翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 读出出口选择 readiness exercise 战备演习 readjustment of foreign exchange rate 调整外汇汇率 real expansion 实膨胀 real exponent 实指数 real expression 实型表达式 real time executive 实时管理 real time extrapolation 实时外推法 realignment of exchange rates 重整汇率 reamed extrusion ingot 中空挤压锭 rear brake extension lever 后闸伸杆 rear mirror extension arm 望后镜伸长臂 receiving expenses 收货费用 reciprocal excitation 折返激动 reciprocal expression 倒数式 reciprocating expansion-engine 活塞式膨胀机 reciprocating-plate extractor 往复式孔板萃取器 reclamation expenses 垦殖费用 recognition of expense 费用的确定; 费用确定 recoil experiment 反冲实验 recombination with double excitation 双激发复合 reconnaissance exercise 侦察演习 record of radiographic examination 射线照相检验记录 record selection expression 记录选择表达式 recording extensometer 自动记录伸长试验仪 recoverable expenditure 可收回支出 recovering expansion energy 膨胀能量回收 rectal examination 肛门检查 rectangular expansion tank 矩形膨胀水箱; 矩形膨胀水箱 rectoabdominal examination 肛腹诊 rectouterine excavation 直肠子宫陷凹 recuperative heat exchanger 同流换热器; 间壁式热交换器; 回热式热交换器; 再生式热交换器 recurrent expenditure 经常开支; 经常开支; 经常性费用; 经常性费用; 经常性支出; 经常性支出 redox ion exchange 氧化还原离子交换 redox ion exchanger 氧化还原离子交换树脂 reduce expenditure 节流 reduce expenses 压缩开支 reduce foreign exchange risk 减少外汇风险 reduced extremal distance 约化极值距离 reducing extension piece 异径内外螺纹管接头 REFER expression 引用表达式 reference external symbol 外部参考符号 referential experience 可借鉴的经验 reflection -exion 折转 reflection external form 反射外形 exposure photoreceptor 反射曝光感光体 of external auditory meatus 外耳道反射 reflux exchanger 回流换热器 reflux extraction flowsheet 回流萃取流程 refractive examination 屈光检查法 refractive exponent 折光指数; 折射指数 refurbishment of existing buildings 旧房整修; 旧房整修 refusal of excitation 励磁消失 regeneration of ion-exchange resin 离子交换树脂的再生 regenerative extraction 再生引出 regenerative heat exchanger 再生热交换器; 再生式热交换器; 交流热交换器 region extraction 区域抽取 regional securites exchanges 区域性证券交易所 register of expenses 经费收支登记簿; 经费收支登记簿; 费用登记簿; 费用支出登记簿 regular expression 正规表达式; 正则表达式 regular extension 正则扩张 regular extinction 规则消光 regulate expenditure 控制费用 regulate the exchange of commodities 调节商品交换 regulating heat extraction 散热调整 rehabilitation expense 修复费用 rehabilitation expenses 复兴费 reheat staged expansion 中间再热多级膨胀 reimbursable expenditures 可收回支出 reimbursable expenses 补偿费; 工程补偿费 reimbursement for expenses 补偿费用 reimbursible expenditures 可偿还的支出 rejection of order with explanation 拒绝订单并加以说明; 拒绝订单并加以说明 related expressions 相关式 relational expression 关系表达式; 关系式; 相关式; 比例式 relative excessiveness of yin and yang 阴阳偏胜 relative expansion 相对膨胀 relative exposure 相对照射 relative extremal 相对极线 relative extreme 相对极值 relative extreme value 相对极值 relative fixed expense 相对固定费用 relative mass excess 相对质量过剩 relative steam exit velocity 蒸汽相对出口速度 relaxing exercise 放松运动 relieving exterior syndrome 解表 remainder of exhaust gas 剩余废气 remainder of exhaust gases 排气余气 remnant of supernova explosion 超新星爆发遗迹 remote computing system exchange 远程计算系统交换器 remote computing system exchange device 远程计算系统交换机 removal expenses 搬运费 removal of export ban 解除出口禁令 renal excretion 肾排泄 renal excretion of drug 药物的肾排泄 Renminbi foreign exchange instrument 人民币外汇票证 rent expense 租金费用 repair expectancy 预计修理量 repair expense 修理费 repeated examinations 反复检验 repetitious excitation 反复兴奋 replacement expense 重置费用 replicated tree-plot experiment 重复单株小区试验 repulse excitation 碰撞激励; 冲击激励; 推斥激励 request parameter list exit routine 请求参数表出口例行程序 request to extend time-limit of claim 要求延长索赔期 requirement for tax exemption 免税规定 research expenditure 研究费用 resection of exteriorized intestine 外置肠切除术 reserve for business expansion 扩充营业准备; 扩大经营公积金 reserve for expansion 扩充准备; 业务扩充准备; 发展公积金 reserve for extension 业务扩充准备 reserve for extensions 扩充准备; 扩展公职 reserved operand exception 保留操作数异常 reset driver for external synchronization 外同步复位驱动器 resident executive 常驻执行程序 resident executive program 常驻管理程序; 常驻执行程序 residents' monetary expenditure 居民货币支出; 居民货币支出 residual excitation 剩磁激励; 剩余激发 residual exciting current 剩余励磁电流 residual expansion of tank volume 罐体容积残余变形值 residual expansion rate of tank volume 罐体容积残余变形率 residual extension 剩余伸长 residual magnetism excitation 剩磁励磁 residue extraction mechanism 排渣设备 resin-in-pulp ion exchange 矿浆树脂离子交换 resinous exchanger 树脂交换剂; 树脂性交换剂 resistance test of forearm extensor 前臂伸肌抗阻力试验 resistance to expansion and contraction 体积恒定性 resistance to extinction 对消退的抗性 resistance-wire extensometer 电阻丝引伸仪 resistive exercise 抗阻运动 resistivity exploration 电阻查勘法 resonance excitation of betatron oscillations 自由振荡共振激发 resonant excitation 谐振激励; 共振激发 resource sharing executive 资源共享执行程序 respiratory exchange 气体互换 respiratory exercise 呼吸操练 respiratory function examiner 呼吸功能检查器 response excursion 扰动振幅 response surface experiment 反应面实验 response to open-flame exposure 明火试验反应 rest exponent integer 余留指整数 resting expiratory level 安静呼气水平 restricted extension line 受限分机线 restriction of expenditure 限制费用 results from pot experiment test 盆栽试验结果 retail rate of exchange 小额交易汇价 retain a portion of foreign exchange 留成外汇 retrenchment of expenditure 紧缩开支 retrocecal extraperitoneal appendicitis 盲肠后腹膜外阑尾炎 retroflection -exion 折回 retrograde extrasystole 逆行性期外收缩 retroperitoneal space exploration 腹膜后隙探查术 return-steam exhaust side 回汽侧 revaluation excess 重估价溢额 revenue expenditure 收益支出 reverse isotopic exchange method 逆同位素交换法 reversible expansion 可逆膨胀 review of extension research 推广研究评论 revolving excavator 旋转式挖掘机 revolving expander 旋转式扩幅辊 revolving expeller 旋转发射器 RF excited ion laser 射频激励离子激光器 rhinoplasty with excision of bone 骨切除鼻成形术 rhinoplasty with excision of cartilage 软骨切除鼻成形术 rhinoplasty with excision of skin 皮切除鼻成形术 rhythmical excitation 节律性兴奋 Rickettsia exanthematofebri 热疹立克次氏体 right exact functor 右正合函子 right to handle imports and exports 经营进出口业务的权力; 经营进出口业务的权力 rigid expanded plastics 硬泡沫塑料 rigid extensible bar 伸缩式刚性梁 rigidity of extremities 四肢强直 rim expander 卸轮辋器 ring of exhaust port 排气口圈 ring section examination 切环检验 ring with coil-spring expander 螺旋弹簧胀圈活塞环 Ristella exigua 窄小瑞斯特氏菌 river bed experimental station 河床实验站 road excavator 筑路用挖掘机 roadway excavation 平巷掘进 rock excavator 挖岩机 rock-drill dust exhauster 凿岩机干式捕尘器 rod extrusion 棒料挤压 roll extrusion 滚压 roller expander 滚子扩张器 roller extensometer 滚轮式伸长计 roller for stationary exercise bicycle 锻炼用固定自行车滚轮 Roman extension character set 罗马扩充字符组; 带罗马字母的字符组 roof expansion joint 屋顶伸缩缝 roof expansion joint cover 屋顶伸缩缝盖板 roof extract ventilator 屋顶抽风机 root expansion 根系扩张 root extractor 挖根机; 牙根钳取器; 拔树根器 root extractor forceps 残根钳 root exudate 根渗出物 root system extend through the soil 根系易伸展入土 Roots type gas exhauster 罗茨排气机 rope extension 绳索接长 rotary bucket excavator 转式电铲 rotary disk extractor 转盘萃取器 rotary excavator 旋转式挖掘机 rotary exhaust machine 旋转抽气机; 旋转排气台 rotary exhaust valve 回转排气阀; 回转式排气阀 rotary expander 滚压扩管机 rotary expansion engine 转子发动机 rotary extrusion 旋压 rotary heat exchanger 旋转式热交换器 rotary impeller exhauster 叶轮式排气机 rotary regenerative heat exchanger 回转式再生式预热器 rotary tube expanding machine 斜轧式扩管机 rotary-disk pulsed extractor 转盘脉冲抽提器 rotating blade column for liquid-solid extraction 转盘式液固萃取塔 rotating concentric cylinder extractor 旋转中心柱萃取器 rotating excavating bucket 转动挖斗 rotating excitation 旋转励磁 rotating exciter 旋转励磁机 rotating rectifier exciter 旋转整流器励磁机 rotating synchronous exciter 旋转同步励磁机 rotating thyristor excitation system 旋转式可控硅整流器励磁系统 rotating-disk extractor 转盘萃取器 rotating-field exciter 旋转磁场励磁机; 转场式励磁机 rotation of fetal head by vacuum extractor 真空吸引器旋转胎头术 rotational excitation 转动激发 Rotocel extractor 洛特赛萃取机 rotor expansion 转子膨胀 rotor exterior ring 转子外环 rough export ware 粗洋器 round extension rod 圆形接杆 rounded external corner 阳圆角 route extension REX 路径扩充; 路由扩展件 routine examination 常规检查 routine experiment 例行实验 routing expression 路径表达式 rubber expansion joint 橡胶膨胀节 rule of existential generalization 存在推广规则 rule of existential specification 存在规定规则 rule of the expected confinement date 分娩日期规律 runner extension 横浇口延伸端 running expense 经常费用; 经常费用 running expenses 日常费用 running experience 运转经验 runway extension 跑道延长段 safe exposure level 安全曝光水平 safe expression 安全表达式 safety exhaust 安全排气阀 safety explosive 安全炸药 safety extinguishing fire 安全扑火 Sagnac's experiment 萨尼亚克实验 sales exhibition 展销 sales expense 销售费用 salt exclasion 除盐 salt extract 盐渍提液 salt filled exhaust valve 盐冷排气阀 salt form of ion-exchanger 盐形离子交换剂 sample expense 样品费用 sample export 样品出口; 样品输出 sample of existing goods 现货样品 sampling of auto exhaust 汽车排气取样 sand expansion 砂子膨胀; 型砂膨胀 sand expansion ratio 砂膨涨比 sand explosion 铸件表面的 砂眼 sand table exercise 沙盘作业 sand-stemming between the charges of explosives 炸药之间的砂夹层 sap extraction 汁液提取 satellite exchange 支局 saturation extract 饱和浸出液; 饱和提取液 scalar expansion 标量扩张 scalar expression 标量表达式 scale expansion 刻度扩展 scale experimental model 数量试验模型 scalped extrusion ingot 修整的挤压锭 scaly exfoliation 鳞剥作用 Scheibel-York extractor 赛贝尔萃取器 schizophrenic excitement 精神分裂症性兴奋 scientific experiment 科学实验 scientific lunar exploration 月球科学研究 scoop excavator 斗式挖掘机 scope and depth of exchange 交换的广度和深度 scope of examination 审查范围 scraped heat exchanger 刮削式热交换器 scraped surface heat exchanger 刮板式换热器; 刮面式换热器 scraped-surface exchanger 刮板式换热器; 刮面热交换器 scraped-swrface exchanger 刮面式套管结晶机 scraper excavator 铲斗挖掘机 scraper-bucket excavator 铲斗挖土机 screening examination 过筛检查 screw extractor 断螺钉取出器; 起螺丝器 screw extruder 螺旋挤压机; 螺旋压出机 screw extrusion machine 蜗杆挤压机 screw extrusion press 螺旋挤出机; 螺旋挤压机 screw type oil expeller 螺旋榨油机 scroll expander 涡杆式开幅器 scrubbed extract 洗涤过的萃取液 sea expedition 海洋考察 sea exploration vessel 海洋勘探船 search for experience 模索经验 search for extraterrestrial life 地外生命搜寻 seat on the exchange 交易所席位 second explosion 余爆炸 second-stage excavation 二期开挖 secondary exchanger 二次离子变换器 secondary excitation 二次激励 secondary expansion 使用时膨胀 二次膨胀 secondary extinction 次级消光 secondary extinction coefficient 次级消光系数 secondary extra reflection 次级额外反射 secondary heat exchanger 二次热交换器 secondary high explosive 次级猛炸药 securite explosive 安全炸药 Securities and Exchange Commission 证券交易管理委员会 security explosive 塑性安全炸药 seed extraction 脱粒 seed extractor 取籽机 seek exorbitant profits 牟取暴利 segment translation exception 段转换异常 segmental resection of extremity 肢体段截术 seismic exploration 地层勘探; 地震探测; 地震探查; 震波勘测 seismic exploration vessel 震波勘测船 seismic method of exploration 地震法勘探; 震波勘测法 Sejournet extrusion process 赛茹尔玻璃润滑热挤压法 selective excitation 选择激发; 选择激发机理 selective extractant 选择性萃取剂 selective extraction 选择提取 selective ion exchange 选择性离子交换 selective solvent extracted oil 选择性溶剂抽提油 selective solvent extraction 选择溶剂提取; 选择性溶剂抽提 selective solvent extraction method 选择性溶剂提取法 self excitation 自激 self- excited multivibrator 自激多谐振荡器 self-balancing extractor 自动平衡脱水机 self-excitation 自激; 自激发 self-excitation low-frequency generator 自激低频发电机 self-excitation method regeneration generator 自激式再生发电机 self-excitation oscillation 自激振荡 self-excitation phenomena 自激现象 self-excitation transductor 自激磁放大器 self-excitation type 自激型 self-excitation winding 自励磁绕组 self-excited 自励的 self-excited booster 自激式升压机 self-excited circuit 自激电路 self-excited dynamo 自激发电机 self-excited grounded grid oscillator 栅地自激振荡器 self-excited machine 自励电机 self-excited MHD generator 自激式磁流体发电机 self-excited motor 自励电动机 self-excited oscillation 自振动 self-excited regenerative braking 自激再生制动方式 self-excited series winding 自励串激绕组 self-excited shunt field 自励并激磁场 self-excited system 自激励系统 self-excited transductor 自激磁放大器 self-excited transmitter 自激发射机 self-excited vibration 自激振动 self-exciter 自励发电机 self-exciting 自励的 self-exciting braking 自激制动 self-exciting condition 自激条件 self-exciting dynamo 自励磁发电机 self-exciting vibration densimeter 自激式振动密度计 self-exciting winding 自激绕组 self-expanding piston ring 自动伸缩活塞环 self-extensible language 自扩充语言 self-extinguish 自动灭火 self-extinguishing 自动灭火; 自熄性材料 self-extinguishing circuit-break 自灭弧断路 self-extinguishing resin 自熄性树脂 self-propagating exothermic reaction 自动传播的放热反应 self-provided foreign exchange 自备外汇 self-taught experts 土专家 seller's rate of exchange 卖价 selling exchange 卖外汇 selling expense 销售费用 selling expense variance 销售费用差异 selling expenses 销货费用 semen examination 精液检查; 精液检查 semi-destructive examination 局部破坏性检验; 局部破坏性检验 semi-exciting type regenerative generator 半激磁式再生发电机 semi-expendable 半消耗的 semi-explicit 半显式 semi-knockdown export 半拆散式输出 semi-variable expense 半变动费用 semiautomatic extraction of radar information 雷达信息半自动提取 semiautomatic private branch exchange 半自动专用交换机 semiconducter cataract freezing extractor 半导体冷冻白内障吸出器 semidirect expenses 半直接费用 semifluid extract of ginseng and antler glue 二仙膏 seminal fluid examination 精液检查 seminal vesicle examination 精囊检查 semiplastic explosive 半塑性炸药 sensitive explosive 敏感炸药 sensory block experiment 感觉遮断实验 separable extension 可分扩张 separate excitation 他激 separate excited 分激 separate excited motor 分激电动机 separate exciter 独立励磁机; 他励励磁机 separate export department 分设出口部 separate self-excitation 间接自励磁 separate-excited block oscillator 他激式间歇振荡器 separated excitation 分激 separated excitation D.C. motor 分激直流电机 separately deduct expenses 分别减除费用 separately excited dynamo 他励发电机 separately excited generator 他励发电机 separately excited induction generator 分激感应式发电机 separately excited motor 他励电动机 separately excited multivibrator 分激多谐振荡器 separately excited oscillator 分激振荡器; 他激振荡器 separately extinction of arc 外力消弧 separately-excited circuit 分激电路 separately-excited dynamo 分激发电机 separately-excited generator 分激发电机 separately-excited inverter 分激式变流器 sequential exposure 顺序曝光 serial extinction 连续消光 series excitation 串激; 串励 series excitation coil 串励线圈 series excited machine 串激电机 series expansion 级数展开; 级数展开式 series of similar experiments 相似试验序列 series-excited generator 串励发电机同步信号 series-excited radiator 串激辐射器; 串激天线 serological examination 血清学检查 serous exudate 浆液性渗出物 service department expenses 辅助生产部门费用 service expense 服务费 service experience 运行试验; 维修经验 set of exchange 联单汇票 set to exact size 调整到正确尺寸 setting expansion 凝结膨胀 setting-up exercises 保健操 setting-up expense 生产调整准备费用; 开业准备费用 settlement due to excavation 开挖引起的沉降 settlement expectancy 预计沉降量 settlement of exchange 结汇 sewage extraction method 污水萃取法 sewage solid extractor 污水渣滓抽出器 ual excitement 性冲动 ual expression 性表现 shaft excavation 竖井掘进; 井筒掘进; 井筒掘进 shaft extension 轴伸出; 轴外伸部 shallow exploratory boring 浅孔钻探 Shank's extraction process 香克氏提取法 shape of exit pupil 出瞳形状 share the expenses 分担费用 shared experience 分享经验 sharing extra profit 超额利润分成 shavings exhauster 废屑排除器 sheath extrusion 护套挤压 sheathed explosive 铠装炸药 sheet extrusion 板的挤压 sheet-pile extracting 板桩拔除 sheeting for excavation 挖方支撑 shell and tube heat exchanger 列管式换热器 shell and tube exchanger 壳管式换热器 shell and tube heat exchanger 管壳式换热器 shell and tube type floating head heat exchanger 管壳式浮头换热器 shell expansion indicator 汽缸膨胀指示器 shell-and-tube exchanger 管壳式换热器; 管壳式热交换器 shift excursion 偏移 ship borne expendable bathythermograph 海水测温仪 shock excitation 震激; 冲击激励; 冲击励磁; 碰撞激励; 激振 shock excite 冲击激励; 震激 shock excited oscillator 震激振荡器; 冲击激励振荡器 shock exciter 冲击励磁机; 强行励磁机 shock pressure experiments 冲压实验 slow-extracted beam 慢引出束 sludge excess 污泥过剩 slurry exchanger 淤浆交换器 small exchequer 小金库 smoke-free exhaust 无烟排气 smokeless exhaust 无烟排气 smooth pipe expansion joint 光面管补偿器 smoothed exponential mean 平滑指数平均 snap ring extractor 止动环提取器 snapring expander 弹性卡环装卸器 social expenses 交际接待费用 socket wrench extension bar 套筒扳手加长杆 sodaacid extinguisher 苏打酸灭火器 sodium-amalgam extraction 钠汞齐 sodium-filled exhaust valve 钠冷排气阀 soft extracts 煎膏 soft extrusion 软泥挤坯 soft rock excavation 软石开挖 soft self-excitation 软自励 soil coefficient of external friction 土壤外部摩擦系数 soil conservation extension 土壤保持推广 soil exhaustion 土壤耗竭 soil expansion 土膨胀 soil expectation value 土地期望期 soil exploitation 土壤垦植 soil exploration 土质查勘; 土质勘探 soil extract 土壤浸出液; 土壤提取 soil extract's chemical composition 土壤浸提的化学组分 soil extractor 土块分离机 soil fertility exhaustion 地力消耗 solar extreme ultraviolet burst 太阳远紫外线暴 solar heat exchanger drive SHED 太阳换热器推进 solar system exploration 太阳系探索 solar-excited laser 太阳光抽运激光器 sold forward exchange 卖出远期外汇 solder wire extruder 焊条挤压机 solid expansion thermometer 固体膨胀温度计 solid explosive 固体炸药 solid extract 固体萃取原料 solid-liquid extraction 固体液体提取 solubility exponent 溶解度指数 solute excitation 溶质激发 solvent carrier exchange system 溶剂载体的交换体系 solvent excitation 溶剂激发 solvent exhaustion 溶剂萃取 solvent extract 溶剂抽出物; 溶剂提出物 solvent extractable matter 溶剂抽出物 solvent extraction 溶剂浸提作用; 溶剂提取; 溶剂萃取; 溶剂萃取法 solvent extraction column 溶剂萃取柱 solvent extraction contactor 溶剂萃取器 solvent extraction generator 溶剂萃取发生器; 溶剂萃取同位素发生器 solvent extraction method 溶剂提取法 solvent extraction monitor 溶剂萃取监测器 solvent extraction plant 溶剂萃取装置 solvent extraction process 溶剂萃取过程 solvent extraction technique 溶液萃取技术 solvent extraction tower 溶剂萃取塔 solvent re-treated extract 溶剂二次处理抽出物 solvent-extracted 溶剂萃取的 solvent-extracted oil 溶剂萃取油 solvent-extraction process 溶剂提取法 sophisticated heat exchanger 高级热交换器 sorption exhaust 吸着稀薄化作用 sound excitation 声激励 sound exclusion 排除砂子坍垮技术 sound exposure level 声曝级 source of resonant excitation 共振源 soybean export promotion 促进大豆出口 space expand key 空格扩展键 space exploration 空间探索 space group extinction 空间群消光 spark excitation 火花激发; 火花激励 spark explosion method 火花爆炸法 spark extinguisher 灭火花器 spark plug extension 火花塞伸长部 spark-extinguishing 灭火花; 灭火花的 spark-gap exciter 火花间隙激发器 spatial exclusion chromatography 空间排阻色谱法 SPC digital toll exchange 程控数字长途电话交换机 SPC exchange 程控交换机 SPC telephone exchange 程控电话交换机 special examination fees 特殊试验费 special expenditures 特别开支 special expenses 特别费; 特殊费用 special explanation 特别说明 special export 专门出口 special exporter 特产出口商 special exporter's declaration 特别出口商声明书 special extraneous risks 特别附加险 special form of commodity exchange 特殊商品交换 special loan for producing export goods 出口专项贷款 special operation exception 专用操作异常 special permission export 特许出口; 特许出口证 special physical examination 专项体检 special sum of foreign exchange 专项外汇 specialization of exportation 出口专业化 specific exhaustibility 特异的耗竭性 specific extinction coefficient 比消光系数 specification exception 说明异常 spectral extinction 光谱消色 spectral radiant exitance 光谱辐射出射度 spectrum expander 频谱展宽器 speculative excesses 投机过度行为 speed of exhaust 抽气速率 spheric explosion 球形爆破法 spheric harmonic expansion 球谐展开 spherical-harmonic expansion 球谐函数展开 spheroidal excess 球面角盈 spindle extension 延长轴 spiral expander 螺旋伸张器; 螺旋形扩幅装置; 螺旋展平机 spiral fluted expansion hand reamer 螺旋槽可胀式手铰刀 spiral fluted expansion reamer 螺旋槽可胀式铰刀 spiral plate exchanger 旋板换热器 spiralplate heat exchanger 螺旋板换热器 spiral-plate heat exchanger 螺旋形片状热交换器 spiral-tube heat exchanger 螺旋管式热交换器 spirometer for mass examination 集体检查式肺量计 spleen regulation exercise 理脾功 split pin extractor 起开口销器 split plot experiment 裂区实验 split-plot experiment 分割试验 spoilage in excess of norm 超定额损耗 spot comparism exposure meter 比光点曝光计 spot exchange rate 即期汇率; 现期汇率 spot exposure meter 反射光曝光表 spot-exposure microscope 点曝光显微镜 spray extraction column 喷淋式抽提塔 spray type fire extinguisher 喷雾式灭火器 spray type heat exchanger 喷淋型热交换器 spread advance experience 推广先进经验 spring box for excess pressure head 超压簧箱 spring exerciser 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司