翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 Molecular Biology of the Algae 藻类分子生物学 Phytotomy and Embryology 植物解剖及胚胎学 Seed Plant Taxonomy and Experiment 种子植物分类学大实验含实习 Principle of Seed Plant Taxonomy 种子植物分类原理 Resouce Plant 资源植物学 Research Methods of the Cytology and Embryo Engineering 细胞学及胚胎工程研究方法 Zoological Resource Science 动物资源学 Vocal Music 声乐与合唱 Anatomical Physiology of Central Nervous System and Experiment 中枢神经解剖学及实验 Research Method of Physiology 生理学研究方法 Brain Chemistry 脑化学 Advanced Function Of Brain 脑的高级机能 Structure and Function of Symapse 突触的结构与功能 Research Methods of The Ecology 生态学研究方法含实习 Genetics and Experiment 遗传学及实验 Plant Environmental Physiology 植物环境生理学 Comparatine Histology 比较组织学 Isotope Application 同位素示踪技术 Plant Chemistry 植物化学 Chemical Ecology 化学生态学 Algal Culture and Application 藻类的培养及其利用 Microalgal Biotechnology and Introduction to Engineering 微藻技术与工程概论 Seed Plant Taxonomy and Experiment 种子植物分类学及实验 Phycology and Experiment 藻类学及实验 Algal Biotechnology 藻类生物技术 Physiology and Ecology of the Algal 藻类生理生态 Alagal Biotechnology and Intrduction to Engineering 藻类技术与工程概论 General Botany 普通植物学 Phytophysiology and Phytoecology 植物生理生态学 Freshman Russian 一年俄语 English Extensive Reading 英语泛读 Calculus 微积分 Chinese Language and Literature 中国语文 Principles of Statistics 统计原理 Experiments in Phytophysiology and Phytoecology 植物生理生态学实验 Painting and Calligraphy of China 中国书画 Comprehensive Examination 综合考试 Tourist Geography of the World 世界旅游地理 Appreciation and Discrimination of Gem 宝石鉴赏与识别 Literature Retrieval Utilization 文献检索利用 German 德语 College Students Ideological Cultivation 思想品德 National College English Test Ⅳ 全国四级英语统测 National College English Test Ⅵ 全国六级英语统测 Provincial Computer Test 全省机算机等级考试 Ancient Civilization of the World 世界古代文明 Application of Computer in Chemistry 机算机在化学中的应用 Comparison of Chinese-west Culture 中西文化比较 Chemical Literature Searching 化学文献 College Mathematics 大学数学 Appreciation & Differentiation of Gem & Jade 宝玉石鉴赏与识别 Finance of Socialism 社会主义财政学 Introduction to Enterprises Management 企业管理导论 Fast Reading of English 英语快速阅读 Economic Developing and Couurse of Modernizations 经济发展和现代化进程 Research of Stock and Security 股票和证券研究 Introduction to Geography 地理学概论 Meteorology and Climatology 气象学与气候学 Practical Writing 应用文 Economic Developing and Course of Modernization 经济发展和现代化进程 Selected Readings in Foreign Newspapers 外报选读 Senior German 四年德语 Translation, C-D 汉译德 Translation, C-D 汉译德-口译 Volleyball 排球 Fundamentals of Computer 机算机基础 Probability Statistics 概率统计 Computer Organization 机算机组织 History of the Communist Party of China 中共党史 Digital Circuits and Logical Programming 数字电路与逻辑设计 Experiment in Digital Circuits and Logical Programming 数字电路与逻辑设计实验 Programming Languages 程序设计语言 Principles of Operating Systems 操作系统原理 FORTRAN FORTRAN语言 Experiments in Digital and Logical Programming 数字逻辑设计实验 Football 足球 System Programming Language 系统程序设计语言 Software of Computer 计算机软件 Map Drawing and Layout 地图描绘与整饰 Practice of Geology 地质实习 Film and Video 影视 Research of Toponomy 地名学研究 Geography of Soil and Plant 土壤地理与植物地理 Map Projection 地图投影 Landscape Sketch 地景素描 Map Compilation 地图编制 Aerophatogrammetry 航空摄影测量学 Map Reproduction 地图制印 Physical Geography 自然地理 Physical Geography of China 中国自然地理 Map-Making 制图 Computer Cartography 机助地图制图 Pedagogy 教育学 Introduction to Remote Sensing and Photography Interpretation 遥感概论与图象判读 Economic Geography of China 中国经济地理 Practice of Map Compilation 地图编制实习 Physical Geography of the World 世界自然地理 Map Information Transmition and Reaction 地图信息传递与感受 Special Research of Toponomy 地名学专题研究 Freshman German 一年德语 Oral Examination 口试 History and Background of Germany 德国历史与概况 Background of Germany 德国概况 Special Research of Toponymy 地名学专题研究 Teaching of Situation and Policy 形势政策教育 Teaching of National Situation 国情教育 Sophomore German 二年德语 Music Appreciation 音乐欣赏 Junior German 三年德语 Problem Research of Hongkong,Macao,Taiwan 港澳台问题研究 History of Germany Literature 德国文学史 Translation 翻译 Economic Construction of the Chinese Socialism 中国社会主义经济建设 Selected Readings in Newspapers and Periodicals 报刊选读 Scientific German 科技德语 Developing Trend of Modern German 现代德语发展趋势 COBOL Programming Language 数据处理语言 Literature Searching 文献检索 Micro Computer Software 微型计算机软件 Research of Luxun 鲁迅研究 German Through Video 德语视听 Medical Computer Applications 医用微机 Computer Cartography 机助制图编制基础 Practice of Field 野外实习 General Ecology 生态学 General Microbiology 普通微生物学 Ancient Chinese Hisory 中国古代史 Economy of Contemporary Capitalism 当代资本主义经济 Research of Lenin's Philosophy Note 列宁哲学笔记研究 Programming 程序设计 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 人工智能概论 Junior Russian 三年俄语 Teaching Practice of Geology 地质教学实习 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 人工智能导论 Selected Readings from Chinese Classical Literary Theory 古代文论选读 Russian 俄语 Real Estate Economics 房地产经济学 History and Background of Britain and America 英美历史与概况 German 德语 Oral Interpretation 口译 Advanced Listening and Speaking 高级听说 Language and Culture of America 美国语言与文化 Roman Law 罗马法 Special Practice 专业实习 Introduction to Archaeology 考古学概论 Ancient History of World Middle Century 世界古代中世纪史 Historic Site of China 中国名胜古迹 Basis of Tourism and Practice 导游基础与业务 Numerical Methods for Algebraic Equations 代数方程数值解 Tourism Photography 旅游摄影 Problem Research of Hongkong,Macao,Taiwan 港澳台问题研究 Secretarial Science 秘书学 Teaching Practice 教学实习 Works Reading 作品阅读 Interviewing and Writing in Journalism 新闻采访写作 Introduction to Television and Broadcasting 广播电视概论 The Communist International & Chinese Revolution 共产国际与中国革命 Research of Luxun 鲁迅研究 Introduction to Intellectual Property 知识产权概论 School Year Thesis 学年论文 Journalism Practice 新闻实习 Introduction to Atmospheric Exploration 大气探测基础 Introduction to Atmospheric Physics 大气物理基础 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics 热力学及统计物理 Dynamic Meteorology 动力气象学 Computational Methods and Algorithmic Language 计算方法和算法语言 Cloud Physics Exploration 云雾物理探测 Atmospheric Acoustics,Optics,Electricity and Upper Atmospheric Physics 大气声光电及高层大气物理 Boundary Layer Meteorology 边界层气象学 Introduction to Environmental Science 环境科学概论 Literature Writing 校园文学写作 Digital Integrated Circuit 数字集成电路 Prediction and Control for Air Pollution 大气污染预测与防治 Principle of Climatological Data Base 气候数据库原理 Urban Climatology and Planning 城市气候与城市规划 Medical Statistics 医学统计学 Human Parasitology 人体寄生虫学 Appreciation of Art 美术鉴赏 Psychiatry 精神病学 English for Master 研究生英语 Stomatology 口腔医学 Marketing 营销 Clinical Pathology 临床病理学 Clinical Pharmacology 临床药理学 Material Construction 物质结构 Chemical Technology 化学工艺 Rare Element 希有元素 Mineralogy 矿物学 Fundamentals of circuit 电路基础 Thermal Physics 热运动物理 Structural Geology 构造地质学 Crystal Optics 晶体光学 Specialized Comprehensive Examination of Mid-term 中期专业综合基础 Sedimentary Petrology 沉积岩 Regional Tectonic Analysis 区域构造分析 General Geological Practice 普通地质认识实习 Metamorphic Petrology 变质岩 Engineering Geological Dynamics 工程地质动力学 Reviewing and Thinking 回顾与思考 Special Engineering Geology 专门工程地质学 Graduation Practice 毕业实习 Special Subject of Hydro and Engineering Geology 水文工程地质专题 National Conditions and Socialism 国情与社会主义 Russian Conversation 俄语会话 Cultivation of Ideological Morality 思想品德修养 Specialized Activities 专业活动 Orchestral Music 管乐 The Trade on Futures and Futures Option 期货贸易与期权 Discrete Mathematics 离散数学 Russian Through Video and Speaking 俄语视听说 Background of Commonwealth of Independent States 独联体概况 Sophomore Russian 二年俄语 Applied Art 实用美术 Senior Russian 四年俄语 History of the Russia Literature 俄国文学史 Language and Culture 语言国情学 Translation Theory and Practice 翻译理论与实践 Contemporary Russian Literature 当代俄罗斯文学 Evaluation of Real Estate Price 房地产价格评估 Problem Research of Contemporary Taiwan 台湾问题研究 Unis Operating System Unis操作系统 Experiments in Digital Circuit 数字电路实验 Principle of Image Processing 图像原理 Origin and Evolution of Life 生命起源与进化 Confucianism,Taoism and Buddhism and Chinese Traditional Culture 儒道佛与中国传统文化 Video Recording and Showing Techniques 录放像技术 Principles of Human Geography 人文地理学原理 Lecture on Geography 地理科学讲座 Basics of Cartology 地图学基础 Introduction to Economic Geography 经济地理概论 Base of Computer Cartography 机助制图编制基础 Map Analysis and Application 地图分析与应用 Geography of the World 世界地理 Basketball 蓝球 Mapping of Remote Sensing 遥感制图 Map and Art Science 地图与美术学 Geographical Information System 地理信息系统 Theory of Modern Cartography 现代地图学理论 Japanese 日语 Music Appreciation 音乐欣赏 Real Estate Management Science 房地产管理学 Economic Crime and Criminal Law 经济犯罪与经济刑法 Civil Law of Germany 德国民法 International Technology Transference Law 国际技术转让 Business Correspondence and Negotiation in English 外贸英语谈判与函电 International Commercial Law 国际商法 Selected Readings in Famous Works of Chinese Philosophy 中国哲学名著选读 General Chemistry 普通化学 Research of Lao Zhuang 老庄研究 Socialistic Theory and Practice 社会主义理论与实践 Research of Lenin's Philosophy Note 列宁哲学笔记研究 Information System Cybernetics 系统信息控制论 Research of Mao Zedong's Philosophy Thought 毛泽东哲学思想研究 Appreciation of Chinese Contemporary Novel 中国当代小说鉴赏 Advanced Mathematics Including Linear Algebra 高等数学含现性代数 Experiments in Analytical Chemistry 分析化学实验 General Ecology 普通生态学 Experiments in Environmental Monitoring 环境监测实验 Environmental Microbiology 环境微生物学 Ecological Toxicology 生态毒理学 Air Pollution & Its Control 大气污染与控制 Introduction to Archives 档案学概论 Fundumentals of Computer & Application of Microcomputer 计算机基础与微机应用 Science of Sci-Tech Document Material 科技文件材料学 Introduction to Information Science 情报学概论 Archives Preservation Technology Science 档案堡技术学 Public Relations Psychology 公共关系心理学 Introduction to Architectural Engineering 建筑工程概论 Research of Archives Utilization 档案利用研究 General Microbiology and its Experiments 普通微生物学及实验 Zoological Practice Ⅱ 动物学实习 Biological Mapping 生物绘图 General Biochemistry 普通生物化学 Botany 植物学 English Translation 英语翻译 Environmental Biology Laboratory Technique and Method 环境生物实验技术和方法 Quantitative Analysis Chemistry 定量分析化学 Experiments in Quantitative Analytical Chemistry 定量分析化学实验 Introduction to Leader Science 领导科学概论 Experiment in Environmental Analysis Chemistry 环境分析化学实验 Environmental Engineering Design 环境工程设计基础 Principles of Waste Water Processing 废水处理原理 Background of the Soviet Union 苏联概况 Russian Oral Examination 俄语口试 Russian Grammar 俄语语法 Russian Phonetics 俄语语音学 Postwar World Politics and International Relations 战后世界政治与国际关系 Junior Russian 三年俄语 Translation R-C 俄译汉 Construction of Chinese Socialism 中国社会主义建设 Russian News Intermediary 俄语新闻媒界 Introduction to Gemmary 宝石学概论 Translation, C-R 汉译俄 Principle of Planning 计划学原理 National Economic Accounting 国民经济核算 Introduction to Sci-Tech Information 科技情报概论 Books Taxology 图书分类学 Principle of Environmental Science 环境学原理 Document Cataloging in Chinese 中文文献编目 Applied Mathematics 图书馆应用数学 Documents Cataloging in Foreign Languages 西文文献编目 Modern Technique of Library 图书馆现代技术 Practice of Computer Application 计算机应用实习 Art Gynmnastics 艺术体操 Periodical Services 期刊工作 Library and User Services 藏书与读者工作 Chinese National Situation and Socialism 中国国情与社会主义 History of Marxism Social Thought 马克思主义社会思想史 Social Culture of America 美国社会文化 Contemporary Chinese Policy 当代中国政策 International Strategy and American Culture 国际战略与美国文化 Course of Health Education 健身课 Political Sociology 政治社会学 Specialized Experiments 专业实验 Radiation Prevention 剂量防护 Lectures on Condensed Matter Physics 凝聚态讲座 Insurance Mathematics 保险数学 Social Insurance 社会保险 Introduction to Insurance Science 保险学概论 Management of Risk 风险管理 Insurance Regulation 各国保险制度 Insurance Accounting 保险会计学 International Accounting 国际会计 International Insurance 国际保险 Insurance Management Science 保险经营学 Property Insurance 财产保险 Personal Insurance 人身保险 Theory and Plan of Advertisement 广告理论与策划 Insurance Economics 保险经济学 Intensive Computation of Insurance 保险精算 Liability Insurance 责任保险 Civil Law of China 民法学 Theory of International Economic Law 国际经济法基本理论 Consumer Protection Law 消费者堡法 Securities Law 证卷法 Appreciation of Works of Art 中外美品精品赏析 History and Present Situation of Chinese Drugs 中国毒品问题的历史与现状 Customs Law 海关法 Appreciation of DanceChina and Foreign 中外舞蹈精品赏析 Basic Necessities of Life and Meteorology 衣食住行与气象 The Origin and Evolvement of Life 生命起原与演化 Selected Readings of Confucian and other Ancient Chinese Classics 诸子百家 English Vocabulary 英语词汇 Special Subject of World Economy 世界经济专题 Basic Theory of Modern Cartography 现代地图学基本理论 Measure Cartography 计量地图 Measure Geography 计量地理 Axiom Set Theory 公理集合论 Humanistic Science of China 中国人体科学 Real Estate Management and Development 房地产经营与开发 Modern Numerical Value Method 现代数值方法 Economic Projection and Policy-Making 经济预测与决策 Crystallography and Mineralogy 结晶学及矿物学 Teaching Practice of Geology 地质教学实习 Alteration Petrology 蚀变岩石学 Paleontology and Historical Geology 古生物学及地史学 Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology 地貌及第四纪地质学 Seismal Prospecting 地震物探 Geologic Mechanics 地质力学 Regional Geology 区域地质学 Seismal Microcosmic Warning Signs 地震微观前兆 Seismal Geology 地震地质 Simulated Test of Optical Cartridge 光弹模拟实验 News Communications and Advertisement 新闻传播与广告学 Electronic Data Switching Development 电子数据交换发展 Itroduction to Southeast Asia 东南亚概论 Official Automation 办公自动化 Financial Accounting 财务会计 Geography of Regional Economy 区域经济地理 Selected Works from Chinese Classical Literature 古代作品选 Classical Chinese Literature 古代文学 Political Economy and History of Contemporary World 当代世界政经与历史 Aesthetics 美学 Folk Literature 民间文学史 Table Tennis 乒乓球 Selected Readings of Marxist-Lininist Literary Theory 马列文论选 Selected Readings from Chinese Classical Literary Theory 古代文论选读 Selected Readings from Classics Works 经典著作选读 Chinese and West Literature Biography 中西文学传记 Oral French Examination 法语口试 Filmic and Video Colloquialism 影视口语 Middle German 中级德语 English Enhancement 英语提高 Translation, C-G 中译德 Economic Trade German 经贸德语 Thesis Writing General Knowledge 论文写作常识 Provincial Computer Test Ⅱ 全省计算机等级考试 Basics of Applied Electronic Technique 应用电子技术基础 Charting of Chemical Engineering 化工制图 Crystal Chemistry 结晶化学 Catalytic Material 催化新材料 Polymer Physics and Physical Chemistry 高分子物理及物化 Basic PhysicsⅠ 基础物理 Ⅰ Introduction to the Atmospheric Sciences 大气科学基础 Introduction to the Atmospheric Exploration 大气探测基础 Dynamic Meteorology 动力气象学 Weather Analysis and Forecasting 天气分析和预报 Experiment in Weather Analysis and Forecasting 天气分析预报实验 Atmospheric Forecasting 当天大气预报 Numerical Weather Prediction 数值预报 Linear Algebra and Modern Mathematics 线性代数与近代数学 Plant Form Anatomy 植物形态解剖 Grass Plant Taxonomy 禾本科植物分类学 Plant Eography 植物地理学 Tourism Geography of China 中国旅游地理 Developing History of Taiwan Economy 台湾经济发展史 Documents Classification 文献分类 Reference Consultation 参考咨询 Information Metrology 信息计量学 Chinese Information Technique 汉字信息技术 Information Organization Management 信息机构管理 Documents Cataloging 文献编目 Moral Education 德育 Experiment in Uranium Deposits 铀矿床学 Radiomertic Geophysics 放射性物理探矿 Uranium Geochemistry 铀地球化学 Mineral Exploration 找矿与勘探 Basic Examination 基础过关考试 Applied Electronics 应用电子学 Experiments in Applied Electronics 应电实验 Experiments in Quantitative Analysis and Instrumental Analysis 定量分析及仪器分析实验 Principles of Marxist Philosophy 马克思主义哲学原理 Basic Experiments in Electronic Technology 电子技术基础实验 Digital Communication 数字通信 Computer Architecture and Interface Techniques 微机组成原理及接口技术 Analytic Geometry 解析几何 Elementary Topology 初等拓扑 Abstract Algebra 抽象代数 Differential on Manifolds 微分流形 Ancient Poetry Appreciation 古诗赏析 Graph Theory 图论 Computer Operating Techniques & Database 微机操作技术及微机数据库 Micro Computer & its Applications 微型计算机及其应用 Financial Affairs in Capital Construction 基本建设财务 Real Estate Development and Management 房地产开发经营 Real Estate Appraisement 房地产估价 Real Estate Finance 房地产金融 Real Estate Laws and Regulations 房地产法规 Urban Planning and Real Estate Management 城市规划与房地产管理 Real Estate Investment Analysis 房地产投资分析 Experiments in Organic Synthesis 有机合成实验 Series of Lectures of Atmospheric Sciences 大气科学系列讲座 Basis of Modern Climatology 现代气候学基础 Radar Meteorological Exploration 雷达气象探测 Atmospheric Exploration Techniques 大气探测技术 Introduction to Climatology 气候学引论 Climatic Statistics 气候统计 Agricultural Meteorology 农业气象 Regional and Weather Climatology 区域气候与天气气候 Physical Climate 物理气候 Microclimate 小气候 Basic Knowledge of Industrial Production 工业生产基础知识专题 Basis of Seismology 地震学基础 Gravity fathoming 重力测深 Ecological Toxicology and Biomonitoring and its Laboratory 生态毒理学与生物监测及实验 Urban Economy and Management 城市经济与城市管理 Basic Experiments in Environmental Engineering 环境工程基础实验 Environmental Toxicology and its Laboratory 环境毒理学及实验 Environmental Biology Engineering and Experiments 环境生物工程学及实验 Algorithmic Language & Computer Application 算法语言及微机应用 Computer Applications 计算机应用 Experiments for Chemical Engineering 化工基础实验 Comprehensive Chemical Experiments 综合实验 Introduction to Photography 摄影入门 Socialist Reform and New Thought 社会主义改革与新思维 Parasitology 寄生虫学 Acupuncture and Moxibustion Medicine 针灸学 Clinical Endocrinology 临床内分泌学 Clinical Immunology 临床免疫学 English Intensive Reading 英语精读 Foreign Affairs Policy and Discipline 外事政策与纪律 Modern Economic History of China 中国近代经济史 Applied Programming of Economic Management 经济管理应用程序 Ancient Pottery and Porcelain Appreciation of China 中国古代陶瓷鉴赏 Management Theories of National Economy 国民经济管理学 Evaluation of Investment Items 投资项目评估 Enterprise Production Management 企业生产管理 Marketing Management 营销管理 Financial Accounting in Western Countries 西方财务会计 Enterprise Financing 企业理财 Computer Information System 计算机信息系统 Interpersonal Relationship 人际关系 Research of Marketing 市场营销研究 International Technology Transfer Transactions 国际技术贸易 Management Science 管理科学 Comparative Management Science 比较管理学 International Enterprise Management 国际企业管理 History of Management Thought 管理思想史 Practice and Thesis of Graduation 毕业实习与论文 Assets Evaluation 资产评估 Politics and International Relationship of Contemporary World 当代世界政治与国际关系 International Finance Practice 国际金融实务 Principles and Operating of Computer 计算机原理与操作 Introduction to Corporation 公司概论 Introduction to Health Theories 健康学概论 Appreciation of Chinese-foreign Art Superfines 中外美术精品赏析 Appreciation of Chinese-foreign Dance Superfines 中外舞蹈精品欣赏 Practical Technology of Computer 计算机实用技术 Special Subject of Economic Management 经济管理专题 Computer Organization and System Architecture 计算机组织与系统结构 Reading Skill 阅读技巧 Military Theory 军事理论 Basics of Economic Geography 经济地理基础 Introduction to Environmental Science 环境学概论 Principles of Economic Geography 经济地理学原理 Drawing Basics 绘画基础 Architectural Charting 建筑制图 Water Resources of Town and Country 城乡水资源 Practice of Physical Geography 自然地理实习 Urban Ecology 城市生态学 Architectural Design 建筑设计 Land Management 土地管理学 Evaluation of Real Estate Price 房地产价格评估 History of The International Communist Movement 国际共产主义运动史 History of Spanish 西班牙历史 Evaluation of Land Resources 土地资源评价 Real Estate Management Science 房地产管理学 Geochemistry Exploration 地球化学找矿法 Soil and Resources of China 中国土壤与土壤资源 Information Management of Real Estate 房地产信息管理 Practice of Algorithmic Language 算法语言实习 Chinese Reference Book Operation 中文工具书使用说明 Practice of Numerical Algebra 数值代数实习 Numerical Approximation Theory 数值逼近论 Numerical Methods for ODE 常微数值解 Information Management Systems 信息管理系统 Operations Research 运筹学 Modern Drama Research 现代戏剧研究 Research of Poems 诗品研究 Modern Film Aesthetics 现代电影美学 International Banking Practice 国际银行业务 Human Geography of the World 世界人文地理 Enterprise Risk Management 企业风险管理 Formal Language and Automation 形式语言与自动机 Tourism German 旅游德语 Developmental Biology 发育生物学 Gene Operation and Method 基因操作及方法 Biomembrane 生物膜 Aesthetics of Film-Video Arts 影视艺术美学 Fault Diagnosis Technique 故障诊断技术 English Band 1 一级英语 Handwriting and Shorthand 书法与速记 Constitution of China 宪法学 Reading and Writing of Legal Literature 法律文章的阅读与写作 English Band 3,4 英语三级四级 Contract Law 合同法学 Environmental Protection Law 环保法 Politics of the World and International Relations Since World War Ⅱ 战后世界政治与国际关系 The Law of Against Unfair Competition 反不正当竞争法 Programming and Experiments 程序设计及实验 Comparison of American and Chinese Modernization 美国现代化与中国现代化的比较 Appreciation of Chinese Vocal Music 中国声乐精品赏析 Experiments in Analytical Biochemistry 生化分析实验 Freshman French 一年法语 Language Laboratory 语言实验 Background of France 法国概况 Oral French 法语口语 Translation, F-C 法译汉 Selected Readings in French Literature 法国文学选读 History of French Literature 法国文学史 Translation, C-F 汉译法 Introduction to Mechanics 机械学概论 Principles of Enterprise Management 企业管理学原理 Principles of Statistics and Economic Statistics 统计学原理与经济统计 Management Economics 管理经济学 Appreciation of Chicese Literature 中国文学欣赏 Industrial Enterprise Management 工业企业管理 Research of Item Feasibility 项目可行性研究 Research of Contemporary Taiwan 当代台湾研究 Introduction to Map 地图概论 Foundation of Physical Geography 自然地理学基础 Geography of the World 世界地理学 Oceanography 海洋学 Analysis of Remote Sensing Geography 遥感地学分析 Map Reparation 地图整饰 Course of Dancing 舞蹈 Computer Thematic Cartography 机助专题制图 Introduction to Geographical Information System 地理信息系统概论 Introduction to Modern Cartography 现代地图学概论 Developing Tool of Modern Managemant Software 现代管理软件开发工具 Administrative Management 行政管理学 Practice Management of Foreign Trade 外贸实务管理 Culture and Modern China 文化与当代中国 Religion and Modern Society 宗教与现代社会 Dialectics of Nature 自然辩证法 Management Philosophy 管理哲学 Social Practice 社会实践 Special Topic on Modern Marxist Philosophy 当代马克思主义哲学专题 Appreciation and Practice of Chinese Folk Art 中国民间艺术欣赏制作 Selected Readings in Shakespeareana 莎士比亚导读 Modern New Confucianism 当代新儒学 Basics of Drawing and Aesthetics 绘画基础与美学 Industry Distribution and Regional Organization 工业布局与工业区组织 Agriculture Distribution and Rural Development 农业布局与乡村发展 Economic Theory and Analysis 经济学理论与经济分析 Research of Chinese Small-Scale Peasant Economy 中国小农经济研究 Water Supply and Drainage of Cities 城市给排水规划 Urban Transportation Planning 城市道路规划设计 Urban Geography 城市地理学 Experiment in General Chemistry 普通化学实验 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司