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"No, they've moved away." "辛普森一家还住这儿吗?" "不住这儿了, 他们已搬走了"。 He told me to move on. 他叫我走开。 They moved to a another city. 他们搬到了另一城市。 The coat is much more expensive than the one we saw yesterday. 这件外套比我们昨天看见的要贵得多。 I get excited whenever I hear the playing of our national anthem. 每当我听到我们国歌的演奏都很激动。 A lot has been done in the recovery of national economy in the past few years. 在过去的几年中我们为了国民经济的恢复做了大量的工作。 We must follow the natural law. 我们必须遵守自然法则。 The wish of fully utilizing the natural resources will eventually come true. 充分利用自然资源的愿望终究会实现。 Neither father nor mother would agree to your plan. 爸爸妈妈都不会同意你的计划。 At the time of this news release, trading had reached its lowest point. 到这次新闻发布时, 贸易量已达到最低点。 No doubt her death is related to politics. 她的死无疑和政治有关。 No matter how hard he works, he can not get a promotion. 不管他工作多努力, 他就是得不到提升。 He promised to drink no more. 他答应不再饮酒了。 He is no more than a worker. 他仅仅是个工人。 I had no sooner left the school than it began to snow. 我刚一离开学校就开始下雪。 Old as he is, he is none the less vigorous and active. 虽然他年纪很大了, 他仍然精力充沛。 I am so sorry to give you not a little trouble. 真抱歉给你添了这么多麻烦。 He is not interested in dancing at all. 他对跳舞一点兴趣也没有。 He did not compromise in the least on this matter. 在这件事上, 他一点也不妥协。 She is not much of a journalist. 她并不是一个好记者。 We must not only finish our task but also do it well. 我们不但要完成任务而且还要做好。 He is not so much a player as a coach. 与其说他是个队员, 不如说他是个教练。 I don't say "yes" - not that I disagree with you. 我不说"是"并不表明我不同意你的意见。 I am not free on Sundays, not to speak of Mondays. 我星期天都没空, 更不用说星期一了。 I want to say nothing but sorry. 我只想说对不起。 After losing his job, he is nothing less than a beggar. 失业之后, 他简直和乞丐一样。 The scene is nothing like what you described. 风景不如你描述的那么好。 He raises some strange questions now and again. 他时常提出一些奇怪的问题。 Now that you have done that, stop blaming yourself. 既然你已经做了, 就不要自责了。 Nuclear power will do harm to our health and safety if improperly used. 如果使用不当, 核能会对人的健康和安全造成危害。 I objected to your suggestion. 我反对你的建议。 You can obtain the application from the registrar. 你可以向注册人员索取申请书。 A good idea suddenly occurred to me. 我忽然想起一个好主意。 1, 3, 5 and 7 are odd numbers. 1, 3, 5 和 7 是奇数。 Everything has been packed in boxes except a few odds and ends. 除了一些杂物, 所有东西都装了箱。 Since you are already of age now, you should solve the problems by yourself. 你已经成年了, 这些问题要自己解决。 I will write to you of course, but not every week. 我当然会写信给你, 但不是每星期都写。 He has often been late for school of late. 他近来经常迟到。 This subject is of no account and isn't worth discussing. 这个问题无关紧要, 不值得讨论。 He tried and tried but all his efforts were of no avail. 他试了又试, 但一切努力都不起作用。 He joined the army of his own accord. 他自愿参军。 Your English will not become better of itself. 你的英语不会自己变好的。 My advice may be of use for you. 我的意见也许对你有用。 He only accepted the primary education off and on in his childhood. 他小时候只断断续续地接受过初等教育。 I called your office last Sunday but they said you were off duty. 我上星期天打电话到你办公室去, 但他们说你不值班。 The murderer killed the patient when the nurse was off her guard. 趁护士疏忽, 杀人犯把病人杀死了。 The project is off our hands since the new manager came into power. 自从新经理上台之后, 项目就不归我们管了。 I cannot give you a reply off hand. 我不能立刻给你答复。 The address they mentioned was off the record. 他们提到的那个讲演是不可引用的。 What you just said is completely off the track. 你刚才讲的话彻底离题了。 He offended against the law. 他犯了法。 The oil wells will all run dry in thirty years or so at the present rate of use. 按现在的消耗速度, 三十年左右现在的油井就会干涸。 The board of directors made the decision to produce the car on a large scale. 董事会决定大规模生产这种汽车。 He was granted special admission on account of his effort. 由于他自己的努力, 他被破格录取。 The baby often crawls on all fours. 婴儿经常匍匐而行。 The drawing is on all fours with the scene at that moment. 那幅画和当时的景象完全一致。 People went to visit the Museum on and on. 参观博物馆人们络绎不绝。 The agent spoke on behalf of his principal. 代理人代表他的委托人说话。 We went on board Athens yesterday morning. 我们昨天早晨登上雅典号。 I flew to Tokyo on business. 我飞往东京出差。 You may say so on certain occasions. 在某种场合你可以这样说。 I will go abroad on condition that my husband goes with me. 如果我丈夫能和我一起去, 我就出国。 It is usual for us to sell on credit. 我们通常赊销货物。 I go on duty at 8:00 am. 我早晨 8 点钟上班。 Who is on duty today? 今天谁值日? What on earth do you mean? 你到底是什么意思? There are millions of living things on the earth. 世界上有数以百万计的生物。 Sometimes we work for 24 hours on end. 有时我们连续 24 小时工作。 The house was on fire last night and was burned down. 那幢房子昨晚着火了, 被烧为平地。 The cinema is not far, you can get there on foot. 电影院不远, 你可以走到那去。 We have been on good terms with our neighbors for all these years. 这么多年来我们一直和邻居关系很好。 Be on guard when somebody flatters you. 有人奉承你时, 一定要当心。 There will be 300 representatives on hand in this conference. 这次会议将有300个代表出席。 If you can't pay for the house in cash, you can buy it on installment. 如果你不能用现金购房, 也可以分期付款。 Mr. Li is on leave for 3 weeks. 李先生请假 3 个星期。 I promise on my honor not to tell lies. 我发誓我不会说谎。 I put up the proposal on your behalf. 我是为你的利益才提出这个建议的。 He was on his feet again after such a long period in hospital. 住院很长一段时间他复原了。 After graduation, he lives on his own. 毕业后他就独立生活了。 It is not fair on students' part. 对学生而言, 这并不公平。 He was on his toes waiting for the news of his lost child. 他坐立不安地等待他失踪的孩子的消息。 I ran across Tom on my way to school. 在去学校的路上我碰到了汤姆。 He should have meet you at the station on principle. 按道理他应该到车站去接你。 He knocked the old man down on purpose. 他故意把那个老人撞倒。 I bought it on your request. 我应你的要求买下这东西。 Please try to sail on schedule. 请尽量按时开船。 You are so bold that you never do something on second thought. 你太鲁莽, 从来不知道深思熟虑后做事。 We had to set out on short notice. 一接到通知,我们就出发了。 Quite a number of world famous paintings are on show in this exhibition. 有许多的世界名画在本次展览会上展出。 The guard had orders to shoot on sight. 哨兵奉命见人就开枪。 The workmen are on strike. 工人罢工了。 The news will be on the air tonight. 这个新闻今晚将要广播。 Troops are on the alert against any possible aggression. 军队戒备着可能的来犯。 On the average, there are 300 tourists a week. 每星期平均有300游客。 We drew this conclusion on the basis of experiments. 我们是在试验的基础上得出这个结论的。 He dissipated most of his money and was on the brink of bankruptcy. 他挥霍掉了大部分钱财, 濒于破产。 He is not poor, on the contrary, he is a millionaire. 他不穷, 相反, 他是个百万富翁。 He was found three days later on the edge of death in his room. 三天之后他在自己的房间里被发现, 已濒于死亡。 He gave up on the eve of success. 他在大功告成之前放弃了。 Heavy rain came on the heels of the lightening. 大雨紧跟着闪电而来。 The sun was on the horizon when we set off. 我们出发时, 太阳正在地平线上。 A surge of innovation in techniques is on the horizon. 技术改进的浪潮即将出现。 The demand for primary products is on the increase in European market. 欧洲市场对初级产品的需求在增长。 It was 12 o'clock and he was still on the job. 已经是 12 点了, 他还在努力工作。 You'd better put the dressing table on the left. 你最好把梳妆台放在左边。 I have told the whole story on the level. 我已经诚实地把整个事情经过讲出来了。 FBI is on the look out for the agent these days. 这些天联邦调查局正在注意那个特工。 The Gypsies are a race constantly on the move. 吉普赛人不时在迁移流动。 It is my usual practice to pay on the nail when going shopping. 购物时我习惯于当场付钱。 This is a novel, but on the other hand, it can be looked as a biography. 这是一部小说, 在另一方面, 它又可以被看作一部传记。 You can see children playing on the other side of the river. 你可以看到小孩在河对岸玩耍。 The contract was fulfilled on the part of the buyer. 买方遵守了合同。 The two countries were on the point of war due to the diplomatic disputes. 这两个国家因为外交争端即将开战。 Beverages sold in this restaurant can only be drunk on the premises. 此餐厅的饮料只供堂饮。 You can go up the staircase on the right. 你可以从右边楼梯上去。 The police are on the run to catch the murderer. 警方正在忙着捕捉逃犯。 I went to look after the old man on the score of his daughter. 我是为那个老人女儿的缘故才照顾他的。 I was on the side of Tom in the discussion. 在讨论中, 我支持汤姆。 We caught the smuggler on the spot. 我们当场抓到那个走私犯。 It is well known that he is completely on the square. 众所周知, 他是绝对可靠的。 He is honest only on the surface. 他只是表面诚实而已。 Is she on the team? 她是那个队的吗? The empire was on the wane after its period of prosperity. 帝国经过全盛以后逐渐衰落。 The man on the watch cried out: "Dangers ahead!" 守望的人突然大喊:"前面有危险!" We were just on the way when it began to rain. 当开始下雨时, 我们正在路上。 The two buildings are similar on the whole. 从整体来看, 这两幢楼是相似的。 You must get to the station on time. 你必须准时赶到车站。 Firemen reached the house on fire in time. 消防队员及时赶到那幢失火的房子。 There is a bird on top of the house. 房子顶上有只鸟。 I was on vacation last week and didn't receive your fax. 上星期我正在度假, 没收到你们的传真。 The guards are still on watch at midnight. 看守在深夜仍在站岗。 I refused him once for all. 我坚决彻底地拒绝了他。 While reading he looked out of the window once in a while. 他正在读书, 有时还朝窗外看看。 I would like to spend my holiday in Hawaii once more. 我想再去夏威夷度一次假。 Once upon a time, there was an old man living in a small village. 从前, 在一个小村庄里住着一位老人。 It was the time of break and students came out of classroom one after another. 现在是休息时间, 学生们一个接一个走出教室。 You should help one another. 你们应该互相帮助。 The two friends gave presents to each other on their birthdays. 两个朋友在生日时互赠礼物。 I would like to go only that I haven't finished my work. 要不是我的工作没做完, 我真想去。 That party is only too exciting. 那个晚会真是激动人心。 He is very modest and open to advice. 他很谦虚, 乐于接受意见。 When do you think the patient can be operated on for the tumor? 你认为这个病人什么时候可以做肿瘤手术? The patient was sent to the operating room. 这个病人被送进了手术室。 There are 300 students or so in this middle school. 这所中学大约有 300 个学生。 The old man wanted to see nobody other than his grandson. 除了他的孙子之外, 这个老人谁也不想见。 The two weavers were cheats out and out. 那两个织工是彻头彻尾的骗子。 I ran to the theater all along and was out of breath. 我一路跑到剧院上气不接下气。 Do more exercises or you will be out of condition. 多做锻炼否则你会身体不好的。 The model plane got out of control and crashed. 模型飞机失控坠落下来。 The dresses on show are out of date. 展出的服装都过时了。 Please wait a minute, I'll go with you out of hand. 请等一下, 我立即跟你走。 The pollution is out of hand and becomes very dangerous. 污染失去控制, 十分危险。 You seem out of humor today. 你今天好像不高兴。 Leave him alone. He is out of his mind. 别理他, 他疯了。 My clock is out of order and waked me up at 3 this morning. 我的闹钟坏了, 今天早晨 3 点就把我叫醒了。 His honesty is out of question. 他的诚实是毫无疑问的。 It is out of the question that you can get a rise. 你不可能长工资。 Keep it out of reach by children. 置于儿童不能企及的地方。 We know that fishing is out of season now. 我们知道现在不宜钓鱼。 I stood there until the car was out of sight. 我在那站着直到看不见那辆车。 He is a bit out of sorts. 他身体不适。 I am out of spirits and don't want to speak to anyone. 我心情愁闷, 不想和任何人讲话。 It is out of the question for him to stay in office so late. 他不可能这么晚还呆在办公室。 It is out of question that I will write to you. 我一定会给你写信的。 Maybe the earth has been visited by intelligent creatures from outer space. 也许太空的智慧生物已经访问过地球。 I've stressed the rule over and over but you didn't listen to me. 我已经一再强调规则了, 可是你不听我的话。 Over the years, hundreds of overseas students have studied at that university. 几年来, 几百个留学生在那所大学学习过。 He packed up and was ready to go. 他整理好行装准备出发。 The proposal was presented as final package deal. 那项建议是作为最终的一揽子交易提出来的。 We encouraged the Smiths before leaving the parking lot. 在离开停车场之前, 我们鼓励了史密斯一家。 I parted from my sister at the train station. 我在火车站与我姐姐告别。 I don't want to participate in the English party. 我不想参加英语晚会。 She wants to find a part-time job. 她想找一个兼职工作。 Our director passed away at eight o'clock last night. 我们董事长于昨晚八时去世。 We can't pass this point by. 此点不能忽略。 He passed this letter on to his friend. 他把这封信递给他的朋友。 John passed through a difficult period shortly after his mother's death. 约翰在他母亲刚过世后度过了艰难时期。 My old coat needs to be patched up. 我的旧外套需要补缀。 In the Patent Office, we still have millions of ideas that are free for use. 在专利局, 我们还有许多的想法没有付诸实施。 I paid a visit to Mr. Smith last night. 昨晚我拜访了史密斯先生。 You must pay attention to your study. 你必须专心学习。 I have paid for these books. 我已付了这些书钱。 I lent him some money last week but he forgot to pay back. 上周我借了一些钱给他, 但他忘记归还。 It took them three years to pay off the debt. 他们三年才还清欠债。 I persist in doing this. 我坚持做这件事。 Men begin to enter female jobs out of consideration for personal interest. 出于个人利益考虑, 男子开始介入女子的工作领域。 How can I persuade you of my love? 我怎样才能使你相信我的爱呢? We suggest that Smith be told about his physical condition as soon as possible. 我们主张应尽快告诉史密斯他的身体状况。 My father helped me pick out a new book. 我父亲帮我选了一本新书。 He picked up the broom to help me sweep the floor. 他拿起扫帚帮我扫地。 He stopped the car to pick up the boy. 他停下车来搭一个男孩。 He picked up little English while he was in Britain. 他在英国时学了一点英语。 I fell, but I managed to pick myself up. 我跌倒了, 但我努力爬起来。 The books were piled up on the floor of the library. 那些书堆在图书馆的地板上。 Mary has pined away since she fell ill. 玛丽自生病后变得很憔悴。 He likes to visit place of interest. 他喜欢参观名胜古迹。 Don't plan on my going with you, for I expect to be busy this weekend. 不要以为我会陪你去, 因为本周末我会很忙的。 He likes playing jokes on his classmates. 他喜欢拿他的同学开玩笑。 He played on her fears. 他利用她的恐惧心理。 They worked ten hours that day and finally played out. 那天他们工作了十个小时, 最后精疲力竭。 Don't play truant. 不要逃学。 He is playing with his new toys. 他在玩他的新玩具。 There were plenty of people in front of the town's Hall. 在城镇的大礼堂前有许多人。 He pointed at the diagram to illustrate his point. 他指着图表来说明他的论点。 If one has an open mind, it is easy to appreciate another's point of view. 如果一个人思想开放, 就不难接受他人的观点。 Point out the mistake in this sentence, please. 请指出这句话中的错误。 He pointed to the door. 他指着门。 He polished off the pie and the fruit. 他很快吃完了馅饼和水果。 Some young people like pop music, while still others like classical music. 一些年青人喜欢流行音乐, 但仍有其它人喜欢古典音乐。 What is the book you are poring over this afternoon? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司