翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 He sneaked a watch into his pocket. 他偷偷地将一只表塞进口袋。 He was suddenly seized with panic. 他突然惊恐万分。 He stopped short and looked back. 他突然止步,回过头朝后面瞧。 He was speculating that this might be his last chance. 他推测这可能是他的最后一次机会了。 The grandfather on his mother's side is still living. 他外祖父还健在。 Is he a good sport when he plays cards? 他玩牌时经得起输吗? He got all the big scoops for the paper. 他为本报弄到所有的头号独家新闻。 He died in the service of his country. 他为国捐躯。 He would sell his soul for the position. 他为了得到那个职位可以出卖灵魂。 He took my parking space just to spite me. 他为了使我恼怒而抢我的停车位。 He is a man of sincerity. 他为人诚实。 He was decent, sincere -- a good man. 他为人正派诚实--是个好人。 Why did he take a sneak? 他为什么溜之大吉? He selected a team for the special task. 他为这项特殊任务挑选了一组人马。 He did a sketch of the ballet dancers. 他为这些芭蕾舞者画了一张素描。 He sniffed the fresh morning air. 他吸进早晨的新鲜空气。 He is used to the soft climate of the south. 他习惯于南方温暖的气候。 He likes savage mountain scenery. 他喜欢荒山的景色。 He is fond of show. 他喜欢卖弄。 The joy shone clear on his face. 他喜形于色。 He plowed the land and then sowed the seeds. 他先翻土,然后播种。 He made a show of enthusiasm. 他显出很热情的样子。 It was obvious that he was spoiling for a fight. 他显然很想打架。 He now lives in seclusion. 他现在过隐居生活。 The despair left him a mere shell of a man. 他陷入绝望,形同躯壳。 He recounted his seeings and doings. 他详细叙述了他的所见所为。 He wanted to speak to me. 他想和我说话。 He had a bad spill trying to ride that horse. 他想骑那匹马,让马给重重摔了下来。 He snatched at the book but not quick enough. 他想抢走那本书,但动作不够快。 When he was a boy, his greatest wish was to go to sea. 他小时候最大的愿望就是去当水手。 He cast a sideways glance at me. 他斜视我一眼。 He gave her a side glance. 他斜眼看了她一下。 His handwriting slants to the left. 他写的字斜向左方。 He sniffed the green tea in the cup appreciably. 他欣然闻了闻杯里的绿茶香味。 He went out sketching on Sunday. 他星期天出去画速写。 He woke to find that his quilt had slipped off the bed. 他醒来发现被子从床上滑下来了。 He was shamed into admitting his guilt. 他羞愧地承认犯了罪。 He sought vainly for the answer. 他寻求答案,但无结果。 He sought to speak to her. 他寻找机会与她说话。 He slipped into his coat and went out. 他迅速穿好上衣,出去了。 He slipped off his clothes and went into the bathroom. 他迅速脱掉衣服,走进浴室。 He doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting that job. 他压根就没有任何机会能得到那个工作。 I was impressed by his severe reasoning. 他严谨的推理给我留下了深刻的印象。 He spoke in a severe voice. 他严肃地说。 He gave a snort of disgust. 他厌恶地哼了一声。 He was sick of the sordid deal. 他厌恶这笔肮脏的交易。 He formed the habit of taking long solitary walks through the streets. 他养成了在街头长时间独自漫步的习惯。 He keeps a flock of sheep. 他养了一群羊。 I'll have to put the screws on him if he doesn't pay. 他要是不付帐我就要对他施加压力。 He struck her savagely. 他野蛮地打她。 He snatched the girl out of the icy water. 他一把抓住女孩,将她从冰冷的水中救了起来。 He must have taken the book since it isn't here. 他一定是把书拿走了,因为书已不在这里了。 He somersaulted through the window. 他一个筋斗翻出了窗户。 He read the whole shelf in a week. 他一个星期之内把这整个架子上的书都看了。 He met with many a setback in his lifetime. 他一生中遭到过许多挫折。 He asked her to marry him on the spur of the moment. 他一时冲动之下向她求婚了。 He shrank from the thought of having to kill anyone. 他一想到要杀人就害怕。 He rose with a spring and dashed out the door. 他一跃而起,奔出门去。 He spent the whole morning splitting wood. 他一整个上午都在劈柴。 He has been under a severe strain. 他一直处在极度紧张状态之中。 He has extended his sphere of influence to the world of banking. 他已把自己的势力范围扩展到金融界。 He has scraped together enough money to buy a car. 他已凑足了买一辆汽车的钱。 He has made up his mind to overcome his shortcomings. 他已下定决心克服他自己的缺点。 He slumbered away a hot afternoon. 他以睡眠打发一个炎热的下午。 He sold his bike to me for $40. 他以四十美元的价钱把自行车卖给我。 He was taken to task for soldiering on the job. 他因磨洋工而受到斥责。 He was scourged for tax evasion. 他因逃税受到严惩。 He was cursed for sowing seeds of discord among his friends. 他因在朋友中挑拨离间而被人咒骂。 He was serving a ten spot for arson. 他因纵火罪在服十年徒刑。 He sang of autumn. 他吟咏秋天。 He should work harder. 他应该更加努力。 He has won four singles. 他赢了四场单打赛。 He spoke in a servile tone. 他用卑躬屈膝的腔调说话。 He scarred the door with a hammer. 他用锤子将门敲得疤痕累累。 He scratched his name on the bridge with a knife. 他用刀子将自己的名字刻在桥上。 He scored the tree with a nail. 他用钉子在树上刻痕。 He shouldered the door open. 他用肩把门顶开。 He shoved at the car but it wouldn't move. 他用力推车,但车子不动。 He screwed the two pieces together. 他用螺丝钉将两个零件锁在一起。 He dug in his spurs. 他用马刺策马前进。 He shone the flashlight on the water. 他用手电筒照了照水面。 He took the notes in shorthand. 他用速记法记笔记。 He smothered the flame with a wet blanket. 他用一条湿毯将火焰闷熄。 He slapped at the fly with a folded newspaper. 他用一张摺着的报纸拍打苍蝇。 He cut the hedge with garden shears. 他用园艺大剪刀修剪树篱。 He snuffed out the match with his fingertips. 他用指尖掐灭了火柴。 His humorous remarks added a savor to our conversation. 他幽默的话语给谈话增添了风趣。 He's such a good swimmer that he makes me look sick. 他游得这么好,真叫我相形见绌。 He has spine and starch. 他有骨气,有热情。 He was in a spot because he'd lost his car keys. 他有了麻烦,因为他把汽车钥匙丢了。 He's got stacks of money. 他有许多钱。 He was seized with a slight attack of fever. 他有一点发烧。 He had a snapshot of his girl friend. 他有一张他女朋友的快照。 He gave the orange another squeeze. 他又把柳橙榨了一下。 He gave it another screw and the lid was tightly on. 他又拧了一下,盖子就紧紧旋上了。 He signed with the firm. 他与那家公司签约。 He split up with his wife. 他与妻子离异了。 He sided with his brother in the argument. 他在辩论中站在他兄弟这边。 He skinned his legs when walking along the thorny path. 他在长满荆棘的小道上行走时擦破了腿上的皮。 He saw his friend off at the bus station. 他在车站给朋友送行。 He skipped through the accounts before dinner. 他在饭前匆匆翻阅了一下帐目。 He searched for work at various stores. 他在各家商店寻找工作。 His speculations in stocks led to his suicide. 他在股票上做投机买卖致使他自杀。 He spent 3 months at sea. 他在海上航行了三个月。 He is a saint in her sight. 他在她心目中是圣人。 His place in history is now secure. 他在历史上的地位现在已经稳固了。 He lived in London for some years. 他在伦敦住了好几年。 He was seriously injured in the accident and died several days later. 他在那次事故中受了重伤,几天后就死了。 He sought out his friend in the crowd. 他在人群中找到了他的朋友。 He set about learning Chinese at age ten. 他在十岁时开始学中文。 He affixed his seal to the document. 他在文件上盖了印。 He signed and sealed the document. 他在文件上签字加封。 He spent the weekend slopping around the house. 他在屋子里荡来荡去度过了周末。 He is trying to sock a little money away. 他在想办法存一点钱。 He spelled out the government's plans in his speech. 他在演说中把政府的计划详加说明。 He came to see me one snowy night. 他在一个下着雪的夜晚来看我。 He secured a position in a store at US$400 a week. 他在一家商店获得了一份每周四百美元的工作。 He had twelve phone calls in the space of an hour. 他在一小时内接了十二通电话。 He seated himself in a chair. 他在椅子上坐下。 He was working with a shovel. 他在用铲子干活。 He took a slip in the bathroom. 他在浴室里滑了一跤。 He played a small part in the play. 他在这出戏里演一个小角色。 He signed his name on the cheque. 他在支票上签了名。 He was set on by robbers who took all his money. 他遭到强盗袭击,他们抢了他所有的钱。 He was savaged by wild animals. 他遭到野兽的凶猛袭击。 He was left by his family to sink or swim by himself. 他遭家人遗弃,一切得靠自己。 He sprayed water on the flowers in the morning. 他早晨给花浇水。 He's been to Hong Kong scores of times. 他曾多次去过香港。 He was a Rhodes scholar. 他曾获得过罗兹奖学金。 He scored many a film. 他曾为多部影片配乐。 For many years he had lived beyond the seas. 他曾在海外住了多年。 He scraped the potatoes before frying. 他炸马铃薯前先将马铃薯刮皮。 He occupied the other section of Martin's house. 他占用了马丁房子的另一部分。 He found a job of shearing wool from sheep. 他找到一份剪羊毛的工作。 A man of his size is not equal to the job. 他这般能耐的人不能胜任这种工作。 He shall smart for his foolishness. 他这样胡来一定会自食其果。 He had a narrow squeak. 他真好险哪! He was digging potatoes with a spade. 他正在用铁锹挖马铃薯。 He made a solemn promise to do better. 他郑重保证要做得更好。 Is he in the secret? 他知道内情吗? He looked her squarely in the eye. 他直盯着她眼睛看。 All he could do was sell it for scrap. 他只得把它当废物出售。 He only scored nine hundred marks. 他只得九百分。 He had to cut his trip short. 他只得缩短自己的旅程。 He had to make shift with what was on hand. 他只好用现有的东西将就应付。 He has so far made no suggestions in any shape or form. 他至今没有提出任何建议。 He sponges all his lunches. 他中餐总是白吃别人的。 He was snared by the wicked. 他中了恶人所设置的圈套。 He finally screwed up enough courage to try to dive. 他终于鼓足了勇气试着跳水。 It finally sank in that he had won a Nobel prize. 他终于会意过来他得了诺贝尔奖。 His lettuces have gone to seed. 他种的莴苣已结籽。 He stopped slashing his horse. 他住了手,不去鞭打他的马了。 He seized the chance of a trip to Singapore. 他抓住那次去新加坡旅行的机会。 His ambitions soared to the skies. 他壮志凌云。 He carefully slid the top off the box. 他仔细地将箱盖挪开。 He made a spontaneous offer of help. 他自愿提供帮助。 He was always a cool man; nothing could disturb his serenity. 他总是非常沉着;没有什么东西能打乱他的平静。 He always tries to shift the blame to someone else. 他总是试图将过错推卸给别人。 He's a slow walker. 他走起路来慢吞吞的。 He came forward and shook me by the hand. 他走上前来和我握手。 He secured all the windows before he left. 他走之前关紧了所有的窗户。 He served eight years in prison. 他坐过八年牢。 He took his seat. 他坐了下来。 He had a snatch of sleep sitting in his chair. 他坐在椅子里稍睡片刻。 He sat for his portrait. 他坐着让人给他画像。 He speculated successfully in mining shares. 他做矿业股票投机获得成功。 His job as a diplomat was just a screen for his life as a spy. 他做外交官的工作只不过是间谍生涯的一种掩护。 He is no great shakes at his new work. 他做这新工作不太行。 He traded in securities and became rich. 他做证券交易发了财。 It's not the color I wanted, but it's no less pretty on that score. 它不是我想要的那种颜色,但这也无损于它的美。 The neighboring country demanded sovereignty over the island. 它的邻国要求对该岛拥有主权。 It has a smoky taste. 它有一股烟味。 In the fetus, blood cells are formed in different sites at different ages. 胎儿的血细胞在不同时期生成在不同的部位。 Too many high school teachers just spoon-feed their students. 太多高中老师只是采用填鸭方法灌输学生。 The sun soon scattered the clouds. 太阳不久驱散了云层。 The sun sheds light and warmth. 太阳发射光和热。 The sun sparkled the lake. 太阳照得湖面闪闪发光。 Greedy heirs waited for the old man to snuff out. 贪心的继承人等待着老头断气。 Blood in phlegm can be a sign of lung cancer. 痰中带血可能是肺癌的徵兆。 The searchlight shot a long ray across the sky. 探照灯射出一道长长的光柱划过天空。 The soup was heavily peppered and spiced. 汤里加了许多胡椒粉和香料。 Tom's family was scant of money. 汤姆家缺少钱。 Tom was fined for speeding. 汤姆因超速行车被罚款。 Tony was seeded number two. 汤尼被定为第二号种子选手。 The soup simmered on the stove. 汤在炉子上煨。 Donna is sensitive to strong smells. 唐娜对强烈的气味很敏感。 Sugar is soluble in water. 糖溶于水。 The escaped prisoner stabbed at the policeman with a knife. 逃犯用刀刺伤了警察。 The potter shaped the clay into a vase. 陶工将泥土塑成花瓶。 The sly cat stole the meat while the cook's back was turned. 淘气的猫趁厨师转身之机偷吃了肉。 The Secret Service screened hundreds of students to select its agents. 特务机关仔细审查了数百名学生以选择特务人员。 Smallpox was once the scourge of the world. 天花曾是世界的大患。 The sky began to spit snow. 天空开始飘雪。 The sky suddenly turned dark. 天色突然变得昏暗起来。 It is sometimes warm and sometimes cold. 天时热时冷。 Astronomy is no snap course. 天文学可不是一门容易读的课程。 The fields have been seeded with corn. 田里播种了玉米。 It took her a long time to make the selection of this dress. 挑选这件连衣裙花了她很长的时间。 The treaty was signed and sealed by both governments. 条约已经两国政府签字盖章。 Iron and stone are solids. 铁和石头是固体。 When they heard the police sirens, they all set about saving their own skins. 听到警车号笛,他们便纷纷逃窜。 I am sorry to hear that your brother passed away. 听到你兄弟去世的消息,我很难过。 Hearing the joke, we burst into spontaneous laughter. 听到笑话,我们不由自主地大笑起来。 Tom was all smiles when he heard the news. 听到这消息,汤姆满面笑容。 By your speech I can tell you're from Hong Kong. 听你的口音,我能知道你是香港人。 I was absolutely scandalized to hear that the council has demolished that lovely old building. 听说市政会把那所漂亮的古老建筑拆毁了,我感到非常震惊。 What's the sense of arguing with him? 同他争论有什么用处呢? The same principle may make for smooth writing. 同样的原则可能有助于流畅的文体。 Childhood experiences often play a big part in shaping one's character. 童年经历在形成一个人的性格方面往往起重要作用。 It suddenly started to shower. 突然下起阵雨。 Tolstoy was one of Russia's most famous sons. 托尔斯泰是俄国最着名人物之一。 Slippers are usually worn indoors. 拖鞋通常是在室内穿的。 There were no clouds in the sky. 万里无云。 If the car should break down on the way, you would have to walk back. 万一汽车中途抛锚,你就得走回来。 There is a good bus service into the city. 往市内的公车十分方便。 The breeze gave a shiver to the surface of the lake. 微风吹得湖面颤动。 Smiles are significant of pleasure. 微笑表示愉快。 The boys skirted the field so as not to damage the crops. 为了不损坏庄稼,孩子们绕着田边走。 We've been saving for five years to buy a house. 为了买房子,我们已储蓄了五年。 They are sourcing from abroad in order to save money. 为了省钱,他们的材料、零件从国外开源。 He had to spell out the plan in detail to persuade the investors. 为了说服投资人,他不得不把整个计划细细说明清楚。 Why do some children love slopping around in puddles? 为什么有些小孩喜爱在泥坑里溅水玩呢? The committee held a session to discuss the proposed bill. 委员会开会讨论提出的议案。 There are members of both sexes in the committee. 委员会里男女委员都有。 Well, silly, why not stay! 喂,傻瓜,为什么不留下呢! The warm weather seduced me away from my studies to go for a walk. 温暖的天气诱使我放下书本去散步。 The article was just too long, so I had to score out twenty words. 文章实在太长了,所以我只好划掉二十个字。 A stable government is essential to economic growth. 稳定的政府对经济成长是重要的。 I arranged to meet him in secret. 我安排与他秘密会面。 I spent most of my time scouting around for books. 我把大部分时间都用来找书了。 I showed her to her seat. 我把她带到座位上。 I gave the dirty floor a good scour. 我把脏地板好好擦了一下。 I felt a stab of pain in the back. 我背部感到一阵剧痛。 I was knocked silly by the news. 我被这消息惊呆了。 I was awakened by the sound of screams. 我被阵阵尖叫声惊醒。 My cousin will spend the weekend with us. 我表兄要和我一起度周末。 I don't know how to spell your name. 我不会拼写你的名字。 I want to spare him the trouble of seeing me off at the airport. 我不想麻烦他去机场为我送行。 I wonder who spilled out the information. 我不知道谁泄漏了这一消息。 I don't know why his temper has soured. 我不知道为什么他的脾气变坏了。 I'm not staying in that slum. 我不住在那个脏乱的房间里。 I laughed him to scorn. 我嘲笑了他。 I felt worried some. 我愁得要命。 I wore serviceable boots. 我穿着耐穿的靴子。 I read the book without a skip. 我从头至尾阅读了那本书。 I packed, then snatched two hours' sleep. 我打好行装,然后抓紧时间睡了两小时。 I intend to show up this liar. 我打算揭发这个说谎者。 I have to translate these shorthand notes into longhand. 我得将这些速记的笔记译成普通文字。 I caught a cold and sneezed a lot. 我得了感冒,老是打喷嚏。 My watch is two minutes slow. 我的表慢两分钟。 My jacket is somewhat like yours. 我的夹克与你那件有点像。 My view is similar to yours. 我的看法与你相似。 My twin brother is my shadow every minute. 我的孪生兄弟与我形影不离。 My roommate sniffed at my idea of becoming an artist. 我的室友对我要当艺术家的想法嗤之以鼻。 My bedroom is smaller than yours. 我的卧室比你的小。 My eyes smarted from the smoke. 我的眼睛被烟刺痛。 My horse scares easily. 我的这匹马容易受惊。 I made my first solo flight. 我第一次作了单人飞行。 I booked a first-class sleeper. 我订了头等卧铺车票。 I read the book solely for pleasure. 我读这书完全是为了消遣。 I've got nothing against old Adrian. He's a good scout. 我对老艾德里安没有意见。他是个好人。 I'm not interested in scandal about the neighbors. 我对有关邻居的流言蜚语不感兴趣。 I sort of thought you might say that. 我多少料到你也许会那么说。 My father has cut out smoking. 我父亲已戒烟了。 My father served in the navy during the Second World War. 我父亲在第二次世界大战期间在海军服役。 My father works in a carpenter's shop. 我父亲在木工厂工作。 My father spotted several spelling mistakes in my composition. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司