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Light travels faster than sound. 光的速度比声音快。 The velocity of light is about 186,000 miles per second. 光速大约是每秒十八万六千英里。 How time flies! 光阴似箭。 The square was thronged with people. 广场上挤满了人。 The country needs more men of his timber. 国家需要更多有他这种才干的人。 Excessive drinking did harm to his health. 过量饮酒损害了他的健康。 The girl came to after a while. 过了一会儿那个女孩醒过来了。 I used to trade at that store. 过去我常在那家商店买东西。 In the past five years the company has tripled its sales. 过去五年中,该公司销售量增至三倍。 Anyone travelling across the bridge has to pay a toll. 过这座桥的人都要付通行费。 Harris got a ticket for speeding. 哈里斯拿到一张超速驾驶罚款单。 The child threw all the old toys aside. 孩子把所有的旧玩具扔在一边。 The children's education is the teacher's uppermost concern. 孩子的教育是教师所最为关注的。 The children trailed behind their teacher. 孩子们跟在老师后面走。 The children pursued their studies, undisturbed by the many visitors. 孩子们继续学习,不因许多来访者而分心。 The kids came tripping down the stairs. 孩子们脚步轻捷地走下楼。 The youngsters travel long distances to school every day. 孩子们每天走很远的路上学。 After her children went to bed, the mother turned the upside-down house back to normal. 孩子们睡觉后,母亲把混乱的屋子重新整理好。 The children tramped the woods looking for berries. 孩子们踏遍树林寻找浆果。 The kids are learning to trace the letter. 孩子们学描字母。 The children were trimming up a Christmas tree. 孩子们在装饰耶诞树。 The children were enjoying themselves to the utmost. 孩子们正在尽情欢乐。 The child is eating a tub of ice-cream. 孩子在吃纸杯冰淇淋。 Mandarin Chinese has four tones. 汉语有四声。 It was transparent that her pride was hurt. 很显然,她的自尊心受到了伤害。 Their unwillingness to discuss the problem is quite obvious. 很显然,他们不愿谈论这一问题。 Henry lived upstairs. 亨利住在楼上。 The red shoes couldn't tone in with the yellow skirt. 红鞋子与黄裙子不相配。 Monkeys are transmitters of a number of dangerous diseases. 猴子是许多危险疾病的传染媒介。 Pepper tickles if it gets into the nose. 胡椒弄到鼻孔里会使人发痒。 The nurse tied off his bleeding finger. 护士扎住了他流血的手指。 The gardener's tools are kept in the shed. 花匠的工具放在小屋里。 Untold millions of dollars were spent on the project. 花在这个计划上的钱不知道有几百万元了。 The conversation turned to fishing. 话题转到了捕鱼上。 It was not unusual for me to come home late. 回家晚对我来说是不稀奇的。 Meeting the President was a great thrill. 会见总统是一件令人兴奋不已的事情。 The train jumped the track. 火车出轨了。 Will the train arrive on time? 火车会准时到达吗? The whole house trembled as the train went by. 火车开过时,整幢房子都晃动。 All the seat-covers on the train had been torn by vandals. 火车上的所有椅套全被破坏公物者故意撕破了。 The train was 10 minutes behind time. 火车晚到了十分钟。 The direction of the thrust of the rockets is controlled by computer. 火箭推力的方向是由电脑控制的。 The torch was lighted. 火炬点亮了。 The goods will be transported to Tokyo by air. 货物将空运到东京。 At the port the goods were transferred onto a ship. 货物在港口被转移到一艘船上。 The machine has just been tuned. 机器刚刚调整过。 Genes are transmitted from one generation to another. 基因代代相传。 Excitement toned her voice. 激动使她的嗓音都变了。 Jim's two most pleasing traits are generosity and energy. 吉姆最讨人喜欢的特徵是豪爽和充满活力。 After a few warm-up tosses, he put the shot 63 feet 6 inches. 几次试掷之后,他把铅球投出六十三英尺六英寸远。 A few confusing questions tripped up the suspect. 几个棘手的问题使嫌犯泄漏了真情。 It's almost impossible to agree on a unified basic price. 几乎不可能商定一个划一的基本价格。 The government introduced universal secondary education years ago. 几年前,政府就倡导普及中等教育。 Within a few years they had transferred barren wastes into fertile fields. 几年之内他们就把荒地变成了良田。 What makes the computer tick? 计算机的工作原理是什么? Jealousy is a strange transformer of characters. 忌妒是改变性格的奇怪因素。 Since your holiday is already over, you'll have to gather up the threads of your work. 既然你的假期已经结束,你就该重新继续你的工作。 Furniture is usually moved in a van. 家俱通常用货车搬运。 The family is a social unit. 家庭是一个社会单元。 Prices usually vary with the quality. 价格常随品质不同而变化。 Prices are subject to variation. 价格可以变动。 The vacation is coming and I have an urge to travel. 假期快到了,我很想外出旅行。 Traffic is very heavy during the rush hour. 尖峰时间交通十分繁忙。 The surveyors arrived at widely different valuations. 鉴定人作出了十分不同的估价。 We were through with the work towards noon. 将近中午时我们把工作做完了。 The generals plotted to upset the government. 将军们策划推翻政府。 The generals plotted to upset the government. 将军们策划推翻政府。 Turn this sentence into English. 将这句话译成英文。 Toss the cooked vegetables in butter. 将煮好的蔬菜拌上奶油。 Speak up so that everybody can hear you. 讲得响些,让大家都能听见。 The traffic had been tied up for three hours. 交通阻塞已有三个小时。 The coach upheld the referee's decision. 教练赞同裁判的裁决。 The teacher is speaking in a high tone. 教师正在大声说话。 Big cuts in education are very undesirable. 教育经费的大幅度削减是极不受欢迎的。 It rained for days together. 接连下了几天雨。 The tumult in the streets awakened everyone in the house. 街上的喧哗吵醒了屋子里的每一个人。 Cars and trolleys filled the street. 街上满是汽车和电车。 It turned out that she was elected by a unanimous vote. 结果她以全票当选。 Losing the necklace borrowed from her friend upset her completely. 她把从朋友那儿借来的项链弄丢了,这使她心烦意乱。 Losing the necklace borrowed from her friend upset her completely. 她把从朋友那儿借来的项链弄丢了,这使她心烦意乱。 She tied the ribbon in a bow. 她把缎带系成一个蝴蝶结。 She threw a scarf over her shoulders. 她把肩巾随手往肩上一披。 She tossed her head. 她把头向上一扬。 She tucked her letter into an envelope. 她把信摺好塞进信封。 She tucked the baby in his crib for a nap. 她把婴儿裹好放在童床里小睡一会儿。 She trained her camera on the caged panda. 她把照相机对准笼子里的熊猫。 She twined the flowers into a garland. 她把这些花编成花环。 She was trained for nursing. 她被培养成护士。 She showed great love and understanding. 她表现出极大的爱和同情。 She tickled the fire. 她拨了拨火。 She was thrusting in a question or two occasionally. 她不时地插嘴提出一两个问题。 She doesn't like traveling too much. 她不太喜欢旅行。 Her unusual utterance revealed her emotions. 她不同寻常的语调暴露出她的感情。 She was unaware that you were coming. 她不知道你要来。 She often takes a hard, uncompromising attitude. 她常采取强硬的不妥协的态度。 She often kills time by watching TV. 她常常以看电视来消磨时间。 She goes to work by tube. 她乘地铁上班。 She wore a velvet dress. 她穿一件丝绒连衫裙。 She learned from her father the virtues of hard work and thrift. 她从她父亲身上学到苦干和节俭的美德。 She has never learnt to sing in tune. 她从未学会和着调子唱歌。 She tricked herself up for the banquet. 她打扮整齐去赴宴会。 She unlocked the door and turned the handle to open it. 她打开门锁,转动把手开了门。 She may embarrass you with her uncouth behavior. 她的粗野行为可能会让你尴尬。 Her room is up those stairs. 她的房间在那边楼上。 Her room is always clean and tidy. 她的房间总是乾净整洁。 Her child was left in my trust for the winter vacation. 她的孩子寒假里由我照顾。 Her family can trace its history back to the 15th century. 她的家史可追溯到15世纪。 Her dress was of silk tissue. 她的连衫裙是用薄绸做成的。 She turned pale. 她的脸变得苍白。 Her feet are of unequal size. 她的两只脚大小不一样。 Her argument is valid. 她的论点是站得住脚的。 I have her name on the tip of my tongue. 她的名字就在我嘴边,却说不出来。 Her voice trembled with anger. 她的声音因愤怒而颤抖。 Her voice was a little strained, a little unnatural. 她的声音有点紧张,有点不自然。 She had made an utter fool of herself. 她的所作所为十足就是个傻子。 He was thrilled by her conversation. 她的谈话使他很激动。 Her hair has a tinge of red. 她的头发带着一点红色。 Her hair has been badly cut and the ends are uneven. 她的头发剪得太糟,所有的鬓脚都不齐。 Her smile was triumphant. 她的微笑露出成功的喜悦。 Her style of writing is rather unique. 她的写作风格很不寻常。 Her feeling of depression was transient. 她的抑郁情绪一会儿就过去了。 Her husband is unfaithful to her. 她的丈夫对她不忠实。 She walked into the room on tiptoe. 她踮着脚走进房间。 She threw me a towel. 她丢给我一条毛巾。 Her admiration for him was tinged with jealousy. 她对他的钦佩带有一点妒忌。 She treated me all right. 她对我还不错。 She was rather unpleasant with me. 她对我相当不客气。 What is her attitude to the issue? 她对这个问题抱什么态度? Her son has got into trouble again. 她儿子又惹麻烦了。 She turned a page. 她翻过一页。 She sang at the top of her throat. 她放开嗓门大声歌唱。 She's really together. 她非常沉着。 Her father transferred her to a better school. 她父亲把她转到了一所更好的学校。 Her father had decided she ought to have private tuition. 她父亲决定她应该有私人教师指导。 Her father recently died in a tribal war. 她父亲最近死于部落战争。 She felt her heart give a great throb. 她感到心猛地一跳。 Fear thrilled through her veins. 她感到一阵害怕。 Her voice thrilled with joy. 她高兴得声音颤抖。 She gave me instructions on how to apply the tint. 她告诉我如何使用染发剂。 She gave us some useful information. 她给了我们一些很有用的信息。 She brought me a tray of tea and sandwiches. 她给我拿来一盘茶和三明治。 She was unaware of my presence. 她根本没注意到我在场。 She probably dropped the parcel unawares. 她很可能无意中丢失了那包裹。 She'll be all right in no time. 她很快就会好的。 She hasn't yet titled her novel. 她还没有给她的小说定篇题。 She turned and saw her daughter still waving to her. 她回过身来,看见女儿还在向她挥手。 She can speak English; she can speak French, too. 她会说英语,也会说法语。 She may, not unlikely, go abroad. 她或许会出国,这未必不可能。 She upped and slapped him in the face. 她霍地跳起来打了他一记耳光。 She is vain and extravagant. 她既爱虚荣又奢侈。 She unites common sense and vision. 她兼具常识与见识。 She slipped the paper over the table top to Marvin. 她将报纸从桌面上悄悄地递给马文。 She turned the sheet back. 她将床单翻起。 She twisted flowers into a wreath. 她将花编成了一个花环。 She tinted each flower in her paintings a different color. 她将画里每一枝花都画成不同的颜色。 She is towards sixty. 她将近六十了。 She unloaded her old car onto me. 她将旧汽车脱手给我。 She put the fresh flowers in a vase. 她将鲜花插在花瓶里。 She rolled a sheet of paper into her typewriter and started to type. 她将一页白纸卷入打字机内并开始打字。 She put her jewels in a vault at the bank. 她将珠宝放在银行的金库里。 She tied herself closely to her husband. 她紧紧依赖着丈夫。 She threw up her arms in horror. 她惊恐得向上举起手臂。 She is well up in English. 她精通英语。 She was thrilled with terror when she saw the scene of the murder. 她看到凶杀现场时,吓得毛骨悚然。 She was tired of watching television. 她看电视看得厌倦了。 She whiled away the afternoon reading cheap thrills. 她看廉价的惊险小说消磨了一个下午。 She always looks neat and trim. 她看上去总是整洁、俐落。 She toasted bread for breakfast. 她烤面包当早餐。 She thrilled with horror. 她恐惧万分。 There was a tranquil expression on her face. 她脸上露出安详的神情。 She has a vacant look. 她脸上没有表情。 She looked vaguely around her and said:`I think I'm lost.' 她茫然地环顾四周,说道:"我可能迷路了。" She showed no tint of fear. 她没有露出一点害怕。 Her mother disapproves of her wearing transparent underwear. 她母亲不赞成她穿透明的内衣。 Her mother used to keep track of every penny she spent. 她母亲从前把自己所花的每一分钱都记下来。 Her tight-lipped friend had kept it a secret. 她那守口如瓶的朋友对这事一直保密。 She twinkled her straight toes. 她轻快地跳着脚尖舞。 She did a quick twirl to show off her dress. 她轻快地一转身,炫耀自己所穿的衣服。 She lightly touched his forehead. 她轻轻地摸了摸他的前额。 Her request for help went unheard. 她请求帮助,却无人理睬。 She spent her vacation touring Italy. 她去义大利旅游度假。 She contracted tuberculosis. 她染上了结核病。 She told me to tidy my room. 她让我把房间收拾一下。 She was tolerant of different views. 她容忍不同的意见。 She has a knack for turning a phrase. 她善于辞令。 She tubed every test last week. 她上星期测验门门不及格。 She has a trim figure. 她身材苗条。 She wears tons of jewelry. 她身上戴着许多首饰。 She is in tolerable health. 她身体还算健康。 She didn't even trouble to look at our presents. 她甚至不屑看一下我们的礼物。 She gave birth to twins. 她生了双胞胎。 She is of an optimistic turn of mind. 她生性乐观。 She took the veil when she was 18. 她十八岁时当了修女。 She often twists my words. 她时常歪曲我的话。 She came by train. 她是乘火车来的。 She is an unsuccessful farmer. 她是个失败的农场主。 She is an unmarried mother. 她是个未婚母亲。 She is Claire's twin sister. 她是克莱儿的孪生姊妹。 She typifies the bored housewife. 她是那种百无聊赖的家庭主妇的典型。 She is my fellow traveler. 她是我的旅伴。 She is a thrifty housekeeper. 她是一个节俭的持家人。 She received many birthday tokens. 她收到许多生日纪念品。 She thrilled at the invitation. 她收到邀请时很激动。 The diamond on her finger twinkled in the fire-light. 她手指上戴的钻石在火光下闪闪发亮。 She suffered tortures from a toothache. 她受牙痛的折磨。 Her eyes traveled over the scene. 她双目扫视了一下这个场面。 She has a bitter tongue. 她说话刻薄。 She says the housework is a tie. 她说家务是个牵累。 She told a tissue of lies. 她说了一套谎话。 She heard the toilet flush. 她听到马桶冲水的声音。 She was transported with joy by the good news. 她听到这好消息欣喜万分。 She got the position through her older brother. 她通过她哥哥获得那个职位。 She had removed her underwear. 她脱掉了内衣。 She gave the facts a twist. 她歪曲了事实。 She ran upstairs. 她往楼上跑去。 She trembled for her daughter's safety. 她为女儿的安全而焦虑不安。 She threaded the needle for her grandmother. 她为祖母穿针。 She is used to hard work. 她习惯于艰苦工作。 She likes vegetables. 她喜欢蔬菜。 She unconsciously moved back a pace or two. 她下意识地向后退了一两步。 She is ill now and turns away from her food. 她现在正生病,不想吃什么东西。 She's caught in the toils of despair. 她陷入绝望中。 She wants to go for a tramp in the country. 她想去乡间远足。 She unfolded to him her plan for the future. 她向他表露她未来的计划。 She toed cautiously into the room. 她小心翼翼地踮着脚走进房间。 She was twirling her hair absent-mindedly. 她心不在焉地卷曲自己的头发。 Her mind was in a tumult. 她心烦意乱。 She is psychologically unsound. 她心理上不健全。 Her conduct is at variance with her words. 她言行不一。 She walked up the path. 她沿着小路走。 Her request for money was turned down by the trustees. 她要钱的请求被托管人拒绝了。 She toyed with her pencil while she listened on the phone. 她一边听电话,一边耍铅笔玩。 She is vacillating between hope and fear. 她一会儿充满希望一会儿深怀恐惧,如此反覆不已。 Her eyes twinkled with delight. 她一双眼睛闪烁着喜悦的光芒。 She didn't go to bed until her daughter came back. 她一直等到女儿回来才去睡觉。 She has been transferred to another department. 她已被调往另一部门。 She has traveled through Europe. 她已游遍欧洲。 She was reprimanded for putting undue pressure on her clients. 她因给顾客施加过度的压力而受责备。 She related the event in a tragic voice. 她用悲痛的声调讲述这一事件。 She pushed the door to. 她用力把门关上。 It was a long time before she tumbled to what I meant. 她用了很长时间才明白了我的意思。 She used several tones of blue to make the sky look real. 她用了数种蓝色色调让天空看起来真实些。 She wrapped her hair up in a towel. 她用毛巾把头发包起来。 She traded three apples for a bunch of bananas. 她用三颗苹果换得一串香蕉。 She used a pair of tongs to put some more coal on the fire. 她用一把火钳往炉火上再加了一些煤。 Her heart was full of trouble. 她忧心忡忡。 She had an undergraduate degree in psychology. 她有心理学的学士学位。 She had an unhappy childhood. 她有一个不幸的童年。 She made no attempt to veil the contempt in her voice. 她语气中毫不掩饰她的轻蔑。 She searched through the pile of papers and found his letter underneath. 她在一堆文件里搜寻,终于在底下找到了他的信。 She worked as a typist in a law firm. 她在一家律师事务所当打字员。 She is suffering from unspeakable pain. 她在遭受难以形容的痛苦。 She was given some quick training at the vocational school. 她在职业学校受过速成训练。 She met an utter refusal. 她遭到断然拒绝。 Her husband's death left a vacuum in her life. 她丈夫的死使她的生活变得空虚。 As usual, she had bread and egg for breakfast. 她照例吃面包和鸡蛋作早餐。 She can be a very tiresome child at times. 她这孩子有时会很烦人的。 She is a real torment to me. 她真是令我苦恼。 She was tied up with the housework all day. 她整天忙于家务。 She was threading her way through the crowd. 她正从人群中挤过去。 She was speaking to him in an urgent voice. 她正急迫地跟他说话。 She was trying to tone down the colors of the picture. 她正设法使画面的色调柔和一些。 She didn't go to bed until eleven o'clock. 她直到十一点才上床睡觉。 She lives in the house to the right. 她住在右边的房子里。 She lives two floors up. 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