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The principle still holds true for the present situation. 这原则仍适用于现状。 The lousy food upsets my stomach. 这糟糕的饭菜使我肠胃不适。 The lousy food upsets my stomach. 这糟糕的饭菜使我肠胃不适。 This table tilts. 这张桌子倾斜着。 The custom is unique to the region. 这种风俗是这一地区特有的。 This feeling persisted throughout the day. 这种感觉持续了一整天。 This machine has a universal use in the home. 这种机器在家庭中有广泛的用途。 This meat is unfit for human consumption. 这种肉人不宜食用。 The new engine's performance is a tribute to the skill of its designers. 这种新引擎的工作效能证明了设计者技艺高超。 The table is unstable because one leg is shorter than the others. 这桌子一条腿比其它的腿短,所以不平稳。 This ancient turret has attracted many visitors. 这座古老的塔楼吸引了很多游客。 Jane made a toilet before going to the party. 珍在动身去参加聚会前梳妆打扮了一番。 The drums seemed to throb in his ears. 阵阵鼓声彷佛在他耳边震响。 This part of town is where the upper class live. 镇上这个地区是上层阶级的人住的。 The conquest of outer space is one of the greatest triumphs of modern science. 征服外层空间是现代科学最杰出的成就之一。 The whole world's going topsy-turvy. 整个世界正变得颠三倒四。 Justice will triumph in the end. 正义终将获胜。 The government has to deal with the twin issues of inflation and unemployment. 政府必须对付通货膨胀与失业这两个密切相关的问题。 The government is going to trim welfare programs. 政府将削减福利项目。 Government troops have vanquished the rebels. 政府军已经击败了叛乱分子。 The government has signed a treaty with Washington. 政府已与华盛顿签约。 The government ought to create more jobs for unemployed people. 政府应该为失业者开拓更多的工作。 It only needed a push and the whole building would come tumbling down. 只要稍稍一推,那整幢房子就会倒塌下来。 It was typical of him to be so merciless. 只有他才会这么冷酷无情。 Only a trickle of water came from the faucet. 只有一股细小的水流从龙头上滴淌下来。 There were 80 people present at the utmost. 至多有八十人到场。 A toss of a coin decided who should play first. 掷钱币决定谁先开球。 The clock ticked louder and louder in a quiet room. 钟的滴答声在静静的房间里变得越来越响。 The bad cold had undermined her health. 重感冒损伤了她的健康。 The varnish on the table has been scratched. 桌子上的亮光漆面已被刮损了。 She has changed her tune about children since she got married and had her own. 自从结婚生子之后她已经改变了对孩子的论调。 Since the car accident, she's just been a vegetable. 自从那场车祸以来,她一直是个植物人。 Since she suffered brain damage in the accident she's been a vegetable. 自从事故中脑子受损坏后,她成了植物人。 All together, there were fifteen people present. 总共有十五人出席。 It is rather unfortunate that the President should have said this. 总统竟然这么说相当令人遗憾。 The football team achieved a complete triumph. 足球队大获全胜。 Football is a universal game. 足球是一项全球性的运动。 A tissue is a group of similar cells which have an identical general function. 组织是一组具有相同的一般机能的类似细胞。 It is best to consider all this before entering upon such an undertaking. 最好在开始这项工作前好好权衡这一切。 The last bidder's offer trumped that of all the others. 最后一位出价者的出价胜过前面任何一位。 I vacuumed my room yesterday. 昨天我用吸尘器清扫了房间。 He was compelled to join the union as a condition of getting the job. 作为获得该工作的先决条件,他被迫加入了工会。 Herbert swore vengeance on the murderers of his father. 赫伯特发誓要向谋杀他父亲的凶手们报仇。 "The wizard of Oz" has been one of children's favorite films. "奥斯之巫"一直是孩子们喜爱的影片之一。 "Dad said he would buy you a car." "Yes?" "爸爸说他要买一辆汽车给你。" "真的?" "What a filthy trick," she said with great venom. "多么肮脏的手段,"她痛恨地说道。 "Frank!" "Yes, Mother." "法兰克!" "在这儿呐,妈。" "She is coming," he whispered. "她来了,"他低声地说。 "He's taken my apple, mummy," she wailed. "妈妈,他抢走了我的苹果,"她哭着说。 "Waste not, want not" is a popular maxim. "勤俭节约,吃穿不缺"是一条盛行的座右铭。 "Patience is a virtue" is an old saying. "忍耐是美德"是句古老的谚语。 "Yes, your worship," he said to the judge. "是,阁下,"他对法官说。 "May I come in?" "Yes, please." "我可以进来吗?" "请。" By "Our Maker", we mean God. "我们的造物主"意即上帝。 "I will not be lorded over," she said to her husband. "我是不会任人摆布的,"她对她丈夫说。 "Is this your pen?" "Yes, it is." "这是你的钢笔吗?" "是的。" Robinson Crusoe is Defoe's masterpiece. 《罗宾逊漂流记》是狄福的杰作。 Host is the masculine noun for hostess. host是与hostess相对应的阳性名词。 Y is sometimes a vowel, as in bicycle. Y有时是元音字母,如在单字bicycle中。 Well, I didn't think to see you here! 哎呀,没想到会在这儿见到你! Well, you shouldn't get angry about such a trifle. 嗳,你不应该为这么一点小事生气。 Ed sent out Christmas cards wholesale. 艾德大量寄送耶诞卡。 Amy's in a bad way. 艾咪病情严重。 Amy will come down and visit with you for a couple of days. 艾咪会来你这儿作客住上几天。 Edison was a wizard at invention. 爱迪生是一个发明奇才。 Alice is crying with vexation. 爱丽丝烦恼得哭了。 Alice majors in economics. 爱丽丝主修经济学。 Angling for compliments is one of his weaknesses. 爱听恭维话是他的毛病之一。 Ann and Mary maintained their friendship for the next thirty years. 安妮和玛丽在此后的三十年中一直保持着她们之间的友谊。 The shore was margined with foam. 岸边都是泡沫。 A massage may relieve your back pain. 按摩可能会减轻你的背痛。 The caliph of Bagdad flew on his magic carpet to Arabia. 巴格达的国王驾着魔毯飞到了阿拉伯半岛。 Barbara's boss wavered in his confidence in her. 芭芭拉的上司对她的信心发生动摇了。 Wet the windows and then give them a good clean. 把玻璃窗弄湿,然后擦擦乾净。 Throw out that waste paper. 把废纸扔掉。 Beat the egg whites till stiff. 把鸡蛋清打稠。 Zip up, or you'll catch a cold. 把拉链拉上,否则你会感冒。 Open the door wide and wedge it with a wad of newspaper. 把门开大,再用一卷报纸把它楔牢。 Give those clothes a wring. 把那些衣服拧一拧。 Hang your suit in the wardrobe. 把你的那套衣服挂在衣柜中。 Put your ideas in writing. 把你的想法写下来。 Will you zip up my dress? 把我衣服的拉链拉上去好吗? Hang the washing out to dry. 把洗好的衣服晾出去晒乾。 Give these tickets to John, or Cathy, or whoever. 把这些票子给约翰,或凯西,或随便谁。 Take the whole lot. 把这些全都拿去吧。 Take the master and make 20 copies by tomorrow. 把这原版拿去明天复制出二十份来。 Give the table a good wipe. 把桌子好好擦一下。 Wipe the dust off the table. 把桌子上的灰尘擦去。 The defeated army passed under the yoke. 败军在轭门下通过。 The entire body of a zebra is marked with black and whitish stripes. 斑马的全身都有黑白条纹。 The office is in a low building. 办公室设在一幢低矮的房子里。 The office is open 9:00 to 5:00 on weekdays. 办公室在工作日从九点到五点办公。 Keep watch for the milkman. I want to pay him today. 帮我留意一下送牛奶的,今天我要付钱给他。 The flowers that wreathed his parlor stifled him with their sensuous perfume. 包围着客厅的花以其刺激人的香味使他窒息。 Keep your wits about you and swim to shore. 保持冷静,游到岸边。 Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. 抱最好的愿望,作最坏的准备。 The victims of the explosion were buried last week. 爆炸事故的罹难者于上周举行了葬礼。 Cups, basins, pots, bottles, casks, etc., are vessels that hold liquids. 杯,盆,罐,瓶,桶等都是盛液体的容器。 In 1783 the American Colonies threw off the yoke of England. 北美十三个殖民地于一七八三年摆脱了英国的统治。 Workers of our factory are working with might and main to raise labor productivity. 本厂工人正全力以赴地为提高劳动生产力而工作。 Our team has had seven wins, two losses and one draw. 本队七胜二负一平。 Some of the big wheels in the city attended the party. 本市一些大人物出席了聚会。 Profits have reached a new low this month. 本月的利润降到一个新的最低点。 Bill loves music. 比尔喜爱音乐。 An independent man, Peter never goes with the tide. 彼得是个有主见的人,从不随大流。 The wallpaper and paint match pretty well. 壁纸和油漆的颜色十分协调。 Don't waste your time and energy on trifles. 别把你的时间和精力浪费在琐事上。 Don't worry -- I'm sure he'll be as good as his word. 别担心,我相信他会守信用的。 Don't worry about the matter, take it easy. 别担心那件事,放轻松一点。 Don't worry how much you spend on the trip. 别担心你旅行花多少钱。 Don't wait supper for me. 别等我吃晚饭。 Don't wait supper for me. 别等我吃晚饭。 Don't work yourself to death. 别拼命做了。 Don't allow them to throw cold water on you. 别让他们打击你的士气。 Don't brag so much. I guarantee you will eat your words sooner or later. 别说大话,我保证你迟早要收回前言,承认错误。 The sick man's strength is on the wane. 病人的体力越来越弱。 Wide reading will increase your vocabulary. 博览群书会增加你的词汇量。 No, I'm much older than that -- you're wide of the mark. 不,我比那个年龄大多了--你猜得太离谱了。 Whoever else goes hungry, he won't. 不管别的什么人挨饿,他不会。 We will stand by you, come what may. 不管发生什么事,我们都会支持你们。 Whichever side wins, I shall be satisfied. 不管哪边赢,我都满足。 Wherever one goes, there's always a spy hanging about. 不管你走到哪里,总有密探跟着。 You'll find deer crossings whichever road you take. 不管你走哪条路,都能发现鹿走过的路。 No matter when the invaders come, they will be wiped out clean. 不管侵略者什么时候来,都必被消灭。 He was faithful to me in weal and woe. 不管是在顺境或是在逆境,他一直对我忠诚。 No matter how they slander us, we will never give in. 不管他们怎样诽谤我们,我们决不让步。 Whatever excuse he makes will not be believed. 不管他找什么藉口都没有人相信。 I'll post that letter whatever Wilson says. 不管威尔逊讲什么,我都要寄出那封信。 We'll go on with the work, whether we can find the necessary tools or not. 不管我们能否找到所需的工具,我们要把这件工作做下去。 He'll push on with his project whatever the difficulties may be. 不管有什么困难,他都要继续推行他的计划。 We must stick to our promise whether or no. 不管怎样,我们必须遵守诺言。 Don't trust her, no matter what she says. 不论她说什么,都别相信。 Customs vary widely from one area to another. 不同地区的风俗回然不同。 Don't play your radio at full volume. 不要把收音机开到最大的音量。 Don't be mad at me. 不要对我大发脾气。 Do not relax your vigilance. 不要放松警惕。 Don't be sad. The moon will become full after it wanes. 不要伤感。月缺以后会有满月。 Don't always yes. Air your own views. 不要一味附和,要发表你自己的意见。 Do not mix with vile characters. 不要与卑鄙的人交往。 Don't wait up for me: I shall be coming home very late. 不用等我,我要很晚才回家。 Don't wait up for me: I shall be coming home very late. 不用等我,我要很晚才回家。 Mr. Brown is a highly visible politician. 布朗先生是一位经常公开露面的政客。 Walking is good exercise. 步行是很好的锻链。 The minister wrestled over the wording of the communique. 部长斟酌公报的措辞。 The troops are being gradually withdrawn. 部队正被渐渐撤回。 The referee blew his whistle, and the game stopped. 裁判鸣笛,比赛停止。 The participants were mainly young people. 参加者大部分是年轻人。 This opinion was held by virtually all the experts. 差不多所有的专家都持这一看法。 The girl with long hair is my classmate. 长头发的女孩是我同学。 The long journey wearied us. 长途旅行使我们疲惫不堪。 Full-length coats are no longer the vogue. 长外套不再流行了。 Complete anonymity is the best weapon I have. 彻底隐姓埋名是我最好的武器。 The color of the shirt does not match that of the tie. 衬衫的颜色与领带不相配。 Write your idea down while it's clear in your mind. 趁着还清楚的时候把你的灵感写下来。 Smoking may affect your lungs. 抽烟会损坏肺部。 Smoking is a vice. 抽烟是个坏习惯。 Zip up your coat before going out. 出去前先把你的上衣拉链拉上。 Put on your waterproofs. It's going to rain. 穿上你的雨衣。天要下雨了。 The captain tried to save the ship from wreck. 船长试图拯救这条船,使之免于遇难。 During the storm the ship wandered from its course. 船在风暴中偏离了航道。 The boat sank in a violent storm at sea. 船在海上强烈的风暴中沉没。 The ship was in European waters. 船在欧洲水域航行。 Nature wakes in spring. 春回大地,万物复苏。 If a magnet loses its magnetism it will no longer attract things. 磁石如果失去磁力,就不能再吸东西了。 Crime rate in the white areas here is on the decline. 此间白人居住区的犯罪率正在下降。 The matter will be decided by vote. 此事将投票表决。 It proved worthwhile to make the trip. 此行证明是值得的。 He's a fool at the best and at the worst he's a criminal. 从好处想的话他是个傻瓜,从坏处想则是个罪犯。 The voyage from America to France used to take two months. 从美国到法国的航行过去要花二个月时间。 The work is well done in a way. 从某种程度上说,这工作做得不错。 You can see in him the marks of an educated man. 从他身上你可以看到受过教育的人的特点。 There's a fine view of the lake from our hotel window. 从我们旅馆的窗口可以看到湖的美丽风光。 A scent of lemon wafted up from the garden below. 从下面的花园里飘来一阵柠檬香。 A succinct style lends vigor to writing. 措辞简练使文笔有力。 Down with fascism! 打倒法西斯主义! It is bad manners to interrupt. 打断别人的话是不礼貌的。 The mass of public opinion is in favor of the new foreign policy. 大部分的舆论赞成新的外交政策。 There is a lot of vice in big cities. 大城市存在许多道德败坏的行为。 Life in big cities is a lure for many country boys. 大城市的生活吸引着许多乡下小伙子。 The majority were on Ben's side. 大多数人都站在班的一边。 Wholesale slaughter was carried out in the name of progress. 大规模的屠杀在维护进步的名义下进行。 The party was voted a great success. 大家一致认为聚会很成功。 There are a good many people in the hall. 大厅里有很多人。 Visas were withheld from some members of the delegation. 代表团的一些成员被拒发签证。 Delft is a blue-and-white ware. 代尔夫特精陶是一种蓝白色的陶器。 I wish I were really wealthy. 但愿我真的富有。 A lot of damage was caused when the magazine exploded. 弹药库爆炸时造成很大损失。 The child started to wail when the nurse came over with a syringe. 当护士拿着针筒走过来时,孩子便嚎啕大哭起来。 Today the watchword is `Learn through playing'. 当今的格言是"寓学习于娱乐之中"。 The current yield on municipal bonds is 10%. 当前市政债券的利润是百分之十。 Short skirts were not in vogue then. 当时短裙子并不流行。 He was regarded as the best actor in the world then. 当时他被认为是世界上最优秀的演员。 They were testing a new weapon then. 当时他们在试验一件新武器。 No one comprehended the magnitude of the problem then. 当时无人认识到这一问题的严重性。 There was a west wind blowing. 当时正刮着西风。 Being elected class president was the zenith of my years in high school. 当选级长是我中学时代最辉煌的时刻。 Spitting in public is considered vulgar. 当众吐痰被认为是粗鄙的行为。 When heavy atoms are split in this way some loss of mass occurs. 当重原子这样被分裂的时候,就会发生质量的减少。 Whoever said that? 到底谁讲的这话? It's a long way to the railroad station. 到火车站路程很远。 The road was closed to traffic after the accident, and the police were warning everyone off. 道路在车祸后被封闭,警察警告大家不得靠近。 Dodge is waiting to have a word with you. 道奇正等着和你说话。 Dodge is waiting to have a word with you. 道奇正等着和你说话。 The German fascists massacred almost all the Jews in town. 德国法西斯分子几乎杀光了城里的犹太人。 The local worthies all sat on the platform. 地方名流都坐在台上。 The mechanism of local government is far from perfect. 地方政府的结构还很不完善。 The world is round. 地球是圆的。 The ground vibrated during the earthquake. 地震时地面震动。 The second round was a complete massacre. 第二个回合是十足的惨败。 Lot 99 is a pair of antique vases. 第九十九批拍卖品是一对古瓶。 The loss of the first game did not discourage them. 第一场比赛的失败并没有令他们沮丧。 Mrs. Tina Wood's maiden name was Miss Tina Weller. 蒂娜·伍德太太的婚前姓名是蒂娜·韦勒小姐。 The increase in electricity prices is the writing on the wall for many small businesses. 电费的提高对许多小企业来说是个不祥之兆。 The electric fan blades whirled in the hot room. 电扇的桨叶在闷热的房内旋转着。 The storekeeper warranted the goods as of the first quality. 店主保证货物品质第一。 She likes to wear woolen socks in winter. 冬天她喜欢穿羊毛袜。 It's cold in winter. 冬天天气冷。 Verbs may be inflected for person, tense, voice, and mood. 动词随着人称、时态、语态和语气的不同可能会有词形的曲折变化。 The dictator ruled with violence. 独裁者实施暴政。 The workers voiced their indignation at being unfairly dismissed. 对被不公平解雇一事工人们表示愤慨。 My home is all the world to me. 对我说来家是一切。 To wink at rudeness in children is not sensible. 对小孩粗鲁的行为视若无睹是不明智的。 He displayed a willful ignorance of their plight. 对于他们的困境他故意装作一无所知。 That color is too vibrant for this room. 对这个房间来说那种色彩太鲜了。 I'm deeply sorry about the whole business. 对整个事情我深感遗憾。 What marvelous weather! 多好的天气! Russian is a difficult language to master. 俄语是门难以精通的语言。 She went mad after the death of her son. 儿子死后她就疯了。 The son was so captivated with the woman that he didn't heed his parents' warnings. 儿子为这个女人神魂颠倒,全然不顾他父母的告诫。 Fever is one manifestation of a cold. 发烧是受凉的一种表现。 The judge suspected the witness was withholding information. 法官怀疑见证人在隐瞒情况。 Frank maintains his car very well. 法兰克把自己的车子保养得很好。 The courts made him a ward of his uncle. 法院指定他舅父为他的监护人。 The rooms were cleaned and wallpapered. 房间打扫乾净并糊上了壁纸。 The room is warming up. 房间暖和起来了。 The house was winged on the left side. 房子的左边造了厢房。 An airplane engine is a complex mechanism. 飞机引擎是种复杂的机械装置。 The planes were little silver winks way out to the west. 飞机在西边老远的地方,看上去只是些很小的银色光点。 It is not always easy to know right from wrong. 分辨是非并不总是很容易的。 The wind whirled the dead leaves about. 风把枯叶吹得团团转。 The wind was blowing worse. 风刮得更厉害了。 The wind blew with great violence. 风异常猛烈地吹着。 The wind wailed in the trees. 风在林中呼啸。 The wind was whispering in the trees. 风在树林中飒飒作响。 The maples wavered in the wind. 枫树在风中摇曳。 Can I help you, madam? 夫人,我能为您效劳吗? The way we choose to bring up children is vitally important. 抚养子女选用何种方式是极其重要的。 There is no high school in the vicinity. 附近没有高中。 The city has become a lawless wilderness. 该城已经是无法无天,一片混乱。 The city is widening this street. 该城正在拓宽这条街。 The party split into the left and right wings soon after it was founded. 该党成立不久就分裂成左翼和右翼。 The team gained mastery over its opponent. 该队胜了对手。 The company will come up with a new technique for waterproofing walls. 该公司将推出防止墙壁渗水的新技术。 There are few schools in the wilds of that country. 该国的偏僻地区极少有学校。 There are few schools in the wilds of that country. 该国的偏僻地区极少有学校。 The country weathered the energy crisis. 该国度过了能源晰。 The lower valley of the river is often flooded. 该河下游区域常遭洪水。 The volume of this container is 1000 cubic feet. 该容器的容积是一千立方英尺。 The bill was voted through last week. 该议案已于上星期投票通过。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司