翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 她并非才华横溢,但很仔细。 She burst into a tempestuous fit of anger. 她勃然大怒。 She refused to submit to his control. 她不屈服于他的控制。 Someone has to mind the store while she's away. 她不在时得有人管事。 She couldn't figure out who put a tail on her. 她猜不透谁派人盯她的梢。 She often suffers from headaches. 她常常头痛。 She often sticks at her work more than ten hours a day. 她常常一天一工作就是十小时以上。 She wore a sweater and jeans. 她穿着毛衣及牛仔裤。 She's always talking at me instead of with me. 她从来不是与我交谈,总是冲着我叽叽呱呱说个不停。 She used to ride like a tailor. 她从前不擅骑马。 She telephoned her father to send money. 她打电话要她父亲汇钱。 She's planning to go into teaching. 她打算从事教育。 She was about fifty and quite stout. 她大约五十岁,相当胖。 Her nose streamed blood. 她的鼻子淌血。 Her acting was superb. 她的表演好极了。 Her illness started with a high fever. 她的病开始时是发高烧。 Her voice tailed off into silence. 她的话音越来越小,终于哑然无声了。 She improved in health stage by stage. 她的健康状况逐渐好转。 Her speech was well suited to the occasion. 她的讲话在这个场合十分得体。 She had the difficult task of pulling out all the weeds. 她的苦差事是拔除所有的杂草。 Her hat is out of style. 她的帽子过时了。 Her eyes kept straying from the page. 她的目光老是不由自主地离开书页往别处看。 Her eyes swept the room. 她的目光扫视着房间。 Her skin has a fine texture. 她的皮肤细腻。 Her income is not sufficient to support her family. 她的收入不够养活家人。 Her income suffices for her needs. 她的收入足够她用。 Her fingers tensely twisted the handle of her bag. 她的手指紧张地扭动着手提包的把手。 Her mind was then in a tangle. 她的思想当时是一片混乱。 Her thoughts were in a tangle. 她的思想陷入混乱之中。 We were greatly taken aback by her attitude. 她的态度使我们大为震惊。 Her legs were so weak that she could hardly stand. 她的腿软得几乎站不住了。 Her speech sounded rather thin. 她的演讲听上去颇为空洞。 Her deep sighs testified her sadness. 她的一声声长叹表明她的悲伤。 She has lost a pair of stockings. 她丢掉了一双长统袜。 She could not tear herself away from the book. 她对那本书爱不释手。 She is sweet to her pupils. 她对学生和蔼可亲。 She is sympathetic over what has happened. 她对已发生的事抱有同情心。 She is strange to the work but will soon learn. 她对这个工作还很生疏,但很快就会学会的。 Her opposition to the plan is of long standing. 她对这一计划的反对是旷日持久的。 Perspiration started out on her brow. 她额上沁出了汗珠。 She was taken down with fever. 她发烧病倒了。 She was pledged to keep it a strict secret. 她发誓对此事绝对保密。 She spoke in support of the project. 她发言支持这项计划。 She surrendered her dream of becoming a model. 她放弃当模特儿的梦想。 She was scared stiff. 她非常害怕。 Her father is 90 years old and still going strong. 她父亲九十岁了,仍然很健康。 She was swollen with contentment. 她感到十分满足。 She told me that she would be back in an hour. 她告诉我她一个小时内就会回来。 She had dispatched telegrams to her father. 她给父亲打了许多电报。 She is the sunshine of the house. 她给全家带来温暖,幸福。 She gave us a sweet song. 她给我们唱了一支好听的歌曲。 She summoned up her courage and stepped in. 她鼓起勇气走了进去。 She supervises the whole department. 她管理这整个部门。 She is a big tease, but she doesn't mean anything by it. 她很爱戏弄人,但她并没有什么恶意。 She lay great stress on proper behavior. 她很强调行为端正。 She takes well. 她很上相。 Her words have a sting in them. 她话中带刺。 That she is still alive is a relief. 她还活着,这是令人感到宽慰的。 She storied about her nationality. 她谎报自己的国籍。 She has almost nobody to take up for her. 她几乎没有人支持。 She continued her survey of the landscape. 她继续眺望景色。 She set the television to the Midnight News. 她将电视机调到午夜新闻档。 She read through her essay and struck out a few words here and there. 她将论文通读一遍,在一些地方删去了几个字。 She packed all her belongings into a suitcase. 她将全部东西都装进了一只手提箱。 She stained the table brown. 她将桌子涂成了棕色。 She was so stewed up with anxiety that she couldn't sleep. 她焦急万分,觉也睡不着。 She taught us how to pronounce those difficult words. 她教我们如何发这些困难字的音。 She woke up with a start. 她惊醒过来。 Such were her words. 她就是这么说的。 She would never thrash her children. 她绝不会鞭打她的孩子。 She was lonely at the very start. 她开始时感到孤独。 She surely seems happy. 她看来肯定很快活。 She looks younger than she is. 她看起来比她实际岁数显得要年轻。 She looks thinner than before. 她看上去比过去瘦了。 She stayed up reading until midnight. 她看书看到半夜才睡。 She may have some shortcomings, but she is a good mother for all that. 她可能有一些缺点,尽管如此,她还是一位好母亲。 She was thirsty for power. 她渴望权力。 She tempested out. 她狂怒地走了出去。 Her eyes were swimming with tears. 她泪水盈眶。 She left amid a swarm of photographers. 她离开时一群摄影记者围着她。 Her sublimate future husband will be tall, dark, and handsome. 她理想化的未来丈夫将是身材高大,皮肤浅黑,相貌英俊。 She had a succession of colds. 她连续患伤风。 She has bought paper, pens, and other such stationery. 她买了纸,笔以及诸如此类的文具。 She paid the sum of $200 for dresses. 她买衣服总共花了二百元。 She exercises everyday to keep herself supple. 她每天运动以保持体态轻盈。 Her younger sister helped her stick a flower in her hair. 她妹妹帮她把一朵花插在头发上。 Her expression suggested pleasure. 她面露喜色。 She took a piece of paper and began to write a letter. 她拿了一张纸,开始写起信来。 She picked up her embroidery and started stitching. 她拿起刺绣活儿绣了起来。 She managed to stay her anger. 她努力克制了怒气。 She struggled to keep back the tears. 她努力忍住泪水。 She has a sweet temper. 她脾气温和。 She swindles him out of his life savings. 她骗取了他一生的积蓄。 She left no stone unturned in her search for her lost child. 她千方百计寻找丢失的孩子。 She left no stone unturned in her search for her lost child. 她千方百计寻找丢失的孩子。 She tried hard to stifle her laughter. 她强忍住笑。 He tapped me on the shoulder. 她轻轻地拍拍我的肩。 She strained herself to a final burst of speed. 她倾全力突然加速作最后冲刺。 She steered the conversation away from the unpleasant subject. 她设法摆脱这一不愉快的话题。 She tried to save money without being stingy. 她设法节约钱但不要显得小气。 She stretched out her hand for the dictionary. 她伸手拿字典。 She was rather small in stature. 她身材矮小。 She is five feet tall. 她身高五英尺。 She smiled a subtle smile. 她神秘地笑了笑。 Her mind had strayed back to her childhood. 她失了神,回想着自己的童年。 After she lost her job, she had to go on the streets. 她失去工作后,不得不去当妓女。 She really takes after her mother. They seem like sisters. 她实在很像她母亲。她们看起来就像姊妹般。 She kept her husband in temper. 她使丈夫保持冷静。 She tried to swim the English Channel. 她试图横渡英吉利海峡。 She is a teacher than whom no one is more patient. 她是个比谁都耐心的老师。 She was an economist of considerable standing. 她是个有相当声誉的经济学家。 She was a success as an actress. 她是位成功的女演员。 She is a versatile and superlative actress. 她是位多才多艺、演技高超的女演员。 She is my superior. 她是我的上司。 She is a swell girl. 她是一个好女孩。 She is a terrible student. 她是一个极糟的学生。 She is a new diving talent. 她是一个新的跳水天才。 She is an expert in taming animals. 她是一个驯兽专家。 She was a successful novelist. 她是一个有成就的小说家。 She was an economist of considerable standing. 她是一位颇有名望的经济学家。 She was John's childhood sweetheart. 她是约翰儿时的心上人。 Her bruised knee is still tender. 她受了瘀伤的膝盖仍然一碰就痛。 She stirred now and again in her sleep. 她睡觉时不时翻来覆去。 Her voice was stony. 她说话的声音冷冰冰的。 She tore up the letter and threw it into the waste basket. 她撕碎了信,把它扔在废纸篓里。 She started at the sound of a gun. 她听到枪声,吓了一跳。 She tensed at the approaching footsteps. 她听到越来越近的脚步声马上紧张了起来。 The pain made her see stars. 她痛得眼里直冒金星。 She stubbornly refused to cooperate. 她顽固地拒绝合作。 She has been stewing over this thing all night. 她为此事整夜坐卧不宁。 She stretched the rules in favor of herself. 她为了利己目的曲解法规。 Why does she take me for a fool? 她为什么把我当作傻子看待? She took his outstretched hand. 她握住他伸出的手。 She took me wrong. 她误解了我的意思。 She had a suck of orange juice. 她吸了一口橘子汁。 She has a taste for classic music. 她喜欢古典音乐。 She loves to have some small talk with the neighbors. 她喜欢与邻居聊家常。 She is in her teens. 她现年十几岁。 She is now at the summit of her career. 她现在正处在事业的顶峰。 She took a few steps towards the window. 她向窗口走了几步。 She has pulled a stunt with her teacher. 她向老师耍了花招。 She wrote a study of Shakespeare. 她写了一篇有关莎士比亚的论文。 She had a sunny disposition. 她性情开朗。 She's getting stale in her job and looking for a change. 她厌倦了她的工作,正寻求改变。 She asked me to attend the meeting in her stead. 她要我替她去参加会议。 She is sure to write to you. 她一定会给你写信的。 Before she had finished one play, she had another on the stocks. 她一个剧本尚未写完,已进行另一个剧本的创作了。 She didn't do a stitch of work the whole afternoon. 她一个下午什么事也没有做。 She spent the summer swanning around Europe. 她一个夏天在欧洲游逛。 The sight of blood turns her stomach. 她一见到血就会恶心。 She felt the tension as soon as she entered the room. 她一进房间就感觉到了这种紧张气氛。 She solved the problem at a stroke. 她一下子解决了问题。 She was awfully thick-skinned about dumping her boyfriend. 她遗弃了男朋友,真够无心无肺的。 She has studied out the mystery. 她已解开了这个谜。 She has tamed down considerably. 她已经变得温顺多了。 She has been awarded first prize four years in succession. 她已连续四年获得一等奖。 She has subscribed for a new Chinese-English dictionary. 她已预订了一本新编的汉英词典。 She used to get into a state as exams approached. 她以前在考试到来之前总是非常紧张。 She sued the company for racial discrimination. 她以种族歧视为由对公司起诉。 She is rather susceptible to colds. 她易患感冒。 She is all in a stew over her lost suitcase. 她因丢失衣箱焦急万分。 She stormed at her son for talking back. 她因儿子顶嘴而对他大发脾气。 She was unhappy because of the family strife. 她因家庭不和而悲伤。 She's been arrested on suspicion of spying. 她因涉嫌间谍活动而被捕。 She bore her sufferings bravely. 她勇敢地忍受着苦难。 She struck him with a stick. 她用棍子打他。 She summarized the aims of the new party in a couple of sentences. 她用几句话概括了新党的目标。 She's starving herself trying to lose weight. 她用节食疗法试图减肥。 She described the place with a string of superlatives. 她用一连串最高级的词语描绘那个地方。 She cleaned the sink with a stiff brush. 她用硬毛刷清洗水槽。 She has many suitors. 她有许多求婚者。 She is out of step with modern life. 她与现代生活格格不入。 She works in the office as a temporary. 她在办公室做临时雇员。 She seems quiet on the surface. 她在表面上似乎沉默寡言。 She is mending a tear in her dress. 她在缝补洋装上的破洞。 She strained her eyes in the darkness. 她在黑暗中睁大眼睛看。 She didn't utter a syllable at the meeting. 她在会上一言未发。 She's been supplanted in her aunt's affections by her brother. 她在她姑母心中的地位已被她兄弟取代了。 She surveyed herself in a mirror. 她在镜中端详自己。 She tacked on a ribbon to the hat. 她在帽上加了一条缎带。 She spent the summer swanning around Europe. 她在欧洲游荡了一个夏天。 She stands out in the crowd, for she is two meters in height. 她在人群中显得很突出,因为她身高两公尺。 She's having a bit of the sulks. 她在生气。 She surpassed her brother in mathematics. 她在数学方面超过了她的兄弟。 While in Taipei she stayed at a four star hotel. 她在台北停留期间住在一家四星级饭店。 She got off at Victoria Station. 她在维多利亚车站下了车。 She cracked a smile that told her joy. 她绽出笑容,显露内心的欢乐。 She survived her husband by twenty years. 她丈夫去世后她又活了二十年。 Her husband looked at her sternly. 她丈夫严厉地看着她。 She's really had him on a string. 她真的已完全控制了他。 She has been teasing her mother all morning for a new dress. 她整个上午缠着她妈妈要一件新的洋装。 As she straightened up, the ache in her back grew worse. 她直起身子时,背部的疼痛更厉害了。 She was just trying to make talk. 她只是无话找话罢了. She has starred in some thirty films. 她主演过大约三十部影片。 She stayed in an expensive hotel and really lived in style. 她住在豪华的旅馆里,过得真阔气。 She lives there. 她住在那里。 She lives in a ten thousand strong Chinese community. 她住在一个足有一万人的华人社区。 She held onto a strap to steady herself. 她抓住拉手吊带以便站稳。 She's always tender of hurting other people's feelings. 她总是担心伤害别人的感情。 She is always thoughtful of her mother. 她总是很体贴她的母亲。 She is always so surly; she never smiles at anyone. 她总是那么个坏脾气,对谁也没有一个笑脸。 She's always trying to keep terms with her neighbors. 她总是设法与邻居保持友好。 She wandered out onto the terrace. 她走到庭院的露台上。 She wandered out onto the terrace. 她走到庭院的露台上。 She stepped into the room and sat down in a sofa. 她走进屋子在沙发上坐下。 Her grandmother is still living. 她祖母仍然健在。 She finally took back her words. 她最终收回了自己的话。 She was again out of temper with me yesterday. 她昨天又对我生气。 She sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine. 她坐在花园里晒太阳。 She sat on a stone step. 她坐在一级石阶上。 She sat on a stone step. 她坐在一级石阶上。 She sat on a stool. 她坐在一张凳子上。 The output of steel this year has increased by 20% compared with that in 1992. 今年钢产量比一九九二年增长了百分之二十。 It's hot today, but it'll be still hotter tomorrow. 今天很热,但明天会更热。 The lake is still today. 今天湖水十分平静。 I felt strange this morning. 今天上午我不舒服。 What do we have for supper today? 今天晚餐我们吃什么? There is not much sun today. 今天阳光不多。 That I could stay at home today! 今天要是我能待在家里多好呀! Father has taken restless of late. 近来父亲变得焦躁不安。 No thoroughfare! 禁止通行! After months of prospecting he finally struck gold. 经过数月的勘探,他终于发现了金矿。 Economic recovery is supposedly getting underway. 经济据称正在恢复中。 During the economic recession the factory terminated a large number of workers. 经济衰退时期这家工厂解雇了许多工人。 Thorns sprang up and choked the wheat. 荆棘丛生,把小麦都盖没了。 The police surrounded the house. 警察包围了这幢房子。 The police made a systematic search of the house. 警察对房子进行了彻底的搜查。 The police suspected that Bill did it. 警察怀疑那件事是比尔干的。 Police will make him talk. 警察会使他招供的。 The police arrived. Thereupon the mob scattered. 警察来了,这群乌合之众也随之散去。 The policeman asked the spectators to stand back. 警察要旁观者退后。 The policemen stopped the fight. 警察制止了这场斗殴。 The superintendent ordered a thorough investigation of the case. 警长命令对这一案件作彻底调查。 The police were tailing after the suspect. 警方紧紧跟踪着那嫌疑犯。 The policeman tackled the thief. 警员扭获窃贼。 In terms of money, he's quite rich, but not in terms of happiness. 就钱来说他很富有,但就幸福来说就不然了。 Take Mr. White. He never shouts at his wife. 就说怀特先生吧;他从不对太太叫嚷。 Stay right here. 就在这里停下。 The situation suddenly became tense. 局势突然变得紧张起来。 The club took in a new member last week. 俱乐部上星期又吸收了一名新会员。 As the story goes, he has been promoted twice in five years. 据说他在五年中升迁了两次。 They say another school will be built here. 据说这里要再建一所学校。 To my thinking, he is wrong. 据我看来,他错了。 She was left to sweep up after the party. 聚会结束后她被留下来打扫。 Never again pull a stunt like riding a bicycle no hands. 绝对不要玩命,表演像放手骑单车的特技。 It feels good to stretch after a long drive. 开了很长时间车,舒展一下肢体会很舒服。 The difficulties of the examination did not stagger him. 考试的难度并没有使他畏缩。 She's never tensed up before an examination. 考试之前她从不紧张。 A desk stood against the window. 靠窗放着一张桌子。 Professor Kern gave a talk on American drama. 克恩教授作了一次有关美国戏剧的讲演。 The pillars sustain the roof of the pit. 坑道顶用柱子支撑着。 Survivors of the air crash subsisted on wild fruits. 空难事件的幸存者以野果维持生命。 The air was thick with smoke. 空气中烟雾弥漫。 I'm afraid we have made a terrible mess in your room. 恐怕我们把你的房间搞得一团糟了。 Stir your stumps, or we'll leave without you. 快走,要不我们就要丢下你自己走了。 Pulling down the window shades subdued the light in the room. 拉下窗帘使房间的光线变暗了。 The surge upset the boat. 浪涛掀翻了小船。 What is the major cause of the labour-management strife? 劳资冲突的主要原因是什么? The boss sacked half of his employees at one sweep. 老板一下子裁去了半数雇员。 The boss has stopped my wages. 老板已停发我的工资。 The boss taxed him with having neglected his work. 老板指责他工作不力。 The old woman died of starvation. 老妇人被活活饿死。 The tiger suspected danger and ran away. 老虎意识到危险便逃跑了。 Old people tend to get fat. 老年人容易发胖。 The old man stared the uninvited guest up and down. 老人把不速之客上下打量了一番。 The old man's will has been tampered with. 老人的遗嘱已被篡改。 The old man broke his thigh. 老人跌断了大腿骨。 The old man sucked at his pipe. 老人吸着烟斗。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司