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portrayed in literature or painting vivid 跃然纸上 said of two persons on the same side of an argument, etc. one echoes the other 一唱一和 of a river rushing along | of a calligrapher a bold and flowing style 一泻千里 said of Chinese calligraphy a forceful style | said of comments, analysis etc. incisive 入木三分 presaging national ruin degenerate or decadent music 亡国之音 very precarious | of sound lingering on faintly 不绝如缕 sing at the top of one's voice 引吭高歌 dance for joy 手舞足蹈 too highbrow to be popular 曲高和寡 melodious 抑扬顿挫 express one's grief or anger in song and verse 长歌当哭 exquisitely carved | of a person very bright 玲珑剔透 of sound loud and clear 穿云裂石 lifelike 栩栩如生 through contrast provide a foil for a character or incident in a literary of artistic work 烘云托月 of a voice sweet | style of writing polished and easy 珠圆玉润 prodigious skill 神工鬼斧 of music, poems etc. inspirit and soul-stirring 回肠荡气 the approaches are different, but results are excellent 异曲同工 add the finishing touch 画龙点睛 art and literature which appeal to highbrows only 阳春白雪 singing and dancing to one's heart's content 载歌载舞 peace and prosperity | put on a show of peace and prosperity 歌舞升平 soft music and graceful dancing 轻歌曼舞 of woman, dancer graceful movements 翩若惊鸿 the lovely voice continues to reverberate after the singer has stopped 余音绕樑 of music and poetry etc. greatly admire 击节称叹赏 harp on the same old tune 旧老调重弹 of Chinese calligraphy vigorous touches and fine strokes 铁画银钩 of singing be so sonorous as to stop the passing clouds 响遏行云 resound across the heavens 响彻云霄 said of a superb piece of writing every word is worth its weight in gold 一字千金 small and exquisite 小巧玲珑 evenly matched 工力悉敌 usually of literary and artistic worksbe out of the common run 不同凡响 perfect job 天衣无缝 of scenery, literary works etc. delight very much or very absorbing 引人入胜 readable and fluent 文从字顺 superb, incredible mastery of something 出神入化 of ancient objects of art having an old-fashioned and antique flavour 古色古香 in reference to a work of art superb craftsmanship 巧夺天工 a fitted pen 生花妙笔 of writings, opinions etc. remarkably original and forceful 石破天惊 describe something very expressively 曲尽奇妙 an altogether different world 别有天地 of music, good writing etc. affect people deeply 沁人心脾 portray vividly figures in pictures or characters in novels 呼之欲出 said of wide circulation of a popular work paper is dear in Luoyang--a best seller 洛阳纸贵 of a voice sweet style of writing polished and easy 珠圆玉润 of a painter, calligrapher or writer work with scrupulous care, cherish one's own work 惜墨如金 of speaking, writing etc. vividly and incisively 淋漓尽致 add the finishing touch 画龙点睛 of writing exquisite writing 绝妙好辞 right on the beat 丝丝入扣 of a statement, argument etc. be logical 顺理成章 present a magnificent sight 蔚为大观 of music and poetry etc. greatly admire 击节称叹赏 turn a crude essay into a literary gem 点石铁成金 the talented and skilled are bold 艺高胆大 usually of literary and artistic works be out of the common run 不同凡响 not limited to one type or style 不拘一格 be unconventional 不落窠臼 have originality of one's own 匠心独运 think up an idea of one's own 自出心裁 said of a creative writer, painter etc. of one's own 自成一家 be-original; break new ground 别出新心裁 have a distinctive or unique style 别具一格 have great originality 别具匠心 start something new and original 别开生面 have a new school of thought 别树一帜 find something new in what is old 推陈出新 founder of a religious sect or school of thought 开山祖师 create something new and original 标新立异 be-original 独出心裁 have a special inventive mind 独具匠心 have exceptional insight 独具只眼 advocate something unique 独树一帜 develop a new method or style of one's own 独辟蹊径 piece together 七拼八凑 to parrot what others say 人云亦云 the doings of superiors are imitated by their inferiors 上行下效 not to be taken as an example 不足可为训 accept something uncritically or transplant something indiscriminately 生吞活剥 copy mechanically and apply indiscriminately 生搬硬套 slavish imitation 亦步亦趋 do things according to an approved routine method 如法炮制 follow in somebody's footsteps 步人后尘 piece together 东拼西凑 crude imitation with ludicrous effects 东施效颦 use impractical means to solve a problem 削足适履屦 to plagiarize 拾人牙慧 make a far-fetched or irrelevant comparison 穿凿附会 distorted interpretation 郢书燕说 make a far- fetched or irrelevant comparison 牵强附会 make a poor imitation of sth. 画虎类狗犬 echo what the books say 照本宣科 copy the form without understanding the substance 照猫画虎 use impractical means to solve a problem 截趾足适履 quote out of context to suit one's purposes 断章取义 slavish imitation of others and loss of one's own individuality 邯郸学步 only slightly acquainted with a person 一日之雅 feel like old friends at the first meeting 一见如故 be very much devoted to 一往情深 a nodding acquaintance 一面之交 having met once only as ordained by fate 一面之缘 the virtues of a great man of lasting influence 山高水长 the complexities of the world | immensity of love, kindness etc. 天高地厚 a bosom friend 心腹之交 deep friendshipimplying a readiness to die for each other 生死之交 between friends mutual devotion so deep as to be willing to lay down one's life 刎颈之交 of a group of people share the same ambitions and purposes 志同道合 be a good teacher and a helpful friend 良师益友 a casual acquaintanceship 泛泛之交 regret not having got to know somebody sooner 相知见恨晚 have never met or seen before 素昧平生 friends in adversity 患难之交 long and close friendship 深情厚谊 bosom friends 莫逆之交 last forever 万古长青 old and new friends 旧雨新知 have many ramifications 千丝万缕 follow somebody closely 寸步不离 a complete meeting of minds 心心相印 be in complete harmony 水乳交融 go through thick and thin together 生死与共 share joys and sorrows with each other 休戚相关 stand together through thick and thin 休戚与共 stick together through thick and thin 同分甘共苦 pull together in times of trouble 同舟共济 very satisfied or pleased with each other 如鱼得水 of two persons inoperable 如影随形 be deeply attached to each other 如胶似漆 usually said of childhood sweethearts very intimate 耳鬓厮磨 as close as flesh and blood 血肉相连 inseparable usually said of lovers or devoted couples 形影不离 in times of difficulty work together with one heart 和衷共济 have a heart-to-heart talk 促膝谈心 depend on each other for survival 相依为命 stick together through thick and thin 风雨共舟 closely related and mutually dependent 唇齿相依 closely interrelated to 息息相关 be two of a kind 气味相投 as close as flesh and blood 骨肉相连 share weal and woe 患难与共 find one another congenial 情投意合 have the same temperament 意气相投 be on intimate terms 称兄道弟 be on very intimate terms 亲密无间 of lovers etc. separated but still in each other's thoughts 藕断丝连 be inextricably involved in a dispute or locked in a struggle | be sentimentally attached to each other 难分解难解分 full of goodwill toward one another 一团和气 in human relationships what is natural and normal 人之常情 versed in the art of dealing with people 人情世故 in establishing social relations be smooth and slick, able to please everybody 八面玲珑 be neither overbearing nor servile 不亢卑不卑亢 be unreasonable 不近人情 show no interest in something 不闻不问 the doctrine of the mean Confucian 中庸之道 disown all one's relatives and friends 六亲不认 the fickleness of human relationships 世态炎凉 repay injustice with justice 以直抱怨 judge people solely by their appearance 以貌取人 treat people with due respect 以礼相待 warm-hearted and considerate 古道热肠 amiable and easy to approach 平易近人 the way of conducting oneself in society 立身处世 unable to say no to seekers of help 有求必应 worldly-wise 老于世故 make sarcastic comments 冷言冷语 have an icy manner 冷若冰霜 cold-blooded 冷酷无情 all comers are welcome, refuse nobody's request or offer 来者不拒 amiable manner 和颜悦色 the manner by which one deals with people 待人接物 keep somebody at arm's length 若即若离 pay attention to all sides of a matter 面面俱到 temper force with mercy 刚柔相济 treat others with utmost sincerity 推心置腹 benumbed and unresponsive 麻木不仁 after a quarrel make up and be friends again 握手言欢 cut somebody dead 视同路陌人 politely keep somebody at arm's length 敬而远之 refined and cultured 温文尔雅 be gentle and kind 闻融敦厚 be indifferent or unconcerned 漠不关心 full of warmth and enthusiasm 满腔热忱 have a forbidding manner 凛若冰霜 cold hearted 铁石心肠 public morality is not what it used to be 人心不古 on arrival in a new place, learn about their local customs 入国乡问俗 on arrival in a strange place, ask about the local taboos of the people 入境问禁 the moral values of society are worsening day by day 世风日下 law and order prevail 夜不闭户 return to the owner what one has picked up 拾金不昧 slip back into one's old ways 故态复萌 become a custom through long practice 相沿成习 customs change with the times 时移俗易 make changes in customs and traditions 移风易俗 become accustomed to something 习以为常 habit becomes second nature 习与性成 old habits and bad customs 陈规陋习 act immorally 伤风败俗 honesty prevails throughout society 道路不拾遗 with corrupt practices out of the way, a healthy atmosphere prevails 弊绝风清 be imperceptibly influenced by 潜移默化 become a trend or a common practice 蔚然成风 ingrained habits die hard 积重难返 be guilty of heterodoxy 离经叛道 an unexpected guest 不速之客 refuse to see visitors 杜门谢客 all comes are welcome, refuse nobody's request or offer 来者不拒 a much visited house 门庭若市 arrive in high spirits 乘兴而来 busy entertaining guests 送往迎来 of importance the secondary supersedes the primary 喧宾夺主 said of a hotel, etc. make guests feel at home 宾至如归 have more visitors, business etc. than one can attend to 应接不暇 have a pleasant journey! 一路平安顺风 may a lucky star follow you on your journey! 一路福星 used as a marriage congratulatory message a marriage make in heaven 天作之合 the whole world or nation joins in jubilation 普天同庆 to watch a spectacle, welcome a hero etc. everyone in a city turns out 万人空巷 last forever 万古长青 birthday greetings may you have a long life 万寿无疆 birthday greeting-live as long as the Southern Mountain 寿比南山 peace and prosperity | put on a show of peace and prosperity 歌舞升平 congratulate each other on the prospect of getting new appointment and honours 弹冠相庆 be overjoyed 额手称庆 a gathering of talented people or a large collection of cultural objects in one place 人文荟萃 so crowded | so heavily guarded that no water could seep through 水泄不通 a gathering of the talented and able 风云际会 a full house 座无虚席 an exceptionally grand or festive occasion 盛况空前 such grand gatherings do not take place every day 盛筵难再 gather together 济济一堂 an assemblage of talents 鸾翔凤集 teat people with due respect 以礼相待 make impertinent remarks 出言不逊 try peaceful means before resorting to force 先礼后兵 return a favour with a favour 投桃报李 with humble words and lavish gifts 卑辞重厚币礼 an expression of modesty implying that one does not deserve what is offered it is not polite to refuse 却之不恭 let loose a torrent of abuse 破口大骂 be well-mannered 彬彬有礼 difficult to turn down an offer make with such warmth 盛情难却 etiquette demands reciprocity | pay a man back in his own coin 礼尚往来 admire somebody from the bottom of one's heart 五体投地 be convinced wholeheartedly 心服口服 gladly and wholeheartedly convinced 心悦诚服 be extremely deferential 必毕恭必毕敬 sit properly with a serious mien, sit respectfully 正襟危坐 bow to somebody's superiority 甘拜下风 make a fetish of somebody or something 奉若如神明 listen with respectful attention 洗耳恭听 of husband and wife treat each other with respect 相敬如宾 command public respect and support 众望所归 pay homage to 顶礼膜拜 respect the teacher and his teachings 尊师重道 feel deep respect for 肃然起敬 politely keep somebody at arm's length 敬而远之 respected and admired by all 万流景仰 enjoy high prestige and command universal respect 德高望重 husband and wife treat each other with respect 举案齐眉 have no self-respect 不知自爱 be servile 奴颜婢膝媚骨 underestimate oneself 妄自菲薄 abandon oneself to wanton ways 自甘堕落 have a feeling of inferiority or inadequacy 自惭形秽 have no ambition at all 自暴自弃 of humble origins | be servile and submissive 低三下四 be obsequiously submissive 低首下心 behave servilely or obsequiously 卑躬屈节膝 be docile and obedient 俯首帖耳 to fawn and be obsequious 摇尾乞怜 with no discrimination in treating people 一视同仁 treat matters in an undiscriminating manner 一概而论 evenly matched 工力悉敌 be on a par with 不分伯仲 equally matched 不分轩轾 regardless of national or regional difference 不分畛域 meet as equals 分庭抗伉礼 to equal each other in achievements, score etc. 平分秋色 treat another as one's equal 平起平坐 both can be accomplished without coming into conflict 并行不悖 be on a par with somebody 并驾齐驱 of marriage be well-matched in social and economic status 门当户对 put on a par with, mention in the same breath 相提并论 not unique but as a double 无独有偶 put on a par 等量齐观 evenly matched 势均力敌 be very sure of success etc. 十拿九稳 help in every way humanly possible 仁至义尽 when production costs rise, prices rise too 水涨船高 bully others because one has power or powerful connections 仗势欺人 stable and safe 四平八稳 be at somebody's beck and call 仰人鼻息 there is no fear when one has something to fall back upon 有恃无恐 have trouble even in taking care of oneself 自顾不暇 be a bully with the backing of a powerful person 狗仗人势 depend on each other for survival 相依为命 pay attention to all sides of a matter 面面俱到 flaunt one's age or seniority by ignoring manners, regulations etc. 倚老卖老 interdependence of two neighbouring states 唇亡齿寒 dressed in tatters and live miserably | have too many difficulties to cope with 捉襟见肘 depend on somebody for a living 寄人篱下 put oneself in another's place 推己及人 put oneself in another's position, be considerate 设身处地 very thoughtful, very careful 无微不至 absolutely safe or sure 万无一失 treat somebody with great kindness 解衣推食 show a kind concern for another's comfort 嘘寒问暖 certain or confident of winning 稳操左胜券 unable to attend to everything at one time 顾此失彼 very kind and thoughtful 体贴入微 the three obediences and four virtuesConfucian ethics imposed on women 三从四德 yield with a show of reluctance 半推半就 be docile and obedient 百依百顺 be obsequiously submissive 低首下气 be meek and subservient 低声下气 refuse to see visitors 杜门谢客 reject criticism and whitewash one's mistakes 拒谏饰非 an expression of modesty implying that one does not deserve what is offered it is not polite to refuse 却之不恭 do whatever one is told to do 唯命是从听 be a yes-man 唯唯诺诺 readily accept good advice 从善如流 don't know whose suggestion to follow 无所适从 pretend to obey 阳奉阴违 not worth a penny 一文钱不值 dismiss with a laugh 一笑置之 self-depreciatory expression words of the lowly carry little weight 人微言轻 end up with nothing conclusive 不了了之 not worth refuting 不值一驳 be beneath one's notice 不屑一顾 show no interest in something 不闻不问 answer back sarcastically 反唇相讥稽 absent-minded 心不在焉 men of letters tend to despise one another 文人相轻 dismiss with a smile or a laugh 付之一笑 turn a deaf ear to 充耳不闻 run its own course without interference 自生自灭 find excuses to console oneself 自我解嘲 be an onlookeror bystander 作壁上观 make sarcastic comments 冷言冷语 look on with cold indifference 冷眼旁观 with biting sarcasm 冷嘲热讽 watch others suffering or getting beaten without extending a helping hand 坐视不救 look on coldly 坐观成败 use the past to disparage the present 借古讽今 in flagrant disregard of 悍然不顾 take things coolly 淡然处置之 make a feeble attempt to silence jeers 聊以解嘲 look on unconcerned 袖手旁观 nobody wants or shows any interest in 无人问津 give no serious thought to anything 无所用心 be unmoved 无动于衷 treat lightly or casually 等闲视之 cut somebody dead 视同路陌人 regard as worthless 视如敝屣 turn a blind eye to 视而不见 become a laughing stock by showing one's ignorance 贻笑大方 treat with contempt 嗤之以鼻 have no regard for personal safety, interest etc. 置之诸度外 disregard totally 置之不理 turn a deaf ear to 置若罔闻 talk over people's heads, cast pearls before swine 对牛弹琴 be indifferent or unconcerned 漠不关心 be careless and indifferent 漫不经心 proud and contemptuous of the work and its ways 轻世傲物 catch one's eyes 引人注目 regard somebody or something with special respect | see somebody in a new light 另眼相看看待 to fix one's eyes on something 目不转睛 regard a person with special esteem 刮目相待看 eye covetously or menacingly 虎视眈眈 put stress on the present, not the past 厚今薄古 value one's modest creations esp. writing etc. 敝帚自珍 in the glare of the public eye 众目睽睽 under the glare of the public 万目睽睽 become the focus of world attention 举世瞩目 go right to the heart of the matter 一针见血 make a pointed comment 一语破中的 attack somebody with his own writings or statements 入室操戈 override all objections 力排众议 an all-persuasive tongue 三寸之舌 speak volubly 口若悬河 answer back sarcastically 反唇相讥稽 give an exaggerated account of things 天花乱坠 refute somebody with his own argument 以子之矛,攻子之盾 one's tongue is the pen of a ready writer 出口成章 a very plausible tongue 巧舌如簧 sweet words and an insinuating manner 巧言令色 find it hard to defend or vindicate oneself 有口难分辩 make one's story sound plausible 自圆其说 have a ready tongue 伶牙俐齿 facts speak louder than words 事实胜于雄辩 talk with ease and confidence 侃侃而谈 squabble over trifles 争长论短 speak flowery and deceiving words 花言巧语 take delight in talking about 津津乐道 lifelike 活龙灵活现 brief and to the point 要言不烦 exchange heated words 唇枪舌剑 talk in a lively and interestingly way 娓娓动听 in self-justification speak plausibly and volubly 振振有词 be glib and quick-tongued in argument 能言善辩道 have a ready tongue 能说会道 in action, strategy, argument etc. be diametrically opposed to 针锋相对 argue irrationally 强词夺理 honeyed words 甜言蜜语 indisputable 无可争辩 instigate by loose talk 摇唇鼓舌 make one's point with subtle hints thrown in 谈言微中 raise doubts 质疑问难 argue on the basis of reason 据理力争 please the public with claptrap 哗众取宠 have a sliver tongue 辩才无碍 argue or talk endlessly 哓哓不休 take the blame 引咎自责 gesticulate profusely or criticize indiscriminately 指手划画脚 beyond or above reproach 无可非议 give little cause for criticism 无可厚非 be overcritical 评头品足 indulge in idle gossip 说长道短 injured all over the body | be thoroughly refuted or exposed of a theory etc. 体无完肤 frank and outspoken 心直口快 speak haltingly or ambiguously in order to hide the truth 支吾其词辞 speak out from a sense of justice 仗义执直言 read between the lines 字里行间 on speaking sharply one doesn't really mean what one has said 有口无心 hem and haw 吞吞吐吐 hidden meaning between the lines 言外下之意 to hold nothing back 和盘托出 an implied meaning 弦外之音 go along a zigzag | beat around the bush 拐弯抹角 be sloppy or slovenly in speaking or doing things 拖泥带水 state one's views frankly or straight forwardly 直抒己见 call a spade a spade 直言不讳 straightforward 直截了当 tell the truth and tell the whole truth 知无不言,言无不尽 talk straight and frankly 指天画地 make oblique accusations 指桑骂槐 speak in a roundabout way 旁敲侧击 speak evasively 闪烁其辞 come straight to the point 单刀直入 it is no secret that... 无可讳言 clarify the aim and theme from the very beginning 开宗明义 come straight to the point 开门见山 the meaning is implied 意在言外 go along a zigzag course | beat around the bush 转弯抹角 a fantastic tale 千古奇闻谈 talk a lot of nonsense 大放厥词 stray from the point 不著边际 platitudes of an old scholar 老生常谈 of speech or writing devoid of substance 言之无物 weird and absurd 怪诞不经 talk at random 东拉西扯 talk in generalities 泛泛而谈 be devoid of content 空洞无物 a tall story 海外奇谈 as boundless as the sea and sky | talk at random, without reference to reality 海阔天空 be an armchair strategist 纸上谈兵 talk volubly or bombastically 高谈阔论 hackneyed and stereotyped 陈词腔滥调 on and on, without limitation 漫无止境 limitless | straying from the subject 漫无边际 reams of rubbish 废话连篇 chat about everything under the sun 谈天说地 harp on the same old tune 旧老调重弹 bluff and bluster 大吹大擂 brag unblushingly 大言不惭 spout a lot of erroneous opinions 大发谬论 grossly mistaken 大谬不然 make a great fuss over a trifle 小题大做 of rumours, gossip etc. collapse by itself 不攻自破 an absurd statement 不经之谈 give an exaggerated account of things 天花乱坠 as news headlines, reporting etc. resort to sensationalism 危言耸听 blow one's own trumpet 自吹自擂 blow one's own trumpet 自我吹嘘 exaggerate 言过其实 high-sounding | elegant 冠冕堂皇 to seize on an incident to exaggerate matters 借题发挥 preposterous 荒诞不经 utterly absurd 荒谬绝伦 exaggerate 张大其词事 make a fuss over a trifle 杀鸡焉用牛刀 blow up or embellish a story, report etc. 添枝加叶 heresy 异端邪说 make a deceptive show of strength 虚张声势 exaggerate 夸大其词 indulge in exaggerations 夸夸其谈词 give an exaggerated account of something 过甚其词 often said of news-reporting etc. be sensational 耸人听闻 to transmit falsehood or inaccuracies from one generation to another 谬种流传 not know what someone is driving at 不知所云 talk nonsense 言不及义 nothing nice comes from a filthy mouth 狗嘴里吐不出象牙 wag one's tongue too freely 信口开河合 make irresponsible remarks 信口雌黄 talk nonsense 胡言乱语 talk nonsense 胡说八道 talk idiotic nonsense 痴人说梦 talk incoherently 语无伦次 be noncommittal 不置可否 speak haltingly or ambiguously in order to hide the truth 支吾其词辞 vague and ambiguous 含糊不明 talk ambiguously 含糊其词 hesitant and indecisive 依违两可 be ambiguous 模棱两可 use ambiguous language 隐约其辞 be ambiguous and devious in meaning 隐晦曲折 make a promise and not keep it 口惠而实不至 speak one's mind frankly 心口如一 go back on one's word 出尔反尔 deeds accord with words 言行一致 say one thing and do another 言行不一 say one thing and do another 言行相悖 what the heart thinks the tongue speaks 言为心声 facts speak louder than words 事实胜于雄辩 pretend to like something which one really fears 叶公好龙 much talk, little action 雷声大雨点小 judge people by their deeds, not just by their words 听其言而观其行 speak slowly and clearly 一字一板 it is a long story 一言难尽 with so much to say 千言万语 say again and again 口口声声 speak volubly 口若悬河 talk one's tongue weary 口燥唇干 spare no pains 不厌其烦 whisper to each other 交头接耳 think aloud 自言自语 engage in a futile battle of words 舌敝耳聋 wear oneself out with pleading 舌敝唇焦 be aggressive 咄咄逼人 suave and sly 油腔滑调 a lengthy speech or article 长篇大论 speak with a mixed accent 南腔北调 talk straight and frankly 指天画地 gesticulate profusely or criticize indiscriminately 指手划画脚 talk on and on without signs of fatigue 娓娓不倦 exchange heated words 唇枪舌剑 blurt out something 脱口而出 be garrulous and sharp-tongued 贫嘴薄舌 talk endlessly 喋喋不休 unnecessary to go into details 无庸赘述 talk fluently and endlessly 滔滔不绝 unhurriedly 慢条斯理 it is a long story 说来话长 blurt out something 冲口而出 talk in a light-hearted and interesting way 谈笑风生 be trenchant 锋芒逼人 to discuss something in secret 窃窃私语 argue or talk endlessly 哓哓不休 be beyond description 不可言状 an unalterable tenet 不易之论 be quiet 不声不响 have a tacit understanding 心照不宣 dare not speak out 仗马寒蝉 refuse to talk 守口如瓶 find it difficult or embarrassing to bring up a matter 有口难言 a golden saying 至理名言 too wonderful for words 妙不可言 swallow an insult 忍气吞声 uncommunicative 沉默寡言 often used at the end of a letter what I have said or written does not convey all I have on my mind 言不尽意 see no harm in hearing what somebody has to say 姑妄听之 an unbiased view 持平之论 look at each other in consternation 面面相觑 rendered speechless 哑口无言 agape and tongue-tied 张口结舌 choke with silent fury 敢怒而不敢言 the people's voices are stifled 万马齐喑 hypocritical utterance, comments etc. 违心之论 keep silent out of fear 噤若寒蝉 refuse to speak 默不作声 in brief 总而言之 secrets or problems one doesn't want to reveal 难言之隐 individual thinking is as varied as individual looks 人心如面 think thrice before you act 三思而行 even the wise make mistakes | even the wise are not free from error 千虑一失 even a fool occasionally hits on a good idea 千虑一得 act, respond etc. without hesitation 不假思索 hit upon a sudden idea 心血来潮 ponder 左思右想 remain perplexed despite much thought 百思不莫解 what the heart thinks the tongue speaks 言为心声 be meaningful and thought-provoking, provide food for thought 耐人寻味 let one's imagination run away with one 胡思乱想 think long and hard 苦思冥想 hit on an idea in a moment of desperation 情急智生 weigh and consider a matter 深思熟虑 premeditate for evil ends 处心积虑 provide food for thought 发人深省思 pool the wisdom of the masses 集思广益 have a brainwave 灵机一动 a very limited outlook 一孔之见 said of clarity in presentation understand fully at one glance 一目了然 have little knowledge and no comprehension 一知半解 meet with general approval 一倡唱百和 insist on doing things in one's own way 一意孤行 to parrot what others say 人云亦云 of schools of thought take a sectarian attitude 入主出奴 override all objections 力排众议 have good judgement 大有见地 be extremely puzzled 大惑不解 inconceivable 不可思议 not know what's good for one 不知好歹 be in a coma | be ignorant of the way of the world 不省人事 fail to grasp the main point 不得要领 ignore the general interest 不识大体 not know how to appreciate somebody's kindness 不识抬举 show no understanding of the times | lack judgement 不识时务 be keenly aware of 切身体会 have a pretty good idea of how things stand 胸心中有数 have a tacit understanding 心照不宣 know or understand something without being told 心领神会 vulgar or common-place point of view. 世俗之见 I beg to differ, cannot agree 未敢苟同 not have a correct appraisal of one's own ability | see those afar but not those close at hand 目不见睫 prejudice 先入之见 first impressions are strongest 先入为主 a person of foresight 先知先觉 each airs his own views 各抒己见 each sticks to his own viewpoint 各持执己见 begin to see light 如梦初醒 be familiar with a subject 如数家珍 lack discerning power 有眼无珠 dead set on something 死心塌地 an old hand is a good guide 老马识途 regard oneself as infallible 自以为是 a correct self-assessment 自知之明 follow others blindly 吠形影吠声 lap up information without digesting it 囫囵吞枣 opinions differ 见仁见智 everyone gives a different version 言人人殊 what the heart thinks the tongue speaks 言为心声 take measures without considering changes in circumstances 刻舟求剑 stick stubbornly to one's opinion 固执己见 follow one's bigoted ideas 孤行己见 be perceptive of the minutest detail 明察秋毫 state one's views frankly or straightforwardly 直抒己见 estimate correctly one's strength as well as that of one's opponent 知彼知己 sectarianism 门户之见 biased 囿于成见 suddenly see the light 恍然大悟 a well-founded view or opinion 持之有故 suddenly see the light 茅塞顿开 to seize on an incident to exaggerate matters 借题发挥 opinionated 刚愎自用 be known to all 家喻户晓 the impractical view of a bookish person 书生之见 stubborn and unruly 桀骜不驯 correct and profound insight 真知灼见 not know for certain 胸心中无数 hold on obstinately to errors or wrong beliefs 执迷不误 discriminate against those who hold different views 排斥除异己 give up one's opinions and accept those of another 舍己从人 forgo what is within reach and seek after something unreachable 舍近求图远 it's difficult to make everyone feel satisfied 众口难调 opinions are widely divided 众说纷纭 be baffled or be inexplicable 莫名其妙 be erudite and informed 博古通今 pool the wisdom of the masses 集思广益 wipe out or get ride of dissenters 诛锄异己 refuse to mend one's way despite repeated admonition 屡教不改 speak out freely 畅所欲言 in my humble opinion 管见所及 encourage the free airing of views 广开言路 do a familiar job with ease 驾轻就熟 do what one think is right regardless of others' opinions 独行其是 have exceptional insight 独具只眼 well digested completely understood 融会贯通 speak or behave as others do without views of one's own, swim with the tide 随波逐流 echo what others say 随声附和 have things at one's fingertips 了如指掌 to see everything suddenly in a clear light 豁然贯通 the road opens up suddenly before one | the truth dawns on one in a flash 豁然开朗 be extremely puzzled 大惑不解 be beyond doubt 不容置疑 rely on hearsay instead of seeing for oneself 以耳代目 be in suspicious circumstances 瓜田李下 be in suspicious circumstances 瓜李之嫌 be self-confident 自信不疑 see no harm in hearing 姑妄听之 be jittery with imaginary fears 杯弓蛇影 be in a state of extreme nervousness 草木皆兵 listen to only one side 偏听偏信 treat others with utmost sincerity 推心置腹 believe without a shadow of doubt 深信不疑 beyond and doubt 无庸可置疑 full of suspicion 疑神疑鬼 cannot dissipate one's doubts 疑团莫释 cherish the memory of a person on seeing his old belongings 人亡物在 old sights recall to mind the memory of old friends 人去楼空 memories of an old sweetheart 人面桃花 find it unbearable to recall 不堪回首 provide much food for thought 回味无穷 be eternally grateful 没齿不忘 words still ring in one's ears but the speaker has already forgotten them 言犹在耳 be remembered with deep gratitude 刻骨铭心 bear in mind forever 念念不忘 relive an old experience 重温旧梦 remain fresh in one's memory 记忆犹新 have encyclopedic knowledge 博闻强记 important people have short memories mockingly 贵人善忘 seeing these things one is reminded of the owner 赌物思人 an extremely good memory 过目不忘 reflect on the past in the light of the present 抚今追昔 a scene which recalls mixed memories 触景生伤情 castles in the air 空中楼阁 a fond dream 南柯一梦 let one's imagination run away with one 胡思乱想 but extremely scared and jittery 风声鹤唳 something imaginary a mirage 海市蜃楼 be in a state of extreme nervousness 草木皆兵 console oneself with vain hopes 望梅止渴 let one's imagination run riot 异想天开 draw cakes to stave off hunger-feed on illusions 画饼充饥 purely imaginary 虚无飘渺 a pipe dream 黄粱一美梦 allow one's fancy to run wild 想入非非 indulge in wishful thinking 痴心妄想 a pipe dream 梦幻泡影 be an illusion 镜花水月 rely one hearsay instead of seeing for oneself 以耳代目 a pleasant change of atmosphere or appearance 耳目一新 uninformed 耳目闭塞 that which one sees and hears 耳闻目睹击 be unconsciously influenced by what one constantly hears or sees 耳濡目染 look on with cold indifference 冷眼旁观 examine a thing hurriedly 走马看观花 be perceptive of the minutest detail 明察秋毫 conduct a thorough investigation 明察暗访 glance this way and that 东张西望 be crystal clear 洞若观火 be perceptive of the minutest detail 洞察秋毫 see through somebody's stricks 洞烛其奸 the onlooker is clear-headed 旁观者清 confuse public opinion 混淆视听 get a rough idea of something 略见一斑 be out of touch with reality 闭目塞听 something people love to see and hear 喜闻见乐见闻 be ill-informed and ignorant 寡见少闻 try to read somebody's face 察言观色 a one-sided statement 一面之词 broaden one's outlook 大开眼界 be a person with a very limited outlook 井底之蛙 be short-sighted 目光如豆 blazing with anger | be far-sighted 目光如炬 have a very limited view implying ignorance, short-sightedness, shallowness etc. 坐井观天 draw conclusions from incomplete data 盲人摸象 show great foresight 高瞻远瞩 get a rough idea of something 略见一斑 broaden one's outlook 开阔眼界 be shortsighted 鼠目寸光 have a limited view of something conjure up the whole thing through seeing a part of it 管中窥豹 foresight and sagacity 远见卓识 quote out of context to suit one's purposes 断章取义 eventually truth will prevail 水落石出 said of a woman in feudal society to go out and be seen in public 抛头露面 of a plot, conspiracy etc. the game is up 东窗事发 something that gives away a person's real character or evil intentions 狐狸尾巴 of a person reveal the true nature or colour completely 原形毕露 the truth is out 真相大白 have one's true face or colours completely exposed 真相毕露 usually said of guerillas appear and disappear mysteriously 神出鬼没 the unexpected appearance of a new talent, factor, stratagem, etc. that changes the old situation 异军突起 emerge in an endless stream 层出不穷 an ostentatious display of ability 锋芒毕露 said of glory, a favourable situation etc. last briefly 昙花一现 emerge because of demand, opportunity etc. 应运而生 tell part of the truth but not all of it 藏头露尾 said of clarity in presentation understand fully at one glance 一目了然 speak slowly and clearly 一字一板 perfectly clear about something 一清二楚 a panoramic view 一览无余遗 it is self-evident 不言而喻 be obvious to all 有目共睹见 very obvious 昭然若揭 be crystal clear 洞若观火 bring out the best in each other 相得益彰 be entirely different 泾渭分明 bewildered confusing to the eye 迷离惝恍 indisputable 无可争辩 unnecessary to go into details 无庸赘述 in sharp contrast 黑白分明 very obvious 彰明较昭著 have a clear-cut stand 旗帜鲜明 complicated and confusing 扑朔迷离 remember vividly to this day 历历在目 just as the name implies 顾名思义 obviously 显而易见 it is a straw in the wind 一叶知秋 unforeseen disasters or accidents usually refers to death 三长两短 unforeseen disasters or accidents usually refers to death 山高水低 not unexpected 不出所料 difficult to size up 不可捉摸 an ill omen 不祥之兆 happen unexpectedly 不期而然 bode ill rather than well 凶多吉少 judge others by oneself 以己度人 beyond all expectations 出人意表 take someone unawares 出其不意 troubles that arise all of a sudden 平地风波 have foresight 未卜先知 hard to tell whether the person will live or die, be uncertain of one's fate 生死未卜 have prophetic vision 先见之明 trust to chance and luck in one's action, hope for gains without pains 守株待兔 die an unnatural or violent death 死于非命 from one small clue one can see what is coming 见微知着 if a problem or an issue is not settled promptly, twists and obstacles will arise 夜长梦多 a bolt from the blue 青晴天霹雳 foretell with miraculous accuracy 料事如神 usually said of guerillas appear and disappear mysteriously 神出鬼没 an unexpected happening 神差鬼使 great repercussions 轩然大波 caught off-guard 措手不及 make an appraisal of the situation or question 揆情度理 unexpected misfortune 无妄之灾 clever at deduction and association 闻一知十 study and weigh the situation 审时度势 to predict the future from the past 数往知来 infer the whole from a single instance 举一反三 understand something by means of a process of inference 触类旁通 predict the future by reviewing the past 鉴往知来 unpredictable changeable 变幻莫测 said of a desperate or critical situation hang by a thread 一发千钧 imminent crisis 一触即发 most urgent 十万火急 the rising wind forebodes a coming storm 山雨欲来风满楼 very precarious | of sound lingering on faintly 不绝如缕 a life and death crisis 生死关头 said of a nation at the moment of crisis 危急存亡之秋 crisis-ridden 晰四伏 the situation demands immediate action 形势逼人 be of great urgency 刻不容缓 extremely anxious | the situation is critical 急不可待 extremely pressing 急如星火 too impatient to wait 迫不及待 extremely urgent 迫在眉睫 of a regime, authority etc. very unstable 摇摇欲坠 be at daggers drawn 剑拔弩张 reach the point of no return 箭在弦上 extremely urgent 燃眉之急 in a stagnant or lifeless condition 一潭死水 the game is as good as lost 大势已去 the trend of the times 大势所趋 give judicious guidance according to circumstances 因势利导 go from bad to worse 江河日下 all things tend in one direction 百川归海 go from bad to worse 每况愈下 the sky clears after the rain | when the incident or confusion is over, things become normal again 雨过天晴青 of the march of events etc. take a sudden turn for the better or worse 急转直下 be calm and tranquil 风平浪静 turbulent times 风雨摇摆 an unpredictable situation 风雨不莫测 a sudden change in the situation 风云突变 a changeable situation 风云变幻 a vicious circle 恶性循环 of a regime authority etc. very unstable 摇摇欲坠 tripartite balance of forces 鼎足之势 study and weigh the situation 审时度势 the tree may prefer calm but the wind keeps blowing, the objective laws often go counter to man's desires 树欲静而风不止 submit to providence 听天由命 behaviour, conduct etc. go from bad to worse 变本加厉 have hundreds of attendants at one's beck and call 一呼百诺 a mighty force 千军兵万马 on a grand scale 大张旗鼓 all-powerful 叱咤风云 to spread like a raging fire 如火如荼 a violent storm | a violent force or a dangerous situation 狂风暴雨 bear down in a menacing manner 来势汹汹 surge forward with great momentum 波澜壮阔 surging forward 汹涌澎湃 surging forward 风起云水涌 make a clean sweep of 风卷残云 stirring and inspiring 气壮山河 one's courage soars up high 气冲霄汉 with an aggressive posture 气势汹汹 full of power and grandeur 气势磅礴 overwhelming or sweeping 排山倒海 carry all before one 势不可挡 said of a victorious army push forward with an overwhelming momentum 势如破竹 of political followers cheer or encourage 摇旗呐喊 a thunderous roaring sound 万马奔腾 of an order, a policy etc. speedy and strict enforcement 雷厉风行 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司