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It takes many years of strenuous training to be an outstanding athlete. 要成为一名杰出的运动员需要多年艰苦的训练。 Don't give in to temptation. 要经得住诱惑。 The dog may bite you if you keep teasing him. 要是你不停地逗惹那条狗,它也许会咬你。 If you put in a good word for him, he's all the more likely to get the job. 要是你替他说句好话,他就更有可能得到这份工作了。 Grandpa took a stroll after supper. 爷爷吃过晚饭出去溜达了一阵。 Grandpa told the children the tales of his childhood. 爷爷给孩子们讲他童年的故事。 Grandpa still walks without a stick. 爷爷走路仍不拄拐杖。 Someone stole into his room in the still of night. 夜深人静时有人偷偷溜进了他的房间。 The phony glamour of night clubs soon became stale and boring. 夜总会那种虚假的荣华不久便失去了新意而使人生厌。 A cup of tea helped to thaw out our guest. 一杯茶有助于我们的客人变得不拘束。 The blue eyes were reddened and sullen with weeping. 一对碧眼哭得发红,没了光辉。 A good meal sweetened his temper. 一顿好饭使他心平气和了。 A recent survey of public opinion showed that most people were worried about the increasing crimes. 一份最近的民意调查表明,大多数人对不断增长的犯罪率表示忧虑。 A syndicate of local businessmen is bidding for the contract. 一个当地企业家的联合组织在向这一合同投标。 She was startled by a strange voice. 一个奇怪的声音使她吓了一跳。 A special method was used to sublimate the material. 一个特殊的方法被用来纯化这种物质。 A cloud of smoke was suspended in the air. 一股烟云飘悬在天空中。 A dime is a tenth of a dollar. 一角银币是十分之一美元。 A stray bullet hit her in the leg. 一颗流弹击中她的腿部。 A truck came to a stop in front of the hotel. 一辆卡车在旅馆前面停下。 1,500-meter race is his strength. 一千五百米赛跑是他的拿手项目。 1,500-meter race is his strength. 一千五百米赛跑是他的拿手项目。 A mob stoned and robbed the shops. 一群暴民用石头砸了商店,并抢劫店里的货物。 A mob stoned and robbed the shops. 一群暴民用石头砸了商店,并抢劫店里的货物。 The stillness of the fields was broken by the sound of a gunshot. 一声枪声打破了田野的寂静。 A sullen stream winds its way among the trees. 一条水流滞缓的小溪蜿蜒流经树林。 A policeman took the old man who had strayed home. 一位警察把迷失在外的老汉送回了家。 A surgeon removed the boy's brain tumor. 一位外科医生为这男孩摘除了脑肿瘤。 Some bread and soup will suffice me. 一些面包和汤就够我吃的了。 Some girls are dancing on the stage. 一些女孩在舞台上跳舞。 One swallow does not make a summer. 一燕不成夏。 A brisk wind swelled the sails. 一阵疾风使船帆鼓起。 A stiff wind blew my hat off. 一阵狂风刮走了我的帽子。 A bee stung him on the back. 一只蜜蜂螫了他的背。 An unshakable faith sustained him. 一种不可动摇的信念支撑着他。 The doctor was very thorough in his examination of the sick child. 医生对生病的孩子进行了仔细的检查。 The doctor was very thorough in his examination of the sick child. 医生对生病的孩子进行了仔细的检查。 The doctor stitched the cut on his head. 医生缝合了他头部的伤口。 The doctor told me to take two tablets after every meal. 医生告诉我每顿饭后服两片药。 The doctor tested his ears. 医生检查他的耳朵。 The doctor took my temperature and my pulse. 医生量了量我的体温和脉搏。 The doctor advised him to stay in for a few days. 医生劝他几天内不要外出。 The doctor has taken my bad tooth out. 医生已拔掉了我的坏牙。 The doctor prescribed walking as therapy for my weak knee. 医生嘱我多走走,以此治疗我乏力的膝盖。 Great strides have been made in medical research. 医学研究取得了很大的进展。 My theory is that we'll have a cold winter this year. 依我看今年冬天会很冷。 In my submission, these proposals are completely unworkable. 依我之见,这些提议根本是不可行的。 The grafts have taken. 移植成功了。 Steps have been taken to ensure safety. 已采取了安全措施。 It has snowed for three straight days. 已连续下了三天雪了。 This is how we got to know each other. 以上就是我们认识的经过情形。 A chair is a tangible object. 椅子是有形体的实物。 There was a lack of local talent, so they hired an actor from London. 因为缺乏本地的明星,所以他们从伦敦雇来一位演员。 The need to incorporate a staircase prevented perfect symmetry. 因为需要加进一个楼梯,就不可能完全对称了。 The bank is just over there. 银行就在那边。 The bank started her as a teller. 银行起用她当出纳员。 A small child should be strapped into a special car seat. 应该用皮带把小孩子系到专用汽车座椅里。 The graduating seniors always pull a lot of stunts at school. 应届毕业生总是爱在学校大栓招。 English grammar tasked the boy's mind. 英文文法使那男孩大伤脑筋。 The English teacher stressed the importance of reading aloud. 英语老师强调了朗读的重要性。 English is my favorite subject. 英语是我最喜欢的学科。 The baby took one suck at the milk bottle and pushed it away. 婴儿吸了一下奶瓶就将它推开了。 The baby struggled in its mother's arms. 婴儿在母亲怀抱中挣扎。 The baby is sucking its finger. 婴儿在吮吸手指。 The hawk descended in a vertical stoop on its quarry. 鹰向它的猎物直冲而下。 The team had their tails up after they won their first game. 赢了第一场后,所有队员都兴高采烈。 Stand up to the bully and he won't dare to hurt you. 勇敢地面对那个混混,以后他就不敢再伤害你了。 Stencil an address on a packing case. 用模板在包装箱上印刷地址。 Care thinned her cheeks. 忧虑使她面颊瘦削。 Because of his good public image he has successively gained office. 由于他在公众中的良好形象,他已连续竞选获胜。 As a result of the collision, the first two cars telescoped. 由于相撞,头两节车厢叠嵌在一起了。 The tanker took on 200,000 barrels of crude oil. 油轮装载了二十万桶原油。 Is swimming a strenuous exercise? 游泳是很费力的运动吗? The swimmer strove against the tide. 游泳者与潮水搏斗。 There is a straw in the wind indicating that peace is around the corner. 有迹象表明和平即将来临。 Some young people were standing about at the gate. 有几个年轻人闲站在大门口。 There were two servants waiting at table. 有两名佣人在伺候进餐。 There was a tap on the window. 有人在轻叩窗户。 She could sometimes talk away for hours on end. 有时候她可以连续不断地谈上几个小时。 A quarter of the crop may be lost in storage. 有四分之一的作物可能会在储存过程中损耗。 There are five people under her supervision. 有五个人在她的监督之下。 Some witnesses had testified against him. 有些目击者的证词对他不利。 Some actresses and opera singers have temperament. 有些女演员和唱歌剧者容易兴奋。 Some people can have their vision restored by a surgical operation. 有些人可以通过外科手术恢复视力。 Some men thirst for power. 有些人渴望权力。 Some people prefer to go with the stream. 有些人宁可顺应潮流。 One thing is sure, he won't let you down. 有一点是确定的,那就是他不会让你失望。 There was a suspicion of danger. 有一点危险。 There is a tendency towards regional cooperation. 有一种地区性合作的趋势。 He, then, decided to accept the proposal. 于是,他决定接受这一建议。 Upon that we set off. 于是我们就出发了。 Fishes thrashed about in the net. 鱼儿在网里乱蹦乱跳。 Fish were surfacing to catch insects. 鱼儿正浮出水面捉昆虫吃。 Pleasure should be subordinate to duty. 与工作相比,娱乐应是第二位的。 I would rather do some reading at home than go shopping with them. 与其和他们去购物,我倒宁愿留在家里读点书。 It has stopped raining. 雨停了。 Corn and potatoes contain much starch. 玉米和马铃薯含有大量淀粉。 This sullen weather disagrees with me. 遇上这种阴沉的天气我就感到不舒服。 It turned out he had not insured the house sufficiently. 原来他没有给房屋投足保险。 The offer of a high salary tempted Tom. 愿出高薪的提议使汤姆动了心。 John is a member of the school volleyball team. 约翰是学校排球队队员。 John forgot to bring fishing tackle with him. 约翰忘了带钓具。 John strained his eyes by reading too much small print. 约翰因看过多的小字体而弄坏了眼睛。 The sooner, the better. 越快越好。 Exercise stimulates the flow of blood. 运动促进血液循环。 Exercise is a sure way of losing weight. 运动是减肥的可靠办法。 Weeds grow thickly in rich soil. 杂草在肥沃的土壤里生长繁茂。 In "if I were you" the verb "were" is in the subjunctive. 在"if I were you"中,"were"是假设法动词。 In the word "mother" the stress is on the first syllable. 在"mother"这一字里,重音在第一个音节上。 You must think it through before you take any action. 在采取任何行动之前,你必须仔细想清楚。 It is impolite to blow your nose at table. 在吃饭时擦鼻涕是不礼貌的。 Two guards were stationed at the gate. 在大门口有两名警卫站岗。 On the day subsequent to the earthquake he went to London. 在地震发生的第二天,他去了伦敦。 Reading in a poor light taxes the eye. 在光线不好的地方看书会使眼睛很累。 Let's sum up our experience before going on. 在继续做之前我们先来总结一下经验吧。 Bill took stock of the situation after Christine cheated on him. 在克丽丝汀欺骗了他后,比尔评估一下现状。 My heart beat thick in the course of the interview. 在面试过程中我的心跳得厉害。 I feel strange in the presence of strangers. 在陌生人面前,我感到不自在。 The teacher didn't notice that I was cheating until that rotten telltale told her. 在那个该死的告密者告诉老师之前,老师并没有注意到我作弊。 A string of accidents happened at that corner. 在那个转角发生了一连串的事故。 There are sharks stalking in those waters. 在那片水域有鲨鱼出没。 It is dangerous to drive in a thick fog. 在浓雾天驾车很危险。 In the fall the woods is a symphony in red, brown and yellow. 在秋天,这些树林呈现一片和谐的红色,棕色和黄色。 I'll support you through thick and thin. 在任何情况下我都会支持你们。 The watch was found in his bag; thereupon he was accused of stealing. 在他的袋子里发现了表,因此他被指控偷窃。 On the day subsequent to his visit, she disappeared. 在他访问的第二天,她失踪了。 In five of the villages that were surveyed, non-farm work provided one quarter of their income. 在五个被调查的村子中,非农工作为它们提供了四分之一的收入。 What a stroke of luck to meet you here! 在这儿碰到你真是幸运! All the land belongs to the state in this country. 在这个国家土地全属国有。 Under the stimulus of this inspiring motive, she bustled about with new energy. 在这个令人振奋的动机刺激下,她精力充沛地忙碌着。 I will never swerve from my declared policy on this matter. 在这个问题上我决不会背离我公开宣布的政策。 There is a Buddhist temple in this town. 在这个镇上有一座佛教寺庙。 You can buy on tally in this shop. 在这家商店里可以赊购。 You'll find several different styles of architecture in this street. 在这条街上你会发现几种不同类型的建筑。 Subsistence is not possible in such conditions. 在这种情况下是无法生存的。 It is dangerous to cross the straits in such weather. 在这种天气过海峡是危险的。 Before giving evidence you have to swear an oath. 在作证之前你得先发誓。 Let's start in and clean up the kitchen. 咱们开始打扫厨房吧。 Praise is a stimulus for better work. 赞扬激励人更努力地工作。 The soldiers were tearing into the enemy. 战士们正向敌人猛攻。 Stand aside and let us pass. 站开,让我们过去。 The care of six children was a tax on her energies. 照料六个孩子成了她精力上很大的负担。 As things are, we can finish the work in another week. 照目前情况来看,再过一星期我们就可完工。 This lock's rather stubborn; it needs oiling. 这把锁很难开;得给它加点油了。 The white bird is a symbol of freedom. 这白色的鸟是自由的象徵。 The millionaire's eldest son will succeed to his estate. 这百万富翁的长子将继承他的产业。 The airplane terminates here. 这班班机的终点站在这里。 This book is different from that book in that this one is about chemistry and that one about history. 这本书不同于那本,因为这本是有关化学的,而那本是有关历史的。 This book surveys the events leading to the Civil War. 这本书概述了导致南北战争的各个事件。 The book tells of his sister's life in Japan. 这本书谈及他妹妹在日本的生活情况。 I've read the book from stem to stern. 这本书我已从头至尾读完。 The book caused quite a stir. 这本书引起了轰动。 The front cover of the novel has been torn off. 这本小说的封面已被撕掉。 The deal had the tacit approval of the President. 这笔交易得到总统的默许。 It is just a general thing. 这不过是惯例。 This movie sucks. Let's leave right now. 这部电影真烂。我们现在就走,不看了。 This scientific instrument suffered severely. 这部科学仪器受到严重损坏。 The last of these rows seems to have been the last straw. 这场口角看来是彻底破裂的导火线。 The riot can be considered a symptom of political instability. 这次暴动可看作是政治上不稳定的徵兆。 Only two passengers survived the air-crash. 这次飞机失事只有两名乘客幸免于死。 There was only one survivor from the plane crash. 这次飞机失事只有一个幸存者。 $2000 will be sufficient for the trip. 这次旅行两千元就够了。 You've got John to thank for the mistake. 这错误你得怪约翰。 The overcoat is well tailored. 这大衣做得很好。 The place swarmed with tourists from abroad. 这地方到处都是外国游客。 The place is strange to me. 这地方我不熟悉。 The film was a thorough success. 这电影获得极大的成功。 The film was a thorough success. 这电影获得极大的成功。 This sauce tastes of tomato. 这调味酱有番茄味。 It was a terrible blow to him. 这对他是一个可怕的打击。 People in this locality used to take two meals a day. 这儿的居民过去每天吃两餐饭。 There were swarms of mosquitoes around here. 这儿蚊虫成群。 The house is substantial enough to last a hundred years. 这房子很坚固,一百年也不会坏。 I forgot to stamp the letter. 这封信我忘了贴邮票。 The letter is written in a formal style. 这封信以正式文体写成。 The letters may have been tampered with. 这封信有可能被窜改过。 The letter was stapled to the other documents in the file. 这封信与案卷里的其他文件钉在一起。 The arrangement suited us both. 这个安排对我们两人都合适。 The story first appeared in the Times Literary Supplement. 这个短篇小说第一次是发表在《泰晤士报文学副刊》上的。 This job stinks: stupid boss, hard work, and low pay. 这个工作差劲透顶:老板笨,工作苦,薪水又低。 The barn will store five tons of grain. 这个谷仓能放五吨粮食。 The prize was a tangible testimony that she had got a germ of writing ability. 这个奖是一个具体的证明,说明她具有创作才能。 She can thank herself for this accident. 这个事故要怪她自己。 The problem stumbled him. 这个问题把他难住了。 The issue is not quite straightforward as it seems. 这个问题不像看上去那么简单。 The problem will be discussed at length in subsequent chapters. 这个问题将在后面几章详细讨论。 This problem cries out for a long-term, open-minded, systematic search. 这个问题十分需要长期的、不带偏见的、系统的探索研究。 We were all stunned by the news. 这个消息使我们都大为震惊。 This industry depends for its survival on government subsidies. 这个行业靠政府津贴而得以维持。 The town has a population of ten thousand. 这个镇有一万人口。 The position suits with his abilities. 这个职位与他的能力相称。 The stick of candy was striped with red. 这根棒糖上有红色条纹。 The factory is due to come on stream next year. 这工厂计划明年投入生产。 The job is tedious, but the pay is good. 这工作乏味但工钱不少。 This job sucks. I'm quitting. 这工作烂透了。我不想干了。 The child would be terrified of being left alone in the big house. 这孩子一个人留在那座大房子里会感到害怕的。 The child would be terrified of being left alone in the big house. 这孩子一个人留在那座大房子里会感到害怕的。 The child would be terrified of being left alone in the big house. 这孩子一个人留在那座大房子里会感到害怕的。 The river is too swift to swim. 这河水流太急,不能游泳。 The match wouldn't strike. 这火柴划不着。 The work shifts at the factory are staggered. 这家工厂的作业班是错开的。 The hotel has been staked out for some time by the police. 这家旅馆已被警方监视了一段时间。 The shop has women's shoes in stock. 这家商店有现货女鞋。 The food store took stock every week. 这家食品店每周盘点存货。 This job's quite a sweat; I'm exhausted already. 这件工作是个苦差事;我已经精疲力竭了。 This dress suits you beautifully. 这件衣服你穿非常合适。 This would cause great hardship and suffering. 这将造成极大的艰难困苦。 This will need all his courage and then some. 这将至少需要他拿出全部勇气。 The wine has been thinned with water. 这酒已用水稀释。 The script staged pretty well. 这剧本舞台演出效果甚好。 How thick is the board? 这块木板有多厚? The old man is a survival of the past age. 这老人乃上一个时代的遗老。 Tools of this kind are made from steel. 这类工具是钢制的。 The struggle between the two teams was hard. 这两个队之间的斗争很艰苦。 This car is superior to that one. 这辆汽车比那辆要好。 This orange is thick-skinned. 这柳橙的皮厚。 It failed to stimulate a surge of investment in industry. 这没有能刺激工业投资的激增。 The athlete is suffering from muscular strain. 这名运动员正受肌肉劳损之苦。 The boy was tagged a failure. 这男孩被人叫作不及格生。 The boy stripped to the waist. 这男孩打赤膊。 The boy stumbled through his recitation. 这男孩结结巴巴地背诵。 The boy is good at doing a sum in his head. 这男孩善于心算。 The boy was the staff and pride of their age. 这男孩是他们老年时的依靠和骄傲。 The milk is sweet. 这牛奶很新鲜。 The girl is taking up with the Smith boys. 这女孩开始与史密斯家的男孩们交往。 The article teems with spelling mistakes. 这篇文章有很多拼写错误。 The meat was tainted. 这肉腐坏了。 The meat tastes delicious. 这肉味道真好。 Will that time suit? 这时间合适吗? That put us all in a thoughtful mood. 这使我们大家陷入了沉思。 This enabled us to see through their subtle scheme. 这使我们得以识破他们的诡计。 You need to think twice of the matter. 这事你要三思。 This is the original text of "War and Peace". 这是《战争与和平》的原版本。 This is a very subjective judgement of her abilities. 这是对她能力的一个非常主观的评价。 It was a hard job, he took it though. 这是份苦差事,可他还是接受了。 This is a tag question. 这是附加问句。 Here's your breakfast, get stuck in! 这是你的早餐,快吃吧! This is beyond my tether. 这是我力所不能及的。 This is the goal we are striving toward. 这是我们奋斗的目标。 This is the supreme danger of our times. 这是我们时代最大的危险。 This is a standard atlas. 这是一本有权威性的地图册。 This is an unprofitable discussion. Our standpoints are too different. 这是一种无益的讨论。我们的立场太不一样了。 The theme of the poem is love and peace. 这首诗的主题是爱与和平。 The shoes are brand new and the leather is still very stiff. 这双鞋是全新的,皮还很硬。 The teaching staff of this college is/are excellent. 这所大学的教师都是出类拔萃的。 At $50 this TV set was a steal! 这台电视机只卖五十元,真是便宜! This candy tastes of mint. 这糖果有薄荷味。 There are traders' stalls on both sides of the street. 这条街的两边都有生意人的货摊。 The broad driveway sweeps around the lake. 这条宽阔的汽车道环湖伸展。 The stream has thinned down to a mere trickle. 这条小河已变成细流了。 The old man has been struggling with illness. 这位老人一直在与病魔斗争。 The question was never discussed in substance. 这问题实际上从来没有讨论过。 The project is to stand over till next year. 这项工程将延后到明年。 The building project is in full swing. 这项建筑工程正在全力进行中。 The news stirred him to action. 这消息促使他采取行动。 The news surprised us all. 这消息使我们大家都吃了一惊。 The cuttings have struck roots. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司