翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 She volunteered the information. 她自动提供了这一消息。 She was always wonderfully kind to me. 她总是待我极好。 She's been on a few marches lately. 她最近参加过几次游行示威。 She sat in the window, staring into the distance. 她坐在窗旁,凝视着远方。 She did it from pure malice. 她做这事纯粹是恶意。 It will take weeks to get all the wrinkles ironed out. 解决这些难题得要几周时间。 We attended worship this morning. 今晨我们去做礼拜了。 Rainfall this year exceeded the yearly average. 今年的雨量超过了年平均降雨量。 You can't whip our team this year. 今年你们不能击败我队。 I couldn't manage 2 weeks' holiday this year. 今年我不能安排两周的假期。 It's very cold today. 今天很冷。 The temperature is very low today. 今天气温很低。 Sarah had words with her brother this morning. 今天上午赛拉与她兄弟吵过嘴。 I sent a wire to my mother this morning. 今天上午我给母亲打了电话。 Is there any mail this morning? 今天上午有邮件吗? What a magnificent day! 今天天气好极了! I have to bring my work home today. 今天我得把工作带回家做。 This afternoon we're going to visit a friend in hospital. 今天下午我们将去探望一位住院的朋友。 Let's go on the water this afternoon. 今天下午我们去划船吧。 The new mayor delivered his virgin speech this afternoon. 今天下午新市长作了第一次演讲。 What day is it today? 今天星期几? I woke up at six this morning. 今天早晨我六点钟醒来。 The big match tonight is England versus Spain. 今晚的大赛是英格兰对西班牙。 A golden wedding is the fiftieth anniversary of a marriage. 金婚是结婚五十周年纪念日。 Despite her age she still had a youthful body. 尽管她上了年纪,她的身体仍然富于青春活力。 In spite of vigilance a polar bear escaped from the zoo. 尽管警戒很严,北极熊还是逃出了动物园。 With all the setbacks, he did not lose heart. 尽管遭受种种挫折,他没有丧失信心。 We have passed the last few winters in the south. 近几年冬天我们都是在南方度过的。 The government's control over the newspapers has loosened in recent years. 近几年来政府对报纸的控制变松了。 We've been having wonderful weather recently. 近来天气非常好。 Near-sightedness is a visual defect. 近视是一个视力缺陷。 The police must obtain a warrant from a judge in order to search a house. 警察必须从法官处取得搜查令才可搜查房子。 The police warned us not to go out at night. 警察告诫我们夜间不要出门。 Policemen and judges uphold the majesty of the law. 警察和法官维护法律的权威。 The police waded into the crowd with their clubs. 警察挥舞警棍冲进人群。 The policeman survived because of his bulletproof vest. 警察因穿有防弹背心而幸免于难。 The police found the wandering boy in a deserted building. 警察在一栋废弃的楼里找到了这个流浪的男孩。 The thieves were caught with their loot by the police. 警察抓获了小偷及其赃物。 The robber is wanted by the police. 警方在通缉那个强盗。 She is still weak after her long illness. 久病之后她仍很虚弱。 Wine and judgement mature with age. 酒陈味香,人老识深。 For that matter, you are no better qualified than Mary. 就此而言,你并不比玛丽更够条件。 Huge waves washed over the deck of the ship. 巨浪从船甲板上打了过去。 They were said to have left their land voluntarily. 据说他们是自愿离开他们的家园。 It is said that he writhed under insults for a period of time. 据说有一段时间他因受辱而极为痛苦。 The hurricane caused many wrecks. 飓风造成了许多船难。 A spotlight threw a pool of violet light on the stage. 聚光灯在舞台上洒下一团紫光。 The army came home victorious. 军队凯旋而归。 The sound of martial music is always inspiring. 军乐声总是令人振奋的。 Carl's father lost his job last month. 卡尔的父亲上个月失业了。 The vision of the table loaded with food made our mouths water. 看见桌上堆满了食物使我们垂涎欲滴。 For God's sake don't worry me. 看在上帝份上,别使我不得安宁。 In view of this, we'll start earlier. 考虑到这点,我们将提早开始。 Scientists are trying to find ways to prevent disease. 科学家们正试图找到预防疾病的方法。 Science is on the march. 科学在向前发展。 The possibility of danger gave a zest to the adventure. 可能发生的危险增加了那次冒险的刺激性。 It's possible that there is life on other worlds. 可能在别的天体上存在着生命。 Mr. Clark winked at the rude child making grimaces. 克拉克先生假装没有看见那个野孩子做鬼脸。 Claire wrote the lyrics for the song. 克莱儿为该曲谱写了歌词。 Floral wallpaper adorned the walls of the guest room. 客房的墙上裱糊着有花卉图案的壁纸。 The flame of the candle wavered. 蜡烛的火焰摇曳了一下。 Lanny came home for the weekend. 兰尼回家度周末。 The blue shirt and gray tie are a good match. 蓝衬衫和灰领带很相配。 The Blue Whale is the world's largest living animal. 蓝鲸是世界上最大的动物。 Wolves kill sheep and sometimes even attack men. 狼吃羊,有时候甚至袭击人。 It's a shame to let that food go to waste. 浪费食物太可耻了。 Who will manage while the boss is away? 老板不在时谁来管理? The boss was wild with me for being late again. 老板因我再次迟到而大为恼怒。 The boss was wild with me for being late again. 老板因我再次迟到而大为恼怒。 She grew weary of staying home. 老待在家中,她感到厌烦了。 The old woman looked ludicrous in her daughter's clothes. 老妇人穿着她女儿的衣服,看上去很滑稽。 The old lady was lumping along in the snow. 老妇人在雪中吃力地行走着。 The death of his dog left an aching void in the old man's heart. 老人的狗死了,这在他心中留下了痛苦的空虚感。 The old man seldom used his whip on his horse. 老人很少用鞭子抽他的马。 The old man put a veto on soccer in his garden. 老人禁止在他的花园里踢足球。 The teacher worried that these problems might be too hard for her students. 老师担心这些题目会对学生太难。 The students ran wild when the teacher left the classroom. 老师一离开教室,学生就无人管束。 The students ran wild when the teacher left the classroom. 老师一离开教室,学生就无人管束。 The teacher lectured Johnny for using vile language. 老师因强尼说脏话而训斥他。 The old mariner liked to yarn about his sea adventures. 老水手喜欢讲他的海上奇遇。 The swallow is showing its young how to fly. 老燕正在教雏燕学飞。 The branches of the pear tree were weighed heavily with fruit. 梨树的树枝给沉甸甸的果实压弯了。 It was a wrench to leave the old home. 离开这个老家非常痛苦。 Reed will be matched against Stone in the semifinal. 里德将在准决赛中与史东较量。 Richard was a veteran of many battles. 理查是个身经百战的老兵。 Mechanics is taught by Dr. Hill. 力学由希尔博士教授。 Lisa walked in the room with a wintry smile on her face. 丽莎脸上带着冷淡的微笑走进了房间。 Libya lies to the west of Egypt. 利比亚位于埃及以西。 Interest is paid yearly. 利息一年支付一次。 Continual fevers weaken the vitality. 连续发烧会使人元气大伤。 After many hours at the wheel, I was ready to stop. 连着好几个小时开车后,我准备停一下。 The reserve board raised margins from 50 to 60 percent. 联邦储备银行董事会将定金从百分之五十提高到百分之六十。 Cool breezes ventilated the house. 凉风令屋子通气。 The two servants witnessed Mr. Smith's will. 两个仆人在史密斯先生的遗嘱上签名作证。 At zero water is frozen solid. 零度时水冻结为固体。 Retailers buy at wholesale. 零售商整批买进。 Willow can be used to make furniture. 柳木可用来制作家俱。 Lucy seemed to have something weighty on her mind. 露西好像心事重重。 The walls of the furnace are under repair. 炉壁正在修理。 The fire soon warmed the room. 炉火很快使房间暖和起来。 Robinson versus Brown 鲁宾逊对布朗的诉讼 The walking is slippery. 路面很滑。 Louise lost no time in returning to Cincinnati. 路易丝没有耽搁,马上回到辛辛那提。 The lawyer had to wade through all the files. 律师得吃力地看完所有的案卷。 Robbie had arranged for this man to come whenever needed. 罗比作了安排让这个人需要时就来。 Logic is her weapon. 逻辑是她的利器。 Marty was a frequent visitor to our house. 马蒂过去是我们家的常客。 Martin waved us goodbye. 马丁向我们挥手告别。 The horses wallowed in the rank grass; the children ran about to gather sticks for the fire. 马儿纵乐于茂密的青草中;孩子们跑来跑去拾柴生火。 Mark Twain was a wit. 马克·吐温是一位幽默大师。 Mary's life was full of woe. 玛丽的生活充满着悲哀。 Mary is an easy mark. 玛丽很容易上当。 Did Mary tell you who that girl's father is? 玛丽有没有告诉你那女孩的父亲是谁? Mary winked back her tears. 玛丽眨着眼睛不让泪水往下掉。 Mary made a paper boat. 玛丽做了一只纸船。 Michael felt that he had already passed the zenith of his power. 麦克觉得自己的权力已过了顶盛期。 The blind people live in a dark world. 盲人生活在黑暗的世界里。 Nobody will believe he is in trouble because he has cried wolf so many times. 没人会相信他陷入困境,因为这种话他说过很多次了。 There's no mechanism for changing the decision. 没有办法改变这一决定。 No one can match up to Tom in vigor. 没有人能在体力方面比得过汤姆。 Nothing is worse than war. 没有什么比战争更糟的了。 Nothing marred their happiness. 没有什么能破坏他们的幸福。 Can you manage without his help? 没有他的帮助你能应付吗? There is not a mechanic or technician who hasn't had this problem. 没有一个机工或技师不碰到这样的问题。 Berries contain vitamin C. 莓果中含有维他命C。 The teacher just looks the other way whenever the children cause trouble。 每次孩子们捣乱,老师都装作没看见。 There are many visitors to the White House every year. 每年参观白宫的游客很多。 Tens of thousands of men, year after year, have travelled southwards to find work. 每年都有好几万人去南方找工作。 Every page was margined with comments. 每页的页边上都加了评注。 The five-day week is now usual in institutions of higher learning. 每周上五天课在高等学府已很普遍。 How many states are there on the mainland of the United States? 美国本土有多少州? America had the largest mercantile marine. 美国当时拥有最大的商船队。 The U.S. and Canada are zoned for postal delivery. 美国和加拿大划分了邮区。 The Allied Forces fought with Germany. 盟军跟德国交战。 Marshal Montgomery commanded the ground forces in the invasion of Normandy. 蒙哥马利元帅在诺曼第入侵中指挥地面部队。 MGM, Paramount, and Columbia are all majors in film industry. 米高梅、派拉蒙和哥伦比亚都是电影业的大公司。 The position of secretary is void. 秘书的职位现在空缺。 Mass education is essential in promoting democracy. 民众教育对提倡民主是非常重要的。 The Democrats became the majority in the election. 民主党在这次选举中变成了多数党。 Whether we will go picnicking tomorrow depends on the weather. 明天我们是否去野餐取决于天气好坏。 Would it be convenient for you to leave tomorrow? 明天走你方便吗? Would it be convenient for you to leave tomorrow? 明天走你方便吗? The skyscraper was wrapped in fog. 摩天楼为雾所笼罩。 The skyscraper was wrapped in fog. 摩天楼为雾所笼罩。 Some programs on television have degenerated into weary repetitions of each other. 某些电视节目愈来愈糟,沉闷乏味,相互雷同。 The mother walked the child out of the room. 母亲带着孩子走出了房间。 Mother's illness was always a great worry to me. 母亲的病一直是我非常担心的事。 Mother wept for joy. 母亲高兴得流眼泪。 All night the mother kept vigil over the sick child. 母亲通夜守护在病儿的身边。 Mother winked at Laura as a sign for her to keep silent. 母亲向罗拉眨眼示意,叫她不要作声。 Wood and stone are the only raw materials on the island. 木材和石头是这个岛上仅有的原材料。 Which is my seat? 哪个座位是我的? Ned likes to magnify his achievements. 内德喜欢夸大自己所取得的成绩。 It wasn't his affair, but he waded in with his opinion. 那不关他的事儿,但他还是插进来大讲他的意见。 That was really a weird movie. 那部电影真怪异! That novel is not worth reading. 那部小说不值得一读。 The Chinese version of the English novel appeared in the early 1950s. 那部英文小说的中译本于五十年代初期问世。 That game was not very exciting. 那场比赛并不怎么精彩刺激。 The play was a big yawn from start to finish. 那出戏从头至尾极其乏味。 The winter was cold, wet, and windy. 那冬天又冷、又潮,加上多风。 The angry passenger directed a volley of curses at the driver. 那愤怒的乘客对司机发出了一连串的咒骂。 The woman knits stockings from yarn. 那妇人用纱线织袜子。 The malicious neighbor spread the gossip. 那个不怀好意的邻居散布了流言蜚语。 The word, whose meaning escapes me, probably derives from Latin. 那个词可能源自拉丁文,其意思我想不起来了。 When did the empire begin to wane? 那个帝国何时开始衰落的? That job is yet more demanding. 那个工作甚至更加费力。 That wretch has broken my car window. 那个坏蛋把我的车窗打碎了。 The old man has no one to wait on him. 那个老人没有人服侍。 The old man has no one to wait on him. 那个老人没有人服侍。 The man's lunatic behavior is a menace to society. 那个人的疯狂行为构成对社会的威胁。 The man has committed many wrongs. 那个人干了许多坏事。 That subject is void of interest. 那个题目没有趣味。 The problem weighed on his mind. 那个问题沉重地压在他心头。 The young nation is faced with many difficulties. 那个新建立的国家面临许多困难。 The would-be murderer was kept under close watch. 那个有行凶企图的人受到于严密的监视。 Has he finished the work yet? 那工作他做完了没有? The dog ran to its master. 那狗向它主人跑去。 The widow mourned for her dead mate. 那寡妇为她已故的丈夫服丧。 That child's a real live wire. 那孩子生龙活虎般活泼好动。 The child's mouth watered for chocolate. 那孩子因想吃巧克力而淌口水。 That restaurant used to serve whites only. 那家餐厅过去只接待白人。 The sewing machine is a real veteran. 那架缝纫机真是一件老古董了。 The scandal left a mark on his reputation. 那件丑事玷污了他的名声。 That matter can wait. 那件事可以暂时搁置一下。 That matter can wait. 那件事可以暂时搁置一下。 The girl who spoke is my best friend. 那讲话的女孩是我最好的朋友。 The policeman wrested the truth out of her. 那警察好不容易才从她那儿了解到真情。 The policeman fired a warning shot. 那警察鸣枪警告。 That's why I came here. 那就是我为什么要来这里的原因。 The old man yawned a reply. 那老人打着呵欠作答。 The old man was on the verge of eighty. 那老人已年近八十。 There are groups of youths playing basketball over there. 那里,一群群小伙子正在打篮球。 Those two countries have been at war for a long time. 那两个国家已交战很久了。 The express train whizzed past the station. 那列快车飞速掠过车站。 The unpleasant smell made her sick and she began to vomit. 那难闻的味道令她不适,她开始呕吐起来。 The girl wept over her sad fate. 那女孩为自己悲惨的命运而哭泣。 The beggar spun a long yarn about his misfortunes. 那乞丐讲了个关于他不幸身世的长长的故事。 The window was walled up years ago. 那扇窗户多年前就用墙堵塞了。 A refrigerator was then a luxury. 那时候冰箱是种奢侈品。 It seems as if that had happened only yesterday. 那事彷佛是昨天刚发生似的。 It was the ship's maiden voyage. 那是该船的处女航。 It was a windy spring day. 那是个刮着风的春日。 That was a wearisome meeting. 那是个令人生厌的会议。 That's a fairy story about a wizard. 那是讲一个男巫的童话。 That's where we differ. 那是我们的分歧所在。 It was a period of wealth and prosperity. 那是一个富有和繁荣的时期。 It was a long, weary journey. 那是一个漫长的,令人疲惫不堪的旅程。 It was a stretch of waste land. 那是一片荒地。 The marriage of words and melody in that song was unusually effective. 那首歌里词与曲配合合谐,产生了非同凡响的效果。 That encyclopedia is in twenty volumes. 那套百科全书有二十卷。 He wakened early that morning. 那天早晨他很早就醒了。 The ship left the island and headed for the mainland. 那条船驶离该岛,向大陆开去。 The boat wallowed in the storing sea. 那条船在波涛汹涌的海上颠簸而行。 The fish wriggled out of my grasp. 那条鱼扭动着从我握着的手中滑落下来。 The vice premier led a vulgar life in his hometown after he resigned. 那位副总理辞职后在故乡过着平民生活。 The opera star wanted in her later years. 那位歌剧明星晚年生活困苦。 The foreign visitor was marshaled into the presence of the minister. 那位外国客人被领到部长面前。 The motion was withdrawn. 那项动议被撤销了。 The young man carried himself well at the party. 那小伙子在聚会上举止得体。 The older politicians are too set in their ways to understand the importance of these new ideas. 那些老迈的政客们积习难改,无法了解这些新观念的重要性。 Those are wild roses. 那些是野玫瑰。 Those are wild roses. 那些是野玫瑰。 Those plants can grow only in deep waters. 那些植物只能在深水中生长。 The performance was simply out of this world. 那演出简直再好没有了。 That piece of news had done violence to the truth. 那则新闻歪曲了事实。 That's quite a weight off my mind. 那真叫我如释重负。 That was a truly magic moment. 那真是不可思议的一刻。 That whole affair was a whitewash. 那整个事件都是文过饰非。 The politician worked the crowd up until they shouted together. 那政客鼓动群众的情绪,使他们一起喊叫。 That cloth will wear for years and years. 那种布料可以穿好多年。 That type of dress is on the way out. 那种式样的洋装就要过时了。 The footballer volleyed the ball into the net. 那足球队员将球凌空抽射入网。 The drunken man zigzagged down the street. 那醉鬼东倒西歪地沿街走去。 The boy whistled his dog back. 男孩吹口哨把狗唤回。 The waiter came to take their order. 男侍来请他们点菜。 Can't you tell vice from virtue? 难道你不能辨别善恶吗? Well, perhaps that's true. 嗯,也许那是真的。 Nick was scolded for breaking the window. 尼克因打破窗玻璃而挨骂。 Your favorite shirt is in the wash. 你爱穿的衬衫正在洗。 We'll go wherever you like. 你爱去哪儿我们就去哪儿。 You're driving him up the wall. 你把他给气坏了。 You'll have to decide whether you want to stay with your sister or you want to go on holiday; you can't have it both ways. 你必须决定是跟姐姐在家还是去度假,不能脚踏两条船。 It is wrong of you to bully the child. 你不该欺侮那个孩子。 You are wise not to join the club. 你不加入俱乐部是明智的。 You can't lump all these different things together. 你不可以将所有这些不同的事物统统归并在一起。 You must stop visiting that woman; tongues are beginning to wag. 你不能再去看望那女人了;人们已经议论纷纷了。 You're no worm, you're a man; so get up, lad, and fight. 你不是懦夫,你是一个男子汉;小伙子,爬起来,去搏斗。 I'll take care of your children while you are away. 你不在时我会照顾你的孩子的。 No wonder you can't sleep when you eat so much. 你吃这么多难怪睡不着。 Whichever did you choose? 你倒底选择了哪一个? Wherever did you get the book? 你到底在什么地方弄到这本书的? It isn't worth your while going there. 你到那儿去不值得。 Your writing is hard to read. 你的笔迹很难辨认。 Your watch is losing. 你的表走慢了。 Your deposit matures on April 3rd. 你的存款四月三日到期。 Your suggestion works well. 你的建议很有效。 Can't you behave in a mature way? 你的举止不能稳重一点吗? What make is your car? 你的汽车是什么型号? Your finger can feel the vibration on the violin string. 你的手指能感觉小提琴琴弦的颤动。 Your writing materials are in the top drawer of your desk. 你的书写文具在你书桌的最上面的抽屉里。 Your dinner is waiting. 你的晚餐已经做好了。 Your dinner is waiting. 你的晚餐已经做好了。 What a good heart you have! 你的心肠真好! Your coat wants washing. 你的衣服该洗了。 Sincerely yours. 你的真挚的。 Did you read the whole book or the abridged version? 你读的是全书还是节略本? Whatever you do, don't make waves. 你干什么都行,可别兴风作浪惹麻烦。 Will you venture on the wine? 你敢尝试一下这种酒吗? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司