翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 She was a resolute woman. 她是一个果敢的女人。 She was a shy, retiring girl. 她是一个怕羞腼腆的女孩子。 She was a silent girl, cool and remote. 她是一个沉默寡言的女孩,对人冷漠而孤傲。 She ripped the letter open. 她撕开信封。 All she said was a riddle to me. 她所说的一切对我来说是一个谜。 She reached up and picked a pear off a branch. 她抬起手从一根枝上摘下一颗梨。 She has a refined way of speaking. 她谈吐优雅。 She lay on the bank, listening to the ripple of the stream. 她躺在河岸上,听着小河的潺潺流水声。 She heard a rustle in the bushes. 她听到灌木丛中一阵 声。 Her calm reception of the bad news surprised her friends. 她听到坏消息镇定自若,令她的朋友们惊奇。 She went into raptures at the news. 她听到这消息欣喜若狂。 She listened to the pop music on the radio. 她听电台的流行音乐。 She laughed in response to his jokes. 她听了他的笑话大笑。 She relaxed her mind by listening to music. 她听听音乐使大脑得到休息。 She took to painting after retirement. 她退休后爱上绘画。 She retired to the country. 她退隐到乡下去了。 She absolutely sailed through her exams. 她完全轻而易举地通过了考试。 She simply radiated confidence. 她完全是一副信心十足的样子。 The reason that she did it is still a mystery. 或 The reason why she did it is still a mystery. 她为什么做那件事仍是一个谜。 She liked to read romances. 她喜欢读传奇故事。 She read out the letter to all of us. 她向我们大家宣读了这封信。 She had a return of the heart attacks. 她心脏病又发作了。 She repressed her desire to mention his name. 她压制住自己没有提他的名字。 She had suffered from rheumatism all her life. 她一辈子受风湿病之苦。 As soon as she learns the office routine she will be an excellent assistant. 她一旦熟悉了办公室的日常事务,就会成为一名优秀的助手。 She answers readily when called on. 她一叫到就会马上作出回答。 She raved about her child's intelligence. 她一片痴心地谈她孩子如何聪明。 The thought of the way she had been treated made her rage. 她一想到她所受的待遇就生气。 The thought of the way she had been treated made her rage. 她一想到她所受的待遇就生气。 She's been racketing around among the nabobs. 她一直与大富翁为伴,过着花天酒地的生活。 She has recovered her health. 她已恢复了健康。 She is British by right of marriage. 她因结婚而成为英国人。 She sauced the beef with pepper. 她用胡椒给牛肉调味。 She offered me tea in her best cup and saucer. 她用她最好的茶杯和茶碟请我用茶。 She rapped him over the knuckles with her fan. 她用扇子打他的手指关节。 Has she responded to your letter? 她有没有回过你的信? Her attempts to reunite with her father may end very unhappily. 她与父亲团聚的尝试有可能产生非常不幸的结局。 She doesn't relate well to her mother. 她与她母亲相处不很和睦。 She's doing cancer research. 她在从事癌症研究。 She holds a very responsible position within the company. 她在公司的责任重大。 She remitted her efforts after the mid-term test. 她在期中考试以后放松了努力。 She played the leading role in the school play. 她在学校的戏里扮演主角。 She taught in a remote village. 她曾在一个偏僻的村庄里教书。 All her luggage was in readiness for the trip. 她这次旅行的行李已准备就绪。 Did she really say that? 她真的那么说了? She remained silent all night. 她整个晚上沉默不语。 She remained in her office all afternoon. 她整个下午没有离开办公室。 The reason for her absence was that she was ill. 她之所以缺席是因为她病了。 She lived in many places, but she says nothing can rival the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. 她住过许多地方,但是她说洛基山的美无与伦比。 She lived in a roomy house. 她住在一间宽敞的房子里。 She will tell you when she gets ready. 她准备好了会告诉你的。 She listened with rapture to the sweet music. 她着迷地听着那美妙的音乐。 We've had two retirements in our office this year. 今年我们办公室已有二人退休。 Our firm is likely to reap a big profit this year. 今年我们公司很可能获得巨额利润。 Our club has recruited 30 new members this year. 今年我们俱乐部吸收了三十名新会员。 It's really cold today. 今天很冷。 There was another rainfall early this morning. 今天清晨又下了一场雨。 I've got to pay my rent this morning. 今天上午我必须付房租。 It is a raw winter day today. 今天是一个湿冷的冬日。 The royals will go to the concert this evening. 今晚王室成员将出席音乐会。 A new movie is to be released tonight. 今晚要发行一部新电影。 Money is the root of all evil. 金钱是万恶之源。 Gold is a rare metal. 金子是贵重金属。 Despite their tough anti-American rhetoric, the government is privately trying to maintain good relations with the U.S.. 尽管他们发表强硬的反美言论,政府仍试图私下与美国保持良好关系。 For all its richness and all its progress, it is not an ideal society. 尽管它很富有,也很进步,但它不是一个理想的社会。 The ship riding close to shore will set sail tomorrow. 近岸停泊的那艘船将于明日起航。 Further investigation revealed that he was guilty. 进一步侦查显示他是有罪的。 After long reflection we decided to buy the house. 经过很长一段时间的慎重考虑,我们决定买下那所房子。 He gave her the job on her uncle's recommendation. 经她叔父介绍,他让她担任了这工作。 On reflection, we decided to change our plan. 经考虑后,我们决定改变计划。 The manager's office has removed to another building. 经理的办公室已搬到另外一幢大楼里。 Panic destroys rational thought. 惊慌摧毁理性思考。 The police roped off the playing field to keep back the crowd. 警察把比赛场地用绳子围起来,以防人群靠近。 The police exercised great restraint by not responding to the insulting remarks of the protesters. 警察对示威者的辱骂采取克制态度而未作任何反应。 The policeman recognized her as a pickpocket. 警察认出她是个扒手。 Why are the police looking for me? I smell a rat. 警察为什么在找我?我觉得事有蹊跷。 The policeman reprimanded the driver for turning without a signal. 警察训斥司机不打信号就拐弯。 The police raided the house and uncovered a cache of weapons. 警方突然搜查这幢房子,发现了秘藏的武器。 The police made a raid on the house looking for drugs. 警方突然搜查这幢房子,寻找毒品。 Over ninety countries ratified an agreement to ban the use of these chemicals. 九十多个国家批准了一项禁止使用这些化学品的协议。 The cool water refreshed him after his long sleep. 久睡之后,凉水使他又清醒起来。 Relief was flown to the flood-hit areas. 救济物品被空运到洪水泛滥区。 The life boat was sent out to rescue the sailors from the sinking ship. 救生船被派出去救沉船的水手。 Rescue was at hand. 救援近在咫尺。 Cardboard's cheaper than leather in the short run. 就短期来说硬纸板比皮革便宜。 Even the most reverend judges can make a bad decision. 就连最值得崇敬的法官也会判断失误。 She walks relatively fast for a child of three. 就一个三岁小孩而论,她算走得相当快了。 In this regard, the child may be thought of as having two homes. 就这一点而言,可以说这孩子有两个家。 The situation had rapidly deteriorated. 局势很快恶化了。 A large reward is offered for the capture of the criminals. 巨额悬赏捉拿这些罪犯。 It is reported that twenty men were killed in the clash. 据报导,在这次冲突中有二十人被打死。 He was reported to have made an important discovery. 据报导他有重要发现。 Two passengers were reported to be seriously injured. 据报导有两位旅客受重伤。 Rumor has it that the defence minister will soon resign. 据传闻,国防部长不久就要辞职。 It is rumored that she has committed suicide. 据传闻,她已自杀身亡。 He is reputed to be very wealthy. 据说他很有钱。 He was said to have salted away $4 million. 据说他已积蓄了四百万美元。 The hurricane ruined all the houses here. 飓风使这里所有的房屋成为废墟。 Each child will represent an animal at the party. 聚会时,每个孩子将扮演一种动物。 The army was called in to restore law and order to the place. 军队被召来恢复该地治安。 The army's retreat was orderly. 军队的撤退井然有序。 The army's task was the restoration of public order. 军队的任务是恢复社会秩序。 The army redoubled its attack. 军队进一步加强了攻势。 The officer rapped out an order. 军官厉声发出命令。 The officers exchanged salutes. 军官们互致敬礼。 The officer reined in his horse at a crossroads. 军官在十字路口勒住了马。 The military government repressed the striking workers. 军政府镇压了罢工的工人。 The truck rammed into a tree. 卡车撞上了一棵树。 The cards were ranged in alphabetical order. 卡片以字母顺序排列。 Before sailing, we recruited our provisions. 开船前,我们补充了给养。 He saw red when a truck dented his new car. 看到卡车撞到他的新车,他火冒三丈。 David thought he was going off the rails when he saw the scene. 看到那情景,大卫觉得自己快疯掉了。 After my examination I had a feeling of release. 考试之后,我感到如释重负。 Before the examinations we have a review of the term's work. 考试之前,我们复习一学期的功课。 The beef is roasting in the oven. 烤箱里正烤着牛肉。 Well, really! You needn't have said that. 咳,真是的!你当时实在没有必要那么说。 The guests raved about dinner. 客人们极力夸赞可口的饭菜。 The guests were assembled in the hall in readiness for the arrival of the important visitor. 客人们聚在大厅里,随时等待着那位重要来访者的光临。 Please accept my regrets at having to refuse. 恳辞,谨致歉意。 The terrorist attack rammed home the need for tighter security. 恐怖分子的袭击使人们充分认识到加强安全措施的必要性。 The terrorists retaliated by killing three policemen. 恐怖分子以杀死三名警察相报复。 I'm afraid we've been taken for a ride. 恐怕我们受骗了。 The wind is in a rage. 狂风肆虐。 The wind is in a rage. 狂风肆虐。 The revels broke up at midnight. 狂欢活动于午夜结束。 The River Rhine rises in Switzerland. 莱茵河发源于瑞士。 Fatigue brought on dark rings under her eyes. 劳累使她眼睛下部出现了黑圈。 The boss didn't make any reference to his former employer. 老板没有提及他以前的雇主。 The teacher had to reconcile disputes among her pupils. 老师不得不调解她学生中的纠纷。 The teacher had no relish for his jokes. 老师对他的笑话不感兴趣。 The teacher told the children to stand in a row. 老师叫孩子们站成一排。 The teacher called on me to recite. 老师叫我背课文。 The teacher asked him to repeat what he had said. 老师要他重复他所讲的话。 The teacher reproved the pupil for being late. 老师责备学生迟到。 Rats carry very nasty diseases. 老鼠传播讨厌的疾病。 The band are playing this song by request of the Queen. 乐队应女王的要求演奏这首歌。 Mr. Reed receives on Thursday afternoons. 里得先生星期四下午接见客人。 Inside, there is a high rostrum for preaching. 里面有一个高高的布道讲坛。 History is a reservoir of human experience. 历史是人类经历的总汇。 History seems to be repeating itself. 历史似乎一再重演。 The company commander ranked his soldiers in a column four deep. 连长将士兵们排成四列纵队。 The UN imposed economic sanctions against Iraq. 联合国对伊拉克实施经济制裁。 Two women and a man came into the room -- the man brought up the rear. 两女一男进房间了,那男的走在最后。 It was a bit of a rush to get the job done in two hours. 两小时内完成这项工作是有点匆忙。 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. 流泪撒种的必欢呼收割。 Fashion is a racket to sell clothes. 流行服饰是推销服装的一种鬼把戏。 A six-year lay-off has not rusted his skills. 六年的待业并未使他的技术荒疏。 The roll of thunder was deafening. 隆隆的雷声震耳欲聋。 How long will the recording of the song take? 录下这首歌得花多少时间? The deer gazed at its reflection in the forest pool. 鹿凝视着它倒映在森林水池里的影子。 The wheels went round and round. 轮盘旋转个不停。 Laura was one of his regular customers. 罗拉是他的老顾客之一。 It stands to reason that L.A. will soon have a major earthquake. 洛杉矶很快会有大地震是很合情理的。 Martin had a rough manner. 马丁举止粗野。 Martin refused to discuss the matter. 马丁拒绝讨论此事。 The Marx brothers were famous for their comedy routine. 马克斯兄弟因表演一套喜剧剧目而出名。 Mr. March held a responsible position. 马奇先生担任过要职。 The horse kicked him in the rear. 马蹄踢在他的屁股上。 Mary is not ready for a new relationship yet. 玛莉对进入新的恋爱关系还没有准备。 Mary pulled her left rudder string. 玛丽拉了拉控制左舵的绳子。 Mary could repeat many poems from memory. 玛丽能背诵许多诗歌。 Mary's out on the racket as usual. 玛丽像往常一样外出寻乐去了。 A cat relishes cream. 猫爱吃奶油。 The cat went ratting. 猫去捉老鼠了。 The cat rubbed its back against my leg. 猫用背擦我的腿。 Without patriotism the nation will rot. 没有爱国精神,国家就要腐败。 No register of his death was found. 没有查到他的死亡记录。 No one showed the least regard for his feelings. 没有人关心他的感受。 There is no sanction for autocracy. 没有人赞成独裁统治。 There isn't enough cake to go round. 没有足够的蛋糕分给每人吃。 There isn't enough room for all the furniture. 没有足够的地方放置全部家俱。 After each quarrel the children are soon reconciled. 每次吵架之后孩子们很快就会和好。 Whenever anyone teased Joe about his weight, he saw red. 每当有人对他的体重开玩笑时,乔就勃然发怒。 Everyone likes the stranger, but in reality he is a criminal. 每个人都喜欢这位陌生人,其实他却是个罪犯。 The American Revolution took place during the reign of George III. 美国独立战争发生在英王乔治三世统治时期。 The American Revolution gave independence to the Colonies. 美国独立战争使十三个州得到了独立。 America recruited her population with new settlers from Europe. 美国通过欧洲新移民增加人口。 It's hard to recover lost time. 弥补失去的时间并不容易。 There will be a rise in unemployment next year. 明年失业人数将会增加。 The motorcyclists rammed down the highway. 摩托车手们沿着公路飞驰而去。 The rehearsal of your answers to the most difficult quesitons would be helpful in your doctoral defense. 默述最棘手问题的答案对你的博士论文答辩会很有帮助。 The hen's feathers ruffled at the sight of a dog. 母鸡一见到狗就羽毛直竖。 The mother wiped the rim of milk from the child's lips. 母亲擦去孩子嘴唇上沾着的一圈奶。 Mom has been on the run all week preparing for Tom's wedding. 母亲为准备汤姆的婚礼已经马不停蹄忙了整整一星期。 Mother reproached me for being too clumsy. 母亲责备我笨手笨脚。 The wood was rotten. 木头烂了。 The flu is rife. 目前流行性感冒蔓延。 A revision of that dictionary has been published. 那本词典的修订本已经出版。 Have you returned the novel to the library? 那本小说你还给图书馆了吗? A reel of the movie is missing. 那部电影的一盘胶带找不到了。 That book is a satire on the administration of justice. 那部作品是对司法工作的讽刺。 The TV play was based on real life. 那出电视剧是根据现实生活写成的。 That happened in the remote past. 那发生在久远的过去。 The cancer victim was reduced to skin and bones. 那个癌症患者瘦得皮包骨。 The girl in red is his younger sister. 那个穿红衣服的女孩是他妹妹。 The unemployment rate is rising in that country. 那个国家的失业率正在上升。 That answer won't satisfy her. 那个回答不能令她满意。 The stranger peered with curiosity through the railings into the courtyard. 那个陌生人好奇地透过栅栏向庭院里窥视。 The old queen was held in great reverence. 那个年事已高的女皇极受敬重。 That rascal broke the window of my car. 那个无赖把我的车窗玻璃打碎了。 The little girl's eyes were red with weeping. 那个小女孩哭得两眼通红。 That note is in the upper register of this instrument. 那个音在该乐器的高音部。 The political defector was refuged in an embassy. 那个政治叛逃者被一大使馆接纳避难。 Those shirts are all the same size. 那几件衬衫都一样大小。 That hotel doesn't rate five stars at all. 那家旅馆根本够不上五星级。 The police revoked his driver's license. 那警察吊销了他的驾驶执照。 The saloon stays open all night. 那酒吧通宵营业。 That is why we are on the rack. 那就是我们痛苦的原因所在。 Most of the teachers there are recruited from abroad. 那里的大部分教师是从海外雇来的。 The car was sandwiched in between two trucks. 那辆车被两辆卡车夹在当中。 The truck rolled on at full speed. 那辆卡车全速向前奔驰。 The tramp reviled the man who drove him off. 那流浪汉谩骂将他赶走的人。 To ask $5000 for a small house like that is out of all reason. 那么小的一幢房子索价五千美元是没有道理的。 The girl is a reflection of her mother. 那女孩长得和她母亲一模一样。 The girl recoiled at seeing a dead mouse. 那女孩看到一只死老鼠直往后缩。 The woman walked along the roadside. 那女人沿着路边行走。 The atmosphere was reminiscent of spy movies. 那气氛使人联想起间谍电影。 The man's always running me down. 那人老是说我的坏话。 That's a rational decision. 那是个合理的决定。 That is a matter outside the reference. 那是委托权限之外的事情。 It is a risky undertaking. 那是一桩冒险的事情。 It was the coldest winter on record. 那是有史以来最冷的冬天。 The university is out to raid faculties from coast to coast. 那所大学要到全国各地去挖教授。 The woman kept a respectful silence. 那位妇人恭敬地保持着沉默。 The chemist has won worldwide recognition. 那位化学家赢得举世公认。 The general was given bravery ribbons. 那位将军被多次授于英勇勋带。 The overseas teacher rates with her Chinese colleagues. 那位外籍教师很受中国同事的欢迎。 The brave man risked his life in trying to save the child. 那位勇敢的人冒着生命危险试图救那孩子。 Those who have not bought insurance are now regretting. 那些没有买保险的人现在后悔了。 Those who had heard what he said questioned his sanity. 那些听到他的话的人都怀疑他的精神是否正常。 That choice reflects your good taste. 那选择反映了你的高雅品味。 The fried chicken is too salt. 那炸鸡太咸了。 That idea can be completely ruled out. 那种看法可以完全不必考虑。 That building was out of repair. 那幢大楼年久失修。 The boy saw a pony with a brand-new saddle over its back. 男孩看到背上有崭新鞍子的小马。 The boys were regaling on ice cream cones. 男孩们在美滋滋地大吃冰淇淋。 The boy refrained from tears. 男孩忍住没哭。 Did you reckon in the time needed for unloading the cargo? 你把卸货的时间算进去了吗? You must make reparation for the sorrow you have caused. 你必须对所造成的伤害予以补偿。 You must learn to rein in your temper. 你必须学会控制你的脾气。 You can't reckon on seeing him. 你不能指望见到他。 You shouldn't have cast reflections on my husband. 你不应该说我丈夫的坏话。 You don't know what a sap she is. 你不知道她有多笨。 You will have to remit this problem to a higher authority. 你得把这个问题提交给上一级。 You can't use these files without obtaining a release. 你得不到特许证就不能使用这些档案。 To what events did your remarks relate? 你的话指的是什么事? Your statement does not relate well with the facts. 你的说法与事实不太符合。 Your action seems several removes from reality. 你的行动似乎有些脱离实际。 Your glasses are right here on the table. 你的眼镜就在这儿桌子上。 Your compositions read well. 你的作文读起来很不错。 What do you think of the old saying: "Spare the rod, spoil the child."? 你对"孩子不打不成器"这句老话有什么看法? How do you rate our chances of success? 你估计我们成功的可能性有多大? You seldom regard my advice. 你很少考虑我的劝告。 Do you have any recall of that meeting? 你还记得那次会见吗? You will find a little stack of candles in reserve. 你会发现一小堆备用蜡烛。 Can you sail a boat? 你会驾船吗? Do you remember her telephone number? 你记得她的电话号码吗? You are talking absolute rot! 你讲的全是胡说! You can look up a character under its radical. 你可以根据部首查找汉字。 You can do it now or leave it till later; it's all the same to me. 你可以现在做或留待以后再做,对我来说都一样。 You may rely on me to help you. 你可以信赖我会帮助你的。 Do you get much rain? 你们那儿雨水多吗? Your silly letter casts a reflection on your common sense. 你那封愚蠢的信,使人认为你缺乏常识。 Can you save your rehearsal for later when we have more time? 你能不能把你的详述留到我们有更多时间的时候再说? Can you guess the answer to this riddle? 你能猜出这个谜吗? Can you relate what happened in your childhood to your present state of mind? 你能否把你童年时的遭遇同目前的心境相联起来? Are you satisfied that he is telling the truth? 你能否确信他是在讲实话吗? Could you recommend a Spanish reader to me? 你能给我推荐一本西班牙语读本吗? 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