翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 健身佳品 good communications 交通方便交通便利 good companions for children as well as adults 老少良伴 good for both young and old 老少皆宜 good for lubrication 易于润滑 good for sale 适销对路 good fortune and great profit 大吉大利 Good goods need no advertisement. 货好客自来好货不用挂招牌 good heat preservation 保温保暖性强 good heat retention 保暖性强 good in color, smell and taste 色、香、味俱佳 good in color, smell, taste and appearance 色香味美 good in function performance 性能良好 good in quality and low in price 质优价廉 good in quality, light in weight 质好量轻 good light transmission 透光性好 good luck 大吉大利 good luck in everything 万事如意 Good luck to you. 祝君好运 Good medicine tastes bitter. 良药苦口 Good products from the earth are nature's treasures. 物华天宝 good purpose 卓有成效 good quality 品质优良 good quality and high output 优质高产 good smell and pure taste 香高味醇 good taste 好口味 good transparency 透明度好 good wages and benefits 待遇优厚 good wine and delicacies 佳酿美肴佳肴美酒美酒佳肴 good wine and savory dishes 美酒珍馔 good wine and well-chosen dishes 美酒珍馔 good-looking face 鲜美亮眼 goods genuine and price reasonable 货真价实 Goods of every description are available. 货色齐全 gorgeous 富丽堂皇 gorgeous and sexy 华丽、性感 gourmet dining 美食品尝 govern and benefit the people 经世济民 graceful and attractive 绰约多姿 graceful bearing 风姿翩翩 grade according to the quality 按质分等 grand prize of ten thousand dollars yuan 万元巨奖 grand sale 大减价大廉价 grandeur 富丽堂皇 gratify the eye and please the heart 赏心悦目 greaseless 不含油腻 great variety 种类繁多 great wealth 金玉满堂 guarantee change of article or refund if unsatisfactory 包退包换 guarantee refund on sth. ineffective 无效退款 guarantee to cure all diseases 包治百病 guarantee to exchange if returned as unsuitable 包退包换 guest the highest. 宾客至上 hand-to-mouth buying 现买现卖 handled easily 易于操作 handsome and heroic 俊俏英拔 handsome and graceful 俊朗秀逸 handsome appearance 造型美观 hanging weighing 悬挂秤量 happiness and luck to you 幸福吉祥 harmonious 和谐 harmonious colour 颜色调和 harmoniousness 和谐 Harmony brings wealth. 和气生财 have a good assortment of goods 品种齐全 have a great vogue 大受欢迎 have a long historical standing 历史悠久 have a long history of production and marketing 产销历史悠久 have a long lasting market 经久不衰 have a magical effect 神奇疗效 have a prescription filled at the pharmacy 按方配药 have a ready market 适销对路 have a strong technical force 技术力量雄厚 have a well-deserved reputation 名不虚传 have an abundant supply 应有尽有 have all one's wishes 万事如意 have all the things you desire 应有尽有 have an easy control in the matter 操纵自如 have an exclusive advantage 独家优势 have an immediate effect 迅速见效 have an immediate effect after being put on 一贴就灵一贴灵 have an immediate magical effect 立见神效 have Chinese flavours 具有中国风味 have distinctive and pleasing quality 别有韵味 have everything that you expect 应有尽有 have everything under the sun 应有尽有 have nothing to be desired 尽善尽美 have the quality of both pliable and strong 韧硬兼顾 have transport facilities 交通方便交通便利 have unimpeded transport 交通畅顺 health products 保健产品 health protection and weight reduction 保健减肥 health treasure 保健珍品 healthy life 健康人生 healthy, soft and smooth 健康柔顺 heartfelt thanks 衷心感谢 heat-resisting 耐热 heatproof 耐热 helpful to brain and efficient in increasing IQ intelligence quotient 益脑增智 heroic Shanghai style 海派雄风 heroic style of the Divine Land 神州雄风 high grade 高品位 high in sb.'s favour 备受青睐 high performance 性能优越 high quality 质量高超 high quality and high price 优质优价 high quality and inexpensive 价廉物美 high quality and low overheads 价廉物美 high quality at low price 质优价廉 high resilience 富有弹性 high safety 保险性强安全性好 high strength 强度高 high technology 高科技高技术 high-grade 高档 high-grade feast 高档宴请席 high-grade fete 高档宴请席 high-level enjoyment 高层次享受 high-quality materials 选料讲究 high-tech 高科技 higher in quotation 行市上涨 highly heat-resistance 耐热性强 be highly finished 干锤百炼 be highly polished 光洁度高 be highly skilled 技艺精湛 hold a patent right 享有专利 be honest 为人诚实 be honest in business 买卖公平 honest price and goods 货真价实 honorable manner 至尊气派 hot delicacies 热莱佳肴 hot delicious dishes 热莱佳肴 house purchasing on liberal terms 购楼优惠 huge loss 大蚀本 humidity resistant 耐潮湿 ideal investment 理想投资 Imitation is not permitted. 仿冒必究 imperial food of the present age 当代御膳 imperial manner 帝皇气派 imperial secret recipe 宫廷秘方 imperial style 皇室风范 imported brand name 进口名牌 imported materials 进口原料 imported piece goods 进口面料 be imported with original packing 原装进口 importing on customer's behalf 代办进口 improve health and promote longevity 强身益寿 improve hearing and vision 聪耳明目 in a natural and unrestrained way manner 潇洒随意 in a popular style 大众化 in a superb location 位置极佳 in abundant supply 供应充足 in ancient styles 古色古香 in bright colours 色彩鲜艳 in charming surroundings 环境宜人 in every shape and form 各色各样 in fine weather and favorable geographical position 天时地利 in favorable location 位置有利 in great demand in China 畅销中华 in high spirits 精神十足 in liberal supply 供应充足 in majestic splendour 富丽堂皇 in many styles 式样众多 in plain and fancy colours 色彩奇异大方 in quiet and tasteful surroundings 环境幽雅 in short supply 供不应求 in unsurpassed beauty 美艳绝伦 incomparable 独一无二无与伦比 indescribably splendid 说不出的美妙 individual beauty 独特之美 individual packs 独立包装 individually wrapped 单独包装 inexhaustible after taste 回味无穷 inexpressibly wonderful 说不出的美妙 infinite in charm 魅力无穷 inflation-proof house purchase 购屋保值 inflation-proofing and appreciation 保值增值 initiate in the whole nation 全国首创 inlaid with gold and jade 金镶玉嵌 innovative design 创新设计 integrate production and sale 产销结合 integration of production and marketing operations 产销合一 international fashion 国际潮流 international gold prize 国际金奖 international taste 国际口味 internationally acclaimed cuisine 国际佳肴 intimate comfort 贴心的舒适 intimate in heat and cold 冷暖知己 intoxicating 醉人 invaluable asset treasure 无价之宝 invigorate health effectively 促进体质 irresistible with crushing force 势不可挡 jade white 洁白如玉 join in partnership for business 搭伙经营 joint purchasing and marketing 联购、联销 keep good time 走时准确 keep dry 严防受潮 keep fresh in a unique way 保鲜独到 keep fresh package 保鲜包装 keep shape after constant wear 久穿不走样 keep you fit at all times 包君健康 keep youth forever 永葆青春 keep youth permanently 恒葆青春 keep youthfulness and strengthen the body 养颜强身 kill several birds with one stone 一举数得 knightly manner 骑士风度 known far and wide 远近闻名 known to all, far and near 远近闻名 known to the whole world 举世闻名 large assortment 花色齐备各色俱全 last a long time 经久不衰 lasting youthfulness 青春永驻 latest technology 最新工艺 lead consumption 超前消费 lead enjoyment 超前享受 lead the trend tendency 领导新潮流 leading technology 领先的技术 leave a good name for posterity 万世流芳 lengthen one's life 延年益寿 less cost 费用省 less expensive, high quality goods 价廉物美 life's new motivation 生命新动力 lifelong enjoyment 享受一生终身享受 lifelong service 终身服务 light and speedy 轻巧快速 light of life 生命之光 light snacks 简便快餐 light sweet-smell 淡淡清香 light, natural and unrestrained 轻便潇洒 limpid in colour 色泽清澈 link production with sale 产销见面 link up all parts of... 四通八达 link up the internal and external areas 沟通内外 little and dainty 小巧玲珑 live well and long 延年益寿 lively design 款式活泼 local flavour 家乡风味 local flavour snacks 风味小吃 long lasting 经久不衰 long life performance 使用寿命长久 be longed for by thousands of people 万家渴求 loose-fitting and smooth style 造型宽松流畅 lottery shopping 有奖购物 be loved on at sight by everyone 人见人爱 lovely luster 色泽鲜艳可爱 be lovely, cleverly carved 小巧玲珑 low cost, great profit 本轻利重 low in calories 热量低 low in price 价格低廉 low prices and fine quality 价廉物美 lowest price of the whole city country 全市国最低价 luck and wealthy 大吉大利 lustrous 色泽光洁 lustrous surface 表面光泽 luxuriant in design 设计华丽 luxurious comfort 奢侈的舒适 luxurious enjoyment 享受豪华 be luxuriously decorated 装饰豪华 luxury 豪华 luxury and high-grade 豪华高档 luxury enjoyment 豪华享受 made with scientific process 科学精制 magic drug 灵丹妙药 magnificent 富丽堂皇 maintain one's youth eternally 恒葆青春 maintain youth forever 永葆青春 make a conspicuous figure 超群出众 make a fortune quickly 大发利市 make big profits with a small capital 一本万利 make corrections automatically 自动纠错 make fashion waves 领导式样新潮流 make money quickly 大发利市 make remarkable opening moves 出手不凡 make service a coordinated process 服务一条龙 make the market flourish 繁荣市场 make things convenient for the customers 方便顾客 make things convenient for the people 方便群众 make up a prescription 按方配药 manage painstakingly 苦心经营 market one's own products 自产自销 readily marketable 适销对路 marvellous meal 美肴佳餐 masterpiece 精心杰作 match beauty with others 争芳斗艳 match softly 柔和搭配 matching in colour 色彩协调 matchless in the world 举世无敌举世无双 mature 思想成熟 May all go well with you! 万事如意 meet each other's wants 互通有无 meet the expectations of the masses 众望所归 meeting and seeing off 抵离接送 mellow 醇和 mellow and sweet 香醇甘甜 melodious 和谐 meticulous dyeing processes 染制精良 meticulous in tailoring 细心缝制 mild and mellow 口感和醇入口和醇 miracle drug 仙丹妙药 miraculous cure 灵丹妙药 moderate cost 价格适中 moderate price 价格公道 modern and elegant in fashion 式样新颖大方 modern design 设计新颖 modern enjoyment 现代享受 monopsony 独家主顾 More power to your elbow. 祝您成功成达! more sales but less profits 薄利多销 most favorable auspices 大吉大利 most favorable price 最实惠的价格 most favorable price in the city 全市最优价 most rich in originality 最富创意 most sought-after styles 最流行款式 mountain game and wild vegetables 山肴野蔌 move about freely 活动自如 much more enjoyment 无穷享受 multi-use 多用 multifunction 多功能 multilevel 多档次 multispeed 多速 music to liven things up 音乐助兴 mutual benefit and reciprocity 互利互惠 mutual help to make up what the others lacks 互通有无 natural and true 真诚自然 natural beauty 天生丽质 natural colors 色彩自然 natural fragrance 自然香味 natural hold 定型自然 natural medicinal material 天然药材 natural superfine goods products 天然精品 necessities for a family 家庭必备 Neither the old nor the young will be cheated. 童叟无欺 neither too hard nor too soft 软硬适中 never be worn and torn 永不磨损 never before and never to occur again 空前绝后 never depreciate 永久保值 never get tired of using 百用不厌 never be tired of drinking 百喝不厌 never tire of seeing 百看不厌 never wear and tear 永不磨损 new arrival 新货上市 new dosage forms 新剂型 new dynamics of life 生命新动力 new fashion and new style 新潮新款 new international taste 国际新口味 new motivity of life 生命新动力 new products 新品种 new trend 新潮 new varieties coming one after another 新品迭出 newest technology 最新工艺 no cooking 不用烧煮 no defective goods 绝无次品 no equal in both ancient and modem times 独步古今 no fat 不含脂肪 no imposition on the young or the old 童叟无欺 no many calories 热量低 no match in the world 举世无敌举世无双 no need of cook 不用烧煮 no parallel in the whole world 举世无敌举世无双 no trouble with the cup 有杯无患 No. 1 in the world 天下第一 noble 高尚 noble and elegant 高贵典雅高贵优雅 noble and elegant bearing 风采高雅 noble and elegant style 格调高雅 noble and magnificent 高贵华美 noble manner 高贵气质 non-toxicity 无毒 nostrum 万能灵药灵丹妙药 not only alleviate the symptoms, but effect a permanent cure as well 治本治标 not to count the cost 不惜工本 not to make a penny's mistake 分厘不差 notable real estate 名家地产 nourish the heart, enrich the blood 养心补血 nourish the liver and kidney 滋补肝肾 novel in design 款式新颖 novel service 全新服务 numerous in variety 品种多样 numerous names 品目繁多 numerous varieties 品种繁多 nutrition in the fashion 时尚营养 obesity control 减肥 odourlessness 无臭 of all shapes and colours 花色繁多花样繁多 of better quality than others' 品质超群 offer as a gift 奉送 offer high prices for sth. 重价收购 offer mutual benefit and achieve common progress 互利互惠 old-for-new service 以旧换新 on an equal footing with mutual benefit 平等互利 on everybody's lips 脍炙人口 on sale all over the world 行销世界 on sale throughout the country 行销全国 on-time delivery 交货及时 one hundred-per-cent 货真价实 one of life's privileges 一生的荣幸 One's credit is evident. 信用昭著 one-of-a-kind 一款一件 Only ours are loved by all. 唯我独钟 Only ours are superior. 唯我独优 open all avenues for people of talent 广开才路 open broad avenues to able people 广开才路 opening sales 开张大廉价 operate at ease 操纵自如 operate with facility 操纵自如 operation reliable 工作可靠 optional snacks 随意小吃 optometry 验光配镜 original concept 构思新颖 original in conception 构思新颖 original in style 独创一格 original taste and flavour 原汁原味 orthodox technique 技术正宗 out of the ordinary 与众不同 out of pocket by the transaction 买卖亏本 out of the common run 出类拔萃 out-and-out 货真价实 outstanding 卓越 outstanding features 优点出众 over enjoyment 超前享受 overconsuming 超前消费 overseas romance 异域的浪漫 own a patent right 享有专利 packing of nominated brand 定牌包装 palatable 鲜美可口 palatial 富丽堂皇 panacea 万能灵药灵丹妙药 par excellence 天字第一号 be patented 享有专利 patented formula 专利配方 peerless 独一无二 perfect 完美尽善尽美 perfect and first 完美一流 perfect arrangement 完美搭配 perfect in every way 天衣无缝 perfect in service 服务尽善尽美 perfect in workmanship 制作精巧 be perfectly located 位置极佳 perform reliably 性能可靠 Perfumes are diffused all around. 芳香四溢 be permanently guaranteed against loss 永久保值 permanently inflation-proof in value 永久保值 perpetual 永恒 picturesque scenery 景色如画 pleasant after taste 回味隽永 pleasant personality 性格开朗 pleasant to taste 味鲜可口 pleasant to the eye and taste 色味俱佳 pleasant to the palate 清香爽口 please the eyes and mind 赏心悦目 Please vouchsafe me a visit. 敬请光临 pleasing companion 开心伴侣 please to both the eye and the mind 赏心悦目 Nontoxic 无毒 polished again and again 千锤百炼 popular 大众化 popular all over the world 风行世界 popular among the people 风行于世 popular in the whole world 全球流行 popular world-wide 风靡世界 possess surpassing beauty 国色天香国色天姿 postpone senility 延缓衰老 powerful, capable and vigorous 强壮、精悍 practical 实用 practical and comfortable 实用舒适 praise again and again 赞不绝口 praise profusely 赞不绝口 precious and pure 名贵纯正 precise and light 精密轻巧 preeminent in quality 品质超群 preferential 优惠 preferential interest deposit 优利存款 preferential policy 优惠政策 premature consumption 超前消费 present love 爱心奉献 prestige the first 信誉第一 pretty and slim 美丽苗条 pretty and touching 俏丽动人 prevail for a time 盛行一时 priceless treasure 无价之宝 Prices remain stable. 物价稳定 prize-giving sales 有奖销售 produce and market all by oneself 自产自销 produce and market all On one's own 自产自销 produce large amount of qualified goods at a quick pace 高产优质 productive results 卓有成效 professional consciousness 专业精神 professional technician 专业技师 profits pouring in from all sides 财源滚滚 profuse in praise 赞不绝口 prolong life 延年益寿 prolong the period of youth 延展青春 promise longevity 延年益寿 promote economic prosperity 繁荣经济 promote health and cure diseases 保健治病 promote home products 提倡国货 promote longevity 延年益寿 prompt delivery 交货迅速 prosperous 繁荣兴旺 proud taste 高贵品味 purchase after use 先用后买 pure and fresh taste 清纯可口 pure and mild flavour 香味纯和 pure and transparent 洁白透明 pure colour 色彩纯真 pure fragrance of drops 滴滴清香 pure gold with sincere service 金纯心纯 pure taste 味道纯正 pure timbre 音色纯真 pure tone colour 音色纯真 pure white and translucent 洁白透明 pure whiteness 洁白纯正 quality the first 质量第一 quality and quantity guaranteed 保质保量 Quality goods sell themselves. 货好客自来 quality guaranteed 品质保证质量保证 quality service 优质服务 quality wine and choice food 美酒佳肴 quality-guaranteed 品质保证 quartz accuracy 石英精度 quick dried 快干 quick return and small bargain 薄利多销 quiet and tasteful residence 优雅家居 quiet fragrance 淡淡清香 quietly elegant and delicately fragrant 香气淡雅清郁 quite fight 分厘不差 be raged world-wide 风靡世界 raise efficiency 提高工效提高效率 raise prices by deceptive means 变相涨价 rank first among similar products 居同类产品之首 rapid heat dissipation 散热迅速 rare and good medicine 名贵良药 rare flavour of China 中华奇味 rare flowers and uncommon trees 奇花异木 rare jewels and precious stones 奇珍异宝 rare perfection 少有的完美 rare treasures 奇珍异宝 rational design 设计合理 reach effective results only with one application 一搽就灵 ready marketability 适销对路 real 正宗 really famous and precious 真正名贵 really outstanding effect 真正奇效 really worth the reputation 名不虚传 reasonable price 价格合理价格公道 be reasonably structured 结构合理 reciprocity based on equality 平等互利 recover the classic style 复古风格 recover the simple and come to the nature 返璞归真 redoubled comfort 倍感舒适 reduce body weight and prolong life 轻身延寿 reduce weight 减肥 refresh and benefit the eyes 明目怡神 refreshing fragrance 香味沁人 refreshing taste 爽口好吃 refund allowed if ineffective 无效退款 refund guaranteed for sth. ineffective 无效退款 refund or change for a better one 包退包换 regain one's youth 再现青春 regardless of the cost 不惜工本 rejuvenate China 振兴中华 relaxed and carefree 心旷神怡 reliable performance 性能可靠 relieve heat and thirst 清热止渴 reluctant to put sth. away 爱不释手 remarkable 卓越 remarkable function 功能卓越 remarkable opening moves 出手不凡 remarkable quality 品质卓越 remembered throughout the ages 万世流芳 renew one's youth 再现青春 replace the old by with new ones 以旧换新 request the honour of your presence 敬请光临 resist bacteria 抗菌 resist heat 耐热 resplendent 鲜艳夺目 responsible 责任心强 return accepted if ineffective 无效包退 returnable if ineffective 无效包退 reward the good and fine the bad 奖优罚劣 rich and unique 丰盛别致 rich and vigorous 繁荣兴旺 rich assortment 花色齐备 rich in colour 色彩丰富 rich in foam 泡沫丰富 rich in fragrance 芳香馥郁 richly endowed by nature 得天独厚 Rise above the common herd 出类拔萃 rise above the general run of people 超凡绝俗 rise above the herd 超群出众 roll out the red carpet 隆重欢迎 romantic charm in a natural way 潇洒神韵 romantic emotional appeal 浪漫情调 romantic gentleness 浪漫的温柔 romantic sentiment 浪漫情调 run business in partnership 合伙经营 running small, minor repairs 小修小补 safe and electricity-saving 安全省电 safe and handy 安全、简便 safe and simple 安全、简便 sail with the wind 万事亨通 sale 大减价 sale price 大贱卖 sales with repair 以卖带修 satisfy both sides 两全其美 satisfy the eyes and mind 赏心悦目 save both labour and money 省工省钱 save energy notably 节能显著 save both time and labour 省时省力 scent spreading for a hundred years 香飘百年 seamless wear from Heaven 天衣无缝 seasonal cuisine 时令菜肴 selected materials 用料上乘 sell at a low price 廉价出售 sell at a reduced price 减价出售 sell cheap 廉价出售 sell dear and buy cheap 贵卖贱买 sell goods at rock-bottom prices 半卖半送 sell goods with prize 有奖销售 sell sth. right after it is made bought 现买现卖 sell well all over the world 畅销全球 sell well at home and abroad 畅销国内外 sell well in China 畅销中华 sell while produce 现买现卖 send a fax or mail-order 代办函电邮购 sense a distinct aroma 芳香扑鼻 serve hand and foot 服务周到 service the first 服务第一 set the pace for the generation 独步一时 share luxury 享受豪华 share profits according to contributions 按股分红 sharp-edged knife 刀锋锐利 shining and gleaming 光亮剔透 shock-resistant 防震 shockproof 防震 shop around to get a good buy 货比三家 show consideration by all means 百般体贴 shrewd in money matters 精打细算 shrink-proof 防缩 simple and elegant 简朴高雅明快精致 simple and natural 简洁自然 simplified operation 操作方便 simplify operation 易于操作 simultaneously carry out 同时并举 be skilled at 技艺精湛 skillful manufacture 制作精巧 be skillfully constructed 技艺精湛构思巧妙 slim bearing 苗条天姿 small and exquisite 小巧玲珑 small capital and little gain 本小利微 Small capital brings a bare profit. 本小利微 small profit but large turnover 薄利多销 smart and high-class products 摩登精晶 smart in one's dealings 买卖精明 smell good and taste fragrant 香浓可口 smell sharp aroma 香气扑鼻 smiling service 微笑服务 smokeless 无烟 smooth and bright surface 表面光洁 smooth and natural 流畅自然 smooth and soft 光滑柔软 smooth flow of goods 货畅其流销势极好 snug and relaxing relax 舒适怡人 so wonderful in workmanship as to excel nature 巧夺天工 soft and antiskid 柔软防滑 soft and bright 柔和明亮 soft and comfortable 柔和舒适 soft and light 柔软轻盈 soft and smooth skin 柔美肌肤 soft brightness 柔和明亮 soft colours 色泽柔和 soft feel 手感柔软 soft touch 触感柔软 softness and comfort 柔软舒适 something multiple 一物多用 sophisticated technology 工艺精良 be sought in a dream 梦中所求 sound from the real spot 声临其境 sound on the real scene 声临其境 source of enchantment 诱惑之源 south sentiment 南国情调 south tone 南国情调 sovereign remedy 灵丹妙药 spare neither labour nor money 不惜工本 spare no expense 不惜工本 special buy 大贱卖 special opening offer 开业特价 special price 特价优惠 special service 特殊服务 special taste 口味独特 special technology 特技工艺 special wonder 美妙独特 speciality for winter 冬令佳品 specialized characteristic 专业特色 specials 大特惠 splendid and sumptuous 富丽堂皇 splendid creation 辉煌创意 Splendour blinds the eyes. 鲜艳夺目 spotlessly white 洁白无瑕 spotlessly white as when new 洁白如新 square dealing 公平交易 stabilize commodity prices 稳定物价 stabilize economy 稳定经济 stable property 性能稳定 stand above the average 超群出众 stand wear and tear 经久耐用耐穿耐用耐穿经穿 stand without peer in one's generation 旷世无双 standard quality 成色准足 sterling qualities 玉质金相 sth. above the money's worth 物超所值 sth. above the price in value 物超所值 stick to prestige 恪守信誉 stock taking sale 存货减价 Stocks are always available. 备有现货 straight and fiat bar 条形平直 straight cash deal 现买现卖 straight dealings 公平交易 strengthen the muscles and bones 强壮筋骨 strengthen waist and sinews 壮腰强筋 stretch out and draw back at ease 伸缩自如 stretch out and draw back freely 伸缩自如 strong galvanized layer 锌层牢固 strong packing 包装牢固 strong resistance to heat and hard wearing 抗热耐磨 strong tea and spirits 浓茶烈酒 strongly heat-resistance 耐热性强 structural durability 经久耐用 stunt technology 特技工艺 sturdy construction 结构坚固 succeed with assurance 稳中求胜 succinct and lucid 简洁明畅 sufficient in quantity and unique in flavour 丰盛别致 sufficient supplies 货源充沛货源充足 sufficiently delicate 鲜味十足 sufficiently tasty 美味十足 suffuse an exquisite fragrance all around 香气四溢 suit the people's convenience 方便群众 suitable for both spring and autumn 春秋皆宜 suitable for both young and old 老少皆宜 suitable for men, women, old and young 男女老少皆宜 suitable for people of all ages 老少皆宜 super enjoyment 超级享受 super lightness 超级的轻柔 super taste 品味超人 superb coloring and art 色艺双绝色艺两绝 superb craftsmanship excelling nature 巧夺天工 superb cuisine 菜看上乘 superb products 超人产品 superb quality 超高品质 superb skill 技艺高超 superior in quality 质地考究 superior materials 选材精良 superior tonic 滋补精品 superior performance 性能优越 supernatural workmanship 巧夺天工 Supply fails to meet the demand. 供不应求 Supply falls short of demand. 供不应求 supremacy of customers 顾客至上 surely act after being taken applied 药到必灵 surge forward to do business 蜂拥经商 surpass all others 超群出众 surpass the past and future 空前绝后 suspend business 暂停营业 swarm forward to do business 蜂拥经商 sweet but not oily 甜而不腻 sweet but not sickly 甜而不腻 sweet in taste and cold in nature 甘凉清热 sweet smell 香气馥郁 sweet-mellow 香醇甘甜 swift as gale 迅如疾风 symbol of glory 荣耀象征 take effect quickly 迅速见效 take effect upon application 一搽就灵 take good care of 细心爱护 take on an extremely new look 焕然一新 take stopgap and radical measures 治标治本 take the lead in every step 步步领先 tall and magnificent 美轮美奂 taste light 口味淡雅 taste pure and fresh 清纯可口 taste wonderful 味道好极丁 be tastefully furnished 格调高雅 tastiness itself 美味十足 tasty 可口鲜美可口 tendency of the day 时代新潮 terrific value 大贱卖 the acme of perfection 天衣无缝 The beautiful scenery is pleasing. 景色宜人 the best among all the candidates 名列榜首 the best in all the land 天下第一 the best of diet 饮食之冠 the best quality 品质优良 the best workmanship 做工上乘 The capital is small, but the profit remarkable. 本轻利重 the choice of connoisseurs 行家的选择 the classic handed down from one generation to another 传世经典 the cream of domestic home-made goods 国货精华 the cream of making up 化妆精华 the cream of nature 自然的精华 the creation of perpetuity 创造永恒 The credit standing is well-known. 信用昭著 the elegance of the times 时代之优雅 the essence of plants 植物之宝 the fashion of women 妇女时尚 The favour of your presence is requested. 敬请光临 the first choice for one's health 健康首选 the first choice for washing 洗涤首选 the first under heaven 天下第一 the focus of attention of millions of people 万众瞩目 The fragrance of... fills one's nostrils. 芳香扑鼻 the gem of Chinese culture 中华文化之瑰宝 the greatest in the world 天字第一号 the king of fine goods 精品之王 the king of seafood 海鲜之王 the kingdom of securities 证券王国 the latest fashion 新潮新派 The market is brisk. 市场繁荣 the most wonderful street in China 中华第一街 the No. 1 sale in the world 世界销量第一 the one and the only 独一无二 the only authentic one brand, store etc. 独此一家 the origin from nature 出于自然 the origin of life 生命之源 the rhythm of youth 青春节拍 The road to wealth is wide open. 财运亨通 the sole patent 唯一专利 the sole superiority 独家优势 The source of wealth is abundant flourishing. 财源茂盛 The supply meets the demand. 供需平衡 The tender for export is successful has been accepted. 出口中标 the treasure of China 中华之宝 the ultimate in comfort 绝顶的舒适 the unique and spectacular scenery 特色风貌 the utmost convenience in use 使用极便 the variety of colours and designs 花色品种 The whole scene is like a huge coloured tapestry. 景色似锦 thin, fragrant and crisp 薄香松脆 thoroughly tempered 千锤百炼 three guarantees for products 产品实行三包 thriving 繁荣兴旺 through-and-through 货真价实 Time is money. 一刻千金 timely delivery guaranteed 交货及时 tiny funds and small earnings 本小利微 tonify and strengthen the constitution 滋补强壮 top quality and high production 高产优质 totally new package 全新包装 tower above the rest 超凡绝俗 Trade is brisk prosperous. 生意兴隆 trade justly 公平交易 tranquilize the mind and promote mentality 宁神益智 trans-century's pursuit 跨世纪的追求 transcend time and space 超越时空 treasure for health 健康珍品 treat customers courteously 礼貌待客 trial offer 接受退货 tropical cuisine 热带莱肴 tropical flavour and taste 热带风味 true fame and value 真正名贵 true to one's name 名不虚传 trump-named technician 王牌技师 Trustworthiness is evident. 信用昭著 two for one 买一送一 unaffected 质朴 unaffected and plain 质朴无华 unconventional enjoyment 超值享受 unconventional idea 超凡创意 undersell 廉价出售 unduly high level of spending 超前消费 unique 独一无二空前绝后 unique in performance 性能无与伦比 unique position 位置独特 unique production 独特创意 unique skill 绝技 unique wonder 美妙独特 unlimited saving 无限节省 unmatched 独一无二 unmatched in the world 天下独步 unparalleled 独一无二 unparalleled both in beauty and art 色艺绝伦 unparalleled for a time 独步一时 unparalleled in the world 独步天下 unprecedented 空前未有 unprecedented and unrepeatable 空前绝后 unprecedentedly outstanding 空前出众 unrivalled 独一无二 unsurpassed beauty of a generation 绝代风华 unsurpassed in beauty 美艳绝伦 up-to-date styling 款式新颖 up-to-date technology 最新技术 use before purchase 先用后买 varied assortment 品种繁多 varieties of designs and specifications 花色品种 various 各色各样 various descriptions 各色各样 various styles 款式齐全 very beautiful and colourful 瑰丽多彩 very popular 备受欢迎大受欢迎 very-high-level enjoyment 超级享受 vintage wine and choice food 美酒佳肴 Visitors are welcome. 欢迎参观 vivid pattern 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司