翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 I enjoyed all the sports with the exception of boxing. 除了拳击, 我喜欢所有的运动。 He wrote the letter with the intention of asking for some advice. 他写了这封信打算征求一些意见。 He explained the behavior of the old man within reason. 他从道理上解释了这个老人的行为。 Put the toy within the reach of that baby. 把玩具放到婴儿拿得到的地方。 He said he would go fishing without fail. 他说他一定会去钓鱼的。 The painting is without parallel of the greatest artistic level. 这幅图画有无与伦比的艺术价值。 I can draw the conclusion without question that he is lying. 我可以毫无疑问地得出结论他在说谎。 My brother often scolds me without reason. 我哥哥经常无故责备我。 I accepted without reservation what he had said as true. 我毫无保留地认为他说的是实话。 I will read the novel word for word. 我要逐字逐句地读这篇小说。 You will never become good at tennis, unless you work at it earnestly. 除非你努力下功夫, 否则你将永远打不好网球。 He worked hard at his biology. 他努力学习生物学。 Will it work on human beings? 这对人体有影响吗? He was working out a problem. 他正在解决一个问题。 They've worked out a new plan. 他们已经制定出新的计划。 Of all these works of art, the thing I like most is that painting. 所有的艺术品中, 我最喜欢那幅油画。 You don't have to worry about that. 你不必为那事操心。 She worried over her father's health. 她为父亲的健康担忧。 The police wrote down my name. 警察记下了我的名字。 She writes to her parents once a week. 她每周给父母写一封信。 There is something wrong with the machine. 这台机器出毛病了。 He works hard year after year. 他年复一年地努力工作着。 The slaves yearned for freedom. 奴隶们渴望自由。 We will never yield to invaders. 我们绝不会向侵略者屈服。 He shows zeal for knowledge. 他渴望知识。 Great, I'll count on it! 好极了,我就指望它了! Haven't seen you for ages. 好久不见了。 It's been a long time. 好久不见了。 Come on! It's OK. 好啦! 这没什么。 Well, that's settled. 好啦,决定了。 Well, you can't win them all. 好啦,你不可能事事都如意。 Well, I'm glad that's over. 好啦,我很高兴那已过去了。 Well, I know what I'll do. 好啦,我知道要做什么。 Well, thank God we're back. 好啦,谢天谢地我们回采了。 Well, I'd better not keep you. 好了,不留你了。 Well, I'd better let you go. 好了,该让你走了。 Well, thank you for your help. 好了,感谢你的帮助。 Now, now, take it easy. 好了,好了,别放在心上。 Well, better be moving, I suppose. 好了,我想我还是走的好。 Well, thank you for calling. 好了,谢谢你打电话来。 Nice one! 好球! It looks as if she's gone away for a few days. 好像她已出去好几天了。 That's splendid news. 好消息。 Sound great. 好呀。 That's the boy! 好样的! What a little madam! 好一副小姐架子! Good idea! 好主意! What a great idea: 好主意! Well, nothing is better than that. 呵,那再好不过了。 He is no more able to speak English than I am. 和我不会说英语一样,他也不会说英语。 I am better at math than English. 和英语相比我更擅长数学 Well, I like that! 嘿,竟然说得出这种话! Well, I never! 嘿,真没想到! Excuse me, but you are wrong. 很抱歉,但是你错了。 I regret to say it's not possible. 很抱歉这是不可能的。 That's very true. 很对。 It's a pleasure to meet you. 很高兴见到您。 Glad it's all over. 很高兴那都已过去了。 Nice having you. 很高兴你能来。 Happy to know you. 很高兴认识你。 It's nice meeting you. 很高兴认识你。 I'm very happy to meet you. 很高兴同您见面。 It was good to see you again. 很高兴又见到了你。 Good to see you again. 很高兴又见到你。 Glad to meet you here. 很高兴在这里见到你。 Fine, just fine. 很好,很好。 Fine, thanks. 很好,谢谢。 All right, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 I'm fine, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 Pretty good, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 Quite well, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 Very well, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 Very well, so long as everybody joins in. 很好,只要大家都参加。 Quite good. 很好。 It is obvious that she is very clever. 很明显,她挺聪明。 It's difficult to say. 很难说。 It's hard to say. 很难说。 I'm honored to meet you. 很荣幸同您见面。 I regret that I can't help you. 很遗憾,我不能帮助您。 I'm sorry to say I didn't realize that. 很遗憾我并不了解此事。 I'm afraid I'm not really interested. 很遗憾我实际上没有兴趣。 Well, it could be worse. 哼,还算不错了。 Oh, that's typical! 哼,老是这样! Oh, that's great! 哼,妙极了! Nonsense! 胡说! Rubbish. 胡说。 I am doing all the dirty work. 坏事总是让我做。 You're welcome to use the phone. 欢迎你使用这电话。 OK, thanks. 还不错,谢谢。 It's not as bad as all that. 还不是那么糟。 That's not too bad. 还过得去。 It is just as well that you took another road. 还好你们走了另一条路。 It is just as well that you took another road. 还好你们走了另一条路。 It is just as well that we did not follow him. 还好我们没有跟着他。 Still as busy as ever I see. 还是这么忙啊。 Change it. 换掉它。 In other words, you'll come instead. Right? 换句话说,你将代替他来,对吗? In other words, none of us can go to the movie. 换句话说,我们都不能去看电影。 In other words, we'd better change our plan. 换句话说,我们最好改变一下计划。 That's ridiculous. 荒唐。 See you soon! 回头见! Serve you right! 活该! Boy, am I glad about that! 伙计,这事我真高兴! Even though you do not like it, you must do it. 即使你不喜欢这工作,你也得做。 We should practice economy even if we are rich. 即使我们富裕了也仍应该厉行节约。 What if I fail! 即使我失败了又怎样! Even if I fail this time, I would try again. 即使我这次失败了,我还要再试试。 He will come on time even though it rains. 即使下雨,他还是会准时来的。 We'll go even if it rains. 即使下雨我们也要去。 Is the plan agreed? 计划获得一致同意了吗? Remember to drop me a line. 记住给我写封短信。 Remember about that. 记住那件事。 Remember you are a Chinese wherever you go. 记住你是中国人,不论你到哪里。 Now that you are grown up, you should not rely on your parents. 既然你长大了,就不应该依靠你的父母。 Now that I am free, I can enjoy music for a while. 既然有空,我可以享受一下音乐。 In this case, let's start earlier. 既然这样,我们就早点开始。 Go on! 继续下去! How's everything at home? 家里一切都好吗? I shall go provided that it doesn't rain. 假如不下雨我就去。 Keep it up! 坚持下去! Stick to it! 坚持下去! In a word, he's useless. 简言之,他毫无用处。 Nice to meet you. 见到你很高兴。 I'm glad to meet you. 见到你我很高兴。 Meet my brother Walker. 见见我的兄弟沃克吧。 Health is better than wealth. 健康胜于财富。 I'd say he is about thirty. 叫我说,他大概三十岁左右。 A teacher should entertain as well as teach. 教师不仅要教书,也要激起学生的兴趣。 What happened then? 接着怎么样了? The streets were as noisy as ever. 街上和往常一样喧闹。 Jack is not only a good student but also a basketball player. 杰克不仅是个好学生,而且还是名篮球队员。 As a result, they saved 90% of the trees in the forest. 结果他们拯救了这座森林里90%的树木。 First come, first served. 捷足先登。 What's the deadline? 截止到什么时候? She knows no English, much less German. 她不懂英语,更不用说德语了。 She is coming either today or tomorrow. 她不是今天就是明天来。 She is either drunk or mad. 她不是醉了就是疯了。 She dolled herself up as though she was a girl of eighteen. 她打扮得花枝招展,好像是个十八岁的姑娘似的。 What a lovely smile she has! 她的微笑多可爱呀! She speaks French perfectly. 她法语讲得很流利。 She seemed to be too anxious to do something. 她好像迫不及待地非要离开。 She is no less good at swimming than Mary. 她和玛丽一样擅长游泳。 She felt just the same as he did. 她和他的感受相同。 She can speak Japanese as well as English. 她会说日语和英语。 She has spoken Chinese all her life. 她讲了一辈子中文。 She is likely to be waiting us at the bus stop. 她可能已在车站等着呢。 She is, as it were, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. 她可说是我见过的最漂亮的姑娘。 He plays the violin for the fun of it. 她拉小提琴只是为了好玩。 She always gives me headache. 她老是叫我头痛。 She is more diligent than any other students in her class. 她是班上最用功的学生。 She is pretty rather than attractive. 她是漂亮,而不吸引人。 She is a career woman rather than a housewife. 她是职业妇女而不是家庭主妇。 She is too young to dress herself. 她太小,还不能自己穿衣服。 She wishes to be treated as nothing more than a common girl. 她希望被对待得只不过像一般的女孩子。 She is far better than me at writing. 她写作比我好得多。 She never reads a book but she goes to sleep. 她一看书就想睡觉。 She studies three times as hard as I. 她用功的程度是我的三倍。 More and more people are giving up smoking. 戒烟的人越来越多了 The meeting is not likely to be held today. 今天会议不大可能召开了。 Let's call it a day. 今天就到此为止。 Looks like a fine day today. 今天看上去是个晴天。 What brings you here today? 今天什么风把你吹来啦? It's a nice day today. 今天天气很好。 What's the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样? Today just isn't my day. 今天我真是什么都不顺心。 I'll be free at three this afternoon. 今天下午我3点钟有空。 I'm leaving this afternoon. 今天下午我要动身了。 It was a bad day today. 今天真倒霉。 Lunch is on me today. 今天中午饭我请客。 Say 7:30 this evening, OK? 今晚7点半吧,行吗? What're you doing this evening? 今晚你准备干什么? Are you free for dinner tonight? 今晚有空一起进餐吗? Try to come around five. 尽量5点左右来。 Try not to worry. 尽量不要担心。 Try not to get too upset about it. 尽量不要过于为此烦恼。 Be as quick as ever you can! 尽量快些! What's the good news? 近来好吗? What's happening? 近来怎么样? Anything new? 近来怎样? How's things? 近来怎样? What's new? 近来怎样? Keep in touch! 经常联系! I know you very well by reputation. 久闻大名。 I've heard so much about you. 久仰,久仰。 Let it be 4:25 tomorrow afternoon. 就定明天下午4点25分吧。 Personally, I don't mind. 就个人而言,我不介意 Personally, I prefer winter weather. 就个人而言,我喜欢冬天。 Just the same as always. 就跟往常一样。 Just make me happy, OK? 就让我高兴高兴,好不好? Do let me have a try. 就让我试试吧。 So far as color is concerned, it has a style of its own. 就色调而言,它是别具一格的。 That's the way it is. 就是这么回事。 Listen to me just once, OK? 就听我一次吧,好吗? Just for me! 就为了我吧! As far as I am concerned, I'm not against your plan. 就我而言,我并不反对你的计划。 So far as I am concerned, I'm not against your plan. 就我而言,我并不反对你的计划。 As far as I could remember, I did return him the money. 就我所能记得的,我确实把钱还给他了。 Nearly there! 就要到了! So far as English is concerned, it is not so difficult as you might think. 就英文而言,它并不像你所认为的那样难。 Just let it be. 就这样吧。 That settles it. 就这样决定了。 Just this once! 就这一次吧! He is said to have moved to Chicago. 据说他已搬去芝加哥。 He is said to have been the richest man in Taiwan. 据说他以前是台湾最有钱的人。 As far as I know, we will have a test next Monday. 据我所知,我们下星期一要进行一次考试。 Never! 决不! Absolutely impossible! 绝对不可能的! Absolutely certain. 绝对有把握。 Looks credible. 看来可信。 It seems that you were lying. 看来你在撒谎。 That's how it looks. 看来是这样。 It seems as if there will be a heavy rain soon. 看来天要下雨了。 Looks like we've all agreed. 看来我们已取得了一致。 It seems to me we'll have a heavy snow. 看来要下一场大雪了。 It looks as if it is going to rain. 看来要下雨了。 It seems all right. 看来这没问题。 It looks as if it isn't clean enough to bathe here. 看起来海水好像不干净,不能游泳。 That depends. 看情况。 It all depends. 看情况而定。 Don't for goodness sake. 看在上帝份上,别这样吧。 Look here! 看这! Keep an eye on him. 看住他。 Probably. 可能吧。 Could be. 可能是的吧。 But that's strange. 可是这简直不可思议。 Unfortunately he won't be here tomorrow evening. 可惜的是他明晚不在这儿。 Can you give me a lift? 可以让我搭车吗? Would it be possible to let me in? 可以让我进来吗? May I have a word with you? 可以同你谈一句话吗? Could I make it 14th July? 可以约7月14日见面吗? For sure? 肯定吗? No doubt it is. 肯定是的。 Out of the question, I'm afraid. 恐怕不可能。 No way, I'm afraid. 恐怕不行。 I'm afraid I can't help you there. 恐怕那方面我无法帮助你。 I'm afraid you've got to. 恐怕你不得不这样。 I'm afraid you can't go there alone. 恐怕你不能单独去那儿。 I'm afraid I can't. 恐怕我不能。 I'm afraid I can't let you. 恐怕我不能答应你。 I'm afraid I can't meet you there. 恐怕我不能在那里同你见面。 I'm afraid not. 恐怕我不行。 I'm afraid I don't know. 恐怕我不知道。 I'm afraid I have to leave. 恐怕我得走了。 I'm afraid I'll have to be going. 恐怕我得走了。 I'm afraid we can't permit that. 恐怕我们不能允许此事。 I'm afraid I couldn't say. 恐怕我说不上来。 I'm afraid I can't tell you. 恐怕我无法告诉你。 I've forgot, I'm afraid. 恐怕我已忘了。 I'm afraid it's quite impossible. 恐怕这不大可能。 I'm afraid that's not really possible. 恐怕这确实不行。 I'm not sure I can do it. 恐怕这事我干不了。 I'm afraid it's wrong. 恐怕这是不对的。 That's quite impossible, I'm afraid. 恐怕这是完全不可能的。 Quick! 快! Don't you do it! 快别干了! Get moving! 快点! Hurry! 快点! Speed up! 快点! Hurry up, the taxi's waiting. 快点,出租汽车在等着。 Move it. 快点。 Come on! 来吧! 快点! Come on, be a man! 来吧,拿出点勇气来! How about a coke? 来杯可口可乐,怎么样? Easy come, easy go. 来得容易,去得快。 Usual place? 老地方? It's always the case! 老是这样! 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司