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Several television stations gave spot coverage to the conference. 好几家电视台对大会作了现场报导。 A bowl of hot chicken soup is good for you. 喝一碗热鸡汤对你有好处。 The contract specifies red tiles for the roof. 合同规定屋顶用红瓦盖。 The river snakes through the valley. 河川沿河谷蜿蜒。 Many regarded him as savior of the country. 很多人把他看成是国家的救星。 It's hard to see any scheme in this piece of writing; it's very confused. 很难看出这篇文章的结构,它非踌乱。 It is hard to imagine the scale of the universe. 很难想像宇宙有多大。 I'm sorry it should be this way. 很遗憾,事情竟会是这个样子。 I'm sorry that I can't join you in the discussion. 很遗憾,我不能参加你们的讨论了。 Henry slit his eyes. 亨利眯起眼睛。 Henry is a soldier in the civil-rights movement. 亨利是民权运动的斗士。 Mr. Henry is ill tonight so his secretary will be sitting in as chairman at the meeting. 亨利先生今晚生病,所以他的秘书将代替他当会议主席。 Mr. Henry got a snug little income. 亨利先生仅有刚够开支的微薄收入。 Henry was sincere about reconciling with his brother. 亨利真心愿意与兄弟言归于好。 A red lamp is used as a danger signal. 红灯用作危险信号。 Fresh air and nutritious food will speed his recovery. 呼吸新鲜空气,吃有营养的食物会促进他身体的康复。 The lake was skimmed with ice. 湖面上结了一层冰。 The nurse sponged the wound with an antiseptic. 护士用纱布蘸了消毒水洗伤口。 Peanuts have shells. 花生有壳。 The site of the battle of Waterloo is in Belgium. 滑铁卢战役的遗址在比利时。 A glider can soar for many miles. 滑翔机可以滑行好多英里。 Dr. White specialized in children's diseases. 怀特医生专治儿科疾病。 The dust sifted in through the cracks in the window. 灰尘从窗户的裂缝里钻了进来。 Cinderella suffered many slights from her sisters. 灰姑娘受到她姊妹的许多轻慢。 At the meeting he gave a sketch of recent happenings. 会上他简述了最近发生的事件。 The conference debated the sensitive issue of race relations. 会议辩论了敏感的种族关系问题。 The meeting ended in a complete shambles. 会议结束时混乱不堪。 The meeting was held behind the scenes. 会议是秘密召开的。 The train slacked off as it came into the station. 火车进站时将速度减慢了。 The train snaked its way among the mountains. 火车在山中蜿蜒而行。 The railway station is only a short distance from here. 火车站离这里很近。 The train is travelling at a speed of sixty miles an hour. 火车正以每小时六十英里的速度行驶。 The train arrived on schedule. 火车准时到达。 The fire spread from the factory to the warehouse nearby. 火从工厂蔓延到了附近的仓库。 The flames sank down at last. 火势终于减弱了。 Flames shot up into the air. 火焰迅速冲向空中。 Flames were soaring into the sky. 火焰直窜天空。 The goods were shipped to the island last week. 货物于上周用船运往该岛。 The winner was all smiles as he heard the results of the voting. 获胜者听到投票的结果时喜形于色。 The machine-guns spat fire. 机关枪吐着火舌。 The machine tore her dress to shreds. 机器把她的衣服撕成碎片。 The machine slowed down and stopped. 机器转速逐渐减慢,并终于停住了。 The machine gun was silenced. 机枪被打哑了。 Christians believe that the soul lives forever. 基督徒相信灵魂永生。 After the excitement I tried to settle myself. 激动过后,我设法平静下来。 After the excitement I tried to settle myself. 激动过后,我设法平静下来。 Jimmy does not have a scrap of imagination. 吉米一点想像力也没有。 Jim had acquired sole control of the newspaper in 1914. 吉姆于一九一四年就取得了对该报的单独控制权。 Virtually all secondary schools are in towns. 几乎所有的中学都在城里。 A few years ago, sociology was the most popular subject for undergraduates. 几年之前,社会学是大学本科生最欢迎的课程。 The reporters scrambled for the phones. 记者们争抢电话。 Since money was tight, we settled for a short trip to the south. 既然钱紧了一点,我们退而求其次,来一趟短期的南部之旅。 Since it is so hot, let's go swimming. 既然天气这么热,我们去游泳吧。 Say on! We're all listening. 继续说吧!我们都在听。 Add two spoons of sugar. 加两匙糖。 Too much work has been placed on his shoulders. 加在他身上的工作太多了。 The cost is not sensitive to the batch size. 价格不随批量大小波动。 The price rise affected the Third World Countries with special severity. 价格的上涨对第三世界国家的影响尤为严重。 Let's say you miss the train, what do you plan to do? 假定你赶不上火车,你准备怎么办? Nuts showered down from the tree. 坚果雨点般地从树上落下来。 Ginger is a spice. 姜是调味品。 The general had to scant his men's rations. 将军不得不减少士兵的口粮。 Turn the screw to the right to tighten it. 将螺钉向右旋紧。 Put the scraps of paper in the wastebasket. 将碎纸片放到废纸篓里。 The silk opened. 降落伞打开了。 Are teachers high on the social scale? 教师的社会阶级高吗? The teacher posted the schedule of classes. 教师将课程表公布出来了。 The teacher signaled for quiet. 教师示意大家安静。 Education should not be restricted to any one specific age group. 教育不应限制在任何特定的年龄组上。 Near midnight crowds started spilling out of bars. 接近午夜时分,大群大群的人从酒吧里涌出来。 Close the circuit and you'll see a blue spark. 接通电路你就会看到一个蓝色的电火花。 Jack got a low score on the test. 杰克测验得了个低分。 Jack's scheme for raising money is practicable. 杰克筹款的计划是可行的。 Jack's face had been slashed with broken glass. 杰克的脸被碎玻璃划破了。 My wife got out of shape soon after marriage. 结婚不久之后我太太的健康就不好。 Getting married is a serious matter. 结婚是件大事。 Jack's countenance assumed an air of seriousness. 捷克装出认真的表情。 She cannot settle to work. 她安不下心来工作。 She cannot settle to work. 她安不下心来工作。 She put her shopping away in the kitchen. 她把购来的东西在厨房里放好。 She sat the child in the chair. 她把孩子放在椅子上。 She wrote her name and address on a sheet of paper. 她把名字和地址写在一张纸上。 She set the alarm for 5 a.m. 她把闹钟拨到早晨五点响铃。 She scraped the mud off. 她把泥刮掉了。 It was simple of her to waste her money on such trifles. 她把钱浪费在购买那种没用的玩意上,真是愚蠢。 She puts her whole soul into work. 她把全部精力投入工作。 She snatched at every chance to practice her oral English. 她把握一切机会练习英语口语。 She shut herself in her bedroom sobbing her heart out. 她把自己关在卧室里,哭得死去活来。 She told me about the skeleton of her new novel. 她把自己一部新小说的梗概对我讲了一遍。 She can be trusted to act on the square. 她办事正派,可以信赖。 She spoke half in sport, half in earnest. 她半开玩笑半认真地说。 She kept all the old photographs for sentimental reasons. 她保存所有这些旧照片是出于情感上的缘故。 She complained of being out of sorts. 她抱怨说情绪欠佳。 She was told not to spread this secret around. 她被告知不要把这个秘密传出去。 She was stunned and sank to the ground. 她被击昏倒在地上。 She was scared out of her wits. 她被吓得不知所措。 She was accused of sheltering a murderer. 她被指控隐匿凶手。 Her voice sharpened as she became impatient. 她变得不耐烦了,声音也变尖了。 She's on the right side of 30. 她不到三十岁。 She had to sever all ties with her parents. 她不得不断绝与父母的一切联系。 She wasn't going to make a spectacle of herself by bursting into tears in the street. 她不会丢人现眼地在街上哭的。 She's going to New York shortly. 她不久将去纽约。 She won't let him spend any time with his own friends, and that's where the shoe pinches. 她不让他和自己的朋友待在一起,这就是症结所在。 She shied from new involvement in the deal. 她不想再卷入那笔交易。 She accidentally splashed ink on my sleeve. 她不小心把墨水溅在我衣袖上。 She scorned to reply to the charge. 她不屑答覆那种指控。 She is shy of interviews. 她不愿意人家采访她。 She doesn't mind splashing out. 她不在乎乱花钱。 She speculated about her friend's motives. 她猜测她朋友的动机。 She was a lady of singular beauty. 她长得美丽非凡。 She sang the child to sleep. 她唱着歌哄孩子入睡。 She scrambled eggs for breakfast. 她炒鸡蛋供早餐食用。 She wore a sheer white dress. 她穿一件白色薄纱洋装。 She wore a tight shrill green dress. 她穿一件碧绿的紧身连衣裙。 She wore a severe black dress. 她穿一件朴素的黑衣裙。 She was dressed in somber black. 她穿一身灰黑色衣服。 She had on silk stockings. 她穿着长统丝袜。 She was dressed in silks. 她穿着绸衣。 She fainted from sheer weariness. 她纯粹是因为劳累而晕倒的。 She slid out of the classroom. 她从教室里悄悄地溜走了。 She squeezed some juice from a lemon. 她从一只柠檬中挤出了一些汁。 She scooped some ice cream out of the tub. 她从纸杯里舀了些冰淇淋出来。 Spectacles gave her a scholarly look. 她戴着一副眼镜,样子颇像学者。 She played three solos. 她弹奏了三首独奏曲。 She dressed with elegant simplicity. 她的穿着朴素而雅致。 Her overhead smash went out of the court. 她的高手扣球打出了场外。 She's got a soft and well-paid job. 她的工作很轻松,报酬也很优厚。 Her words set me thinking. 她的话使我深思。 Her lipstick was smeared around her mouth. 她的口红涂到了嘴的四周。 Her face spoke disappointment. 她的脸色显示出失望。 Her face was dark in this shadowy place. 她的脸在这个幽暗的地方呈浅黑色。 Her hat shielded her eyes from the sun. 她的帽子遮住太阳光堡她的眼睛。 Her boyfriend is her senior by six years. 她的男朋友比她大六岁。 Her boyfriend believes in socialism. 她的男朋友信仰社会主义。 Her spelling has improved. 她的拼写进步了。 Her request savored of a command. 她的请求含有命令意味。 Her voice was suddenly heard behind the scenes. 她的声音在后台突然传了出来。 Her eyes sparkled with happiness. 她的双眼闪耀着幸福的光芒。 Her entourage consisted of several squires and maids. 她的随行人由几个护卫和侍女构成。 She had shapely legs. 她的腿线条优美。 Her rudeness really made me savage. 她的无礼使我大为恼火。 Her vanity was the spring of her unhappiness. 她的虚荣心是她不幸的根源。 Her academic achievements shamed her brothers. 她的学术成就使她的兄弟们相形见绌。 Her worry showed in her eyes. 她的眼神显露忧愁。 Her right arm was in a sling. 她的右手臂用吊带吊着。 Her resentment began to simmer over. 她的怨恨要爆发了。 Her specialty is biochemistry. 她的专业是生物化学。 Her specialty is biochemistry. 她的专业是生物化学。 She writes a bit too small. 她的字写得太小了一点。 She didn't finish her homework as soon as she had expected. 她的作业没有她预料的那样快完成。 She skipped the jargon when she read the popular science magazine. 她读那本通俗科学杂志时把其中的术语跳过未读。 She felt sorrow at the death of her aunt. 她对姑母去世感到悲痛。 She shows great interest in American drama. 她对美国戏剧很有兴趣。 She sneered her contempt for his reply. 她对他的回答嗤之以鼻。 She poured scorn on my ideas. 她对我的观点不屑一顾。 She seems very happy with the new job. 她对新工作好像很满意。 Her son skipped the second grade. 她儿子从一年级跳到三年级。 She set the caged bird free. 她放走了关在笼中的那只鸟。 Her father paid a $10,000 ransom to get her back from a snatch. 她父亲付了一万美元赎金将她从绑架中解救出来。 She should be here any minute. 她该马上就到。 She read aloud scraps from the letter. 她高声朗读那封信的片断。 She served me a cup of coffee. 她给我端上一杯咖啡。 She sent me a Christmas card. 她给我寄来一张耶诞贺卡。 She lived in sore poverty. 她过着极度贫穷的生活。 She feared her eyes might actually pop out of their sockets. 她害怕她的眼睛会真的从眼窝里瞪出来。 She is having an affair with her Japanese teacher on the sly. 她和她的日文老师偷偷有了恋情。 She sang to the guitar. 她和着吉他歌唱。 She seldom showed her feelings. 她很少表露感情。 She gave me a sour look. 她狠狠地瞪了我一眼。 She gave him a smart slap on the cheek. 她狠狠地给了他一记耳光。 She sprang fifty dollars for best sellers. 她花五十元钱买畅销书。 She fainted and sank to the ground. 她昏倒在地上。 She put up a spirited defence of her government's policies. 她积极地为她的政府的政策辩护。 She was shamed and frightened. 她既羞愧又惊慌。 She screamed herself hoarse. 她尖叫得把嗓子喊哑了。 She let out a shriek of laughter. 她尖声大笑了一声。 She scoured the silver in the dining hall. 她将餐厅内的银制器皿擦得雪亮。 She scrubbed the floor clean. 她将地板擦乾净了。 She put the electric plug into the socket. 她将电插头插到了插座里。 She scooped out the yeasty sediments. 她将发酵的沉淀物舀了出来。 She seamed two pieces of carpet together. 她将两块地毯缝在一起。 She scented her hair with lemon juice. 她将柠檬汁洒在头发上。 She slammed the book on the table. 她将书使劲往桌上一扔。 She sliced the onion and put it in the beef stew. 她将洋葱切片放入炖牛肉中。 She soaked the dirty clothes in cold water. 她将脏衣服浸泡在冷水里。 She seized on the offer of a free trip. 她紧紧把握这次免费旅行的机会。 She spoke as small as possible. 她尽量放低声音说话。 The slowness of her progress discouraged her. 她进步缓慢,使她很沮丧。 She broke down and sobbed aloud. 她禁不住大声哭了起来。 She offered him a smoke. 她敬了他一支烟。 She signaled the car to stop by raising her hand. 她举手示意车停下。 She began to show signs of impatience and snorted audibly. 她开始显出不耐烦的样子,鼻子哼哼作响。 She shuddered at the sight of a stranger hiding behind the door. 她看到门背后藏着个陌生人,吓得直发抖。 She sickened at the sight of a dead rat. 她看见死老鼠就感到恶心。 She looked a shade disappointed. 她看上去有点失望。 She felt great shame at having failed the exam. 她考试不及格,感到极其羞愧。 She lived on her savings. 她靠存款过日子。 She would go as soon as not. 她可太乐意去了。 She stays at home all the time and never makes any new friends -- she seems to be afraid of her own shadow. 她老待在家里,从不交新朋友--她似乎非常胆怯。 She is always scolding her children. 她老是斥责自己的子女。 She bought a packet of shaved ham. 她买了一包切成薄片的火腿。 She bought a dinner set of Chinese make. 她买了一套中国制造的餐具。 She splashed out $1500 on a camera. 她满不在乎地花一千五百美元买了一架照相机。 She skipped off without paying her bill. 她没有付帐就溜走了。 She has no sense of time. 她没有时间观念。 She received the bad news in silence. 她默默不语地承受了这个坏消息。 Her mother sparked to the idea of an early wedding date. 她母亲欣然同意早日举行婚礼。 Her mother scolds too much. 她母亲训斥太多。 She took a pair of scissors and cut the string. 她拿了一把剪刀把绳剪断。 She patiently scrubbed the dirty marks off the wall. 她耐心地擦去墙上的污渍。 She can shrug off her troubles and keep smiling. 她能够把烦恼置之度外而依旧保持笑容。 She snapped the door shut. 她啪地一声将门关上。 She shrinks from meeting strangers. 她怕见生人。 She snapshotted a few pictures of the bullfight. 她拍了几张斗牛场面的快照。 She was shunned by her former friends after she went astray. 她偏离正道后,从前的朋友都回避她。 She skimmed the soup to remove most of the fat. 她撇去了汤上的大部分浮油。 She signed away her share in the property. 她签字放弃财产中属于她的那一份。 She walked along at a smart pace. 她轻快地向前走着。 A visible shudder swept over her. 她全身明显一震。 She still lives singly. 她仍过着单身生活。 She left school three years ago and has worked as a nurse ever since. 她三年前毕业,从那时起便一直当护士。 She was giving me sorrowful looks. 她伤心地望着我。 She attended the summer session of college. 她上大学的暑期班。 She spent the morning buying souvenirs. 她上午去买纪念品了。 She works on the night shift. 她上夜班。 She's got a beautiful slender figure. 她身材优美苗条。 She gazed with affection at his slumbering form. 她深情地凝视着他那熟睡的身影。 She soaked herself in detective stories. 她沉湎于侦探小说之中。 Presents snowed in on her birthday. 她生日时,礼物雪片似地飞来。 She's so simple she'll believe anything you tell her. 她十分单纯,你跟她说什么她都会相信。 She signed the child to be quiet. 她示意孩子安静下来。 She tried to solve a crossword puzzle. 她试着解答一道纵横字谜。 She's a happy-go-lucky sort. 她是个乐天派。 She is a selfish girl. 她是个自私自利的女孩。 She is elder sister to Susan. 她是苏珊的姊姊。 She is solely to blame. 她是唯一应受责备的。 She was my selection. 她是我挑选出的人。 She is a woman of sentiment. 她是一个多愁善感的女人。 She had no scruples; she would do whatever she wanted to. 她是一个毫无顾忌的人;她想要做什么就做什么。 She is a sophisticated woman. 她是一个老于世故的女人。 She is one of the best sculptors since Henry Moore. 她是自亨利·莫尔之后最好的雕塑家之一。 She cannot stand the smell of tobacco smoke. 她受不了香烟的气味。 She was seriously injured. 她受重伤。 Her eyes sparked. 她双眼闪闪发光。 She's got a sharp tongue. 她说话很刻薄。 She talked like she'd got the simples. 她说话像犯了傻似的。 She sighed for home and friends. 她思念家乡和朋友。 She peeled off the skin of a banana for the child. 她替孩子剥掉香蕉皮。 She hates her former self. 她痛恨过去的她。 She sorrowed over her beloved child's death. 她痛失爱子。 There is not a silver hair on her head. 她头上没有一根银发。 She suddenly started to feel very sleepy. 她突然感到非常困倦。 She forgot to seal her letter before mailing it. 她忘记在寄信前将信封上。 He pressed the shutter when she smiled. 她微笑时,他按下快门。 She spoke up in defense of her political beliefs. 她为她的政见力辩。 She wore a spotless white apron. 她围着一条洁白的围裙。 She took a smell at the flower. 她闻了闻那朵花。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司