翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 加倍,翻一番 earn 获得,赚取 effect 效果,作用 eliminate 消除 enlarge 扩大 enrich 使丰富 exploit 开发资源,产品 enliven 搞活 establish 设立公司等 | 使开业 evaluation 估价,评价 execute 实行,实施 expedite 加快 | 促进 generate 产生 good at 擅长于 guide 指导 | 操纵 improve 改进,提高 initiate 创始,开创 innovate 改革,革新 invest 投资 integrate 使结合 | 使一体化 justified 经证明的 | 合法化的 launch 开办新企业 maintain 保持 | 维修 modernize 使现代化 negotiate 谈判 nominated 被提名 | 被认命的 overcome 克服 perfect 使完善 | 改善 perform 执行,履行 profit 利润 be promoted to 被提升为 be proposed as 被提名推荐为 realize 实现目标获得利润 reconstruct 重建 recorded 记载的 refine 精练,精制 registered 已注册的 regenerate 更新,使再生 replace 接替,替换 retrieve 挽回 revenue 收益,收入 scientific 科学的,系统的 self-dependence 自力更生 serve 服务,供职 settle 解决问题等 shorten 减低……效能 simplify 简化,精简 spread 传播,扩大 standard 标准,规格 supervises 监督,管理 supply 供给,满足 systematize 使系统化 test 试验,检验 well-trained 训练有素的 valuable 有价值的 target 目标,指标 working model 劳动模范 advanced worker 先进工作者 education 学历 educational history 学历 educational background 教育程度 curriculum 课程 major 主修 minor 副修 educational highlights 课程重点部分 curriculum included 课程包括 specialized courses 专门课程 courses taken 所学课程 special training 特别训练 social practice 社会实践 part-time jobs 业余工作 summer jobs 暑期工作 vacation jobs 假期工作 refresher course 进修课程 Extracurricular activities 课外活动 physical activities 体育活动 recreational activities 娱乐活动 academic activities 学术活动 social activities 社会活动 rewards 奖励 scholarship 奖学金 excellent League member 优秀团员 excellent leader 优秀干部 student council 学生会 off-job training 脱产培训 in-job training 在职培训 educational system 学制 academic year 学年 semester 学期美 term 学期英 supervisor 论文导师 pass 及格 fail 不及格 marks 分数 examination 考试 degree 学位 post doctorate 博士后 doctorPhD 博士 master 硕士 bachelor 学士 graduate student 研究生 abroad student 留学生 abroad student 留学生 undergraduate 大学肆业生 government-supported student 公费生 commoner 自费生 extern 走读生 intern 实习生 prize fellow 奖学金生 boarder 寄宿生 graduate 毕业生 guest student 旁听生英 auditor 旁听生美 day-student 走读生 able 有才干的,能干的 adaptable 适应性强的 active 主动的,活跃的 aggressive 有进取心的 ambitious 有雄心壮志的 amiable 和蔼可亲的 amicable 友好的 analytical 善于分析的 apprehensive 有理解力的 aspiring 有志气的,有抱负的 audacious 大胆的,有冒险精神的 capable 有能力的,有才能的 careful 办理仔细的 candid 正直的 competent 能胜任的 constructive 建设性的 cooperative 有合作精神的 creative 富创造力的 dedicated 有奉献精神的 dependable 可靠的 diplomatic 老练的,有策略的 disciplined 守纪律的 dutiful 尽职的 well--educated 受过良好教育的 efficient 有效率的 energetic 精力充沛的 expressivity 善于表达 faithful 守信的,忠诚的 frank 直率的,真诚的 generous 宽宏大量的 genteel 有教养的 gentle 有礼貌的 humorous 有幽默 impartial 公正的 independent 有主见的 industrious 勤奋的 ingenious 有独创性的 motivated 目的明确的 intelligent 理解力强的 learned 精通某门学问的 logical 条理分明的 methodical 有方法的 modest 谦虚的 objective 客观的 precise 一丝不苟的 punctual 严守时刻的 realistic 实事求是的 responsible 负责的 sensible 明白事理的 sporting 光明正大的 steady 踏实的 systematic 有系统的 purposeful 意志坚强的 sweet-tempered 性情温和的 temperate 稳健的 tireless 孜孜不倦的 a boom in business 生意兴隆 a clearance sale 清仓大拍卖停业清仓大拍卖 a colorful world 色彩世界 a companion in midsummer 盛夏伴侣 a companion on one's person 贴身好伙伴 a complete range of articles 品种齐全 a complete range of colors 百色齐全 a complete range of specifications 规格齐全 a completely new experience 全新感受 a cool world 风凉世界 a cream galaxy 精华荟萃荟萃精华 a creation in the world 国际首创 a crystal of wisdom 智慧的结晶 a dedication to love 爱的奉献 a delicious drink 鲜美饮料可口饮料 a fair deal 公平交易 a huge feast 美肴佳餐 a feast of fat things 山珍海味 a fine color and flavor 色味俱佳 a fine product at home 国内佳晶 a fountainhead of happiness 幸福源泉 a galaxy of cream 精华荟萃荟萃精华 a galaxy of fine goods 精品荟萃 a galaxy of talent 人才济济 a gathering of celebrities 名流荟萃 a golden commercial and transportation center 黄金码头 a good companion in shopping 购物良伴 A good medicine is a great help to society. 良药济世 a great contribution 大奉献 a great variety 花色繁多花样繁多 a great variety of goods 品种齐全 a great variety of models 款式多样 a hall of gold and jade 金玉满堂 a health care world 保健天地 a hero for the generation 一代风骚 a historic landmark 历史的里程碑 a kingdom of children's wear 童装王国 A large capital will yield a large profit. 本大利宽 A large principal earns high interest. 本大利宽 a luxury world 豪华世界 a man's world in the seventh heaven 天上人间 a metropolis of fashions 时装之都 a miraculous cure 回春灵药 a moving price 价格动人 A myriad of businessmen come together. 万商云集 a network world 网络天地 a new idea of drinks 饮料新概念 a new model of the time 时代新型 a new trend in hairstyling 美发新潮流 a new trend of the times 时代新潮 a noble seeking 高尚追求 a paradise on earth 人间天堂 a partner of midsummer 盛夏伴侣 a pattern in quiet colors 花色素净 a picturesque landscape 景色如画 a pleasant stay 逗留愉快 a product of youth 青春产品 a rare golden opportunity 良机难逢 a real extra 上等产品 a rear price 难得的价格 a recreational world universe 娱乐天地 a riot of color 五彩斑斓色彩缤纷 a rummage sale 清仓大拍卖 a secret recipe handed down from generation to generation 祖传秘方 a seldom price 难得的价格 a sensible choice 明智选择 a series of services 服务一条龙 a shopping kingdom 购物天堂 a simple matching 搭配简单 A small investment brings a ten thousandfold profit. 一本万利 a small price for a good article 价廉物美 a snack kingdom 小吃王国 a sole creative idea 独有创意 a special style 风格独特 a square deal 公平交易 a step ahead 领先一步 a "straight-A' expression 全优表现 A sweet greets us. 香气扑鼻 A sweet smell assails the nostrils. 香气扑鼻 a taste of success 成功的滋味 a tender feel 轻柔的触感触感轻柔 a thoroughly new contribution 全新奉献 a thriving business 生意兴隆 a token of status 身份象征 a top-quality look 一流的外观 a treasure to health 健康瑰宝 a unique style 风格独特 a unique in of China 中国一绝 a valuable land with a good geomantic omen 风水宝地 a wide selection of colors and designs 花色繁多花样繁多 a wonderful article made with clever workmanship 精工妙品 a wonderful remedy 回春灵药 a word to wealth 一盲致富 a world of beauty 美的世界 a world of celebrities 名流天地 a world of delicacies 美食天地 a world of new concepts ideas 创意世界 a world of ornaments 饰品世界 a world-famous brand 世界名牌世界著名商标 abound in gifts of nature 得天独厚 above all others 出类拔萃 abrasion resistant 耐磨 absolutely unrivalled 举世无敌举世无双 be accompanied by soft fragrance 温馨相随 acceptance registration 承接注册接受登记 accompany all the year round 四季相随 accurate optometry 验光准确 accurate scales and measures 秤平斗满 accurate weights and measures 秤平斗满 ace-technician 王牌技师 act in a masterly way 得心应手 act promptly 迅速见效 add luster to the walls 四壁增辉 additional prices for above quota purchase 超购加价 advanced technology 技术先进 advocate sth. special 独树一帜 aesthetic appearance 式样美观 affectionate and lovely 飘逸多情 after one's own heart 称心如意 after the fashion 时尚追求 aggressive 进取心强 agreeable to taste 味鲜可口 agreeable sweetness 甜而不腻 All is well and propitious. 万事大吉 All kinds or goods are available. 色色俱全各色俱全 all kinds of ... 各式各样各色各样各种各样 all kinds of costly food 山珍海味 All merchants draw together like clouds. 万商云集 All our stock has been exhausted. 存货告罄 all sorts of 各色各样 all the go 风行一时 all the fashion 风行一时 all the vogue 风行一时大受欢迎 all trades and professions 各行各业 All varieties are in stock. 色色俱全各色俱全 all works of life 各行各业 all-round service 服务周到 American and European style 欧美风范 Amiability attracts fiches. 和气生财 amiable 和气 amply dainty 美味十足 be amply rewarded 重奖 amply delicious 鲜味十足 an abundance of capable people 人才济济 an air of antiquity 古色古香 an ample supply of goods 货源充足 an assemblage of cream 精华荟萃荟萃精华 an astonishing act 惊人之举 an elite collection 精华荟萃荟萃精华 an embodiment of general excellence 全优表现 an everlasting guarantee against devaluation 永久保值 an exclusive prescription 配方独特 an exotic atmosphere 异域情调异国风韵 an harmonious atmosphere 气氛和谐 an ideal companion 理想伙伴 An inch of land values an inch of gold. 寸土寸金 an incomparable atmosphere 气氛独特 an old established firm store, company, etc. 老字号 an outstanding charm 神韵卓著 an outstanding manner 风度非凡 an unparalleled wonder both in ancient and modem times 妙绝古今 an unprecedented masterpiece 旷世杰作 an unusual demeanor 气度不凡 an unusual vision 视觉奇特 anti-adiposity 减肥 anti-friction 耐磨 anti-obesity 减肥 antimagnetic 防磁 antique flavor 古色古香 Anyone who sees it will love it. 人见人爱 appeal to most people 脍炙人口 appropriate make-up 打扮得体 aroma 香气馥郁 aroma- attracting 芳香迷人 aromatic and attractive 芳香迷人 aromatic character and agreeable taste 香浓可口 aromatic flavor 香味浓郁 Art beats nature. 巧夺天工 Art improves nature. 巧夺天工 artistic model 艺术造型 artistic portrait 艺术人像 as bright as when new 亮丽如新 as convenient as desired 方便自如 as effectively as God does 其功若神 as white as polished jade 洁白如玉 assortment 花色品种 assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses 自负盈亏 assure success by quality 以质取胜 at a low price 价格低 at any cost 不惜工本 at marked prices 明码实价 at one fling 一气呵成 at your service 悉听尊便 attention focused by millions of people 万众瞩目 attentive service 服务周到温馨服务 attractive and durable 美观耐用 attractive appearance 造型美观造型迷人 attractive aroma 芳香迷人 attractive designs 款式新颖 attractive elegant demeanor 风采迷人 attractive fashion 式样美观 attractive scenery 景物宜人景色宜人 attractively bright-colored 鲜艳夺目 attractively clear and beautiful 清丽动人 authentic 正宗 auto-calibrating 自动校正 automatically adjusted 自动调整自动调节 bargain sale 大廉价大甩卖 bear the risks 承担风险 beat the Dutch 空前出众 beautiful and charming 华美 beautiful and gay 美轮美奂 beautiful and imposing 富丽堂皇 beautiful beyond expression 说不出的美妙 beautiful in color 色泽艳丽 beautiful youth 青春亮丽 beautifully clear and well-expressed 玲珑剔透 be beautifully wrought carved 晶莹剔透 beauty surpassing all flowers 艳冠群芳 become current 盛行一时 become eminent 脱颖而出 become famous all over the world 名扬海内外 become world-famous 驰誉世界 behave civilly toward customers 礼貌待客 with the attitude of being meticulous and attending to minute details in service 服务细致周到 beneficial to all ages 老少皆宜 benefit above cost 超值效益 benefit more than the cost 超值效益 best at hairdressing 美发至尊 best entertainment 最佳款待 best fit 特别合身 beware of imitations 谨防假冒防止假冒 beyond compare 不同凡响 Big capital brings big profits. 本大利宽 big clearance sale 清货大减价 big-time bargain 最廉价销售大廉价 blacken after combing once 一梳即黑 blaze the a trail sedulously 刻意创新 book in advance 预约定货 Born beauty 天生丽质 Both charm and art are at their height. 色艺双绝色艺两绝 both good and cheap 价廉物美 Both production and marketing thrive. 产销两旺 Both purchasing and marketing are brisk. 购销两旺 both rich and graceful 雍容华丽 both sides clear 银货两讫货款两清 Both the looks and the disposition are elegant. 容质俱佳 break free from convention 打破常规 bright and comfortable 舒服明亮 bright and dignified in style pattern 款式活泼端庄 bright and lustrous 色泽鲜明 bright and translucent 色泽透明 bright in color 色泽鲜艳 bright luster 色泽光润 bright youth 青春亮丽 Bright-colored 色彩鲜艳 brilliant function 功能卓越 bring about a prosperous economy 繁荣经济 bring notable results 收效显著 bring one's pig to a wrong fine; pretty market 大蚀本 brisk and flourish 繁荣兴旺 brisk buying and selling 购销两旺 business as usual 照常营业 business at a standstill 暂停营业 Business is booming. 生意兴隆买卖兴隆 Business is brisk. 买卖兴隆生意兴隆 buy as one needs for the day 现用现买 buy for immediate use 现用现买 buy more and get more free 多买多送 buy one and get one free 买一送一 calm the mind and promote mentality 宁神益智 cannot bear any dress leaving 衣衣不舍 cannot find any slightest flaw for criticism 无瑕可谪 cap all 出类拔萃 carefree and joyous 心旷神怡 careful calculation and strict budgeting 精打细算 carefully chosen 精选 carefully-selected materials 用料精选 carnation sauce and sweet fermented spirits 香醪佳酿 celebrity's elegant demeanor 名人风采 celestial beauty 国色天香 ceremoniously open 隆重开幕 characteristic of luxury 豪华特色 characteristic out of the ordinary 特色出众 charity bazaar 大义卖 charming and graceful bearing 绰约风采风姿绰约 charming scenery 景物宜人 charming softness 丝丝娇柔 charmingly delicate 绰约多姿 cheap but good 价廉物美 cheap in price and excellent in quality 价廉物美 Cheap things aren't always the best. 便宜无好货 Cheap things won't pay. 便宜无好货 Cheapest is the dearest. 便宜无好货 cheat no one, neither the old nor the young 童叟无欺 China special and famous shop 中华特色名店 China's time-honored brand shop 中华老字号 Chinese and Western delicacies 中西佳肴 choice 精选 choice materials 选料考究精心选料 civilized conduct of business 文明经商 classic beauty 古色古香 classic product 经典产品 clean immediately after spraying on sth. dirty 一喷即净 clean with a flush 一冲净 clean-white and fine 洁白细腻 clear and distinctive 清晰突出 clear coolness and delicate fragrance 清凉幽香 clear distinct 条纹清晰 clear fragrance by drops 滴滴清香 clear photoprinting 影印清晰 clear stripes 条纹清晰 clients the first 客商第一 cold resistance 耐寒 colored once 一次成色 colors and patterns 花色品种 Colors are striking. 色彩夺目 combine the fresh and salt 鲜咸合一 come into the open 脱颖而出 come into vogue 盛行一时 comfortable and light 舒适轻便 comfortable feel 手感舒适 be comfortably appointed 陈设舒适 commence the business auspiciously 开业大吉 companions on festival 节日伴侣 competition and initiative 竞争进取 complete in specifications 规格齐全 completely relaxed and happy 心旷神怡 comprehension service 综合服务 computer optometry 电脑验光 concentrate 精选 condense drop by drop 滴滴凝聚 conduct honorable in commercial transactions 文明经商 congratulate sb. heartily 衷心祝愿 Congratulations! 恭喜! connoisseur in taste 高品味 considerate service 服务周到 consummate skill 绝技 contemporary big shot 当代大亨 contemporary cuisine 当代菜肴 contemporary VIP VIP: very important person 当代大亨 convenient for buying and selling 买卖方便 convenient in use 服用方便 convenient maintenance 维修方便 convenient to cook 烹制简便烧煮方便 convenient to thousands of families 方便万家 cook for immediate consumption 现吃现做 cool cleanness and soft smoothness 爽洁柔润 cool in summer and warm in winter 冬暖夏凉 cool, fragrant and sweet 清凉香甜 cooperative development 合作开放 coordinate 工作协调 cordial service 服务周到 cordially welcome 热诚欢迎 courteous and proper way of doing business 文明经商 courteous service 服务周到 crazy price 大贱卖 crease- resistant 防皱 create in the country 全国首创 credit the first 信誉第一 creditworthy 资信可靠 cure-all 万能灵药 customer the first 用户至上顾客第一 Customers are our Gods. 顾客是我们的上帝。 cut a conspicuous figure 超群绝伦 cut a great figure 天下独步独步天下 cut the garment according to the figure 量体裁衣 dainties of every kind 山珍海味 dapper in appearance 风姿翩翩 dazzling beauty 艳丽夺目 dazzlingly beautiful 鲜艳夺目 deal with customers courteously 礼貌待客 delay senility 延缓衰老 delay the process of decrepitude 延缓衰老 delicacies 山珍海味 delicacies from land and sea 山珍海味 delicacies of China and the West 中西佳肴 delicacy itself 鲜味十足 delicacy without fastidiousness 雅而不俗 delicate and attractive fragrance 香气幽雅迷人 delicate and exquisite 娇小玲珑 delicate and light 精致轻巧 delicious 美味鲜美可口 delicious and fragrant 美味清香 delicious and tasty 美味可口 delicious food throughout the world 环球美食 delicious in taste 口味鲜美 delightful scenery 景物宜人 demand exceeding supply 供不应求 dependable performance 性能可靠 dependable quality 质量可靠 desirable 称心如意 detect a distinct aroma 芳香扑鼻 determine the price according to the quality 按质论价 develop a manner of one's own 独创一格 develop a school of one's own 独树一帜 develop future 开拓未来 develop simultaneously 同时并举 diamond air 钻石气派 different in function 功能各异 different trades and callings 各行各业 different walks of life 务行各业 dignified and graceful 雍容华丽 disinfection and sterilization 消毒灭菌 distinct eye brows and bright eyes 鲜眉亮眼 distinctive creation 独特创意 distinctive in style 风格独特 distinctive taste 口味独特 distinctiveness 与众不同 distinguished 雍容华丽雍容华贵 distinguished artist personages 艺术名流 distress sale 廉价抛售 distress selling 廉价抛售 diversified packaging 包装多样 diversified latest designs 款式新颖众多 do business with civility 文明经商 dominant 天下独步独步天下 Don't miss the golden opportunity. 勿失良机 door-to-door service 服务上门 double deliciousness 双重美味 double effect 双重效能 double function 双重功能 double pleasantness 双重愉悦 double-seal 双重密封 doubly comfortable 令人倍感舒适 dressed in appropriate style 打扮得体 drink a toast 举杯祝酒 drink and eat at will 任饮任食吃喝随意 drinks for state banquet 国宴饮料 drive a roaring trade 生意兴隆 drop in by any night 欢迎每晚光顾 drops of strong fragrance 滴滴香浓 duke bearings 伯爵风范 duke manner 伯爵风范 durable 持久耐用 durable in use 经久耐用 durable modeling 定型耐久 durable service 经久耐用 duration of wearing 持久耐用经久耐用 dyeing and finishing by computer 电脑染整 dynamic 精明能干 earn foreign exchange through export 出口创汇 easily-assembled 装配方便 easily-combined 组合方便 easy assembly 装配方便 easy combination 组合方便 easy for buying and selling 买卖方便 easy for keeping 易藏 easy installation 安装方便 easy maintenance and operation 操作维修方便 easy of access 交通方便交通便利 easy to control 易于控制 easy to cook 烧煮方便 easy to keep 易藏 easy to keep in repair 维修简便 easy to maintain 维修简易 easy to open 易于开启 easy to operate 操作方便操作简便 easy to process 便于加工 easy to put on 穿着方便 easy to scrub 易搓 easy to use 使用方便 easy to wash 易洗 eat-in 可供堂吃 economic prosperity 经济繁荣 economic rejuvenation 经济复苏 economical and practical 经济实用经济实惠 effect produced after just one bottle finished 一瓶见效 effective in treatment 疗效显著 effective medicine with sweet taste 良药甜口 effective on one rub 一擦就灵 effective on one trial 一试就灵 efficient 效率高 Electricity is fully supplied. 电力供应充足 elegance and magnificence 绚丽典雅 elegant and forceful 优雅雄厚 elegant and affectionate 飘逸多情 elegant and graceful 典雅大方 elegant and heroic 典雅豪迈 elegant and spacious 优美宽敞 elegant and sturdy package 包装美观牢固 elegant appearance 美观大方 elegant design 图案典雅 elegant in smell 香气高雅 elegant makings 气质高雅 elegant products 产品精美 elegant taste 清雅晶位 elegant temperament 高贵气质 elegant texture 质感高雅 eliminate dampness and relieve itching 燥涩止痒 elixir of life 仙丹妙药灵丹妙药 elixir vitae 仙丹妙药灵丹妙药 emperor's air 皇帝气派帝王气派 enchanting scenery 景色宜人 endless enjoyment 无穷享受 energetic 精力充沛精力旺盛 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European favor 欧洲风味 European style 欧洲款式 even intensity 强度均匀 ever ready for inquiry 百问不烦 ever ready to serve 百拿不厌 evergreen 青春永驻 everlasting value 价值永恒 every drop clear and pure 滴滴清纯 every field of work 各行各业 Every minute is precious. 一刻千金 every pattern showing the tender feelings 款款温情 every trace expressing the true love 丝丝真情 Everything goes well and smoothly. 万事亨通 Everything will be fine. 万事大吉 evident effect 疗效显著 excel others in quality 品质超群 excellent in quality 品质优良 excellent cosmetics 精品化妆 excellent goods at reasonable prices 货真价实 excellent health 身体健康 excellent pay and conditions 待遇优厚 excellent seasoning 调味佳品 excellent service 优良服务 excellent shock absorber 缓冲性能好 excellent shock resistance 抗冲击强度高 excellent surroundings 环境优美 excellent texture 精良品质 excellent tonic 滋补精晶 excellent wine and delicious dishes 美酒佳肴 excellent workmanship 做工精良 except hormone 不含激素 excessive consumption 超前消费 excessive enjoyment 超前享受 excluding hormone 不含激素 exclusive brand 高级名牌 exclusive distribution 总经销 exclusive 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coherent whole 一气呵成 four seasons' enjoyment 四季享用 fragrance 香气馥郁 Fragrance strikes the nose. 香气扑鼻 fragrant in flavor 香味浓郁 fragrant tender and tasty 香嫩可口 fragrant, sweet and crisp 香甜酥脆 fraudulent buying and selling 倒买倒卖 free and easy 洒脱 free from worldly cares 超凡绝俗 free of mind and happy of heart 心旷神怡 fresh 新鲜 fresh and beautiful 清爽美丽 fresh and delicious 新鲜又好吃 fresh and salt mixed together 鲜咸合一 fresh experience 新鲜感受 fresh feeling 新鲜感受 fresh fruits 时鲜果品 food freshly prepared as ordered 现吃现做 Friendliness is conducive to business success. 和气生财 friendly cooperation 友好合作 fruitful 卓有成效 full equipped 设备齐全 full of fragrance 芳香馥郁 full of local color 富有地方色彩 full of love in yours bed room 情溢卧室 full of originality 无限创意 full of praise 赞不绝口 full of vigor 生机勃勃 full service 服务周到 furnish with fine aromatic surroundings 芳香四溢 future elegance 未来的雅致 game and seafood 野味海鲜 generate by a press 一触即发 gentle and comfortable 柔和舒适 gentlemanly demeanor 男士风度 genuine 正宗 genuine goods and fixed prices 货真价实 genuine 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