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Thar Desert 塔尔[印度和巴基斯坦] Simpson Desert 辛普森沙漠[澳大利亚中部] Atacama Desert 阿塔卡马[智利] Namib Desert 纳米布[东南非] Statham 斯特山[澳大利亚东南部] Oerhtossu Desert 鄂尔多斯[中国] all-encompassing unity | all-encompassing principle 一以贯之 period of good order followed by one of confusion 一治一乱 sudden calamity 一朝之患 single gourd container of drink 一瓢饮 with only a single dish of rice [very poor] 一箪食 being demeaned by others 人侮之 the nobility of man | official titles 人爵 Practising in earnest, one draws near benevolence. 力行进乎仁 think thrice and then act 三思而后行 reflecting upon oneself, regarding three points 三省吾身 descending from lofty trees to enter into dark valleys 下乔木而入幽谷 Inferior man violates the penal code. 小人犯刑 establishing oneself, and seeking also to establish others 己欲立而立人 developing oneself, and seeking also to develop others 己欲达而达人 without the virtues proper to humanity 不仁 be uncomplaining against others 不尤人 without forgetfulness 不忘 inspiring confidence without words 不言而信 be disloyal 不忠 ignorance of the relative importance of things 不知类 be insincere 不信 be uncomplaining 不怨 without complaints to Heaven 不怨天 not feel shame to ask of and learn from one's inferior 不耻下问 inspiring respect without acting 不动而敬 without fierceness 不猛 not practised 不习 without greed 不贪 to not treat one's inferior with contempt 不陵下 not revenging unreasonable conduct 不报无道 without doubts | without suspicions 不惑 not courting the favor of superiors 不援上 without great expenditure 不费 not be indignant 不愠 without transgression 不愆 contrary to right conduct 不义 without anxiety 不忧 not transferring anger 不迁怒 non-partisan 不党 without fear 不惧 without pride 不骄 | 无骄 without transgressing what is right 不逾矩 standing straight in the middle without leaning to either side 中立而不倚 Golden Mean 中庸 perfect virtue | benevolence | goodness 仁 kind words | benevolent words 仁言 humaneness and righteousness 仁义 reputation for kindness 仁声 turning inward and examining oneself 内自省 self-examination 内省 be inwardly weak 内荏 inquiring earnestly and appropriately 切问 cutting and polishing [to cultivate oneself] 切磋 the valor of a common man 匹夫之勇 becoming sincere after self-examination 反省而诚 everything under heaven 天之所覆 the transforming and nourishing powers of Heaven and Earth 天地之化育 the way of heaven 天道 the nobility of Heaven [moral greatness] 天爵 the attention paid to the proper and different roles of husband and wife 夫妇有别 caring tenderly for the young 少者怀之 blaming others 尤人 always with carefulness 心戒 simple and modest in speech 木讷 to rest only when the highest excellence is reached 止于至善 without arbitrary necessities 毋必 without self-deception 毋自欺 without egoism 毋我 without obstinacy 毋固 without foregone conclusions 毋意 be partial rather than universal 比而不周 holding loyalty and sincerity as one's foremost principles 主忠信 promoting benevolence by friendship 以友辅仁 meeting friends out of literary writing 以文会友 giving up one's life for the sake of one's principles 以身殉道 responding to a slight with justice 以直报怨 giving up one's principles for the sake of one's life 以道殉身 giving distinction to the virtuous 以彰有德 responding to a slight with kindness 以德报怨 responding to kindness with kindness 以德报德 assumed appearance | insinuating expression 令色 full of benevolence and righteousness 充塞仁义 banishing human relationships 去人伦 abandoning benevolence 去仁 getting rid of slander 去谗 beguiling words 巧言 liberal-mindedness and vigorous endurance 弘毅 always with respectfulness 必敬 root and branch 本末 setting men's hearts in line 正人心 amending the heart 正心 being honest rather than crafty 正而不谲 trying to be in agreement with the will of Heaven 永言配命 offending one's superiors 犯上 life springing from sorrow and calamity 生于忧患 establishing the great fundamental virtues of the world 立天下之大本 to recognize and develop one's being 立命 behavior established by the Rule of Propriety 立于礼 accepting a heavy burden 任重 acting before speaking 先行其言 putting self-advantage first 先利 being careful at first about morals 先慎乎德 lofty and bold actions 危行 lofty and bold language 危言 be adulatory, but not affable 同而不和 everything on the earth 地之所载 to stir up new people | exhorting people to be good 在新民 loving valor 好勇 be fond of wealth 好货 be fond of war 好战 to thoroughly like propriety 好礼 peacefulness of spirit 安 resting in virtue | being content with virtue 安仁 making perils safepossessedness 安其危 tranquilizing the state 安社稷 to complete one's upbringing with Music 成于乐 be able to differentiate | be able to discriminate 有别 to possess forbearance 有容 be able to maintain a firm hold on 有执 be able to command respect 有敬 death resulting from pleasure 死于安乐 giving rest to the aged 老者安之 demeaning oneself 自侮 those who throw themselves away because of inferiority complex 自弃者 those who do violence to themselves with superiority complex 自暴者 to humble oneself 自谦 perfect sincerity 至诚 reaching the highest point of virtuous activity 至德 stern appearance 色厉 behavior 行 practising wonders 行怪 to try one by frustrating one's undertakings 行拂乱其所为 actions consistent with words 行顾言 rebellion | stirring up confusion 作乱 controlling oneself and observing polite ways 克己复礼 to make one's virtuous eminence known 克明峻德 profitability 利 the appropriate sense of righteousness between sovereign and minister 君臣有义 The sovereign is the least important. 君为轻 be distressed in mind 困于心 filial piety and brotherly giving-in 孝弟 playing the part of a respectful and obedient brother 弟 outward appearance 形 directing the mind to benevolence | be determined to be benevolent 志于仁 one's will set on the path of truth | to set on what is right 志于道 seeking to live at the expense of virtuous ways 求生以害仁 seeking for a carefree mind 求其放心 ambitious, but hasty 狂简 good ministers 良臣 reliable or trustworthy words 言而有信 discourse about man's nature 言性 words consistent with actions 言顾行 perverse doctrine 邪说 well-governed country 邦有道 badly-governed country 邦无道 serving the parents 事父母 to stick to benevolent ways 依于仁 employment of the people at proper times 使民以时 peacefulness is prized 和为贵 fate | destiny | the will of God 命 the last surviving loyal minister and the final heir 孤臣孽子 determination 定 aspiring to some goal 尚志 loyalty | honesty | devotion 忠 acting with an eye open for advantages 放于利而行 banishing licentious expressions 放淫辞 be clear in discernment | brilliance | brightness 明 clarifying human relations 明人伦 to illustrate illustrious virtue 明明德 sincerity following from knowledge 明诚 clear discrimination 明辨 bearing the burden of laborious matters 服其劳 trust between friends 朋友有信 making one's friends believe one 朋友信之 determined decision 果 to govern a state well 治国 be overflowing with love for all 泛爱众 acquiring an understanding of men 知人 perfection of knowledge 知之至 knowing the fate decreed by Heaven 知天命 knowing and understanding the basis of something 知本 continually acquiring new knowledge 知新 subjecting oneself to extreme poverty 空乏其身 letting go of life and choosing righteousness instead 舍生取义 thinking with self-application 近思 sorrow near at hand 近忧 the proper formalities between young and old 长幼有序 be constantly distressed 长戚戚 truthfulness | sincerity 信 believing in and admiring the ancients 信而好古 protecting the people 保民 boldness | courage 勇 majestic yet not fierce 威而不猛 not be bent by power or force 威武不能屈 putting righteousness last 后义 without depraved thoughts 思无邪 to express feelings of resentment 怨 complaining to/against Heaven 怨天 treating orphans with compassion 恤孤 setting up a benevolent government for the people 施仁政 mildness | pliancy 柔 persecuting the people 殃民 exercising government by means of virtue 为政以德 standing in awe of Heaven 畏天 being reserved in the use of punishments and fines 省刑罚 being dignified and not inclined to arguing 矜而不争 restraining oneself out of propriety 约以礼 to attain to a state of equilibrium and harmony 致中和 to reach toward the greatest knowledge and understanding 致知 suffering with one's mind 苦其心志 an interpreter rather than an author 述而不作 disciplining oneself | cultivating one's personal character 修身 making the whole world full of goodness in joining with it 兼善天下 loving all equally 兼爱 unyielding 刚 reverent | respectful 恭 respectful yet composed 恭而安 putting an end to perverse doctrines 息邪说 investigation and research of things 格物 retiring from office with the right attitude 退以义 stimulating oneself, but controlling one's presence of mind 动心忍性 exalting virtue 崇德 careful in ordinary speech 庸言之谨 earnest practice of ordinary virtues 庸德之行 attaining one's purpose 得志 having an active nature and liking learning 敏而好学 quick in action 敏于行 be earnest in one's doings 敏于事 sacrificing one's life to preserve one's virtue 杀身以成仁 according to what is natural | following what is natural 率性 end and beginning | basis and extension 终始 To feel shameful and to have dislike reflect a sense of righteousness. 羞恶之心义也 be slow in speech 讷于言 urging the betterment of what is good 责善 urging one's sovereign to attempt the difficult achievements 责难于君 not be swayed because of poverty and mean conditions 贫贱不能移 laboring with strength 劳力 laboring with the mind 劳心 toiling with one's sinews and bones 劳其筋骨 expanding the mind with learning 博以文 extensive learning | extensive study 博学 familiarity with what is right [especially public welfare and interest] 喻于义 be unable to be lewd or corrupted by the power of riches and position 富贵不能淫 to honor virtue and enjoy right conduct 尊德乐义 honoring men of virtue and talent 尊贤 honoring the worthy and raising the talented 尊贤育才 knowledge | wisdom 智 finding relaxation and enjoyment in the arts 游于艺 to follow no crooked policy in making embankments 无曲防 without weariness 无倦 without wickedness 无恶 without the principles of truth and right | unprincipled course of action 无道 not be disobedient 无违 without cause for grief 无忧 without flattery 无谄 so eager to study that one forgets about food 发愤忘食 displaying what is good 着其善 going well-mannered into office 进以礼 advancing and laying hold of | advancing and laying hold of truth 进取 indifferent and ambivalent attitude | hypocrite 乡愿 to confuse the basis of something 乱本 foolishness | stupidity 愚 love for people 爱人 loving all uniformly 爱无差等 caution | prudence 慎 be careful in one's speech 慎于言 careful reflection 慎思 respect 敬 respecting the old and being kind to the young 敬老慈幼 reverent attention paid to work 敬事 be mild and yet dignified 温而厉 reviewing knowledge already acquired 温故 frugality | careful use of resources 节用 justice | righteousness | always with reverence 义 righteousness as an essential nature 义以为质 sociability 群 be sociable rather than a partisan 群而不党 knowledge following from sincerity 诚明 to strive to be sincere in thought 诚意 retreating from the world 辟世 retreating from the State 辟地 restraining from inflammatory words 辟言 the universal truth 达道 the universal virtue 达德 acting contrary to benevolent ways 违仁 few occasions for blame 寡尤 few occasions for regret 寡悔 lessening desires 寡欲 examining that which contents one | examining that which pacifies one 察其所安 using one's mind to the utmost 尽心 employing all of one's mental 尽其心 full development of human nature 尽性 being able to perceive the deepest truths both quickly and accurately 睿智 exerting one's utmost strength 竭其力 keeping from being the object of resentment 远怨 keeping away from shame and disgrace 远耻辱 caring about what is distant 远虑 to keep a family in order 齐家 compounding one's incompetence 增益其所不能 showing forbearance and gentleness in teaching 宽柔以教 accurate inquiry 审问 deliberation 虑 enjoying hills | enjoying scenic hills 乐山 delighting in the world 乐天 enjoying lakes and streams | enjoying scenic lakes and streams 乐水 so joyful [over something] that one forgets his sorrow 乐以忘忧 perseverance 毅 nourishing the mind 养心 caring for the people 养民 nourishing one's nature 养其性 exposing one's body to hunger 饿其体肤 confucianism 儒家 studying without weariness | studying without boredom 学而不厌 constant reviewing or practicing of that already studied 学而时习之 citing an illustration from war 战喻 holding onto that which is good 据于道 choosing what is good, and holding onto it 择善固执 attending to one's own goodness in solitude 独善其身 to guard against violence 御暴 to work perseveringly 笃行 having a firm and sincere aim 笃志 to stimulate the mind 兴 making a country prosperous 兴邦 the mind is aroused by the Odes 兴于诗 although perplexed, but still balanced 衡于虑 to make friends with good persons 亲仁 to treat the people as one would treat one's family 亲民 loving one's family and relatives 亲亲 success following from adequate preparation 豫则立 uncovering delusions 辨惑 calmness of mind 静 quick apprehension 聪 proceeding to action with fear or anxiety 临事而惧 avoiding evil influences 避邪 turning to a goal of benevolence 归仁 be prudent and truthful 谨而信 having a fear of the law 怀刑 cherishing favors | cherishing favours 怀惠 cherishing virtue 怀德 art | ability | skill 艺 be proud and stingy 骄且吝 self-contemplation | self-introspection 观 observing one's conduct 观其行 observing one's will or ambitions 观其志 marking another's motives 观其所由 monism 一元论 dualistic materialism 二元唯物论 dualism 二元论 philtrum 人中 personality 人格 horoscope 八字 eight trigrams [pa kua] 八卦 the twelve earthly branches | the duodecimal cycle 十二地支 the zodiac 十二宫 the ten heavenly stems | the decimal cycle 十天干 diviner 卜卦者 God 上帝 immortal soul 不灭的心灵 | 不灭的灵魂 principle of uncertainty 不确定原理 neutral monism 中性一元论 neutralism 中性论 the five elements 五行 feature | the five sense organs 五官 introversion 内向 matter 内容 the sixty-four hexagrams 六十四卦 sixty-year cycle 六十花甲 to bode ill | boding 凶兆 Chinese chronology [date according to the sixty-year cycle] 天干地支 forehead 天庭 premature death 夭折 mind | spirit 心 | 精神 palmistry | hand-reading 手相术 square face 方脸 corpus 主体 astrologer 占星家 astrology 占星学 | 星相 extroversion 外向 servility 奴性 ordinary 平凡 mediocrity 平庸 necessitarianism 必然论 essence | substance 本质 | 本体 ontology 本体论 life-line 生命线 cartomancy 用牌占卦 jinx 白虎星 | 扫帚星 teleology 目的论 interaction 交互作用 glabella 印堂 to bode well 吉兆 geomancy 地卜 | 风水 pluralism 多元论 sentimental type 多情型 good lot | good karma 好命 good fortune 好运 being | existence 存有 | 存在 cosmogony 宇宙论 success-line 成功线 soft ears 耳朵软 free will 自由意志 self-preservation 自卫 | 自保 Ken 艮[山] Tui 兑[泽] K`an 坎[水] metaphysical dualism 形上二元论 metaphysics 形上学 form 形式 determinism 决定论 career-line 事业线 children-line 儿女线 foreordination | predestination 命定 fate-line 命运线 vicissitude of fate 命运变化 K`un 坤[地] sister-line 姊妹线 extension 延积 [Latin] res extensa [an extended thing or matter] 延积体 to draw lots 抽签 the book of Changes 易经 thing-in-itself 物自体 materialistic monism 物质一元论 long eyebrows 长眉 longlived 长寿 be long-faced 长脸 non-being 非有 | 非存在 | 非生命 indeterminism 非决定论 bad sign for the husband 克夫 bad sign for the wife 克妻 character 品格 | 性格 [Latin] res cogitans [a thinking thing or mind] 思想体 thought 思维 passionate type 急性型 doughface 扁脸 finger print 指纹 idly passing years 流年 physiognomist 相士 physiognomy 相术 palmist 看手相的人 practice of physiognomy 看相 bulging eyes 突眼 miserable lot | bad karma 苦命 deportment 风度 | 举止 bad luck 倒霉 arched eyebrows 娥眉 | 蛾眉 family security 家宅平安 looks 容貌 complexion 气色 temperament 气质 | 性情 attribute 特徵 narrow forehead 狭额 disfigurement 破相 pure reality 纯粹现实 phrenology 骨相学 prominent nose 高鼻子 Ch`ien 乾[天] the universe [heaven and earth] 乾坤 health-line 健康线 the law of motion 动律 idealism 唯心论 | 观念论 materialism 唯物论 marriage-line 婚姻线 to calculate one's horoscope 排八字 deep-set eyes 深眼窝 head-line 理智线 ideal 理想 phenomenalism 现象论 primary substance 第一本质 the first cause 第一因 first philosophy 第一哲学 the prime mover 第一动者 coarse eyebrows 粗眉 male and female principle | light and shade principle | Yin and Yang 阴阳 monad 单子 monadology | monadism 单子论 | 单元论 singularistic materialism 单元唯物论 wretched look 寒酸相 riches 富 Sun 巽[风] be pessimistic 悲观 the lines of the palm 掌纹 metacarpus 掌骨 heirless | lack of progeny 无子嗣 apathetic type 无情型 graphology 笔相学 corpulent type 结实型 absolute monism 绝对一元论 absolute pluralism 绝对多元论 honor 贵 evolutionism 进化论 ecliptic 黄道 lucky day 黄道吉日 dark pouches 黑眼圈 beady eyes 圆眼 full face | round face 圆脸 saddle nose 塌鼻 smallest body | atom 微粒子 will 意志 heart-line 感情线 pseudo-metaphysics 准形上学 worry-line 烦恼线 snub nose 狮子鼻 dream-reader 解梦者 motion 运动 prophet 预言家 principle of being 实有律 radical dualism 彻底的二元论 felicity 福 calamity 祸 fortune-telling 算命 fortuneteller 算命者 | 算命先生 broad forehead 宽额 melancholy type 忧郁型 buck teeth 暴牙 be optimistic 乐观 sanguine type 乐观型 | 快活型 miserable appearance 穷相 lineaments 轮廓 Chen 震[雷] violent death 横死 unexpected gain 横财 accident | casualty 横祸 mechanism 机械论 heavy eyebrows 浓眉 phlegmatic type 迟钝型 divination by tortoise shell 龟卜 shrunken cheek 缩腮 thin lips 薄唇 whorl 螺形纹 Li 离[火] dual personality 双重人格 puckered mouth 瘪嘴 be happy-go-lucky | to be ordained by fate 听天由命的 poster star 驿马星 Roman nose 鹰鼻 | 罗马鼻 idea 观念 | 理念 method of agreement 一致法 consistency 一贯 unequivocal term 一义名言 dichotomy 二支分法 artificial language 人为语言 syllogistic fallacy 三段式的谬误 syllogism 三段论法 genus 上位概念 | 类概念 major premise 大前提 major term 大词 subcontrary 小反对 minor premise 小前提 minor term 小词 exclusive 不可以相容 imperfect induction 不完全归纳 irregular syllogism 不规则三段论法 fallacy of illicit universal 不当全称的谬误 fallacy of illicit affirmation 不当肯定的谬误 argument 中名辞 | 媒辞 middle term 中词 elementary proposition 元素命题 intentional definition 内含界说 intentional logic 内含逻辑 fallacy of begging the question 内定结论的谬误 intent 内容 | 意旨 connotation 内涵 analytic statement 分析述辞 fallacy of division 分解的谬误 contrary 反对 contrary concept 反对概念 fallacy of amphibology | fallacy of equivocation 文义暧昧的谬误 subject 主词 rule of substitution 代换规律 sufficient condition 充分条件 contribution 加词 functional fallacy 功能的谬误 inclusive 可以相容 fallacy of four terms 四名的谬误 denotation 外延 | 指谓 extent 外围 extensional definition 外范界说 explicit definition 外显界说 perfect figure 正格 contradiction 矛盾式 principle of contradiction 矛盾律 contradictory concepts 矛盾概念 contradictory 矛盾对立 modus ponendo tollens 立废式 universal syllogism 全称三段论法 universal negative proposition 全称否定命题 universal proposition 全称命题 universal affirmative proposition 全称肯定命题 uniformity of co-existence 共存齐一 method concomitant variations 共变法 identical proposition 同一命题 synonymous concepts 同义概念 synonym 同义语 term 名言 principle of causality 因果律 equivocal term 多义名言 extensional logic 多范逻辑 dictionary meaning 字典意义 existential assumption 存在假定 existential import 存在意念 mood 式 | 论式 self-contradictory 自相矛盾 principle of uniformity of nature 自然齐一原则 conversion 换位法 repugnant concepts 别异矛盾概念 negative | negative proposition 否定 | 否定命题 fallacy of contradicting the antecedent 否定前项的谬误 fallacy of denying the antecedent 否认前件的谬误 perfect induction 完全归纳 formal logic 形式理则学 formal fallacy 形式谬误 transformation rule 形变规则 fallacy of attacking the character 攻击人身的谬误 dilemma 两刀论法 | 两端论法 substitution instance 取代个例 proposition 命题 categorical syllogism 定言三段论法 categorical proposition 定言命题 theorem 定理 characteristics 性徵 fallacy of affirming the consequent 承认后项的谬误 exclusive proposition 抵抗命题 enumerative induction 枚举归纳 ambiguity 歧义 immediate inference 直接推论 epistemology | theory of knowledge 知识论 empty class 空类 affirmative proposition 肯定命题 informal fallacy 非形式谬误 non-categorical syllogism 非定言三段论法 antecedent 前项 | 前件 conjunction 契合式 conjunct 契合项 consequent 后项 | 后件 hasty generalization 急遽的概括 denotative value 指谓值 categorical statement 是言述辞 defining characteristics 界定性徵 definition 界说 enthymeme 省略论式 | 省略推理法 postulate 约理 | 公理 statement 述辞 statement form 述辞样型 conversion by limitation 限量易位 inversion 倒装法 converse 倒转命题 | 逆命题 individual name 个名 method of difference 差异法 subaltern 差等 | 特称命题 figure 格 | 图式 particular syllogism 特称三段论法 particular negative proposition 特称否定命题 particular affirmative proposition 特称肯定命题 fallacy of particular premises 特称前提的谬误 destructive mood 破坏式 pure logic 纯逻辑 context 脉络 context meaning 脉络意义 descriptive function 记述的功能 sign 记号 semiotics 记号学 exceptive proposition 除外命题 hypothetical proposition 假言命题 hypothetical statement 假设述句 accidental co-existence 偶然共存 fallacy of accident 偶然性的谬误 rationalism 唯理论 sorites 堆垛式 | 连锁论法 technical language 专技语言 fallacy of accent 强调的谬误 inference 推论 rule of inference 推论规律 conditional statement 条件述句 vagueness 混含 implication relation 涵蕴关系 contraposition 异质位换 | 换质换位法 signified 符旨 semiotic unit | symbol 符号 use of symbol 符号的使用 symbol form 符号样型 denotatum 被指谓项 hypothetical syllogism 设言三段论法 axiom 设理 copula 连辞 | 系辞 syntactics 章法学 | 语法学 method of residues 剩余法 singular term 单独名言 singular proposition 单独命题 singular concept 单独概念 common term 普通名言 common concept 普通概念 fallacy of composition 结合的谬误 rule of adjunction 结合规律 co-existence of effects 结果的共存 conclusion 结论 mediate inference 间接推理 collective use 集合使用 collective 集合的 signification 意含 intersubjectivity of meaning 意义的相互主观性 intention 概念 empiricism 经验论 ostensive definition 实指界说 opposition 对当 constructive mood 构成式 deduction 演绎法 | 演绎推论 species 种概念 | 下位概念 linguistic expression 语文表示 convention of linguistic usage | linguistic convention 语用约定 formula 语式 fallacy of figure of speech 语形的谬误 uses of language 语言的用法 rule of syntax 语法规律 | 章法规律 semantic definition 语意界说 semantic convention 语意约定 semantics 语意学 cognitive use 认知的用法 cognitive mode of meaning 认知的意义样态 persuasive definition 诱导界说 complementary class 辅类 refutation 驳论 value expression 价值表示 value term 价值语词 modus tollendo ponens 废立式 symptom 徵候 compound proposition 复合命题 polysyllogism 复合论式 logic 论理学 | 逻辑 ground 论据 probation 论证 form of argument 论证样型 independence 独立 dogmatism 独断论 predicate 谓词 | 宾辞 | 属性 alternative or disjunctive proposition 选言命题 invalid argument form 错的论证样型 applied logic 应用逻辑 distributive 扩充的 fallacy of asserting the consequent 断言后项的谬误 induction 归纳推理 simple conversion 简单位换 simple proposition 简单命题 fallacy 谬误 transformation 转变 scepticism 怀疑论 evidence 证据 relative proposition 关系命题 relative inference 关系的推理 class 类 analogy 类比推理 class name 类名 class definition 类差界说 imperfect figure 变格 obversion 变质 | 换质法 logical system 逻辑系统 logical function 逻辑的功能 logical form 逻辑样型 philosophy of life | moral outlook 人生观 humanitarian 人道主义者 benevolence 仁 equity 公道 peace 平 to condition the mind in the right way 正心 causality and freedom 因缘与自由 good will 好意 | 善意 self-constraint 自我压抑 self-preservation 自保 self-love 自爱 actions 行为 temperance 克己 filial piety 孝 hope 希望 self-interest 私利 conscience 良心 good conscience 良知 natural instinct or skill 良能 moral courage 见义勇为 harmony 和 loyalty 忠 illustrious virtue 明德 faith 信 | 信心 valour 勇 moral tone 品格 moral faculty 是非之心 to carry out in good conscience 致良知 custom 风俗 ethical culture 伦理教化 ethics 伦理学 to love without distinction 兼爱 fortitude 刚毅 feeling of shame | sense of shame 耻 faculty of reverence 恭敬之心 cardinal virtues 基本道德 common sense 常识 self-sacrifice 舍身 reason 理性 rational benevolence 理性的仁爱 rational egoism and utility 理性的自我本位与功利主义 usages 习俗 habitual conduct 习惯的行为 duty 责任 dignity 尊严 intelligence | wisdom 智 prudence 智虑明达 categorical imperative 无上命令 universal imperative 绝对命令 honesty 廉 love 爱 asceticism 禁欲主义 justice | righteousness 义 sincerity 诚意 moral principles 道义 moral 道德 virtuous life 道德生活 moral judgement 道德判断 moral sanction 道德制裁 moral philosophy 道德哲学 moral education 道德教育 moral assistance 道德援助 moral criterion 道德准则 moral scepticism 道德怀疑论 charity 宽容 moral virtue | moral virtues 德 moral action 德行 moral culture 德育 character 德性 politeness | etiquette | ceremony 礼 monopsychism 一元心灵论 monistic pluralism 一元多元论 The One-is-all Philosophy: Hua-yen School of Fa-tsang 一即一切的哲学:法藏的华严宗 anthropological materialism 人类学的唯物论 agnostic realism 不可知的实在论 agnosticism 不可知论 immanent dualism 内在二元论 immanent teleology 内在目的论 immanent-transcendent pantheism 内在超越泛神论 reflective realism 反省的实在论 The T`ien-t`ai Philosophy of Perfect Harmony 天台宗之圆融互摄哲学 nativism 天赋论 The Humanism of Confucius 孔子的人道主义 psychism 心灵论 methodical scepticism 方法怀疑论 Cynic 犬儒学派 The Materialism of Wang Fu-chih 王夫之的唯物论 The Naturalism of Wang Ch`ung 王充的自然主义 The Unity of Theory and Practice of Wang Yang-ming 王阳明的知行合一 voluntarism 主意说 subjective idealism 主观唯心论 subjective scepticism 主观怀疑论 parallelism 平行主义 Eleaticism 伊利亚学派 apriorism 先天论 transcendental analysis 先验分析论 transcendental aesthetics 先验感性论 The Negative Taoism of Lieh Tzu 列子的反道家思想 The Rationalist Synthesis of Chu Hsi 朱熹集理学之大成 Milesian school 米勒学派 The Natural Way of Lao Tzu 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 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