翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 His coat can be reversed when it begins to rain. 他的外衣下雨时能翻过来穿。 His new play received raves in the paper. 他的新剧本在报纸上受到赞扬。 His behavior was repulsive. 他的行为令人厌恶。 His eyes rayed out intelligence. 他的眼睛闪烁着智慧灵光。 His spectacles have gold rims. 他的眼镜镶着金框。 He rolled his eyes at her. 他的眼珠对着她骨碌碌地转。 His speech was well received. 他的演讲很受欢迎。 There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason in his demands. 他的要求真是毫无道理。 He took a bad rap on the head when he fell. 他跌倒时头被猛撞了一下。 He rambled on for hours. 他喋喋不休地谈了好几个钟头。 He kept rattling away in French. 他喋喋不休地用法语讲话。 He sends regular remittances to his parents. 他定期汇款给他父母。 He made a regular visit to his parents. 他定期看望父母亲。 He rumbled to himself as he went out. 他嘟囔着走了出去。 He is holding a gun at the ready. 他端着枪准备射击。 He responded no to the first question. 他对第一个问题的回答是否定的。 He made a rigorous study of the plants in the area. 他对该地的植物进行了慎密的研究。 He fell into raptures over classic music. 他对古典音乐喜爱若狂。 He was instrumental in the reunion of the two parties. 他对两党再次联合起到了促进作用。 His affection for the girl was real. 他对那女孩的爱是真心的。 He expressed regret over the death of your father. 他对你父亲的逝世表示哀悼。 He was resentful at the way he had been treated. 他对所受的待遇感到忿恨。 He had a lively remembrance of his childhood. 他对他的童年生活记忆犹新。 He made no response to my question. 他对我的问题不予回答。 What was his reaction to the plan? 他对这个计划有什么反应? He was repulsed by what he saw. 他对自己所见的感到厌恶。 He reflected on his past mistakes. 他反省过去的错误。 He released his claim to the property. 他放弃了对财产的要求。 He ripped out an angry oath. 他愤怒地咒骂了一句。 He denied any role in the robbery. 他否认曾参与这起抢劫案。 His father rallied from his illness. 他父亲从病中康复了。 He was saddled with a wife and five children. 他负起赡养妻子和五个孩子的担子。 He rained gifts on his future bride. 他给未来的新娘大批礼物。 It is unfair that he gets very little in reward for his hard work. 他工作很辛苦,报酬却很少,这不公平。 He reckoned wrong. 他估计错了。 He switched off the recorder. 他关掉了录音机。 It took a long time for him to repair his health. 他过了好长时间才恢复健康。 The damage recoils on his own head. 他害人反害己。 He roared himself hoarse. 他喊哑了嗓子。 He did not appear to resent it. 他好像对此并不生气。 His birthday and hers are the same. 他和她的生日是同一天。 He made a rendezvous with his girlfriend. 他和他的女朋友约会。 He is rooming with us. 他和我们同住。 He quickly released her hand. 他很快地放开了她的手。 It won't take him a minute to reckon up the bill. 他很快就能算出帐来。 He is very fond of roast duck. 他很喜欢烤鸭。 He has not yet replied to my question. 他还没有回答我的问题。 It took a long time for him to recover from a bad cold. 他患重感冒,很长时间才康复。 Will he run for Governor? 他会竞选州长吗? He retreated his chair with intense disgust. 他极其厌恶地将椅子往后挪开。 He rattled off the poem. 他急速地背诵那首诗。 He could hardly refrain himself. 他几乎不能自制。 He felt no shame and no regret. 他既不感到羞愧也不感到遗憾。 He sent me a sample copy of the book. 他寄给我一本样书。 He drove them both to their respective homes. 他驾车把他们分别送到家里。 He rumbled the wagon down the street. 他驾着大篷车辘辘行驶在街上。 Little by little he revealed his ambitions. 他渐渐地暴露出他的野心。 He referred all his troubles to bad luck. 他将他的一切麻烦都归因于运气不好。 He'll radio me. 他将用无线电同我联系。 He relinquished all control over the company to her daughter. 他将掌管公司的全权让给了女儿。 He relayed the news to his mother. 他将这个消息转达给他的母亲。 He told a rather rude joke, and every one looked embarrassed. 他讲了一个相当粗俗的笑话,使每个人都非常尴尬。 His relation of his adventure fascinated us. 他讲述的关于自己的冒险经历使我们听入了迷。 Racking his brains, he couldn't think of a single example. 他绞尽脑汁却连一个例子都想不出来。 He learned to ride a horse at the age of nine. 他九岁时学会了骑马。 He retired to bed, but he did not sleep. 他就寝了,但睡不着。 The revelation that he was her father astonished her. 他就是她父亲,这一意想不到的真相使她大为震惊。 He raised his glass and said: "Your health, Carl." 他举起了杯子说道:"祝你健康,卡尔。" He refused my offer of help. 他拒绝了我的帮助。 He declined to repudiate violence. 他拒绝谴责暴力。 He is ripe in judgement. 他具有成熟的判断力。 He resolved on going abroad to study. 他决定到海外留学。 When he decided to go he reckoned without Mary. 他决定去的时候没有把玛丽考虑在内。 He expected no return when he decided to give us full support. 他决定全力支持我们时并无图报之意。 He looked at the envelope and recognized Jenny's handwriting immediately. 他看了看信封,马上认出是珍妮的笔迹。 He roasted a chicken for dinner. 他烤了一只鸡当作晚餐。 He grew rich from selling used cars. 他靠卖旧车致富。 He seldom reads in his free hours. 他空余时间很少看书。 He came to the seaside to recruit. 他来到海滨休养。 He's always running after women. 他老是在追女人。 He rubbed himself with a towel after the cold shower. 他冷水淋浴后用毛巾擦身。 He bought two sacks of corn. 他买了两袋玉米。 He saved my life at the risk of losing his own. 他冒着生命危险救了我。 He saved my life at the risk of losing his own. 他冒着生命危险救了我的性命。 He's got no regular job. 他没有固定的工作。 He didn't answer right away. 他没有马上回答。 He had no other near relations. 他没有其他近亲。 He has very little experience of business, and the whole organization was built on sand. 他没有什么经商的经验,整个机构可以说是建立在不牢靠的基础上。 He drinks rivers of tea every day. 他每天喝大量茶水。 He practises running every morning. 他每天早上练习赛跑。 They ran the kindergarten extremely well. 他们把幼稚园办得好极了。 They're railed off the yard. 他们把院子用栏杆围起来了。 They were regaled with tea and cakes. 他们被飨以茶点。 They didn't sell their goods retail. 他们不零售货物。 They didn't want anyone to know about their romance. 他们不想让任何人知道他们的恋情。 They rounded off the evening by singing a song. 他们唱了一首歌,圆满结束了这个晚会。 They ribbed him for confusing the two words. 他们嘲笑他把这两个字混淆了。 They succeeded in rocketing a satellite into orbit. 他们成功地用火箭把一颗卫星送入运行轨道。 They took a sail to Dover. 他们乘船去多佛。 They floated down the river on a raft. 他们乘着木筏向河的下游漂去。 They made excessive profits from the drug rackets. 他们从毒品非法交易中获取暴利。 They won the battle and resumed lost territory. 他们打胜了这一仗并收复了失地。 They received the support of the workers. 他们得到工人们的支持。 Their positions are now reversed. 他们的地位现在颠倒过来了。 Their relation seemed quite close. 他们的关系似乎十分密切。 Their sticks rained down on him even harder. 他们的棍子更加猛烈地打在他身上。 Their marriage broke up because her husband had affairs on the road. 他们的婚姻破裂了,因为她丈夫在旅途中有了外遇。 Their scheme rebounded. 他们的计划弄巧成拙。 A deep rift had started in their family life. 他们的家庭生活出现了深深的裂痕。 Their troubles revolve around money management. 他们的麻烦围绕在金钱处理上。 Their zeal redoubled. 他们的热情更高了。 Their demands are beyond all reason. 他们的要求不合理。 Their dispute resulted in war. 他们的争端导致了战争。 They all maintained a reverent silence. 他们都恭敬地保持沉默。 They all relish her poems. 他们都欣赏她的诗歌。 They had the situation under review. 他们对局势作了一番考察。 They were much more realistic about its long term commercial prospects. 他们对它的长远商业前景更为现实。 They treated me with respect. 他们对我很敬重。 They did not reply to our new proposal. 他们对我们的新建议没有作出答覆。 They robbed the people of their liberty. 他们夺走了人民的自由。 They felt that all the regularities in nature have a purpose. 他们感到自然界一切有规律的事物均有目的性。 They have a reciprocal loathing for each other. 他们互相憎恨。 They are anxious to develop friendly relations with their neighboring countries. 他们急于同邻国发展友好关系。 They planned to send a rocket to the moon. 他们计划向月球发射火箭。 They proposed that he should resume his job as farmhand. 他们建议他应重新做农夫的工作。 They pushed the boat down to the water on rollers. 他们将船放在滚木上推滚下水去。 They will be rejoiced to see you. 他们将非常乐于见你。 They are going to raise funds for the school buildings. 他们将为盖校舍筹集资金。 They have been having a rough time recently. 他们近来的日子很不好过。 They held a rally in support of the civil-rights movement. 他们举行集会支持民权运动。 They refused to sanction segregation. 他们拒绝支持种族隔离。 When they saw the teacher coming, they beat a hasty retreat. 他们看到老师来了,就赶紧躲开。 They came to pay their last respects to the late chairman. 他们来向已故主席凭吊告别。 They raked in a fortune. 他们捞进了大笔钱财。 They risked losing their jobs. 他们冒着失去工作的风险。 They received us most cordially. 他们热忱地接待了我们。 They are still trying to make some sorts of atonement and reparation. 他们仍在努力作出某些补偿。 They had a hot dog roast last Sunday. 他们上星期天举行了一次烤热狗野餐会。 They ran up the national flag. 他们升起了国旗。 They lived in conditions of appalling sanitation. 他们生活在极为恶劣的卫生环境中。 When will they reach Los Angeles? 他们什么时候抵达洛杉矶? They ranked high in their class. 他们是班上的优等生。 They are rivals for the same office. 他们是争夺同一个职位的敌手。 They were tired of their raw treatment by their boss. 他们受到老板的不公正待遇,对此实在无法忍受了。 None of them raised any objection. 他们谁也没提出反对意见。 They said that they represented the committee. 他们说他们代表该委员会。 They said they'd help but they've ratted on their friends. 他们说他们会帮忙的,但他们却背叛了朋友。 They refreshed their winter food supply by hunting. 他们通过打猎补充了他们的冬季食物储存。 They were drowned in riot all night. 他们通宵沉浸在狂欢之中。 They worked without result. 他们徒劳无功。 They threatened to read him out. 他们威胁要开除他。 They rented a cabin for their vacation. 他们为度假租了一间小屋。 They raised a monument to the national hero. 他们为那位民族英雄树了纪念碑。 They catered for everyone regardless of social rank. 他们为所有人服务而不计较其社会地位。 They sat round the table. 他们围桌而坐。 They accepted the plan without reservation. 他们无保留地接受了该项计划。 They accepted the proposal without reservation. 他们无保留地接受了这个建议。 They accepted the situation in resignation. 他们无可奈何地接受了现状。 They hope the acting will redeem the play. 他们希望出色的表演能弥补戏本身的不足。 Their attempt to restore the king failed. 他们想使国王复位的企图失败了。 They reported the movements of the enemy troops to the headquarters. 他们向司令部报告了敌军的动向。 They made representations to the college cook about the bad food. 他们向学校厨师抗议伙食太差。 An immense building rose before their eyes. 他们眼前耸立起一座巨大的建筑物。 They'll rank you for the accident. 他们要你对这次事故负责。 They requested financial support. 他们要求资助。 They wanted to fight all forms of injustice and repression. 他们要与各种形式的不公正和压制行为作斗争。 They've roped off one end of the room. 他们已用绳子把房间的一头隔开。 They have reserved rooms at a hotel. 他们已预订了旅馆房间。 They got roasted for losing the game. 他们因比赛失利而遭到严厉批评。 They spent a riotous night drinking and singing. 他们饮酒唱歌狂欢了一夜。 They built a rough model out of sticks and wire. 他们用木条和金属丝做了个粗制的模型。 They roofed the house with tiles. 他们用瓦片给房子盖屋顶。 They replied to the enemy's fire with a barrage. 他们用一阵炮火回击敌人的射击。 They have the right to run their own affairs. 他们有权管理自己的事务。 They robbed the jewelry store in broad daylight. 他们在光天化日之下抢劫了那家珠宝店。 They saw life in the raw among those wild tribes. 他们在那些原始部落中看到了未开化的生活。 They are rehearsing a new play. 他们在排练一出新戏。 They lived a rough life on a small island. 他们在小岛上过着简陋的生活。 They were ranged against us. 他们站在反对我们的一边。 They rushed out 1,000 cheap copies of the Queen's wedding dress. 他们照着女王的结婚礼服赶制了一千件廉价仿制品。 They are buying rude cotton. 他们正在收购原棉。 They are running down a criminal. 他们正在追缉一名罪犯。 They are doing valuable work which idealists as well as realists want to see done. 他们正在做着理想主义者和现实主义者都想看到完成的有价值的工作。 They had to rent out the upstairs room. 他们只好把楼上的房间出租。 They live in a small house on the right-hand side of the road. 他们住在路右边一所小房子里。 They made ready for the attack. 他们准备进攻。 They think of themselves as the salt of the earth. 他们自认为是社会中坚。 They would in time become the recipients of much criticism. 他们最终会受到许多批评。 They made a last-minute effort to rally their supporters. 他们作了最后的努力团结他们的支持者。 They did the reverse of what the teacher told them to do. 他们做的与老师的要求相反。 He's a man of good report. 他名声很好。 His mother wouldn't have him romancing a scrubbing girl. 他母亲不会让他跟一个擦地板的姑娘谈情说爱。 The collar of his ragged coat was turned up. 他那破烂上衣的领子向上翻着。 He had an idea revolving in his mind around the new enterprise. 他脑子里反覆盘算着那个新企业。 He could reel off the dates of the kings of England. 他能流畅地说出所有英国国王的生卒年份。 He could reel off the names of all the capitals of Europe. 他能一口气说出欧洲各国首都的名字。 He would rather play than work. 他宁可玩,却不愿工作。 He worked hard to improve the sanitary conditions of the slums. 他努力改进贫民窟的卫生条件。 He dare not do it for fear of parental rebuke. 他怕父母训斥,不敢为之。 He kept his hand on the rail as he climbed the steps. 他攀上台阶时,手不离扶栏。 He retained the best lawyer in the state. 他聘请了该州最好的律师。 He ripped and swore. 他破口咒骂。 He roared with anger. 他气得大吼。 He rested his eyes on the new comer for an instant. 他瞧了一下那个新来的人。 He went to his mountain retreat for the weekend. 他去山中的休养所过周末。 He gave me a ride to the plaza. 他让我搭车去市场。 He reeled in a big trout. 他绕起钓丝,钓起一条大鳟鱼。 He is good at teaching his students to reason. 他擅于教导学生如何推理。 He shook his head sadly. 他伤心地摇了摇头。 His rise to power surprised me. 他上台掌权令我感到意外。 He is involved in gambling and prostitution rackets. 他涉入赌博和卖淫的非法生意。 He reached his hand out for the book I offered him. 他伸出手来接我给他的书。 He reached for the matches. 他伸手去拿火柴。 He has a diseased body but a sane mind. 他身体有病但头脑健全。 He reflected that he had no right to do this. 他深思后明白他无权做这件事。 His vivid touch added salt to the story. 他生动的笔法给故事增添了兴味。 His garden is his ruling passion. 他生活中的主要兴趣是照顾他的花园。 He represented the plan as practical. 他声称计划切实可行。 He renounced his claim to the inheritance. 他声明放弃对遗产的要求。 He made a renunciation of his chairmanship. 他声明放弃会长一职。 He has recovered from the accident remarkably well. 他事故之后恢复得非常好。 He does everything by rule. 他事事都墨守成规。 He came back by rail. 他是乘火车回来的。 He is a man of wide reading. 他是个博览群书的人。 He is a man without religion. 他是个没有宗教信仰的人。 He is a handsome young man with regular features. 他是个五官端正的英俊青年。 He was a general who had risen from the ranks. 他是个行伍出身的将军。 He was a writer of the first rank. 他是个一流作家。 He is an authority in the region of chemistry. 他是化学界的权威。 He is such a bad sailor that he always travels by plane. 他是那么会晕船,所以他总搭飞机。 He argues for the sake of arguing. 他是为争辩而争辩。 He is a man of great resource. 他是一个足智多谋的人。 He is an artist of great renown. 他是一位极有名望的艺术家。 He is a remarkable linguist. 他是一位杰出的语言学家。 It was ten when he stood on the steps of his aunt's residence and rang the bell. 他是在十点钟时站在他姑母住宅的门阶上按门铃的。 He is the Governor's right-hand man. 他是州长的得力助手。 He received $2000 in recompense for the damage to his car. 他收到二千元作为对他汽车的损坏赔偿。 He reeled in his fishing line. 他收绕钓丝。 He redeemed his watch from pawn. 他赎回了典当的表。 He spoke with reserve. 他说话谨慎。 He regaled us with some stories about his youth. 他说了年轻时的一些故事,让我们听得津津有味。 He said he would not rob again. 他说他再也不抢劫了。 He sent me a birthday remembrance. 他送给我一件生日礼物。 He gave her some roses in return for her kindness. 他送了她一些玫瑰以答谢她的好意。 His collection of stamps has few rivals in the world. 他搜集的邮票几乎举世无双。 He took a book at random. 他随手取了一本书。 His wife's words touched him on the raw. 他太太的话触及了他的痛处。 He lay there groaning like a prisoner stretched out on the rack. 他躺在那里呻吟,就像一个囚犯被绑在肢刑架上。 He gave me the information I asked for straight off the reel. 他滔滔不绝地向我介绍我所询问的情况。 He raised some proposals to reform the Labor Party. 他提出了一些改革工党的建议。 He sprang up and rushed to the door. 他跳起身向门口跑去。 He heard a mouse rustling among his papers. 他听见纸堆中有老鼠作响。 He is resigned to his fate. 或He resigned himself to his fate. 他听天由命。 He paused, drank a glass of his wine, reflected for a moment, and resumed. 他停下来,喝了一杯酒,想了一会儿,又继续说了下去。 He ran a race with me. 他同我赛跑。 He consented to the removal of the flags. 他同意撤走旗帜。 He reigned over the country for ten years. 他统治这个国家达十年。 He ruled over the country for ten years. 他统治这个国家十年。 He has bitterly repented his folly. 他痛悔自己的愚行。 He's run away with all my jewels. 他偷走了我全部的珠宝。 He is out of touch with reality. 他脱离现实。 He is completely lacking in responsibility. 他完全没有责任感。 He writes reviews for The New Yorker. 他为《纽约人》撰写评论文章。 He reacted against his father's influence by becoming a priest. 他为了反抗他父亲的影响当了传教士。 He revenged his dead brother. 他为亡兄报了仇。 He asked me some questions relative to the subject. 他问了我一些有关这个题目的问题。 He wishes to see more new programs instead of repeats on television. 他希望看到更多新的电视节目,而不是重播的节目。 He made a firm resolve to give up gambling. 他下决心不再赌博。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司