翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 有些动物能再生身体上失去的部分。 Some of these young motorcyclists are very reckless. 有些年轻的摩托车骑士很鲁莽。 Some people jumped rashly to the conclusion that something must be wrong. 有些人轻率地得出结论说一定是出了什么问题。 Some people have no respect for the speed limit and consequently are punished. 有些人全然不顾速限规定,结果受到处罚。 Some plants root easily. 有些植物容易生根成长。 I'd rather you knew that now, than afterwards. 与其以后让你知道,不如现在就让你知道。 Relative to its size, the city is sparsely populated. 与它的面积相比,这座城市人口极为稀少。 Raindrops fall at a speed of about 500 to 1,000 feet a minute. 雨点以每分钟大约五百到一千英尺的速度下降。 The rain will rust the iron roof. 雨水将使铁皮屋顶生锈。 The rain's coming. We have to fix the roof. 雨水进来了。我们得把屋顶修理一下。 Rain is a rarity in the desert. 雨水是沙漠中的珍品。 The corn is ripe. 玉米成熟了。 Little of the original architecture remains. 原先的建筑物几乎片瓦不留。 Crude oil can be refined into various petroleum products. 原油可炼制成各种石油产品。 The guns rumbled in the distance. 远处炮声隆隆。 John reflected long over Mary's argument. 约翰对玛丽的争辩沉思良久。 In preparing for the exam, John reviewed his notes. 约翰复习笔记准备考试。 John did it for his own sake. 约翰为了自身的利益而做这事情。 John is reading law. 约翰在攻读法律。 Some twenty bikes will race for the prize. 约有二十辆脚踏车参加赛车争夺奖品。 Reading makes a full man. 阅读使人充实。 The higher you climb up the mountain, the rarer the air is. 越往山上爬,空气越稀薄。 The clouds raked the mountain summits. 云朵掠过山峰。 Clouds are sailing the skies. 云在天空飘移。 Reel out two more meters of wire. 再放出两米电线。 You may rub up against a lot of famous people at the party. 在此宴会上你可以碰见许多名人。 What did you say in reply to her request? 在答覆她的请求时你是怎么说的? To the rear of the house is a piece of woodland. 在房子后面是一块林地。 My eyes were blinded by the direct rays of light. 在光线的直射下,我看不清楚东西。 Under the old regime women could not vote. 在旧政权下妇女不能选举。 After the murder, the police rounded up a few suspects. 在谋杀案后,警察围捕了一些嫌疑犯。 In the storm we took refuge under a big tree. 在那次暴风雨中,我们躲在一棵大树下。 You can find whole regiments of birds on the islet. 在那个小岛上你可以看到成群的鸟。 She was lucky in that regard. 在那件事上她很幸运。 The liner ran down a fishing-boat during the dense fog. 在浓雾中,客轮撞翻了一条渔船。 It is not respectable to spit on the sidewalk. 在人行道上吐痰是不文雅的。 There are many summer resorts in the mountains. 在山里有许多避暑胜地。 Much of the really nutritive material actually was refined out of the foods. 在食品加工过程中很多真正有营养价值的物质实际上却丧失了。 On receipt of your instructions he will send the goods. 在收到你的通知时,他就会发货。 Of all the pens he tried, only one was satisfactory. 在他所试的笔中,只有一支是令人满意的。 The fine arts revived during the Renaissance. 在文艺复兴时期美术复兴了。 I refuse to have such goings-on under my roof. 在我家里不准有这种行为。 Repairs must be done to the house before we move in. 在我们搬进去之前,房屋必须整修。 Traffic will be diverted while the road is under repair. 在修路期间车辆改道行驶。 In English the future tense is often rendered by means of auxiliaries. 在英语中,未来式常用助动词来表现。 The houses are sold out within this price range. 在这个价位范围之内的房子已售完。 At this point, the ruling classes were willing to compromise. 在这个时候,统治阶层愿意妥协了。 Nothing's fixed in this world; everything is relative. 在这个世界上没有什么东西是固定不变的;一切都是相对的。 Let's go for a run in the car. 咱们开车去兜风吧! Soiled dishes were piled at random. 脏碟子胡乱地堆着。 Is breakfast ready? 早餐准备好了吗? In the morning the storm relented a little. 早晨大风暴减弱了一些。 The end of the war brought the release of the prisoners. 战争的结束使所有战俘得到释放。 There were terrific rejoicings on the day war ended. 战争结束的那一天人们狂欢庆祝。 Food was rationed to the public during the war. 战争期间,食物限量供应给公众。 The reserves were quickly mobilized during the war. 战争期间后备队很快动员起来。 The man standing on her right is her brother. 站在她右边的那个人是她兄弟。 The support for the tent is rigid. 帐篷的支柱很坚固。 The recall of the general could mean he had lost the battle. 召回将军一事可能意味着他打了败仗。 Round up a few friends to help you. 召集一些朋友来帮你忙。 At this rate we won't be able to afford a holiday. 照这种情形看来,我们就无法度假了。 This book is for reference only. 这本书仅供参考。 The book is all rubbish. 这本书全是胡扯。 The book was published in remembrance of the incident. 这本书是为纪念这个事件出版的。 The fund is for relieving distress among the flood victims. 这笔款项是用于解救洪水灾民的困苦的。 The disease can run on for months. 这病能拖上几个月。 The film shows the rapidity of the changes in this area of medicine. 这部电影展示了这一医学领域里的迅速变化。 The historical background to the play has been very carefully researched. 这部剧本的历史背景已有人作过仔细的研究。 The performance returned $2,000 over expenses. 这场演出除去开支赢余二千元。 The concert was broadcast by relay. 这场音乐会是实况转播的。 The car rides smoothly. 这车乘起来很平稳。 Three bank robberies have happened lately in the city. 这城市最近发生了三起银行抢劫案。 The play had a run of three months. 这出戏连续上演了三个月。 The ship sailed in rough seas. 这船在波涛汹涌的海面行驶。 This accident is a repetition of one that happened here two weeks ago. 这次事故是两个星期前这里所发生的事故的复现。 The accident resulted in ten deaths. 这次事故造成十人死亡。 This program is to be repeated on the radio next Saturday afternoon. 这档节目将于下星期六下午在电台重播。 The missile is guided by remote control. 这导弹是遥控的。 This sauce uses mushroom as its seasoning. 这调味酱用蘑菇作调料。 The villagers here rely on wells for their water. 这儿的村民用水全靠井。 The law is in need of revision. 这法律需要修改。 The house is not safe from theft. 这房子不安全,容易遭窃。 The house was rebuilt after the fire. 这房子是火灾后重建的。 The house is a recent purchase. 这房子是最近买的。 The letter resolved all our doubts. 这封信消除了我们的一切疑虑。 This picture represents a scene at King Arthur's court. 这幅画描绘了亚瑟王宫庭的一个场面。 The village has a certain rustic charm. 这个村子有某一种质朴的魅力。 The party consolidates its power by building up satellite organizations. 这个党通过建立卫星组织巩固它的权力。 What is the average annual rainfall in this region? 这个地区的年平均降雨量是多少? There are a lot of rubber plantations in this region. 这个地区有许多橡胶园。 The prisoner's sentence cannot be remitted. 这个犯人的徒刑不能免除。 This room is fine except in one respect -- what can I sit on? 这个房间什么都好,除了一点--我坐哪儿呢? This room remains cool all summer. 这个房间整个夏天保持凉爽。 The story reminds me of an experience I once had. 这个故事使我想起我的一次亲身经历。 The country is rich in resources. 这个国家资源丰富。 The plan calls for a round sum of money. 这个计划需要一笔很可观的钱。 This sentence can not be literally rendered. 这个句子不能直译。 The play was a riot when it was first produced on Broadway. 这个剧本在百老汇首演时极为轰动。 The young man has plenty of sand in him. 这个年轻人有足够的勇气。 The beggar resorted to the restaurant for some soup. 这个乞丐常去该饭店要汤喝。 The room rates at this motel range from $30 to $50 per day. 这个汽车旅馆的房价每天从三十美元到五十美元不等。 This case is representative of the attitudes of the police. 这个事例典型地反映了警方的态度。 This reservoir supplies the entire city with water. 这个水库为全城供水。 The corrupt official was removed from office. 这个贪官被罢了职。 The library has ranges of books in perfect order. 这个图书馆的书一排一排放得井井有条。 The naughty boy had to repeat the fifth grade. 这个顽皮的男孩不得不重读五年级。 The question was decided by referendum. 这个问题由公民投票决定了。 The young girl's hair was tied up with a red ribbon. 这个小女孩的头发用一条红缎带扎了起来。 The little rogue has his grandpa's glasses on. 这个小淘气鬼戴上了他爷爷的眼镜。 The swimming club is open to families in the neighborhood without restriction. 这个游泳俱乐部对邻近地区的家庭开放,不受限制。 Sales are down this month. 这个月的销售额减少了。 The town has changed out of all recognition since I was there ten years ago. 这个镇在我离开后的十年里变得认不出来了。 This apparatus produces harmful radiations. 这个装置产生有害的放射物。 Can the child reckon yet? 这孩子会算了吗? The baby was raised on soya-bean milk. 这孩子是用豆浆喂养大的。 The child used a ruler to draw straight lines. 这孩子用一把直尺划直线。 This restaurant has a fine reputation. 这家餐厅信誉很好。 There was an air of romance about the old inn. 这家老客栈颇有些浪漫气氛。 This hotel reminds me of the one we stayed in last year. 这家旅馆使我想起去年我们住过的那一家。 This store sells a wide range of TV sets. 这家商店出售各种型号的彩色电视机。 This ladder is made of rope. 这架梯子是用绳索做的。 What is the range of this telescope? 这架望远镜的有效距离多大? The big chamber was the scene of many innocent revels. 这间大房子是许多无害狂欢的场所。 This house rents for US$ 800 a month. 这间屋子月租八百美元。 It's going to raise a lot of problems with respect to atmosphere pollution. 这将会引起许多有关环境污染方面的问题。 This is the same skirt that she was wearing a year ago. 这就是她一年前穿的那条裙子。 The officer was reduced to the ranks. 这军官被降为士兵。 The poor old fellow has lost his reason. 这可怜的老头发疯了。 Water from this well is safe to drink. 这口井里的水可安全饮用。 When these things go wrong, the government tends to take the rap. 这类事情出错时,政府总是会受到指责。 The two plans differ in one major respect. 这两个计划在一个主要方面有所不同。 The two react upon each other. 这两者互相影响。 The road is badly in need of repair. 这路急需修理。 The door rubs on the floor. 这门擦到地板了。 This releases them from personal responsibility. 这免除了他们的个人责任。 The boy raved himself hoarse. 这男孩嚷得嗓子都哑了。 This farm rents for $1,500 a year. 这农场以每年一千五百美金出租。 The thesis is rife with errors. 这篇论文错误百出。 The article was reprinted and used as propaganda. 这篇文章被重印并用作宣传。 The gun can fire invisible rays. 这枪能发出看不见的射线。 This vessel won't retain water. 这容器盛不住水。 The meat relishes of pork. 这肉有猪肉味。 This is the shortest route from Boston to New York. 这是从波士顿到纽约的最短路线。 This is a safe estimate. 这是个有把握的估计。 This is a recent period in history. 这是历史上近代的一段时期。 This is one of the great rendezvous of London for artists. 这是伦敦最大的艺术家云集地之一。 This is the root cause of poverty. 这是贫穷的根本原因。 This is a blend of elements of the invading and recipient cultures. 这是入侵文化和接受文化两种成分的融合。 It's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life. 这是我一生中所听说过的最可笑的事情。 It is my last request. I shall never ask you anything again. 这是我最后的请求。我再也不会向你提任何要求。 This is a book about human reproduction. 这是一本关于人的繁育的书。 It is a collection of documents with reference to the First World War. 这是一批有关第一次世界大战的文件。 This is a road to success. 这是一条成功之路。 Is this real leather or plastic? 这是真皮的还是塑胶的? The ship refreshed for a voyage. 这艘船装上补给品准备出航。 The machine is in running order. 这台机器运转正常。 The machine runs smoothly. 这台机器运转正常。 This suit has several repairs. 这套衣服有几处修补过的地方。 You can't rely on the weather. 这天气可靠不住。 The rule refers only to special cases. 这条规则只涉及一些特殊的情况。 The coastline is rugged. 这条海岸线崎岖不平。 The road ranges westward from the lake. 这条路由湖边向西延伸。 The dangerous trail was railed to protect tourists. 这条危险的小道围了栏杆,以堡游客。 The candidate routed his opponent. 这位候选人击败了对手。 The old man had difficulty climbing the rapid ascent. 这位老人攀登这条陡峭的上坡路有困难。 The old man had difficulty climbing the rapid ascent. 这位老人攀登这条陡峭的上坡路有困难。 The old man kept a large reserve of firewood for cold weather. 这位老人贮存了大量的柴薪以备天冷时用。 The witness lost all remembrance of the accident. 这位目击者对这个事故一点也不记得了。 The queen ruled her country for 20 years. 这位女王统治了她的国家二十年。 The retired doctor found a refuge in music. 这位退休医生在音乐中寻得了慰藉。 The new teacher is very capable but he's still a bit raw. 这位新教师很能干,但是还缺少点经验。 The doctor referred the patient to a specialist. 这位医生把病人转介绍给专门医生诊治。 The roof should be repaired soon. 这屋顶应及早整修。 This custom is a relic of ancient times. 这习俗乃是古代遗风。 This is a bad law and the government should remove it root and branch. 这项法案太糟了,政府应将其彻底废除。 This project will require less money. 这项工程所需的投资较少。 These arrangements are subject to periodic review. 这些安排须定期检查。 The animals have been roped together. 这些动物被绳子系在一起。 These bad conditions have given rise to a lot of crime. 这些恶劣的环境已造成了许多犯罪行为。 These developments have effected a radical change in social life. 这些发展使社会生活发生了根本变化。 These flowers are very rare in this country. 这些花在该国很少见。 These remarks are off the record. 这些话是私底下说的。 These yellow socks have been much in request lately. 这些黄色短袜近来极为流行。 These goods will be railroaded to that city. 这些货物将由铁路运送到那个城市。 These goods are entirely unfit for sale. 这些货物完全不宜销售。 Are these machines for sale? 这些机器是要卖的吗? These books make good reading. 这些书读起来很有趣。 These books retailed at a dollar. 这些书零售价为一元。 The trees will propagate themselves by the reproduction of their seed. 这些树将通过种子的再生而自行繁殖。 These rude tribesmen live in the rain forest. 这些原始部落人生活在雨林之中。 The jobs have been made redundant by technological advance. 这些职业工种因技术的发展而变得多余。 These plants have very deep roots. 这些植物的根长得很深。 These seats are reserved for special guests. 这些座位是为特别来宾保留的。 The two brothers look the same as each other. 这兄弟俩长得一样。 Such behavior can only reflect discredit on you. 这样的行为只能给你带来耻辱。 This lotion relieves itching. 这药剂可止痒。 This medicine will soon put you to rights. 这药可以使你很快康复。 This time it came in the reverse direction. 这一次它是从相反的方向来的。 The once robust economy now lies in ruins. 这一度十分健全的经济现已崩溃。 The crime rooted in his greed for money. 这一犯罪行为起因于他对金钱的贪得无厌。 This monument is sacred to the memory of the Unknown Soldiers. 这一纪念碑是为纪念无名将士而建立的。v The argument can not be refuted at the moment. 这一论点现时还无法驳斥。 This reasoning is sound. 这一论据是正确的。 There is some resemblance between the accounts of the incident. 这一事件的不同记述中,有某些相似之处。 This special coating is designed to resist rust. 这一特别的涂层旨在抗锈。 This agreement will safeguard the newspapers from government interference. 这一协议将堡报纸不受政府干涉。 This practice was sanctified by law. 这一做法获得法律的认可。 The retail price of the dress is 60 dollars. 这衣服的零售价是六十元。 The silver needs rubbing up. 这银器得擦亮。 The baby's regime included two naps a day. 这婴儿的生活规律包括一天小睡两次。 This does not regard me at all. 这与我毫无关系。 This photograph of the painting reproduces the colors of the original extremely well. 这张画的照片把原作的色彩印得十分清晰。 The desk will fit nicely in that recess. 这张写字台正好可以放进那个壁凹内。 The picture revived memories of his childhood. 这张照片使他回忆起他的童年时代。 The table takes up a lot of room. 这张桌子占去很多地方。 The symphony is in rehearsal now. 这支交响乐正在排练中。 This disease could easily be rooted out. 这种病很容易根治。 This kind of cloth is easily roughed. 这种布容易起毛。 This chemical resolves when distilled at a high temperature. 这种化学品在高温下蒸馏就会分解。 The disease failed to respond to drugs. 这种疾病经药物治疗后未见好转。 This camera is now on sale for 19 dollars only. 这种照相机现在廉价出售,只卖十九元。 The range of this plant is East Asia. 这种植物的产地在东亚。 The city's beautiful night scene regaled our eyes. 这座城市美丽的夜景使我们大饱眼福。 The bridge rests on stone arches. 这座桥靠石拱支撑。 Jane had a cold, but she's as right as rain now. 珍得了感冒,可是她现在完全好了。 Jennie made a great effort to recover herself. 珍妮努力使自己镇定下来。 Jane recovered her lost wallet. 珍寻回了丢失的钱包。 The truth is just the reverse. 真实情况恰好相反。 The dispute was satisfactorily settled. 争端得到满意的解决。 The argument rumbled on for three hours. 争论闹嚷嚷地进行了三个小时。 The whole area was ravaged by forest fires. 整个地区都被森林大火毁灭了。 The whole theory rests on a wrong assumption. 整个理论都是建立在错误的假定上。 The world's whole sap is sunk. 整个世界元气大丧。 All afternoon he sauntered up and down, looking at the shops and the people. 整个下午他四处闲逛,瞧瞧商店,看看行人。 The government retires worn or torn bills from use. 政府将破损的钞票收回作废。 The Government resolved on a bold policy. 政府决定采取大胆的政策。 The government recognized his outstanding service by giving him a medal. 政府为他颁赠勋章,以表彰他的卓着功绩。 The government has taken measures to restrain inflation. 政府已采取措施控制通货膨胀。 The government has responded to pressure and dropped the proposal. 政府已在压力下放弃了这一建议。 Politicians are responsible to the voters. 政治家应对选民负责。 I have no remembrance of what happened afterwards. 之后发生的事我一点也不记得。 Knowing the truth relieved the anxious parents. 知道事情的真相使焦急的父母大为宽心。 The heat did not relax until midnight. 直到半夜,炎热才缓解。 Even today remnants of this practice remain. 直至今日这一习俗仍然残存着。 Botanists refer this flower to the rose family. 植物学家将这花归入蔷薇科。 You would need to be a saint to put up with her children. 只有圣人才能容忍她的那几个孩子。 The commander rallied his tired soldiers and they fought off the enemy at last. 指挥官重整疲惫不堪的士兵,最后他们终于击退敌人。 As regards the car, I didn't forget to put an advertisement in the paper. 至于那辆车,我没有忘记要在报上登则广告。 The Republic of China was born in 1912. 中华民国诞生于一九一二年。 The sergeant roared at his men. 中士对他的士兵大吼。 Day and night heavy trucks roared past their houses. 重型卡车日夜不停地从他们家呼啸而过。 Gradually the surrounding farmland turned residential. 周围田地渐渐变成了住宅区。 There are three lakes within a radius of five miles. 周围五英里之内有三个湖泊。 Those standing may now resume their seats. 诸位站着的现在可以重新坐下了。 The director required that we should work all night. 主任要求我们通宵工作。 The chairman rapped on the table for order. 主席拍拍桌子让大家安静。 The living conditions were a bit rough and ready, as there were no beds. 住的地方比较将就,因为没有床铺。 Concentrated study will help you to retain knowledge. 专心学习有助于你记住知识。 The crops revived in the rain. 庄稼在雨中重又生机盎然。 Automation has revolutionized industry. 自动化使工业发生了彻底变革。 The exploitation of natural resources was hampered by the lack of technicians. 自然资源的开发因缺少技术人员而受阻。 The President cannot rudely ignore a head of state. 总统不能无礼地对一位国家元首不屑一顾。 The President reviewed the fleet. 总统检阅了舰队。 He makes a religion of watching soccer. 足球比赛他每场必看。 The Supreme Court will give the final ruling. 最高法庭将作出最后的裁决。 Your last month's salary will be paid by remittance. 最后一个月的薪水将通过汇寄的方式付给你。 Finally the chair reduced all the questions to one. 最后主席把所有的问题归纳为一个。 The simplest thing is for him to resign at once. 最简单的做法就是他立即辞职。 Worst of all, he had no hope of shaking her resolution. 最糟的是,他知道无法动摇她的决心。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司