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contravention 违警 to torture with electricity 电刑 premeditation | aforethought 预谋 repeated offender 屡犯 habitual criminal | habitual offender 惯犯 evasion of tax 漏税 sedition 煽动 murder culprit 疑凶 suspicious case 疑案 imprisonment | duress 监禁 [America] jail | [England] gaol 监狱 malicious accusation | vexatious suit 诬告 to plead guilty 认罪 incorrect ruling 误判 miscarriage of justice 误审 abduction 诱拐 to seduce | seduction and rape 诱奸 misdemeanor 轻罪 rejection 驳回 trial | to try | put on trial 审判 to be questioned | to be interrogated 审问 to be slain 撕票 multiple crimes 数罪 to riot 暴动 interrogation 盘问 conclusive evidence 确证 informer 线民 clue 线索 second trial | re-trial 复审 to mediate 调停 calumny | libel | slander 诽谤 gambling 赌博 query 质问 arrears 余债 rebellion 谋反 murder | homicide 谋杀 antemortem statement 遗言 abandonment 遗弃 patrimony 遗产 tacit declaration 默示 acquiescence 默许 tacit approval 默认 to impeach 检举 general provisions 总则 arson 纵火 blasphemy 亵渎 to remand 还押 conclusion 断案 malfeasance 渎职 testimony 证词 evidence 证据 pending case 悬案 to offer a reward 悬赏 admonishment 警告 loot | plunder 赃物 trial hearing 听审 larceny 窃盗 autopsy 验尸 massacre 大屠杀 murderess 女凶手 labor union law 工会法 ill-fame 不名誉 not entertained 不受理 real estate | real property | realty 不动产 to refuse to admit guilt | to plead not guilty 不认罪 company law 公司法 notary public | public notary 公证人 notarial deed 公证书 domiciliary registration law 户籍法 literary persecution 文字狱 stake 火刑柱 conspirator 主谋犯 [slang] mouthpiece | spokesman 代言人 scapegoat 代罪人 law of publication 出版法 to strike the buttocks 打屁股 to bastinado 打脚心 unsuccessful offence | incompleted offence | 未遂罪 right to live 生存权 eyewitness 目击者 fellow conspirator 共谋犯 to fingerprint | to take one's fingerprint 印指纹 full court 合议庭 cucking stool 老虎凳 private prosecutor 自诉人 the right of self-defense 自卫权 administrative law 行政法 conscription law 兵役法 written judgement 判决书 [colloq] to go to the electric chair 坐电椅 thumbscrewing finger vise 夹指刑 martial law 戒严法 suffrage law 投票法 confiscation order 没收令 forfeiture 没收物 to commit many crimes 并合罪 aggrieved party 受害者 alienee 受让人 warrant of attorney | letter of attorney 委托书 power of attorney 委托权 belongings 所有物 thumbscrew 拇指夹 remand home 拘留所 insurance law 保险法 guarantor | warrantor 保证人 security money 保证金 be on bail 保释中 ex-convict | [slang] ex-con 前科犯 contract law 契约法 detention house 看守所 endorser | indorser 背书人 felon 重罪犯 threatening letter 恐吓信 benefactor 捐赠人 clerk 书记官 marine law 海上法 detection rate | crime-solving rate 破案率 law of bankruptcy 破产法 chancery 记录所 property right 财产权 suitor 起诉人 retroactive law 追溯法 ransom note 勒索信 internal law | domestic law 国内法 nationality law 国籍法 marriage law 婚姻法 patent right 专利权 letter of appeal 控诉状 visiting day 探监日 criminal caught red-handed 现行犯 law in operation | existing law 现行法 law of bill | law of certificate 票据法 organization law 组织法 tacit law | common law | customary law 习惯法 to burn at the stake 处火刑 warrantee 被保人 permit 许可证 juryman 陪审员 labor law 劳工法 suit winner 胜诉人 common law 普通法 failure of issue [childless] 无子女 intestacy 无遗嘱 copyright 着作权 costs of civil action 诉讼费 warrant for arrest | warrant of arrest 逮捕状 court day 开庭日 session 开庭期 concentration camp 集中营 the right of assembly 集会权 suspect 嫌疑犯 hand-bag snatching 抢手袋 purse snatching 抢皮包 law of accounting 会计法 quasi-personalty 准动产 concerned parties 当事人 compensation expense 补偿金 to kneel on the red-hot chain 跪火链 transgressor 违法者 prison law 监狱法 penal labor 罚劳役 banking law 银行法 allottee 领受人 adopter 领养人 power of disallowance 驳覆权 petitioner 请愿人 trouble-shooter | arbitrator | accommodator 调解人 election law 选举法 to take deposition 录口供 pillory 头手枷 prosecuting attorney | public prosecutor 检察官 chief prosecutor 检察长 acquirer 转得人 benefit of cession 转让权 to commit two crimes | double criminality 双重罪 heir | successor | inheritor 继承人 inheritance of property | rights of inheritance 继承权 [slang] water cure 灌水刑 alienator 让渡人 housebreaking 入屋行窃 ten most wanted criminals 十大逃犯 ten big crimes 十大罪状 court of appeal 上诉法院 appeal dismissed | appeal disallowed 上诉驳回 fugitive 亡命之徒 oral agreement | verbal agreement 口头协定 grand jury 大陪审团 petty jury 小陪审团 delict | misdemeanor | malversation 不法行为 stay of proceedings 中止诉讼 reciprocal agreement 互惠协定 Complete Volume of Six Chinese Laws 六法全书 juvenile delinquency 少年犯罪 juvenile court 少年法庭 to inveigle 引入圈套 presiding judge 主审法官 satisfactory proof 充分证据 judicial precedent 司法判例 court of chancery 平衡法庭 to prejudge 未审先判 civil court 民事法庭 civil case 民事案件 civil action 民事诉讼 [slang] criminal record 犯罪记录 testator [male] | testatrix [female] 立遗嘱人 to be released on bail 交保释放 to post bail 交保释金 traffic regulations 交通规则 court of arbitration 仲裁法庭 sole agent 全权代表 full access 全权使用 criminal court 刑事法庭 criminal case 刑事案件 criminal suit 刑事诉讼 whole blood 同父同母 cancellation of license 吊销牌照 law-abiding citizen 守法公民 agreement of adoption 收养合约 corporeal property 有形财产 fixed prison term 有期徒刑 culpable negligence 有罪过失 personal property 有体财产 administrative measure 行政处分 bribery on a grand scale | multiple bribery 串同贿赂 to conspire 串谋行骗 to misjudge 判决不公 judicial form 判决主文 abjudication 判为不法 court exhibit 呈庭证物 gentleman's agreement 君子协定 interference with performance of official duties 妨害公务 disturbing the peace 妨害安宁 interference with personal freedom 妨害自由 detrimental to public morale 妨害风化 seizure of property 没收财产 private settlement 私下和解 gold smuggling 私运黄金 circuit court 巡回法庭 assize | the court of assizes [in England] 巡回审判 accessory after the fact 事后从犯 judicial sale 依法拍卖 children's charter 儿童宪章 to rescind an agreement 取消合约 cancellation of franchise 取消特权 acquisition of nationality 取得国籍 adoptee 受领养人 proceedings with reference 委托诉讼 consistory 宗教法庭 overstaying 居留过期 to adjourn the trial 延期审讯 title of ownership 所有权状 to subject to the rack 抽四肢刑 to kidnap and sell people 拐卖人口 mortgage assets 抵押资产 to conflict with the law 抵触法律 sentence converted into fine 易科罚金 corporate body | corporate aggregate 法人团体 leniency 法外施恩 quorum 法定人数 legal age 法定年龄 statutory period 法定期间 statutory authority 法定权力 gavel 法官小锤 legal matters 法律事务 intendment [legal meaning] of the law 法律真义 legal expense 法律费用 court decree 法庭判词 court decision 法院判决 real action | real suit 物权诉讼 lineal consanguinity 直系亲属 juridical association 社团法人 collateral issue 附带问题 illegal immigration 非法入境 trafficking in illegal goods 非法交易 to hoard illegally 非法囤积 forcible entry 非法侵入 illegal abortion | foeticide 非法堕胎 extraordinary appeal 非常上诉 infringement of rights 侵犯权利 trespass | tortious act | tort 侵权行为 defilement of a girl 奸污少女 condemnation 宣布罪状 adjudication of disappearance 宣告失踪 adjudication of bankruptcy 宣告破产 to absolve of guilt 宣告无罪 to forgive a crime and lighten the punishment 宥恕减刑 unsentenced prisoner 待判决犯 cross-examination 律师盘诘 to be fingerprinted 按留指纹 running agreement 持续合约 willful damage 故意损害 booting [torture with the boot] 穿铁靴刑 to maltreat animals | to ill-treat animals 虐待牲畜 martial court 军事法庭 [Latin] culpa lata 重大过失 jackrolling 乘醉抢劫 pending claimant 候人认领 to deprive of civil rights 剥夺公权 replication 原告答辩 out of court settlement 庭外和解 written approval 书面许可 documentary evidence 书面证据 gruelling interrogation 疲劳审问 closed trial 秘密审问 lend-lease act 租借法案 judgement by default 缺席裁判 [Latin] to try in absentia 缺席审案 back relation | retroaction 追溯效力 to kick back | recover booty 追还赃物 usury law 高利贷法 signature forgery 伪造签名 parole 假释许可 accident 偶然因素 chattel mortgage 动产抵押 commercial act 商事法案 international private law 国际私法 international court of justice 国际法庭 international commercial law 国际商法 fundamental human rights 基本人权 enforcement of the penalty 执行刑期 to execute 执行死刑 matrimonial action [suit] 婚姻诉讼 attempted rape 强奸未遂 receiving stolen goods 接受赃物 droitural action | droitural suit 产权诉讼 devolution of title 产权让渡 immigration act 移民法案 discontinuance of action [suit] 终止诉讼 life imprisonment 终身监禁 to cane the bare bottom 脱裤后打 to defend 被告抗辩 [Latin] absentee reo 被告缺席 right to be consulted 被谘商权 to evade responsibility 规避责任 prerogative of mercy 赦免特权 the wanted person 通缉人物 wanted-criminal poster 通缉布告 limit of stay 逗留期限 successive offenses 连续犯罪 successive action | successive suit 连续诉讼 puisne judge 陪席推事 final award 最后判断 summary execution [quick capital punishment] 就地正法 be shot on the spot 就地枪决 hostile attack 恶意攻击 wanton damage 恶意损害 to bring in an indictment 提起公诉 commutation of sentence 减轻惩罚 vexatious action 无理之诉 to acquit 无罪释放 act of indecency 猥亵行为 to order a lower court to conduct a new trial 发回更审 embezzlement 盗用公款 copyright law 着作权法 fraudulent conversion 诈欺侵占 jactitation of marriage 诈称结婚 nonsuit 诉讼驳回 to traffic in female 买卖妇女 [slang] to fence | [slang] to fence stolen goods 买卖赃物 deportation | deport 驱逐出境 license to practise 开业执照 to summon | to summon a witness 传唤作证 hearsay evidence 传闻证据 to avoid blame | [slang] to pass the buck to 嫁祸于人 [colloq] a marked man 嫌疑分子 to destroy evidence 毁灭证据 defacing public property 毁坏公物 defamation 毁坏名誉 unwritten law 不成文法 multiple murder of a family 灭门血案 to be released by the court after trial 当庭释放 to be caught red-handed | to be taken red-handed 当场被捕 economic crimes 经济犯罪 parading of the criminals 游街示众 to receive illegal fee 违法收费 unintentional crime 过失犯罪 manslaughter 过失杀人 excessive sentence 过重刑罚 transitional arrangement 过渡办法 inadequate sentence 过轻刑罚 late appearance 逾时出庭 premeditated murder 预谋杀人 to issue regulations 颁布条例 to withdraw an appeal | [France] se pourvoir en cassation 撤回上诉 reversal of judgement 撤销原判 abrogation of rights 撤销权利 mental cruelty 精神虐待 to uphold a decision 维持原判 to take a percentage of the kitty [in gambling] 聚赌抽头 intentional crime 蓄意犯罪 willful act 蓄意行为 to make counterfeit notes 制造伪钞 identity parade 认人手续 [Latin] culpa levis 轻微过失 temporary respite 暂缓执行 forcible detainment 暴力拘留 to leak the truth 暴露真相 to conclude a treaty 缔结条约 libellee 诽谤被告 reparations agreement 赔偿协议 solitary confinement 独居监禁 disfranchisement | suspension of civil rights 褫夺公权 physical presence 亲自出庭 holographic will 亲笔遗嘱 attempted murder 谋杀未遂 acknowledgement of will 遗嘱签证 presidential clemency 总统特赦 interim attachment 临时扣押 death bed declaration 临终遗言 illegal use of finances 扰乱金融 contempt of court 藐视法庭 divorce suit 离婚诉讼 bilateral agreement 双边协定 insufficient evidence 证据不足 derivative acquisition 继承取得 argument concluded | argument closure 辩论终结 trial lawyer 辩护律师 realization of property 变卖财产 identification 验明正身 to hold in custody for trial 羁押候审 deposition 口供 | 证言 child custody 子女监护权 unwritten agreement 不成文合约 be unappealable 不准上诉的 court recess | court not in session 不开庭日期 antitrust law 反托拉斯法 contrary argument 反面之论证 [England] remand home 少年拘留所 jackal | tool 爪牙 | 帮凶 principal offender 主犯 | 正犯 [England] principal culprit 主疑犯[英] breve 令状 | 谕示 to confiscate | confiscation 充公 | 没收 robbery | burglary | plunderage 打劫 | 抢劫 additional penalty 加刑 | 从刑 unemployment insurance law 失业保险法 misconduct and inaction 失职与旷职 domicile 本籍 | 原籍 civil suit law 民事诉讼法 livelihood protection law 生活堡法 police surveillance 由警方监视 co-surety 共同保证人 the co-accused | the co-defendant 共同被告人 to exact confession by means of torture 刑求 | 刑讯 criminal suit law 刑事诉讼法 ostensible agent 名义代理人 certificate of adoption & legal custody 收养证明书 conditional pardon 有条件赦免 posthumous adoption 死后之领养 discretionary power 自由处理权 to pass forged documents 行使伪文件 proviso 但书 | 条件 offence against the family 妨害家庭罪 tattoo [China] | to tattoo [China] 刺字 | 纹身 official referee 官方公证人 to waive the right of appeal 放弃上诉权 statutory agent 法定代理人 statutory allowance 法定免税额 heir at law 法定继承人 to skip bail 保释中逃亡 to torture into confession 拷问 | 逼供 attachment 查封 | 拘捕 purview 要项 | 条项 to reopen a case 重审 | 翻案 law of compensation for unjust detention and conviction 冤狱赔偿法 rebuttal 原告的抗辩 merit of the case 案情有利点 special prosecutor 特别检查官 forged seal | forged name-chop 伪造的印章 parolee 假释犯[美] health insurance law 健康保险法 blackmail | [slang] racket 勒索 | 敲诈 The State Tort Claims Act | National Compensation Law 国家赔偿法 international maritime law 国际海事法 international relations act 国际关系法 patent agent 专利代理人 action of mandamus 强制执行令 ordinance | statute | regulation 条例 | 法令 by-law 细则 | 章程 chain gang 连锁苦工囚 city-planning law 都市计划法 verdict 陪审员裁决 labor standards law 劳动标准法 outlaw 丧失公权者 [Latin] adjournment sine die 无限期休会 unconditional release 无条件释放 [slang] lifer | lifelong prisoner 无期徒刑犯 innocence 无罪 | 无辜 attorney of obligee 债权代理人 piracy | literary piracy 剽窃 | 盗印 anti-monopoly law 禁止独占法 to ban 禁令 | 查禁 road traffic law 道路交通法 prison execution law 监狱行刑法 fine | amercement 罚款 | 罚金 admonition 诫谕 | 申诫 consular jurisdiction 领事裁判权 probation 缓刑 | 监护 anti-prostitution law 卖淫禁止法 administrator of the estate 遗产管理人 preliminary investigation 检察官侦察 client 辩护委托人 habeas corpus 人身堡命令 non-existent marriage 不存在之婚姻 determinable interest 可终止之权益 defeasible interest 可解除之权益 voidable act 可撤销之行为 recommitment 再犯 | 再入狱 indemnity for defamation 名誉损失赔偿 to sign a treaty 在条约上签字 zealous witness | prejudiced witness 有偏见之证人 law full of loopholes 有漏洞之法规 secured liability 有担保之债务 to revoke deposition | to retract testimony 改口供 | 翻供 [Latin] adoption de facto 事实上之领养 [Latin] de facto recognition 事实上的承认 to disbar 取消律师资格 [Latin] de jure recognition 法律上的承认 maintenance 非法协助诉讼 illegal arbitrage 非法套汇交易 bail 保释 | 保释金 bigamy 重婚 | 重婚罪 privileges and immunities 特权与豁免权 provisional seizure 假扣押[指人] national general mobilization law 国家总动员法 patentee | patent holder 专利权所有人 fratricide 杀兄弟或姊妹 arrested property 被扣押之财产 labor relations act 劳工关系法案 intestate succession 无遗嘱之继承 unfounded allegation 无证据之指控 hijacking 抢劫[飞机等] disfranchised for life 褫夺公权终身 mixed blood 杂种 | 混血儿 Regulations Governing the Punishment of Seditious Elements 惩治判乱条例 anti-graft regulations 惩治贪污条例 enabling act | enabling statute 权能附与条令 uterine brothers 同母异父兄弟 uterine sisters 同母异父姊妹 personal inviolability 人身不可侵犯权 appeal against sentence 不服判决之上诉 appeal against conviction 不服定罪之上诉 melee 互殴 | 集体打架 to accost 引诱 | 向人搭讪 guilt 犯罪行为 | 犯罪 arbitrator 仲裁人 | 裁判人 privileged motion 有优先权之动议 assailant 行凶者 | 袭击者 acknowledgement of natural child 私生子女之认领 to arrest judgement 延期或停止审判 writ of attachment | [Latin] capias 拘捕令 | 押收令 preamble 法律文件的序文 tutor | custodian | guardian 堡人 | 监护人 affidavit 宣誓书 | 口供书 decree of nullity 婚姻无效之判决 appellant | appellor 控诉人 | 上诉人 to be sentenced to death 被判处死刑[俗] labor relations adjustment law 劳工关系调整法 incompetent person 无行为能力之人 unwarranted accusation 无理控告 | 妄告 non-issuable plea 无须置答之抗辩 con game 诈骗 | 骗取财物 subpoena | writ of summons 传票 | 法庭令状 arraignment 解案审讯 | 提讯 annulment 撤销 | 作为无效 custodian 监视人 | 管理人 [Latin] alimony pendente lite 审判期间赡养费 alimony 离婚后的赡养费 mutual withdrawal of charges 互不要求赔偿协约 champerty 包揽诉讼 | 帮诉罪 frank tenement 自由保有之不动产 to make an appearance 到案 | 出庭 | 出席 remuneration of honoring former president 卸任总统优遇条例 international law 国际法 | 国际公法 respondent 被告[特指离婚案] to be ejected 被撵出 | 被强迁出 alibi 证明犯罪时不在场 preponderance of evidence 证据中较有利之处 unilateral act 一方行为 | 单方行为 act of God 不可抗拒行为 | 天灾 be implacable 不受劝解 | 难和解的 talion 反坐法 | 同态复仇法 illegal re-entry of a deportee 出境潜回[被驱逐者] half blood 同父异母 | 同母异父 collusion 串通舞弊 | 串通勾结 sequestration | sequestrate 暂时查封 | 财产扣押 intrusion 依据遗嘱的争产行为 to sit out one's term | completed jail term 服刑期满 | 刑期届满 complete action 法律上完全生效行为 impersonation 冒名顶替 | 假扮角色 fatal damage 无可避免之意外损害 class action suit 集体诉讼 | 群众诉讼 unpreventable casualties 意外死伤 | 意外损失 tenant at sufferance 逾期未迁出之承租人 to discharge 撤销命令 | 撤销控诉 barratry 煽动诉讼 | 诉讼教唆 reparation 赔偿 | 补偿[物质上] factual admission 据情招认 | 据实招供 satisfaction 偿还 | 赔偿[精神上] malpractice 营私舞弊 | 怠忽职守 joinder | joint action [suit] 联合诉讼 | 共同诉讼 badger | badger game 仙人跳 | 美人计[美俗] replevy 取回扣押物 | 准许保释 sitting in camera 非公开审讯 | 内庭聆讯 document forgery 伪造文书 | 伪造文书罪 outlawry 无法律保障 | 剥夺法益 statement of defense 答辩词 | 被告之辩诉状 be sent to the gas chamber 进瓦斯室[用瓦斯毒死] mayhem 伤害他人身体[使残废] damages 赔偿损失 | 损害赔偿金 amortization | amortisation 偿还债款 | 让产予法人 co-respondent 离婚诉讼中的共同被告 beneficiary 受益人 | 遗嘱指定受益人 retainer 律师的预聘 | 预约辩护费 to entail 限定 | 限定不动产继承人 piscary 捕渔权[指在他人渔区内] [Latin] casus foederis 条约条款内所考虑的情形 to book [someone] 登记有案 | 登记犯罪有案 pleader 答辩律师[尤指在法庭上] genocide 集体大屠杀 | 种族大屠杀 administration action [suit] 遗产接管之诉 | 产业诉讼 to default 不履行义务 | 缺席 | 不出庭 mercy vacation 犯人保外就医或治丧之假期 personal effects 个人的财产 | 个人的所有物 to cop a plea 请求判为有罪,以减轻刑罚 hush money 缄口钱[塞嘴的贿赂] | 遮羞费 judicial murder 冤死[合法但不公平的死刑判决] premarital settlement 婚前产权之协议[授予妻子财产] MK 75 MOD 0.76mm gun amounts 76公厘炮炮座[海军] high altitude research plane U-2式最新改良飞机 World War IVictory Medal 一次世界大战胜利奖章 GS [general staff] 一般参谋 conventional landing 一般登陆 first master sergeant 一等士官长 PFC [private first class] 一等兵 sharpshooter 一等射手 World War II Victory Medal 二次世界大战胜利奖章 second master sergeant 二等士官长 private 二等兵 marksman 二等射手 second-class cabin 二等舱 two-point landing 二点落地 aiming silhouette 人形靶 LCP [landing craft personnel] 人员登陆艇 human wave tactics | horde tactics 人海战 import-entry form 入口报关单 navy trident submarine 三叉戟潜艇[美] triple-wave system 三波系统 Armed Forces Welfare Department 三军福利管理处 commander-in-chief of armed 三军总司令 armed forces 三军总称 Tri-Service General Hospital 三军总医院 third master sergeant 三等士官长 steerage 三等舱 three-point landing 三点落地 to hoist flag at half-mast 下半旗 lower deck 下甲板 to unfix bayonet 下刺刀 gunroom 下级军官室 glide | to glide 下滑 gliding path 下滑道 stowage below 下层装载 first sergeant 上士 | 陆军上士 bump 上升气流 upper deck 上甲板 to fix bayonet 上刺刀 shore board 上岸跳板 COL [colonel] 上校 CAPT [captain] 上尉 corporal [CPL] 上等兵 | 陆军下士 | 伍长 stowage above 上层装载 chambering 上膛 password | parole 口令 CAL [caliber] 口径 respirator 口罩 verbal report 口头报告 EM [enlisted man] 士兵 EM [enlisted men] barracks 士兵寝室 NCO [non-commissioned officer] 士官 generalissimo 大元帅 grand merit 大功 steep climb 大角上升 large covered lighter 大型有盖驳船 large cruiser [CB] 大型巡洋舰 large aircraft carrier [CVB] 大型航空母舰 magnum 大型连发手枪 large auxiliary floating dry dock [AFDB] 大型补助浮乾船坞 ocean navigation 大洋航行 main yard 大桅下桁 maintop 大桅楼 cannon 大炮 GP [group] 大队 great circle sailing 大圆航法 major engagement | all-out battle 大会战 Grand Cordon 大绶级 main anchor 大锚 hawser 大缆 enlisted women's barracks 女性士兵寝室 WAC uniform 女性军服 composite craft 子母飞机 cartridge belt 子弹带 cartridge case 子弹壳 | 炮弹壳 shallow climb 小角上升 air strip 小型飞机场 small aircraft carrier [CVL] 小型航空母舰 small auxiliary floating dry dock [AFDL] 小型补助浮乾船坞 midget submarine 小型潜艇 minor repair 小修 skirmish 小战 mountain warfare 山地战 packed howitzer 山炮 engineer troops 工兵 jam | interference 干扰 unsinkable aircraft carrier 不沈航空母舰 be tenacious 不屈不挠的 insubordination 不服从 unfortified city 不设防城市 blind shell | dud 不发弹 non-stop flight 不着陆飞行 medium gun 中口径炮 staff sergeant 中士 | 二等上士 neutron bomb 中子炸弹 The Order of Sun Yat-sen 中山勋章 central penetration 中央突破 neutralized zone 中立区域 rank center 中列 medium landing ship [LSM] 中型登陆舰 medium landing ship rocket [LSMR] 中型登陆舰火箭 medium auxiliary floating dry dock [AFDM] 中型补助浮乾船坞 medium bomber 中型轰炸机 intermediate training plane 中级教练机 intermediate range ballistic missile 中程飞弹 IRBM [intermediate range ballistic missile] 中距弹道飞弹 SQDN [squadron] 中队 rival claims 互称胜利 traitor 内奸 inland-river navigation 内河航行 internal affairs 内务 miscellaneous box 内务箱 civil commotion 内乱 Civil War Campaign Medal 内战奖章 keelson 内龙骨 BUL [bulletin] 公告 | 通报 temporary duty [TDY] 公差 march in review 分列式 serial march 分批行军 BR [branch] 分科 | 兵科 | 支部 to divide the enemy 分割敌人 DISTRI [distribution] 分发 disintegrating 分离崩溃 CAT [category] | classification 分类 vertical stowage 分类装载 chemical shell 化学弹 elevator 升降舵 halyard 升降旗索 the colors call 升降旗号 to hoist flag 升旗 consort ship 友舰 retro-rocket 反向火箭 counter blockade 反封锁 anti-missile missile 反飞弹飞弹 ballistic missile early warning system [BMEWS] 反弹道导弹预报系统 antisubmarine warfare 反潜战 anti-tank gun 反战车炮 astronavigation | celestial navigation 天文航海 nadir 天底 Jupiter 天帝 zenith 天顶 skylight 天窗 altitude 天体高度 | 海拔高度 MAJ [major] 少校 21-gun salute 廿一响礼炮 blast wire 引线 psychological warfare 心理作战 semaphore signal 手旗信号 hand grenade 手榴弹 pistol 手枪 PMT [payment] 支付 SPT [support] | to support 支援 supporting fire 支援射击 supporting forces 支援部队 DF [disposition form] 文件处理单 entertainer 文康单位 civil official | non-military personnel | civil servant 文职人员 rudder 方向舵 | 舵 rhumb line 方位线 date-line 日界线 | 换日线 DTG [day-time group] 日时组 daylight march 日间行军 platform deck 月台甲板 Mauser | Mauser rifle 毛瑟枪 ditching 水上降落 seaplane 水上飞机 seaplane tender 水上机供应船 skip bombing 水平投弹 water jacket 水套 watertight integrity 水密完整 AMPH [amphibian] 水陆两用的 amphibious plane [PBY] 水陆两用机 amphibious truck 水陆载重车 mine | sea mine 水雷 mine attack 水雷攻击 fire-support area 火力支援区 flash message 火急电文 flamethrower 火焰喷射器 RKT [rocket] 火箭 bazooka | rocket launcher 火箭炮 gun powder 火药 magazine 火药库 | 弹铗 main forces 主力部队 decisive battle | main action 主力战 battleship [BB] 主力舰 | 战斗舰 main fleet 主力舰队 main deck 主甲板 main attack 主攻 primary MOS [military occupation specialty] | PMOS 主要专长 primary fire position 主射击阵地 mainmast 主桅 OIC [officer in charge] 主管军官 space traded for time 以空间换取时间 ACTG [acting] 代理 D/B [date of birth] | birth date 出生日期 to turn out 出列 outgoing voyage 出航 sailing day 出航日 betrayal 出卖 drill call | service call 出操号 sally | to sally 出击 Legion of Merit 功绩勋章 enclosure 包围 Northern Expedition 北伐 semi-automatic rifle 半自动步枪 half step 半步 half right-face 半面向右转 half right-face march 半面向右转走 half left-face 半面向左转 half left-face march 半面向左转走 half-track 半履带 | 半履带车 CBN [carbine] 卡宾枪 SER [serviceable] 可用的 right 右舷 right flank 右翼 right column 右翼列 surrender call 召降 HQ [headquarters] 司令部 conning tower 司令塔 grapnel 四爪锚 all-around defense 四周防御 foreign invasion 外患 accident report 失事报告 stall | to stall 失速 block buster 巨型炸弹 monster ship 巨舰 left 左舷 revolver 左轮 | 左轮手枪 left flank 左翼 left column 左翼列 browning pistol 布朗宁手枪 CIV [civilian] 平民 mean height of burst 平均炸高 horizontal stowage 平均装载 level flight 平飞 peace organization 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司