary. 这真的不必要。 It's nothing really. 这真的没什么。 That's a great relief. 这真叫人非常安慰。 That's a real let-down. 这真叫人失望。 It really makes me see red! 这真叫我冒火! It dries me up. 这真叫我无话可说了。 That's terrific! 这真了不起! That's awesome! 这真令人叹为观止! It really turns me off. 这真使我讨厌。 That's fine. 这真是好极了。 It is really beautiful, isn't it? 这真是漂亮,是吗? That's really too much! 这真是太过分了! It is most annoying. 这真是太令人恼火了。 That is extremely exasperating. 这真是太令人恼火了。 That's awful. 这真糟糕。 That's dreadful. 这真糟糕。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司