翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 这些插枝已经生了根。 These carpets won't stain easily. 这些地毯不易弄脏。 These are things which can not be staled by repetition. 这些东西不会因为重复而失去新意。 These planes could be refueled in the air by tankers. 这些飞机可在空中接受加油飞机的加油。 These compounds have structural similarities to penicillin. 这些化合物结构上与盘尼西林相似。 The horses were swamped in the stream. 这些马陷在河里。 Women's social status hasn't changed much over the years. 这些年来妇女的社会地位没有多大改变。 The cottages are thatched with straw. 这些农舍均用稻草盖顶。 These girls are stringing pearls. 这些女孩正在串珍珠。 The apples taste sweet. 这些苹果很甜。 The ropes are tense. 这些绳子是拉紧的。 These are hers. 这些是她的。 You're not supposed to take the books out of the room. 这些书不能拿出屋去。 These books are a bit difficult for schoolchildren. 这些书对小学生太难了一点。 These students are in serious financial straits. 这些学生经济上十分困难。 The plants are starving for water. 这些植物极需要水。 I plan to take biochemistry this semester. 这学期我准备选修生物化学。 The smoke almost suffocated me. 这烟几乎把我窒息死了。 The dress needs to be taken in a bit. 这洋装需要稍微改小一点。 It is hard to have the tender situation in hand. 这样微妙的局势很难控制。 Is this the right way to do it? That's the style. 这样做对吗?这就对了。 The medicine has lost its strength. 这药已经失效。 The medicine has lost its strength. 这药已经失效。 The medicine tastes bitter. 这药有苦味。 Terraced fields can be seen everywhere in this area. 这一地区到处可见梯田。 Terraced fields can be seen everywhere in this area. 这一地区到处可见梯田。 Traffic accidents are occurring thick and fast in the area. 这一地区频频发生交通事故。 The fall had stunned him. 这一跤把他摔昏了过去。 The incident came as quite a surprise to them. 这一事件完全出乎他们的意料。 The unexpected question stumped him. 这一突如其来的问题难住了他。 The problem has been lying on the table for a long time. 这一问题已被搁置很久了。 The news was syndicated in papers around the world. 这一消息通过供稿联合组织在世界各地报纸同时发表。 This agreement is not susceptible to alteration. 这一协议不容更改。 The new substitute sweetener is made from a wild plant. 这一新的代用甜味剂是用一种野生植物制成的。 The new theory is sustained by facts. 这一新理论有事实证明。 The baby startles at every sudden sound. 这婴儿每听到突然的声音都要受惊。 This stamp won't stick. 这张邮票贴不上。 This pen is mine. 这支笔是我的。 This handbag is made of superior leather. 这只手提包由上等皮革制成。 This suitcase is the thing for me. 这只手提箱正合我的需要。 This urge to take revenge is something that we have to tame. 这种复仇的冲动是我们必须抑制的。 The mineral can be found in hot spring deposits and as a volcanic sublimate product. 这种矿物可以在温泉的沉淀物中找到,它也是火山的升华产物。 The insect can take on the color of its surroundings. 这种昆虫能随环境而变色。 This material tears easily. 这种料子很容易撕破。 This detergent can remove stubborn stains. 这种去污剂能去除难洗的污渍。 Such fine particles suspend readily in water. 这种微粒极易悬浮在水中。 This new switch mechanism hasn't been fully tested out. 这种新的开关装置尚未经过充分检验。 This medicine must be taken on an empty stomach. 这种药必须空腹服用。 The liquid has a bitter taste. 这种药水有苦味。 The castle swarmed with sightseers. 这座城堡到处都是观光客。 The reactor was built for tame atomic energy use. 这座反应堆是为原子能的安全使用而建造的。 The detective was tailing the suspect. 侦探在跟踪嫌疑犯。 The suppression of the revolt took a mere two days. 镇压叛乱只用了两天时间。 After the quarrel, they were no longer on speaking terms with each other. 争吵之后,他们相互之间关系就不好了。 The dispute was brought to a satisfactory termination. 争端得到圆满的解决。 Steam locomotives were superseded by diesel. 蒸汽机车被内燃机车取代了。 The witness swore to tell the truth. 证人起誓保证讲真话。 The witness stated that she had never seen Mr. Smith. 证人宣称她以前从未见过史密斯先生。 The witness testified that he had seen the man shoot at his victim. 证人作证说他看到那男人向其受害者开枪。 The government adopted a strategy of massive deflation. 政府采取了大规模紧缩通货的策略。 The government is going to lower the tariff on imported cars. 政府打算降低进口汽车的关税。 The government took summary action to aid the earthquake victims. 政府即刻采取行动救济地震灾民。 The government planned the subjection of the rebels. 政府计划镇压叛乱分子。 The government will do everything in its power to stimulate economic growth. 政府将竭尽全力去刺激经济发展。 The government may step in to settle the disagreement between the union and the employers. 政府可能会出面干预,解决工会和雇主之间的纠纷。 A government can tax its citizens directly, and it can tax the property they own. 政府可以直接向公民课税,也可以对他们的财产课税。 The government brought few tangible benefits to the poor. 政府没有给穷人带来多少实际好处。 The government took no step to stay the rise in prices. 政府未采取措施抑制物价上涨。 The government suppressed the truth. 政府隐瞒了真相。 The government and central bank were in theoretical harmony. 政府与中央银行按理论是协调一致的。 The clerk looked up from his tally-book. 职员从他的帐簿上抬起头来。 Plants suck up moisture from the earth. 植物从地里吸收水分。 Only two of them were told off to do the job. 只派了他们中的两位去做那件工作。 The commander decided to make an air strike on the enemy's supply line. 指挥官决定空袭敌人的补给线。 We had beef stew for lunch. 中饭我们吃了炖牛肉。 The clock struck twelve. 钟敲十二点。 Stress the second syllable. 重读第二个音节。 The candidates for governor will stump the state. 州长候选人将在该州作巡回演说。 The column is surmounted by a statue. 柱顶上树立了一尊雕像。 Is the table steady? 桌子平稳吗? The subsidiary is in France but the parent company is in America. 子公司在法国,但母公司在美国。 What do the letters UN stand for? 字母UN代表什么? The suffix -er is added to verbs to form nouns. 字尾-er加到动词之后构成名词。 She hasn't taken since her first vaccination. 自从她第一次接种以来,疫苗一直没有发过。 The Statue of Liberty stands in New York Harbor. 自由女神像耸立在纽约港。 The President's term of office is four years. 总统任期为四年。 The President stumped for Republican candidates. 总统为共和党候选人进行游说。 The football team felt the sting of defeat. 足球队尝到了失败的痛楚。 The tackle looked fair but a free kick was awarded. 阻截动作看上去并未犯规,但被判罚任意球。 The biggest thorn in the Prime Minister's side is inflation. 最使首相苦恼的问题是通货膨胀。 Finally they thrashed out the problem. 最终他们通过讨论研究解决了问题。 The criminal surrendered himself to the police. 罪犯向警察自首。 Yesterday she gave the child the stick. 昨天她把孩子打了一顿。 There was a railroad accident yesterday morning -- you can thank your lucky stars that you didn't travel by train. 昨天上午发生了铁路交通事故--你没有乘火车旅行,真是谢天谢地。 Yesterday a state dinner was given in honor of the visiting president. 昨天设国宴款待来访的总统。 Yesterday we saw a film starring Charlie Chaplin. 昨天我们看了一部查理·卓别林主演的电影。 Another auto store was opened in town yesterday. 昨天镇上又开了一家汽车商行。 It stormed all day yesterday. 昨天整日刮风下雨。 They staved off a wolf last night. 昨晚他们赶走了一只狼。 I had a sweet sleep last night. 昨晚我睡了香甜的一觉。 As a coach, he is not in the same street with his predecessor. 作为一名教练,他远不能与他的前任相比。 He has no superior as a basketball player. 作为一名篮球运动员,没有人能胜过他。 The job calls for technical skill. 做这项工作需要专门技术。 It is stupid to do such a thing. 做这种事真蠢。 Please give me a piece of thread. 请给我一段线。 "Do you have it?" is a common American usage, but it would be more likely for British speakers to say "Have you got it?" "Do you have it?" 是惯用的美语用法,而英国人很可能说"Have you got it?"。 "Tyre" is a variation of "tire". "tyre"是"tire"的异体字。 Time and tide wait for no man. 谚语岁月不饶人。 Anna tilted her head to one side and said she wouldn't hear me. 安娜把头歪向一边,说她不愿听我说话。 Anne is his unpaid secretary. 安妮是他的不支薪的秘书。 Twist the knob clockwise. 按顺时针方向转动旋钮。 Secretly giving supplies to the enemy is treachery. 暗中资敌是叛逆行径。 Eight columns uphold the big dome. 八根柱子支撑着这个大圆顶。 Conservation is of the utmost importance. 堡自然资源至关重要。 The report is unconcerned with details. 报告未涉及细节。 A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny. 暴君总可以为自己找到暴政的藉口。 Tragedy is a type of literature that involves death, suffering or disaster. 悲剧作品是文学的一种,内容常涉及死亡,不幸和灾难。 Beethoven's symphony is unique in music. 贝多芬的交响曲在音乐中是无与伦比的。 Our city is twinned with Seoul. 本市与汉城结成姊妹市。 What do bats come under? 蝙蝠归属在哪一类? The ticket tells you the price of this dress. 标签告诉你这件衣服的价钱。 Too much praise turned his head. 表扬太多使他昏了头。 Don't throw your tickets away! 别把车票扔掉! Don't listen to unsound advice. 别去听无根据的劝告。 Don't trouble about that. 别为那事费心了。 Stop trifling and get to work. 别闲混了,开始工作吧。 Don't try to thrust yourself in others' business! 别总想探听别人的事! The sick man has taken a turn for the better. 病人病情转好。 The waves had undermined the cliff. 波浪冲刷侵蚀悬崖的底部。 It was not long before I tracked down the lost wallet. 不久我就找到了遗失的钱包。 John was depressed by the uncertainty of his position and duty. 不确定的职位和职能使约翰感到沮丧。 Undaunted by his first setback, he decided to try once more. 不为最初的失败而动摇,他决定再试一次。 Don't waste your time on these trivial things. 不要把你的时间浪费在这些琐事上。 Do not treat this serious matter as a joke. 不要把这件严肃的事情当作笑料。 Don't bite the thumbs at that poor child! 不要蔑视那可怜的孩子! Don't touch the exhibits. 不要碰展览品。 The troops received orders to trench the outpost. 部队接到命令在前哨周围筑壕加强防卫。 There was an unmistakable fault in the material. 材料里明显有错。 The dining-room is twice as big as the kitchen. 餐厅是厨房的两倍大。 Charles trotted out his little bit of scientific nomenclature. 查理斯炫耀他那点科学名词。 I was tired after shoveling snow all day. 铲了一天的雪我很累了。 The long-distance call tolls amount to quite a sum. 长途电话费数目相当可观。 There is ivy trailing all over the wall. 常春藤蔓生整个墙面。 Morning fog veiled the village. 晨雾笼罩着村庄。 The possibilities of success seem unlimited. 成功的可能看来是极大的。 Adults are not flexible; they do not transplant comfortably to another place. 成年人适应性不强;他们移居异地会感到不舒服。 There is little unity of purpose among the members. 成员间缺乏坚定不移的目标。 Living conditions in the city's slums are unhealthy. 城市贫民窟的生活条件有碍健康。 Be sure to tidy up before going out. 出去之前一定要收拾一下。 I won't apologize unless she apologizes first. 除非她先道歉,否则我不道歉。 I will not believe it unless and until he tells me so. 除非他亲口对我说,否则我决不相信。 The crew unloaded crates from the ship. 船员们从船上卸下板条箱。 The ship tossed about on the stormy sea. 船在波涛汹涌的海面上颠簸着。 The ship is unloading. 船正在卸货。 Windows were broken and large trees uprooted. 窗被打碎,大树被连根拔起。 Move the machine in an upright position. 垂直地移动机器。 The road turns south outside town. 此路在城外转弯向南。 The work was undertaken by members of the committee. 此项工作由委员会成员承担。 The sudden noise from the next room interrupted my train of thought. 从隔壁房间突然传来的闹声打断了我的思路。 British prisoners used to be transported to Australia. 从前英国的囚犯常被流放到澳大利亚。 Once upon a time there lived a king who had three daughters. 从前有个国王,他有三个女儿。 He gave me to understand that the meeting would be postponed. 从他的话里我了解到会议将延期。 It's impolite to jump down others' throats. 粗暴地打断别人的谈话是不礼貌的。 Heavy timbers supported the floor above. 粗大的横梁支撑着上面的楼面。 Many varied motives prompt individuals to join a political party. 促使人们加入政党的动机许许多多且各不相同。 The village is changing but it is still undisturbed. 村庄在发生变化但依旧宁静。 This is an uphill village. 村子位于高坡上。 It thundered several times, but no rain fell. 打了几次雷,却没下雨。 Trucks thundered down the highway. 大卡车从公路上轰隆隆地开过去。 The wagon left a trail of dust. 大篷车过处扬起一片灰尘。 Mass unemployment may lead to social upheaval. 大批失业会导致社会动乱。 David poured two brandies with an unsteady hand. 大卫用颤抖的手倒了两杯白兰地。 David ticked me off for being late. 大卫责备我迟到。 The heavy fog upset our timetable for the trip. 大雾打乱了我们的旅行日程。 The elephant trumpeted. 大象吼叫一声。 The rain fell in torrents. 大雨如注。 Dennis likes trumpeting his own praises. 丹尼斯喜欢自吹自擂。 The local despot trenched on the temple's property. 当地恶霸侵占了寺庙的庙产。 Call me when you see a gray car topping the hill. 当你看到一辆灰色的汽车到达山顶时就叫我。 At that time people believed the earth was the center of the universe. 当时人们相信地球是宇宙的中心。 He was then trying for a new job. 当时他正在谋求一份新工作。 I was useless at maths. 当时我的数学差极了。 Some critics were then having a tilt at him. 当时有几个评论家正在攻击他。 I was thunderstruck when they told me the news. 当他们告诉我这一消息时,我惊呆了。 As we got towards Chicago traffic became heavier. 当我们快到芝加哥的时候,路上的交通变得更加拥挤。 There is a need for greater unity in the party. 党内有必要加强团结。 By the end of the game, the stadium was almost vacant. 到比赛结束的时候,体育馆几乎空了。 By the first of October, most of the leaves have turned. 到十月一日时,大部分叶子都已变了颜色。 I unluckily had a flat tire on the way here. 到这儿来的路上,不幸我的车胎泄气了。 By the time they get here, we'll have finished the work. 等他们到这里时,我们会已经把工作做完。 The enemy troops withdrew. 敌军撤退了。 The underneath part felt damp. 底下那部分摸上去是潮的。 A new coat of varnish was put on the floor. 地板上新涂了一层清漆。 The floor has a tilt to it. 地板有些倾斜。 The earth is divided into 24 time zones. 地球被分为二十四个时区。 The earth is 49 times the size of the moon. 地球的大小是月球的四十九倍。 The earthquake thrilled the land. 地震使大地颤动。 The home team and the visitors tied. 地主队和客队赛成平局。 There is a vacancy on the tenth floor. 第十层楼上有一个空房间。 The telephone gave a tinkle. 电话叮铃响了一下。 The radio trumpeted the presidential campaign across the country. 电台向全国各地大力宣传总统竞选运动。 The pot trade is controlled by the underworld. 毒品生意为黑社会所控制。 Beg pardon, did I tread on your foot, miss? 对不起,小姐,我是不是踩了你的脚了? I would pay him back for his treacheries. 对他的背信弃义我要报复。 It won't do to trust to the inspiration of the moment when speaking to such a big audience. 对这么多听众演讲,事先不准备仅靠一时的灵感是不行的。 What an ugly building! 多么难看的建筑物! Years of work in Africa unfitted him for life here. 多年在非洲工作使他不适应这儿的生活。 The vacancy of the boy's expression made his father doubt if he was listening. 儿子毫无表情使父亲怀疑他是否在专心听。 Don worked in Boston in the twenties. 二十年代唐在波士顿工作。 A generator transforms mechanical energy into electricity. 发电机将机械能变成电。 There had been a tremor so slight that I did not even feel it. 发生的小震十分轻微,我甚至都没有感觉到。 Something unexpected has turned up. 发生了没有意料到的事情。 The French Revolution ushered in a new age. 法国大革命开创了一个新时代。 Tomatoes can be eaten raw. 番茄可以生吃。 For dessert we had fresh strawberries -- a real treat. 饭后甜点我们吃鲜草莓--真是难得的享受。 The real estate business is thriving. 房地产生意兴隆。 It's stuffy in this room. An electric fan would be just the ticket for me. 房间里很闷热,电扇正是我所需要的。 The plane is timed to arrive at 8 o'clock. 飞机定于八点抵达。 The plane tried to avoid a storm by going upstairs. 飞机往高空飞去,以避开风暴。 The plane flew upwards and out of sight. 飞机向上飞去,随即看不见了。 It's urgent; come quick! 非常紧急;快来! Illegal traffic in protected animals is quite common there. 非法买卖受堡的动物在那里是司空见惯的事。 Phil is clearly unfit to hold a senior position. 菲尔显然不能胜任高级职务。 Phil has uncommon intelligence. 菲尔智力超群。 Philip blushed and laughed uneasily. 菲力浦脸一红,不自在地笑了起来。 Winds tortured the trees. 风把树吹得歪歪斜斜。 The wind veered round to the north. 风改向北吹了。 Waves were tossing the ship. 风浪使船颠簸个不停。 The denial of these ultimates results in mass selfishness. 否定这些基本原则会导致普遍的自私。 Women are questioning their traditional role in society, as wives and mothers. 妇女正对她们在社会中扮演的妻子和母亲的传统角色提出疑问。 What's done cannot be undone. 覆水难收。 The city was in a turmoil. 该城一片混乱。 This area is unsuitable for heavy industry. 该地区不适宜发展重工业。 The residents of the area are unhappy about the noise. 该地区的居民对这吵闹声很是不满。 The law is tough on offenders. 该法律对违法者处罚很严厉。 The play became a tremendous hit. 该剧极为叫座。 It's my turn to use the bike. 该轮到我用自行车了。 The skyscraper towers into the sky. 该摩天大楼高耸入云。 The title of the novel is "Sons and Lovers". 该书的书名为《儿子和情人》。 The book treats some political problems. 该书论述某些政治问题。 The book traces the development of philosophy. 该书追溯了哲学的发展过程。 The issue was considered unimportant. 该问题被看成无关紧要。 The battle ship was torpedoed. 该战列舰遭到了鱼雷的袭击。 The lid was so tight that I couldn't open the box. 盖太紧了,我打不开盒子。 The Greggs have transformed their garage into a guest house. 格雷格一家把他们的车库改成了客房。 Mr. Green paid me an unexpected visit. 格林先生出乎意料地前来看我。 The governments acted in unison to combat terrorism. 各国政府一致行动起来与恐怖主义作斗争。 All the nationalities live together in perfect union. 各族人民非常和睦地生活在一起。 According to the old tradition, the first American flag was made by Betsy Ross. 根据传说,第一面美国国旗是贝慈·罗斯缝制的。 Under the new regulations this is permissible. 根据新的规章制度,这是可以的。 The union called a one-day token strike. 工会发动了持续一天的象徵性罢工。 The workers are tunneling the hill. 工人们在凿山开隧道。 The workers were tunnelling through solid rock. 工人们正在坚石中挖掘一条通道。 Please tidy away all the tools when you finish the work. 工作结束后请收拾好所有工具。 Trucks and cars were shuttling to and fro on the highways. 公路上卡车和汽车正来往奔驰穿梭。 A record is kept of all the firm's transactions. 公司的一切交易都有记载。 The firm trained its employees to be more efficient. 公司培训员工,使他们办事效率更高。 The company has transferred to the west coast. 公司已迁往西海岸。 The dog turned on the stranger. 狗袭击那个陌生人。 The dog tracked mud all over the shiny kitchen. 狗在厨房发亮的地板上留下一屋子泥。 Girls were practising unarmed combat. 姑娘们在练习徒手搏斗。 Stock prices took a tumble in the afternoon. 股票价格下午猛跌。 Share prices have been trending down. 股票价格一直趋向下降。 The story has a strange twist in chapter 15. 故事情节在第十五章有了出乎意料的转折。 Deliberately broadcasting enemy propaganda to our troops is treason. 故意向我军广播敌人的宣传是叛国行为。 Two of the pictures hanging on the wall are out of true. 挂在墙上的照片中有两张挂得不正。 The key words are underlined. 关键的字下面划了线。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司