翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 差波束分离角 separated production and united sales 分产合销 separately compute and pay tax on each category 分别计算纳税 separation and identification 离析与检定 separation angle 夹角; 释放角 separation of distal tibial and fibular epiphyses 下胫腓骨骺分离 dreana 针乌贼 septal aneurysm 中隔动脉瘤; 中间动脉瘤 septic anemia 脓毒性贫血 sequence analysis 序列分析 sequential analysis 按序分析; 序贯分析; 序列分析; 逐次分析; 顺序分析 sequential analyzer 序列分析器 sequential and numerically controlled machine 程序及数字控制机器 sequential multielement analyzer 多元素顺序分析仪 sequestered antigen 隐蔽抗原; 隔绝抗原 tigangraenosa 抗坏疽血清; 坏疽血清 serial analysis 串行分析 serial data analyzer 串行数据分析器 series and parallel 串并联 series and parallel circuit 混联电路 series and tail series 整数系列与零头系列 series-and-shunt tee 串并联T形接头; 串并联三通; 串联和并联的T形接头 series-feed vertical antenna 串联馈电竖直天线 serine and glycollate 丝氨酸和乙醇酸 sero-anaphylaxis 血清过敏性; 血清过敏症 serological defined antigen 血清学限定抗原 serologically defined antigen 血清学检测抗原 serous anemia 浆液性贫血 serpentine aneurysm 匐行性动脉瘤 serratus anterior muscle 前锯肌 serum anaphylactic shock 血清过敏性休克 serum anaphylaxis 血清过敏性 serum antidiphthericum liquidum 液体白喉血清; 液体抗白喉血清 serum antidiphthericum siccum 干燥抗白喉血清 serum antigen 血清抗原 serum antiglobulin test 血清抗球蛋白试验 serum antistreptolysin determination 血清抗链球菌素测定; 血清溶血性链球菌抗体测定 titetanicum siccum 干燥抗破伤风血清 serum hepatitis antigenSHA 血清肝炎抗原 service and test restrictions 使用及试验的限制 servo-analog computer 伺服模拟计算机; 伺服模拟计算机 sessile antibody 固着的抗体; 固着抗体 set analyser-yzer 通信机试验器 set analyzer 测定器 set and assembling parts department 配件部 set and locking screw 止动及锁紧螺钉 set line-and-grade stakes 设置平面与坡度桩 setting and lustring 定形及上光 setting angle 装置角; 安装角 settlement analysis 沉降分析 settling annulus 环形沉降段 ce and conservation taxes 开采和堡税 severe injury of muscle and bone 筋骨寸断 sewage analysis 污水分析 sexual anesthesia 性感缺失 shade and shadow 阴与影 shadow angle 荫影角; 阴影角; 影锥角 shaft angle 轴角 shaft of an axe 斧柄 shallow and rapid respiration 浅速呼吸 shallow ploughing and careless clutivation 浅耕粗作 g and keyway 扁尾键槽刀柄 g and woodruff keyseat 扁尾月牙键槽刀柄 shaped beam antenna 成形波束天线 shaped reflector antenna 成形反射器天线 shaped-beam antenna 赋形波束天线 d planer tool 刨刀 shapes and bars 碳素钢板和型材 shaping and development of educational economics 教育经济学形成与发展 sharp angle 锐角 sharp-angle 锐棱的 gle, grinding angle 研磨角 sharpness angle 研磨角 shaving board and attaching veneer 刨花板及贴面 shear angle 剪切角 shearing and punching machine 冲剪两用机 sheath and culm blight of rice 稻瘟枯病 sheet anchor 备用主锚 sheet and coil grinding machine 薄板和带材磨床 sheet and kieselguhr filter 板框硅藻土过滤机 sheet antenna 平顶天线 sheet pile anchorage 板桩锚定 sheet-and-half foolscap 四开图纸 sheet-annealing base 薄钢板退火用固定式炉底 sheetbar and billet mill 薄板坯小坯轧机 shelf angle 座角钢 shell and milling cutter 空心端铣刀 d tube heat exchanger 列管式换热器 shell and tube condenser 列管式冷凝器; 管壳式冷凝器; 壳管式冷凝器 shell and tube cooler 管壳式冷凝器 shell and tube evaporator 列管式蒸发器 d tube exchanger 壳管式换热器 d tube heat exchanger 管壳式换热器 d tube type floating head heat exchanger 管壳式浮头换热器 shell sections and heads 筒节和封头 shell-and-auger boring 冲击与螺旋钻探 shell-and-tube evapourator 列管式蒸发器 shell-and-tube evaporator 管壳式蒸发器 d-tube exchanger 管壳式换热器; 管壳式热交换器 shell-and-tube fermentor 管壳式发酵器 shell-and-tube preheater 壳管式预热器 shield angle 屏蔽角 shielded antenna 屏蔽天线 shielding angle 屏蔽角 shift and rotate 移位及轮转 shift and rotate instructions 移位及轮转指令 ship bottom anti-fouling paint 船底防污漆 ship bottom anticorrosion paint 船底防锈漆 ship-and-galley tile 防滑地砖 shipper's load and tally sl & t 发货重量和理货 shipping and storage container 海运和贮存的集装箱 shock angle 激波倾斜角 shock antigen 休克抗原 shock-wave angle 激波倾斜角 shoddy work and inferior material 偷工减料 shoot an approach 练习进场着陆 shoot at right angles 直射 short anneal oven 快速退火炉 short annealing 快速退火 short annealing furnace 快速退火炉 d heat setting range 短环烘燥定型机 d landing aircraft 短距起落飞机 d landing STOL 短距起落 short-and slight in figure 矮小身材 short-circuit analysis 短路分析 short-cycle annealing 短时退火 ge antisubmarine search 近距反潜搜索 short-term schedule and medium-term schedule 短程调度与中程调度 short-wave antenna 短波天线 short-wave directional antenna 短波定向天线 short-wave receiving antenna 短波接收天线 ging on work and materials 偷工减料 shoulder angle 凹模台肩角度 shrinkage and temperature reinforcement 收缩与温度钢筋 shrinking and thinning 收缩和细化 d-peened flange 皱合法兰 d-rolled flange 皱卷法兰 shunt excited antenna 并联馈电天线 shunt-excited antenna 并馈天线 shunt-feed antenna 并馈天线; 并联馈电天线 shunt-feed vertical antenna 并馈竖直天线 shutter opening angle 快门开角 sib-analysis 同胞分析 sickel-cell anaemia 镰状细胞病 sickle cell anemia 镰形细胞贫血; 镰状细胞血症; 黑里克氏贫血 sickle-cell anaemia 镰刀状细胞红血球贫血 sickle-cell anemia 镰形状细胞性贫血; 镰状细胞性贫血 d off-type plants 去劣去杂 side anchor 边锚 side angle 侧角 side car frame angle plate 边车架角板 side fire helical antenna 侧向辐射式螺旋形天线 side opposite the angle 对角边 side rake angle 横向前角 side relief angle 旁锋后让角 side-and-face cutter 侧平两用铣刀 side-cutting edge angle 旁锋缘角 side-plate angle 侧片角 side-rake angle 副前角 side-to-side anastomosis 侧侧吻合 side-to-side intestial anastomosis 肠侧侧吻合术 sidereal hour angle 恒星时角 sieve analysis 筛分析; 筛析; 过筛分析 sieve analysis of powery coal 煤粉筛分试验 siffener angle 加劲角钢 sighting angle 瞄准角 sign and currency symbol character 符号和货币符 sign-and-magnitude code 符号幅度码 sign-and-magnitude notation 符号数值表示法 alysing and measuring instruments 信号分析与测量仪表 signal analysis 信号分析 signal processing antenna 信号处理天线 signal to noise and distortion ratio 信号对噪声和失真比 signature analysis 信号特征分析 signed and sealed SS 签名盖章 signed and sealed contract 签字蜡封合同 signs and symptoms 征象 sika deer pilose antler essence 梅花鹿茸精 silent third and fourth gearset 无声三速和四速传动齿轮组 silicon analyzer 硅含量分析仪 silk-and-cotton insulated wire 棉丝包线 silk-and-cotton-covered wire 丝棉包线 silkworm anatomy 蚕体解剖学 sill anchor 地脚锚栓 silver anchovy Engraulis japonicus 银鲚 silver and foreign currencies 收兑金银外币 silver antimony telluride 碲化锑银 similarity-index analysis 相似指数分析 simple and opposite 对生单叶 simple and opposite leaves 对生单叶 simple anhydride 简单酐 simple regression analysis 简单回归分析; 一元回归分析 simulation analysis 模拟分析 simulation and dynamic programming 模拟和动态程序编制 eous frequency and amplitude modulation 同时幅频调制 eous search and attack sonar 同时搜索与攻击声纳 eous telegraphy and telephony 同时进行电报电话制 smission and reception 同时收发 sine squared pulse and bar signal 正弦平方脉冲与方波信号 singl-and-multi-start worm 单头多头蜗杆 single and double column milling machine 单双柱铣床 single angle cutter 单角铣刀 single angle milling cutter 单角铣刀 single anode mercury arc rectifier 单阳极汞弧整流器 single anode mercury-arc rectifier 单阳极水银整流器 single anode rectifier 单阳极整流器 single antenna 单天线 single arm anvil 单臂砧; 丁字砧 single cell animals 单细胞动物 single cold and hot heel-shaping machine 单冷热式后跟定型机 single ear anti-motion washer 单耳止动垫圈 single fluke anchor 单爪锚 single horn anvil 单角砧 single instruction stream and 单指令串-单数据串方式 single row angular contact ball bearing 单列向心推力球轴承 single stack coil annealing 带卷的单垛退火 single station analysis 单站分析 gas analyzer 单光束贝克曼气体分析仪 ning pulse analyzer 单通道扫描脉冲分析仪 single-column vertical borring and turning mill 单柱立式车床 single-end 15 degree angle wrench 单头15度斜口扳手 single-end strength and elongation tester 单纱强力伸长试验机 single-station analysis 单站分析 d crop and cobble shears 单线式端头废料剪切机 single-wavelength infrared analyzer 单波长红外分析仪 singular angle hammer 独角锤 sink-and-float separation 沉浮分离法 sinking and driving engineering 井巷工程; 井巷工程 sinus anales 肛窦 sinus intercavernosus anterior 海绵窦间前窦 sinusoidal angular modulation 调角 sisal and parasisol cone 麻筒帽坯 site analysis 建设场地分析 site and season 场所与季节 situation analysis 情况分析 situation analyzer 势态分析器 situation anxiety 新情况焦虑 size analysis 粒度分析; 粒径分析 size distribution analyzer 尺寸分布分析器 size of anode 阳极规格 size of pipe and tubing 管材尺寸; 管道标称尺寸; 管子公称尺寸 sizing screen analysis 粒度分析 d heart antibody 骨骼肌心肌抗体 skew angle 斜拱角; 斜交角; 斜角; 相交角 skew antenna 斜向辐射天线 skid-fin antenna 翅形天线; 机翼天线 skin analyser 皮肤分析器 skin and core effect 皮芯效应 skin annealing 表面退火 skin antenna 外壳天线 skin avulsion of penis and scrotum 阴茎阴囊皮肤撕脱 skin disease prevention and treatment institute 皮肤病防治研究所 skin test antigen 皮肤试验抗原 skirt dipole antenna 套筒偶极天线 slab and column buttress dam 板柱式支墩坝 slab and column dam 平板立柱坝 slab and edging pass 平轧-立轧孔型 slab and girder 平板梁楼面; 板梁结构 slab and girder floor 板梁式地板 slab anode 板式阳极 slack annealing 不完全退火 slag ladle and carriage 渣罐车 der and libel 口头和书面诽谤罪 t angle type welding 低角度式焊接 t pocket angle pocket 斜袋 slatted belt and flicker type distributor 板条带抛撒轮式撒肥机 slaughter animals 屠宰牲畜 slave antenna 从动天线 sleeve antenna 同轴管天线; 同轴偶极天线; 套筒天线 slicing and caving 分层崩落法 slide angle 滑动角 sliding angle 摩擦角 d fusion of ankle joint 踝关节滑动植骨融合术 sling stay bolt and washer 吊撑螺栓及垫圈 slip angle 滑距角; 偏离角 slit antenna 槽馈偶极天线 slit rod-and-wedge-type bolt 楔缝式锚杆 slitting and coiling line 纵剪和卷取作业线 slitting and re-reeling machine 纵切复卷机 slitting and rewinding machine 纵切复卷机 slitting and shearing line 纵剪和横剪作业线 slitting and trimming line 纵剪和切边作业线 slope angle 倾角 slot and key 滑键接合 slot and keyway milling machine 开缝键槽铣床 slot antenna 槽缝天线; 隙缝天线 slot length and width of bubble cap 泡罩齿缝长度与宽度 d-crank drive 曲柄连杆传动 slot-and-wedge bolt 楔缝式杆柱 slot-and-wedge fastening 楔缝式锚杆支护 slot-and-wedge type 楔缝式 slotted antenna array 隙缝天线阵; 裂缝天线阵 slow and profound respiration 呼吸慢深 slow and sunken pulse 脉沉迟 slow angular variable 慢角变量 slow moving animals 行动迟缓的牲畜 ce anaphylaxis 慢反应物质变态反应 slow type analog computer 低速模拟计算机 slow-type analog computer 低速模拟计算机 slow-type electronic analogue computer 低速电子模拟计算机 small and medium sized business 中小厂商 small and medium-sized enterprise 中小企业 small and narrow trifoliolate 小而狭长的三出叶 small and weak pulse 脉细无力 small and wiry pulse 脉弦细 small angle elastic scattering 小角弹性散射 small angle grain boundary 小角晶粒间界 small angle x-ray diffraction SAXD 小角度X射线衍射 small angle x-ray scattering SAXS 小角度X射线散射 small animal 小家畜 small animal reservior 小动物饲养场 small anti-gas apparatus 小型防毒器 small craft anchorage 小船锚地 small craftsmen and traders 小工商业者 small light anti-submarine helicopter 小型反潜直升飞机 ned antisubmarine helicopter 小型有人驾驶反潜直升机 small self-contained iron and steel complex 配套的小型钢铁联合企业 d and wife 夫妻店 small tradespeople and pedlars 小商小贩 small TV antenna 小型电视天线 d maneuverable reentry 小型弹头与机动再入 small warhead and re-entry multiple system 小型弹头与再入多弹头系统 small-angle boundaries 小角度边界 small-angle boundary 小角边界; 小角度晶间界 small-angle camera 低角摄影机 small-angle diffraction 小角度衍射 small-signal analysis 小信号分析 small-vessel anastomosis instruments kit 小血管吻合器械包 smith anvil 铁工砧 smoke and dust 烟尘 smooth and steady 平稳的 smooth muscle antibody SMA 抗平滑肌抗体 smooth regression analysis 修匀回归分析 smuggling and sale of smuggled goods 走私贩私活动 snow and mountain warfare 雪地与山地作战 soap -film analog 皂膜模拟 social animal 群居动物 social anthropology 社会人类学 socialize and profession-alize service 服务的社会化 Society of Nuclear Scientists and Engineers SNSE 核能科学家和工程师协会 socioeconomic systems analysis 社会经济系统分析 sociometric analysis 社会计量分析 socket and spigot joint 插承接合; 插口接合; 承插接合; 承窝接合; 窝接 socket antenna 插座天线 sod and clay plow bottom 草皮粘土地犁体 sodium anilinearsonate 阿散酸钠 sodium antimonate 锑酸钠 sodium antimony gallate 没食子酸锑钠 sodium antimony tartrate 酒石酸锑钠; 酒石酸锑钠 tipyrine aminomethane sulfonate 麦路冰 soft annealed wire 软金属线 soft annealing 软退火 soft antenna 软式天线 soft based antiaircraft missile 软式基地防空导弹 softening annealing 软化退火 softing annealing 钢板软化退火 software component of an operating system 操作系统的软件成分 soil analysis 土分析; 土壤分析 soil analysis on the spot 简易土壤分析 soil and water concervation 水生保持 soil and water conservation program 水土保持规划 soil and water conservation region 水土保持区 soil and water loss 水土流失 soil and water utilization 水土利用 soil animal 土壤动物 soil antagonist 土壤拮抗体 soil formation and similar processes 土壤形成及类似过程 soil fungistasis and nematophagus fungi 土壤抑菌作用和线虫的真菌 soil pollution analysis 土壤污染分析 solar angle 太阳角; 日照角 solar annual tide 太阳周期潮 solar antapex 太阳背点 solar depression angle 日降角; 日落角 solar observing and forecasting network 太阳观测与预报网 solar zenith angle 太阳天顶角 soldering and sealing 封焊 soldiers' pay and provisions 军饷 sole and unconditional ownership clause 所有权独有条款; 所有权独有条款 sole bar angle 底角铁 solenoid-and-plunger 插棒式铁芯螺线管 solf and thick 茸毛 solid analytical geometry 立体解析几何 solid angle 立体角 solid anode 实心阳极 titank shot 实心穿甲弹 solid center eyed anger 木工钻 solitary ulcer of anus 肛孤立溃疡 soluble anion group 易溶阳离子组 soluble antigen 可溶性抗原 solution annealing 溶体化退火; 固溶退火 solution by electrical analogy 电模拟解法 solvent analysis 溶剂分析 solvent antifelt finishing 溶剂防毡合整理法 solvent programming analysis 梯度洗脱分析 somatic aneuploidy 体细胞非整倍性 somatic antibody 菌体抗体; 菌体抗体 somatic antigen 菌体抗原; 菌体抗原 somatic surface antigen 菌体表面抗原; 菌体表面抗原 sonar antisubmarine detection 声纳反潜艇探测; 反潜声纳定位探测 sonar countermeasures and deception 声纳对抗与诱骗 d transducer group 声纳投吊与换能器组合 sonic analyzer 声波分析仪; 声波探伤仪 sonic anemometer 声波风速计 sonic chemical analyzer 声波化学分析器 sonic gas analyzer 声学气体分析计 sorption and desorption 吸着和解吸作用 sort and merge generator 分类归并生成程序; 分选归并生成程序 sorting and merging 分类合并; 分类合作 sorting and search operation 分类和检索操作 d consolidating companies 清理整顿公司 sound analysis 声分析 sound analysis data 声波分析数据 sound analyzer 声波频率分析器; 声分析仪 d flash ranging 声光测距 sound-analyzing equipment 声波分析仪 sound-and-chroma detector 伴音和彩色信号检波器 sound-and-fire proof 隔音防火 sound-insulating anteroom 隔声前室 source and application of funds statement 资金来源及运用表 source and sink 源头与壑 source-and-drain junction场效应晶体管的 源漏结 source-and-sink method 源壑法 South Asia and Far East cable 南亚和远东电缆 situation and outlook 大豆的状况及展望 space antagonism 颉抗间距; 颉抗间距 space detection and tracking system SPADATS 空间探测和跟踪系统 space specific and time specific 空间和时间的特性 space truss analogy 空间桁架模拟法 spaceborne optical antenna 空载光学天线 spaced antenna 分布式天线; 分集式天线; 等距天线阵; 间隔天线 spaced frame loop antenna 分集式环形天线 spaces of iridocorneal angle 虹膜角间隙; 前房角隙 spacing and population tests 行距和密度试验 spare parts and components 备品配件 Spasms and convulsions must be relieved. 急者缓之 spastic anemia 痉挛性贫血; 痉挛性贫血 spatia anguli iridis 虹膜角间隙; 丰塔纳氏间隙 spatia anguli iridocornealis 前房角隙; 虹膜角间隙 spatial analysis 空间分析 spatial angle 立体角; 隅角 speaking and ringing key 通话呼叫振铃键 special analog system 特殊模拟系统 special anchor shackle 特殊锚卸扣 d hand signal 特种手势信号 special arts and crafts 特种工艺 special index analyzer 专用索引分析器 special purposes anchorage 专用锚地 d maintenance equipment 专用修理设备 d handling equipment 特种试验与操纵装备 special tool and equipment 特种工具与器材 special tubes and pipes of aluminium alloy 铝合金异形管 special weapon supply annex 特种武器供应附设库 specialization and cooperation 专业化协作 specialization of commodities and duty rates 商品与税率的详细分类 species-specific antigen 种特异性抗原 specific angular frequency 固有角频率 specific antigenic macrophage inhibitory factor 抗原特异性巨噬细胞抑制因子 specific historical analogy method 特定历史模拟法 specific-volume anomaly 比容偏差 specification of an item 项目说明书 specifications and characteristics 规格和性能 specifying machines and equipment 拟订机器和设备技术条件 speckled antinuclear factor 斑点抗核因子 spectra at high and low temperatures 高低温光谱 spectral analysis 光谱分布; 光谱分析 spectral and non-spectral colours 谱色与非谱色 spectral-chemical analysis 光谱化学分析 spectro analysis of isotopes 同位素光谱分析 spectro-chemical analysis 光谱化学分析 spectrochemical analysis 光谱化学分析; 分光化学分析 spectrochemical analysis for gases 气体光谱分析 spectrochemical analysis of gases in metal 金属中气体的光谱分析 spectrographic analysis 光谱分析; 分光描记分析法; 摄谱分析 spectrographic control analysis 摄谱控制分析 spectrophotometric analysis 分光光度分析 spectroscopic analysis 光谱分析; 分光镜分析 spectroscopic analyzer 光谱分析器 spectrum analyser 光谱分析器 spectrum analysis 光谱分析 specular angle 反射角; 镜面角; 镜面角 speculation and swindling 投机诈骗 speculation on the rise and fall of the market 市场上的买空卖空 speech analyser 语言分析器 speech analysis 语言分析 systematic negative anomaly 系统负异常 systematic spectral analysis 系统光谱分析 systematics of science and technology 科学技术体系学 systemic anaphylaxis 全身性过敏反应 systems analysis staff 系统分析人员 systems analyst 系统分析人员 systems and procedures 系统和程序 systems reliability analysis 系统可靠性分析 T and G connection 企口接合 T and G joint 企口接缝 table antenna 台式天线 table of measures and weights 度量恒表 table type low and medium speed centrifuge 台式低中速离心机 d mind-tranquilizing 补血宁神片 tablet rubbing and losing tester 药片磨损测试器 tableware washing and sterilizing equipment 餐具清洗消毒设备 tabulated azimuth angle 表列方位角 tail and stop light 尾灯和停车灯 tail-gas analyzer 尾废气分析器; 尾气分析器 tailor's ankle 裁缝踝 take bribes and bend the law 贪赃枉法 take out an overdraft 透支 take up an occupation 就业; 就业 take-and-pay contract 提货与付款合同 d landing base 起飞着陆基地 d landing deck 起飞降落甲板 tall and slender structure 高柔结构 dem ion analyzer 串联式离子分析仪 gent of lead angle 导程角切线 gental angle 切角 gerine Peel and Bamboo Shavings Decoction 橘皮竹茹汤; 橘皮竹茹汤 k anchoring 油罐的固定 k coaming and lid 油轮舱口装置 tap and die 丝锥及板牙 tap and stroke massage apparatus 拍打按摩器 tape recorder and reproducer 磁带录音放音机 tape sort and collate program 带分类整理程序 tape sorting and collating program 带的分类整理程序 taped forming and assembling machine 带式成形组装机 taper wire and thickness gauge 锥线厚度组合规 taper-and-shim drive fit 锥形垫圈连接 tapered antenna 锥形天线 tapered roller and cage 锥形滚柱和保持架 tapping analysis 钢水分析; 出钢时钢水分析 taproot and lateral root 主根和侧根 d lateral root development of plant 植物主根和侧根生长 tare and tret 扣除皮重计算法 target analysis 目标分析 target and background 目标和背景 target and training submarine 靶标潜艇 target angle 目标夹角; 目标角 target angular size 目标角尺寸 target cell anemia 靶状细胞性贫血 target subtended angle 目标对向角 tarsotomy and cautery 睑板切断灼烙法; 睑板切断灼烙法 task analysis 任务分析 Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd. 新西兰 塔斯曼纸浆和纸公司 taste and preference 消费者嗜好 tax anticipation bills 税收共付票据 tax anticipation bills TABs 赋税抵偿国库券 tax anticipation notes TANs 赋税抵偿债券 tax on slaugh tering animals 屠宰税 tax on slaughtering animals 屠宰税 tax per head on slaughtered animal 每头屠宰税 tax per head on slaughtered animals 屠宰税 d transfers 免税资产交换或转让 tax-sheltered annuities 避税年金 taxes and corvee 赋役 taxes and levies 捐税; 捐税 tea pocket forming and filling machine 茶叶制袋包装机 tea sifting and grading machine 茶叶筛分机 teaching and playback robot 示教再现型机器人 tear-and-wear 磨耗 d-wear allowance 磨损留量; 磨损容差; 容许磨耗 technical analysis 工业分析 technical analysis package 技术分析软件包 technical and economic target 技术经济指标 d organizational measures 技术和组织措施 d manufacturing agreement 技术援助和制造协定 technical service by medical and health workers 医疗卫生人员技术服务 speed-and-drift indicator 速度偏流指示器 sperm antigen 精子抗原; 精子抗原 spermatozoa-coating antigen 精子包被抗原; 精子包被抗原 sphere of antagonistic effect 相互作用圈 spheric angle 球面角 spheric annulus 球形环状 spheric antenna 球形天线 spheric grid analyzer 球栅分析器 spheric harmonic analysis 球面谐波分析 spherical antenna 球面天线 spherical reflector antenna 球面反射器天线 spherical solid angle 球面立体角 spherocytic anemia 球形红细胞贫血症 spheroicizing annealing 球化退火 spheroidal annealing 球化退火 sphincter ani 肛管括约肌; 肛门括约肌; 肛门括约肌 sphincter ani externus 肛门外括约肌 sphincter of anus 肛门括约肌 spider-web antenna 蛛网式天线 spider-web antenna 全波接收 蛛风形天线 spiderweb antenna 蛛网天线 spigot and faucet pipe 承插管 spigot and socket pipe 窝接式接头管 spigot and socket tee 承插三通 spigot-and-socket joint 承插式接头 spike and ware complex 棘慢波综合 spike and ware wave 棘慢波 spin angular momentum 自旋角动量 d cranium bifidum 脊柱颅骨裂 spina iliaca anterior inferior 髂前下棘 spina iliaca anterior superior 髂前上棘 spina nasalis anterior 鼻前棘; 前鼻棘 spinal anesthesia 脊椎麻醉 spinal anesthetic needle 脊髓麻醉注射针 spinal animal 脊髓动物 spinal column and cord operating instruments set 脊柱脊髓手术器械包 spindle angle 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司