翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 All the very best! 祝你万事如意! I wish you all the happiness in the world. 祝你幸福。 The very best of luck in your study. 祝你学业顺利。 Every success in your study. 祝你学业一切顺利。 Every success with you. 祝你一切成功。 All the best. 祝你一切都好。 Have a nice day! 祝你一天快乐! I hope things turn out well with you. 祝你诸事称心满意。 I wish you success with your new job. 祝您的新工作取得成就。 Have a nice trip! 祝您旅途愉快! Happy journey! 祝您旅途愉快! I wish you success in the interview. 祝您面试成功。 A merry Christmas and a happy 1993. 祝圣诞快乐,并过一个快乐的一九九三年。 A merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 祝圣诞快乐,新年愉快。 May the rest of our years together be as nice as the last. 祝我们的友谊永保青春。 Happy New Year to you. 祝新年快乐。 Now, hold on to the rail. Don't bump into others. 抓好扶手,别撞着别人。 Grasp the handrail firmly. 抓紧栏杆。 Nothing seems to be wrong with the propeller shaft. 转动轴看来没毛病。 Something is wrong with the steering column. 转向柱有点问题。 Yes, it keeps very good time. 准,非常准。 Yes, sir. They are air-conditioned with a private bath. 准备好了,先生。房间是空调的,有独用浴室。 Are you ready? 准备好了吗? There is a glass on the table. 桌上有一只杯子。 Fire! 着火啦! An automat is perfect for snapshots. 自动相机最适合拍快照。 Go by yourself! 自己走开! Studying on our own brings the most knowledge. 自己钻研可带来最多的知识。 The Museum of Natural History exhibits about 100,000 specimens. 自然历史博物馆展出了大约十万种标本。 On balance, music appeals to me more than sports. 总的来说,音乐比体育更吸引我。 I agree with you on the whole. 总而言之,我同意你的观点。 All in all, Chicago is superior to Los Angeles. 总而言之,芝加哥要胜过洛杉矶。 So the general idea is about the quality of product. 总而言之是关于产品质量问题。 How much does that come to? 总共多少钱? Central! Can you put me through to Fujen University? 总机!请帮我接通辅仁大学好吗? Central, we've been disconnected. 总机,我们的电话被切断了。 There's always the possibility of meeting a traffic hold-up. 总是有可能会遇到交通阻塞。 It's always the case. 总是这样。 At last! 总算好了! At last, at last! 总算好了,总算好了! To sum up, things look terrific for the next 20 years. 总言之,将来二十年前景美好。 Some day I'll settle the account with you! 总有一天我要跟你算账的! Some of the days I'll clean the house for you! 总有一天我要跟你算账的! To summarize, simplicity is the best art. 总之,简洁是最好的艺术。 In a word, then, we should improve our service. 总之,我们应该改进我们的服务。 Walk! Don't run and don't shout! 走,别跑别叫! Take a left when you come to an ad. post. 走到广告牌处往左拐。 Go away! 走开! Leave! 走开! Drop dead! 走开! I'm worn out by all the walking. 走了这么多路我累坏了。 I'm all fagged out with that walk; let's take the bus. 走那么多路我累坏了我们搭公共汽车吧。 Football is not one of my favorite sports. 足球不是我最喜欢的运动之一。 It lasted for two hours and a half because of an accident. 足球赛进行了 2 小时半,因为发生了一起事故。 The football match will begin soon. 足球赛马上就要开始了。 The grandfather worked as fast as he could. 祖父尽他可能地迅速地工作。 The value of diamond is above ruby. 钻石的价值比红宝石高。 Fifty dollars is the minimum original deposit. 最低起存额是五十美元。 The best thing is to keep cool. 最好保持冷静! Better not. 最好不这样。 Surely the best course of action would be to turn down the plan. 最好的办法无疑是否决这项计划。 The best choice would be chocolate. 最好的选择是巧克力。 Better preempt to keep the opponents from bidding. 最好还是先发制人叫高牌,别让对方有机会叫牌。 It's better to hold a buffet. 最好举行个自助餐。 It is preferable to consume it immediately. 最好马上就吃掉。 Better check with the box office. 最好去问一下售票处。 Better let the windows stay open. 最好让窗开着。 The best one is ice-cream. 最好是冰淇淋。 Best thing would be to spend the honeymoon in Paris. 最好是去巴黎度蜜月。 The best thing is to spend some holidays in the countryside. 最好是去乡下度几天假。 It's much better if you stick the stamps on the package. 最好贴在包裹上。 You'd better take bus NO. 21. 最好坐 21 路。 The last one is the Zoological section. 最后是动物厅。 When does the last bus leave? 最后一班车几点出发? The last goal decided the match. 最后一个球决定比赛的胜负。 What's the meaning of the four words in the last line? 最后一行的四个字是什么意思? Where is the nearest department store? 最近的百货公司在哪里? There have been a lot of changes here in the last 20 years. 最近二十年以来这里有了许多的变化。 Where have you been lately? 最近你去哪儿了? When was the last time he wrote you? 最近一次他写信给你是在什么时候? It has been quite cold here, hasn't it? 最近这儿都蛮冷的,不是吗? Surely the most sensible thing would be to accept their offer. 最明智的办法无疑是接受他们的提议。 What I enjoy most is reading. 最让我喜欢的是阅读。 What's so terrible is the fools we've made of ourselves. 最糟的是我们出了自己的丑。 The important thing is that it's a good way of improving communications. 最重要的是它是改善交通的良好途径。 How long did yesterday's football last? 昨天的足球赛持续了多长时间? The person who came yesterday is my friend. 昨天来的那个人是我的朋友。 Where did you go yesterday? 昨天你到哪里去了? Did you see Mr Jones yesterday? 昨天你见过钟士先生吗? What day was yesterday? 昨天是星期几? Yesterday was Sunday. 昨天是星期天。 Last night I went to sleep, just let me think about it a few minutes, oh yes, at 9:30. 昨天晚上我上床是在,让我想一想,对了,九点半。 I was sick yesterday, but I'm better today. 昨天我有病,不过今天好些了。 Yesterday a prisoner escaped, he could be anywhere by now. 昨天一名囚犯逃走了,他现在也许在某个地方。 Yesterday it rained all day. 昨天整天下雨。 Did you enjoy the dinner party last night? 昨晚的晚宴你过得愉快吗? Did the party come off last night? 昨晚的宴会成功吗? Since last night. 昨晚开始的。 I got quite a kick out of the concert last night. 昨晚那场音乐会我听得开心极了。 Last night I saw Jane at a coffee-shop with a strange man. 昨晚我看见简和一陌生男人在咖啡馆里。 There was a great deal of sleet last night. 昨夜雨夹雪下得真大。 It's at the end of the left counter. 左边柜台的尽头。 Is he the tall man on the left? 左面的那个高个子男人就是他吗? When must the composition be handed in? 作文必须什么时候交? What's the author's name, Doris Lessing? 作者名叫什么,多丽斯·莱辛? Go by ship, then. But it takes quite a few days. 坐船去吧。但坐船需要花好几天时间。 It's faster to go by plane than by boat. 坐飞机要比坐船快些。 Come over for a drive in my new car? 坐上我的新车去兜兜风如何? Sit still, or I'll send you to bed. 坐着别动,不然我要送你去睡觉了。 Well done! 做得好! Beautiful job! 做得好! Nice going! 做得好! What a thing to do! 做的什么事呀? What a silly thing to do. 做了一件多傻的事啊。 Get that lift over there. 做那边的电梯。 Just do it as you like. 做你想做的事。 After that, you should adjust the volume. 做完那,你得调节一下音量。 A rabbit can make long jumps. 兔子可以跳得很远。 Treasure Island is very readable. 《金银岛》是一本可读性很强的书。 The Koran is the sacred book of Islam. 《可兰经》是回教的圣典。 Aspirin may remedy a headache. 阿斯匹林可治头痛。 Amy reposed her head on a cushion. 艾咪把头靠在垫子上。 Edison had rare powers as an inventor. 爱迪生具有罕见的发明天才。 Anne is a bit ruffled. 安妮有一点生气了。 Put the picture right -- it's not straight. 把画摆正,现在是歪的。 Leave your key at reception. 把你房门的钥匙留在接待处。 Keep all medicines out of reach of children. 把所有的药放在孩子们拿不到的地方。 Give the duck a good roast. 把这鸭子好好烤透。 Give the table a good rub. 把这张桌子好好擦一擦。 A black sash relieves a white gown. 白色的长袍上配上黑色的腰带更显洁白。 The monitor rapped the meeting to order. 班长啪啪敲击宣布开会。 The parcel arrived safely. 包裹安全运抵。 Paul likes playing very loud rock. 保罗喜欢播放很响的摇滚乐。 Insurance will safeguard your property. 保险会使你的财产得到保障。 The newspaper ran the review on page four. 报纸把这则评论刊登在第四版上。 Bob redoubled his efforts. 鲍伯加倍努力。 After the storm she looked like a drowned rat. 暴雨过后,她浑身湿透,像只落汤鸡。 Repetition helps learning. 背诵有助于学习。 The stolen bike was restored to its owner. 被盗自行车归还了失主。 The conquered rendered tribute to the conqueror. 被征服者向征服者纳贡。 Our company has no representation in Africa. 本公司在非洲没有代理机构。 The writer gets a 10% royalty on each copy of his book. 本书的每一次再版,作者将从中获得百分之十的版税。 References are given in full at the end of this article. 本文末尾处有全部的参考书目。 Don't you know I was kidding, you sap? 笨蛋,你不知道我是在开玩笑吗? The result of the match was 2-1 to Chicago. 比赛结果芝加哥队以二比一获胜。 Cheating at the game ruined that player's reputation. 比赛时作弊败坏了那位选手的声望。 The game was rained off. 比赛因雨而取消。 He hath repented him of his sins. 彼已悔罪。 Measures must be taken to insure traffic safety. 必须采取措施保证交通安全。 The editors were right to refuse this article. 编辑们不接受这篇文章是有道理的。 Don't rough up my hair. 别把我的头发弄乱。 Don't make a rash decision. 别仓促作出决定。 Don't let your temper run away with you. 别发脾气。 Don't stop on the roadway; move in to the side. 别在车行道上停留;到边上来。 The soldiers recaptured their trench. 兵士夺回了战壕。 The patient's body rejected the heart transplant. 病人的身体排斥移植的心脏。 The patient is responding well to treatment. 病人对治疗反应良好。 The patient had a relapse. 病人又发病了。 The museum had several paintings representing the artist's early style. 博物馆中有几幅画家早期风格的代表作。 She will not rest until she gets to the bottom of the matter. 不查明事实真相她不会安心。 It is rash to cross the street without looking both ways. 不朝两边看看就穿马路是莽撞的。 Spare the rod, spoil the child. 不打不成器。 I'll take the job regardless of the pay. 不管报酬多少我都要这份工作。 Everybody can come to this school, without respect to class, race, or sex. 不论阶级,种族,性别,人人都可进这所学校上课。 Sad to say, the weather here has been nothing but rain all this week. 不幸的是,这星期这里一直在下雨。 Stainless steel does not rust. 不锈钢不会生锈。 Don't buy a used car from that rogue. 不要从那恶棍手里买旧车。 Do not treat a naughty child rough. 不要粗暴地对待顽皮的孩子。 Don't rush to a conclusion. 不要急于下结论。 Don't let your mind rust during the vacation. 不要让你的脑子在假期里变迟钝。 The minister was relieved of his post. 部长被解除了职务。 The tailor ripped the hem and shortened the dress. 裁缝拆开下摆将连衫裙收短。 The time is ripe for a new foreign policy. 采用新外交政策的时机已成熟。 Visitors are requested not to touch the exhibits. 参观者被要求不要触摸展示品。 The Senate resolved to accept the President's budget proposals. 参议院通过决议接受总统的预算建议。 Residues of pesticides can build up in the soil. 残余的杀虫剂会在土壤中积淀起来。 The canoeist succeeded in going over the rapids. 操独木舟者成功地渡过了激流。 The canoeist succeeded in going over the rapids. 操独木舟者成功地渡过了激流。 Charles is still in the running as a possible next head of the firm. 查理斯仍有希望当这家公司下一任的主管。 Long hair is all the rage now. 长头发现在非常时髦。 Long hair is all the rage now. 长头发现在非常时髦。 The long walk sapped the old lady's strength. 长途跋涉耗尽了老太太的体力。 The noise went on all night without respite. 吵闹声整夜不停。 The wheels began to revolve slowly. 车轮开始慢慢转动。 The front of the car was damaged and we had to get out by the rear door. 车身前部受损,我们只得从后门出来。 Success seems to have little reference to merit. 成功与长处似无多少关联。 The castle is now in ruins. 城堡现在已成废墟。 The city was rife with disease and violence. 城市中疾病流行,暴力充斥。 The pond was railed off to stop children falling into it. 池塘用栅栏围起隔开,以防止小孩落水。 At some time there would have to be a reckoning with her. 迟早非得跟她算帐不可。 Hatred ran riot in her. 仇恨在她胸中翻腾。 Salvation lay in political reform. 出路在于政治改革。 The bad weather is responsible for the small attendance. 出席率低是由于天气不佳。 There was a rush for the concert tickets. 出现了争购音乐会入场券的热潮。 The ship will set sail for London at once. 船马上要启航去伦敦了。 The ship's passengers are in the dining saloon. 船上的旅客在餐厅就餐。 The boat rolled badly. 船摇晃得很厉害。 Ships sent messages to each other by radio. 船只使用无线电互通信息。 The window rattled in the wind. 窗户在风中嘎嘎作响。 The bed was right enough but the food was terrible. 床铺还令人满意,可是伙食太差。 The boss is being in royal spirits right now. 此刻,老板情绪极好。 The bank is a ten minutes' run from the hotel. 从旅馆到银行跑步需十分钟。 The former Russian satellites now turn to the West for help. 从前俄国的卫星国现在转向西方要求援助。 Bisons used to roam through the American Great Plains, but most of them were slaughtered by hunters. 从前野牛在美国大平原上漫游,但是大多数都被猎人屠杀了。 His radiant face told us of his happiness. 从他容光焕发的脸上,我们看出他很幸福快乐。 The villagers rose against the aggressors. 村民们起来和侵略者战斗。 The people of the village took revenge on the thieves by beating them with sticks. 村子里的人们用棍棒打窃贼报复。 Wrongs should be righted. 错误应该纠正。 Agreement did not seem remotely possible at the time. 达成协议的可能性当时显得微乎其微。 Playing tennis is one of his greatest satisfactions. 打网球是他最大的乐趣之一。 Most fruits are eaten raw. 大部分的水果是生吃的。 Most Indians live on reservations established by the Federal Government. 大部分印第安人生活在联邦政府建立的保留地上。 Most tropical areas have rainy and dry seasons. 大多数热带地区有雨季和旱季。 Most of the Asians live on rice. 大多数亚洲人以稻米为主食。 Big earrings are the rage now. 大耳环是现在流行的东西。 Big earrings are the rage now. 大耳环是现在流行的东西。 The fire reduced the paintings to ashes. 大火将这些画作烧成了灰烬。 The fire raged. 大火熊熊燃烧。 The fire raged. 大火熊熊燃烧。 The ambassador was recalled. 大使被召回。 The ambassador radioed an urgent message to his government. 大使急电他的政府。 Laughter rippled through the hall. 大厅里荡漾着笑声。 The hall resounded with laughter and whistles. 大厅里回荡着笑声和口哨声。 The heavy rain ruined our holiday. 大雨把我们的假期彻底搞毁了。 The heavy rain retarded our progress. 大雨妨碍了我们的进展。 Heavy rains were responsible for the shortage of vegetables. 大雨是蔬菜短缺的原因。 Give my respects to your parents. 代我向你的父母亲致意。 Denny regarded his uncle with wide eyes. 丹尼睁大双眼凝视他的伯伯。 Tennyson's work was mostly in rhyme. 但尼生的诗大都是押韵的。 We were unable to salvage anything when the factory burnt down. 当工厂烧毁时,我们没有能抢救出任何东西。 Books are her resort when she is lonely. 当她寂寞的时候就看书解闷。 The authorities often requisition land for highways. 当局常因筑路之需而徵用土地。 When hot weather comes there will be a renewal of interest in swimming. 当热天来临时,人们又会对游泳发生兴趣。 The rod bent as he pulled in the fish. 当他把鱼拉上来时,鱼竿都弯了。 There was a tinge of sadness in his tone as he mentioned the name. 当他提到这个名字时,语气有点悲伤。 They stood respectfully when he entered the room. 当他走进房间时,他们都恭恭敬敬地站着。 I knew I was in trouble when I was taken to the garage with a rod. 当我被人拿着棍棒赶到车库时,我知道我惹下麻烦了。 My feeling for him underwent a revulsion when I discovered his cruelty. 当我发现他的残忍时,对他的感情起了剧变。 When I asked him to pay me what he owed, he went purple with rage. 当我向他讨债时,他愤怒得脸色发紫。 When I asked him to pay me what he owed, he went purple with rage. 当我向他讨债时,他愤怒得脸色发紫。 I knew the lady was referring to Bill when she spoke of a bright young lad. 当这位太太说起一个聪明小伙子时,我知道她指的是比尔。 Drive the automobile in reverse until you get out of the alley. 倒开汽车直到你开出这条巷子。 Silence reigned everywhere. 到处一片寂静。 Remember to write us when you get there. 到了那儿别忘了给我们写信。 Rice is an important food crop. 稻是重要的粮食作物。 Dick recalls having been in Paris to study music when he was a child. 狄克忆起小时候曾经到巴黎学音乐。 The enemy was in full rout. 敌人溃不成军。 The enemy retreated after heavy losses. 敌人在重创之后撤退了。 The earth rotates from west to east. 地球从西向东旋转。 The annual revolution of the earth round the sun causes the revolution of the seasons. 地球每年绕太阳公转而形成四季循环。 One revolution of the earth around the sun takes a year. 地球绕太阳运行一周需一年时间。 The earth revolves round the sun. 地球绕着太阳转。 The earth is round. 地球是圆的。 The earthquake rocked the houses. 地震震动房屋。 The England of the last few years before World War I is gone beyond recall. 第一次世界大战前最后几年中的那个英国社会是再也无法挽回了。 Electric lights have replaced candles. 电灯已经取代了蜡烛。 The violence in the movie revolted me. 电影中的暴力使我反感。 The salesclerks and the teachers got pay rises of 6% and 9% respectively. 店员和教师的工资分别增加百分之六和百分之九。 The fishing line was hopelessly snarled on the reel. 钓丝缠到绕线轮上,乱得理不出来。 The Board of Directors was concerned at the drop in the company's revenues. 董事会对公司总收入的减少甚为关注。 The board rejected all our ideas. 董事会拒绝了我们的所有想法。 The directors railroaded their chairman into a decision. 董事们迫使董事长仓促作出决定。 Animals can reproduce their own kind. 动物能够繁殖同类。 Drug traffickers refuged in these border areas. 毒品贩子在这些边界地区躲避。 Reading is a great resource. 读书是一种极好的消遣。 Reading good books helps to refine our speech. 读一些好书有助于使我们的言谈更优雅。 Hunger gives relish to simple food. 肚子饿时吃什么都香。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司