翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 相思病 romance 浪漫史 to love for advantage 假爱情 lover | sweetheart 情人 [Slang] steady 关系确定的情侣 "love is blind" 情人眼里出西施 Valentine's Day 情人节 no self-control 情不自禁 love token 情物 love letter 情书 realm of love 情场 love poem 情诗 love song 情歌 to arrive at puberty | to reach puberty 情窦初开 ideal catch | ideal mate 理想对象 bachelorette | single woman 单身女郎 bachelor | single male 单身汉 unrequited love | one-sided love 单恋 be fickle | fickle love 朝三暮四 late love 黄昏之恋 true love | "Mr Right" | dream-girl 意中人 love story 爱情故事 God of love 爱神 perverted love 畸恋 Platonic love 精神恋爱 to fall in love 坠入情网 to pursue'til satisfaction 穷追 celibacy 独身生活 to make cow eyes 频送秋波 insubstantial love | infatuation 镜花水月 love affair 恋情 to have sexual relations or cohabit before marriage “先上车,后补票"的婚姻 "to love, honor, and cherish" [marriage vow] “爱情、荣誉、抚育" monogamy 一夫一妻制 polygamy 一夫多妻制 polyandry | polygamy 一妻多夫制 to enter the bridal chamber 入洞房 manus [Roman Law] 丈夫至上[罗马法] dais | seats of honor [where bridal party is seated at reception] 上座 bride's family 女方 nubility 女性适婚年龄 flower girl 女花童 matriarchal marriage 女家长主婚之婚姻 son-in-law 女婿 bridesmaid 女傧相 married person 已婚者 sterility 不孕 unsuitable union 不合适的婚姻 infidelity 不贞 | 不忠 nonsupport 不尽赡养义务 confetti 五彩碎纸 wedded wife | lawful wife 元配 six ceremonies of betrothal & marriage 六礼 civil marriage 公证结婚 separation 分居 be separated from one's husband 分居女子 be separated from one's wife 分居男子 separation allowance 分居津贴 [Western] companionate marriage | common-law marriage 友伴式婚姻 | 习惯法婚姻 incompatibility of spouses 夫妻个性不合 marriage settlement contract 夫妻财产契约[决定财产、继承等之契约] matrimonial relationship 夫妇关系 teenage marriage | [India] child marriage 少年婚姻 to lead the bride up the aisle 引新娘向神坛[通常由父亲担任] parental family | parents of the wedding couple 主婚人 | 双方家长 marriage by proxy 代理结婚 odd couple 出人意外实不相配的一对 to marry | get married 出嫁 arranged marriage 包办婚姻 extra-marital affair 外遇 fiance | husband-to-be 未婚夫 engaged couple | betrothed pair 未婚夫妻 fiancee | wife-to-be 未婚妻 record of one's horoscope 生辰八字 to throw the bouquet 丢花[祝福之意] to throw a fan on the floor 丢扇子 to exchange bows 交拜 to exchange rings 交换戒指 to divorce one's wife 休妻 community property 共有财产 remarriage | to remarry 再婚 love knot 同心结 one's wife | one's husband 同床人 | 床头人 common-law marriage | companionate marriage | cohabitation 同居 endogamy 同族结婚 legal dissolution 合法离异 suitable union 合适婚姻 to celebrate at the wedding feast 吃喜酒 shotgun wedding 因已怀孕而不得不结婚之婚姻 to visit bride's parents 回门 | 归宁 shaking hands at wedding reception line 在受礼线上握手[婚礼举行后] home wedding 在家举行之婚礼 plurality of husbands 多夫制 plurality of wives 多妻制 plural marriage 多妻婚姻 young couple 年轻夫妻 married man | family man [man who enjoys family life] 有家室的人 fault divorce [to have grounds for divorce] 有理由之离婚 old couple 老夫妻 May-December marriage 老少配 physical cruelty 肉体折磨 free choice 自由选择 love match 自由恋爱之结婚 use of force 行为粗野 patrilocal marriage 住夫家之婚姻 matrilocal union 住妻家之婚姻 bridesmaid's gown 伴娘礼服 computer dating 利用电脑处理婚姻介绍事务 to kiss the bride [on reception line] 吻新娘 dowry | marriage portion | trousseau 妆奁 | 嫁妆 hope chest 妆奁箱 | 嫁妆箱 consummation | to consummate a marriage 完婚 | 圆房 ring bearer 戒指递送人 groom's family 男方[婚礼用语] patriarchal marriage 男家长主婚之婚姻 groomsman | bridesman | best man 男傧相 to commit tort against 私犯 illegitimate child | bastard | love-child 私生子 to elope 私奔 runaway marriage 私奔结婚 adultery 私通 | 通奸 divorce by consent 协议离婚 support of wife and children 妻室儿女之抚养 party given by bride's family for her on the day of wedding 姊妹桌 religious and legal sanction 宗教与法律上之认可 religious wedding ceremony 宗教仪式 father-in-law 岳父 | 公公 mother-in-law 岳母 | 婆婆 trainbearer 拉衣裙者 | 牵纱者 to carry the bride over the threshold 抱新娘进新居 divorce by decree of court 法院判决之离婚 justice of the peace 治安推事[主持婚礼] contested custody 争监护权 pastor | parson | priest [the second highest in the Protestant clergy] 牧师 sweet soup containing glutinous rice balls 花好月圆圆子汤 garden wedding 花园婚礼 painted candles used at the wedding 花烛 wedding night 花烛夜 sedan | red sedan 花轿 cousin marriage 表兄妹或表姊弟之婚姻 to fetch the bride 迎亲 [colloq] lifetime meal ticket 长期饭票 marriage of a man to a woman below his social position | to marry low 门户不当[和身分卑下的女人结婚] secularization of marriage 非宗教化婚姻 pledge 信物 ex-husband 前夫 ex-wife 前妻 conjugal tie | marriage affinity 姻缘 relatives by marriage | in-laws 姻亲 feudalistic marriage 封建式婚姻 to bow to the groom's parents 拜公婆 to worship Heaven & Earth 拜天地 to worship one's ancestors 拜祖先 prenatal betrothal [in old China] 指腹为婚 marriage of convenience 政略婚姻 | 有企图之婚姻 be husband and wife 为人夫,为人妻 bridal party 为新娘举行之茶会 to marry for citizenship or permanent residentship 为绿卡或永久居留证而结婚 to marry for money 为钱结婚 marriage interview 相亲 chair | red chair 红轿 engagement | to get engaged 订婚 engagement ring 订婚戒指 to contract a marriage 订亲 military wedding 军中结婚 bigamy 重婚 maid of honor 首席女傧相 parental consent 家长同意 family discord | family conflict 家庭冲突 kinfolk | kinsfolk 家族 be burdened with a family 家累 family skeleton | skeleton in the closet 家丑不可外扬 broken home 破碎家庭 broken marriage 破碎婚姻 reunion 破镜重圆 clandestine marriage | secret marriage 秘密结婚 father | priest [the highest in the Catholic clergy] 神父 nuptial poem | [Latin] epithalamium 组诗歌 | 组彩语 train bearer 纱童[可男可女] to present betrothal gifts 纳采 loveless marriage 无爱的婚姻 financial tension 财政上的压力 to accompany the bride 送亲 bridal shower 送礼物给新娘之会 misconduct of spouse 配偶行为不轨 mate selection | spouse choice 配偶的选择 mock marriage 假婚 to place names of couple in front of ancestral altar 问名 international marriage 国际通婚 to take a wife | to marry 娶亲 marriage indissolubility 婚姻之永久性 matrimonial rights and duties 婚姻之权利与义务 dating agency | matrimonial agency 婚姻介绍所 marriage bust-up | marriage failure 婚姻失败 marriage market 婚姻市场 wedlock | matrimony | conjugal life 婚姻生活 marriage liberalization 婚姻自由化 conjugal relation 婚姻关系 marital problems | [colloq] marriage on the rocks 婚姻触礁 marriage counselor 婚姻顾问 troth plighting | wedding vows | marriage vows 婚誓 wedding rituals | wedding rites | nuptials 婚礼 wedding benediction 婚礼祝祷 [America] usher | usherette 婚礼会场上的迎宾招待员 wedding recessional 婚礼赞美歌 wedding bells 婚钟[宣告并祝贺意] to give the bride away 将新娘交给新郎 church wedding 教堂结婚 late marriage | to marry late in life 晚婚 mariticide 杀夫者 uxoricide 杀妻者 jealousy 猜忌 interfaith marriage 异教通婚 exogamy | intermarriage 异族通婚 interracial marriage 异种结婚 miscegenetic marriage 异种结婚[特指黑、白人] dependent 眷属 life partner | life companion 终身伴侣 female servant accompanying bride to husband's home 陪嫁 | 陪嫁丫头 tea party given by bride on the day of wedding 喝喜茶 | 喝甜茶 wedding card 喜帖 wedding scroll 喜幛 wedding feast 喜筵 "dragon & phoenix" cakes | wedding cakes 喜饼 go-between | match-maker 媒人 | 红娘 | 月老 marriage proposal 提亲 childless 无子女的 irreconcilable differences 无法协调的争端 uncontested divorce 无争辩之离婚 no-fault divorce | [colloq] do-it-yourself divorce 无理由之离婚 to grant a divorce 答应离婚 marriage proclamation 结婚公告 wedding ring 结婚戒指 bridal veil 结婚披纱 bridal bouquet 结婚花束 marriage contract 结婚契约 wedding day 结婚纪念日 wedding reception 结婚茶会[婚礼后] wedding announcement 结婚启事 wedding cake 结婚蛋糕 marriage registration 结婚登记 wedding march 结婚进行曲 banns | banns of marriage 结婚预告 bridal ensemble 结婚礼服 wedding gifts 结婚礼物 gift of money to the couple 结婚礼金 marriage license | marriage certificate 结婚证书 subordination [subordinate role] of females and children 视妻室儿女为附属品之婚姻 guest book 贺客名簿 silk on which guests sign their names 贺客签名绸 purchase marriage | marriage by purchase | 买卖婚姻 open marriage 开放性婚姻 group marriage | communal marriage 集团结婚 lucky day | auspicious day 黄道吉日 promiscuous marriage 乱婚 to marry again [said of a widower] 填房 | 续弦 to marry money | to marry into money 嫁入朱门 daughter-in-law 媳妇 marriage by capture | [Teutonic] "robber marriage" 抢亲 to walk down the aisle 新人进礼堂 bridal chamber 新房 | 洞房 groom | bride groom 新郎 friends of the groom 新郎之友人 family & relatives of the groom 新郎之家人暨亲友 hat worn by groom 新郎瓜皮帽[礼帽] long gown and jacket worn by groom 新郎长袍马褂[礼服] parents of the groom 新郎家长 | 男方家长 tuxedo | [colloq] tails 新郎礼服 bride 新娘 friends of the bride 新娘之友人 family & relatives of the bride 新娘之家人暨亲友 parents of the bride 新娘家长 | 女方家长 red silk veil 新娘头纱 wedding gown 新娘礼服 newlyweds 新婚夫妇 hearty congratulations to the new couple 新婚志庆 bridegroom-to-be 准新郎 bride-to-be 准新娘 courtesy money | bride price [paid to bride's parents] 聘金 to cancel an engagement | to break an engagement 解除婚约 | 退婚 trial separation 试行性分居 trial marriage 试婚 forced marriage 逼婚 to violate marriage vow 违反婚誓 misogamy 厌恶结婚 mental cruelty 精神折磨 honeymoon 蜜月旅行 marriage by abduction 诱拐成婚 marriage advertisement | matrimonial advertisement 徵婚广告 to throw rice [to wish fertility upon the couple] 撒米[祝福新郎新娘多子多孙] to petition for divorce | to sue for divorce 请求离婚 to inform bride of marriage date 请期 [idiom] better half 贤内助 to barter away one's wife 卖老婆 marriageable age | age of consent 适婚年龄 to tease the bride | to tease the bride on wedding night 闹洞房 to determine a favorable day | to determine an auspicious day 择日 empty-nest 独守空闺[丈夫离去] to personally receive | to personally receive the bride 亲迎 consanguinity marriage [related by blood through common ancestor] 亲族婚姻 desertion | [colloq] poor man's divorce 遗弃 couple leading a poor life 糟糠夫妻 to toast the bride and groom 举杯向新郎新娘致意 card of thanks 谢卡 wedding car 礼车 wedding streamers 礼带 gift book 礼簿 divorce | to divorce 离婚 divorce court 离婚法庭 to contest divorce action 离婚争议 divorcee 离婚者 grounds for divorce 离婚动机 | 离婚原因 divorce rate 离婚率 divorce suit 离婚诉讼 divorce racket | divorce trade 离婚敲诈生意 divorce certificate 离婚证书 mixed marriage [Western] 杂婚[西] mutual assent 双方同意 | 彼此同意 consent marriage | democratic marriage 双方同意之婚姻 mutual vow of chastity 双方贞洁之誓言 firecracker 爆竹 marriage witness | witness at wedding 证婚人 alimony 赡养费 henpecked husband 惧内 a Chinese character signifying double happiness 喜 husband 丈夫 daughter 女儿 son-in-law [pl. sons-in-law] 女婿 daddy | father 父亲 brother 兄弟 youngest daughter 幼女 youngest son 幼子 mom | mother | mummy 母亲 second daughter 次女 second son 次子 elder uncle 伯父 younger brother 弟弟 son 儿子 uncle 叔父 wife 妻子 younger sister 妹妹 paternal aunt 姑母 sister 姊妹 elder sister 姊姊 father-in-law [pl. fathers-in-law] 岳父 mother-in-law [pl. mothers-in-law] 岳母 eldest daughter 长女 eldest son 长子 mother's sister 姨母 aunt 姨妈 niece 侄女 nephew 侄子 grandnephew 侄孙 child 孩子 elder brother 哥哥 granddaughter 孙女 grandson 孙子 grandfather 祖父 grandmother 祖母 cousin 堂兄 goddaughter 教女 godson 教子 godfather 教父 godmother 教母 great grandson 曾孙 daughter-in-law [pl. daughters-in-law] 儿媳 maternal uncle 舅父 foster daughter 养女 foster son 养子 adopted father 养父 adopted mother | foster mother 养母 step daughter 继女 step father 继父 step mother 继母 maternal grandfather 外祖父 maternal grandmother 外祖母 fiance 未婚夫 fiancee 未婚妻 maternal cousin 表兄弟 maternal female cousin 表姊妹 niece's husband 侄女婿 grand niece 侄孙女 granddaughter's husband 孙女婿 grandson's wife 孙媳妇 nephew's wife 侄媳妇 adopted daughter 乾女儿 only daughter 独生女 niece's husband 甥女婿 paternal cousin 堂兄弟 paternal female cousin 堂姊妹 brother-in-law [pl. brothers-in-law] 姻亲兄弟 sister-in-law [pl. sisters-in-law] 姻亲姊妹 understanding children's emotions 了解儿童情绪 3 or 4-hour feeding schedule 三或四小时喂食一次 toddler | elder baby 大一点的婴孩 gross-motor activities 大肌肉[手足]活动 bowel movement | stool 大便 bowel training 大便训练 fine-motor activities 小肌肉[指头]活动 dinky toy 小玩具 bladder training 小便训练 cognitive skills 小孩智育训练 to nurse poorly at the breast 不良喂奶 chopped food | junior food 切烂之食物 unstable child 反覆无常的小孩 gifted child 天才儿童 guiding children to engage in recreation 引导儿童从事健康娱乐 sibling rivalry 兄妹竞争 teething 出牙 to bite during teething 出牙时咬乳头 finger food 可供婴儿抓食之食物 playpen 可供婴儿独自玩之围栏 stroller 四轮婴儿车 powdered milk 奶粉 nursing bottle | feeding bottle 奶瓶 to warm the bottle 奶瓶加温 to sterilize bottle 奶瓶消毒 bottle feeding 奶瓶喂育 wet-nurse | [England] nanny 奶妈 nipple cover | nipple shield 奶头套 rag doll 布娃娃 early childhood 幼儿期 nursery school | kindergarten 幼稚园 kindergarten education 幼稚园教育 breast milk 母奶 | 母乳 breast feeding | nursing 母乳喂育 mother-baby relationship 母亲与婴儿间之关系 teething ring 生齿咬环 manual expression of milk 用手挤乳 modeling 用范例教学法 to regurgitate milk | [colloq] to spit up 吐奶 day nursery | day-care center 托儿所 [America] crib | [England] cot 有栏小床 crib net 有栏小床顶上之网 motor development 肌肉发展训练 self-care skills 自我照顾之训练 self-directed learning 自我管理学习法 | 自导学习法 breast pump 吸乳器 sucking 吸啜 thumb-sucking 吮手指 [America] diaper | [England] nappy 尿布 diaper pin | safety pin 尿布别针 diaper pail 尿布桶 bed-wetting 尿床 crib toy 床上玩物 belly-band | binder 肚兜 infant home 育幼院 to nurse strongly at the breast | to nurse vigorously at the breast 良好喂奶 waterproof sheeting 防水垫 insufficient milk 乳量不足 self-demand schedule 依据婴儿本身需要喂奶 strained food | baby food 供婴儿吃之细烂食物 [colloq] cape 披风 | 披肩 fussy | fretful baby 易哭易怒之婴儿 creeping | crawling 爬行 toy training 玩具教学 teddy bear 玩具熊 toy box 玩具箱 colostrum 初乳 | 血乳 refusal at first to eat cereal 初喂谷物时拒食 informal education 非正式教育 incubator 保温箱 to chew the nipple 咬住乳头 toilet chair | potty | [colloq] potty-chair 孩童用马桶 to prepare the formula | to fix the formula 按说明书调奶粉 doll 洋娃娃 to drool 流口水 baby-sitter | nursemaid 看护婴儿者 backpack 背婴儿之背带 prenatal training 胎教 meconium [newborn's first bowel discharge] 胎粪 meeting individual needs 个别需要之适应 lactation | suckling 哺乳 pasteurized milk 消毒牛奶 bath thermometer 浴盆温度计 sore nipple 疼痛的乳头 standing to urinate 站着小便 disposable diaper 纸尿片 training children for independence 训练儿童独立 training to conform 训练服从 to stop sterilizing bottle 停止消毒 hood 兜帽 problem child 问题儿童 cultivating self-confidence | building self-esteem 培养自信心 to wean from bottle to cup 从奶瓶断奶改用杯子 hooded cape 连帽披风 bib 围兜 | 口水兜 learning through play 寓学习于游戏 bedtime problems 就寝问题 to change a dirty diaper | to change a soiled diaper 换大便布 to change a wet diaper 换尿布 desire to be a baby again 渴望再做个婴儿 feeble child 虚弱的孩子 begin spoon-feeding | begin solid foods 开始为婴儿喂食 open crotch pants [Chinese training pants] 开裆裤 cradle 摇篮 cradle cover 摇篮罩 socialization skills 群育训练 supplementary feeding 补充母奶 encouraging the child to feed himself 鼓励孩子自己取食 rattle 嘎嘎作响之玩具 to increase the milk supply 增加乳量 walker 学步车 pre-school education 学前教育 learning to feed or dress oneself 学习自己吃饭穿衣 learning to get along with other children 学习与其他儿童相处 pacifier | rubber nipple 橡皮奶头 rubber sheet 橡皮垫 rubber pants | plastic pants 橡皮裤 slow child 迟钝儿童 to prop the bottle 婴儿手执奶瓶自己喂奶 baby blanket | swaddling clothes | baby wrapper 婴儿包 | 襁褓 baby equipment 婴儿用之装备 to coo | gurgle 婴儿作咯咯声 baby dressing table 婴儿更衣台 umbilical cord stump 婴儿肚脐 to stay dry at night 婴儿夜间不尿床 infant seat 婴儿卧椅 high chair 婴儿高脚椅 to crow 婴儿高兴叫 to sleep through the night 婴儿通宵熟睡 bassinet | [America] baby carriage | [England] pram 婴儿摇篮车 layette | [England] babywear 婴儿装[总称] baby scale 婴儿磅秤 baby shoe | bootee [usually knitted or crocheted] 婴儿鞋 cradle cap | crust on scalp 婴儿头上之胎皮 inverted nipple 缩进的乳头 language development | speech development 讲话发展 to bubble | burp 喂奶后轻拍婴儿背使其打嗝 feeding 喂食 feeding schedule 喂食时间表 weaning 断奶 spoiling 宠坏 portable crib | portable cot 携带床 fontanel 囟门 massacre | to massacre 大屠杀 be in one's coffin 已死的 | 已葬的 the late Mr X 已故某某 to have one's throat cut | to have one's throat slit 切喉管 premature death 夭亡 mummy 木乃伊 [euphemism] to join the majority 加入大多数 [euphemism] to pass on | to pass away 去世 to end one's days 去世 [euphemism] to depart 去逝 to beat to death 打死 [euphemism] the sleep that knows no waking | to go to one's rest | to go to one's reward 永眠 [euphemism] to pass from among us 丢掉我们 intact remains 全尸 to succumb to disease | to die of disease 向病魔屈服 death from a severe wound 因伤致死 euthanasia | mercy-killing 安乐死 to die a hero's death 成仁 [colloq] be food for fishes 成为鱼的食物[淹死] [colloq] be food for worms 成为虫的食物 death | to cease to exist | die | expire | perish | to decease | decease 死亡 death toll 死亡人数 casualty 死亡行列 | 伤亡者 fatality rate | death rate 死亡率 [colloq] be dead and gone 死去的 death row 死刑犯 [colloq] be stone dead 死定的 | 全无气息的 traffic fatality 死于交通事故 to die an untimely death 死于非命 the deceased 死者 corpse | cadaver 死尸 | 尸首 [colloq] to die a dog's death 死得可鄙 | 死得可怜 to die a glorious death 死得壮烈 [euphemism] to depart from life 死掉 to die out 死绝 to die of old age | to die a natural death 老死 to commit suicide | do away with oneself | take one's own life 自杀 to cut off the breath 弄死 [colloq] to go under for the third time 沈没[淹死] to decide to kill | to decide to kill someone 决定杀死 to perish in flames 灼死 | 烧死 [euphemism] to go the way of all flesh 走凡人之路 [colloq] to die at a ripe old age 享高年而死 | 寿终 to take a life 取人生命 [literary] to shuffle off this mortal coil 抛弃俗扰 [colloq] to give up the ghost 放弃灵魂 to die by taking poison 服毒而死 [euphemism] be gone 物化 | 仙逝 to sleep one's last sleep 长眠 to put one away | have one put away | to put one out of one's misery 促其快死 to decompose | decay 尸首腐烂 to bleed to death 流血而死 be burned to death 活活烧死 to bury alive 活埋 be bombed to death 炸死[美] to go out like a light 突然死掉 fatality 致命 [colloq] to drop dead 倒毙 | 暴死 be frozen to death 冻死 to wither away | to fade away 凋落 | 枯死 [Japan] hara-kiri | seppuku 剖腹自尽 to die for one's country 殉国 | 为国牺牲 to die at one's post 殉职 passing 消失 | 死去 floating corpse 浮尸 carrion 臭尸 [slang] to croak 送上西天 to crucify 钉在十字架上 be killed in battle 阵亡 to put out of the way | to put one out of the way 除掉某人 | 杀死某人 | 关进监牢 temporal death 假死 be strangled to death 勒毙 double suicide 情死 to kill | slay 杀死 to die a martyr 杀身成仁 | 死为烈士 be cut off in one's prime 盛年夭折 to go out of this world | to depart from this world 脱离凡尘 be hanged 被吊死 | 被绞死 be buried alive 被活埋 [colloq] to push up the daisies 被埋葬[美俚] be drowned 被淹死 demise | to demise 逝世[俗] | 驾崩 to slit one's wrists 割腕 to suffocate to death | to choke to death 闷死 maimed body 残毁尸体 peaceful death 善终 to do away with | [colloq] to do in | finish off 干掉 accidental death 意外死亡 be assassinated 暗杀死亡 to die instantaneously 当场毙命 dismembered corpse 碎尸 | 残骸 [colloq] to dance upon nothing | to dance on a rope 绑着绳子跳舞[被吊死] to feign death 装死 to jump to one's death 跳楼自杀 [colloq] to meet one's doom | to go to one's doom 遇上劫数 to pass through the ghost's door 过鬼门 to die a natural death | to die in one's sleep 寿终正寝 to meet one's end 寿尽 to welcome death 宁愿死去 to die a violent death 惨死 to snuff out 熄灭[死] [America Indian] to sleep with one's ancestors 与祖先同眠[美印第安] [America Indian] be gathered to one's fathers 与祖先聚合[美印第安] [colloq] to meet one's Maker 与造物主会合 sudden death 暴毙 to die a beggar 穷困而死 to meet with an accident 遭不测 to die of hunger | to die of starvation 饿死 be killed in action 战死 [colloq] to die in one's shoes | to die in one's boots 横死 | 死于非命 [colloq] to die in the harness | to die in the saddle 积劳而死 [America slang] to bump | to bump off 谋杀 immolation 纵火自焚 [colloq] be at death's door 临鬼门关 expiration 断气 to return to dust 归土 to go west 归西 | 上西天 [slang] to bite the dust | kick the bucket 翘辫子 to turn up one's queue | to turn up one's toes 翘腿 be reincarnated | be reborn 转世 [colloq] to kick the wind | to kick the clouds 双脚蹬空[被吊死] [colloq] to breathe one's last 咽下最后一口气 to die of an overdose of drugs 药剂过量致死 fall | to fall [in battle] 牺牲 repose | eternal rest 长逝 celestial burial 天葬 water burial 水葬 cremation 火葬 sea burial 海葬 state funeral 国葬 Christian burial 教葬 to lay in the coffin 入殓 to bow three times 三鞠躬 to hang a flag at half-mast 下半旗 my late father 亡父 my late mother 亡母 encoffining ceremony 大殓 to mourn in public 公祭 public cemetery | cemetery 公墓 to express condolence | to condole 吊唁 oration 吊辞 pyre 火葬堆 | 火葬柴堆 crematory 火葬场 funeral officiant 主祭 relics [from an archeological excavation] 出土物[考古] funeral procession | cortege 出丧 | 出葬 dolmen 古代石墓 to offer hearty thanks 叩谢 holocaust 巨灾大难 to embalm 打针防腐 widow 未亡人 to strictly observe rites for the dead 守丧 to keep vigil beside the bier | deathwatch 守灵 entombment 安葬 requiem 安魂弥撒 | 安魂歌 death certificate 死亡证明书 resurrection 死而复生 | 复活 the bereaved 死者家属 Buddhist rites 佛事 [Irish] wake 坐夜守尸[古] filial son 孝子 anniversary of day of death 忌辰 family coffin attendants in procession 扶柩者 to go and attend a funeral 奔丧 fatherless child 孤子 family history | family tree 宗谱 to put on mourning apparel 披麻戴孝 pall bearer 抬棺者 to be in mourning 服丧 to sob 泣 to arrange funeral rites | to make funeral arrangements 治丧 funeral committee 治丧委员会 wreath 花圈 ribbon 花圈缎带 floral board | floral wreath 花牌 motherless child 哀子 funeral music 哀乐 bier 尸台 be laid to rest 尸体安放 royal necropolis 皇陵 prayer 祈祷 mourning ring 纪念死者的戒指 to pay homage | to pay one's respects 致敬 obituary 讣告 obituary | funeral announcement 讣闻 military honors 军葬礼 incense | joss stick 香 paper money [for the dead] 冥钞 false paper money burned as an offering to the dead 冥币 funeral objects 冥器 false paper money burned as an offering to the dead 冥钱 message of condolence 唁电 to weep | cry 哭泣 funeral attended by immediate family 家祭 | 家奠 elegiac scroll 挽幛 corpse candle | funerary candle 素烛 paper mannikin 纸人 paper clothes [for the dead] 纸衣 paper house [for the dead] 纸屋 paper banner 纸幡 paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead 纸钱 to attend a funeral 送丧 | 送葬 mourning coach 送殡车 mourner 送殡者 memorial service 追悼会 posthumous award 追赠 ashes of the dead 骨灰 cinerary casket 骨灰盒 urn | funeral urn 骨瓮 | 骨灰瓮 | 骨罐 | 骨灰罐 morgue 停尸所 to force oneself to cry 假哭 to attend a funeral 参加葬礼 to weep quietly 啜泣 national mourning 国丧 funeral oration 悼词 to exhume 掘墓 grave-digger 掘墓人 tomb sweeping [rite] 扫墓 moist-eyed 泪汪汪的 sacrificial objects 祭品 funeral cloth expressing condolence 祭幛 to mourn together 陪哭 funeral assistant 陪祭 mortuary objects 陪葬品 mausoleum 陵 | 灵庙 cemetery 陵园 mausoleum 陵墓 funeral 丧事 mourning attire 丧服 bereaved family 丧家 | 遗族 mourning band 丧章 mourning staff 丧棒 funeral expenses 丧葬费用 funeral service | funeral rites 丧礼 death knell | funeral bell 丧钟 libation 奠酒 | 祭酒 to sorrow | to grieve 悲哀 | 哀怨 grief 悲伤 coffin | casket 棺材 bier 棺架 pall 棺罩 | 柩衣 coffin lid 棺材盖 | 棺盖 coffin plate 棺盖上之金属名牌 crematorium | cinerator 焚尸炉 lament | to lament 痛哭 to hold a memorial ceremony 开追悼会 honorable burial 隆重的葬礼 black crepe | mourning band | arm band 黑纱 mourning name card 黑边之名片[居丧用] pathetic | pitiable 感伤的 Pure Land | Paradise | Utopia | Elysian Fields 极乐世界 | 天堂 mass burial ground 万人冢 public burial ground 义冢 interment 落葬 funeral 葬礼 funeral march | death march 葬礼曲 roadside mourning 路祭 Taoist rites 道场 eulogy 颂辞[褒扬死者] plot | coffin pit 墓穴 graveyard | cemetery | burial ground 墓地 coffin chamber 墓室 burial mound 墓冢 gravestone | tombstone | headstone 墓碑 tomb passage 墓道 inscription 墓志 epitaph 墓志铭 shroud 寿布 | 白寿布 shroud | graveclothes 寿衣 sarcophagus 精美石棺 | 食肉石 cerements | graveclothes 裹尸蜡布 to chant sutras 诵经 to mourn | to express one's mourning for the dead 志哀 dirge | elegy 挽歌 funeral scroll | elegiac couplet 挽联 funeral escort | funeral cortege 仪杖队 tomb | grave | sepulcher 坟墓 consolation 慰藉 cist 箱型石墓[考古] to reinter 迁葬 the remains 遗骨 | 遗骸 columbarium 遗骨安置所 portrait of the deceased 遗像 corpse 遗体 will | testament 遗嘱 | 遗言 codicil 遗嘱附录 tinfoil 锡箔 silence tribute 默哀 three minutes' silence 默哀三分钟 to wail 嚎哭 to be in mourning 戴孝 to be in full mourning 戴重孝 funeral gift 赙仪 to bow 鞠躬 funeral and interment 殡葬 funeral director | undertaker 殡仪员 funeral parlor | funeral home | mortuary 殡仪馆 | 殓房 to encoffin a corpse 殡殓 final respects 瞻仰遗容 hours for paying respects 瞻仰遗容时间 professional mourners | hired mourners 职业哭丧者 ossuary 藏骨堂 | 骨瓮 | 骨罐 charnel | charnel house 藏骸所 | 停尸室 to sacrifice 献祭 to inherit a fortune 继承遗产 autopsy | postmortem examination 验尸 coroner 验尸官 bier | hearse 灵床 hearse 灵车 | 柩车 soul | spirit | specter | wraith | ghost 灵魂 pedicab 人力三轮车 rickshaw 人力车 tricar 三轮小轿车 pedicab | three-wheel cart 三轮车 large car 大型车 caravan | covered wagon 大篷车 lady's cycle 女用脚踏车 car 小汽车 microbus | minibus 小型巴士 | 小型公共汽车 small car 小型车 minicab 小型计程车 go-kart | kart 小型跑车[少年乘坐游玩之小车] baby bus [small bus] | touring bus 小型游览车 pickup 小货车 portable scooter 小摩托车 sedan 小轿车 mobile machinery shop 工程车 light bus 中型巴士 weapons carrier 中型吉普 in-between car | standard size car 中型车 five-man bicycle 五人脚踏车 six-wheel-drive truck 六轮驱动载重车 bus 公车 | 公共巴士 service car 公务车 water bicycle 水上自行车 train 火车 cab 出租汽车 truck 卡车 scooter 司谷德 | 速可德 | 踏板车 landau 四轮马车或四门轿车[分顶式] four-wheel-drive truck 四轮驱动载重车 town bus | city bus 市内巴士 local express 平快车 flat car 平板车 company car 交通车 all-wheel-drive vehicle 全轮驱动车 jeep 吉普车 subway | metro | underground 地铁 tram car 有轨电车 | 触轮式电车 private car 自用车 | 私家车 bicycle | bike 自行车 | 单车 refrigeration truck 冷藏车 reclining-seat car 坐卧两用车 express 快车 dune buggy 沙滩车 automobile | motor car | motor vehicle 汽车 squad car 巡逻警车 bullet-proof sedan 防弹汽车 tricycle 儿童三轮车 child's cycle | tricycle 儿童脚踏车 garbage truck | rubbish collector 垃圾车 trailer truck 拖车 handcart 板车 direct nonstop | through train 直达车 sleeper | pullman car | [France] wagon-lits 卧车 long-distance racing car 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司