翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 三角板 three-square rule 三棱尺 pin 大头针 filing cabinet 公文柜 stationery case 文具盒 adding machine 加数机 perforator 打孔机 typing paper 打字纸 typewriter 打字机 terrestrial globe 地球仪 atlas 地图册 French curve | irregular curve | curve board 曲线板 blotting paper 吸墨纸 mimeograph 油印机 memo pad 便条簿 slide rule 计算尺 calculating machine | counting machine 计算机 correction fluid 修正液 ball-point pen | ball pen 原子笔 damping sponge | moistening sponge | damper 海棉池 notebook 记事本 numbering machine 号码机 clip 回纹针 staple 钉书钉 stapler 钉书机 pencil sharpener 卷笔刀 soft pencil 软铅笔 paper clip 报纸夹 hard pencil 硬铅笔 paper knife 裁纸刀 blackboard eraser 黑板擦 exercise book 练习本 carbon paper 复写纸 inkstand 墨水台 inkpot | ink bottle 墨水瓶 rubber band 橡皮筋 eraser 橡皮擦 medium pencil 半硬铅笔 ink eraser 去墨水剂 typewriter ribbon 打字机带 fountain pen 自来水笔 aid to object teaching | audio-visual aid 直观教具 refill 原子笔心 colour chalk 彩色粉笔 rubber stamp 橡皮图章 ink barrel 储墨皮管 colour pencil | crayon 颜色铅笔 loose-leaf notebook 活页记事本 briefcase | tot stapler 公事手提箱 date stamp 打日期橡皮章 textbook 教科书 | 课本 moral education | moral culture 德育 intellectual culture | mental training 智育 physical education | physical training 体育 aesthetic culture 美育 method of discussion 讨论式 method of elicitation | method of enlightenment 启发式 technical education 工艺教育 secondary education 中等教育 to teach and learn from each other 互教互学 civic education 公民教育 secular education 世俗教育 classical education 古典教育 people's education 民众教育 teaching exchange 交换教学 all-round development 全面发展 differentiation & adaptation to suit the teaching to the ability of pupils | to teach students in accordance with their aptitude 因材施教 adult education 成人教育 to teach everyone without prejudice 有教无类 children's education 儿童教育 correspondence course 函授教育 religious education 宗教教育 social education 社会教育 primary education | elementary education 初等教育 cooperative system 建教合作 science education 科学教育 to give prominence to the key points 重点突出 respective teaching | differentiated teaching 个别教授 household education 家事教育 home education 家庭教育 national education 国民教育 fundamental education 基本教育 to eliminate illiteracy 扫除文盲 to educate the person as well as impart book knowledge 教书育人 to explain profound theories in simple language 深入浅出 universal education 普及教育 ordinary education | general education 普通教育 programmed instruction 程序教学 skilful in departing knowledge 善于施教 audio-visual education 视听教育 to appraise the teaching and learning 评鉴教学 reformatory education | training education 感化教育 business education 实业教育 experimental education 实验教育 incentive education 诱导教育 equal stress on integrity and ability 德才兼备 corrective education 矫正教育 vocational education | trade education 职业教育 frontier education 边疆教育 fading | vanishing 渐减提示法 vocational and technical education 职业技术教育 liberal education 高等普通教育 education for the handicapped 残障者特殊教育 to liven up the studies 使学习生动活泼 compulsory education 义务教育 | 强迫教育 education for the masses 通俗教育 | 平民教育 from the shallower to the deeper | from the easier to the more advanced 由浅入深 | 由易到难 higher education 高等教育 | 大学教育 special education 特殊教育 | 专门教育 the higher class 大班 the intermediate class 中班 the lower class 小班 mutual help 互助 friendly affection 友爱 handiwork | handwork 手工 day nursery 日托 boarding nursery 全托 morning exercise 早操 homework 作业 child | children 儿童 toy 玩具 sense perception 知觉 brave | bravery 勇敢 doll 娃娃 aesthetic education | art education 美育 counting figures | to count 计数 parent 家长 paper-cutting 剪纸 singing 唱歌 classroom 教室 teacher 教师 shower 淋浴 clay modelling 陶艺 work | labour 劳作 intellectual education | intellectual development 智育 festival | red-letter day | holiday 节日 honest | honesty 诚实 dancing 跳舞 game 游戏 united | unity 团结 learning 学习 block 积木 infant | baby 婴儿 drawing 绘画 physical education 体育 sunbath 日光浴 kindergarten 幼稚园 polite | courteous 有礼貌 be impolite | to have no manners 没礼貌 attention 注意力 air bath 空气浴 nursery governess 保育员 playroom 活动室 to watch TV 看电视 nursing room 哺乳室 parents' meeting 家长会 memory | faculty of memory 记忆力 mixed class 混合班 creativity 创造力 imagination | imaginative power | imaginative faculty 想像力 playground 游戏场 dormitory 睡眠室 infant class 婴儿班 storytelling 讲故事 to pay attention to hygiene 讲卫生 observation 观察力 outdoor activity 户外活动 daily life | everyday life 日常生活 wooden toy 木制玩具 early childhood education | infant education | nursery education 幼儿教育 correct pronunciation 正确发音 nursery centre 托儿中心 ability of expression 表达能力 metal toy 金属玩具 character education 品德教育 faculty of thinking 思维能力 recreational activity | recreation 娱乐活动 parents' education 家长教育 to have a high regard for one's elders 尊敬长者 cultivation of one's willpower 意志培养 language development 语言发展 grammatical structure 语法结构 knowledge of natural environment 认识自然 knowledge of social environment 认识社会 knowledge of environment | to observe things around 认识环境 hygiene knowledge 卫生知识 preschool education 学前教育 rubber toy 橡皮玩具 mechanical toy 机动玩具 to observe discipline 遵守纪律 environmental sanitation 环境卫生 neighborhood nursery 邻里托儿所 kindergartener 幼稚园教师 nursery run by the local people 民营托儿所 seasonal childcare group 农忙托儿所 all-round development education 全面发展教育 picture-story book 小人书 | 连环画 be taught how to look after oneself 培养独立生活能力 health education 健康教育 | 卫生教育 verbal teaching 口授 small offence | small demerit 小过 to teach as a substitute teacher 代课 to add a course 加选 lesson 功课 [England] form | [America] grade 年级 self-taught | self-cultured | to study by oneself | to have self-study 自修 behavior | conduct 行为 imbecile 低能 to foster talent 育才 good | fine 良好 praxis | example 例题 to repeat a course 重修 individuality | personality 个性 to recite 朗诵 alumnus [pl. alumni] | alumna [pl. alumnae] 校友 class leader | monitor 班长 school class | grade 班级 to drop a course 退选 the best pupil | the best pupil of a master 高足 full-time 专任 teaching material 教材 teaching aid 教具 lesson plan | teaching plan 教案 to inspire | to enlighten | enlightenment | edification 启发 further education | further study 深造 skipping | skimming 略读 cursory reading 粗读 penmanship | to learn calligraphy 习字 practice | exercise 习题 speed reading 速读 to enroll | register 注册 experiment 实验 to peruse | intensive reading 精读 moral culture | ethical training 德育 campus disturbance | school agitation | student strike 学潮 capacity for enrollment 学额 conduct | behavior [of a student] 操行 silent reading | to read silent 默读 literacy 识字 difficult point 难点 to visit a class | to attend a lecture 听课 to read many times 读熟 open class 公开课 full-time system | full-time schooling system 全日制 operation book | exercise book 作业簿 note-taking 抄笔记 [America] tutorial 个人班 motto | maxim 座右铭 gifted student | genius [of a field] 高材生 reference book 参考书 essay question 问答题 special course 专修科 educational circle | educational community 教育界 revision class 复习课 schedule | school timetable 课程表 student ID 学生证 graduating class 毕业班 elective card 选读卡 general revision | general review 总复习 brain drain 人才外流 poor | below the middle class 中等以下 diligence in study 用功读书 schoolmate 同校同学 classmate 同班同学 time for individual study 自习时间 free-tuition scholarship 免费学额 to correct students' collectively 批改作业 correspondence course 函授课程 social investigation | social survey 社会调查 be excellent in character & learning 品学兼优 correlative curriculum | related curriculum 相关课程 research paper | research report 研究报告 English Evening 英语晚会 individual coaching | tutorial 个别辅导 homework 家庭作业 audit course 旁听课程 after-school activities 校外活动 demerits 记过次数 New Year's Eve Entertainment 除夕晚会 holiday task | holiday assignments 假期作业 bibliography | reference book 参考书目 basic studies 基本学科 intensive course 密集课程 seminar | specific research 专题研究 recreational activities | recreation 康乐活动 educational television [ETV] 教育电视 teaching machine | training aid 教育器材 teaching programme | syllabus 教学大纲 content of courses 教学内容 teaching method | pedagogy 教学方法 principles of teaching 教学方针 teaching plan 教学计划 focal point 教学重点 constant curriculum 通修课目 to prepare lessons collectively 集体备课 to go in for sports 爱好体育 voluntary labour 义务劳动 time for physical training 运动时间 to prepare one's lesson | to prepare one's homework 预习功课 oratorial contest 演讲比赛 extracurricular activities 课外活动 outside reading 课外读物 classroom teaching 课堂教学 student movement 学生运动 reform in the school system 学制改革 academic credits | scholastic attainment 学业成绩 elective course | optional course 选修科目 day student 日间部学生 reprimand 申斥 | 惩戒 to have sports and games 有体育活动 to get the lowest score 考倒数第一 coeducation 男女同校制 guidance 指导 | 辅导 graduate program 研究院课程 to memorize by rote 强记 | 死背 board of education 教育委员会 educationese 教育界术语 student governing council 学生自治会 student activist 学生运动者 class schedule 学习课程表 required course | compulsory subject 共同必修科目 Parent-Teacher Association [PTA] 家长教师协调会 alumni association | alumni meeting 同学会 | 校友会 minor 副修科系 | 副修科目 major 主修科系 | 主修科目 TOEFL [Test Of English as a Foreign Language] 托福考试 EPT [English Proficiency Test] 英语水平考试 BFC [Business for Foreign Language] 商业外语考试 CPE [Certificate of Proficiency in English] 精通英语证书考试 NMET [National Matriculation English Test] 全国高考英语测试 CET-4 [College English Test, Band Four] 大学英语四级考试 CET-6 [College English Test, Band Six] 大学英语六级考试 TEM-4 [Test for English Majors, Grade Four] 英语专业四级考试 TEM-8 [Test for English Majors, Grade Eight] 英语专业八级考试 BEC [Business English Certificate] 商务英语证书考试 GMAT [Graduate Management Admission Test] 研究生管理学科入学考试 IELTS [the International English Language Testing System] 雅思 | 国际英语能力测验系统 GRE [Graduate Record Examination] 研究生入学考试 | GRE考试 low blow 下击 small punching ball 小型拳击球 light middleweight 中乙级 welterweight 中丙级 neutral corner 中立角落 middleweight 中量级 break | to break 分开 to cross wrists 切手 hand bandage 手绷带 right hook 右钩拳 left jab 左手刺击 left hook 左钩拳 to hit one's jaw 打中下巴 to bloody one's nose 打出鼻血 to knock out [KO] 打倒 to knock senseless 打晕 facer 打击脸部 milling 用拳互击 to butt 用头撞击 to win by retirement 因对方弃权获胜 defensive position 守势 safety block 安全封锁 bantamweight | featherweight | feather weight 羽量级 ducking 低头潜避 to win by technical knockout [TKO] 技术性击倒获胜 attacking position 攻势 footwork 步法 sand bag | punching sack 沙袋 elbow block 肘挡 be bare-handed 赤手空拳 long jab 直击 in-fighting 近击 advancing 前进 forearm block 前臂挡 to count out [after counting to ten] 宣判失败[对被击倒者数十下后] back-peddling 后退 light heavyweight 重乙级 heavyweight 重量级 be down 倒地 boxer | pugilist 拳师 boxer's headguard 拳师护头套 boxing | pugilism 拳击 boxing glove | muffler | mitten 拳击手套 boxing ring 拳击场 sparring partner 拳击练习对手 boxing contest | boxing match 拳击赛 weight classes 级别 to dodge 闪避 glancing blow 侧击 uppercut 兜击 lace | belt 带 round-house 扫击 shoving 推开 smash | to smash 猛击 combination 连击 quick advance 速冲 clinching 揪住 | 扭住 tomato 无能拳师 short jab 短击 awarding of points 给分 punch | to punch | blow 进击 to box 开始 weigh-in 过磅 hook 钩击 clenched fist 紧握拳 shadow boxing 与假想敌手斗拳 lightweight 轻量级 punching ball 练拳球 punching bag 练拳袋 to win by knockout 击倒胜 circling 环转 feinting 声东击西 counter punch | to counter punch 还击 swing | to swing 摆击 flyweight 蝇量级 ducking and crouching 蹲伏闪避 ropes 栏绳 medical examination 体检 gong | bell 锣 half-nelson 反抑颈 back-drop 反摔 spine-break 打脊骨 body crash 用身体撞 chancery 用腋夹颈 full-nelson 全反夹式 head-twist 扭头 hammer lock 扭臂 garrote | to garrote | to scrag 扼喉 arm-hold 扼臂 elbow-blow 肘击 wrestle | to wrestle 角力 wrestler 角力者 jacket 角力装 wrestling mat 角力垫 arm drag 抱肩 bear hug 抱臂 scuffle | to scuffle 纠缠 quick jerk 急拖 scissors-hold 剪扼式 head-lock 勒颈 belt-wrestling 带式角力 foot-sweep 扫腿 tripping 绊跤 ringside 场边 cobra-twist 绞扭 leg hold 绞腿 belt 腰带 jumping kick 跳踢 hook slide 钩滑 tripping kick 钩腿 elbow-block 截肘 throwing technique 摔法 double leg-lock 腿扼式 leg-split 撕腿 to catch 擒 bridge [a defensive position] 桥形[防卫姿势] butt | to butt 头撞 knee-drop 击膝 hammer-throw 掷槌法 [America slang] muscle racket 职业摔角 arm-lock and leg-hold 锁臂夹腿式 body-scissors 双脚夹身 flying scissors 双脚夹颈 crouch [a waiting position] | to crouch [a waiting position] 蹲伏[待机攻击] waist throw | hipe | to hipe 拦腰抱掷 one point 一胜 Whenever there is illumination, there is enlightenment. 一照即空 "seven branch" sitting methods 七支坐法 iron chain 九节鞭 nine cavities | nine key-points 九窍 Don't neglect "this" day or night! 二六时中,不离这个[道家] wavering 二心 eight trigrams boxing 八段锦 knife 刀 Achillean 刀枪不入 dagger | dirk 匕首 shih tzu shou [crossing hands] 十字手 shih tzu pai lien [sweeping the "lotus" with one leg] 十字摆莲 trident 三叉戟 samadhi 三昧 | 三昧地 to place one palm on the other 三昧印 three ch`i channels and seven chakra 三脉七轮 three-jointed pike 三节棍 single-leg squatting posture 下跨式 shang pu ch`i hsing [stepping forward to the seven stars of the Dipper] 上步七星 clairvoyance 千里眼 fork 叉 split 叉一字腿 maul 大槌 kukri 大弯刀 buckler 小圆盾 snake crouching 弓形蹲 front-weighted posture 弓步式 static & dynamic equilibrium 不丢顶 to guard without guarding 不守而守 nirvikalpa samadhi 不动三昧地 | 总合三昧地 neutralizing 中和 | 化解 hypogastrium | tan t`ien | lower abdomen 丹田 Five-Animal Exercises 五禽戏 original breath 元息 toward the interior 内方 internal work 内功 inner control 内在定力 pratyagatman | interior self 内在自我 internal physical cultivation 内在体力的培养 the six "roots" [senses] 六根 abstraction 分心 hooking hands 勾手 inner-leg kick 勾腿 T`ai-I North Pole Taoist Sutra 太乙北极真经 illusion 幻相 | 幻境 tranquil mind and harmonious breath 心平气和 to make one's heart sincere 心地一诚 mind like still water 心如止水 mental posture | mental meditation 心坐 recesses of the heart 心府 nature of the mind 心性 mind consciousness 心意识 anahata chakra | heart chakra 心轮[其形十二叶] telepathy 心灵感应 | 心电感应 parapsychology 心灵学 mental introspection 心观 mental contemplation 心观意照 Hand Seal 手印 shou hui p`ip`a [playing the guitar] 手挥琵琶 dart 手镖 to stop the thoughts 止念 tourney 比武 hair "follicle" 毛窍 fire and water help each other 水火相济 endeavor 火候 | 火功 World International Taekwondo Tournament 世界跆拳道邀请赛 the Host | the true ego 主人翁 to use thoughts to still the thoughts 以念止念 conquering the unyielding with the yielding 以柔克刚 mind reading | the power to read the mind 他心通 immortal position 仙人坐 prickly cactus 仙人戟 stretching out one's hand 出手 to leave darkness and enter the light 出幽入明 ecstasy 出神 kungfu 功夫 kung chia [task frame work] 功架 start facing north 北向练拳 half-point 半胜 to earn one point with two techniques 半胜合为一胜 semi-crouch 半蹲 yu fen chiao [separating the right foot] 右分脚 yu yun shou [waving hands in the clouds right style] 右云手 yu lou hsi [brushing the right knee] 右搂膝 yu lou hsi ao pu [brushing the right knee and make a twisting step] 右搂膝拗步 turn to the right 右转法 external work 外功 tso fen chiao [separating the left foot] 左分脚 tso yun shou [waving hands in the clouds left style] 左云手 tso lou hsi [brushing the left knee] 左搂膝 tso lou hsi ao pu [brushing the left knee and make a twisting step] 左搂膝拗步 turn to the left 左转法 evenly-weighted posture 平步式 meditation 打坐 | 静坐 ta hu shih [hitting the tiger] 打虎势 throwing darts 打镖 original being | existence 本有 self-nature 本性 original non-being | non-existence 本无 Don't try to guess until you meet a wise teacher. 未遇明师莫强猜 metaphysical boxing 玄拳 | 形上拳 life instinct 生命本能 life energy 生命能 swadhisthana chakra 生殖轮[其形六叶] to change the "substantial" into the "empty" 由实化虚 pai ho liang ch`ih [the crane spreads its wings] 白鹤亮翅 pike 矛 stone ball 石胆 stone lock 石锁 firm footing 立地如生根 starting posture 立定式 Put up a pole under sunshine and you'll see its shadow. 立竿见影 [Cantonese] jen mai | jen mo 任脉 bending backward & turning 仰转 innate original meditation technique 先天上元坐法 innate posture 先天坐 zeta wave | Q wave 吉他脑波 ho t`ai chi [conclusion of t`ai chi] 合太极 hui shen teng chiao [turning and kicking with the heel] 回身蹬脚 to keep in the center 回复原位 ju feng szu pi [with drawing and pushing] 如封似闭 Universal Light 宇宙光 to keep one's mind on the central part of the abdomen 守中宫 to concentrate on the key point of the body 守窍 method of guarding the key-point 守窍法 serpent's tongue 尖短刀 to contract one's vision | to concentrate one's vision 收视 Those with virtue succeed | Those with virtue are blessed. 有德者得 psychic 有灵感的人 bamboo 竹剑 original nature 自性 physical courage 血气之勇 to do good and accumulate merit 行善积德 to do good 行慈 Western mysticism 西方神秘学 seeming to be and not to be 似有似无 | 似实似虚 seeming asleep but actually being awake 似寐非寐 k`e chi [to subdue the self] 克己 auxiliary method 助伴 inhaling 吸气 back-weighted posture 坐步式 sitting position 坐姿 low pivot 坐转法 physical posture | physical meditation 形坐 hsing i kungfu 形意拳 self-forgetfulness 忘我 forgetting one's body 忘身 sila | discipline 戒 shaking the instep 抖跗 tussling 扭打 hand wrestle 扭臂 leg stretching 扳腿 seeking the unrestrained mind 求其放心 investment in loss 求损 ch`en [sink | to sink] 沈 floating up and down 沈浮 chou ti k`an ch`ui [looking at the fist under the elbow] 肘底看捶 right conscience and right means 良知良能 to sit like a mountain 身坐如山 to rely on one's breath 依息 akimbo 两手叉腰 applying bonelocks on the elbow 制肘法 to win by superiority 制定胜 pratyahara 制感 exhaling 呼气 eight extra mai [channels] | eight extra mo [channels] 奇经八脉 to cultivate both meditation and wisdom 定慧双修 to have a thought 念起 sweeping the waist 拂腰 pao hu kuei shan [embracing the tiger and returning to the mountain] 抱虎归山 axe 斧 The bright moon is on one's head. 明月当头 torpor | be dazed 昏沈 pestle 杵 feat of arms 武功 the topmost chakra 泥丸 samachi | bliss 法悦 karate 空手道 to return to one's origin 返本复初 listening to oneself | withdrawal of one's attention 返听 to approach the Way 近道 chin chi tu li [the golden pheasant stands on one leg] 金鸡独立 immortality 长生不老 bending forward 前俯 to swallow air and saliva 咽津纳气 vishuddha chakra | throat chakra 咽喉轮 posture 姿势 holding the breath 屏气 acquired posture 后天坐 bending backward 后仰 starting after the enemy but arriving before he does 后来先到 chanting incantations 持咒 pliability 柔软性 | 可挠性 staff | stick 拐 meteor hammer 流星锤 pushing hands with active steps 活步推手 the cavity dimple between the eyebrows 眉间虚窍 ajna chakra | brow chakra 眉间轮[其形二叶] key-point between the brows 眉间窍 palmistry | fortune-telling 看相 shield 盾 prayer 祈祷 mantra 祈祷文 embryonic breath 胎息 flaming chariot 风火轮 falling 倒下 tao nien hou [stepping back to drive the monkey away] 倒撵猴 diyana 冥想 original space position 原空位 original body position 原体位 growth work 展功 bare-handed 徒手 bare-handed self-defence 徒手防身 hsi | breath 息 to stop the respiration 息间歇 muksha | enlightenment 悟 | 开悟 shan t`ung pei [spreading the arms like a fan] 扇通臂 boxing and kicking 拳打脚踢 grappling technique 捉牢法 poor roots | poor background | shallow understanding 根钝慧浅 ch`i [breath] 气 The breath is drawn out like silk. 气也若丝 feat of strength | ch`i kung | breathing exercise 气功 ch`i channel 气脉 Thai boxing 泰国拳 hai ti lao chen [getting the needle at the bottom of the sea] 海底捞针 muladhara chakra | root chakra 海底轮[其形四叶] savikalpa samadhi | special meditation 特殊三昧地 mace 狼牙棒 Taoist scripture 真经 the true key-point 真窍 primary cavity 祖窍 The spirit is like that of a fool. 神也如愚 spirit and breath come together 神气相聚 mysticism 神秘学 lucidity in mind & vitality in body 神清气旺 supernatural power 神通 state of being continent [male] 纯阳之境 harrow 耙 chakra 脉轮 withdraw-attack [to go forward by withdrawing] 退攻法[以退为进] backward step 退步法 t`ui pu k`ua hu [stepping back to ride the tiger] 退步跨虎 to glance off 闪过 kao t`an ma [high pat on a horse] 高探马 club 高尔夫球杆 dry swimming 乾游 simitar 偃月刀 to improve the health & get rid of disease 健身却病 scissors-hold 剪扼法 strangling technique | stranglehold 勒颈法 momentum 动力 | 冲量 to awaken during activity 动中体味 active course 动功 be active | dynamic 动态 national gymnastics | Chinese Kungfu 国术 | 中国功夫 stubbornness 执着 to place your mind on your breath 寄心于息 quiescence 寂然不动 the power to know the past lives of all life 宿命通 propelled movement 带劲 forced motion 带动 interpreting strength 探劲 receiving energy 接劲 hand slap 推手 hsieh fei shih [diagonal flying posture] 斜飞势 hsieh tan pien [single whip oblique] 斜单鞭 hsieh lan chueh wei [grasping the sparrow's tail obliquely] 斜揽雀尾 full wind-up 旋转手臂 shallow breathing 浅呼吸 to purify the mind & diminish desires 清心寡欲 shaucha | quietism 清静 deep breathing 深呼吸 sudden enlightenment 猛觉 | 顿悟 lien [to support and prevent from falling] 连 joining 连法 uprooting 连根拔起 yeh ma fen tsung [separating the wild horse's mane] 野马分鬃 impeding the breath | occluding ch`i 闭气 Yin and yang mingle together 阴阳相交 the first thought 最初一念 single flying kick 单飞腿 half-lotus sitting position 单盘坐 tan pien [single whip] 单鞭 tan pien hsia shih [single whip squatting down] 单鞭下式 cold rooster posture 寒鸡式 halberd 戟 slapping 掌击 t`i shou [lifting the hands] 提手 single-leg bending & rising 提腿 free hand operations 散手 scattering of mind | confused thoughts 散乱 wisdom 智慧 shadow angle 晷度 cudgel | staff | stick 棍 planting work 植功 the supreme profound truth 无上妙谛 Those without minding a mind will understand. 无心者通 birthlessness 无生 to have thoughts while not dwelling on them 无所住而生其心 niskamy bhava | thoughtless mind 无意心 arya-vijunana | thoughtless consciousness 无意识 hanger 短腰刀 hard force [force from the bones] 硬力 | 死力[由骨发出的] killing blow 绝招 Bodhisattva position 菩萨坐 void [the way to recognize truth | the gate to moral] 虚中 nature of the void [Buddha-nature] 虚中自性[佛性] be comforted in the void 虚中坦通 seeing without looking 视而不见 t`ieh [to stick to horizontally] 贴 attaching 贴法 transcendental meditation | TM 超越冥想 | 心灵冥想 | 静坐 to transcend time and space 超越时空 inertia 趁势前进 tae kwon do contest 跆拳赛 forward step 进步法 chin pu tsai ch`ui [stepping forward and striking with the fist] 进步栽捶 chin pu pan lan ch`ui 进步搬拦捶 to attain a certain level of self-culture 进境 to meditate in boiling water 开水打坐 to open the key to the mind 开窍 concentration 集中精神 mass integration 集成 in accordance with nature 顺乎自然 | 纯任自然 clairaudience 顺风耳 to concentrate on the Tan T`ien 意守丹田 illumination of thought 意照 vijunana | thought consciousness 意识 expansion of consciousness 意识的扩大 enlightenment through inspiration 感而遂通 rubbing hands 搓手 arm swing 摇臂 karma 业力 transmutation of Shen into Void 炼神化虚 transmutation of Ching into Ch`i 炼精化气 lion position 狮子坐 tu mai | tu mo [Cantonese] 督脉 All thoughts are still. 万念俱寂 All good acts help one another. 万善相济 sahasrara chakra | crown chakra 脑顶轮[千叶花瓣] dropping to earth and taking root 落土植根 moksha | liberation | release 解脱 follow-up step 跟进法 kneeling with the body bending backward 跪仰 measuring 较量 moving line 运动路线 heterodox writings 道外之文 The Tao [Way] follows nature. 道法自然 hook 钩[武术] heel raise 垫脚跟 throwing technique 摔法 spear | lance 枪 energy | vigor 精力 maintenance of perfect balance 维持身体的完全平衡 self-preserved strength 蓄劲 | 蓄力 chanting sutras | chanting scriptures 诵经 prarabdha 领悟 root of nose 鼻根 | 山根 sword 剑 broading the mind 宽心 leg snap 弹腿 strength of wisdom 慧力 to count one's breaths 数息 to sit cross-legged 盘腿打坐 sakhai | bhava 瞑视心 sakshi 瞑视者 kneeling 膝腿 ch`ung mai 冲脉 prana yama | regulating the breath 调息 controlling breathing 调气 lifting the leg 踢腿 tilt 轮锤 k`ao [leaning forward] 靠 regimen 养生法 dharana | concentration 凝念 to concentrate one's spirit 凝神 grappling 擒手 heel kick 踹腿 sui [to attach from the rear and not let go] 随 to follow karma [accept what comes according to circumstances] 随缘 to awaken during inactivity 静中悟 passive course 静功 nirvana 静寂境 | 涅盘 be inactive | static 静态 scabbard 鞘 top of the head | crown 头顶 reserve air 储气 breaking the hold 压制取消 squeezing the abdomen 压腹 p`i mien chang [thrusting forth the palm of the hand] 擘面掌 ring 环 moving forward and backward 荡动 arm-hold 臂扼法 hip turning 臀腿 hammer 锤 sticking 黏法 hitting a vital point 点穴 posing 摆架式 mamipura chakra | navel chakra 脐轮 chuan shen pai lien t`ui [turning the body to sweep the lotus with the leg] 转身摆莲腿 chuan shen teng chiao [turning around and striking with the heel] 转身蹬脚 anlace 双刃短剑 tribill 双口斧 two-edged sword 双口剑 lotus sitting position 双足跏跌坐 double weighting 双重重心 shuang feng kuan erh [striking the opponent's ears with both fists] 双风贯耳 double flying kick 双飞腿 whip 鞭 sung [to relax] 松 position of the 24 directions 罗经方位 to squat 蹲坐 deep knee bend 蹲马档 impendence 悬空 slow awakening 觉迟 ch`an [to adhere and lift] 缠 leg of contestant coiled against a leg of his opponent 缠脚 throwing by coiling the legs 缠脚摔法 iron palm 铁砂掌 iron rod 铁棍 tulwar 弯刀 wan kung she hu [bending the bow to shoot the tiger] 弯弓射虎 hearing without listening 听而不见 listening to one's strength 听劲 to listen to one's breath 听息 intuitive understanding 灵明 kundalin 灵能 chakras 灵球 kundalini 灵蛇[拙火] astral trip | astral projection 灵魂出窍 visualization 观想 to visualize the light 观想光明 lotus position 跏跌坐 | 双盘 battle-axe 钺 sho 槊[一丈八的矛] pommel 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司