翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 莎士比亚的诞生地被参观者视作圣地。 Shakespeare's sonnets 莎士比亚的十四行诗 A spur of rock stuck out from the mountain. 山背上突起一个石脊。 The slide cut off the valley from the rest of the world. 山崩切断了这个山谷与外界的联系。 Sam and I share a room. 山姆和我合住一间房间。 One side of the hill had been sliced off. 山坡一侧给削平了。 There is no sovereign remedy for colds. 伤风感冒没有灵丹妙药。 The smart of the wound kept him awake. 伤口的疼痛使他不能入睡。 The wound healed soundly. 伤口痊愈了。 The wound has skinned over. 伤口已愈合。 The injury scarred his face. 伤口在他脸上留下了疤痕。 He was invited to attend a barbecue social last Saturday afternoon. 上星期六下午他应邀去参加一个烤肉聚餐会。 We did the sights of Vienna last week. 上星期我们在维也纳观光。 Climbing cost of cotton squeezes mill profits. 上涨的棉花价格减少了纺织厂的利润。 Snakes give me the shivers. 蛇令我毛骨悚然。 The snake shot out its tongue. 蛇突然把舌头伸出。 One of the secrets of good health is regular exercise. 身体健康的诀窍之一是定时运动。 The boys in their smart school uniforms marched at the head of the parade. 身着整齐校服的男学生走在游行队伍的前列。 Anyone in his right senses wouldn't do that. 神智清醒的人都不会去干那种事。 The production plan was fulfilled ahead of schedule. 生产计划提前完成了。 The angry husband and wife agreed to smooth over their differences. 生气的丈夫及妻子同意缓和他们的争执。 Business is not good. He'll have to shut the shop. 生意不好,他只得打算停业。 The business started to snowball. 生意开始像滚雪球般扩大。 Shady financiers had no difficulty in finding gullible customers. 声誉不佳的金融业主要找到轻信的顾客是没有困难的。 Victory is in sight. 胜利在望。 The surplus will shove the price down from a dollar to 60 cents. 剩余货物将会迫使价格从一美元跌到六十美分。 The loser's scorn for the award is pure sour grape. 失败者对奖品的轻视纯粹是吃不到葡萄说葡萄酸。 Much importance is attached to the development of the individual self. 十分重视个人自身的发展。 The stone skipped over the water. 石块打着水面漂削而过。 The oil workers are sinking a well. 石油工人正在打油井。 Smith finished his tea in very low spirits. 史密斯没精打采地喝完了茶。 Mr. Smith got a friend to keep shop for him. 史密斯先生请一位朋友替他照管店务。 Mr.Smith lives on the skirts of the town. 史密斯先生住在城郊。 World trade is showing signs of revival. 世界贸易正显示出重新活跃的徵兆。 The mayor inspected the residential section of the city. 市长视察了该市的住宅区。 The mayor is a man of square frame. 市长是个体格魁梧的人。 There is a fair in the town square. 市中心广场有个市集。 Things have smoothed down. 事情已经缓和下来。 The waiter sang out our order to the kitchen. 侍者大声地向厨房喊出我们所点的菜。 The test questions are kept secret, so as to prevent cheating. 试题必须保密,以防作弊。 She really put the skids under him. 是她使他堕落。 What sparked off the quarrel? 是什么导致了这场争吵? It was this incident that sparked her interest in politics. 是这个事件激起了她对政治的兴趣。 He was first of all an extremist secondly he was pretty dishonest. 首先他是一个极端主义者;其次他很不诚实。 Her eyes sparkled her pleasure at the compliment. 受到恭维,她眼睛里露出了喜色。 The victim was smothered to death. 受害人被窒息致死。 The books were shelved in alphabetical order. 书按字母顺序排放在书架上。 Ripe persimmons squash easily. 熟柿子易被压烂。 Hundreds of valuable books had gone up in smoke. 数以百计的珍贵图书化为了灰烬。 Both wanted to settle their scores. 双方都愿意捐弃前嫌。 Both wanted to settle their scores. 双方都愿意捐弃前嫌。 Frost caused the split in the rock. 霜冻使岩石裂了一条缝。 Who spilt ink on my notebook? 谁把墨水泼在我的笔记本上? Who is going to score for both sides? 谁来为双方记分? The water splashed out of the tub upon the floor. 水从缸里飞溅出来,落在地板上。 Water spurted from the broken pipe. 水从破裂的管子里喷出来。 Water squirted out of a hole in the pipe. 水从水管的一个洞里喷射出来。 The pipe burst and a spout of water shot out. 水管破裂了,一股水喷了出来。 There was a hole in the hose, and water sprayed out all over me. 水管上有一个洞,水喷出来溅了我一身。 The scarcity of fruit was caused by the drought. 水果缺乏是由乾旱引起的。 The kettle was singing on the fire. 水壶在炉火上嘘嘘作响。 When water freezes, it becomes solid. 水结冰时变成固体。 The cement will set in a few hours. 水泥几小时后就会凝固。 The sailors pulled at the rope to take up the slack. 水手们拉起绳索把它收紧。 The sailors were warned not to get into trouble while they were on shore. 水手们受到警告,不许在岸上惹麻烦。 The water shimmered in the moonlight. 水在月光下闪闪发光。 Perhaps someday I'll be rich. 说不一定有朝一日我会发财。 Saying and doing are two things. 说和做是两回事。 The directions specify how the medicine is to be used. 说明书上规定了这药如何服用。 Silk feels soft and smooth. 丝织品摸起来柔软光滑。 The driver found the sharp left turn very difficult. 司机发现在那个左急转弯,车子很难开。 Does private education skim off all the best students from the state system? 私立学校是不是会把公立学校最好的学生都挖走? A dead body is without sensation. 死人是没有感觉的。 The seniors defeated the juniors by 3-1. 四年级学生以三比一战胜了三年级学生。 The temple sits on a hill. 寺庙座落在山上。 The tank came to a halt with a shudder. 随着一阵颤动,坦克停了下来。 The shuttle moves backwards and forwards through the warp. 梭子在经线中来回移动。 All those who were captured were sold into slavery. 所有被抓获的人都被卖去当奴隶。 All the older kids have split to go dancing. 所有的大小孩都开溜跳舞去了。 All possible techniques are pressed into service. 所有可能用得上的技术都被利用了。 All this signs rejuvenation of agriculture. 所有这些都预示着农业将复苏。 He sounded his horn to warn the other driver. 他按喇叭提醒对方司机。 He described the events of that day in sequence. 他按先后次序描述了那一天发生的种种事件。 He's been drinking whiskey on the sly for thirty years. 他暗中偷喝威士忌酒已有三十年了。 At 80 he was still a scholar. 他八十高龄,但仍好学不倦。 He sank the knife into her back. 他把刀子插入她的背部。 He sent his son away to school in Germany. 他把儿子送到德国念书。 He settled his child in a corner of the compartment. 他把孩子安顿在车厢的一个角落里。 He settled his child in a corner of the compartment. 他把孩子安顿在车厢的一个角落里。 He scraped the paint from the surface. 他把面上的漆刮掉。 He snatched the ball out of my hand. 他把球从我手里抢走了。 He spends all his time in sport and play. 他把全部时间化在消遣和游玩上。 He gave scraps of food to the dog. 他把剩余的食物喂了狗。 He placed his books in a neat stack. 他把书整整齐齐放成一堆。 He's been sitting on my letter for months. 他把我的信压了几个月。 He saw me to the door and said goodbye. 他把我送到门口,说了声再见。 He sorted out the papers to be thrown away. 他把要处理掉的文件挑了出来。 He's sunk a large sum of money into buying a new house. 他把一大笔钱投在买一幢新房子上面。 He scattered his clothes all over the floor. 他把衣服扔了一地◎:扔得满地都是。 He sold me his camera. 他把照相机卖给我。 He slipped the note into my hand. 他把纸条悄悄塞到我手里。 He shut himself away in his country house with no telephone. 他把自己关在乡下没有电话的房子里与外界隔绝。 When he moved he left instructions for his letters to be sent on to his new address. 他搬走时吩咐别人把他的信转寄到新地址。 His dealings are not quite square. 他办事路子不太正。 He promised to see about the matter. 他保证会处理这事。 He died on the scaffold. 他被处绞刑而死。 He has been in a spin since the defeat. 他被击败以来一直情绪低落。 He was awakened by the song of birds in the trees. 他被林中的鸟鸣声闹醒。 He was forced to sell off his land. 他被迫以低价将土地出售。 He was elected sheriff of the county. 他被选为县警长。 He scorned begging for help. 他鄙视乞求援助。 He shall stay in bed. 他必须躺在床上。 He signified that he couldn't go with them. 他表示他不能跟他们一起去。 He skinned the fox. 他剥去狐皮。 He was five feet in his socks. 他不穿鞋身高为五英尺。 He's nothing but a stuffed shirt. 他不过是个妄自尊大的人。 The reason for his failure was not far to seek: he was ill during the examination. 他不及格的原因不难了解:他在考试时病了。 He's not afraid to call a spade a spade. 他不怕直言不讳。 He isn't the man to shy at difficulties. 他不是在困难面前畏缩的人。 He spared no expense in building a villa for himself. 他不惜工本为自己造了一幢别墅。 He did not want to see any American blood spilt. 他不想看到任何美国人流血牺牲。 His life is no longer in danger, but it was a close shave. 他不再有生命危险了,但那真是死里逃生。 He had slid into bad habits. 他不知不觉地染上了坏习惯。 His wit sparkles. 他才气横溢。 He scratched a note and put it on her desk. 他草草写了一张字条放在她书桌上。 He smelled trouble. 他察觉到会有麻烦。 He escaped by the skin of his teeth. 他差点没逃成。 He poured in a generous splash of rye. 他搀入了相当多的黑麦威士忌酒。 He went to his final sleep. 他长眠了。 He often quotes the sayings of Kant. 他常引用康德的话。 He is singing sharp. 他唱得偏高一点。 He gave the rogue a smash on the jaw. 他朝那流氓的下巴猛击一拳。 He admitted he had been soaked in the deal. 他承认在这笔生意中他被敲了竹杠。 He ate a snack before resuming work. 他吃了一份快餐而后继续工作。 He skimmed through the newspapers over breakfast. 他吃早饭时浏览了报纸。 He plays second fiddle to Mr. White. 他充当怀特先生的副手。 He is in a difficult situation. 他处境困难。 He never has any thought of self. 他从不考虑个人得失。 He fell off the bike and got a scrape on his knee. 他从脚踏车上摔下来,擦破了膝盖。 He awoke from a deep slumber. 他从沉睡中醒来。 He learned to scale a rock face from his father. 他从他父亲那儿学得攀登崖面的技巧。 He read the lengthy report without a skip. 他从头至尾读了那份冗长的报告。 He scrambled out of his clothes. 他匆匆脱去衣服。 He shifted hastily to a new subject. 他匆忙转换一个新的话题。 He promised to save a room for me. 他答应给我留个房间。 He shovelled the food into his mouth. 他大口大口狼吞虎咽。 He cut the discussion short by clapping loudly. 他大声鼓掌,打断了讨论。 He cleared his nose with a loud sniff. 他大声吸气清了清鼻子。 The cut on his leg is scarring well. 他大腿上的伤口结疤情形良好。 He showed me around the factory. 他带我参观工厂。 He sits on the committee. 他担任委员会的委员。 He took sick and died a week later. 他得了病,一周后便死了。 His rise to power is briefly sketched in the first two chapters. 他得势掌权的经过在头两章里作了简单的描述。 She was irritated by his savage behavior. 他的不文明行为激怒了她。 His statement was simple racism. 他的陈述纯粹是种族歧视。 His shirt has slit at one side. 他的衬衫一边裂开了。 His origins were a sore subject with him. 他的出身是个使他难堪的话题。 His error is serious. 他的错误很严重。 His plane continued soaring at 5000 metres above sea level. 他的飞机一直在海拔五千米的高空飞行。 His view was seconded by many experts. 他的观点受到许多专家的支持。 His past was enveloped in a shroud of mystery. 他的过去被裹上一层神秘色彩。 His snore disturbed our sleep. 他的鼾声打扰了我们的睡眠。 His remarks showed that he misunderstood my position on the question. 他的话说明他误解了我在这一问题上的立场。 His words secured his father's displeasure. 他的话招致他父亲的不悦。 His wit is a sometime thing. 他的机智只是偶尔有之。 His spine developed a slight curve. 他的脊柱有点弯曲。 He centers his constructions around reinforced concrete or steel skeletons. 他的建筑主要是以钢筋混凝土或钢为骨架的。 His speech was spiced with anti-government sentiment. 他的讲话里掺进了反对政府的情绪。 His feet sank in the mud. 他的脚陷进烂泥中。 His scare tactics did not work. 他的恐吓战术没有奏效。 His optimism contrasted sharply with the low morale of his supporters. 他的乐观情绪与他的支持者的低落的士气形成了鲜明的对照。 His face was seamed with sabre cuts. 他的脸上留有马刀砍下的伤痕。 His face was screwed up with fear. 他的脸因为恐惧而扭歪着。 His neighbor slammed the door in his face. 他的邻居当着他的面把门砰然关闭。 His reasoning is weak, even shabby. 他的论证软弱无力,甚至可以说很拙劣。 He had a spotless reputation. 他的名声清白无瑕。 His name was scratched from the list. 他的名字被从名单上划掉了。 His mother was an opera singer. 他的母亲是一位歌剧演唱家。 He has scored a great success with his new play. 他的那出新戏获得了极大的成功。 His criticism was so shrill that it provoked resentment. 他的批评太尖刻,引起了怨恨。 His wife is now somebody in television. 他的妻子现在是电视界的大人物了。 The spark of life still flickered in him. 他的生命之火还在闪烁。 He has a deep sonorous voice. 他的声音深沉而洪亮。 His arms were scratched by thorns. 他的手臂被荆棘划破了。 All his books are shallow. 他的书都很肤浅。 His hair is silvery now. 他的头发现在变成银白色了。 His problem is similar to yours. 他的问题和你的相似。 His simplicity made him easily fooled. 他的无知使他很容易受骗上当。 His hopes were nearly snuffed out. 他的希望几乎都被打破了。 His new sports car is really out of sight. 他的新跑车实在太棒了。 His deeds shocked her out of making friends with him. 他的行径使她大为震惊,不想与他交朋友了。 His boots were spotted with mud. 他的靴子上沾有泥渍。 His language was irreverent, not to say blasphemous. 他的言语即使不算渎神,至少也是不虔敬的。 His eyes shadowed with grief. 他的眼睛因悲痛而黯然。 It was very disappointing that his speech skirted around all the main questions. 他的演说回避了所有主要的问题,令人非常失望。 His appearance is even more slovenly than usual. 他的样子比平常更为邋遢。 His hobby is collecting butterfly specimens. 他的业余爱好是采集蝴蝶标本。 It's his job to sniff out abuses of power. 他的职责就是查究滥用权力的行为。 His total score was one hundred and fifty-five. 他的总积分是一百五十五。 A slow sly smile was creeping around the corners of his mouth. 他的嘴角慢慢露出了诡秘的微笑。 He was the first to spy the triangle fin of a shark coming towards us. 他第一个发现一条鲨鱼的三角形鳍向我们游来。 He signified his consent with a nod. 他点头表示同意。 He fell into a thorn bush and was covered with scratches. 他跌入荆棘丛,弄得伤痕累累。 He has a keen scent for errors. 他对错误有敏锐的察觉能力。 He lied to the court to shield his friend. 他对法庭说谎以包庇自己的朋友。 His mastery of the language has improved some. 他对该语言的掌握有所提高。 He sickened of living abroad. 他对旅居国外感到厌倦了。 His remarks about the skating champion are sour grapes. 他对那个溜冰冠军的批评是吃不到葡萄说葡萄酸。 He is not serious about literature. 他对文学不感兴趣。 He spat on my suggestion. 他对我的建议表示轻蔑。 He shrugged at my suggestion. 他对我的建议只是耸耸肩。 He paid scant attention to my warnings. 他对我的警告很少理睬。 His estimate of the situation was sober. 他对形势的估计是审慎的。 He showed not a spark of interest in the plan. 他对这个计划一点不感兴趣。 His views on the question do not square with mine. 他对这个问题的看法跟我的不一致。 He is secret about his past. 他对自己早年的经历一向嘴紧。 He split his pants when he squatted down. 他蹲下去时绷裂了裤子。 He squatted down under the tree. 他蹲在树下。 He hid behind the screen and overheard their conversation. 他躲在帘子后面,偷听到他们的谈话。 He found the car going for a song and bought it. 他发现这辆汽车以低价出售,就把它买了下来。 He slowed his pace. 他放慢了脚步。 He set down the bag and rested for a while. 他放下袋子,休息了一会儿。 He was full of sorrow. 他非常伤心。 He vowed quite solemnly that he would carry out his promise. 他非常庄严地发誓要实现他的诺言。 His father gave him a bad scold this morning. 他父亲今晨狠狠训了他一顿。 His father was a senior officer at the bank. 他父亲是那家银行的高级职员。 His father is on the wrong side of 60. 他父亲已过花甲之年。 He shines at golf. 他高尔夫球打得很出色。 He squealed on his mates. 他告发了他的伙伴。 He slapped a libel suit on a newspaper. 他告一家报纸犯有诽谤罪。 He gave the foreman a carton of cigarettes as a sop. 他给工头一条香烟以表心意。 He showed me his holiday snaps. 他给我看他假期里拍下的快照。 He soaped himself all over. 他给自己浑身上下都擦了肥皂。 It's an open secret that he's having an affair with his secretary. 他跟秘书的恋情是一个公开的秘密。 He settled up with the waiter. 他跟侍者结了帐。 He slapped her across the face. 他掴了她一记耳光。 He feared the soul of his deceased wife would haunt him. 他害怕亡妻的鬼魂会来缠扰他。 He shouted himself hoarse. 他喊叫得嗓子都嘶哑了。 He scraped up the money to start a restaurant. 他好不容易才攒足了开一家饭馆的钱。 He drinks beer and wine but no spirits. 他喝啤酒和葡萄酒但不喝烈酒。 He scalded his tongue on the hot coffee. 他喝热咖啡烫伤了舌头。 He drank a cup of strong tea to sober himself up. 他喝下一杯浓茶以使自己清醒过来。 He got drunk and began to smash things. 他喝醉了并开始砸东西。 He is the very spit and image of his father. 他和他父亲长得一模一样。 He's soft in the head. 他很蠢。 He spends freely. 他很挥霍。 He's good at selling himself. 他很会自我宣传。 He is sturdy and so fit for the job. 他很健壮,所以适合担任这个工作。 He is smart and can take care of himself. 他很精明可以照顾他自己。 He showered quickly before he got dressed. 他很快地洗了个淋浴,然后穿上衣服。 He soon fell asleep and began to snore. 他很快睡着并开始打起鼾来。 He had the good sense to withdraw from the election contest. 他很明智,退出了竞选。 He is spare of speech. 他很少说话。 He was very solemn and refrained from talking. 他很严肃,沉默寡言。 A sob welled up in his throat. 他喉咙里发出一声呜咽。 He overlooked the other side of the question. 他忽略了问题的另一个方面。 He is sparing with words. 他话说得很少。 He is sick with influenza. 他患了流行性感冒。 He smashed his fist against the table. 他挥拳猛击桌子。 He savored his success. 他回味自己的成就。 His chances for getting the scholarship were very slim. 他获得奖学金的希望甚微。 He won a scholarship to Harvard. 他获得奖学金去哈佛读书。 He spurred his players to fight harder. 他激励他的球员更加努力地战斗。 He sketched the coal miner in a few minutes. 他几分钟就画了一幅那位煤矿工人的素描。 He squeezed on the tube until some toothpaste came out. 他挤牙膏管直到挤出一些牙膏。 Their cat snuffed it last Friday. 他家的猫上星期五死了。 He pretended to scratch his ear. 他假装搔耳朵。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司