翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 There was no tolerance for anyone who broke ranks. 对溃逃者决不宽容。 His new book got mixed reviews. 对他的新书的评论毁誉参半。 Rightly or wrongly, I think the man should not be punished. 对也好,错也好,我以为这个人不应该受处罚。 I have nothing to say in reply to your question. 对于你的问题,我没有什么好回答的。 What rotten weather! 多么恶劣的天气! Most people are right-handed. 多数人做事用右手。 Unkindness often reacts on the unkind person. 恶人往往有恶报。 The judge was robed in black. 法官穿着黑袍。 The judge relaxed the rules. 法官放宽了规则。 The court reversed its decision. 法庭撤销了原来的判决。 The court slapped a murder rap on him. 法庭当场以谋杀罪判他刑。 The court will reserve judgement. 法庭将延期判决。 The court ruled in her favor. 法庭判她胜诉。 The court recessed for the weekend. 法庭周末休庭。 The landlord raised my rent. 房东提高了我的租金。 Rent is one form of revenue. 房租是一种收入。 The students are not in residence during the holidays. 放假期间学生不住校。 Release the dog. He has been chained up for hours. 放开这条狗。它已被拴了好几小时了。 The wind rustled the leaves. 风吹得树叶沙沙作响。 The wind raved through the mountains. 风呼啸着掠过群山。 Buddhism is the religion founded by Buddha in North India. 佛教是佛陀创始于印度北部之宗教。 You can't apply for the job until you have satisfied certain conditions. 符合某些条件前,你不能申请这个工作。 We should stop it the minute the rot sets in. 腐败一产生,我们就应立即制止住。 Parents often make sacrifices for their children. 父母亲常常为子女作出牺牲。 Father bought her a stereo radio. 父亲给他买了只立体声收音机。 Father raked the soil smooth for a seed-bed. 父亲耙平土壤做播种床。 Father will raise the roof when he hears what you've done. 父亲要是知道你所做的事一定会大发雷霆。 Pay the bill and ask the grocer to receipt it. 付帐之后请食品杂货商注明收讫。 There was a small and not very sanitary inn nearby. 附近有一家不那么卫生的小客栈。 The disease isn't proving responsive to treatment. 该病对治疗没有反应。 Seventy men at the factory were made redundant. 该厂有七十人作为冗员被裁。 Sickness was rampant in the area. 该地区疾病蔓延。 Extraordinary degrees of realism are reached in the film. 该电影所达到的真实性非同凡响。 The store has an excellent reputation for fair dealing. 该店买卖公平,声誉极佳。 The prisoner's plea for pardon was rejected. 该犯的赦免请求被驳回了。 The company sells new cars with a wide range of prices. 该公司销售价格差异很大的各种新车子。 The nation was unable to resist the invasion. 该国无力抵抗侵略。 The plan has now been dropped, with little hope of resurrection. 该计划现已被搁置,不大可能重新启用。 The plan was rejected. 该计划遭拒绝。 Membership of the club is restricted to men only. 该俱乐部的成员仅限于男士。 The film is scheduled for release next month. 该片定于下月发行。 The population of the city has risen to five million. 该市人口已增加到五百万。 His life and career are brilliantly recaptured in the book. 该书出色地再现了他的生活和事业。 The library is richly equipped with books. 该图书馆藏书颇丰。 The grant has been repealed. 该项补助金已被取消。 Resort to force is forbidden in this school. 该学校禁止动武。 There's no royal road to success in this trade. 干这一行想成功是没有捷径的。 Superior courts may review decisions of lower courts. 高等法院可以复审下级法院的判决。 Columbus reported back that he had discovered a new continent. 哥伦布报告说他发现了新大陆。 The dove represents peace. 鸽子象徵和平。 All sorts of people found shelter under his roof. 各式各样的人在他的家找到栖息之所。 Fill your radiator with water, or your engine will overheat. 给你的散热器充水,否则引擎会过热。 More reinforcements were on the way. 更多的增援部队正在来到。 The project was completed in record time. 工程在从未有过的短时间内完成了。 After a week's work I like to retreat to the country to relax. 工作一周之后,我喜欢躲到乡下松弛一下。 have a brief respite from one's work 工作之余稍作休息 The bus got out of control and ran into a wall. 公车失去控制,撞上了墙。 Rivalry among business firms grew more intense. 公司间的竞争趋于激烈。 The firm's top man refined on his management style. 公司总裁对管理作风作了精微的改进。 476AD saw the ruin of Roman Empire. 公元四七六年罗马帝国灭亡。 Supply is relative to demand. 供应是按需求而定的。 The dog roused a deer from the bushes. 狗从灌木丛中赶出一头鹿来。 The ancient Greeks sacrificed lambs or calves before engaging in battle. 古希腊人参战前都要献祭羔羊或牛犊。 The drums rolled. 鼓声隆隆。 I have a lot to say in relation to that affair. 关于那件事,我有好多话要说。 In regard to his suggestions we shall discuss them fully. 关于他的建议,我们将充分地讨论。 I have reasoned with him as to his conduct. 关于他的行为我已规劝过他了。 He knew nothing regarding the case. 关于这个案子他一无所知。 A ripple of laughter went through the audience. 观众中响起一阵轻轻的笑声。 Official documents are written in formal register. 官方文件是以正式语体写成的。 Keeping house is my responsibility. 管家是我的事。 The king sought to expand his realm. 国王谋求扩大领土。 Teachers in schools have been rubbished for the last ten years. 过去十年学校教师一直受抨击。 The shabby houses used to range along the road. 过去这路边破败的房子排成行。 Harry has completely reformed. 哈里已完全弃恶从善了。 Hamlet was poorly rendered by him. 哈姆雷特被他演糟了。 Hamlet revenged himself on his father's murderer. 哈姆雷特向谋杀他父亲的凶手报仇。 The children were led to a place of safety. 孩子们被带到一个安全的地方。 The children have a great resemblance to their parents. 孩子们和他们的父母亲十分相像。 The boys remained in safety. 孩子们很安全。 The children learned about the relationship between the moon and the tides. 孩子们弄懂了月球与潮汐的关系。 Children tend to react against their parents by going against their wishes. 孩子们通常以违背父母的意愿来反抗他们。 The children rehearsed all the happenings of the day to their father. 孩子们向他们的父亲讲述了一天中的全部事情。 The children rattled away merrily. 孩子们兴高采烈地哇啦哇啦讲个不停。 The child is running a temperature. 孩子在发烧。 The sea rakes against the shore. 海浪冲刷海岸。 Good boys don't sauce their parents. 好孩子不会对父母无礼的。 Have a glass of beer to rinse your dinner down. 喝杯啤酒把你吃的晚饭冲下去。 A little whisky may revive him. 喝点威士忌酒也许能使他苏醒。 This glass of iced tea will refresh you. 喝下这杯冰茶你会感到清凉。 I'm willing to do anything in reason. 合情合理的事我都愿意做。 The river was beginning to run dry. 河水开始乾涸起来。 The brown hills were relieved by patches of green. 褐色的山上点缀着一片片的绿色植物就不显得单调了。 There was no sale for black and white TV sets. 黑白电视机没有销路。 I regret to say that I am unable to help you. 很抱歉,我爱莫能助。 Much to my regret, I must leave you now. 很抱歉,我现在得走了。 Many villages were razed to the ground. 很多村子被夷为平地。 A lot of the cost of maintenance went into renewing brakes. 很多的维修费用都花在了更换煞车方面。 Many countries have a republican form of government. 很多国家采用共和政体。 Many refugees came from Europe to America. 很多难民从欧洲来到美国。 Many trees were twisted by the rack of the storms. 很多树被风暴摧折。 I'm glad to see you home safe and sound. 很高兴见到你平安归来。 It is regrettable that the driver didn't see the stop sign. 很遗憾司机没看见停车标志。 Thermostats can be used to regulate the temperature of a room. 恒温器可用来调节室内温度。 The stars are radiators of vast power. 恒星是巨大能量的辐射体。 Torrents of water came rushing down from the mountains. 洪水从山里倾泻下来。 The monkey reached out a hand through the bars and took the banana. 猴子从栏杆伸出手拿走了香蕉。 The lake rippled gently. 湖水轻轻地起着涟漪。 The tiger is a common representative of the cat family. 虎是一种普通的猫科动物。 The expense bears no relation to the results. 花费与成果极不相称。 Twenty houses are on my paper route. 划给我的送报地区有二十幢房子。 Hostile shouts saluted their ears. 怀有敌意的喊叫声传入他们耳中。 Bad weather is responsible for the poor crop. 坏天气是收成不好的原因。 The decision remains with the general manager. 还得由总经理作决定。 There is still room for improvement. 还有改进的余地。 Refreshments will be served after the meeting. 会后有茶点供应。 The treasurer rendered an account of all the money spent. 会计呈递了一份开支的清单。 The interview resolved itself into a pleasant chat. 会见变成了愉快的闲聊。 The chairman rapped the delegate for naming names. 会议主席苛责该代表,批评他指名道姓攻击别人。 Mrs. Whitman rests with her husband. 惠特曼太太与先生长眠一处。 Hundreds of people were injured when the train went off the rails. 火车出轨时,数百人受伤。 The train rocketed by. 火车飞驰而过。 The hungry children made a raid on the pantry. 饥饿的孩子把食品柜洗劫一空。 The captain radioed ahead to the airport. 机长用无线电提前通知了机场。 The machine is at rest. 机器没有开动。 The machine is in good repair. 机器维修良好。 There was a great deal of rank and file supporting for the strike. 基层非常支持这次罢工。 Christians eat bread and drink wine in remembrance of Jesus. 基督徒以吃面包喝酒纪念耶稣。 The disease is spreading, and all children under 5 are at risk. 疾病正在蔓延,所有五岁以下的小孩都有被传染的危险。 The taxi-driver raced me to the airport. 计程车司机驾车将我飞速送到机场。 The seasons follow each other in rotation. 季节循环交替。 The racks were crowded with new clothes. 架子上挂满了新衣服。 The builder recurred to the matter of the cost of remodeling our house. 建筑商重新提起改建我们房子的费用问题。 A healthy body resists disease. 健康的身体能抵御疾病。 Respecting the fact that the accused was a minor, the charges were dropped. 鉴于被告尚未成年这一事实,免于起诉。 The great river rolled on. 江水滔滔地往前流。 Give the plate a final rinse in cold water. 将餐具放在冷水里最后冲洗一次。 The general resigned his commission. 将军辞去了他的职务。 A review of the troops will be held during the general's visit. 将军访问期间要举行阅兵式。 The general decided to retire his troops from action. 将军决定将他的部队撤出战斗。 The general reinforced the fort with more troops. 将军派更多的军队增援要塞。 Putting an acid and a metal together causes a reaction. 将酸和金属放在一起会引起反应。 The rowers lost their rhythm and the boat lost speed. 桨手们划桨的节奏乱了,赛艇因此慢了下来。 Alternating current reverses from negative to positive about 60 times a second. 交流电由负到正一秒钟大约变换六十次。 Tell him to catch the ponies and saddle up. 叫他牵住小马并套上马鞍。 The church would not sanction his second marriage. 教会不会认可他的第二次婚姻。 The coach's confidence reassured the whole team. 教练的信念使全体队员又有了信心。 The teacher remonstrated with the boy about his low grades. 教师告诫男孩,说他的分数太低了。 The professor paid a return visit to his American colleague. 教授回访了美国同事。 The relief driver has got here. 接班的司机已经到了。 It has snowed for three days running. 接连下了三天雪了。 Reception improved because of the new antenna. 接受效果因有新天线而得到改善。 She then looked at the reverse side of the coin. 接着她看了看钱币的反面。 Next he sampled the red wine. 接着他又品尝了红葡萄酒。 She ranked her students according to their grades. 她按成绩排列学生的名次。 She ran the car off the road. 她把车开离了道路。 She resigned her children to the care of her sister. 她把孩子交给她妹妹照管。 She removed the painting to another wall. 她把画搬到另一面墙上。 She reclined her head on my shoulder. 她把头靠在我的肩上。 She repeated what I had told her. 她把我对她说的话讲给别人听了。 She was interrogated without respite for twenty-four hours. 她被不间断地审问了二十四小时。 She was making rings round the other girls. 她比其他女孩子做得快而好。 She showed reluctance to cooperate with us. 她表示不愿与我们合作。 She flew into a rage. 她勃然大怒。 She flew into a rage. 她勃然大怒。 She could not reconcile herself to failure. 她不甘心于失败。 She was not beautiful; she did not resemble her mother. 她不漂亮;她不像她的母亲。 She was reluctant to give her money away. 她不愿意把钱送给别人。 She repented of her sins. 她忏悔自己的罪孽。 She often rebuked him for carelessness. 她常常指责他粗心大意。 She reversed her views. 她彻底改变了看法。 She wore a ruffled white blouse. 她穿一件打褶的白短上衣。 She looks round in this dress. 她穿着这身衣服显得很丰满。 She was right in her answer. 她答对了。 She replied that she was happy to accept our invitation. 她答覆说她很高兴接受我们的邀请。 Her wish to become a movie star was finally realized. 她当电影明星的愿望终于实现了。 She was then ruler of Egypt. 她当时是埃及的统治者。 She made a stouter resistance than the thief had anticipated. 她的抵抗比强盗预料的要强。 Her blouse ripped. 她的短上衣撕裂了。 Her prizewinning novel is a good read. 她的获奖小说是部精彩的读物。 Her resolute refusal came as a surprise. 她的坚决拒绝令人感到意外。 Her repulse was quite unexpected. 她的拒绝是完全出人意料的。 Her dress was adorned with ruffles. 她的连衫裙用褶边装饰。 Her trunk reposed on the carpet. 她的旅行箱放在地毯上。 He was ravished by her beauty. 她的美貌令他销魂。 She ripped her skirt on a nail. 她的裙子被钉子划破了。 Her hands were rough with work. 她的双手因工作而变得粗糙。 Her hair hung to her shoulders in soft ripples. 她的头发呈飘柔波浪式披悬到肩。 Her brothers poured ridicule on her boyfriend. 她的兄弟嘲弄她的男友。 Her eyes rounded with excitement. 她的眼睛因兴奋而睁得滚圆。 Her eyes were full of sadness. 她的眼神里充满了悲哀。 Her remarks satisfied his doubts. 她的一番话消除了他的疑虑。 Her mouth seemed always to be smiling, even in repose. 她的嘴角似乎总是挂着微笑,即使在睡眠时也是这样。 She is still very sad over the death of her aunt. 她对姑妈的死至今仍悲伤不已。 Her description of the meeting is an exact reproduction of the reunion. 她对会面的描述是这次团聚的真实再现。 She turned away in revolt from the nasty old man. 她对那下流的老头感到恶心,便转过脸去。 She had no remorse about what she had said. 她对所说的话不后悔。 She was astonished at the look of reproach on his face. 她对他脸上露出的责备的神色感到惊讶。 She is tired of the racket of modern life. 她对现代生活中的社交应酬已经厌烦了。 She has a sane attitude towards diving and never goes too fast. 她对于跳水的态度很明智,从不操之过急。 How did she react to the news? 她对这个消息反应如何? What is her reading of the facts? 她对这些事实是怎么看的? She retains a clear memory of her school days. 她对自己的学生时代有着清晰的记忆。 She raved in her fever. 她发高烧,胡言乱语。 She retorted upon me, saying I was to blame. 她反驳说我才该受到责备。 She retorted that it was all his fault. 她反驳说这全是他的错。 She raced to the phone. 她飞快地跑向电话。 She sewed up the rip in his sleeve. 她缝好了他衣袖上的裂口。 She's just been laid to rest in the same place as her husband. 她刚与她丈夫葬在一处。 She gave her children a first-rate education. 她给她的孩子一流的教育。 Tears ran down her cheeks as she told us about her sufferings. 她给我们讲她的苦难遭遇时,眼泪顺着面颊流了下来。 She and I can't live under the same roof. 她跟我没法待在一起。 She's different from the common run of students. 她跟一般学生不同。 She read extensively to keep her mind from rust. 她广泛阅读以防止脑子迟钝。 She rendered back his money. 她归还了他的钱。 She told me all about it without reserve. 她毫不保留地告诉我有关这件事的一切。 She told me without restraint all about her married life. 她毫不拘束地向我详述她婚后的生活。 She doesn't relate well to her peers. 她和同辈处不来。 She made a quick recovery from her illness. 她很快病愈。 She learned embroidery with readiness. 她很快学会了刺绣。 She learned embroidery with readiness. 她很快学会了刺绣。 She took pleasure in reciting the list of scenic spots around the town. 她很乐意地历数该镇周围的风景点。 She suggested it in a very roundabout way. 她很婉转地提出了这个建议。 She was lucky to find a job in radio. 她很幸运在广播电台找到了一份工作。 She regards her teacher highly. 她很尊重她的老师。 She has romantic notions about becoming a famous actress. 她幻想成为一个名演员。 She waved in salute. 她挥手致意。 She ran up a large bill. 她积欠了一大笔帐。 She ruffled the pages of the book, searching for answers. 她急速翻阅书页,查找答案。 She rhymes "love" with "dove". 她将"love"与"dove"两字押韵。 She replaced the receiver. 她将听筒放了回去。 She had the sauce to say she'd never go there again. 她竟然放肆地说她再也不去那儿了。 She rolled up her sleeves and began to prepare for supper. 她卷起袖子开始准备晚餐。 She resolved that she would never speak to him again. 她决心不再和他说话。 She read his thoughts. 她看出了他的心思。 She saw he had removed his glasses. 她看到他摘下了他的眼镜。 She was able to rub along by giving English lessons. 她靠教英文勉强维持生活。 She has a ready tongue. 她口齿伶俐。 She coldly repulsed him. 她冷冷地拒绝了他。 She rapped out the words. 她厉声说出了这些话。 She bought a remnant of silk at a bargain. 她廉价购得一块零头丝布。 Her face registered surprise. 她脸上露出了惊异之色。 She rambled on about her children. 她没完没了地谈她孩子的事。 She failed to report for duty on the date indicated. 她没有在指定日期报到上班。 She takes her dog for a range every afternoon. 她每天下午牵着狗闲逛。 She took up some scissors and a reel of white string. 她拿起几把剪刀和一轴白线。 She picked up the receiver and dialed the number. 她拿起听筒,拨了号码。 She picked up the receiver and dialed the number. 她拿起听筒,拨了号码。 There is a reminiscence of her mother in the way she talks. 她那讲话的神态使人联想起她的母亲。 She rarely visits her aunt. 她难得去看望姨妈。 Her anger was beyond restraint. 她怒不可遏。 She threw a kiss as a salutation. 她抛飞吻致意。 She left the house at a run. 她跑着离开房子。 She expected to achieve the requisite two-thirds majority for nomination. 她期望得到获得提名所必需的三分之二多数。 She rode home on her bicycle. 她骑脚踏车回家。 She was rending her hair out in anger. 她气愤得直扯自己的头发。 She recalled her promise. 她取消了约言。 She went to the hairdressing salon and had a new hair-do. 她去美发厅重新做了头发。 She was without money and with no real roof over her head. 她身无分文,也无家可归。 She revels in tennis. 她沉迷于网球。 She has a shy, retired nature. 她生性怕羞、怯生。 Angrily she ripped the letter up. 她盛怒之下把信撕成碎片。 She is very reserved. 她十分含蓄。 She did not return home till eleven o'clock. 她十一点钟才回家。 She is the club's representative at the convention. 她是该俱乐部派来参加会议的代表。 She is one of the recipients of prizes. 她是获奖者之一。 She is the right person for the position. 她是那个职位的合适人选。 She is my child, and I am responsible for her. 她是我的孩子,我对她负责。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司