翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 His mathematics are weak. 他的计算能力很差。 His great books have added luster to the university where he teaches. 他的巨着给他任教的大学增了光。 His trousers have been worn into holes. 他的裤子已破了好些洞。 His argument won't wash. 他的论点站不住脚。 His arguments are watertight. 他的论据非常严密。 His modesty won him praises. 他的谦虚为他赢得了赞扬。 He aimed his gun at the eagle spreading its wings. 他的枪瞄准那只展开翅膀的老鹰。 He has a loud voice. 他的嗓门很大。 His boss highly appreciates his zeal for his work. 他的上司十分欣赏他的工作热情。 His uncle put in a good word for him at City Hall. 他的叔叔在市政府为他美言。 His thoughts are in a whirl. 他的思想乱作一团。 His death means a great loss to science. 他的死是科学的重大损失。 His brain was in a whirl. 他的头脑一片混乱。 His fiancee is a vivid young dancer. 他的未婚妻是个活泼的青年舞蹈家。 His style is void of affectation. 他的文体没有矫揉造作之嫌。 His jokes made us all laugh. 他的笑话把我们都逗笑了。 His deeds won our respect. 他的行为赢得我们的尊敬。 His drinking wrecked their marriage. 他的酗酒毁坏了他们的婚姻。 His performances have become wooden and dull. 他的演出变得呆板乏味。 His bank savings, with his wife's jewels, amount to three million dollars. 他的银行存款加上他太太的首饰合计达三百万元。 His sense of duty never weakens. 他的责任感从不会减弱。 His ideas are, in the main, impractical. 他的主意大体说来很不实际。 His book describes the march of the civilization of a primitive society. 他的着作描述了一个原始社会的开化过程。 His work displays a woeful lack of imagination. 他的作品令人遗憾地显示出缺乏想像力。 She listened closely while he read the letter. 他读信时,她听得很仔细。 He was not wild about it. 他对此不太热心。 He was not wild about it. 他对此不太热心。 He has a very low opinion of that book. 他对那本书的评价很低。 He is loyal to his wife. 他对妻子很忠诚。 He had no malice toward anyone. 他对任何人都没有敌意。 He was sincere in his love for literature. 他对文学的爱好是很真诚的。 He gave me a wave. 他对我挥手。 He didn't stand about looking at all the jobs to be done; he waded straight in. 他对需要做的各项工作并没有袖手旁观,而是精神抖擞地投入了工作。 He was young in this kind of work. 他对这种工作经验不多。 He found himself separated from his mates. 他发现自己与伙伴们分开了。 He worked off his anger. 他发泄怒气。 He committed a vital error. 他犯了一个致命的错误。 He denied that he had done anything wicked. 他否认做过任何邪恶的勾当。 His parents are well off. 他父母很富有。 His father still speaks the vulgar language of the country. 他父亲还是讲乡下的土语。 He writhed his body in great discomfort. 他感到很不舒服而扭动身体。 He felt a worm of unease. 他感到一阵忐忑不安。 He tipped the wink to the police about a stolen car. 他告诉警方关于一辆失窃车子的下落。 He told us that we could wander around at will. 他告诉我们说我们可以任意闲逛。 He used to live in want. 他过去生活困苦。 He used to play the market. 他过去一直做股票的投机生意。 He looks for all the world like his father. 他和他父亲长得一模一样。 He and his wife will not be wasteful of what is given them. 他和他太太不会浪费别人给他们的东西。 He was surprised to find himself whole after the car accident. 他很惊讶自己在车祸中毫发未伤。 He was lucky that the bullet missed the vitals. 他很幸运,子弹没有击中要害器官。 He spun a yarn about his friendship with the royal family. 他胡诌了一通他与王室之间友情的故事。 He made manful efforts to move the heavy furniture, but failed. 他花了极大的力气想搬移那个沉重的家俱,但力不从心。 He spent two whole years writing the novel. 他花了整整两年写那本小说。 He also had a gun with which to defend himself. 他还有一把自卫用的枪。 He waved the servant out of his room. 他挥手叫仆人离开房间。 He watched the canine warfare with the deepest interest. 他极有兴趣地观看狗斗。 He whipped into my room. 他急匆匆走进我的房间。 He was her ideal of all that was manly. 他集男子汉所有气质于一身,是她心中的偶像。 He maintains that he once saw a UFO. 他坚持称自己曾看见过飞碟。 He insisted on helping me washing up. 他坚持要帮我洗碗。 He's really wallowing in the praise of his new book. 他简直沉醉于别人对他新书的赞美中。 He virtually lived in his office. 他简直是住在自己的办公室里了。 He ventured large sums of money on speculative stocks. 他将大笔的钱拿去做股票投机。 He divided the fruit into three lots. 他将水果分成三份。 He lowered a bucket into the well to get some water. 他将水桶放下井去取些水。 He is going to marry Jane. 他将与珍结婚。 He is going to perform magic at the party. 他将在晚会上表演魔术。 By good luck he was able to escape. 他侥幸逃脱了。 He did it under the mask of charity. 他借慈善之名做此事。 He flew to New York via Hong Kong. 他经过香港飞往纽约。 He came by way of New York. 他经由纽约来此。 He waded into the morning's mail. 他精神饱满地开始处理早晨的信件。 Whenever will he grow up? 他究竟什么时候才能成熟起来? He has a wide knowledge of French history. 他具有广博的法国历史知识。 He would never lower himself by taking bribes. 他决不会贬低自己的身分接受贿赂的。 He felt that some of the zest had gone out of his life. 他觉得他的生活已少了些情趣。 He wrenched the knob off when he was trying to open the door. 他开门时把门把手拧了下来。 He drives like a madman. 他开汽车像疯了似的。 He whiled away the whole afternoon watching TV. 他看电视消磨了一个下午。 He seems to be none the wiser. 他看来还是不明白。 He looked down at the gaping void at his feet. 他看着脚下张开的裂缝。 He watched them eating. 他看着他们吃东西。 He controls two daily newspapers and four local weeklies. 他控制了两家日报和四家地区性周报。 He belongs to the lower middle class. 他来自中产阶级下层。 He wolfed his supper and went out. 他狼吞虎咽地吃完晚饭就出去了。 He made a will leaving all his worldly goods to his daughter. 他立了份遗嘱把他全部财产留给了他女儿。 He willed his house to his nephew. 他立下遗嘱,把房子留给侄子。 Craftiness was written on his face. 他脸上露出一副奸诈相。 Fear was manifest on his face. 他脸上显露出恐惧的表情。 He marshaled his facts to support his argument. 他列举事实来证实他的论点。 He waited behind to have a word with her in private. 他留下来好跟她私下里说句话。 He waited behind to have a word with her in private. 他留下来好跟她私下里说句话。 He will be home at six. 他六点回家。 He bought low and sold high. 他买低卖高。 He entered without knocking at the door. 他没敲门就进来了。 He had no warrant for his suspicion. 他没有理由那么怀疑。 He didn't yield himself to his rival. 他没有向对手屈服。 He hasn't got a job, but he seems to have ways and means of getting money. 他没有职业,可是好像有办法弄到钱。 He takes a cold wash every day. 他每天洗一次冷水浴。 He makes $1,000 a month. 他每月挣一千元。 They had her watched by detectives. 他们把她置于侦探的监视之下。 They washed those marks off the wall. 他们把墙上的那些印记洗掉了。 They mated a horse with a donkey. 他们把一匹马同一匹驴交配。 They were awakened by a weird shriek. 他们被一声怪叫吵醒了。 They weaved a web of lies to fool the people. 他们编造了一套谎言来愚弄人民。 They have come into conflict, sometimes violently. 他们产生了矛盾,有时矛盾还非常激烈。 They got into a quarrel, whereupon she left him. 他们吵了一架,之后她就离开了他。 They dressed warmly. 他们穿得暖暖的。 They made their way through a jungle woven with creepers and vines. 他们穿过一个为攀缘植物和藤蔓植物缠绕的丛林。 They were very loudly dressed. 他们穿着非常艳丽的衣服。 Their plan is recommendable in many ways. 他们的计划在许多方面都是可取的。 Their ways of life are worlds apart. 他们的生活方式真是有天壤之别。 Their leader told them to prove their manhood by fighting well. 他们的首领要他们奋勇作战,以此显示男子汉气概。 They zeroed in on the suspicious man. 他们的注意力集中在那个可疑分子身上。 They waited for Owen's arrival. 他们等待欧恩的到来。 They waited for Owen's arrival. 他们等待欧恩的到来。 They debated it in whispers. 他们低声辩论。 They all wait on the king. 他们都伺候国王。 They all wait on the king. 他们都伺候国王。 Their team has won the game. 他们队赢了这场比赛。 They bear you no ill will. 他们对你并无恶意。 Their views on the issue are materially different. 他们对这个问题的看法明显不同。 They shot each other venomous glances. 他们恶狠狠地朝对方瞪眼。 They gave vent to their rage. 他们发泄怒气。 They ran like mad to catch the bus. 他们飞奔赶上公车。 They are living in wretched poverty. 他们过着可怜的贫苦生活。 They feared his wrath. 他们害怕他发怒。 They vied with one another for the trophy. 他们互相争夺奖杯。 They wormed their way through the undergrowth. 他们缓慢地穿过林下灌木丛。 They mapped the South Pole. 他们绘制了南极的地图。 They will be master of the situation. 他们将控制局势。 They had left the luggage at the station. 他们将行李留在车站。 They exchanged a wink. 他们交换了一个眼色。 They warned him of the danger. 他们警告他有危险。 They decided to make a match of it. 他们决定结婚。 They sold the goods at a loss. 他们亏本出售货物。 They came to a wide river. 他们来到了一条宽阔的河边。 They tried hard to whitewash themselves. 他们力图粉饰自己。 They are yoked in marriage. 他们联姻。 The milk they sold was watered. 他们卖的牛奶是搀了水的。 They charged wicked prices. 他们漫天要价。 They ventured their lives in exploring the desert. 他们冒了生命危险去沙漠探险。 They did not expect the invaders to lay waste to their civilization. 他们没有料到侵略者会破坏他们的文明。 They spend at least nine months of the year on the wing. 他们每年至少飞行九个月。 Their secret meetings set the villagers to wag their tongues. 他们秘密相会,使村民们议论纷纷。 They hailed with one voice, "Encore!" 他们齐声高呼:"再来一个!" They set to work with a will. 他们起劲地投入工作。 They weighed the advantages and disadvantages before making the decision. 他们权衡利弊之后才作出决定。 They greeted each other warmly. 他们热情地互致问候。 They allow their children to run wild. 他们任凭孩子撒野。 They allow their children to run wild. 他们任凭孩子撒野。 They are still wailing over their defeat. 他们仍在为比赛失利而悲叹。 They try to cure the disease so that people may live longer. 他们设法根治该病以便使人们活得更长些。 They waded across the stream. 他们涉水过溪。 They live in luxury. 他们生活奢华。 They are the victims of the civil war. 他们是内战的受害者。 They were the astronauts on the first venture to the moon. 他们是首次登陆月球探险的太空人。 They are wretched cowards. 他们是讨厌的胆小鬼。 They were an old couple living on the margin of respectability. 他们是一对老夫妻,过着几乎是不太体面的日子。 They are left-wing visionaries. 他们是左翼空想家。 They went out of their way to help us. 他们特地来帮助我们。 Their hearts vibrated to the speaker's stirring appeal. 他们听了演讲人激动人心的呼吁心潮起伏。 They are living on welfare now. 他们现在靠社会救济生活。 They put a new product on the market. 他们向市场推出一种新产品。 They were wild with joy. 他们欣喜若狂。 They voted her their headmistress. 他们选她做校长。 They were as one man against the decision. 他们一致反对这个决定。 They were as one man against the decision. 他们一致反对这个决定。 They have wiped out the enemy's major military targets. 他们已彻底摧毁了敌人的主要军事目标。 They wholesale the T-shirts at $5 each. 他们以每件五美元的价格批发出售这些T恤衫。 They drew lots to decide who should begin. 他们用抽签的方法来决定谁先开始。 They were using a mechanical shovel to clear up the streets. 他们用机械铲土机清理街道。 They are willing to come. 他们愿意来。 They finished the house within half a year. 他们在半年内盖好了这幢房屋。 They are at work on a new dictionary. 他们在编一本新字典。 They are playing a waltz by Strauss. 他们在演奏一首斯特劳斯的圆舞曲。 The wine flowed like water at their party. 他们在宴会上喝酒如流水。 They are trying to negotiate the withdrawal of 20,000 troops. 他们正打算协商有关两万人的部队的撤军问题。 Their business is wholesale only. 他们只做批发生意。 They volunteered to repair the house for the old lady. 他们主动提出替老太太修缮房子。 They stayed in luxurious hotels. 他们住在豪华的旅馆里。 They lived in a remote mountain village. 他们住在一个偏僻的山村。 They made after the enemy troops. 他们追逐敌军。 He yanked out the sore tooth. 他猛地拔出了那颗痛牙。 He flung the door open with violence. 他猛然将门打开。 He gave vent to his anger by kicking the chair. 他猛踢椅子,以此泄怒。 He gave a wrench at the knob. 他猛转了一下把手。 He passed the exam by a narrow margin. 他勉强通过考试。 He looked a little weary. 他面露倦容。 His fortune is on the wane. 他命运不济了。 His mother was vexed with him for his laziness. 他母亲因他懒惰而生他的气。 The evidence he produced was very weak. 他拿出的证据很不充分。 His lordly manners angered everyone. 他那不可一世的样子惹得大家生了气。 He tried hard to vindicate his honor. 他拼命维护自己的名誉。 He yearned after letters from home. 他期盼家里来信。 He plays a wicked game of bridge. 他桥牌打得很棒。 He waltzed off with the first prize. 他轻取头奖。 He waltzed across to Helen and sat down beside her. 他轻松自如地走到海伦身边坐下。 He walked off with first prize. 他轻易地赢得头奖。 He fought back with all his might. 他倾全力反击。 He lunched us at the hotel. 他请我们在宾馆吃了午餐。 He's gone to meet his Maker. 他去见上帝了。 He has little vocation for teaching. 他缺少教书的才能。 He entered into our plans with zest. 他热心地加入我们的计划。 He's taken his doctor's advice very seriously and has gone on the wagon. 他认真听取了医生的劝告,开始戒酒。 He wormed his small body through the hedge. 他蠕动他那瘦小的身体钻过了树篱。 He killed the guard and made away. 他杀死了卫兵,赶快跑掉了。 He has done nothing out of the way yet. 他尚未做出不同寻常的事来。 He maneuvered his car into the garage. 他设法把汽车开进车库。 He managed to worm into an important position in the government. 他设法钻进政府窃据要职。 He can't even read a map. 他甚至不会看地图。 He is in a state of virtual slavery. 他实际上处于一种被奴役的状态。 He wrenched at the door-handle. 他使劲扭门把手。 He tried to wring a promise from me. 他试图强迫我作出承诺。 He tried to mask his disappointment with a smile. 他试图以微笑来掩饰他的失望。 He was the first violin of the orchestra. 他是该管弦乐队的第一小提琴手。 He is a voluminous writer. 他是个多产作家。 He is a vernacular poet. 他是个方言诗人。 He is a very loving father. 他是个非常慈爱的父亲。 He was a gentle, lowly, and unassuming man. 他是个温和、谦卑、不摆架子的人。 He is a man of his word. 他是个信守诺言的人。 He was the eldest son of a wealthy family. 他是个有钱人家的长子。 Where does he come from? 他是哪里人? He is walking proof that people can lose weight quickly. 他是人能迅速变瘦的活见证。 He is one of the best violinists in the world. 他是世界上最好的小提琴手之一。 He's the first violin at Vienna Philharmonic. 他是维也纳爱乐交响乐团的第一小提琴手。 He is a major writer. 他是位大作家。 He is a man of great vision. 他是位有远见的人。 He is a wholehearted friend of mine. 他是我的诚挚的朋友。 He is a nice young man. 他是一个很好的青年。 He is a nice young man. 他是一个很好的青年。 He is a man of great virtue. 他是一个品德高尚的人。 He is a whiz at football. 他是一位打橄榄球的高手。 He is a man of great personal magnetism. 他是一位富有个性魅力的男子。 He is a mathematics major. 他是主修数学的学生。 He is one of the President's speech writers. 他是总统演讲的撰稿人之一。 He is the most versatile of actors. 他是最为多才多艺的演员。 He had such a great deal of work to do, but somehow he managed. 他手头的工作实在太多,但他还是应付得来。 He is well versed in the Analects of Confucius. 他熟谙《论语》。 He was weak in mathematics, but good at English. 他数学差,但英语好。 He wandered from the subject. 他说离了主题。 He said that no one could beat him, but he had to eat his words after losing several games. 他说没人能打败他,可是输了几场比赛后,他只好收回自己说的话。 He says call in on him any time, but he doesn't expect you to take him at his word. 他说随时可以去看他,可是他不指望你当真。 He threw himself upon his back and wallowed at my feet. 他四脚朝天地倒下去,在我脚边打滚。 He is old in age yet young in spirit. 他虽年老,但朝气蓬勃。 Though advanced in years, he has a keen sense of hearing. 他虽然上了年纪,但听觉十分灵敏。 What he said was a load of whitewash. 他所说的是一大堆掩盖真相的话。 He is too timid to venture upon a new undertaking. 他太胆小,不敢从事新的事业。 He was too yellow to stand up for his rights. 他太怯懦,不敢维护自己的权利。 He writhed in agony. 他疼得直打滚。 He warned me against going outside alone at night. 他提醒我晚上不要单独出去。 He manages a hotel for his father. 他替他父亲经营一家旅馆。 He yelled with pain. 他痛得直叫。 He walked his bike up the hill. 他推着脚踏车上山。 He wheeled his bike through the narrow lane. 他推着自行车穿过狭窄的巷子。 He is his own master. 他完全由自己作主。 He played a low trick. 他玩弄卑鄙的伎俩。 He introduced better methods of management in this company. 他为本公司引进了更好的管理方法。 He studied English hard with a view to mastering it quickly. 他为了尽快精通英语而努力学习。 He writes short stories for a monthly magazine. 他为一家月刊杂志撰写短篇小说。 He matured his plans for the long trip. 他为这次长途旅行仔细地作了计划。 He held her hand and waited the answer. 他握着她的手等待回答。 He held her hand and waited the answer. 他握着她的手等待回答。 He had no warrant for his action. 他无权那么做。 He was well-off materially. 他物质上很富裕。 He likes walking. 他喜欢步行。 He likes to show off his masculine physique. 他喜欢炫耀他的阳刚之气。 He likes to wash in cold water. 他喜欢用冷水洗澡。 He likes to wet his whistle on the way home from work in the evening. 他喜欢在晚上下班回家的路上喝点酒。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司