翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 The estate was sliced up into very small bequests. 这份产业被分成了很小的一份份遗产。 You'd better send the letter by air. 这封信你最好寄航空。 This map is drawn to a scale of 1 inch to 50 miles. 这幅地图是以一英寸代表五十英里的比例绘制的。 This oil painting sells for 500 dollars. 这幅油画售价五百元。 The assistance of a squire was much needed in this case. 这个案子很需要律师的协助。 Parts of this town are soil for crime. 这个城市某几个区是犯罪的温床。 The city is on the sea. 这个城市位于海边。 There was no real squire in the village. 这个村子没有真正的大地主。 This place doesn't have a very savory reputation. 这个地方名声不佳。 The color scheme of the room is blue and gold. 这个房间的色彩配置是蓝色和金黄色。 The job doesn't offer any side benefits. 这个工作没有额外好处。 What's the size of the park? 这个公园有多大? There is a shortage of salt in this country. 这个国家缺少盐。 For fifteen years the country was scourged by war. 这个国家遭受战争的蹂躏达十五年之久。 The lake is quite shallow. 这个湖泊很浅。 The plan is on the shelf. 这个计划被搁置。 The proposal had been shelved for a year. 这个建议曾被搁置一年。 The structure of the sentence is strange. 这个句子的结构很奇怪。 That's a beautiful space. 这个空间美极了! The old war criminal was at last smoked out from his hiding place abroad. 这个老战犯终于被人从他在国外的藏匿处查获。 The auditorium seats 3,000 people. 这个礼堂可坐三千人。 This tire is damaged. Do you have a spare? 这个轮胎坏了,你有备胎吗? The young man just bought a 10-speed bicycle. 这个年轻人刚买了一辆十速自行车。 The young man shot heroin last year. 这个年轻人去年曾注射过海洛因。 The maid is responsible for scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors. 这个女佣负责擦洗厨房与浴室的地板。 The tube scents of sulphur. 这个试管有硫磺气味。 The subject is immensely complex, and hard to simplify. 这个题目非常复杂,并且很难简化。 The question has been settled. 这个问题已经解决了。 The question has been settled. 这个问题已经解决了。 The discount gave me a saving of $25. 这个折扣使我节约了二十五美元。 The advantage of the idea was its simplicity. 这个主意的优点就在于它简单明了。 The criminal faced segregation for unfixed periods. 这个罪犯面临无期隔离监禁。 The old farm has been split up into house lots. 这古老的农场已被划分为一块块的宅地。 The tube is sealed at both ends. 这管子两端是密封的。 The child cannot spell well. 这孩子不太会拼字。 The boy just scraped through his exams. 这孩子勉强通过了考试。 The child was the single survivor of the air-crash. 这孩子是那次飞机坠毁事故的唯一幸存者。 The child scraped a hole in the sand. 这孩子在沙中刨了一个洞。 This flower seeds in the fall. 这花秋天结实。 The remark was, of course, a sneer. 这话当然是一种嘲笑。 These lines do not scan. 这几行诗不合韵律。 This newspaper gave a completely different slant on the tax reform. 这家报纸对税制改革持有完全不同的看法。 This publishing firm is planning a new series of school textbooks. 这家出版公司正打算出一套新的系列教材。 Standards are slipping in this hotel. 这家旅馆的水准在下降。 How many guests can the motel sleep? 这家汽车旅馆可供多少客人住宿? The family has settled in Canada. 这家人已定居加拿大。 The family has settled in Canada. 这家人已定居加拿大。 The family could just scrape along but never asked for charity. 这家人只能勉强度日,但从没有要过救济。 The store is shy on porcelain cups. 这家商店瓷杯缺货。 The shop sold out all their shirts. 这家商店的衬衫都卖光了。 It is high time that the old plane was scrapped. 这架旧飞机该报废了。 The food processor can shred all kinds of vegetables. 这架食品加工机可将各种蔬菜切丝切条。 This shirt is your size. 这件衬衫是你这号尺寸的。 The scandal cast a shadow on his career. 这件丑闻给他的事业投上了一层阴影。 The sweater felt too snug when he tried it on. 这件毛衣他试穿时感到太紧身了。 The dress was shaped to her figure. 这件洋装做得很适合她的身材。 This sentence doesn't make sense. 这句子毫无意义。 The sick tree is several hundred years old. 这棵病树已生长了好几百年了。 The huge tree split when struck by lightning. 这棵大树遭雷击时被劈开了。 The diamond was beautifully set. 这颗钻石镶嵌得十分出色。 The course was a snap for him. 这课程对他来说是太轻松了。 This silk scarf spots easily. 这块丝绸围巾容易沾上污渍。 The lazy man tried every shift to avoid doing his work. 这懒汉采取各种手段回避工作。 The farmers here sow once a year. 这里的农民一年播一次种子。 I'll see to everything here. 这里的一切我会照料。 The two partners split after a quarrel. 这两个合伙人吵了一架之后分道扬镳了。 The two communities are separated by a highway. 这两个社区由一条公路隔开。 The minibus will sit ten people. 这辆小型巴士可坐十人。 The cat scratches. 这猫要抓人。 So you'll quit school? 这么说你要退学了? The door has a snap bolt. 这门有一个弹簧插销。 It's a painting of sorts. 这勉强算是一幅画。 I'm shy of saying too much on this delicate subject. 这敏感问题我不敢说得太多。 This wood burns steadily with no sparking. 这木柴长时间燃烧正常,不爆火花。 The wooden floor has a noticeable slant. 这木地板可以看得出有些倾斜。 The boy shifted uncomfortably in his chair. 这男孩不舒服地在椅子里动来动去。 Lengthy separation of the boy from his mother could lead to psychological problems. 这男孩长期与母亲分开会导致心理上的问题。 The boy often snacks on doughnuts. 这男孩常常把油炸圈饼当点心吃。 The man was stabbed to death in his office. 这男士在办公室里被刺身亡。 The wings of the bird have a 12-inch spread. 这鸟的翼展有十二英寸。 The article is a slander on us. 这篇文章是对我们的诽谤。 The meat had a smack of garlic. 这肉有点蒜味。 The mountain scenery is majestic. 这山景十分壮丽。 At this moment his footsteps sounded on the stairs. 这时候传来了他走在楼梯上的脚步声。 It happened somewhere in the 18th century. 这事发生在十八世纪某个时候。 It sounds something awful. 这事听起来非常可怕。 This is one of the most significant studies of the subject. 这是对该课题最重要的研究之一。 It was a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. 这是个与富翁名人来往的难得机会。 It is a snare for him. 这是给他设置的圈套。 This is the quietest and most secluded area of the city. 这是全城最安静最僻静的地区。 This is a solid rubber tyre. 这是实心橡胶轮胎。 It was a specimen of his generosity. 这是他慷慨大度的一个实例。 It was the first time that I spoke in public. 这是我第一次在公共场合发言。 This is a specimen of the new fabric. 这是新布料的样品。 This is a smooth wine. 这是一种醇和的葡萄酒。 This handle won't screw. 这手柄转不动。 The song aroused patriotic sentiment. 这首歌唤起了爱国情操。 The old house was quite silent. 这所老房子寂静无声。 The typewriter is at your service. 这台打字机归你使用。 The soup has gone sour. 这汤发酸了。 The enormous fish snapped the fly. 这条大鱼咬住了钓饵。 The river had scoured out a passage in the sand. 这条河在沙土中冲出一条水道。 The road skirted the woods. 这条路环绕林子。 The trail can be skied. 这条小道上可以滑雪。 The whole thing was a sell. 这完全是个骗局。 Will anyone be able to fill the director's shoes now that he's left the company? 这位董事已经离开公司,有人能接替他吗? The piano player was not feeling well and his performance wasn't up to scratch. 这位钢琴演奏者身体不舒服,他的演奏没达到平日的水准。 The young engineer had a large share in modernizing the factory. 这位年轻工程师在工厂现代化的过程中尽了很大的力。 This diplomat speaks seven languages with great smoothness. 这位外交官非常流畅地讲七种语言。 This great leader came on the scene just when his country needed him. 这位伟大的领袖就在国家需要他的时候上台了。 The doctor saved the child's life. 这位医生挽救了孩子的生命。 Does the writer belong to the Impressionist school? 这位作家是否属于印象派? Will this mark sponge off? 这污渍能用海绵擦洗掉吗? The floor of the theater has a slope of four feet from the back seats to the front seats. 这戏院的地板从后排座位到前排座位有四英尺的倾斜。 You've put me on the spot here: I can't answer your question. 这下你可把我难住了--我回答不出你的问题。 The unjust peace agreement set the scene for another war. 这项不平等的和平协定导致了另一场战争。 This law ought to be tighter: it mustn't give criminals just a slap on the wrist. 这项法律应当再严厉些,不应该只是轻轻地惩戒一下罪犯。 The project is behind schedule again. 这项计划又没按时完成。 The news almost sent her mad. 这消息几乎使她发疯了。 The news comes from a reliable source. 这消息来自一位可靠人士。 The child was frightened by the snake. 这小孩被蛇吓了一跳。 The child bumped into a table and started screaming. 这小孩撞上了桌子,大声哭喊起来。 These changes spell ruin for the company. 这些变化意味着该公司破产。 A screen of trees hides the villas from the beach. 这些别墅有树木遮掩从海滩上是看不见的。 These curtains are solid blue. 这些窗帘是纯蓝色的。 They were cheap enough, so I splashed and got two. 这些东西够便宜的,所以我一下子买了两件。 These children came from a slum area. 这些孩子来自贫民窟区。 The flowers send forth fragrance. 这些花散发出香味。 The paintings were shown at the Art Gallery. 这些画曾在美术馆展出。 These robots will save us a lot of labor. 这些机器人可以节省我们大量劳工。 The inhabitants were still in the savage state. 这些居民仍处于野蛮状态。 These oranges taste sour. 这些橘子吃起来很酸。 The pears are badly specked. 这些梨子有很多斑点。 The coal will be shipped by rail. 这些煤将用火车装运。 The timber was snaked to sawmills. 这些木材被拖到锯木厂。 The boys slung stones at the miserable cat. 这些男孩向那只可怜的猫扔石头。 The boys made snares to catch rabbits. 这些男孩子设置陷阱捕捉兔子。 The older girls were making sport of her. 这些年纪较大的女孩子在开她的玩笑。 These plates stack well. 这些盘子叠得很平整。 The stores shut at 9:30 p.m. 这些商店晚上九点半打烊。 These gloves are seconds. 这些手套是二流货。 These trees will shield off arid winds and protect the fields. 这些树林能挡住旱风,堡农田。 How much do all these figures stack up to? 这些数字的总和是多少? These prosaic details take all the sparkle out of the conversation. 这些无聊的细节使谈话失去了生气。 The cookies were rich and spicy. 这些小甜饼油多味香。 The letters give us a snapshot of his life abroad. 这些信件使我们对他在海外的生活约略有所了解。 These letters were smuggled out of prison. 这些信是从监牢中偷偷带出来的。 These operations have been carried out according to schedule. 这些行动已按预定计划实施。 These actions were interpreted as a threat to national sovereignty. 这些行为被理解为一个对国家统治权的威胁。 The students are learning solid geometry. 这些学生正在学习立体几何学。 The many sorrows turned her hair white. 这许许多多不幸的事使她的头发变白了。 This snow's perfect for a snowball fight. 这雪打雪仗极好。 It's a sin to stay indoors on such a fine day. 这样的好天气留在屋里实在不该。 What a shocking waste of time! 这样浪费时间,真不像话! The setback sobered all of us down. 这一挫折使我们大家都清醒了。 The land is flat and marshy before rising to a spine of low hills. 这一带地形平坦而多沼泽,再往远去地势隆起,形成矮山陵地。 Computer stores are springing up all over the place. 这一地区电脑商店正如雨后春笋般崛起。 This region is sprinkled with small lakes. 这一地区星星点点地分布着许多小湖泊。 The discovery was hailed as the scientific sensation of the century. 这一发现被誉为本世纪科学上的轰动事件。 This method can help students shed inhibitions. 这一方法能帮助学生去除顾虑。 The method is simplicity itself. 这一方法再容易也没有了。 This proposal was approved by both the House and the Senate. 这一建议得到了参、众两院的批准。 The experience set the seal on their friendship. 这一经历确定了他们的友谊。 The terrible experience had scarred him for life. 这一可怕的经历给他留下了终身的创伤。 This difficulty will have to be squarely faced. 这一困难必须正视。 This sidewalk is made of slabs of stone. 这一人行道是用石板铺成的。 The design was scrubbed at the drawing board stage as being impractical. 这一设计图纸还未画出就被认为不实用而遭废弃。 Is this condition set forth in the agreement? 这一条件协议中有提到吗? The operation was conducted in secrecy. 这一行动是秘密进行的。 The operation was being conducted in secrecy. 这一行动正在秘密进行。 This chapter has four sections. 这一章有四节。 The music sounds very pleasing to the ear. 这音乐听起来十分悦耳。 This brought about a heavy slump in prices. 这引起物价猛跌。 What sex is the baby? 这婴儿是什么性别? This fish smells. 这鱼发臭了。 How do you say this in English? 这在英语中怎么说? My head is splitting from the noise. 这噪音使我头痛欲裂。 There's little spring in this sofa. 这张沙发几乎没什么弹性。 The table takes up a lot of space. 这张桌子很占地方。 This is what we've been trying hard to find; now we're getting somewhere. 这正是我们一直要找的东西;现在我们总算有些进展了。 This rusted pan does not scour easily. 这只生锈的锅不容易擦乾净。 The clock runs slow. 这钟走着走着就慢了。 This material will scorch easily if it is too near the fire. 这种材料如果太靠近炉火很容易烤焦。 This car is a good seller. 这种车子很行销。 Such a vicious lie is nothing but a stab in the back. 这种恶毒的谎言完全是暗箭伤人。 Such doubts were now speedily removed. 这种怀疑现在已被迅速消除。 This cheese has a sharp flavor. 这种乳酪的味道很强烈。 Such a toy is simple to make. 这种玩具做起来很简单。 This liquid doesn't smell. 这种液体没有气味。 This dress material shrinks in the wash. 这种衣料一洗要缩水。 The idea somewhat alarmed her. 这主意有点令她惊恐不安。 The mountain rises sheer from the plain. 这座山陡峭地矗立在平原上。 The scout reported the enemy truck movements. 侦察员报告有关敌人卡车活动的情况。 Jane scrambled up her hair. 珍匆匆梳理了一下头发。 Jane first broke the silence. 珍首先打破沉默。 It's strange that he should be absent. 真奇怪,他竟会缺席。 Thank you very much. You've done me a great service. 真谢谢你帮了我一个大忙。 It's a shame I haven't heard from you for years. 真遗憾,我多年没有收到你的信了。 Snap out of it, you can find another girlfriend. 振作起来吧,天涯何处无芳草。 The whole village was sleeping. 整个村庄一片寂静。 My mother has been slaving away all weekend in the kitchen. 整个周末,我母亲一直在厨房里忙碌。 The film on show doesn't have much sparkle on it. 正放映的那部电影沉闷无生气。 The rain is sheeting down. 正下着倾盆大雨。 The government took measures to stabilize prices. 政府采取措施稳定物价。 The government's new economic policy gained acclaim from various sections of society. 政府的新经济政策受到社会各阶层的拥护。 The government slapped import quotas on foreign cars. 政府对外国汽车强制实行进口限额。 The government made a solemn statement. 政府发表了一项严正的声明。 It is a scandal for officials to take bribes. 政府官员接受贿赂是可耻的事。 Government organizations dealt with housing problems at a snail's pace. 政府机构对住房问题处理得十分缓慢。 The government has decided to slash taxes. 政府决定大幅度减税。 Political stability is essential to economic prosperity. 政治稳定对经济繁荣是必要的。 Then began a series of wet days that spoiled our vacation. 之后就是一连串的下雨天,把我们的假期弄得一团糟。 The spider hung suspended on its slender thread. 蜘蛛悬挂在它吐出的细丝上。 The spider was spinning a web. 蜘蛛在结网。 It's only spitting. We don't need an umbrella. 只下一点毛毛雨,我们不需要伞。 You'll get on well as long as the boss smiles on you. 只要老板偏爱你,你会很顺利的。 It'll only cost 15 dollars or so. 只要十五美元左右。 The photograph of the conductor was printed on the record sleeve. 指挥的照片印在唱片套上。 The commanding officer shouted his orders. 指挥官高声发出命令。 The commander sent a party to scout out a safer area. 指挥官派出一支小队去寻找更为安全的地区。 The accusation brought a speedy denial. 指责马上遭到否认。 At least we didn't lose any money. That's something. 至少我们没有损失什么钱。这还算幸运。 Segregation was most evident in the south. 种族隔离在南方最为明显。 A sudden shift in weight caused the boat to turn over. 重量突然转移使船翻了。 The pigs grunted and snorted. 猪发出咕噜声,哼声。 The bamboos scraped against the back wall of the house. 竹子擦着房子的后墙。 The housewife always keeps the sink clean. 主妇总是保持水槽的清洁。 The director set out the plan in skeleton form. 主任提纲挈领地说明了这一计划。 The chairman introduced the speaker to the audience. 主席将演讲人介绍给听众。 The chairman made an opening speech. 主席致开幕词。 The warring factions shot down the peace proposal. 主战派坚决反对和平议案。 The table was spread for supper. 桌子已摆好,准备吃晚饭。 After a moment's scrutiny, she pretended to recognize him. 仔细打量了一分钟后,她假装认出了他。 I have been out of shape ever since I left the army. 自从我离开军队后,我的身体一直很差。 She has been living a hard life since her husband died. 自从丈夫死后,她一直过着艰苦的生活。 The Liberals were slaughtered. 自由党人遭到惨败。 The general manager promised to search into the matter. 总经理答应深入调查此事。 The President took the solemn oath of office. 总统正式宣誓就职。 In short, we must be prepared. 总之我们要有准备。 Shove off! I'm busy. 走开!我很忙。 The football game was won by a sleeper, an unknown new player. 足球比赛爆冷门,有一匹黑马赢球了,是一个名不见经传的新球员。 The diamond passed the scrutiny of the jeweler. 钻石通过了珠宝商的仔细检查。 The diamond sparkled in the sunlight. 钻石在太阳光下闪闪发光。 At last he sickened of waiting for her, and went away. 最后他等她等得不耐烦便走了。 I have received a shower of letters recently. 最近我收到了一大批信件。 There has been a great deal of speculation about the Prime Minister's resignation. 最近有关首相辞职的臆测颇多。 The criminal fled the scene. 罪犯逃离了现场。 I bought a piece of soap yesterday. 昨天我买了一块肥皂。 I slept very badly last night. 昨天夜里我睡得很不好。 The town was shelled last night. 昨晚该镇遭到炮击。 I couldn't get to sleep last night. 昨晚我睡不着。 The left-hand speaker doesn't seem to be working. 左手的扬声器看样子失灵了。 As a football player, John is second to none. 作为一名足球队员,约翰可是首屈一指的。 The writer's dreams find a shape in his novel. 作者的理想在他的小说中得到体现。 The stadium was filled for the final baseball game. 体育场被观看最后一场棒球比赛的人群挤满了。 The word "lady" has two syllables. "lady"这个字有两个音节。 "Sad" and "unhappy" are synonyms. "sad"和"unhappy"是同义字。 "So what?" Tom said sullenly. "那又怎么样呢?"汤姆绷着脸说。 "Are you going with us?" -- "Surely." "你和我们一起去吗?"--"当然啦!" "Why are you laughing?" he asked suspiciously. "你为什么要笑?"他怀疑地问道。 "Let's get out of here," Tom said thickly. "让我们离开这个地方,"汤姆声音重浊地说。 What can I get you, sweetheart? 最常出于女店员或餐馆女侍之口我能为你拿点什么,甜心? Oh dear! I've dropped a stitch. 啊呀!我漏了一针。 Ellen has got a temporary job. 艾伦找到一份临时工作。 Get rid of that stuff in the garage. 把车库里那些没有用的东西处理掉。 It is difficult to telescope 200 years of history into one lecture. 把二百年的历史浓缩在一个讲座中很是困难。 The strikers are holding out for a 5% pay increase. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司