翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 She smelled at the flower. 她闻闻那朵花。 She sobbed out her sad story. 她呜咽着讲出了她的悲惨遭遇。 She hoped to sleep off her headache. 她希望睡一觉后头痛会好。 She's used to mixing in an altogether different sphere. 她习惯于在一个完全不同的社会阶层里交往。 She shampooed her hair. 她洗了头发。 She liked the adventures of a spy. 她喜欢间谍的冒险。 She talked in a small voice with her boyfriend. 她细声细气地跟她男友说话。 She tried to smother her sobs. 她想忍住不哭。 She thought the old man had some clever trick up his sleeve. 她想这老人自有锦囊妙计。 She welcomed him with a smile. 她笑着表示欢迎他。 Her brother is a shrewd businessman. 她兄弟是个精明的生意人。 She smiled shyly at him. 她羞怯地向他微笑。 She has learned to smoke fish and ham. 她学会了熏鱼和火腿。 She looks shabby. 她一副寒酸相。 Her eyes shied away from mine. 她一见到我在看她就避开了我的眼睛。 She shrieked at the sight of the cobra. 她一见到眼镜蛇便尖叫起来。 She felt sick at the sight of the dead rat. 她一见那只死老鼠就感到恶心。 She sobbed herself to sleep. 她一直哭到睡着。 She smarted from the scolding. 她因受到责骂而感到难受。 She was soured by his indifference. 她因他的冷漠而变得不快。 She was sore at him for not inviting her to the party. 她因他没有邀请她去参加聚会而生他的气。 Embarrassed, her face turned scarlet. 她因为窘迫脸变得通红。 She shed tears over her loss. 她因遭受损失而流泪。 She scared up a meal from the bits of food in the kitchen. 她用厨房里的一点食物凑合成一顿饭。 She smoothed her dress with an electric iron. 她用电熨斗烫平衣服。 She sponged up the spilt milk. 她用海绵将泼出的牛奶吸乾了。 She used slides as a teaching aid. 她用幻灯片作教学工具。 She studied the young man with her sharp bright eyes. 她用明亮锐利的眼睛端详这年轻男士。 She spooned milk into the baby's mouth. 她用汤匙把牛奶舀入婴儿口中。 She spoon-fed her son until he was age six and people began to laugh. 她用汤匙喂儿子喂到他六岁,人们开始嘲笑她。 She seasoned the fish with sugar and vinegar. 她用糖和醋给鱼调味。 She rinsed her mouth with a solution of salt in water. 她用盐的水溶液漱口。 She ate soup with a silver spoon. 她用银匙喝汤。 She has a slight fever. 她有点儿发烧。 She had a small but snug home. 她有个小小的但很舒适的家。 She has a scientific mind. 她有科学头脑。 Has she sent for a taxi? 她有没有请人去叫计程车? She comes to visit us sometimes. 她有时来访问我们。 She looks something like her mother. 她有一点像她母亲。 Her hair was very long and silky. 她有一头柔软光洁的长发。 She was sold again. 她又上当了。 She took another sip of her tea. 她又饮了一小口茶。 She had a pain in her right side. 她右肋疼痛。 She slipped on the ice. 她在冰上滑倒了。 She is shelling peas. 她在剥豌豆。 She got shocked when she touched the live wire. 她在触到通电的电线时受到电击。 She covered the cake with chocolate sprinkles. 她在蛋糕上撒了一层巧克力。 She put a sprinkle of sugar on the top of her cake. 她在蛋糕上洒了一点糖。 She shut her skirt in the door. 她在关门时把裙子夹在门缝里了。 She is playing chess with some boy. 她在和一个男孩下棋。 She scored well on the history test. 她在历史测验中得了高分。 She put a spoonful of milk in each of the two cups. 她在两个杯子里各加了一匙牛奶。 She squared her account at the store. 她在商店里结清帐目。 She was looking for a chance to settle old scores with her brother. 她在寻找机会跟她哥哥算旧帐。 She works as a nurse in a special hospital. 她在一家专门医院做护士。 She put a squeeze of lemon in her drink. 她在饮料中放了一点柠檬汁。 She got to the park before the set time. 她在约定的时间之前到了公园。 For breakfast, she had only a slice of bread and butter. 她早餐只吃了一片奶油面包。 She set about her housework straight after breakfast. 她早饭后立即着手料理家务。 She found a spot as a secretary. 她找到一个秘书的职位。 She shaded her eyes from the sun. 她遮着眼睛,以避开阳光。 She's no scholar. 她这人没有文化。 She is trying to slim. 她正在设法减肥。 She only stays at select hotels. 她只住一流旅馆。 She remained single till the end of her days. 她终身未嫁。 She lives on the second floor. 她住在二楼。 She lives in southern Italy. 她住在义大利南部。 She must have been laughing up her sleeve all the time. 她准是一直在偷笑。 She sifted through her purse. 她仔细翻看自己的钱包。 She thinks she's something since she won the prize. 她自得奖之后,觉得自己挺了不起了。 She likes to show off her nice figure by wearing tight dresses. 她总穿紧身衣来炫耀她的好身材。 She was always calm and serene. 她总是平静而安详。 It was very spiteful of her to do that. 她做那种事太恶毒了。 She signed to us to stop talking. 她做手势示意我们不要讲话。 The solution of the problem requires a lot of time. 解决这个问题需要很多时间。 Spring has set in very early this year. 今年春天来得很早。 Business was slow in the first half of this year. 今年上半年生意清淡。 This year has seen one signal triumph for them in the election. 今年是他们在选举中取得重大胜利的一年。 Crops are very scanty this year. 今年庄稼歉收。 The bell sounded dismissal early today. 今天放学的铃响得早。 There's a rough sea today. 今天海面上波涛汹涌。 Today the survival of our species is threatened. 今天人类的生存受到了威胁。 We visited an art show this morning. 今天上午我们参观了一个画展。 Are you expecting someone this afternoon? 今天下午你是不是等什么人? There will be a special on Channel 8 tonight. 今晚第八频道有电视特别节目。 I'll have to shut up shop early tonight. 今晚我得早点打烊。 I have some work to do this evening. 今晚我有些事要做。 Gold is sifted from sand. 金从沙里淘出来。 I went out in spite of the rain. 尽管下雨我仍外出了。 Some would spill in spite of the gang's threats. 尽管有暴力集团的威胁,一些人还是会把消息泄露出来。 Spit your gum out before you come into the classroom. 进教室之前把口香糖吐掉。 The manager was ill so I went in her place. 经理病了所以我代她去。 The manager was ready to shoulder the blame. 经理愿意承担过失。 Police sealed the area off where the murderer was known to be hiding. 警察把凶手藏匿的地区封锁了。 The policeman saw through his false alibi. 警察识破他不在场的伪证。 Police searched everyone present at the scene of crime. 警察搜查了在犯罪现场的每一个人。 The police seized an escaping convict. 警察抓住了一个在逃犯。 The police admitted that they were off the scent. 警方承认他们失去了线索。 The police have been shadowing him for months. 警方已秘密跟踪他几个月了。 Old-fashioned housewives were usually very saving. 旧时的家庭主妇通常都很节俭。 The ambulance sped to the hospital. 救护车急速向医院驶去。 The relief workers kept soldiering on. 救援人员不屈不挠地继续工作。 You are right in a sense. 就某种意义来说你是对的。 The inauguration was a solemn event. 就职典礼是一件隆重的大事。 That is a slippery situation. 局势很不稳定。 There are many species of chrysanthemum. 菊花品种很多。 A period signals the end of a sentence. 句号表示一个句子结束了。 A sentence usually contains a subject and a verb. 句子通常包括主词和动词。 There was a split in the club. 俱乐部发生了分裂。 The play was amusingly written, but its subject was a serious one. 剧本写得风趣逗笑,但其主题则是严肃的。 It is said that she is a siren. 据说她是个妖艳女人。 It is said that there has been a serious earthquake there. 据说那里发生了一次大地震。 It is said that the boss is sour toward his employees. 据说这个老板对他的雇员很刻薄。 This kind of beauty cream is said to be able to smooth away wrinkles. 据说这种美容霜能消除皱纹。 A soldier should not bring scandal upon the uniform. 军人不应给军队丢脸。 Military budgets continued to spiral. 军事预算继续急遽增加。 Coffee spilled from the cup. 咖啡从杯子里溢了出来。 When a boy first began his training to become a knight, his title was squire. 开始接受骑士训练的男孩的头衔是扈从。 Cathy was like a sister to me. 凯西待我像亲姊妹一样。 I'm so pleased to see you. 看到你我真高兴。 A chimney could be seen smoking in the distance. 看得见远处的烟囱在冒烟。 The sight of blood sickened her. 看见血使她恶心。 It seems that you haven't got enough sleep. 看来你睡眠不足。 The watchdog scared away the thief by barking. 看门狗大声吠叫吓走了窃贼。 Cole often emits a loud sneeze. 科尔常常大声打喷嚏。 Don't split on me. 可不要告发我。 But I have had a bad setback. 可是我遭受了一次大挫折。 Young as he is, Kerry has become famous in many spheres. 克里虽然年轻,却已在许多领域出了名。 The air is polluted with the smother of traffic and industrial smog. 空气被令人窒息的车辆废气和工业烟雾污染了。 The air is scented with rose. 空气里充满了玫瑰花的芳香。 The scent of the narcissi was in the air. 空气中散发着水仙花的香味。 The sons of Confucius are scattered in many parts of China. 孔子的后裔散居在中国许多地方。 I'm afraid he took his solace in drink. 恐怕他是借酒浇愁。 I'm afraid the company is heading for a smash. 恐怕这家公司就要破产了。 Skeletons give a sensation of fear. 骷髅给人以恐惧之感。 The split seams of the trousers have been sewed. 裤子绽开的线缝已经缝好。 Come on, snap out of it! 快,振作起来! Quinine is a specific for malaria. 奎宁是治疟疾的特效药。 Candles spend fast in draught. 蜡烛在风口点得很快。 Come on, snap out of it; you drank too much! 来吧,振作起来;你喝得太多了! The church stood out in silhouette against a blue sky. 蓝天衬映着教堂的轮廓。 It's a sin to waste food. 浪费食物是一种罪孽。 Lora has gone shopping. 劳拉买东西去了。 The boss singled me out for blame. 老板把我挑出来加以指责。 The boss decided to pass over his slight mistakes. 老板决定原谅他的小错。 The boss smiled appreciation of my remarks. 老板笑了笑表示赞赏我的话。 The boss wants less sounding off and more production. 老板要我们少发意见多生产。 The boss immediately took a shine to the new secretary. 老板一下子就对新秘书产生好感。 The old woman sighed out her grief. 老妇人叹着气叙说她的悲哀。 The old woman was spinning in the corner of the room. 老妇人在房间一角纺纱。 The old man snored away the afternoon. 老人打着鼾睡了一个下午。 The old man is sinking fast and won't live much longer. 老人的健康急速衰退,活不长久了。 The old man slumped down in a chair. 老人猛地倒在椅子里。 The old man has a smooth temper. 老人性格温和。 The teacher sectioned the class for dialogues. 老师把班级分组进行对话练习。 The teacher set his pupils a difficult problem. 老师给学生出了一道难题。 The teacher tried to silence the pupils. 老师设法让学生们安静下来。 The teacher said I should shape up or go join the army. 老师说我必须振奋起来否则去从军。 The class sobered down as the teacher came into the room. 老师走进教室后,学生们安静下来了。 She must have got sick and tired of hearing people say that. 老是听人说那事她准是厌倦极了。 The old lady screamed out that there was a burglar inside the house. 老太太尖叫着说房子里有贼。 Every day the old women went to pray at the shrine. 老太太们每天去圣殿祈祷。 The old lady slipped a hand over the heart. 老太太伸手抚摩胸口。 The old lady did not stop sewing until midnight. 老太太直到半夜才放下针线活。 John Parker, Sr. is the father of John Parker, Jr. 老约翰·派克是小约翰·派克的父亲。 The thunder scared the children. 雷声吓着了孩子。 Tears spilled from her eyes. 泪水从她眼中流出。 The tired boy sprawled on the grass. 累坏了的男孩摊开四肢躺在草地上。 The plough sliced through the earth. 犁破土向前。 Dr. Li is a specialist in information retrieval. 李博士是位信息检索专家。 Miss Li speaks good English. 李小姐英语讲得很好。 Mr. Reed has been selected to represent us on the committee. 里德先生已作为我们的代表被选入委员会。 Profits have fallen by something over three percent. 利润已下降百分之三多一点。 We were sickened by the non-stopping noise. 连续不断的噪音使我们感到厌恶。 In a way good service sells our products. 良好的售后服务在某种程度上促进了我们产品的销路。 Two guards looked after the security of the property. 两个警卫看管财产的安全。 The two bottles stood side by side on the table. 两个瓶子并列在桌上。 Two women were brutally slain last night. 两名妇女昨夜被残忍杀害。 Two Virginian Congressmen sponsored the bill. 两位弗吉尼亚国会议员提出这一议案。 The hunter snared a skunk. 猎人捕得一只臭鼬。 The hunter slashed at the bear with his knife. 猎人挥刀向熊猛烈砍去。 The hunter snapped a shot at the deer. 猎人迅速向鹿开了一枪。 The neighbors held a bridal shower for the girl. 邻居为姑娘举行了一个准新娘送礼会。 American youth in the sixties were rather open about sex. 六十年代的美国青年对两性关系相当开放。 64 is the square of 8. 六十四是八的平方。 The deer were eating the young shoots on the trees. 鹿群正在吃树上的嫩枝。 A deer is a shy animal. 鹿是一种易受惊的动物。 The lampposts are spaced out ten feet apart. 路灯柱与路灯柱之间相距十英尺。 The lawyer searched out the weaknesses in the witness's statement. 律师找出了证人供词中的漏洞。 Rosa fell and sprained her ankle. 罗莎跌倒了,扭伤了足踝。 "You ought to be in bed," Mother said shortly. 妈不耐烦地说道:"你该上床去了"。 Mom said to tell you you should take three pills after dinner. 妈关照饭后你得吃三片药片。 Mother was worried that there would be nobody around in the event of a sudden attack of sickness. 妈妈担心患急病时身边没人。 Mom told him to go to bed early so he could get up early the next morning. 妈妈叫他早点上床睡觉,第二天早上好早点起床。 Mum'd go spare if she knew. 妈妈要是知道了会很恼火的。 Mother spanked her for being naughty. 妈妈因为她调皮打她屁股。 Mom spread a new table-cloth on the table. 妈妈在桌上铺了一块新桌布。 The horse splashed across the brook. 马溅泼着越过小溪。 Mark didn't shape up until he was thirty years old. 马克到三十岁时才振奋起来。 Potatoes slice well. 马铃薯容易切片。 The horse threw himself into a squat. 马一下子卧倒在地。 Myra helped her old parents to snug their house for winter. 玛拉帮助年迈的父母把房子布置得温暖舒适准备过冬。 Mary scraped her knee when she fell off her bike. 玛丽从脚踏车上摔下来擦伤了膝盖。 Mary's spit flew as she shouted. 玛丽喊叫时唾沫四溅。 Mary scored the highest marks on the exam. 玛丽考试中得了个最高分。 Mary smothers her children with too much love. 玛丽溺爱自己的孩子。 Mary is private secretary to the company chairman. 玛丽是公司董事长的私人秘书。 Here comes the smut, Martha. Dad is drunk and cursing heaven again. 玛莎,脏话出来了。爸醉了,又在诅咒老天爷。 The cat spits when angry. 猫生气时发出呼噜呼噜的声音。 The cat scratched a hole in the ground. 猫在地上扒了一个洞。 Spears are their tools for hunting. 矛是他们狩猎的工具。 Soft missile launching sites. 没有防御措施的飞弹发射场所。 The engineer can't start working without the specification for the design. 没有关于设计的详细计划,工程师无法开工。 Nobody would listen to your sorry excuse. 没有人会听信你拙劣的借口。 Lacking a pianist, I had to sing solo. 没有人用钢琴伴奏,我只好独自歌唱。 There's no danger -- keep your seats, please. 没有危险,请坐着别动。 You can't have good acting without a decent script. 没有像样的剧本是不可能有好的表演的。 There is no specific remedy for the malady. 没有医治这种病的特效药。 The reader who does not detect the seriousness under the lightness often misreads him. 没有意识到轻松掩盖下的严肃性的读者常翅误解他。 Rose bushes shoot again after being cut back. 玫瑰丛修剪后又会抽新芽长新枝。 The demand for coal begins to slacken off in the spring. 煤的需求在春天开始减少。 Soot smeared our faces. 煤烟弄脏了我们的脸。 Every time the record comes to that part of the music, the needle skips. 每当唱片转到音乐的那一部分,唱针就会跳过去。 Whenever she was in a spot she turned to him for help. 每当她遇到困难时,就找他帮忙。 In times like this he finds his complacency sicken and die in him. 每当这样的时候,他就发现他心里的满足感枯萎并逝去了。 Each case must be specialized. 每个案例都要进行特殊分析。 Each partner got a split of the profits. 每个合伙人得到一份利润。 Every car should carry a spare tire. 每辆车子应带一个备胎。 Wash each pile separately. 每一堆要分开洗。 Each partner receives his slice of profits. 每一个合伙人得到他的一份利润。 One day of the week should be set apart for relaxation. 每周应该拨出一天时间休闲。 The American swimmer came second. 美国游泳选手得第二。 The doors shut, and the train moved off. 门都关了,火车开了。 The door was open, and Howard split. 门开着,霍华德走了。 The door slammed shut. 门砰地一声关上了。 The door snapped shut behind me. 门在我身后啪地一声关上了。 Bees and wasps both sting, but they have other similarities, too. 蜜蜂和黄蜂都螫人,但它们还有其他相似之处。 Bees and ants are social insects. 蜜蜂和蚂蚁是群居昆虫。 Myanmar is to the south of China. 缅甸在中国的南面。 You've got to sell yourself at the interview. 面试时你一定得自我宣传。 I shall be thirty next year. 明年我就三十岁了。 Strangers get such shabby treatment in this town that they never want to visit it again. 陌生人在这个城里遇到如此怠慢的对待,以至于没有人会再度访问它。 Dark glasses are an effective shield against the glare. 墨镜有效地阻隔强光堡眼睛。 Certain classes of mail have to be signed for when they are delivered. 某些类的邮件在送达时必须签收。 Certain business losses can be set against taxes. 某些营业上的亏损可以从税额中抵销。 Mother cut the cake into six equal sections. 母亲把蛋糕切成相等的六块。 Mother bought her a pair of tennis shoes. 母亲给她买了一双网球鞋。 Mother used to spin her own yarn. 母亲过去一直是自己纺纱的。 Mother used to sew me shoes. 母亲过去总为我缝制鞋子。 Mother took sides with David. 母亲偏袒大卫。 Mother is stacking the plates in the kitchen. 母亲在厨房里把盘子一个个叠起来。 Mother does her shopping on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 母亲在星期三和星期六去买东西。 The carpenter shaved off a small amount from the bottom of the door to make it close properly. 木匠将门底边刨去了一点使它正好关上。 The carpenter slanted the roof to allow water to run off. 木匠使屋顶倾斜以便泻水。 The carpenter screwed the hinges to the door. 木匠用螺钉将铰链固定到门上。 That's how things stack up today. 目前的情况总之就是这样。 The shepherd and his dog gathered in the sheep. 牧羊人和牧羊狗把羊群赶到一块。 Fetch a cloth to mop up the spill. 拿块抹布把溢出来的东西擦掉。 My wife shared with me in distress. 内子与我共患难。 The gang was screaming for the immediate release of their leader. 那帮人吵嚷着要求立即释放他们的头儿。 The sick child shouted with pain. 那病童痛得叫了起来。 It is nothing to speak of. 那不值得一提。 That movie was the sleeper of the year: suddenly everyone had to see it. 那部电影爆出冷门,成了今年的最佳影片。突然间,每一个人都不得不一睹为快。 That play screens well. 那部戏适于拍电影。 That so-called sale is a scheme to swindle the customers. 那场所谓的大贱卖是一个欺诈顾客的骗局。 The show was one of Broadway's biggest smashes. 那场演出是百老汇最轰动的演出之一。 The play had its smash premiere. 那出戏首场演出引起了极大的轰动。 The dumb show was a scream. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司