翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 祭红釉 assembling 组装 bodiless lacquer 脱胎漆 objects carved out of solid lacquer 脱胎漆雕刻品 eggshell porcelain 蛋壳瓷 eggshell painting 蛋壳画 cork patchwork 软木画 soft porcelain 软瓷 rice-paper flower 通草纸花 openwork 透雕细工 potter's clay 陶土 pottery shard 陶片 ceramic tile 陶瓦 pottery stemmed bowl 陶豆 ceramic horse 陶马 pottery tripod with bulbous hollow legs 陶鬲 ceramist 陶瓷工 pottery vase 陶尊 pottery tripod 陶鼎 pottery jar | pottery pitcher 陶罐 fish roe crackle 鱼子纹 wheat straw patchwork | wheat stalk patchwork 麦秆画 linen article with spoke-work and colour embroidery 麻布对丝彩绣 monochrome underglaze decor 单色釉下彩 gold drawing 描金 table screen 插屏 cloisonne 景泰蓝 | 丝珐琅 misty blue Chintechen ware 景德镇影青瓷器 palm woven ware 棕编制品 palm-fibre toy 棕榈纤维玩具 hair embroidery 发绣 hard porcelain 硬瓷 polychrome enamel decor ware 珐琅彩瓷器 brush barrel 笔筒 chenille bird 绒鸟 velvet birds and animals 绒鸟兽 patchwork 绒贴 chenille toys 绒制玩具 woollen needle-point tapestry 绒线绣制品 silk embroidery 丝绣 gold-overlaid 贴金 size of crackle 开片大小 rough shape cutting 开料 raised flower pattern 隆起花纹 black pottery 黑陶器 plastic flower 塑胶花 porcelain enamel 搪瓷 late neolithic pottery 新石器时代晚期陶器 coconut-shell carving 椰壳雕 smoking set 烟具 silk figurine 绢人 silk flower 绢花 silk fan 绢扇 silk painting 绢画 majolica 义大利装饰之陶器 Wan Li polychrome 万历五彩 venetian embroidery 万缕丝绣 palm fan 葵扇 blue and white porcelain with polychrome overglaze decor 釉上斗彩 overglaze decor 釉上彩 glazed pottery 釉陶 underglaze red 釉裹红 gilding 饰金 pattern design 图案设计 lacquer painting 漆画 lacquer ware 漆器 black-painted cream-white Zichou ware 磁州釉黑白瓷器 Fuchien lacquer vase with filigree marquetry 福建镶嵌银丝大花瓶 emerald green glaze 翠绿釉 body-making | basemaking 制胎 moulder 制模工 rush products 蒲制品 silverware 银器 traycloth 盘垫 knitter 编结工 | 针织工 weaver 编织工 cotton crochet bag 线结袋 cuttle-bone carving 墨鱼骨雕 tapestry 壁毯 | 挂毯 wall lantern 壁灯 tree bark picture 树皮画 olive-stone carving | olive-nut carving 橄榄核雕 polishing 磨光 grinding 磨制 soldering 烧焊 enamelware 烧瓷制品 | 搪瓷制品 decorative lanterns 灯色 comb mark 篦纹 sculptor | carver 雕刻工 carved works | carvings 雕刻品 carved ink-stone 雕花墨砚 carved lacquer 雕漆 | 剔红 gourd-shaped carved lacquer vase 雕漆葫芦瓶 cutwork embroidery 雕绣 Longshan black pottery 龙山黑陶 Longchuan celadon 龙泉青瓷 dinner set 餐具 carved sandal-wood folding fan | sandal wood fan | sandal folding fan 檀香扇 gold-plated | gilded 镀金 enamel-filling 点蓝 brocade 织锦 embroiderer 绣工 magic flower 翻花 paper-weight 镇纸 double sided embroidery | reversible embroidery 双面绣 cord mark 绳纹 artist craftsman 艺术工匠 artistic style 艺术风格 cane products | rattan products 藤织品 sapphire blue glaze 宝石蓝釉 wax fruit 蜡果 iron openwork | iron picture | iron wall picture 铁画 eelskin yellow glaze 鳝鱼黄釉 marquetry 镶嵌细工 gold-coated 镏金 [printing] woodblock 印刷木板 silk damask [with flower and bird pattern] 花鸟纹饰锦缎 embroidery in five colours [on red background] 绛地五色彩绣 silk damask shoes [with cloud pattern toe] 云头锦鞋 ladle 勺 sword 刀 knife money 刀钱 12 pitch-pipes made of bamboo 十二竹音律管 glazed pottery figurine 上釉陶俑 bow 弓 wuzhu coin 五铢钱 six-lobed bowl 六曲盘 halberd 戈 relics | cultural relics 文物 protection of historical relics 文物堡 | 文物发掘 historical culture sites 文物遗址 wooden screen with lacquer painting 木版漆画 wooden figurine 木俑 wooden se | zither 木瑟 wooden utensil 木器 wooden entourage figurines 木雕仪仗俑 crystal 水晶 diadem | crown 王冠 ancient tomb 古墓 ear stuff 充耳 unearthed relics | unearthed cultural objects 出土文物 barbican wall 外城墙 tomb with immolated slaves 奴隶殉葬墓 jade tablet for ritual services | jade bar for ritual services 玉圭 jade belt 玉带 jade objects | jade articles 玉器 jade ring 玉环 jade bracelet 玉镯 mail-armour and helmet 甲胄 oracle bone 甲骨 inscription on oracle bones 甲骨文 leather armour 皮甲 spear 矛 stone mortar 石臼 stone axe 石斧 corbel 石柱 coffin platform 石棺床 stone vessel | stone objects 石器 stone saddle-quern 石磨盘 ruyi ["as-you-wish"] 如意 scrolls of calligraphy and painting 字画卷轴 joint burial urn 合葬 cinnabar 朱砂 bronze "scarlet bird" lamp 朱雀灯 bamboo utensil 竹器 inscribed bamboo-slips 竹简 silk with rhombic design pasted with down 羽毛贴花绢 eared cup 耳杯 lost book 佚书 weapons 兵器 manuscript 抄本 rare relics 罕见文物 vessel for heating wine 角 stemmed bowl 豆 terracotta 赤陶 chariots and harness 车马具 gold bowl with flower patters 刻花金碗 scrapper 刮削器 cross-bow 弩 hatchet | battle-axe 斧 soul-tower 明楼 earthen figurine 泥俑 figurine of warrior 武士俑 basin 盂 gold foil 金箔 gold and silver ware 金银器 jade clothes | jade burial suit sewn with fine gold wire 金缕玉衣 lance | spear 长矛 gilded bronze figurine with a lamp 长信宫灯 gate tower 门楼 bronze galloping horse 青铜奔马 bronze | bronze ware 青铜器 brazier 炭盆 | 火盆 coral 珊瑚 pot | tub 盆 cup 盅 | 碗 chopper 砍砸器 yu | pipes 竽 red pottery tripod 红陶鼎 ruby 红宝石 incense bag 香囊 tray 案 peach-shaped dish 桃形盘 immolated slaves 殉葬奴隶 sacrificial object 殉葬品 hat made with black gauze 乌纱帽 toothed club 狼牙棒 pendant 佩 garment of plain silk gauze 素纱禅衣 pieces of horseshoe-shaped coin 马蹄形碎金 high artistic and technical level 高超工艺水平 li | cooking tripod with hollow legs 鬲 polychrome silk 彩条纹锦 painted pottery 彩陶 colour painting on silk 彩绘帛画 colour painted pottery pot | colour painted pottery seasonings mixer 彩绘陶盎 colour painted pottery dish with short stem | 彩绘陶盘 colour painted pottery vessel for wine 彩绘陶钟 chariot accessories | pieces of harness 御具 | 车具 chi | axe 戚 reed pipes 排管 vase | bottle 瓶 porcelain 瓷器 helmet and armour 盔甲 casket 盒 bowl 钵 satellite tombs 陪陵 | 陪墓 emperor's mausoleum 陵墓 pottery figurine 陶俑 pottery | potter vessel | earthenware 陶器 pottery incense burner 陶熏炉 hemp fabrics 麻织品 single burial 单人葬 ewer | kettle 壶 jar [wine vessel] 尊 halberd | ji 戟 pot with loop handle 提粱壶 Dunhuang Murals 敦煌壁画 court dress 朝服 court beads 朝珠 coffin 棺 | 内棺 coffin burial 棺葬 enamel vessels | enamel wares 珐琅器 amber 琥珀 buried objects | underground storage 窖藏 silk damask 丝锦缎 silk fabrics 丝织品 Kai Yuan Tong Pao coin 开元通宝 black pottery platter engraved with holes 黑陶缕孔盘 round storage pit 圆形窖穴 small cup 盏 buddhist text | buddhist scripture | sutra 经卷 silver casket with bas-relief 碗顶银盆 specially made of funerary object 葬器 glazed porcelain 釉瓷 tripod | cauldron 鼎 grave | tomb chamber 墓穴 graveyard | tomb 墓地 biographical sketch engraved on memorial tablet | epitaph 墓志铭 memorial tablet at grave 墓表 door of tomb 墓门 tombstone 墓碑 paved front leading to grave 墓道 memorial tablet 墓碣 dressing case 奁盒 lacquer ware 漆器 onyx | agate 玛瑙 emerald 绿宝石 jadeite | green jade 翡翠 done with exquisite technique 制作精巧 gilded silver wine pot 银壶 copper clepsydra 铜漏 copperware 铜器 sword | double-edged sword 剑 sheath 剑鞘 | 刀鞘 funeral banner 幡 outer coffin 椁外棺 coffin chamber 椁室 pottery figurines of musicians | dancers and acrobats 乐、舞、杂技陶俑群 arrow 箭 | 矢 silk embroidered in satin stitch 铺绒 chariot 战车 being restored [as they were original] 整理复原 historical relics 历史文物 gourd ladle 瓢 remains | vestiges 遗迹 Poshan incense burner inlaid with gold decorations 错金博山炉 funeral object 随葬品 dragon robe 龙袍 jue [wine vessel] 爵 octagonal cup with ringed handle 环柄八棱杯 jar 瓮 | 罐 funerary urn 瓮棺 urn burial 瓮葬 aquamarine 蓝宝石 double burial 双人葬 imperial seal 玺 barbed head of an arrow | arrowhead 镞 gem 宝石 iron ware 铁器 you | jar with swing handle for containing wine 卣 zu | oblong bench or table for carving meat 徂 gu [wine vessel] | beaker 觚 gong [wine vessel] 觥 yue | axe 钺 gui [water pitcher] 规 gui [food container] 簋 figure painting 人物画 boldness of conception 大胆的构思 half-length portrait 半身像 theme 主题 treatment of the theme 主题的处理 classical painter 古典画家 play of light and shadow 光与影的运用 | 光暗对比 full-length portrait 全身像 self-portrait 自画像 perfection of execution 完美的技巧 | 完美的手法 image 形象 canvas 油画画布 perpendicular pattern 直纹 flowers and plants 花卉 design of flowers | pattern of flowers 花形图案 variegated in pattern 花纹繁缛 school 流派 style 风格 original 原作 genuine article 真品 bold and rough lines 粗犷雄浑的线条 picture series 连环画 sketch 速写 | 素描 perspective 透视画法 masterpiece 杰作 drawing board 画板 composition of a picture 画面结构 painter 画家 gallery 画廊 | 美术馆 stroke 笔锋 | 笔法 pattern | design 图案花纹 making a sketch of a painting 构图 painting from life 写生 sketch-block | sketch-book 写生簿 | 速写本 reproduction | replica 复制品 palette knife 调色刀 palette 调色板 chiaroscuro 浓淡映衬 | 明暗对比 copy | reproduction 临摹本 painting in watercolours 绘水彩画 painting in oils 绘油画 painting in the traditional Chinese style 绘国画 master painter 绘画大师 paintings | works of painting | pictures 绘画作品 painting technique 绘画技巧 | 绘画手法 imitation article | fake article 赝品 a good catch 一次捕很多鱼 haul 一网捕得的鱼 seine 大鱼网 scallop | scallop meat 干贝 turtle 元鱼 | 甲鱼 turbot | flat fish 比目鱼 aquatic product 水产 aquatic products industry 水产业 aquatic resource 水产资源 terrapin 水鱼 silver carp 白鲢 abalone 石决明 | 鲍鱼 annual catch 年捕鱼量 sardine 沙丁鱼 shellfish 贝介 trawl | trawlnet 拖网 trawler 拖网渔船 prawn 明虾 blunt-snout bream 武昌鱼 | 圆头鲂 loach 泥鳅 in-shore fishing ground 沿海鱼场 big head | spotted silver carp 花鲢 | 胖头鱼 tuna 金枪鱼 black carp | mackerel 青鱼 mandarin fish 桂鱼 sea-fishing | marine fishing 海洋捕鱼 sea cucumber | trepang 海参 kelp | sea tangle 海带 marine product 海产 jelly-fish 海蜇 sea food 海鲜 grass carp 草鱼 dried shrimp 乾小虾 scabbard | cutlass fish 带鱼 Chinese herring 曹白鱼 pike 梭子鱼 fresh-water fish-culture 淡水养鱼 water-side population | boatman 船民 purse-carp 荷包红鲤 octopus 章鱼 fishing season 鱼汛 | 鱼期 fish maw 鱼肚 fish oil 鱼油 fish fry 鱼苗 fish meal 鱼粉 shark's fins 鱼翅 fingerling 鱼种 fish disease 鱼瘟 purse seine 围网 purse seiner | seineboat 围网船 laver | dried purple seaweed 紫菜 clam 蛤 dried mussel 贻贝 | 淡菜 yellow croaker 黄花鱼 haddock 黑线鳕 pond fish 塘鱼 fisherman | fishing population 渔民 fishing boat 渔船 fishery 渔业 fishnet 渔网 whitebait 银鱼 long tailed anchovy 凤尾鱼 shrimp 虾 fish culture | pisciculture 养鱼 fish pond 养鱼池 fish farm 养鱼场 squid 鱿鱼 cuttle fish 墨鱼 motorized junk 机帆船 lobster 龙虾 tortoise 龟 good stock 优良品种 shark 鲨鱼 common carp 鲤鱼 crucian carp 鲫鱼 crab 蟹 crab meat 蟹肉 cream of crab | crab spawn 蟹黄 crab legs 蟹腿 whale 鲸鱼 pomfret 鲳鱼 mackerel 鲭鱼 oyster 蚝 oyster oil 蚝油 sea eel 鳗鱼 eel 鳝鱼 salt-producer 盐民 crocodile 鳄鱼 perch 鲈鱼 catfish 鲶鱼 flounder 鲽鱼 shad 鲥鱼 cod 鳕鱼 minnow 鲦 trout 鳟鱼 sturgeon 鲟鱼 one-metre spring board | low board 一米跳板 artificial respiration 人工呼吸 artificial wave 人造浪 plop 入水扑通声 three-metre springboard | high board 三米跳板 to sink 下沈 armstand dive 手撑地跳 bikini 比基尼泳衣 | 三点式泳衣 racing lane 比赛泳道 aquacade 水上技艺表演 aquatics 水上运动 aquatics meet 水上运动会 aquathenics 水上体操 underwater wrestling 水底角力 thrashing 打水 wallowing 打滚 standing dive 立定跳水 back stroke 仰式 forward header dive 向前直体跳水 forward dive | front dive 向前跳水 back-jack-knife dive 向后屈体跳水 backward dive | back dive 向后跳水 double backward somersaults 向后翻腾两圈 bouncing on the springboard 在跳板上弹跳 head carry 托头运送 ladder 池用挂梯 earplug 耳塞 free stroke 自由式 plain high diving 低难度跳台跳水 breathing in | inhaling 吸气 twisting dive 扭腰跳 bathhouse 更衣室 to cry help 求救 bilateral breathing 两侧呼吸 snorkel 呼吸管 breathing out | exhaling 呼气 cramp | spasm 抽筋 tuck 抱膝式跳水 crouched jump 抱膝跳水 swimming course 泳道 crawl stroke 爬式 air tank 空气瓶 synchronized swimming 花式泳 fancy dive 花式跳 indoor swimming pool | swimming pavilion 室内游泳池 outdoor pool | open air pool 室外游泳池 bathing suit carry 拽衣运送 pike 拱腰跳 | 屈身跳[游泳] eye-washer 洗眼器 foot bath 洗脚池 mermaid 美人鱼 saddle-back carry 背负运送 reverse dive 面对池反身跳水 | 转身跳 inward dive 面对板向内跳水 breast stroke 俯式 | 蛙式 backward somersault 倒筋斗跳 underarm carry 挟送 cross-the-chest carry 挽胸运 bathing beach 海水浴场 dolphin stroke 海豚式 beach 海滩 buoyancy 浮力 life jacket 浮带 water wings 浮袋[绑在肩上] variety high diving 高难度跳台跳水 side stroke 侧泳 side breathing 侧面呼吸 scissors kick 剪式踢水 swan dive 张臂跳 curl 卷身跳 lifeguard | lifesaver 救生员 life ring 救生圈 life preserver 救生带 life raft 救生艇 screw dive 旋转式跳水 non-swimmer's pool | wading pool | shallow pool | wading pool 浅水游泳池 medley 混合式 swimmer's pool | deep pool 深水游泳池 cork life jacket 软木救生衣 gasping 喘气 ventilation 换气 swim meet | [America] swimeet 游泳比赛 swimming pool 游泳池 swimsuit | bathing suit 游泳衣 good swimmer 游泳能手 swimming cap 游泳帽 cross-harbor race 游泳渡海比赛 swimming trunks 游泳裤 swimming fins 蛙鞋 running take off 跑动起跳 running twist dive 跑动转体跳水 water-skiing 滑水 aquaplane 滑水板 water-skier 滑水家 dive | plunge 跳水 | 潜水 diver 跳水者 diving platform | vaulting table 跳台 spring board | diving board 跳板 float 漂浮 splashing water 泼水 butterfly stroke 蝶式 surf-riding | surfing 冲浪 surfboard 冲浪板 to tread water | dog paddle 踏水 rubber tube 橡皮泳圈 swallow dive 燕式跳[头向下倒坠] breeches buoy 裤形浮袋 playing 戏水 splash 击水声 two-hand carry 双手托运 chest carry 怀抱运送 explosive breathing 爆发式呼吸 figure eight 八字形 blade cover 刀套 blade 刀锋 figure three 三字形 leaning forward from the waist 上体前倾 quarter-turn 小转 counter | counter turn 反转 bracket-change-bracket 方括互变形 novice 生手 ice-skating 冰刀溜冰 ice skate 冰刀溜冰鞋 spiral | ice dance 冰上舞蹈 sailing skate 快艇型冰鞋 handrail 扶手杆 curve 弧形溜冰 straight skating 直道滑跑 figure blade 花式冰刀 figure skating 花式溜冰 figure skates 花式溜冰鞋 keeping balance 保持平衡 ice rink 室内溜冰场 skating backward 后退[溜冰] turning backward 后退转向 dead-stop 急停 bracket 括弧形 flying jump 飞跳 sweeping swallow 飞燕式 flying eagle 飞鹰式 to spread-eagle 张足鹰翼式 pivot circle 旋圆圈 spin | rotation 旋转[溜冰] free-skating specs 眼镜形 pirouette | to pirouette 趾尖旋转 speed blade 速冰刀 speed skates 速冰鞋 beak 鸟嘴形 camel spin 单峰旋式 entering a curve 进入弯道 skater 溜冰者 rink 溜冰场 ice rink 室内溜冰场 skating backward 后退[溜冰] turning backward 后退转向 dead-stop 急停 bracket 括弧形 flying jump 飞跳 sweeping swallow 飞燕式 flying eagle 飞鹰式 to spread-eagle 张足鹰翼式 pivot circle 旋圆圈 spin | rotation 旋转[溜冰] free-skating specs 眼镜形 pirouette | to pirouette 趾尖旋转 speed blade 速冰刀 speed skates 速冰鞋 beak 鸟嘴形 camel spin 单峰旋式 entering a curve 进入弯道 skater 溜冰者 rink 溜冰场 to herringbone 人字形爬登 telemark turn 弓步式转弯 inside edge 内刃 stem turn 半犁式转弯 outside edge 外刃 downhill running 由山顶滑下 downhill racing 由山顶滑下之竞赛 cage 冰球门 ice hockey 冰球运动 ice hockey player | puckster 冰球运动员 ice hockey skate 冰球鞋冰刀 safety strap 安全结合带 skeleton sled 低架雪橇 run-down 助滑坡 sled with horn-shaped runners 角型滑走架之雪橇 ski crampon 制滑铁 telemark 屈膝旋转法 to schuss 直线高速滑行 figure skate 花样滑冰刀 long-distance ski jump 长距离滑雪跳越 fore-tightener | fore-clamp 前部夹板 toboggan 扁平底雪橇 stock 屐托 stock ring 屐托圈 seat prop 座位支架 sealskin [strapped on for climbing] 海豹皮[登高装置] roller skate 轩辘鞋 ski lift 送滑雪者上山之吊具 stem-amble 逆行 side-step 侧步爬登 side-slipping 侧滑 oblique jump 斜线跳跃 toe strap 趾带 toe iron 趾铁 bobsled 连橇 ski binding 雪屐底结 ski press 雪屐整形器 ski wax 雪屐蜡 ski boot 雪靴 sled | toboggan 雪橇 sled runner 雪橇滑行板 snow goggles 雪镜 touring ski 普通雪屐 cross-country skiing 越野滑雪 racing skate 跑刀 leaning 倾侧 banked turn 倾侧转弯 christiania 奥斯路式旋转 skiing 滑雪 ski pole 滑雪杖 skier 滑雪者 gliding ski 滑雪屐 skimeister 滑雪专家 snow ring 滑雪杆轮 approach 滑落板[滑雪] ski-jump | take-off platform 滑落跳处 | 起跳点 foot plate 脚盘 ankle gaiter 脚踝绑腿 ski-jumping 跳台飞跃 jump-turn 跳越转弯 jumping ski 跳跃雪屐 jump turn 跳跃转弯 obstacle jump 障碍跳跃 field jump 撑杖跳过障碍 amble 缓步滑行 reversing | kick-turn 踢旋式 kick turn 踢腿转弯 steering wheel 操纵轮 traverse 横滑[滑雪] spiral spring 螺旋弹簧 racing ski 赛跑雪屐 slalom ski 弯道滑降雪屐 slalom | to slalom | slalom race | to slalom race 弯道滑雪赛 fifteen-all [tennis] 一比一[网球] fifteen-thirty [tennis] 一比二[网球] fifteen-forty [tennis] 一比三[网球] fifteen-love [tennis] 一比零[网球] one-sided | lopsided 一面倒 second division 乙组 decathlon 十项运动 decathlete 十项运动选手 second half 下半场 second half score 下半场得分 first half 上半场 first half score 上半场得分 oral code 口头暗号 varsity 大学代表队 women's team 女队 tie | deuce | be equal | even 不分胜负 | 平手 to win by default 不战而胜 pentathlon 五项运动 veteran team 元老队 open game 公开赛 point | score 分 division line 分场线 leading score 分数领先 friendly competition 友谊比赛 junior team 少年队 indoor exercise 户内运动 outdoor exercise 户外运动 game 比赛 | 局 underway | game is underway | in play | game is in 比赛中 equipment for a game 比赛用具 official ball 比赛用球 | 指定球 venue 比赛地点 playing time 比赛时间 rules of the game 比赛规则 arena 比赛场地 | 竞技场 to play [ball game] | beginning of the play 比赛开始 opponent 比赛对手 management officials 比赛职员 torch 火炬 third division 丙组 world record 世界记录 home team 主队 chief referee 主审裁判 out-of-bounds | outside | be outside 出界 overtime | extra-innings 加局比赛 quarter-final 半决赛 semi-professional player | semi-pro 半职业运动员 off-form 失水准 out-of-form 失常 to make an error 失误 portsider 左撇子 tie score 平分 tobogganing 平底雪橇 record-breaking 打破记录 scratch competition 正式比赛 fouling 犯规 first division 甲组 intermission 休息 appeal committee 仲裁委员会 all-round athlete 全能运动选手 national record 全国记录 National Athletic Meet 全国运动会 march-in 列队入场 march-off 列队退场 dangerous play 危险动作 honorary coach 名誉教练 no score 吃鸭蛋 deduction of a point 扣分 cycling 自行车竞赛 decision | judging 判决 protest | to protest 抗议 technical offense 技术犯规 technical committee 技术委员会 technical manager 技术管理 offense | team offense | attack | to attack 攻势 | 攻击 winning shot 决胜球 | 关键球 the final round | the final heat 决赛 play-off game | deciding game | rubber match 决赛[打破积分相等之赛] finalist 决赛选手 men's team 男队 overguarding the ball 防球太甚 overguarding the opponent 防敌太甚 runner-up | second place 亚军 Asian Athletic Meet 亚运会 disqualifying score 取消得分 disqualification 取消资格 disqualifying foul 取消资格的犯规 draw | draw game | tie | even score 和局 third place 季军 extra period | overtime 延长时间 delaying the game 延误比赛 drawn game 拉锯战 to refuse to play 拒绝比赛 bad toss 抛球不正 to draw lots 抽签 stalling tactics 拖延战术 host country 东道国 shouldering 肩膊撞击 exhibition game 表演赛 short shot 近投 gold medal 金牌 youth team 青年队 championship 冠军 first rate team 劲旅 visiting team 客队 fast-break offence | pressing offence 急攻 time-in 恢复比赛 controlling the ball 持球 challenge cup 挑战杯 challenger 挑战者 boundary line 界线 grandstand 看台 keepsake 纪念品 time keeper 计时员 routing 负 to score first 首开记录 individual championship 个人冠军 individual competition 个人赛 substitute 候补员 whistle 哨子 Time is up. 时间到 time limit 时间限制 victory plan 破敌大计 scoreboard 记分板 | 记分牌 scorer 记分员 scorebook 记分簿 recorder 记录员 equestrian events 马术竞技 wide margin 高下悬殊 no contest | to stoop the contest 停赛 faking 假动作 vice-umpire 副裁判 vice-captain 副队长 Area Games 区运会 cheer leader | rooter 啦啦队 champion 国手 national team 国家队 international game 国际性比赛 International Olympic Committee [IOC] 国际奥委会 | 国际奥林匹克委员会 Olympic Games 国际奥林匹克运动会 | 奥运会 phalanx defence 密集防御 score 得分有效 holding the ball 控球 to near the close | to near the close of the game 接近完场 receiving 接球 receiving side 接球一方 screening 掩护 coach 教练 loser 败方 elevated stand 梯形裁判台 to give up 弃权 combined event 混合竞赛项目 elimination game 淘汰赛 goal 球门 name of the player 球员姓名 ball fan 球迷 court 球场 court dimensions 球场面积 to throw the ball out-of-bounds 球发出界 team 球队 pole | post 球网柱 be rough 粗暴行为 organizing committee 组织委员会 full-time | game over 终场 judge at the finish line 终点裁判员 speed 速度 closing ceremony 闭幕式 replacing 顶替 | 换人 best member 最佳阵容 final onslaught 最后猛攻 to win | victory 胜 to gasp 喘气 to forfeit a game 丧失比赛资格 coaching from the sideline 场外指导 entry 报名参加 to change sides 换边 linesman 画线员 starter 发令员 to throw the ball | to throw the first ball 发球 service court 发球区 arbitrator | referee | umpire 裁判员 point scale 评分标准 to toss the ball | to toss the first ball 开球 serving side 开球一方 opening ceremony 开幕式 teammate 队友 team captain 队长 pass | to pass 传球 Olympic torch 奥林匹克火炬 charity match | benefit match 慈善赛 | 义赛 stealing the ball 抢球 stealing the spotlight 抢尽镜头 rookie 新人 | 新手 new record 新记录 field secretary 会场秘书 field manager 会场管理 amateur team 业余队 last place | to bring up the rear 殿军 funnel defence 烟囱防御 colliding 碰撞 sacred flame 圣火 qualifying trials 资格赛 sport | exercise 运动 athlete 运动家 sports bag 运动袋 playground | athletic field 运动场 stadium 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司