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You must stand up for your rights. 你一定要维护自己的权利。 You should wait till the chairman recognizes you. 你应该等到主席准许后才能发言。 You should rally your courage. 你应该鼓起勇气。 You should repent and start anew. 你应悔过自新。 I regret that you see it like that. 你这样看待这件事,我很遗憾。 You can scarcely expect to escape reproof for such irresponsible behavior. 你这种不负责任的行为很难期望逃脱指责。 Do you know what the ruling price of gold is? 你知道黄金的时价吗? You'd better replenish the fire. 你最好给炉火再添些燃料。 You'd better give a sample of your ability or skill. 你最好用实例示范你的能力或技巧。 The bird ruffled up its feathers. 鸟儿竖起了羽毛。 The farmer raked the soybeans he was drying on the ground. 农夫把晒在地上的大豆耙拢。 The peasants' revolt was put down by the dictator's troops. 农民的反叛被独裁者的军队镇压了下去。 The farmers were busy reaping the rice in the field. 农民们忙着在田里割稻。 The peasants rose in rebellion against the corrupt officials. 农民们造贪官污吏的反。 Farmers rotate crops in the fields. 农民在耕地上轮栽农作物。 A coward is a reproach to an army. 懦夫是军队的耻辱。 Parker won last week's rally. 派克赢得了上周汽车竞赛会的冠军。 The rebellious troops ringed the airfield. 叛军包围了机场。 The runway has been cleared for take-off. 跑道已经过清除,可以起飞。 Mr. Paine made a request that I should help him. 佩恩先生要求我帮助他。 The small ration of rice could hardly satisfy his hunger. 配给他的一点点米并不能使他免除饥饿。 By criticizing her boss, she risked losing her job. 批评老板使她冒丢掉工作之险。 The tired girl reclined on the couch. 疲惫的姑娘躺在躺椅上。 Box-office receipts amounted to over a million. 票房收入超过了一百万。 Poverty reduced him to begging. 贫穷迫使他行乞。 The still water reflected the full moon. 平静的水面映出了满月。 The old wagon rattled down the road. 破旧的四轮运货马车喀嚓喀嚓地行进在路上。 When his wife left him, he resorted to drink. 妻子离去后,他借酒消愁。 The floor should be sanded before you paint it. 漆地板前应先磨光。 The knights rendered their swords to the victors. 骑士向胜利者交剑投降。 The flag ruffled in the breeze. 旗子在微风中飘动。 Everything seemed quite regular when the fire broke out. 起火的当时,一切似乎都很正常。 The automobile caused a revolution in our way of traveling. 汽车使旅行的方式发生了革命性的变化。 The car ripped along the highway. 汽车沿公路疾驰。 The car was going at the rate of 60 miles an hour. 汽车以每小时六十英里的速度行驶。 The auto-makers recalled a lot of cars that were unsafe. 汽车制造商召回许多不安全的车辆。 Gasoline is produced by the refinement of petroleum. 汽油是由石油经过提炼生产出来的。 The pencil is near the pile of roughs. 铅笔就在一叠草图旁。 The gun recoiled after being fired. 枪放后向后反冲。 The robbers escaped with the jewels. 强盗带着珠宝逃跑了。 The robbers rammed the gag in her mouth. 强盗用力将堵嘴物塞进她口中。 A strong household bleach might rot the fibers. 强力家用漂白剂可能会破坏衣物的纤维。 Judge Johnson recessed the trial. 强森法官宣布休庭。 Rescue workers were sent to relieve the trapped coal miners. 抢险人员被派去解救被困在井下的煤矿工人。 George Washington was a man of great resolve. 乔治·华盛顿是一个非常刚毅的人。 There was no rhyme or reason in Uncle George's job hunting. 乔治叔叔没头没脑地四处找工作。 Uncle George is always running down the government. 乔治叔叔总是诋毁政府。 Please don't rake up that old quarrel. 请别再提起那次的争吵。 Don't refer to this matter again, please. 请别再提这件事。 Please refrain from spitting on the sidewalk. 请不要在人行道上吐痰。 Please remember me to your father. 请代我向你父亲问候。 Give my remembrances to your father. 请代我向你父亲问候。 Please give my best regards to your parents. 请代我向您的双亲问好。 Please buy a roll of film for me. 请给我买一卷底片软片。 Please repeat the following sentence after me. 请跟我朗读下面这句子。 Repeat after me, please. 请跟我念。 Please put your cigarette ends into the receptacle provided. 请将烟蒂放入提供的盛器里。 Would you accept this as a little recompense for all the trouble you have taken? 请你收下这个,以作为对你辛苦的一点酬谢。 Please remit promptly by money order. 请速将款项用汇票汇来。 Invitations kept rolling in. 请帖不断地涌到。 The leaves slowly rusted in the fall. 秋天叶子慢慢变成红褐色了。 The prisoner was questioned before his release. 囚犯被释放之前受到了审问。 The ball rebounded off the wall. 球从墙壁弹回。 Tax revenues increased last year. 去年税收增加了。 Billy ran down my truck when he used it last summer. 去年夏天,比利用坏了我的卡车。 A rumble over inflation arose across the country. 全国到处抱怨通货膨胀。 Yet they did not dare to show their resentment. 然而他们不敢流露出他们的愤慨。 Get out of my way or I'll ride you down. 让开,否则我会把你撞倒。 Let us rejoice together on your success. 让我们共同庆祝你的成功。 Let's reason the matter out. 让我们推理出这问题的答案。 Let me reiterate that we have absolutely no plans to increase taxation. 让我再一次重申我们绝对没有增税的计划。 Hot coffee revived the cold, tired man. 热咖啡使这个又冷又累的人恢复了精力。 Human biological rhythms are related to the natural cycle of day and night. 人的生物节奏与昼夜的自然循环有关。 There has been a revival of interest in this composer's music. 人们对这位作曲家的音乐重又产生兴趣。 There is a strong demand to reform social abuses. 人们强烈要求革除社会弊端。 The people rebelled against the tyrant. 人民起来反抗暴君。 The people rose against their leaders. 人民起来反抗他们的首领。 The people revolted against their ruler. 人民起来反叛统治者。 The crowd roared their approval. 人群大声呼喊赞成。 Everybody says that my daughter bears a striking resemblance to me. 人人都说我女儿酷似我。 Everyone remarked loudly on his absence. 人人都在高声谈论他的缺席。 Fame is only one of the sauces of life. 人生有诸多乐趣,名望只是其中之一。 The world is racketing around at an ever madder pace. 人世喧嚣,节奏越来越快,简直令人发疯。 Any deformity frightened and repelled her. 任何畸形都使她害怕和反感。 We must not rush into anything without careful planning. 任何事情没有经过仔细筹划就不可贸然从事。 Any engineer worth his salt should know how that machine works. 任何一位称职的工程师都应该知道那台机器是如何操作的。 Japanese industry is making increasing use of robots. 日本工业正越来越多地利用机器人。 The Japanese yen rebounded against the dollar. 日元与美元的比价回升了。 If the enemy continue to resist, wipe them out. 如果敌人继续抵抗,就把他们消灭掉。 If you go into the cave without waiting for the guide, you do it at your own risk. 如果你不等向导来便走进洞去,后果由你自己负责。 If you want to be friends with her you'll have to make the running. 如果你想跟她交朋友,你就得主动些。 If you're late again, you'll get the sack. 如果你再迟到就会被解雇。 If you are late again, the boss will give you the sack. 如果你再迟到就会被老板解雇。 If you hit the child again, you'll have me to reckon with. 如果你再打孩子,我就要插手这事了。 If I remember correctly, your brother went to Canada ten years ago. 如果我记得不错的话,你兄弟十年前就到加拿大去了。 To the best of my recollection the Norman Conquest happened in 1066. 如果我没有记错,诺曼人征服英国是一零六六年的事。 If I can't get the money any other way, as a last resort I could borrow it from Dad. 如果我没有其他办法筹钱,最后的办法就是向父亲借。 It stands to reason that he won't go if we don't pay him. 如果我们不付钱给他他就不去,这是理所当然的。 We will give you the first refusal of the lot if we sell it. 如果我们卖这块地我们会给你优先购买权。 We'll have to be ruthless if we want to eliminate unnecessary waste. 如果我们要杜绝不必要的浪费,就得硬着心肠做。 If I thought a thing was right, I should do it, without regard to consequences. 如果我认为某一件事是对的,我就会不顾一切后果地去做。 If the shoes do not wear well the shop will refund the money. 如果鞋不经穿,商店将退还你钱。 Before falling asleep, she reviewed the day's happenings. 入睡以前,她回顾了一天所发生的事情。 Three thousand armed satellites escorted his steps. 三千名武装随从紧跟其后。 The monks conducted a retreat. 僧侣们闭关修行。 The insecticide was put out of the child's reach. 杀虫剂放在孩子拿不到的地方。 Sand is insoluble in water. 沙在水中是不溶解的。 The brakes have to be replaced. 煞车需要更换。 The stores rival each other in beautiful window displays. 商店在橱窗陈列方面互相比美。 The boss gave us a rush job. 上司派给我们一个紧急任务。 Official sanction has not yet been given. 尚未获得正式批准。 The major general ranks at this camp. 少将是这个营地的最高级军官。 A major ranks a captain. 少校军阶高于上尉。 The reporter was interrogated again. 申报人又被讯问了一次。 As a salesman, I am on the road about three weeks per month. 身为业务员,一个月当中有三个星期我都到处奔走兜揽生意。 No sane man would go swimming in this nasty weather. 神志正常的人谁也不会冒着如此恶劣的天气去游泳。 His questioners worked on him in relays. 审讯人员轮流对他进行审讯。 St. Francis wanted to sanctify poverty, not to abolish it. 圣弗朗西斯想圣化贫困而不是消除它。 St. George is the Patron Saint of England. 圣乔治是英格兰的守护神。 It is more blessed to give than to receive. 施比受更有福。 The ratio of 15 to 5 is 3 to 1. 十五与五的比率是三比一。 A cold November wind rattled the windows. 十一月的寒风刮得窗户咯咯作响。 People of the Stone Age used rude tools. 石器时代的人使用粗糙简陋的工具。 The pebble made a ripple on the surface of the lake. 石子在湖面上激起一个涟漪。 In the last resort we can always swim back. 实在没办法时,我们总可以游回去。 Food is a requirement of life. 食物是一项生活必需品。 Prof. Smith remarked on the difference between the two dictionaries. 史密斯教授谈到了这两本词典的不同之处。 Regulating your habits is conducive to good health. 使生活习惯规律化有益于健康。 It'll be cheaper in the long run to use real leather. 使用真正的皮革最终还是便宜合算的。 The soldiers saluted with the hand. 士兵们行举手礼。 The mayor announced the fire commissioner's resignation. 市长宣布了消防署署长的辞职。 The accident happened on that same afternoon. 事故就在那天下午发生的。 The run of events favored us. 事情的发展变得对我们有利。 It was after the failure of this attempt that he resorted to force. 是这次尝试失败之后他才诉诸武力的。 The guard will be relieved at midnight. 守卫将在半夜换班。 The night watchman makes his rounds every hour. 守夜人每小时巡逻一次。 The situation has returned to normal in the capital. 首都的局势已恢复正常。 The first of the new computers may be on sale in the new year. 首批新电脑可能于明年上市销售。 The Prime Minister promised to revive the economy. 首相承诺振兴经济。 The injured passengers were rushed to the hospital. 受伤的乘客被急忙送到医院。 Catalogues of our books will be mailed on request. 书目承索即寄。 The invention of writing was the most revolutionary of all human inventions. 书写是人类各种发明中最具有革命性的。 Trees rimmed the cemetery. 树木环绕在公墓四周。 A few pears remain on the trees. 树上尚留有几颗梨子。 The trees rocked in the wind. 树在风中摇曳。 Thousands joined the march to register their opposition to the cuts in education. 数千人参加游行表示反对削减教育经费。 Both sides strove to satisfy the contract. 双方都努力履行契约。 Who ruffled your hair? 谁把你的头发弄乱了? Who's going to referee the basketball match? 谁将担任这场篮球赛的裁判? Who was the reader of this article? 谁是这篇文章的校对人? The flood ruined the crops. 水灾毁坏了庄稼。 The water rippled over the stones. 水在石头上潺潺流淌。 The taxes have been remitted. 税已被免去。 Rumours were rife that they had met with a terrible disaster and that all were dead. 说他们遭到大灾难并全都死了的谣言到处流行。 Off the record, the policeman doubted the mayor's story. 私底下,那警察对市长的说辞有所怀疑。 Private schools regulate the behavior of students. 私立学校规范学生行为。 The dead can not be recalled to life. 死者不能复活。 Four salesmen were showing people suits and sweaters. 四个推销员在给人们展示套装和毛衣。 The seasons rotate. 四季循环。 The seasons revolve. 四季循环往复。 How do acids react on metals? 酸对金属会起怎样的化学反应? An acid can react with a base to form a salt. 酸和硷反应会产生盐。 Casual conversation tends to be filled with repetition. 随意的交谈中常常有许多重复的话。 All this changed with the invention of the railway. 随着铁路的发明这一切都改变了。 The years rolled by. 岁月流逝。 All apples with soft spots were rejected. 所有带软斑点的苹果都被剔除。 All eyes directed their rays on the hero. 所有人的目光都汇集到那位英雄身上。 All the raw materials are imported. 所有原料都是进口的。 He pressed the release to open the box. 他按下开启装置打开了箱子。 He reversed his car into the garage. 他把车子倒开进车库。 He fitted the tire around the rim of the wheel. 他把轮胎安到轮辋上。 He reported on the whole event to the vice premier. 他把整个事件向副总理作了汇报。 He rounded the corners of the table. 他把桌角锯圆。 He reported that he had seen her. 或 He reported seeing her. 他报告说他见到她了。 He gave recitations from Shakespeare. 他背诵了莎士比亚的作品。 He went off to school with a satchel over his shoulder. 他背着书包上学去了。 He is regarded as the best doctor in town. 他被公认为城里最好的医生。 He was removed from the post. 他被解雇了。 He was rated one of the richest men in Texas. 他被认为是德州最富有的人之一。 He was run over by a bus. 他被一辆公车从身上辗过。 He was arrested on a charge of armed robbery. 他被指控犯武装抢劫罪而遭逮捕。 He was promoted to the rank of captain. 他被擢升到上尉军阶。 His manner relaxed. 他变得随和了。 He realized on the house. 他变卖了房子。 He had to run to catch the bus. 他不得不跑过去赶搭公车。 Regardless of danger, he climbed the tower. 他不顾危险地爬上了高塔。 He was really just ploughing the sand. 他不过是在白费力气。 He soon ran through all his father's money. 他不久就把父亲所有的钱花得精光。 He kept rabbiting on about the poor pay. 他不停地抱怨薪水低。 He revealed the secret by accident. 他不小心泄漏了这个秘密。 He is not willing to run the risk of losing his money. 他不愿冒赔钱的风险。 He will not recognize me any longer. 他不愿再理睬我了。 He was not listening and made a random answer to the teacher's question. 他不在听讲,对教师的问题瞎答一通。 He guessed right. 他猜得不错。 He did it without remorse. 他残忍无情地做了这事。 He would rhyme away the long evenings. 他常常以作诗消磨长夜。 He was reported to the police for speeding. 他超速被人检举。 He became a reporter for the Herald Tribune. 他成为《先驱论坛报》的记者。 He wore a coat that reached to his knees. 他穿了件长及膝盖的外衣。 He ran off a bucket of water from the barrel. 他从大木桶中放出一桶水。 He broke a rib when he fell off his horse. 他从马上摔下来折断了一根肋骨。 He rescued three children from the burning building. 他从失火的建筑物内救出了三个孩子。 He roused up from sleep. 他从睡梦中醒来。 Sanity of judgment has never deserted him. 他从未失去明达的判断力。 His rough manner rubbed her. 他粗野的举止惹恼了她。 He promised to review the film in one of the evening papers. 他答应在一家晚报上评论这部电影。 He was determined to stay in the saddle at all costs. 他打定主意要不惜一切代价继续掌权。 He broke the window and ran away. 他打破窗子逃跑了。 He broke the record for the one-hundred meter dash. 他打破了百米赛跑纪录。 He intends to retail textile goods. 他打算零售纺织品。 He roared for mercy. 他大声求饶。 He treated me roughly. 他待我粗暴。 He sacrificed his car when he went abroad to work. 他到海外去工作的时候亏本出售了他的汽车。 His illness resulted from bad food. 他的病是由于吃了变质的食物所致。 His shirt was saturated with sweat. 他的衬衫上浸满了汗水。 He will sooner or later be rewarded for his wicked conduct. 他的恶行迟早会受到报应。 He can't get rid of the cold. 他的感冒老是好不了。 His factory closed down during the period of economic recession. 他的工厂在经济衰退时期关闭了。 His work is good in respect of quality but bad in respect of quantity. 他的工作品质好但数量不够。 His job is to sample products for defects. 他的工作是抽样检查产品的瑕疵。 His job was to recruit for the army. 他的工作是为陆军募兵。 He is very rigid in his ideas. 他的观点一成不变。 His nationality isn't relevant to whether he is a good lawyer. 他的国籍跟他是不是一个好律师不相关。 His breathing became more rhythmical. 他的呼吸变得更有节奏了。 His lies rebounded on himself because nobody trusted him any more. 他的谎言损害了自己,因为再没有人相信他了。 His reply sounded to her like a reproach. 他的回答在她听来像是责备。 His retort made her angry. 他的回嘴使她发怒。 His activities were restricted by old age. 他的活动因年事已高而受到限制。 His muscles relaxed. 他的肌肉放松了。 His plans have suffered repeated delays. 他的计划屡遭拖延。 His proposal has much to recommend it. 他的建议有不少可取之处。 His suggestion was very sharply rebuffed. 他的建议遭到严厉回绝。 His speech is full of redundancies. 他的讲话冗语连篇。 It's a bit rough on him, losing his toe. 他的脚趾断了,真有点不幸。 His devotion to his work rebukes me. 他的敬业精神是对我的鞭策。 His manners are beyond reproach -- I've never met anyone so polite. 他的举止非常得体,我从未见过像他那么彬彬有礼的人。 His generosity led to the resolution of all our difficulties. 他的慷慨相助使我们的困难全都得以解决。 His stammer rendered him unfit for a teaching job. 他的口吃毛病使他不宜担任教职。 His profits rocketed. 他的利润猛增。 His dream has become a reality. 他的梦想已成为现实。 His image rose before me. 他的面容浮现在我眼前。 His mother raved out her grief. 他的母亲语无伦次地倾诉心中的悲痛。 His book on history contains many references to George Washington. 他的那部历史书有很多处论及乔治·华盛顿。 His efforts were defeated by the forces of reaction. 他的努力被反动势力挫败。 His body is rotting away. 他的尸体正在腐烂。 His failure resulted largely from his laziness. 他的失败主要是懒惰所致。 His career met with many reverses. 他的事业遭到许多挫折。 His cheeks were ruddy. 他的双颊红润。 His parents were now reposing in the local churchyard. 他的双亲现在长眠于本地教堂墓地。 His wife scolded him endlessly, without rhyme or reason. 他的太太莫名其妙地骂他个不停。 His attitude lacked repose. 他的态度缺乏安祥。 His hair is beginning to recede from his forehead. 他的头发开始从前额往后秃了。 His sudden rally surprised the doctor. 他的突然复元使医生大为惊奇。 His reasoning didn't make any sense. 他的推论毫无道理。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司