翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 那出哑剧真是滑稽有趣。 The traffic accident sent him into a state of shock. 那次交通事故使他处于休克状态。 The meal cost me a sight of money. 那顿饭花了我不少钱。 The rude boy got a slap in the face. 那个粗鲁的男孩挨了一个耳光。 That sly girl managed to get her friend's job. 那个诡诈的女孩设法取得她朋友的工作。 That lazybones has been sponging off his brother for years. 那个懒汉多年来一直靠兄弟养活他。 The young man shoots well. 那个年轻人枪法很好。 The farmer is tall and spare. 那个农夫又高又瘦。 The seriously wounded soldier was speechless but still sensible. 那个受了重伤的士兵不能说话但仍有知觉。 The sailor was held up while he was on shore. 那个水手在岸上遭到抢劫。 The soil in that county is very poor. 那个县的土壤十分贫瘠。 That janitor is a snail who never gets things done. 那个照管房屋的人动作慢吞吞的,什么事也做不成。 The child sickened with whooping cough. 那孩子得了百日咳。 The child is sensitive to eggs. 那孩子对鸡蛋过敏。 The child gave a skip of joy. 那孩子高兴得跳起来。 The child had been spirited away during the night. 那孩子在夜里被偷偷地带走了。 The train was soon out of sight. 那火车很快就看不见了。 The newspaper splashed the story on page one. 那家报纸把这件事当头版新闻报导。 That restaurant is no great shakes. 那家餐厅很平常。 The restaurant was offered at a song. 那家饭店廉价出让。 That guy is the scorn of the school. 那家伙受到全校的鄙视。 That guy is capable of squeezing money out of his old mother. 那家伙做得出勒索老母亲钱财的事来。 That hotel is noted for its fine service. 那家旅馆以服务优良着称。 The airplane shaved the top of a tree. 那架飞机从树梢掠过。 The scandal spotted his character. 那件丑闻玷污了他的人格。 That birthday gift was really out of sight. 那件生日礼物实在是太棒了。 That was only a slip of the pen. 那仅是笔误。 The poor man received a savage beating from the thugs. 那可怜的人被暴徒们毒打了一顿。 The ghastly sight gave him the shudders. 那恐怖的景象使他感到恐惧。 The old lady shuffled across the room. 那老太太拖着脚步走过房间。 The strike there was securely under the union's control. 那里的罢工处于工会的牢牢控制之下。 There's not a speck of truth in it. 那里面一点点真实性也没有。 The similarity between the two reports suggests that they were written by the same person. 那两个报告极其相似,这意味着它们出自一人的手笔。 The political prisoner was executed after a secret trial. 那名政治犯在受秘密审判后被处决了。 The boy splashed his way up the stream. 那男孩 着水往河流上游走去。 The boy's white shirt was marked up with spots of ink. 那男孩的白衬衫上有墨水渍。 Brought up in town, the boy finds it difficult to separate a poplar from a willow. 那男孩是在城里长大的,所以觉得很难区别杨树和柳树。 The boy was spinning a top. 那男孩在抽陀螺。 The boy caught a cold and was sniffing. 那男孩子得了感冒,呼吸起来鼻子呼哧呼哧的。 The man went abroad, leaving his wife and children to shift for themselves. 那男人去了海外,留下妻子儿女自谋生计。 Come and see me then. We'll go out somewhere. 那你来看我吧,我们一起到外面什么地方玩玩。 That young dancer really stole the show tonight. 那年轻的舞者今晚大出风头。 The girl dreaded the sight of snakes. 那女孩害怕看到蛇。 The girl slimmed her figure with a rigid diet. 那女孩严格节食将体重减了下来。 The girl had grown more skilful with the sewing-machine. 那女孩已能更熟练地使用缝纫机了。 The girl uses too much scent. 那女孩子用的香水过多。 The horse shied at the shrill whistle. 那匹马听到刺耳的汽笛声,惊得往后倒退。 The report was slanted in favor of the strikers. 那篇报导偏向罢工工人。 That strange noise gave me the shivers. 那奇怪的响声使我不寒而栗。 The soft music sounds very pleasing to the ear. 那轻柔的音乐听起来十分悦耳。 That guy is a slippery character. 那人是一个狡猾的家伙。 Is that item selling? 那商品销路好吗? That's a vicious smear. 那是恶意中伤。 That's my new car. She's beautiful, isn't she? 那是我的新车。很漂亮,对不对? That was a somber January day. 那是一个阴沉的正月天。 That road is smooth. 那是一条平坦的路。 It's quite an attractive building, but somehow it hasn't got much soul. 那是一幢相当漂亮的建筑,但不知怎的它没有多少生气。 Are those shoes sensible for walking? 那双鞋便于走路吗? The ship hit a shelf of coral. 那艘船触上珊瑚礁了。 That college is very select. 那所学院入学要求十分严格。 The suit sits well on him. 那套西装他穿很合身。 He was shaking in his shoes as the large dog moved towards him. 那条大狗向他走去时他吓得直哆嗦。 The dog squeezed through the small hole in the wall. 那条狗挤过了小小的墙洞。 The dog skinned through the small hole in the wall. 那条狗勉强钻过小小的墙洞。 That shabby street needs remodelling. 那条陋街需要重建。 That snake has just shed. 那条蛇刚刚蜕皮。 The old woman dressed even more splendidly. 那位老妇人穿着更为华丽。 The Indian speared a fish. 那位印第安人叉中了一条鱼。 The news sent prices into a spin. 那消息使物价急遽下降。 That clown just slays me. 那小丑真叫我笑死了。 The remarks were taken as a direct slap at the existing government's policy. 那些话被看作是对现政府政策的一记耳光。 Those boys always show off their sports skills to the girls. 那些男孩们老向女孩卖弄他们的运动技巧。 The student slipped out of the classroom. 那学生溜出了教室。 That experience soured me on camping for the rest of my life. 那一次的经历使我此生对露营再也不敢领教了。 The thief ran slap into a policeman. 那贼与警察撞了一个满怀。 That photograph is not sharp enough. 那张照片不够清晰。 That's just the sort of thing I want. 那正是我所需要的那种东西。 There isn't a shred of truth in that statement. 那种说法一点也不符合事实。 The drunk man slurred his words. 那醉汉说话含糊不清。 The volcano spouted lava. 那座火山喷发熔岩。 That volcano is slumbering. 那座火山正处于休眠状态。 The boy sneaked all the candies he could. 男孩把他能偷到的糖果全偷走了。 The boy scoured off the dirt from the floor. 男孩擦去地板上的污物。 The boys amused themselves by sliding down the banister. 男孩们从楼梯扶手滑下以取乐。 The boys decided to smoke out the snakes from the hole. 男孩们决定用烟把蛇熏出洞。 The boys splashed in the shallows of the pond. 男孩子们在池塘的浅水处嬉水。 The boys liked to skip stones on the lake. 男孩子喜欢在湖面上用石子打水漂。 The suffering of the refugees makes her heart sore. 难民的苦难使她心痛。 You fill in both parts of the form, then send it off. 你把表格的两部分都填好,然后寄出。 You must order your tickets early to secure against disappointment! 你必须早点订票以免失望! Can you see without your glasses? 你不戴眼镜能看得见吗? You shouldn't have told him about it. 你不该把这件事告诉他的。 Can't you shut your friend up? 你不能叫你朋友闭嘴吗? You shouldn't sniff at such a good offer. 你不应该对这么好的提议嗤之以鼻。 You really look sharp in that new outfit. 你穿那套衣服看起来很帅。 You look smart in the new suit. 你穿这套新衣服很帅气。 You'll need to sieve out the stones from the soil. 你得将石块从土中筛出。 I'd like to see over your report before it goes to the chief. 你的报告送交上司之前,我想检查一遍。 Your coat has split at the seams. 你的大衣接缝处裂开了。 Your telephone number has slipped my mind. 你的电话号码我忘了。 Your bad behavior brings shame on the whole school. 你的恶劣行径给整个学校带来耻辱。 There has been a slip in the quality of your work. 你的工作质量有所下降。 Which school does your child go to? 你的孩子在哪所学校念书? Your complaining makes me sick. 你的牢骚真令我反胃。 Your boss isn't just trying to cut you down to size, but actually to get rid of you. 你的老板不仅仅是想要降低你的威信,实际上是要把你撵走。 I'm sick of your stupid remarks. 你的那些蠢话我已经听厌了。 Your shoes need a shine. 你的皮鞋要擦一擦。 Your hair is in such a fearful mess. Have you been shampooing it? 你的头发脏乱得可怕。你洗头了吗? You are too soft with them. 你对他们太宽厚了。 You work with amazing speed. 你工作起来速度奇快。 You have to shift as you drive around the corner. 你拐角时要换挡变速。 It's scandalous that you still haven't been paid. 你还没有拿到工资这太不像话了。 When you sober up, you'll be ashamed of what you've done. 你酒醒之后,会为你的所作所为而感到羞愧。 Have you ever seen a spider spin its web? 你看到过蜘蛛织网吗? You've probably been sent here to spy out my latest designs. 你可能是被派来探听我的最新设计的。 You may learn to play the violin in, say, three years. 你可以,比如说,在三年内学会拉小提琴。 You did give me a scare. 你可真把我吓了一跳。 Give the table a quick sponge, will you? 你快把桌子揩拭一遍好吗? You both smell brandy. 你俩身上都有股白兰地酒的气味。 You've no right to scorn a poor girl. 你没有权利藐视一个穷女孩。 Do you sell stamps? 你们卖邮票吗? Did you join in the community sing? 你们有没有参加社区的合唱会? Can't you sort the good from the bad? 你难道不会区分好坏吗? Can you wind this film back on to its spool? 你能把这胶卷卷回到卷轴上去吗? Could you screw the lid off the jar? 你能把这瓶子的盖子给旋开吗? Can you keep a secret? 你能保守秘密吗? Can you put her up somewhere tonight? 你能不能找一个什么地方让她今晚住下? Can you make sense of what this writer is saying? 你能了解这个作家在讲什么吗? Can you spare me a few minutes? 你能为我挪出几分钟时间吗? Can you do the splits? 你能做劈腿动作吗? Have you shined your boots? 你皮靴擦过没有? You'll be fined if you spit on the streets. 你如果在街上吐痰,要遭罚款。 You have made me feel secure. 你使我觉得放心。 Are you trying to hide something from me? 你是不是有什么事要瞒着我? Are you a man or are you a sheep? 你是个男子汉,还是个懦夫? You're all skin and bones. 你瘦成皮包骨了。 Why don't you soak him? 你为什么不揍他一顿? You're selling him short. 你小看他了。 What are you smiling at? 你笑什么? How long has your brother been a soldier? 你兄弟当了多长时间的兵了? Your brother has a good sense of humor. 你兄弟很有幽默感。 If you don't believe me, go and see for yourself! 你要是不相信我,就自己去看! You must school yourself to be modest and prudent. 你要学会谦虚谨慎。 You didn't embarrass me in the slightest. 你一点也没有让我难堪。 You should do as she says. 你应当照她说的去做。 You should help your mother with the housework. 你应该帮你母亲做家务。 You ought to have your eyes seen to by a doctor. 你应该请医生医治眼睛。 You should seek medical advice. 你应该请医生诊视。 You must be very careful with this sharp knife. 你用这把锋利的刀子必须很小心。 Did you bring along some insect spray? 你有没有带些杀虫喷液来? Did you give something to the porter? 你有没有给脚夫一点钱? Have you got a schedule of postal charges? 你有没有邮资价目表? Don't be shy of telling them what you think. 你有什么想法尽管跟他们讲,不要有顾虑。 You've got nothing to be smug about. 你有什么值得自鸣得意的。 You're late again! What have you got to say for yourself? 你又迟到了!还有什么藉口好说? You made a shrewd investment there. 你在那里投资极为精明。 How can you talk to her like that? She's your mother. 你怎么能这样对她说话?她可是你的母亲啊。 Whose side are you on? 你支持哪一方? Do you know the source of Amazon River? 你知道亚马逊河的源头吗? You'd better put a little more seasoning in the soup. 你最好在汤里再加一点调料。 Very old stamps are scarce. 年代久的邮票是珍贵的。 You'd better shape up, young man. 年轻人,你最好是好自为之。 The bird skimmed the water. 鸟儿掠过水面。 The silence was broken by a loud cry. 宁静被一声喊叫所打破。 The milk smells sour. 牛奶有酸味了。 The milk has soured in warm weather. 牛奶在暖和的天气里发酸了。 New York has good shopping. 纽约商业设施齐全。 The farmer sowed the field with wheat. 农夫在地里播上小麦种子。 Farmers met with a sequence of bad harvests. 农民们遇到了接二连三的坏收成。 The fields dried and seamed in the heat. 农田在高温下乾裂。 The daughters sided with their mothers. 女儿都站在妈妈那一边。 The girls skipped rope. 女孩子跳绳。 The maid cleaned the specks off the carpet. 女佣把地毯上的污点弄乾净了。 Our hostess promised to sing us a song after dinner. 女主人答应饭后给我们唱支歌。 So! You've kept me in the dark all the time. 哦!原来你一直把我蒙在鼓里。 Three planes were sent up to scout. 派出三架飞机侦察。 It is dangerous to climb up a steep slope. 攀登陡坡是危险的。 It's very difficult to climb a sheer cliff. 攀登陡峭的悬崖是很困难的。 The sentence was ten years in prison. 判决是十年徒刑。 Pearl is serving at the table. 佩儿在侍候进餐。 The scars of poverty have undoubtedly left their mark. 贫困给心灵造成的创伤毫无疑问地留下了烙印。 The apples spoiled. 苹果烂了。 The seal on the jar was broken. 瓶的封口被打开了。 The servant squired the lady to the door. 仆人将女士护送到门口。 The rider spurred his horse on. 骑马人策马前行。 After a promising start, things began to turn sour. 起先是很有希望的,后来却开始变得让人扫兴。 The insurrectionary army laid siege to the capital. 起义军围攻京城。 They split when the hurricane was forecast. 气象预报有飓风要来,他们就离开迈阿密了。 The car slid into the ditch. 汽车滑进了沟里。 The car accelerated away and was soon just a speck on the horizon. 汽车加大油门开走了,不一会儿就消失在地平线上,看上去只有一个小点了。 The car smashed into a wall. 汽车猛撞到墙上。 The car went into a skid. 汽车失控滑行。 We'll really be in the soup if the car won't start. 汽车要是发动不起来那我们就麻烦了。 The car went into a slide on the iced road. 汽车在结冰的路上打滑了。 The automobile spun over the smooth expressway. 汽车在平坦的高速公路上飞驰。 Be sure not to let the truth slip. 千万别把真相泄漏出去。 The submarine sank two ships. 潜艇击沉了两艘船。 Slope arms! 枪上肩! The robbers divided up their spoils. 强盗们把赃物分了。 The wall sheltered us from the wind. 墙壁遮挡着,使我们免遭风吹。 There was a smear of blood on the wall. 墙上有一片血迹。 The wall paper had smudges all over it. 墙纸上到处是污迹。 King George was then the sovereign of England. 乔治国王那时是英国的君主。 George is a brave and selfless man. 乔治是一个勇敢无私的人。 Uncle George's new car is really sharp. 乔治叔叔的新车实在设计优美。 Uncle George didn't settle down until he was nearly fifty. 乔治叔叔一直到快五十岁时才安顿下来。 Uncle George spoke up in the prayer meeting. 乔治叔叔在祈祷会中发表个人意见。 George stayed out of the social life of the school. 乔治置身于该校社交生活之外。 There was a serious motor smash on the bridge. 桥上发生了严重的汽车相撞事故。 Relatives and friends showered good wishes on the bride and bridegroom. 亲朋好友纷纷向新娘新郎祝福。 Teenagers always think their parents are real square. 青少年总认为他们的父母真是跟不上时代的老古板。 Would you reserve a single for me? 请给我预订一间单人房好吗? Shut the window, please. 请关窗。 Two whisky and sodas, please. 请来两杯威士忌苏打。 Please have this note sent to Mr. Harrison. 请派人把这张条子送给哈立森先生。 Send for the doctor, please. 请派人去请医生来。 Play softer, please. 请轻点儿弹奏。 Could you tell me where to change paper money into silver? 请问在哪儿可以把纸币兑换成硬币? Simmer down. He didn't intend to insult your son. 请息怒,他不是有意要侮辱你的儿子。 Please sit on the sofa. 请在沙发上坐。 Won't you take a seat? 请坐。 Mr. Jones was called on for a sentiment. 琼斯先生应邀发表感想。 Autumn is shading into winter. 秋天渐渐转冬天。 Go and see if the car leaks oil. 去看看汽车是否漏油。 The whole company shuts down for 3 weeks' summer holiday. 全公司在夏天都停工放假三星期。 The whole family lived on his slender earnings. 全家人靠他微薄的收入过活。 The whole school likes/like the headmaster. 全校师生都喜欢这位校长。 The crowd shouted down the unpopular speaker. 群众大喝倒采,把那位不受欢迎的演说家的声音都淹没了。 Let him have his say. 让他发表意见。 Let's get down to specifics. 让我们来研究一下详细情况。 Let's take the scenic route, along the coast. 让我们沿着海岸,走一条风景秀丽的路。 Let me see. 让我想一想。 Hot water shrinks wool. 热水会使羊毛皱缩。 Water heaters are sized to meet the needs of users. 热水器是按照用户需要的尺寸制造的。 There were so many people that the hall was bursting at the seams. 人多极了,会堂挤得水泄不通。 It is not likely that you will be given a second opportunity. 人家不大可能再给你一次机会。 I was advised to put the matter into the hands of a solicitor. 人家劝我把这件事交给律师处理。 He is sensitive about his failure. 人家一提他的失败他就生气。 The population was sparse. 人口稀疏。 Man needed to understand his place in the scheme of things. 人类需要理解自身在事物发展过程中的地位。 People don't trust those smooth businessmen. 人们不相信那些油嘴滑舌的生意人。 People like solid furniture. 人们喜欢结实的家俱。 People found casual or seasonal work on farms. 人们在农场上找到临时的或季节性的工作。 People always mention the sparkle of her eyes. 人们总是说她的眼睛炯炯有神。 Shortage of hands has shrunk our plant's yearly output. 人手不足已使我们厂的年产量减少。 A life-insurance policy may serve as security for a loan. 人寿保险可作贷款的抵押。 Fulfilment must be sought through the spirit, not the body or the mind. 人要寻求满足必须通过心灵,而不是通过身体或是脑子。 Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave on the spot. 任何犯规的人都要立即离场。 No detergent can shift these stains. 任何清洁剂都不能除掉这些污迹。 No one in his right senses would believe such a fantastic story. 任何有理性的人都不会相信这样异想天开的故事。 Cook the meat quickly at first to seal in the juices. 肉先快煮,可保存肉汁。 If breathing is not restored, the patient may go into spasm. 如果病人的呼吸得不到恢复,就有可能发生痉挛。 If she leaves her husband, she will certainly create a scandal in the village. 如果她与丈夫离异,肯定会在村子里引起公愤。 If the ink sinks in, it'll be hard to remove the spot from the cloth. 如果墨水渗入布料,就很难把污迹洗去。 If you had studied harder, you might have become someone. 如果你当初学习努力的话,你或许已经成了重要人物了。 If your car breaks down, just sit tight and wait for the police to come along. 如果你的车子抛锚,就留在原处不动,等警察来。 You'll have to look sharp if you want to be on time. 如果你想准时的话,就得赶快。 You can hire skis here if you haven't got your own. 如果你自己没有的话,可以在这里租滑雪板。 He wouldn't scruple to charge you double its value if he thought you'd pay. 如果他认为你肯付的话,他会毫无顾忌地向你索要双倍价钱。 If we all set to, we can finish cleaning the house in an hour. 如果我们开始认真干起来,我们一小时就能把房间打扫乾净。 If we squander our fossil fuels, we threaten civilization. 如果我们浪费矿物燃料,我们就威胁文明。 If somebody squeaked, he was quickly smothered and gagged. 如果有人告密,马上就被扼杀,从此堵上嘴巴。 Mr. Sally is always spouting his philosophy of life. 萨利先生总是滔滔不绝地大谈他的人生哲学。 The runner spurted for the line. 赛跑运动员向终点冲刺。 He arrived soon after three. 三点才过他便到了。 I sat through all three performances but none of them was any good. 三个节目我都从头看到尾,可是没一个节目是精彩的。 Sara snorted a laugh. 莎拉冷笑了一声。 Shakespeare's birth place is visited as a shrine. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司