翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 持杆走钢丝 haunch jump | squat jump 拱腿跳 New Year couplet 春联 flash-like tumbling 流星筋斗 sky rocket 流星烟花 Washing the Buddha [ceremony] 洗佛 hobbyhorse 活动木马 glass ball 玻璃球 comic repartee 相声 shuttle run 穿花跑 red cloak | [Spain] capa 红色掩护物 to juggle 耍把戏 performing bear 耍狗熊 geek show | snake charming 耍蛇 monkey tricks 耍猴戏 juggling plates 耍盘子 urn juggling 耍坛子 parachute kite 降落伞形风筝 kite tail 风筝尾巴 kite-line reel 风筝放线转动器 kite design 风筝图案 knife throwing 飞刀表演 flying cycle 飞车走壁 flying marbles 飞弹神弓 frisbee 飞盘 backward roll | backward somersault 倒筋斗 knot-hoop relay 套圈接力 to play trapball 射球戏 [Spain] torero 徒步斗牛士 to play hide & seek 捉迷藏 billiard ball 桌上小撞球 air gun | pop gun 气枪 stunt show 特技表演 ground-breaking ceremony 破土典礼 lucky square 神仙过桥 piggyback | pickaback 站肩 pinwheel 纸风车 turning flag 回转旗 to play tag | catch 追逐游戏 bareback riding [equitation] 马上表演 horse gear 马具 spur 马刺 stable 马房 blinkers | blinders 马眼遮罩 [France] manege 马术学校 gag bit 马衔 | 勒口器 | 马勒 horseshoe | [France] au fer a cheval 马蹄铁 circus 马戏 circus ground | circus arena 马戏场地 horsewhip 马鞭 cycling on the high wire 高空单车走钢丝 trapeze 高秋千[马戏用] bullfight | [Spain] corrida 斗牛 bullfighter | [Spain] matador 斗牛士 bullring | arena 斗牛场 spook house 鬼屋 shadow play 做手影 to meow like a cat 做猫叫 [Spain] muleta | muleteer | mule skinner 执棒者 weight cloth [saddle cloth with lead plates] 带铅板之鞍衣 winning post with mirror 带镜之决胜点标柱 sweeping tombs and adorning them with willow [on Tomb-Sweeping Day] 扫墓 whirligig | carousel | merry-go-round 旋转木马 quiz show 猜谜晚会 tiger walking on the high wire 猛虎走钢丝 tiger jumping through ring of fire 猛虎穿火圈 patterned lantern 扎花灯 finish line 终点线 [Spain] cogida [tossing of a bullfighter by a bull] 被牛掷起 contortion 软体表演 contortionist 软体美人 multiple somersaults 连环筋斗 snowball fight 雪球战 fish kite 鱼形风筝 bird kite 鸟形风筝 ball spinning on umbrella edge 伞上滚球 the best wind for kiteflying [8-12 mph] 最适放风筝之风[时速8-12哩] enjoying chrysanthemum wine [on Mountain Climbing Festival] 喝菊花酒[登高节喝] sulky 单人两轮轻便马车 one hand knot-tying 单手打结 one hand balancing 单手倒立 cycle trick 单车绝技 one-foot hopping 单脚跳 geometric kite 几何图案风筝 lantern procession 提灯游行 | 提灯会 wonderful puzzler 智力方块 | 魔术方块 mental game 智力游戏 to festoon 结彩 buying water 买水 knotting circle 跑圈结绳 judge's box 跑道监视塔 opening the gate of fortune [on the first day of the New Year] 开财门 strong tissue paper 韧性薄纸 hypnotism 催眠术 plastic paper 塑胶纸 crossword puzzle 填字游戏 rocking horse 摇动木马 slide 滑梯 yoyo 溜溜球 | 功夫球 | 约约 lion jumps through a ring 狮子跳圈 dodgem cars 碰碰车 kaleidoscope 万花筒 tendon boot 腱套 ventriloquism 腹语术 centipede kite 蜈蚣形风筝 chest lifting 试力箱 to play hopscotch 跳房子 feeter board performing | springboard performing 跳板飞人 to play leapfrog 跳背游戏 | 跳蛙游戏 ball bouncing 跳球 to play hy-spy | hide-and-seek 躲猫猫 amusement machine 游乐机 electric cracker 电光炮 bronco busting | to break in a horse 驯马[多指野马] horse-master | horse-breaker | horse-trainer 驯马师 organized play 团体游戏 good-luck bag 摸彩 to bowl a hoop | to roll a hoop 滚铁环 marvelous show 精彩表演 lion dance 舞狮 dragon dance 舞龙 story-telling 说书 bingo 宾果 object passing 递物比赛 steeplechase course 障碍赛马跑道 bagatelle 弹子戏 pogo stick 弹簧单高跷 Ferris wheel 摩天轮 marking flag 标志旗 scenic railway 盘旋火车 box kite 箱形风筝 schooling lane 练马场 butterfly kite 蝴蝶形风筝 impact machine 冲力机 paddock 调马场 head balancing 竖蜻蜓 to balance atop a moving sphere | to balance atop a rolling sphere 踏球 stilt-walking 踩高跷 to balance atop a cylinder 踩圆筒 mewling | whimpering 学小孩哭 swallow kite 燕形风筝 unicycle 独轮车 Rubik's cube 卢比克方块 building blocks 积木 head-to-head balancing 头顶头 dragon-boat race 龙舟竞赛 dragon kite 龙形风筝 lucky money [at New Year's] 压岁钱 hocus-pocus 戏法咒语 weight lifting 举重 enigma | riddle | conundrum 谜语 horse race 赛马 race card 赛马次序表 the turf 赛马场 tote board | totalizer | totalizator 赛马赌金计算器 dopesheet 赛马简报 lantern race 赛灯 to avoid evil spirits 避邪 to spin a top 掷陀螺 tee 掷环之目标 to play quoits | ring toss 掷环套椿 to play darts 掷镖游戏 catspring 窜跳 tongue twister 绕口令 to tumble to turn a somersault 翻筋斗 screw-jump 转身跳 vaudeville 杂耍 | 杂技 spread fences [an obstacle] 双重篱[障碍] swing 秋千 jockey | horseman 骑士 horse vaulting 骑木马 horsemanship | equestrian skill 骑术 riding academy 骑术场 to play blindman's buff 蒙眼 | 捉迷藏 | 瞎虎捉迷藏 steady breeze 稳定的微风 tetherball 绳球戏 crouch jump 蹲伏跳 seesaw | bascule 跷跷板 taking leave of the Old Year 辞岁 suspension show 飘色 the diabolo [a top spun on a string] 响簧 magic 魔术 magic wand 魔术棒 magician's gear | magician's gimmick 魔术器械 pyramid building 叠罗汉 fence [an obstacle] 篱[障碍] the ditch and hedge [an obstacle] 篱沟 | 篱濠[障碍] terminal tiles 么 winter [time] 冬 bamboo 竹 spring 春 autumn 秋 summer 夏 to lose 败 plum 梅 to win 胜 tile of circles [dot suit] 筒 chrysanthemum 菊 to "pung" or "draw" a tile to make a triplet 碰 ten-thousand [character suit] 万 orchid 兰 a round [completed when each player has held and lost the deal] 一圈 one time [in scoring] 一番 one pair 一对 seven pairs [one hand contains 7 pairs] 七对 eight rounds of play 八圈 a call for 3 tiles 三叫 opponent on the right 下家 to play chess 下棋 opponent on the left 上家 natural win [going out on the hand one is dealt] | heavenly hand 天胡 arena [i.e. mahjong for four hands piling up their tiles like an arena] 方城 chessboard squares 方格 to discard | to discard a tile 出张 north wind 北风 four rounds [one game] 四圈 to forfeit chessman 失子 win without points 平胡 blank [extra] dragon tile 白板 first move 先走 pure characters 全字 fishing | awaiting one's winning tile 吊牌 to win opposite chessman 吃子 to draw 吃张 tihu [to go out or win a hand after drawing only one tile] 地胡 to hold up a tile 扣牌 to win by one's own draw 自摸 west wind 西风 to occupy 占据 to embattle | plot 布局 to take a tile 抓牌 to move chessman 走棋 two times 两番 basic points 底胡 mingkan | to expose 3-tiles in order of a kind 明坎 mingkang 明杠 east wind 东风 boundary limit 河界 to advance 前进 south wind 南风 to retreat 后退 to shuffle the tiles 洗牌 forming the wall of stacks 砌牌 red chung [dragon] tile 红中 bad luck | chicanery 背牌 maneuvering 计诱 to play a hand in a way to gain a much better score 做牌 to steal a tile [illegal] 偷牌 national champion | expert player 国手 smothering 将死 to arrange tiles into order 理牌 dealer 庄家 waiting for one of the pair to win 单钓 [Japan] go | [China] weichi 围棋 filler 嵌张 chess player 棋手 game of chess 棋局 chess tournament 棋赛 book on chess | chessbook 棋谱 machiang player | machiang gambler 牌友 fantan [a form of gambling in Canton] 番摊 green [dragon] tile 发财 to declare a false win 诈胡 to draw a useful tile 进张 to open the gate 开门 ankan | to conceal [lay face-down] 3-tiles in order of a kind 暗坎 skipping 跳牌 leaping 跳过 to call checkmate until opponent's defeat 逼将 opponent sitting opposite to somebody 对门 waiting for two tiles to win | making two pairs 对碰 to calculate points [scoring] 算胡 dice | craps 骰子 stake 赌注 to move sideways | to sidle 横行 awaiting the only one necessary tile to win 独听 double call 双叫 side tiles 边张 to be won by one's left or opposing opponent with the same tile one needs 拦胡 counter | chip | dib 筹码 waiting for the one necessary tile to win 听牌 a hand of tiles 一手牌 be even 一般高 a complete sequence from 1 to 9 一条龙 tierce tile 一铺牌 the thirteen orphans [1, 9, and one of each character] 十三么 three players looking for one player more 三缺一 black scholar 士[黑] three black, green and red tiles 大三元 four great blessings [with 3-tiles of each of the 4 winds] 大四喜 three matching suits with same numbers in sequence 大姊妹 grand slam 大满贯 any two 3-tiles and one 2-tile of the three dragons 小三元 four small blessings [with 3-tiles of any three of the 4 winds] 小四喜 a small slam 小满贯 without melding 不求人 tiles [2-8] without the two terminal tiles 不带么 [Japan] gobang | five-tile chess 五子棋 red scholar 仕[红] north wind round [the 4th round, each round consisting of 4 hands of play] 北风圈 four-colored cards 四色牌 to discard a tile which had already been discarded on the table 打熟张 west wind round 西风圈 soldier 兵[红] black chariot 车[黑] chariots go in a straight line 车走直 pawn 卒[黑] draw 和 | 拜 to take the booty 抬轿子 east wind round 东风圈 south wind round 南风圈 marshal 帅[红] red cannon | red artillery 炮[红] councillor 相[红] black cannon | black artillery 炮[黑] lacking a suit 缺一门 black cavalry | black horse 马[黑] horses move diagonally 马走日 cricket fighting 斗蟋蟀 be unconscious of a shortage or surplus of tiles 做相公 army general 将[黑] flush | to have all tiles in one suit 清一色 mixed tiles with at least one suit of characters 混一色 machiang table 麻将桌 mahjong fan 麻将迷 machiang tile | mahjong tile 麻将牌 elephant 象[黑] winning with all paired-tiles 对对胡 to arrange chessmen on board 摆棋子 to go out [to complete a hand composed of 4 sets of 3 tiles each plus a pair] 摊下来 red cavalry | red horse [红] three sets melded [exposed face up on the table] 三铺下地 chess rules 下棋规则 red chessman moves first 红子先走 switching seats after a game 重新搬位 bamboo suit [one of the game's three suits] 索 | 条子 machiang partner 麻将搭子 mahjong mat 麻将垫子 to draw a tile, after a kang, from the end of the wall to win the game 杠上开花 to lose more than win 输多赢少 any three exposed tiles in sequence of a kind 摊出之牌 the kitty 抽头 | 头钱 to enable an opponent to win by discarding a tile 放充 | 放炮 to remain the dealer 连庄 | 占庄 machiang | Mah-Jongg 麻将 | 麻雀 to pung has a higher priority than to draw 尽碰不尽吃 the only pair of a winning hand 麻将[指胡牌] to discard a tile 打出牌 | 打出 everything goes wrong 牌不顺 | 牌手不顺 pawn behind the enemy's line not permitted to retreat 过河卒[不得后退] cannon must hop over a chessman to score 包打隔子 | 炮打隔子 to throw the dice 掷骰子 | 丢骰子 | 扔骰子 [France] manque [numbers from 1-18] 1-18号 [France] passe [numbers from 19-36] 19-36号 a hand | a hand of cards 一手牌 pair 一对 blackjack | twenty-one | [France] vingt-et-un 二十一分 two pairs 二对 face card 人头牌 cross handle 十字柄 three-handed bridge 三人桥牌 full house [three of a kind and a pair] 三同及一对 tierce [three of a kind in sequence] 三张顺序牌 rubber 三赛两胜 to put a pot on | to put a stake on 下注 high cards 大牌 grand slam 大满贯 little slam 小满贯 joker [53rd card, usually wild] 丑牌 no bid | to pass 不叫 intermediate card 中间牌 distributional takeout double 分配性迫伴赌倍 cutting 切牌 trump lead 引王牌 mental play 心智之打法 diamond suit 方块 | 方块组 king 王 to ruff | trump 王吃[以王牌取胜] trump suit 王花组 trump card 王牌 baccarat | baccara 巴卡拉[王牌赌法之一] bishop 主教 leader 出牌人 to raise the stakes 加赌金 biddable suit 可叫组 bidding 叫牌 four flush [four cards of one suit of a possible flush] 四同 loser on loser 失不在失 artificial bid 巧叫 Klondike [a variety of solitaire] 打通关 white square 白方块 white piece 白棋子 draw | to draw 先发牌随即收牌 hold | to hold 先礼后兵法 to re-open 再开牌 to re-double 再赌倍 flush [all cards of one suit] 同花 suit 同花一组 royal flush [A-K-Q-J-10 of one suit] 同花大顺 straight flush [five cards of one suit and in sequence] 同花顺 contract bridge 合约桥牌 slot machine | [slang] one arm bandit 吃角子老虎 variety 多变法 safety play 安全打法 roulette bowl 托盘 money rake 收付赌注之耙子 [France] croupier 收付赌注者 court card 有花牌 to revoke 有牌不跟 marked cards 有暗号牌 percentage 百分数 old hand | old hand at cards 老手 free bid 自由叫 auto squeeze 自动挤 to stand pat 自认牌局甚佳无需再抓牌 ace 至尊 chess 西洋棋 chessman | chess piece 西洋棋子 backgammon 西洋双陆棋 minor suit 低花 match point 序分 throw-in play 投入法 inhibitory double 抑制性赌倍 defender 防家 cue bid 佯叫 pawn 卒 stalemate 受困 drawn game 和局 to jettison 抛大牌 gambit 抛砖引玉法 to draw | to draw a card 抽牌 playing cards 玩牌 cardhand | cardshark 玩牌老手 | 玩牌能手 long suit 长门花色 blocking 阻塞 rook | castle 城堡 to shuffle 洗牌 queen [a face card] 皇后 | 皮蛋 red | [France] rouge 红 heart suit 红心 winning line 致胜法 call 要求摊牌 counting 计算 forcing bid 迫叫 takeout double 迫伴赌倍 to reshuffle 重新洗牌 to lead | to lead the game 首先出牌 Barco squeeze 倍古挤牌法 waiting bid 候叫 elimination 剥光法 Napoleon club system 拿破里敦叫牌制 trump drawing 捉王牌 tempo 时效 genuine bid 真叫 bankruptcy 破产 cards 纸牌 pack of cards | deck of cards 纸牌一付 pip 纸牌上之点 pinocle | pinochle 皮纳克尔牌戏 void 缺门 under trick 缺磴 dominoes 骨牌戏 over bid 高叫 major suit 高花 cock fighting 斗鸡 the stop 停处 deception 假动作 to stack the cards 做牌[洗牌时作弊] finesse 偷牌 round 圈数 king [a face card] 国王 | 老凯 International Match Point [IMP] 国际序分 solid suit 坚强牌组 basic squeeze 基本挤牌法 checkmate 将死 rake-off 得一分 inference 推断法 diagonal 斜行 revolving disk 旋转盘[注有1-36之数字] show-hand 梭哈 | 沙蟹 club suit 梅花 melee 混合法 smother play 窒息法 the first dozen | [France] douze premier 第一打[1-12号] the second dozen | [France] douze milieu 第二打[13-24号] the third dozen | [France] douze dernier 第三打[25-36号] jackpot 累积赌注 bank | pool 庄家赌本 in sequence 连张 top card 顶张 jack [a face card] 杰克 top score 最高分 solitaire 单人纸牌戏 singleton [a card that is the only one of the suit in a hand] 单张 odd numbers | [France] impair 单数 | 奇数 honor card 尊张 | 尊牌 whist 惠斯特 intervening bid 插叫 chessboard 棋盘 no trump 无王 be even 无赢无输 four of a kind [same denominations] 牌号码相同的四张 remaining cards [after the deal] 发剩牌 to deal 发牌 dealer 发牌人 | 庄家 to misdeal 发错牌 short suit 短门 drop 硬敲法 desperate play 绝处逢生法 psychic bid 诈叫 overtrick 超磴 opening bid 开叫 opener 开牌人 straight [five cards in sequence, in one hand] 顺子 black | [France] noir 黑 black square 黑方块 spade suit 黑桃 black piece 黑棋子 new hand | beginner | novice 新手 asking bid 询叫 follow 跟牌 zero 零 tarot cards 预卜命运之牌 to discard 垫牌 partner 伙伴 | 盟方 dummy 梦家 defence against a squeeze 对挤牌之防御 slam 满贯 precision system 精准制 to cover 盖 to overcall 盖叫 honeymoon bridge 蜜月桥牌 poker face 扑克面孔 opponent 敌人 | 敌方 | 对手 opponent's play 敌方的打法 duplicate bridge 复式桥牌 gambling table 赌台 | 赌桌 the ante 赌金 double 赌倍 gambler 赌徒 | 赌客 gambling hell 赌场 gambling debts 赌债 | 赌帐 gambling house 赌窟 roulette wheel 轮盘 roulette ball 轮盘赌用球 roulette table plan 轮盘赌表 roulette player 轮盘赌徒 rank 横行 entry problem 桥引问题 unblocking 桥路畅通法 coup 桥谱 rubber bridge 输局桥牌 loser 输家 to win as much as to lose 输赢各半 preference bid 选叫 courtesy bid 应付叫 squeeze 挤牌法 stopper 档张 knight 爵士 trick 磴 file 纵行 avoidance 避免法 points 点数 preemptive bid 窜叫 doubleton [a set of only two cards of the same suit in a hand as a deal] 双张 pair [even numbers] 双数 | 偶数 double squeeze 双挤 side suit 边门牌 key card 关键牌 competitive bid 竞叫 chip | counter | [France] jetton 筹码 winner 赢家 to hit the jackpot 赢得累积赌注 guard 护牌 showdown | to lay down 摊牌 card reading 读牌数 park 公园 ballroom | dance hall | dancing saloon 舞厅 casino 赌场 theater | theatre 戏院 nightclub | nightspot 夜总会 auditorium | music hall | concert hall 音乐厅 club 俱乐部 circus 马戏场 zoo | zoological garden 动物园 racecourse 跑马场 amusement park 游乐园 cinema | movie theater 电影院 opera house 歌剧院 arena | amphitheater | coliseum 竞技场 first-run cinema 首轮影院 second-run cinema 二轮影院 music hall 综艺剧场 art theatre 艺术影院 open cinema 露天影院 drive-in 汽车电影院 discotheque 迪斯可舞厅 amphitheater 圆型露天剧场 sky 天 star 星 globe 球 halo 晕 eclipse 蚀 atmosphere 大气 revolution 公转 sphere 球面 vault of heaven | celestial vault 天穹 zenith 天顶 space 太空 sun 太阳 sunrise 日出 corona | solar corona 日冕 sunset 日落 solar eclipse 日蚀 prominence 日珥 phase 月相 moon 月球 lunar eclipse 月蚀 principal star | lucida star 主星 half-moon 半月 umbra 本影 epicycle 本轮 node 交点 light-year 光年 photosphere 光球 aureole 光环 total eclipse 全蚀 earth 地球 cosmos | universe 宇宙 proper motion 自行 rotation 自转 chromosphere 色球 planet 行星 evening star 昏星 space 空间 nimbus | nimbus cloud 雨云 star | fixed star 恒星 apsis 拱点 constellation 星座 nebula 星云 cluster | star cluster 星团 shooting star | meteor 流星 full moon 满月 waxing moon | crescent moon 盈月 orbit 轨道 partial eclipse 偏蚀 tail 彗尾 comet 彗星 morning star 晨星 acolyte 陪星 nightfall | dusk 黄昏 celestial longitude 黄经 celestial latitude 黄纬 macula 黑子 black hole | collapsar 黑洞 new moon 新月 precession | precession of the equinoxes 岁差 aerolite 陨石 Milky Way | Galaxy 银河 galactic longitude 银经 galactic equator 银道 galactic latitude 银纬 stratus | stratus cloud 层云 satellite 卫星 dawn | daybreak 黎明 waning moon 亏月 limb 边缘 equinox 二分点 last quarter moon 下弦月 first quarter moon 上弦月 ring of Saturn 土星环 meridian 子午圈 asteroid 小行星 solar day 太阳日 sun's rays 太阳光 solar year 太阳年 solar system 太阳系 selenography 月面学 world calendar 世界历 aurora borealis | northern lights 北极光 polestar 北极星 horizon 地平线 cosmic year 宇宙年 cosmology 宇宙论 perihelion 近日点 perigee 近地点 interplanetary 星际的 proxima 毗邻星 shower of meteor 流星雨 lunation 朔望月 fictitious sun 假太阳 supernova 超新星 aphelion 远日点 apogee 远地点 convergence zone 辐合带 asteroid belt 小行星带 astronomical unit 天文单位 solar flare 太阳闪焰 sunspot 太阳黑子 extragalactic systems 外银河系 local group of galaxies 本宇宙群 globular cluster 球状星团 zodiacal constellation 黄道星座 galactic nebula | the galactic nebula 银河星云 galactic cluster | cluster of galaxies 银河星团 cusp of the moon 月牙的尖角 mean solar noon 平均太阳午 mean solar day 平均太阳日 mean time | mean solar time 平均太阳时 azimuth 平经 | 方位 cosmography 宇宙架构学 cosmogony 宇宙起源学 solstice 至日 | 至点 orb | celestial body | heavenly body 星球 | 天体 radio star 无线电波星 signs of the zodiac 黄道十二宫 vernal equinox 春分 | 春分点 summer solstice 夏至 | 夏至点 autumnal equinox 秋分 | 秋分点 winter solstice 冬至 | 冬至点 photon 光子 | 光量子 Dipper | Big Dipper 大北斗 | 大北斗七星 Little Dipper 小北斗 | 小北斗七星 Murcury 水星 Venus 金星 Earth 地球 Mars 火星 Jupiter 木星 Saturn 土星 Uranus 天王星 Neptune 海王星 Pluto 冥王星 [Latin] Triangulum [Tri] | Triangle 三角座 [Latin] Canis Major [CMa] | Big Dog 大犬座 [Latin] Ursa Major [UMa] | Big Bear 大熊座 [Latin] Canis Minor [CMi] | Little Dog 小犬座 [Latin] Equuleus [Equ] | Little Horse 小马座 [Latin] Leo Minor [LMi] | Little Lion 小狮座 [Latin] Ursa Minor [UMi] | Little Bear 小熊座 [Latin] Mensa [Men] | Table | Table Mountain 山案座 [Latin] Lepus [Lep] | Hare 天兔座 [Latin] Sirius | Dog Star 天狼座 [Latin] Libra [Lib] | Scales 天秤座 [Latin] Lyra [Lyr] | Harp 天琴座 [Latin] Sagitta [Sge] | Arrow 天箭座 [Latin] Ara [Ara] | Altar 天坛座 [Latin] Apus [Aps] | Bird of Paradise 天燕座 [Latin] Lynx [Lyn] 天猫座 [Latin] Draco [Dra] | Dragon 天龙座 [Latin] Columba [Col] | Dove 天鸽座 [Latin] Cygnus [Cyg] | Swan 天鹅座 [Latin] Scorpius [Sco] | Scorpion 天蝎座 [Latin] Fornax [For] | Furnace 天炉座 [Latin] Grus [Gru] | Crane 天鹤座 [Latin] Aquila [Agl] | Eagle 天鹰座 [Latin] Pavo [Pav] | Peacock 孔雀座 [Latin] Hydrus [Hyi] | Sea Serpent 水蛇座 [Latin] Andromeda [And] 仙女座 [Latin] Cepheus [Cep] 仙王座 [Latin] Cassiopeia [Cas] 仙后座 [Latin] Corona Borealis [CrB] | Northern Crown 北冕座 [Latin] Serpens [Ser] | Serpent 巨蛇座 [Latin] Crater [Crt] | Cup 巨爵座 [Latin] Cancer [Cnc] | Crab 巨蟹座 [Latin] Sculptor [Scl] 玉夫座 [Latin] Aries [Ari] | Ram 白羊座 [Latin] Coma Berenices | Berenice's Hair 后发座 [Latin] Tucana | Toucan 杜鹃座 [Latin] Hercules [Her] 武仙座 [Latin] Eridanus [Eri] | River Eridanus 波江座 [Latin] Bootes [Boo] | Herdsman 牧夫座 [Latin] Vulpecula [Vul] | Little Fox 狐狸座 [Latin] Taurus [Tau] | Bull 金牛座 [Latin] Hydra [Hya] | Water Monster 长蛇座 [Latin] Corona Australis [CrA] | Southern Crown 南冕座 [Latin] Piscis Austrinus [PsA] | Southern Fish 南鱼座 [Latin] Octans [Oct] | Octant 南极座 [Latin] Scutum [Sct] | Shield 盾牌座 [Latin] Perseus [Per] 英仙座 [Latin] Pegasus [Peg] | Winged Horse 飞马座 [Latin] Volans [Vol] | Flying Fish 飞鱼座 [Latin] Antlia [Ant] | Pump 唧筒座 [Latin] Horologium [Hor] | Clock 时钟座 [Latin] Delphinus [Del] | Dolphin 海豚座 [Latin] Corvus [Crv] | Crow 乌鸦座 [Latin] Norma [Nor] | Level | Square 矩尺座 [Latin] Lupus [Lup] | Wolf 豺狼座 [Latin] Auriga [Aur] | Charioteer 御夫座 [Latin] Vela [Vel] | Ship's Sails 船帆座 [Latin] Puppis [Pup] | Ship's Stern 船尾座 [Latin] Carina [Car] | Ship's Keel 船底座 [Latin] Virgo [Vir] | Virgin 处女座 [Latin] Ophiuchus [Oph] | Serpent Bearer 蛇夫座 [Latin] Camelopardalis [Cam] | Giraffe 鹿豹座 [Latin] Pictor [Pic] | Easel 画架座 [Latin] Circinus [Cir] | Compass 圆规座 [Latin] Leo [Leo] | Lion 狮子座 [Latin] Reticulum [Ret] | Net 网罟座 [Latin] Musca [Mus] | Fly 苍蝇座 [Latin] Phoenix [Phe] 凤凰座 [Latin] Dorado [Dor] | Swordfish 剑鱼座 [Latin] Caelum [Cae] | Chisel 雕具座 [Latin] Orion [Ori] 猎户座 [Latin] Canes Venatici [CVn] | Hunting Dogs 猎犬座 [Latin] Gemini [Gem] | Twins 双子座 [Latin] Pisces [Psc] | Fishes 双鱼座 [Latin] Pyxis [Pyx] | Ship's Compass 罗盘座 [Latin] Lacerta [Lac] | Lizard 蝎虎座 [Latin] Cetus [Cet] | Whale 鲸鱼座 [Latin] Monoceros [Mon] | Unicorn 麒麟座 [Latin] Aquarius [Agr] | Water Bearer 宝瓶座 [Latin] Chamaeleon [Cha] | Chameleon 蜒座 [Latin] Microscopium [Mic] | Microscope 显微镜座 [Latin] Sextans [Sex] | Sextant 六分仪座 [Latin] Centaurus [Cen] | Centaur 半人马座 [Latin] Indus [Ind] | Indian 印地安座 [Latin] Crux [Cru] | Southern Cross 南十字座 [Latin] Triangulum Australe [TrA] 南三角座 [Latin] Telescopium | Telescope 望远镜座 [Latin] Capricornus [Cap] | Goat 摩羯座 | 山羊座 [Latin] Sagittarius [Sgr] | Archer 人马座 | 射手座 Asia 亚洲 Africa 非洲 Europe 欧洲 Oceania 大洋洲 Antarctica 南极洲 North America 北美洲 South America 南美洲 Arctic | Arctic Ocean 北冰洋 Atlantic | Atlantic Ocean 大西洋 Indian | Indian Ocean 印度洋 Pacific | Pacific Ocean 太平洋 Coral Sea 珊瑚海 Arabian Sea 阿拉伯海 South Sea | South China Sea 南海 Mediterranean Sea 地中海 Bering Sea 白令海 Bay of Bengal 孟加拉湾 Okhotsk 鄂霍次克海 Gulf of Mexico 墨西哥湾 Gulf of Guinea 几内亚湾 Barents Sea 巴伦支海 Norwegian Sea 挪威海 Gulf of Alaska 阿拉斯加湾 Hudson Bay 哈得孙湾 Greenland Sea 格陵兰海 Arafura Sea 阿拉福拉海 Philippine Sea 菲律宾海 Sea of Japan 日本海 East Siberia Sea 东西伯利亚海 Kara Sea 喀拉海 East China | East China Sea 东中国海 Andaman Sea 安答曼海 North Sea 北海 Black Sea 黑海 Red Sea 红海 Baltic Sea 波罗的海 Persian Gulf | Arabian Gulf 波斯湾 | 阿拉伯湾 Bay of St Lawrence 圣罗伦斯湾 Caspian Sea 里海[伊朗和前苏联] Superior Lake 苏必略湖[美国和加拿大] Aral Sea 咸海[哈萨克] Victoria Lake 维多利亚湖[东非] Huron Lake 休伦湖[美国和加拿大] Michigan Lake 密西根湖[美国] Tanganyika Lake 坦干伊喀湖[东非] Baikal [or Baykal] Lake 贝加尔湖[前苏联] Great Bear Lake 大熊湖[加拿大] Great Slave Lake 大奴湖[加拿大] Erie Lake 伊利湖[美国和加拿大] Winnipeg Lake 温尼伯湖[加拿大] Malawi Lake 马拉威湖[东非] Balkhash Lake 巴尔喀什湖[哈萨克] Ontario Lake 安大略湖[加拿大] Ladoga Lake 拉多加湖[前苏联] Chad Lake 查德湖[西非] Maracaibo Lake 马拉开波湖[委内瑞拉] Patos Lagoon 帕图斯泻湖[巴西] Onega Lake 奥涅加湖[前苏联] Rudolf Lake 鲁道夫湖[东非] Eyre Lakes 艾耳湖[澳大利亚] Titicaca Lake 的的喀喀湖[秘鲁] Nile | Nile River 尼罗河[埃及] Amazon | Amazon River 亚马孙河 Mississippi | Mississippi River 密士失比河[美国] Yangtze River | Changjiang River 长江[中国] Yenisey [or Yenisei] River 叶尼塞河[俄罗斯] Amur River 阿穆尔河 Ob River 鄂毕河[俄罗斯] Labrador River 拉布拉他河 Yellow River 黄河[中国] Congo River 刚果河[萨伊河] Lena River 勒拿河[俄罗斯] Mackenzie River 马更些河[加拿大] Mekong River 湄公河 Niger River 尼日河 Australia 澳大利亚[岛] Greenland 格陵兰岛 New Guinea 新几内亚[岛] Borneo Island 婆罗洲 Madagascar 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司