翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 囚犯们抱怨看守虐待他们。 The convicts undermined the prison wall and escaped. 囚犯们在监狱墙下挖地道逃跑了。 Turn in all the tools after use. 全部工具用后都要归还。 The National Day was celebrated throughout the country. 全国都在庆祝国庆日。 Wheat is grown in various parts of the country. 全国许多地方都种小麦。 The All-Japan was tied for first place. 全日本联队得并列第一。 The whole town is/are against the plan. 全体镇民都反对这项计划。 The mountains have a western trend. 群山向西延伸。 Let's turn to page 8. 让我们翻到第八页。 Let us unite to fight poverty and disease. 让我们齐心协力来克服贫困和疾病。 Let's toss to see who pays the bill. 让我们掷钱币决定谁来付帐。 It will be unjust to let me suffer for the folly of other people. 让我因他人的愚昧而受罪是不公平的。 Hot dishes may spoil the varnish on a table. 热的盘子会损坏桌子的亮光漆面。 The hot weather gave the old man a truce from rheumatism. 热天使这位老人暂时免受风湿病之苦。 People are vaccinated against measles. 人们接种麻疹疫苗。 The audience trickled into the theater in twos and threes. 人们三三两两地走进剧场。 People like to live a life full of variety. 人们喜欢过丰富多彩的生活。 People are tired of the unending debate about tobacco. 人们厌倦了有关抽烟的无休止的讨论。 People were unanimous in support of the peace effort. 人们一致支持为和平所作的努力。 People thronged to watch the football match. 人们争先恐后地去看那场足球赛。 What is the total population of Japan? 日本的总人口为多少? Japan does lots of trade with the United States. 日本与美国间的贸易频繁。 We could not pull apart two plates which enclosed a vacuum. 如果两个盘子间是真空,我们就无法将它们分开。 The boat will upset if a storm breaks. 如遇暴风雨,这条船会翻掉。 The boat will upset if a storm breaks. 如遇暴风雨,这条船会翻掉。 The invading army made a sudden thrust to the north. 入侵部队突然向北猛攻。 He could not have succeeded without the unfailing support of his wife. 若没有他妻子始终如一的支持,他是不可能成功的。 The race horses were vanned from here to there. 赛马被用有篷卡车从这里运送到那里。 His income tripled in three years. 三年中,他的收入增至三倍。 Forests and jungles have thick vegetation. 森林和热带雨林中有茂密的植被。 Sand and leaves trapped the water in the stream. 沙子和树叶堵住了小河的水流。 Shakespeare's Hamlet is one of the best known tragedies. 莎士比亚的《哈姆雷特》是最有名的悲剧之一。 There was a veil of mist over the mountains. 山上覆盖着一层薄雾。 After the lightning came the thunder. 闪电后接着是雷声。 The business community was in an uproar over the new tax law. 商界因新税法而陷入一片哗然。 The snake twisted across the grass. 蛇蠕动着爬过草地。 Applicants for the job must be thirty and under. 申请这一工作的人年龄须在三十以下。 Get yourself together. 沉着点! The sick child tumbled restlessly in his bed. 生病的小孩在床上辗转反侧焦躁不安。 The people living underneath the tyranny rose in open revolt. 生活在暴政下的人民公开反叛了。 A lion was caught in the toil. 狮子落入了陷阱。 Citizens of eighteen years and upwards have the right to vote. 十八岁和十八岁以上的公民有选举权。 Twelve is the triple of four. 十二是四的三倍数。 Children of twelve years and upward must pay full fare. 十二岁以上的儿童必须付全费。 Ten years ago, I went to the tropics for the first time. 十年前我第一次到热带去。 13 is considered a very unlucky number. 十三被看作是个很不吉利的数字。 A billion dollars is a vast amount of money. 十亿元是一笔巨款。 What's up? 什么事? The stone steps were covered with mold and ulcers. 石头台阶被霉和腐烂物覆盖着。 The clock ticked the minutes. 时钟滴答滴答地报时。 The laboratory is kept at a uniform temperature. 实验室保持恒温。 To her delight, she passed the examination. 使她高兴的是她考试及格了。 To my surprise, she drank up the whole bottle of wine. 使我惊奇的是她把一瓶酒全喝了。 It's more hygienic to use disposable paper tissues. 使用一次性餐巾纸更为卫生。 The soldiers walked uphill. 士兵们向山上走去。 The soldiers fought in trenches for ten days. 士兵们在堑壕阵地上打了十天仗。 The soldiers scaled the walls of the fortress by turrets. 士兵通过塔车攀登上了要塞的城墙。 The citizens urged for the construction of a new hospital. 市民们强烈要求建造一个新医院。 The accident put an untimely end to the party. 事故使得聚会提前结束。 Try this key. 试试这把钥匙。 The trials show that smoking will do harm to people. 试验显示抽烟对人体有害。 Try and eat a little. 试着吃一点吧! Now is the time to fight back. 是反击的时候了。 What created the apparent uniformity of characters? 是什么造成了这些显然相同的性格? I've tried every treatment the vet suggested. 兽医建议的每一种治疗方法我都试过了。 A comb has teeth. 梳子有梳齿。 It is absolutely necessary to type the patient's blood before a blood transfusion. 输血前测定病人的血型是绝对必要的。 The leaves twisted and turned in the wind. 树叶被风吹得直打转。 Millions of people were thrown into unemployment. 数百万人被迫失业。 The two parties are working towards a solution. 双方正努力达成一个解决方案。 Who is going to umpire? 谁来当裁判? Who is the vendor? 谁是卖主? Who'd like to have a try at it? 谁想试试? No one understood how I did the card trick. 谁也没有看出来我是怎样玩纸牌戏法的。 Rice thrives in this hot weather. 水稻在这种热天气中生长旺盛。 The sailors trimmed the boat. 水手们调整负载使船平稳。 Water has turned into ice. 水已经结成了冰。 Many people were uprooted from their homes by the flood. 水灾令许多人背井离乡。 Water vapors in the hot sun. 水在炎热的阳光下汽化。 To tell the truth, I don't think you're right. 说实话,我认为你不对。 The death toll has risen to 200. 死亡人数已上升到两百人。 Its brightness showed slight variations in intensity, though its general shape remained unchanged. 虽然它的形状没有改变,但其光亮强度有微小差异。 Drop in to see us any time. 随便什么时候顺便来看看我们。 As time goes on, the child will forget his grief. 随着时间的过去,孩子会忘记悲伤的。 As the minutes ticked away, she became more and more irritated. 随着时间一分一分地过去,她变得更加不耐烦。 Each tick of the clock was bringing the fatal hour nearer. 随着时钟的每一个滴答声,关键的时刻越来越近了。 Losing a little money doesn't trouble me. 损失一点钱我并不在意。 All the countries united to fight global recession. 所有的国家团结一致对抗全球性的不景气。 All the freshmen will undergo a physical examination. 所有新生都将接受体格检查。 All these jackets have a uniform size. 所有这些夹克尺寸相同。 All these small states were unified into one nation. 所有这些小国被统一成一个国家。 He ticked the items delivered one by one. 他把交付的物品一项项作了记号。 He threw the guy to the ground. 他把那个家伙摔倒在地。 He thrust the tickets into my hand. 他把票塞进我手里。 He read through the manuscript. 他把手稿从头到尾看了。 He sent me the book, together with a letter. 他把书寄给我,还附上了一封信。 He left his room all topsy-turvy. 他把他的房间弄得乱七八糟。 He tumbled his clothes and books into a big sack. 他把他的衣服和书胡乱装进一只大口袋。 He untied me from the chair. 他把我从椅子上松开。 He tumbled me over backwards. 他把我向后摔倒。 He laid a hand upon my shoulder. 他把一只手放在我肩上。 He pledged to fulfil his trust. 他保证履行义务。 He turned traitor to our cause. 他背叛了我们的事业。 He was buried in the family vault. 他被安葬在家庭的墓穴里。 He was given the title of Marquis. 他被封为侯爵。 He was suspected of treason. 他被怀疑有叛国行为。 He was up for slander. 他被控犯有诽谤罪而出庭。 He tumbled over the cat. 他被那只猫绊倒了。 He tripped over a brick. 他被一块砖头绊倒了。 He was variously described as a doctor and a monster. 他被一些人说成是大夫,又被另一些人描述为怪物。 He was trampled to death by an elephant. 他被一只大象踩死。 He was accused of trying to torpedo the talks. 他被指责试图破坏会谈。 He was denounced as a traitor to his country. 他被指责为卖国贼。 He kept his trap shut. 他闭口不言。 He twirled his umbrella as he walked. 他边走边转动手中的伞。 He unlocked the secrets of his heart. 他表露了他心中的秘密。 He is unworthy to receive such honor. 他不配得到这种荣誉。 He submitted unwillingly to his mother. 他不情愿地屈服于他母亲。 He was unequal to the job. 他不胜任这项工作。 He threw in a word or two from time to time. 他不时地插上一两句话。 He went fishing from time to time. 他不时去钓鱼。 He would steal upward glances at the clock. 他不时偷偷往上看钟。 He was unaccustomed to the weather there. 他不习惯那里的气候。 He does not like his job, but is too timid to try to find another. 他不喜欢自己的工作,但胆子太小,不敢尝试另找工作。 His reluctance to agree is understandable. 他不愿同意是可以理解的。 He is unwilling to accept advice. 他不愿意接受忠告。 He is unfaithful to his duty. 他不忠于职守。 He tramped on the flowers. 他踩着花了。 He joined the underground to fight against the fascists. 他参加了地下组织与法西斯作战。 He was cruel, treacherous and unscrupulous. 他残忍、奸诈、不择手段。 He tilted through the crowd. 他冲过人群。 He rushed into the house, having not a dry thread on him. 他冲进房子,全身都湿透了。 He has gone on a business trip. 他出差去了。 He was born in a small town fifty miles away from Chicago. 他出生在距芝加哥五十英里的一个小镇上。 He wore a tweed jacket. 他穿一件粗花呢夹克衫。 He plays the trumpet. 他吹小号。 He has been living in this house from his childhood upwards. 他从童年起到现在一直住在这所房子里。 He never varied his habits. 他从未改变过自己的习惯。 He wrote from morning to night. 他从早到晚写东西。 He threw on his overcoat and hurried out. 他匆忙披上大衣,赶了出去。 He rubbed his hands together. 他搓擦双手。 He promised to use his influence. 他答应运用他的影响力。 He undid the parcel. 他打开了包裹。 He's doing odd jobs to turn an honest penny. 他打零工老老实实挣钱。 He used her worse than ever. 他待她比过去更糟了。 He travels for our firm. 他担任我们公司的外务员。 He was then on his uppers. 他当时一贫如洗。 He tramped hither and thither. 他到处流浪。 His report did not touched upon the issue. 他的报告并没提到这个问题。 He owed his success to the good upbringing he had. 他的成功归功于他受到的良好教养。 Half of his land is covered with timber. 他的地有一半长着树木。 His parents employed a tutor to teach him mathematics. 他的父母雇了一位家庭教师教他数学。 His piano playing has improved vastly since last year. 他的钢琴弹奏自去年以来取得了巨大的进步。 His wage is treble mine. 他的工资是我的三倍。 His apartment is on the top floor. 他的公寓在顶楼。 His black hair was tinged with gray. 他的黑头发带着一点灰白。 There is an undertone of regret in what he said. 他的话中带有悔意。 His answer was a torrent of abuses. 他的回答是连珠炮式的漫骂。 His answer was tinted by his prior knowledge. 他的回答说明他先前就有所了解。 His plan ended in total failure. 他的计划以彻底失败告终。 His values seem old-fashioned. 他的价值观念似乎陈旧了。 There was no ulterior motive in his proposal. 他的建议里没有不可告人的动机。 His dream will come true sooner or later. 他的理想迟早会实现。 His secretary ushered me into his office. 他的秘书把我引进他的办公室。 His secretary put his mail in his in tray. 他的秘书将他的信件放到收文盘内。 His enthusiasm seems untiring. 他的热情似乎从不减退。 His diary recorded the tyrannies of the invaders. 他的日记记载下了侵略者的残酷暴行。 There was a noticeable transformation in his appearance. 他的容貌有了明显的变化。 He has a scar on his upper lip. 他的上唇有一道疤痕。 His life was hanging by a thread. 他的生命岌岌可危。 His desk was a complete tumble of papers and books. 他的书桌上乱糟糟地堆满了报纸和书籍。 Neither in his thought nor in his utterance is there any complexity. 他的思想和言辞都不复杂。 His proposal was turned down. 他的提议被拒绝了。 His new car was totalled at the accident. 他的新车在车祸时全毁了。 His action has triggered off a crisis. 他的行动已经引起一场晰。 His actions were a token of his loyalty to the king. 他的行动证明了他对国王的一片忠心。 There is a vein of melancholy in his character. 他的性格有点忧郁。 He tiptoed quietly up the stairs. 他踮着脚轻轻走上楼梯。 He tumbled downstairs. 他跌跌撞撞下了楼梯。 Does he understand Japanese? 他懂日文吗? He read Eugene O'Neill's plays in translation. 他读了经过翻译的尤金.奥尼尔的剧作。 He threw himself into work once he got back from his holidays. 他度假一回来就投身于工作。 He was uncertain of the meaning of the sentence. 他对那句子的意思不能确定。 He was lying in his throat when he told you that. 他对你说的话实在是个天大的谎言。 He is all thumbs with cooking. 他对烹饪一窍不通。 His fear of snakes traces back to an experience in his childhood. 他对蛇的惧怕溯自他孩童时的一次经历。 He is totally ignorant of social usage. 他对社会习俗一无所知。 He is untrue to them. 他对他们不忠诚。 He had formed an unfavorable opinion of my work. 他对我的工作已有了成见。 He was uneasy about my decision. 他对我的决定感到不安。 He did me a good turn. 他对我做了一件好事。 He found her uninteresting as a person. 他发现她是个很乏味的人。 He thumbed through the directory to look for her number. 他翻阅电话号码簿找寻她的号码。 He has trafficked in drugs for many years. 他贩卖毒品多年。 He sang at the top of his voice. 他放声高唱。 He had a terrible time in overcoming his timidity. 他费了很大的劲才克服了他的胆怯。 He tossed out of the room in anger. 他愤怒之下一甩头离开了房间。 His father hated him traveling with trash like them. 他父亲讨厌他跟像他们那样的社会渣滓一起旅行。 His father was treasurer of the club. 他父亲曾任俱乐部的会计。 He couldn't afford the fare; he thumbed his way all over Europe. 他付不起车费,于是他搭便车走遍欧洲。 He is bold enough to tilt at social injustices. 他敢于抨击社会上的不公正现象。 He went upstairs to become board chairman. 他高升为委员会的主席。 He told me which wells were usable along the road. 他告诉我沿线那些井是可用的。 He bought me a valuable diamond ring as a birthday present. 他给我买了一只贵重的钻戒作生日礼物。 He's added a few finishing touches to his novel. 他给小说作了最后润饰。 He didn't work hard. Thus he was fired. 他工作不努力,因此被解雇。 He turned the street corner. 他拐过街角。 He turned to Buddhism. 他皈依佛教。 He had never crossed the threshold of a bar before. 他过去从未进过酒吧的门。 He led a varied life. 他过着丰富多彩的生活。 He seems unable to understand you. 他好像无法理解你。 He is still unconscious of his mistake. 他还是没发觉自己的错误。 He came home later than usual. 他回家比平时迟。 He was wet to the skin. 他浑身湿透了。 He urged that they go to New York. 他极力主张他们去纽约。 He drove up north. 他驾车向北驶去。 He is too uncompromising to excuse the children's mistakes. 他坚决不肯原谅孩子们的错误。 He thrust the dagger into the guard's side. 他将匕首刺进警卫的腰部。 He turned the glass upside down. 他将玻璃杯子倒置。 He screwed the caps tightly onto the bottles. 他将瓶盖牢牢地拧到瓶子上。 He took his case of unfair dismissal to the industrial relations tribunal. 他将其遭不公正解雇一事上诉劳工关系法庭。 He set the ladder upright. 他将梯子竖起。 He slipped the telescope into a steel tube. 他将望远镜收进一根钢管内。 He toed the cigarette out. 他将香烟踩灭。 He transports his boat by putting it on a trailer behind his car. 他将小艇放在汽车后面的拖车上运输。 He spoke with a nasal twang. 他讲话时带着鼻音。 He got these eggs as a trade. 他交换到这些鸡蛋。 He unfastened the buttons of his shirt. 他解开了衬衣钮扣。 He succeeded after years of toil. 他经历数年的辛劳之后成功了。 He trades in silk. 他经营丝绸贸易。 He is skilled in upstairs politics. 他精通上层政治。 It seemed unthinkable that he should have done such a wicked thing. 他竟干出这样的坏事,真令人难以置信。 He told us true. 他据实告诉了我们。 He tooled me down to the wharf. 他开车把我送到码头。 He began to unpack his briefcase. 他开始打开公事包取出里面的东西。 He made sure that the rope was tight. 他看清楚绳子是否拉紧了。 He looked unfriendly. 他看上去不大友好。 He pulled the trigger and the bottle was shot to pieces. 他扣动扳机,瓶子当即被打得粉碎。 He trifled away the whole evening. 他浪费了一整个晚上。 The date of his departure is uncertain. 他离开的日期尚未确定。 He did not turn a finger to help. 他连举手之劳的忙也不肯帮。 He turned his ankle while ice-skating. 他溜冰时扭伤了脚踝。 He bought some tokens for the subway. 他买了一些乘地铁用的辅币。 He was unaware of the danger. 他没有意识到有危险。 His yearly tuition is $15,000. 他每年的学费是一万五千美元。 He keeps trim by jogging every day. 他每天慢跑以保持健康的身体。 He runs around the track every morning. 他每天清晨绕着跑道跑步。 He comes to work twice a week. 他每周来上两次班。 They hung the map up. 他们把地图挂起来。 They understand literature as language well used. 他们把文学解释为用得好的语言。 They were suspected of underground activities. 他们被怀疑进行地下活动。 They are unlikely to marry. 他们不大可能结婚。 They had to rent out the upstairs to make mortgage payments. 他们不得不将二楼租出去以偿付抵押借款。 It was unjust of them not to hear my side. 他们不听我这方面的意见,这不公正。 They surveyed the boy from top to toe. 他们从头到脚打量那男孩。 They urged us to go at once. 他们催促我们马上去。 All of them turned down the thumb at the suggestion. 他们大家都反对这一建议。 They thundered against cheating on exams. 他们大声疾呼反对考试作弊。 Their case will be tried next month. 他们的案子将在下个月开审。 Cold turned their ears pink. 他们的耳朵冻得发红了。 Their expenses reached a total of 1,000 pounds. 他们的花费总计一千英镑。 Their troupe is on tour in the South. 他们的剧团在南方巡回演出。 Their boss kept them all on their toes. 他们的老板让他们一天到晚忙碌着。 Their efforts were not in vain. 他们的努力没白费。 They became unemployed through no fault of their own. 他们的失业不是由于自身的过失造成的。 They all trooped into the meeting. 他们都成群结队前去参加会议。 They made a trail of protests against the decision. 他们对该项决定提出了一连串抗议。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司