翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 The old man entered the room supported by his grandson. 老人由孙子扶着进了房间。 The old man sat watching the sunset. 老人坐看日落。 No teacher should stamp on a child's idea without considering it. 老师不应该不加考虑就把孩子的想法压制下去。 The teacher will test us in maths. 老师将测验我们数学。 The teacher told the children to behave themselves. 老师叫孩子们规矩一点。 The teacher was talking with some students. 老师正与几位学生在交谈。 The old ladies played for small stakes just for amusement. 老太太们下小赌注赌钱只是为了取乐。 The thunderstorm terrified the child. 雷雨把那个小孩吓坏了。 The thunderstorm terrified the child. 雷雨把那个小孩吓坏了。 The thunderstorm terrified the child. 雷雨把那个小孩吓坏了。 Richard isn't as stuffy as most people think. 理察并不像大多数人以为的那样古板。 The barber thinned out my thick hair. 理发师把我浓密的头发削薄了一些。 The barber sharpened his razor on a strap. 理发师在磨刀皮带上磨剃刀。 It seems good in theory, but it doesn't work in practice. 理论上它似乎很不错,但实际上却行不通。 The lowering of interest rates will act as a stimulant to economic growth. 利率的下降将刺激经济增长。 Even the grave old gentleman could not suppress a laugh. 连那位严肃的老绅士都禁不住笑了。 Of the two possibilities, this is more likely than that. 两个可能性中,后者比前者更可能。 Both men were busily engaged in shaping barrel-staves. 两个男人都正忙于削桶板。 The leaders of the two countries will meet for talks on questions of common interest. 两国领袖将会面商谈两国共同利益的问题。 Within two years they had tamed this inhospitable landscape. 两年之内他们已经开垦了这片荒凉的土地。 The two runners broke the tape together. 两位赛跑运动员在终点同时撞线。 The hunter stalked the tiger. 猎手悄悄地追踪老虎。 Lynd stretched out in front of the fire. 林德手脚伸展着躺在火炉前面。 To my surprise, he refused to cooperate with us. 令我吃惊的是,他不肯与我们合作。 Tramps are in a low stratum of society. 流浪汉生活在社会的下层。 Willow branches swept the river's surface. 柳枝拂掠着河面。 The noise from the terraces was deafening. 露天看台上的吵闹声震耳欲聋。 The noise from the terraces was deafening. 露天看台上的吵闹声震耳欲聋。 Do your stuff! 露一手吧! Tents are used by campers and by soldiers in the field. 露营的人和战地的士兵用帐篷。 The kettle is steaming away on the stove. 炉子上的水壶正在冒蒸汽。 A sergeant has three stripes. 陆军中士军服上有三条袖纹。 Flowers strewed the path. 路上散满了鲜花。 The flight will take three hours. 路上要飞三小时。 The ship steamed into the harbor. 轮船驶抵港口。 Robin Hood was a man with a stout heart. 罗宾汉是一个勇敢的人。 Mom talked me to sleep. 妈妈讲得使我睡着了。 Mother telegraphed me yesterday. 妈妈昨天打电报给我。 A horse can swim. 马会游泳。 There were six stalls for horses in the stable. 马厩里有六个栏。 The horse stamped on the ground. 马重重地在地上一跺脚。 Mary is ill and Laura is to substitute her. 玛丽病了,罗拉代替她。 Mary ran the family and her husband stood back. 玛丽当家,她丈夫不过问家务。 Mary's words have the stamp of truth. 玛丽的话具有真实性。 Mary took to her new teacher the first time they met. 玛丽第一次见到新老师时就喜欢上她了。 Mary is really stuck on her new teacher. 玛丽实在喜欢她的新老师。 Mary pulled strings and got us two theater tickets. 玛丽走了后门,为我们搞到了两张戏票。 The dockers are coming out on strike for higher wages. 码头工人将举行罢工要求增加工资。 Straws are hollow. 麦秆是空心的。 The cat crept with stealthy movements toward the bird. 猫偷偷地接近鸟儿。 Wool stands up better than silk. 毛料比丝绸耐久。 A caterpillar must pass through the cocoon stage to become a butterfly. 毛毛虫必须经过茧的阶段才能变成蝴蝶。 An inexperienced pilot can easily stall his plane. 没有经验的飞行员很容易使他的飞机失速。 There is no tangible proof. 没有确凿的证据。 No one knows for sure what happened to Bill. 没有人确切知道比尔出了什么事。 Nothing could sway him from his decision. 没有什么能动摇他的决心。 No rose without a thorn. 玫瑰多刺。有快乐就有痛苦 The coal miners struck for better safety conditions. 煤矿工人罢工要求改善安全状况。 The coalminers have been out on strike for several weeks now. 煤矿工人已罢工了几个星期。 Every apartment house has a water tank on its roof. 每栋公寓房子都有一个水塔。 Every citizen must pay taxes. 每个公民都必须纳税。 Each nation suppressed news that was not favorable to it. 每个国家都封锁对它不利的消息。 The daily flight to Dallas has been temporarily suspended. 每天飞往达拉斯的航班暂时停飞。 Application letters from all over the country were pouring in by the thousands every week. 每星期有数以千计的申请信从全国各地纷至沓来。 Every time a bus came, the crowd surged forward. 每一次有公车驶来,人群就向前拥去。 The text of every chapter is followed by questions. 每一章正文之后有问答题。 The American flag stands for freedom and justice. 美国国旗代表自由及公平。 The Americans are strengthening their surface fleet. 美国人正在加强他们的水上舰队。 The door swung shut. 门关上了。 This bread is a little bit stale. 面包不太新鲜。 The batter was too stiff to beat. 面糊太稠了,不容易搅拌。 Mother stirred the flour and milk to a stiff paste. 母亲把面粉和牛奶搅成浓浆。 The mother was trying to comfort the tearful little girl. 母亲在试图安慰泪水汪汪小女孩。 The eyewitness's testimony proved he was guilty. 目击者的证词证明他有罪。 The witness was telling about the whole accident. 目击者正在讲述整个事故的过程。 The present system of education needs to be improved. 目前的教育制度需要改进。 There is not much stock in the shop right now. 目前店里存货不多。 What's the status of the peace talks? 目前和谈的情况如何? That book isn't mine. 那本书不是我的。 That book is theirs. 那本书是他们的。 That's my English teacher over there. 那边是我的英文老师。 It was such an exciting game. 那场比赛真是精彩刺激。 The heavy snow stopped him from coming to our party. 那场大雪使他未能前来参加我们的宴会。 The speech stirred up a lot of excitement. 那场演说引起很大的骚动。 The scandal caused tempests in the newspapers. 那丑闻在报纸上掀起了阵阵风波。 That play struck me as silly. 那出戏我觉得很无聊。 That accident taught them a lesson. 那次事故给了他们一个教训。 He's only got himself to thank for the accident. 那次事故只能怪他自己。 That's an idea, and a good one at that. 那倒是个主意,而且是个好主意。 The dish was not to her taste. 那道菜不对她的口味。 The slight damage did not take from the engine's power. 那点轻微的损坏并不减低引擎的威力。 That cloud suggests a boat to me. 那朵云使我联想到船。 There is a tablet in memory of those who died. 那儿有一块碑纪念死去的人。 The house is made of stone, not concrete. 那房子是石造的,不是混凝土造的。 The house is made of stone, not concrete. 那房子是石造的,不是混凝土造的。 He didn't star at that job. 那份工作他做得并不出色。 The pickpocket was thrashing around in an attempt to get free. 那个扒手拼命挣扎,试图脱身。 The sick child looks still worse today than yesterday. 那个病童的情况今天看起来比昨天更不妙。 The superstar lives in state. 那个超级明星过着豪华的生活。 That big fullback tackles hard. 那个大个儿后卫拦截凶狠。 Kids should steer clear of that park, it doesn't seem safe. 那个公园好像不安全,孩子们应该避开。 That stuffy professor gives very boring lectures. 那个古板的教授讲课无聊透顶。 The official was warned not to strain his power. 那个官员受到警告,不可滥用职权。 Famine stalked through the country. 那个国家饥荒蔓延。 That country has a large surplus of food. 那个国家有很多剩余食粮。 The country steered a middle course. 那个国家走了一条中间道路。 That guy has a thick head. 那个汉子脑子笨。 The plan is under study. 那个计划正在研究中。 That decision was sheer stupidity. 那个决定是十分愚蠢的。 The divorced woman is the talk of the street. 那个离了婚的女子成了街头巷尾的话题。 The young man has good stuff in him. 那个年轻人素质很好。 The sailor has a rich stock of tales of adventure. 那个水手满肚子都是探险故事。 The car park is strictly for the use of residents. 那个停车场仅供当地居民使用。 The detective, nicknamed Holmes, is a terror to criminals. 那个外号叫福尔摩斯的侦探令罪犯闻之丧胆。 The kingdom was in the suburbs of destruction. 那个王国濒临毁灭。 The child has brought sunshine into the old couple's life.= made them happy. 那个小孩为那对老夫妇生命带来幸福。 The boy looking for a job has testimonials from his teachers and former employers. 那个找工作的小伙子有他的老师和以前的雇主的推荐信。 The clinic tailors its treatment to individual needs. 那个诊所的治疗方法适合个别需要。 The sturdy young man removed the rock without effort. 那个壮实的小伙子没费多大劲便把石块搬开了。 The work took up all his time. 那工作花费了他所有的时间。 The girl gathered her temper and spoke her mind. 那姑娘鼓起勇气说出了自己的想法。 The child stayed out all night. 那孩子彻夜未归。 The child was tearing at the wrapping of the gift box. 那孩子正在用力撕礼盒的包装纸。 It was a heavy tax on his time. 那耗去了他许多时间。 The young people were talking philosophy in Clay's study. 那几个年轻人在克莱的书房里谈论哲学。 The store suspended. 那家商店暂时停业。 That was the motive that swayed with him. 那就是支配他的动机。 That remark was not in taste. 那句话不得体。 The poor widow was stuck with her husband's debts. 那可怜的寡妇承担死去丈夫的债务。 The old man walked with a wooden staff. 那老汉拄着木拐杖走路。 The stories told by the two boys are in substantial agreement. 那两个男孩讲的情况基本一致。 Those two next-door families are not on borrowing terms. 那两家隔壁邻居相互之间并不友好。 The two pieces of luggage were strapped together. 那两件行李捆扎在一起。 So many people have bought bikes that the store is now out of stock. 那么多人买自行车,商店现在已经没货了。 When will the manager be available, then? 那么经理什么时候可以接见我呢? The boy was staggered by the blow. 那男孩给揍得摇摇晃晃。 The boy was drinking milk through a straw. 那男孩在用吸管吸牛奶。 That boy's a little terror. 那男孩真是个小捣蛋。 What a talker that man is -- no one else can get a word in. 那男人真能讲--没有一个人能插得上一句话。 The girl's face had a stricken look. 那女孩愁眉不展。 The girl's face had a stricken look. 那女孩愁眉不展。 The girl struck a match to light a cigarette. 那女孩划火柴点燃一根烟。 The girl's eyes started in fear. 那女孩吓得瞪大双眼。 The girl was terrified out of her wits. 那女孩吓得魂不附体。 The girl was terrified out of her wits. 那女孩吓得魂不附体。 The girl was terrified out of her wits. 那女孩吓得魂不附体。 What is the woman swearing at? 那女人在咒骂什么? The horse has gone stale from too much running. 那匹马因跑得太多而疲惫了。 The flag was flown at half-staff. 那旗帜降了半旗。 The figure turned towards the sunrise. 那人影转过身面对着东方。 They suffered a great deal in those days. 那时他们吃了不少苦。 That was a stiff examination. 那是次困难的考试。 What a sublime meal that was! 那是顿多么丰盛的美餐! Who told her that? 那是谁告诉她那件事的? That's their business. 那是他们的事。 It is a systematic attempt to strengthen our competitive ability. 那是为增强我们的竞争能力而作的有计划的努力。 That cat is a stray that we took in. 那是我们收养的一只走失的猫。 That's a tall tale. 那是无稽之谈。 It was a tame book and he soon fell asleep over it. 那是一本平淡无奇的书,不久他就趴在书上睡着了。 It was a stupid book. 那是一本无聊的书。 It was a successful experiment. 那是一次成功的试验。 It was a surface wound and soon healed. 那是一个表面伤,不久便长好了。 That is a steep story. 那是一个令人难以置信的故事。 The sailor was stupid with liquor. 那水手醉得不省人事。 The ship was stopped by a surfaced submarine. 那艘船被一浮出水面的潜水艇拦住了。 The rule was laid down by the then chairman of the committee. 那条规章是当时的委员会主席订下的。 Fish teem in that river. 那条河中有很多鱼。 Raising herself slightly, the snake struck. 那条蛇稍稍抬起身,咬了一口。 The boat was swamped in the storm. 那条小船在暴风雨中沉没了。 The duke did well by people in humble stations. 那位公爵善待地位低下的人。 The younger man will succeed Mr. White as director. 那位较年轻的男士将接替怀特先生当主任。 The mother surrendered herself to grief. 那位母亲哀痛不已。 The young lady staggered a moment, and then stepped forward. 那位年轻女郎稍稍犹豫了一下,然后就走上前去。 The actress was so temperamental that many people refused to work with her. 那位女演员喜怒无常,许多人都拒绝和她合作。 The tired old man stumbled along. 那位疲惫的老人蹒跚而行。 The applicant has had some experience in this kind of work, and then he is easy to get along with. 那位申请人以前做过这种工作,另外此人很容易相处。 The waiter stumbled several times over our order. 那位侍者好几次弄错了我们点的菜。 The gold miner staked out his claim. 那位淘金者立桩标出他的地界。 That gentleman has great style. 那位先生很有风度。 The novelist has a subtle insight into human nature. 那位小说家对人性具有敏锐的洞察力。 The little child stammers in the presence of strangers. 那小孩在陌生人面前说话就结巴。 Those athletes were strung up before the race. 那些运动员在赛跑前振奋起来了。 The wartime temporaries will be replaced by permanent homes. 那些战时临时住房将被永久性住宅代替。 The issue was laid on the table. 那一议案被搁置一边。 It was quite an understood thing to us at that time. 那在当时对我们来说是件心照不宣之事。 The heavy box strained the rope to a breaking point. 那只沉重的箱子几乎把绳子拉断。 The stiffness and self-consciousness soon disappeared. 那种不自然和害羞的感觉不久便消失了。 The boy threw some stones into the pond. 男孩把几块石头丢进池里去。 The boy threw some stones into the pond. 男孩把几块石头丢进池里去。 The boy helped Mother sweep the dirt away. 男孩帮助母亲清除尘土。 The boy sued his father for mercy. 男孩向他父亲求饶。 The boys hurt themselves sliding downhill. 男孩子们滑下山时伤着了自己。 The boys got into a tangle over the rules of the game. 男孩子们在比赛规则上发生了争吵。 You pressed the wrong switch. 你按错了开关。 Will you tag these two together? 你把这两个连接在一起好吗? Will you help me with this crossword puzzle? It got me stumped. 你帮我解这个纵横字谜好吗?它难住我了。 You must make sure of the time and place. 你必须把时间和地点弄清楚。 You must get up steam. 你必须打起精神来。 You have to take stock of your position. 你必须估计一下你的处境。 You must stand up for your rights. 你必须维护自己的权利。 You must stand to your promise. 你必须遵守诺言。 You needn't take his rudeness so hard. 你不必为他的粗鲁而如此不快。 You shouldn't tangle with him -- he's much stronger than you! 你不应与他发生纠缠。他比你强壮得多! You must promise me to take a thorough rest. 你得答应我彻底休息一下。 You must promise me to take a thorough rest. 你得答应我彻底休息一下。 You have to step up your pace. 你得加快步伐。 Are you stuck over your algebra? 你的代数题做不下去了吧? You are wanted on the telephone. 你的电话。 Your son's a little terror! Can you control him? 你的儿子真讨厌!你可不可以管管他? Your work is not up to the standard. 你的工作未达到标准。 Your idea stinks. It will only get us into trouble. 你的主意糟透了,只会给我们惹麻烦。 Can you tell the twin sisters apart? 你分得清这两个孪生姐妹吗? It's time you talked to him about this. 你该跟他谈谈这件事了! What is that which you have just stuffed into the plastic cup? 你刚才塞在塑料杯里的是什么东西? When did you start to learn English? 你何时开始学英语的? Ten to one you'll miss your train. 你很可能要赶不上火车了。 Do you know how to start the motor? 你会启动马达吗? You'll get small thanks for it. 你将吃力不讨好。 He can suck up as much information as you can give him. 你教他多少,他就可以学多少。 You've really caught the sun today! 你今天真的是晒黑了。 How dare you talk down to me like this? 你竟敢用这样高高在上的口气对我讲话? On no terms should you give up learning English. 你决不能放弃学习英语。 You can open the can by pulling the tab. 你可拉拉环把罐头打开。 You've got me there! 你可难倒我了! You can telephone for a taxi. 你可以打电话叫一辆计程车。 Are you sure you can stand the test? 你肯定能经得起考验吗? What's that sticking out of your pocket? 你口袋里伸出来的是什么东西? Be sure to switch off the light when you leave the office. 你离开办公室时务必把灯关掉。 You've bought a thing of naught. 你买了一件废物。 You must work hard to ride out a storm. 你们必须努力工作以渡过难关。 You'll have to finish it within two days, and that's that. 你们必须在两天内完工,就这样。 You have enough time to go there and back before dinner. 你们到那里去了再回来吃晚饭还来得及。 Your prices are pretty steep. 你们的价格相当高。 When was universal suffrage introduced in your country? 你们国家是什么时候开始赋予公民普选权的? While in this country you are subject to its laws. 你们在这个国家就要受其法律的约束。 Can you give some examples to support your argument? 你能举几个例子来证实你的论点吗? It was very thoughtless of you to keep her waiting so long. 你让她等那么久也太不体谅人了。 Do you know the man talking to the boss? 你认识那个在跟老板说话的男人吗? Do as you think best. 你认为怎样最好就怎样去做。 Are you on the strength here? 你是这儿的成员吗? Are you on the strength here? 你是这儿的成员吗? You're spreading yourself too thin. 你太性急了,最好一件一件地做。 Do you believe that the pen is mightier than the sword? 你相信笔杆的威力大于武力吗? Do you believe in the supernatural? 你相信鬼神吗? Surely you don't believe that! 你想必不会相信那种事吧! You must really see some golden sunsets here. 你一定得看看这里金色的夕照。 You must swear him to silence. 你一定要他发誓保持沉默。 You should be thorough in your work. 你应该对工作毫不马虎。 You should be thorough in your work. 你应该对工作毫不马虎。 You should be more thoughtful of your behavior. 你应该更加注意你的举止。 You should watch your step. The police know that you are one of the strike committee. 你应该小心点。警方知道你是罢工委员会的成员之一。 There you go, trying to find fault with me. 你又来这一套,老是想找我的岔。 Are you willing to stand surety for your brother? 你愿意为你兄弟作担保吗? Will you talk up a bit? 你再大声一点好吗? You can see the summit of the mountain ten miles away. 你在十英里之外就能看到这山的山顶。 Did you sugar my coffee? 你在我的咖啡里放过糖了吗? Did you sugar my coffee? 你在我的咖啡里放过糖了吗? How could you talk back to your boss like that? 你怎么能那样与你上司顶嘴? Boys of your age ought to be sweethearting. 你这个年纪的男孩该是求爱的时候了。 You've got a point there. 你这话有道理。 What are you teaching this semester? 你这学期教什么课? Do you know how he got tangled in the quarrel? 你知道他是怎么卷入争吵的吗? You will only stiffen his resolve. 你只会坚定他的决心。 You'd better steer clear of Bob, he's really angry at you. 你最好避开鲍伯,他对你非常生气。 You had better stock up with sugar because there is going to be a shortage. 你最好购进食糖,因为市场上马上就要缺货了。 Your recent work has been below standard. 你最近的工作一直低于标准。 A drowning man will catch at a straw. 溺水的人连稻草也要死命抓住。 The bird thrashed its wings. 鸟儿拍击翅膀。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司