ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ մ sea cucumbers braised in brown sauce | red-cooked seacucumber պ spareribs braised in brown sauce | red-cooked spareribs Ź fish in brown sauce fish balls with brown sauce | fish balls in brown sauce | Բ braised fish maw | fish tripe with brown sauce braised shark's fins | shark's fin in brown sauce | stewed shark's fin stewed fish head with brown sauce ͷ red-cooked yellow fish ջ[] pork balls stewed in brown sauce ʨͷ[] prawns in soya sauce նϺ shark's tripe braised in brown sauce չ braised pork tendons red-cooked abalone ձ duck with brown sauce Ѽ braised chicken ռ carp in brown sauce [] red-cooked beancurd knots braised congo eel braised beef ţ braised pork joint braised bamboo shoots tips braised leg of pork duck slices in wine sauce ѼƬ carrot ܲ delicious vegetarian chicken ζؼ delicious vegetarian goose ζض pickled cucumbers | eggplant prawns with ketchup ֭Ϻ fried beef with tomato sauce ֭ţ fried onion with tomato sauce | onion with catchup ֭ fish balls with tomato sauce ֭ fried shrimps with tomato sauce ֭Ϻ lichen and pine nuts ̦ lichen and walnuts ̦ lichen and cashew nut ̦ leek ² dry breezed chicken | dry-blown chicken 缦 sausage in bladder skin jellyfish in sesame oil Ƥ crisp fried duck with assorted nuts Ѽ crisp duck squares ֿ crispy cashew nut | crispy cashews crisp kidneys | fried kidneys fragrant duckling toasted with pepper Ѽ[] fried crisp chicken ּ spiced chicken legs ּ fried fresh water fish balls 㻬 perch balls in gravy 㻬 pork sausage | Cantonese sausage 㳦 flavored chicken in wine | sliced chicken in wine | sliced chicken in wine sauce 㼦Ƭ smoked spicy fish Ѭ[] mushroom | champignon 㹽 crisp mushroom eels 㹽 rice with chicken & mushrooms 㹽 steamed chicken with mushrooms 㹽 cold pork | meat in aspic galantine chicken in aspic steamed three-flavor soup ԭζ[] brown beancurd | home-cooked bean curd | home-style beancurd ҳ stir-fried eel with celery ҳƬ[] country-style steak home-style stewed duck Ѽ[] country-style chicken [] home-made pig's shank Ѭ pungent vegetarian shrimps Ϻ stir-fried squid rools [] chicken cubes with peanuts | diced chicken with paprika | diced chicken in chilli sauce | stir-fried chicken with dried red pepper stir-fried kidney with chilli and peanuts stewed duck with vegetables in season ʱ˰Ѽ stewed pigeon with vegetables in season ʱ˰Ǹ quail eggs with vegetables ʱȵ stir-fried chicken with walnuts | diced chicken with walnuts Ҽ[] braised pork with chestnuts Ӻ chestnuts and vegetarian red-cooked eel with chestnuts պ[] stewed chicken with chestnuts ռ[] chicken with chestnuts Ӽ Chinese cabbage with dried shrimps װײ cabbage soup with dried shrimps װײ sea cucumber | [France] beche-de-mer sea cucumber with crispy rice ι stuffed mushrooms with shrimp paste ðٻ[] jellyfish | salted jellyfish Ƥ crispy jellyfish ˫[̨] sea sturgeon roast beef ţ shashlik ⴮ roast mutton chops roast leg of lamb roast suckling pig roast duck | barbecued duck Ѽ roast chicken | barbecued chicken spitchcock braised stuffed sea cucumbers ˯ѩ[] special curried chicken ƿ fairy meat chicken en casserole | sliced chicken soup in earthenware pot ɼ mungbean noodle ˿ steamed pork with rice flour steamed chicken with rice flour assorted vegetarian delicacies | braised assorted vegetables ʲ vegetarians' "ham" ػ fried vegetarian intestine س fried vegetarian chop suey سʲ fried vegetarian fish filet سƬ fried vegetarian shrimps سϺ fried vegetarian crab roe سз fried vegetarian eel س vegetarian cold cuts زƴ mashed potatoes with beancurd skin | vegetarian yellow fish ػ vegetarians' "chicken" ؼ spring roll made of beancurd | beancurd leaf rolls ؼ[] pork slices in cellophane ֽY paper-wrapped fried shrimp ֽϺ[] crisp fried stuffed duck Ƥ˱Ѽ barbecued mandarin fish Ƥȫ crispy-skinned beancurd Ƥ roast spring pigeon Ƥ deep-fried stuffed beancurd Ƥը[] fried mandarin fish in sour and sweet Ƥ fried crisp fish Ƥ crisp shrimp balls ƤϺ deep fried squids Ƥ crispy-skin chicken Ƥշʼ[] crispy skinned duck | duck barbecued with spices ƤѼ[] crispy skinned chicken | chicken barbecued with spices | fried crisp chicken Ƥ[] crispy pomfret Ƥ[] fried beancurd of strong odour fried pungent beancurd Ǭ canned litchies ֦ straw mushroom ݹ cabbage heart with mushrooms | straw mushroom with stems of mustard greens ݹ abalone with button mushrooms ݹ canned straw mushrooms ݹ tea flavoured egg 輦 sausage roasted with wine ƿ㳦 wine flavoured bamboo shoots deep-fried pork strips [] prawn balls Korean-style Ϻ stir-fried string beans Ǭļ[] dry-cooked string beans | fried string beans Ǭļ[] sauteed prawns ǬϺ[] dry fried shrimp balls ǬϺ slow roasted beef Ǭţ fried bamboo shoots in oil | pungent winter bamboo shoots Ǭն fried mandarin fish with pepper sauce Ǭȫ dry-fried sweet prawns | spicy stir-fried prawns | broiled prawns with chili sauce ǬϺ[] dry-cooked pungent eggplant Ǭ dry shark's fins Ǭ fried yellow fish with pepper sauce Ǭջ lobster with chili sauce ǬϺ fried carp with pepper sauce Ǭ instant noodles & soup base cold chicken rolls ͰӼ fried pork rolls Ͳ[] duck rolls ͲѼ prawn balls with vegetables Ϻ spareribs soup Ź[̨] bean sprout & spareribs soup Źǻƶѿ[] soup noodles with spareribs Ź spiced & stewed whole chicken Ͱͼ[] plum meat ÷[] braised pork with preserved vegetables ÷ɻ plum appetizer plate ÷ƴ pork steamed with "salted dried mustard cabbage" ÷Ǭ˿[] chicken & cucumber salad | cold mixed three vegetables ˿ beancurd noodles salad | shredded dried beancurd ˿ cole slaw cabbage salad ײ cold mixed celery bean sprout salad 趹ѿ cold mixed beancurd skin Ƥ seaweed salad 躣 coleslaw IJ˿ sliced kidney salad | sliced pig's kidney salad Ƭ cold noodles with sauce stir-fried eel 峴[] consomme | broth | three-colored rolls with broth ɫ[] stuffed shrimp & cucumber soup Ϻ[̨] egg & shrimp rolls in broth [̨] pork tripe with mere water braised leg of pork in clear soup steamed Chinese ham braised turtle in clear soup steamed garoupa ʯ steamed duck in soup ȫѼ steamed chicken in soup ȫ steamed mandarin fish stuffed clams in broth ۰[̨] steamed pork brains steamed chicken soup white steamed beancurd stuffed with minced pork 𶹸[] steamed shad steamed cod mushroom soup | steamed mushroom soup steamed turtle whole duck in soup Ѽ chicken simmered with mere water | clear simmered chicken chicken consomme pork tendons in thick sauce scoured beef | instant beef boiled | instant boiled mutton ţ lamb pot | lamb pot [chafing-dish] | scoured mutton | instant boiled mutton [] scoured pork | instant boiled pork sweet pickled cucumbers 𽴹 sweet bean sauce | tangy sauce 潴 fried beancurd squares Ӷ stewed boneless chicken ѹռ[̨] canned water chestnuts ݩ poached eggs ɰ pork steamed with rice flour in lotus leaves Ҷ׷ steamed chicken wrapped in lotus leaves Ҷ snake soup ߸ fried fish roll Ƥ fried rice with eggs soup of egg flakes egg dumplings fried beef with soy bean sauce ֭ţ fried frog with soybean sauce ֭F spareribs with bean sauce ֭Ź fried sliced duck in chili bean sauce ѼƬ deep-fried spring chicken ըӼ soft fried chicken ը instant noodles ʳ orange flavoured prawns ƤϺ ch`en-pi chicken | chicken fried with orange peel ƤӼ[] beef with orange peel | orange flavoured beef Ƥţ chicken with orange flavor | orange flavoured chicken Ƥ snowflakes of beancurd ѩ bamboo shoots soup ѩ processed greens with winter bamboo shoots | fried bamboo shoots and salted mustard ѩ˶ processed greens with beancurd skin ѩ˰Ҷ shredded pork with salted cabbage ѩ˿ processed greens with lima beans ѩ˶ salted vegetables ѩޮ shredded pork with garlic sauce ˿ spiced beancurd 㶹 eggplants with garlic sauce | fish-flavoured eggplant | pungent & peppery eggplant deep-fried eggplant pastry ѱ[] duck cutlets with garlic sauce Ѽ shark's fin soup chicken braised with shark's fin ռ[̨] fish rolls fish chops | fish steak fish ball soup Բ boiled pork in anchovy sauce ¶ breast of deer | venison | dried venison ¹ oatmeal | oatmeal gruel | gruel | porridge Ƭ sesame chicken soup ͼ[̨] ma po beancurd sauteed Szechwan style | ma po peppery beancurd | stir-fried bean curd in hot sauce Ŷ[] cold beef with chilli sauce ţ sliced beef tendons with hot sauce ţ[] shredded pig ear with hot pepper and sesame sauce ˿[] sea cucumbers in chilli sauce Ƭ fish fillet in chilli sauce Szechwan gherkin slices ƹ[] pig tripe with chilli sauce chicken with chilli and wild pepper sauce cayenne flavoured chicken dices fresh abalone with sesame sauce 齴ʱ vagabond ham steamed chicken with stuffing bon bon [steamed shredded] chicken [] kidneys steamed in hot sauce Ƭ[] mixed meat with chili deep-fried pomfret with pepper & salt ΰ[] stir-fried squid with salt & pepper γ[] fried pork ribs with seasoned salt | fried pork ribs with spiced salt Ź fried yellow fish with pepper sauce λ sliced fish in chicken soup [] fried fish slices in sauce Ƭ slightly-over-cooked wheat gluten boiled egg 󼦵 boiled corned beef ţ stewed noodles stuffed duck with tomato gravy ֭Ѽ tomato & beancurd soup Ѷ mackerel in tomato sauce steamed spring chicken soup ͯӼ simmered meat with bamboo shoots [] fried pork kidney with bamboo shoots fried shrimps with bamboo shoots Ϻ fried sliced prawns with bamboo shoots ϺƬ fried dried duck's feet with bamboo shoots Ѽ fried whelk balls with bamboo shoots fried chicken liver with bamboo shoots 񳴼 canned bamboo shoots purple seaweed soup ϲ shrimp legs with nori ϲϺ[̨] spinach stewed beancurd with spinach ˶ spinach & beancurd soup ˶ chopped spinach with ham & carrots spinach soup sliced duck with pineapple ѼƬ chrysanthemum & scallop soup ջɱ[̨] Chinese appetizer with liver & heart ջƴ mustard green stem with vegetarian eel greens & Chinese meatballs ʨͷ soup of chicken and fish balls with vegetables ˫Ԫ minced quail with lettuce Ƭ mushrooms with vegetables ˰ dried vegetable Ǭ omelet with salted & dried radish ˸嵰[̨] vegetable rice ˷ fried chicken balls & vegetable ἦ fried beef with vegetables ޾ţ sliced pork & vegetable soup ޾Ƭ prawn balls with green kale ޾Ϻ fried chicken balls with vegetables ޾ rice with chicken balls & vegetables ޾ clam soup steamed eggs with clams stir-fried fish rolls with corn [] chicken wings & legs braised in brown sauce | chicken wings & legs with brown sauce crispy butterfly fish С[] crisp skin roasted suckling pig | crispy-skinned suckling pig Ƥ deep-fried beef balls ըţ deep-fried gizzards & livers ըƸ[] fried fish ը deep-fried butterfly shrimp ըϺ[] cabbage with dried shrimps ײ Szechwan cabbage & dried shrimp soup ե plain noodles stir-fried chicken and ham ȳƬ cucumber & meat soup ƹϻƬ[] yellow soybean sprout ƶѿ braised duck in rice wine ƾȫѼ braised pork chops ƾ yellow fish soup [] crab salted з beef ball soup | sliced beef soup ţ sliced pork with cream sauce Ƭ boiled noodles with pork fried beef with scrambled eggs ţ rice with sliced beef & eggs ţⷹ fried fish pieces with scrambled eggs Ƭ sliced fish soup Ƭ pork slices with gravy Y fried chicken with sweet & sour sauce ըӼ fried prawn sections Ϻ fried eggs 嵰 fried shrimp balls in sauce Ϻ fried salted fish cooked noodles pork meat patties ʨͷ minced meat steamed spring pigeon giblets soup Ƭ diced pork with cashew nuts ⶡ stir-fried shrimp & chicken with cashew nuts ˫[] stir-fried diced chicken with cashew nuts [] cashews and chicken wings fried shrimps with cashew nuts Ϻ diced chicken with cashew nuts steamed pork slices gourd-shaped chicken with stuffing «˱ curried chicken Ϲ | stir-fried prawns & chicken Ϸ[] cooked noodles with fowl ۼ pickled mustard root ե shredded-pork with Szechwan pickled cabbage ե˿ Szechwan cabbage & pork soup ե˿ mustard green root & mungbean noodle soup ե˷˿ Szechwan mustard green & bean thread pork եϸ[] spiced duck wings ±ˮѼ spiced beef ±ţ spiced beef liver ±ţ marinated mushrooms ± mulled rice ±֭ spiced giblets ±Ƹ spiced eggs ± spiced pork ± spiced pig's tongue ± spiced pig's liver ± spiced pig's tripe ± red-stewed duck ±Ѽ spicy duck wings ±Ѽ duck noodles ±Ѽ spicy chicken giblets ± bear's paw azure jade freshwater shrimp Ϻ stir-fried pork rolls with broccoli Ұ[] shrimp-stuffed fairy feet [] boiled noodles mungbean sprout ̶ѿ congee with mungbean ̶ fried liver rolls with lard net ոξ[] shredded dried beancurd ά˿ emerald-jade beef croquettes ţ emerald-jade caviar preserved beancurd | beancurd cheese Bar-B-Q | Mongolian Barbecue | barbecue Mongolian ɹſ garlic flavoured ox tripe ţҶ sliced pork with chopped garlic [] stir-fried pork liver with garlic sprouts 糴 stewed eel with garlic ͷ steamed beef balls ţ steamed carp with scallions ͽ[] steamed vegetarian dumplings ؽ egg custard steamed rice steamed goose honey ham ֭ ham slices glazed with honey sauce ֭[] preserved dates & Chinese ham diced pork with chilli ⶡ diced chicken sauteed with green peppers Ӽ cabbage roll in chilli ײ˾ chili sauce | chilli sauce sourdough ͷ pickled steamed ginger ӽ duckling steamed with sour plums ÷Ѽ[] sweet and sour cauliflower ˻ pickled vegetable & bamboo soup cuttle fish soup with pickled Chinese cabbage hot & sour cucumber Сƹ[] hot and sour Chinese cabbage ײ sea slugs with hot sour sauce sour & chilli soup | sour soup with pepper and egg | sour-and-hot soup | sour-peppery soup | sour-pungent soup hot and sour cucumber | spicy cucumbers ƹ abalone with hot sour sauce chutney green bean sprouts & kelp [salad] ѿ green bean sprouts & shredded roast duck salad ѿѼ˿ bean sprouts with shredded duck | fried bean sprouts with shredded duck ѿѼ˿ mushroom & chicken feet soup צ | 㶬 vegetarian chicken feet soup צ long-tailed anchovy β fried kidney β phoenix-tailed prawns βϺ chicken livers with vegetables β˵ fried whelk slice & chicken livers Ƭ chicken livers with squid rolls chicken liver & squid rolls sliced pigeon & chicken liver θƬ turtle & chicken feet soup stir-fried eel shreds dz˿[] phoenix appetizer plate ˴ƴ fried rice Cantonese-style ݳ steamed rice Cantonese-style ݻⷹ Cantonese roast pork 㶫[] Cantonese pickled vegetables 㶫ݲ[] salted duckling smoked with lauraceae tea Ѽ[] lotus seeds & Chinese ham ӻ duck & lotus seeds potage Ѽ lotus-nuts sweet soup Ӹ vegetable soup ߲ boiled chicken with onion oil ͷʼ roast fish with scallions Ϳ[̨] chicken steamed with scallions ۼ[] spare-ribs with scallion пŹ braised crisp crucian carp stir-fried liver with scallions & garlic ⳴˫[] scallion flavoured sea cucumbers պ onions duck Ѽ stewed carp with scallions [] sliced beef with scallions бţ butterfly appetizer plate ƴ prawns with mushrooms Ϻ[] winter bamboo shoots with shrimp ϺӶ sea cucumbers in shrimp sauce | shrimp & sea cucumber ϺӺ stir-fried sea cucumber & shrimp Ϻڲ[] bean curd sheet rolls in shrimp sauce ϺӸ shrimp croutons Ϻ˾ fried eggs with shrimp | fried shrimps with omelet Ϻʳ fried rice with shrimp Ϻʳ shrimp omelet Ϻܵ shrimp noodles Ϻ stir-fried scallops with shrimp paste Ϻʱ[] fried shrimps with lobster sauce ϺϺ pea shoots 㶹 pea soup 㶹 pork blood soup Ѫ pig's liver soup | pork liver soup pig's lung soup pig's feet in jelly | pig's knuckles in jelly Ŷ sour pig's knuckles Ž steamed pork brain & eggs with broth [̨] drunken chicken | wined chicken wine-preserved crab з cabbage with sweet & sour sauce ײ fried crabs with sweet & sour sauce з[] fish slices in vinegar gravy | sweet & sour sliced fish Ƭ fish rolls in sour sauce yellow fish with honey sauce | sweet & sour yellow fish chicken in sour and chilli sauce corned ox tongue ţ preserved pork [Germany] sauerkraut | ݰײ fresh & salted pork with bamboo shoot soup fresh pork & salted pork with bamboo shoot soup hair-like seaweed with shark fins kale borecole 魲 | stewed pig's feet stewed duck Ѽ braised bamboo shoots and mushrooms ն fried sliced beef ţƬ roast mutton baked chicken-liver & pork rolls սǮ[] carbonado տ stewed pork intestine Ȧ | grilled chicken | roast goose ռ delicatessen ʳ chicken wrapped in cellophane | chicken wrapped in paper | ֽ bird's nest soup Ѹ pot roast of beef ţ crispy cashews [] sweet and sour spare-ribs ǴС crispy sliced fish with sweet & sour sauce Ǵ߿[] sweet and sour fillet of pork ǴY sweet and sour red chillis Ǵ׺콷 sweet & sour spareribs ǴŹ sweet & sour fish Ǵ[] sweet & sour vegetarian fish rolls Ǵ sweet and sour fish fillet Ǵ sweet and sour chicken cutlets ǴF rice with tomato & beef ެţⷹ tomato & corn soup ެ tomato & beancurd soup ެѶ tomato & egg soup ެѵ tomato & fish slices ެƬ tomato & pot-stuck rice ެѹ diced beef with water flour | fried mung bean noodles hamstrings fresh head & tail of fish | fish head & tail soup ͷβ sliced chicken & abalone soup 㼦Ƭ abalone & asparagus soup « grey mushroom[abalonelike] 㹽 duck liver soup Ѽ duck feet soup | duck's web soup Ѽ stewed duck with sea cucumbers Ѽպ the dragon-king appetizer platter | the dragon-king appetizer plate ƴ Chinese lobster pieces atop garlic greens stewed snake & chicken minced chicken with fish potage red peppers in gravy 콷 braised duck feet | braised duck webs Ѽ[] duckling & mixed vegetable soup Ѽ˿[] chicken shreds with peas ⼦˿ stewed sliced fish in wine sauce Ƭ congee | skilly | ϡ sliced duck with ginger ѿѼƬ chicken with ginger & black bean sauce ж sliced whelk Ƭ crispy rice soup of rice crust and three delicacies sliced meat with crispy rice | meat pieces with crispy rice Ƭ sea cucumbers in crisp rice ͺ fried shrimps with crisp rice Ϻ shrimp with rice cake Ϻ[] fried fresh prawns on toast Ϻ fried duck cutlets Ѽ pan-baked steamed duck ѼƬ baked beancurd braised mutton ginger & wheat gluten soup braised fresh mushrooms and cauliflower Ģ˻ braised duck feet with mushrooms ʹѼ[] fresh mushroom and Chinese cabbage ʹײ shrimp balls in mushroom soup ʹϺ[] pigeon eggs 뵰 toast fried with quail eggs 뵰˾[] braised duck with pigeon eggs 뵰Ѽ quail egg & liver soup 뵰[] pigeon egg soup 뵰 pigeon soup deep-fried chicken with lemon ֭ը[] lemon-flavored chicken legs ʼ smoked meat Ѭ griskin Ѭ bloated beancurd & green peppers | smoked beancurd & green peppers Ѭ bloated fish | smoked fish Ѭ noodles with smoked fish in soup Ѭ bard ѬƬ smoked chicken Ѭ smoked pomfret Ѭ[] shepards-purse with beancurd ˶ catchup beef ֭ţ pickles pickled pork stomach soy-preserved lettuce ݫ spiced pork tripe marinated duck | stewed duck with bean sauce Ѽ soy-preserved ginger chicken simmered in brown sauce stir-fried pork with bean paste [] fried sliced pork with brown sauce meat cubes in bean sauce | stir-fried diced pork ⶡ fried sliced pork with brown sauce ˿ roast duck in brown sauce Ѽ duck slices in brown sauce ѼƬ diced chicken with bean paste sauce stir-fried frog legs with bean paste ӣ soy-preserved radish ܲ assorted soup ӻ stewed duck with mushrooms and bamboo shoots ˫Ѽ shredded pork with bamboo shoots & mushrooms ˫˿[] eggs in two colours ˫ɫ cold dish [two sorts] | 2 sorts cold dish ˫ƴ two phoenixes flying to the sun ˫ﳯ chicken with frog soup ˫ﳯ cooked noodles with chicken & ham abalone with sliced chicken Ƭ sliced whelk with chicken Ƭ beancurd with chicken blood cakes Ѫ chicken blood with beancurd soup Ѫ Chinese cabbage in chicken gravy Ͱײ chicken oil fries taro root ͷ shark's fin in chicken fat ܽ steamed pomfret with ham & mushroom slices ͺ[] cabbage hearts in chicken sauce | chicken oil stirfriesstem of mustard greens Ͳ cauliflower with chicken gravy Ͳ˻ mashed chicken bird's nests with mashed chicken chicken rolls egg roll steamed egg custard chicken broth | chicken soup shredded chicken & rice in soup ݷ chicken soup with bean curd ˿ shredded chicken & bean thread sheets ˿Ƥ fried noodles with shredded chicken ˿ fried chicken & pig's tripe slice | fried chicken & pork tripe ﱬ pork-brain fritters [a substitute for chicken kidney] [] minced chicken & scallop potage ظɱ chicken corn soup chicken cream soup ض fish tripe with chicken cream shark's lip with chicken cream 㴽 shark's fin with chicken cream minced chicken & corn potage minced chicken & corn soup chopped chicken & yellow fish potage ػ[] abalone with minced chicken ر minced chicken with abalone potage ر noisette three kinds of meat fried tripes ţ fried medley dish ȫ fried pork stomach & chicken gizzard ˫ borsch | borsht | tomato, potato & beef soup [Russian soup] [] stir-fried assorted vegetables ޺󼯻[] braised duck with mixed vegetables | braised duck with vegetarian dish ޺Ѽ braised pigeon with vegetarian dish ޺Ǹ stuffed pig tripe ޺ stewed mixed vegetables | vegetarian dish "lo han" ޺ի preserved meat gammon & spinach Ⲥ dried duck Ѽ mushrooms with crabmeat зʹ crab meat paste | crabmeat з asparagus with crabmeat з cabbage with crab spawn зײ crab meat & beancurd зⶹ beancurd & crab meat soup зⶹ crabmeat with egg white sauce | crabmeat egg foo yung зܽص broccoli with crab meat з steamed crab with cheese з[] fish stomach with crab soup з[] crabmeat paste з cabbage with crabmeat spawns з۰ײ broccoli with crabmeat з۽ shark's lip with crabmeat з㴽 stewed vegetable with crab meat з۲ pork balls with crab sauce зʨͷ crab spawn з bean curd with crab roe зƶ pork patties with crab roe зʨͷ "pearls hidden in crabs" з[] pork stomach soup with quail eggs ȵ sliced abalone with oyster sauce 鱫[] steamed fish with mushrooms & ham [] steamed sliced fish ߿[] glutinous rice congee Ŵ pigeon eggs with mushrooms Ģ뵰 asparagus corn soup « thick asparagus soup «Ũ[] abalone & asparagus « canned asparagus « roast pork with oyster sauce Ͳ oyster sauce beef | stirfried beef with oyster sauce | beef in oyster-sauce ţ[] fresh mushrooms with oyster sauce Ͷ chicken wings with oyster sauce ͰǷ[] grilled duck with oyster sauce ͰѼ green cabbage in oyster sauce Ͳ sauteed chicken with oyster sauce ͼ弦[] chicken balls with oyster sauce ͼ chicken wings in oyster sauce ͼ stewed duck with pickled cucumbers ̹Ѽ[] bacon | flitch marinated egg | salted duck egg ̵ steamed minced pork with salted egg ̵ steamed minced pork with salted fish beancurd & salted vegetable ̲˶ duck & pickled mustard leaves soup ̲Ѽ[̨] marinated clams [̨] flour gluten ball shrimp fritters Ϻ oyster fritters noodles flour gluten fried gluten & beancurd leaf | fried gluten & beancurd wrapper Ҷ rolled flour gluten 泦 marinated bean curd orchid ham [] grilled spring pigeon sizzling stuffed beancurd 嶹 omelette ̯ dried turnip ܲǬ turnip balls ܲ silver fish & turnipradish soup ܲ[] eel noodles mutton en casserole braised duck en casserole Ѽ bully | canned beef ͷţ corned beef ͷţ beancurd in stuffed with minced pork 𶹸 stuffed cucumbers ڹ[] stewed carp with stuffed minced pork stuffed mushrooms Ģ salted prawns ˮϺ salted beef ˮţ salted mutton ˮ salted beef with pepper ˮţ boiled salted duck | salted duck ˮѼ[̨] cold salted chicken appetizer | boiled salted chicken ˮ[] deep-fried fish with salt [̨] fried shrimp with garlic dressing Ϻ[̨] fried pork with salt & pepper | fried pork with salted pepper μ chicken stuffed with Chinese black mushrooms [] stewed pork & vegetable soup t-bone steak ţ large beef steak ţ Bologna | bologna | Bologna sausage 㳦 ham bone shrimp | shrimp meat Ϻ stuffed baked clam ˱ casserole of chicken | chicken casserole Ӽ veal Сţ veal casserole Сţ veal shortcake [luncheon dish] Сţֱ minute steak С crayfish СϺ crayfish salad СϺɳ scalloped potatoes ɽɱ potato & egg salad ɽ輦 croquette potato | potato croquettes ɽ crabapple preserves ɽ۽ salmon croquettes [] salmon paste 㽴 | 㽴 sandwich spread ν mixed flour noodles ʲ mixed fruit jam ʲ combination ʲ fruit cocktail au curacao [appetizer] ʲˮݿȾ[θС] combination salad ʲɳ olio ʲ mixed vegetable bowl [salad] ʲ[ɳ] assorted vegetable plate ʲ߲ mixed sauce ʲ tournedos de boeuf Parisienne Сţ[] sukiyaki ձ poached egg ˮɰ ham steak Ȱ ham & eggs ȵ ham omelet ȵ beef heart & noodles ţ grilled fillet steak ţ beef & onion ţ⳴[] forcemeat veal ţ bread & butter pudding ţͶʿ[Ӣ] fettuccine all'alfredo ţͰ[] garoupa meuniere ţͼʯ[] beef steak | steak ţ beef steak pudding [baked] ţŲ medium ţ boneless chicken ȥǼ kidney sauteed with mushrooms gratin ֭ chicken a la king Ͱ֭ | ʼҼ prawn & macaroni casserole | prawn, macaroni & cheese casserole ͼʿϺ creamed mackerel | creamed eggs creamy lamb stew С creamed salted codfish ̼ toad in the hole ţ[] grilled halibut DZĿ[Ӣ] grilled flatfish [Ӣ] heart of lettuce raw fish Ƭ lettuce | tossed green heart of lettuce slaw Ƭ rice rolled in lettuce ˰ nama kaki [] escargots fricassee white sauce ֭ prawn Newburg ֭Ϻ boiled fish ֭ sauce bechamel ׼֭[] boiled eggs castague alla Fiamma ػ[] jungol | stone-fire pot [Korean sukiyaki] ʯͷ[] whole spring chicken | whole spring chicken viennoise ȫӼ foie gras in aspic ȫȸ pogacsa ֱ beef goulash [Hungarian] ţ [Germany] Wiener schnitzel ţ[] grilled pigeon и cutlet tzarsky м pigeons grilled bistecs a la andaluza ³ţ[] T-bone steak йţ stuffed eggplant parisien [] pearl barley with vegetables ߲ mutton broth sheep's head broth ͷ gravy ֭ meat mold Բ potted meat paste ⽴ forcemeat ball pierna de carnero con guisantes orange cocktail [appetizer] Ƭ[θС] [Turkey] shishkabob ţ[] shashlik of beef ţ cold ham cold ham salad cold turkey cold corned ox tongue | cold ox tongue ţ cold vinegar fish crab St Louis з plum jelly ӹ apricot jam ӽ salad ɳ sirloin steak ɳţ liverwurst 㳦 ananas Alexandra ɽ[] hold onion sauce Bearnaise ֭[] curried beef ţ curry beef ball ţ curried rice shrimp curry Ϻ curried chicken noodles with curried chicken minced beef with rice ţⷹ minced chicken with rice μ prawn Ϻ prawn salad Ϻɳ jellies jam | marmalade sledz marynowany ze Smietana ϣ bigos ˻ţ flaki ţ [France] chateaubriand sauce bearnaise ʽţ chateaubriand sauce bearnaise ʽţ cucumber pickles in oil ݻƹ fried chicken ըƤ fried clam in batter ը pickled mustard ݽ pickled onion sweet pickles ƹ kimchi | kimchee | kimji [hot pickled vegetables] ݲ[] pickled cauliflower ݲ˻ sour pickles ƹ braised beef liver ţ lamb cutlet Ƭ prawn cutlets Ϻ scramble egg saute pork chop broiled lamb chops С broiled steak ţ baked fillets of fish ˷ broiled lobster Ϻ broiled quail Kentucky-fried chicken ը | 缦 celery rice soup ۲ tabatiere [] baguette η lunchbox 㵱[] collation southern-fried chicken Ϸը [Russia] schnitzel russe ʽţ zakuska ʽ beef stroganoff ţ bitky golubtsy ˹Ҭ˾ cotelettes de porc Berlinoise hash & potatoes ⽴ tripe & onions ţ[Ӣ] onion rice soup pork chop lyonnaise onion stuffed with meat grilled barbecue ̿⴮ croquette ը ham croquette ը turkey chips ҵtranslation company 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