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返盐 accumulation zone of fault terrace 断阶聚集带 accuracy of finish 最后加工精度 accuracy of fire 射击准确度 accuracy of firing 射击准确度 accuracy of foundation 基础的精确度 accuracy of gauge 尺寸的准确性 accuracy of instrument 仪表的精确度; 仪表精确度 accuracy of manufacture 制造精度 accuracy of manufacturing 制造精度 accuracy of map 地图精度 accuracy of measurement 度量精度; 量测准确度 accuracy of measuring 计量准确度 accuracy of mesh 啮合精度 accuracy of ranging for laser range finder 激光测距机测距准确度 accuracy of reading 读数精度 accuracy of separation 分割精确度 accuracy of shape 形状的精确度; 形状精确度 accuracy of test glass 玻璃样板准确度 maxillofacial region 颌面部放线菌病 actinomycosis of urachus 脐尿管放线菌病 action of contace poison 触杀作用 actionable course of action 可行行动 activation of fatty acid 脂肪酸活化 acute hemorrhage of upper gastrointestinal tract 急性上消化道出血 acute injury of intervertebral facet joints 椎间小关节急性损伤 acute perforation of stomach 急性胃穿孔 acute sprain of lumbo-sacral joint 急性腰骶关节扭伤 ad valore bill of lading 货值提单 software 软件的适应性 adenocarcinoma of bladder 膀胱腺癌 ibroma of breast 乳房腺纤维瘤 ibroma of ovary 卵巢腺纤维瘤 adenoma of bladder 膀胱腺瘤 estates of small value 小额财产的管理 administration of radiation 辐射处理 adverse balance of trade 贸易逆差; 逆差 letter of credit 信用证通知书 total transfer of credit 全额转让通知书 after date of draft 出票后 roofing felt 屋面油毡老化 air handling conditioning of air 空气调节 ala of central lobule 中央小叶翼 ala of crista galli 鸡冠翼 alignment of crystal 晶体排列 alkaline burn of cornea 角膜碱性灼伤 alkaloid of tobacco 烟碱 allocation of raw materials 调配原材料 allocation of real devices 实际设备的分配 allocation of social labor 分配社会劳动 allocations of Special Drawing Rights 特别提款权的分配额 allowable offset in circumferential joints 圆周焊缝的允许偏移 allowable offset in longitudinal joints 纵向焊缝的允许偏移 allowance for overvaluation of branch inventory 分店存货高估价额准备 alteration of intestinal flora 肠道菌群失调 altered distribution of mucosal folds 粘膜皱襞紊乱 altering the thermal properties of the ground 改变地温性质 amend the amount of LC 修改信用证金额 the letter of credit 修改信用证金额 yang leads to disorder of yin 阳胜则阴病 yin leads to disorder of yang 阴胜则阳病 anal triangle of perineum 会阴肛三角 analysis of canonical correlation 正规相关分析 analysis of capacity and load 能力与负荷分析 analysis of covariance 共变数分析; 协方差分析 analysis of covariance model 协方差分析模型 analysis of covariance table 协方差分析表 analysis of financial conditions 财务状况分析 analysis of financial liquidity 资产变现能力分析 analysis of financial statement 财务报告分析 analysis of financial statements 财务报表分析 analysis of material price variance 材料价格差异分析 analysis of materials quantity variance 材料数量差异分析 population shifts of plant pathogens 植物病原体变化的分析 the affairs of business 经营情况分析; 经营情况分析 analysis of variance 离散分析; 变量分析; 变异分析; 变异数分析; 变异因素分析法 analysis of variance ANOVA 方差分析 analysis of variance analog 方差类比分析 analysis of variance diagram 方差分析图 analysis of variance for correlation ratio 相关比方差分析 analysis of variance model 方差分析模型 analysis of variance table 方差分析表 the law of distribution 分布律的解析表达式 anesthesia of anterior palatine nerve 腭前神经麻醉 attack of minimum drag 最小阻力攻角 back of tooth 齿后角 backing-off 后角 angle of balance 均衡角; 均衡角; 平冲角 angle of bank 滚动角 angle of cant 喷管摆角 angle of clearance 超越角 angle of flange 边缘弯角 half field-of view 半视场角 incidence of maximum lift 最大升力冲角 incidence of minimum drag 最小阻力冲角 incidence of zero lift 无升力冲角 angle of mandible 下颌角 roof 屋顶倾斜角 run off 铲背角 angle of shearing resistance 剪切阻力角; 抗剪角; 抗剪强度角 twist per unit length of shaft 轴的单位长度扭转角 angular distance of stars 恒星的角距离 angular rotation of flange 法兰转角 anlage of anterior chamber 前房始基 profit 每年利润率 anterior branch of spinal nerve 脊神经前支 anterior branches of intercostal nerve 肋间神经前支 ruga of vagina 阴道前褶柱 anterior fold of tympanic membrane 鼓膜前皱襞 anterior intertransverse muscles of neck 颈横突间前肌; 颈横突间前肌 head of fibula 腓骨头前韧带 anterior marginal fracture of ankle 踝前缘骨折 anterior recess of tympanic membrane 鼓膜前隐窝 anterior triangle of neck 颈前三角; 颈前三角 aperture of the diaphragm 光阑孔径 posterior horn of spinal cord 脊髓背侧角尖; 脊髓后角尖 apparatus for rapid determination of nitrogenoxide 氧化亚氮快速测定器 appendage of epididymis appendix epididymis 附睾附件 transfer of LC 信用证转让申请书 repayment of an overcharge 要求退还多收费用 appraisal method with the aid of contour graph 轮廓图形评价法 -end-of-medium indicator 记录媒体结束指示器 arc of parallel 纬圈弧 arch of cricoid cartilage 环状软骨弓 area of artesian flow 承压水流出面 capacitance of condenser 电容器 capacity factor of a blast furnace 高炉利用系数 capacity fall-off 电容量减退 capacity for responsibility of juristic person 法人的责任能力 capacity method of quadratic programming 二次规划容量法 capacity of blood vessel 血管容积 capacity of body 车体负载 capacity of boiler 锅炉容量 capacity of capillarity 毛管容量 capacity of carriage 车载量 capacity of coal bunker 煤仓容量 capacity of condenser 电容器的电容量 capacity of corporate 法人资格 capacity of crank press 曲柄压力机能力 capacity of decomposition 分解能力 capacity of driven pile 沉桩的承载能力 capacity of furnace 炉能量 capacity of genetic information storage 遗传信息的储藏能力 capacity of heat 热容 capacity of heat transmission 导热能力 capacity of pump 泵的生产率 capacity of road 道路通行能力 capacity of scale 秤的容量 capacity of short circuit 短路容量 capacity of tank car 油槽车容量 capacity of the market 市场容量 capacity of the soil to nourish plants 滋养作物的土壤能力 capacity of the wind 风沙负荷量 capacity of vascular bed 血管床容积 capillary loops of nail fold 甲皱毛细血管袢 capital construction plan of current year 本年基本建设计划 capital cost of reactor plant 反应堆装置投资 capital gain free of taxation 免税资本利得 capital of Doric column 陶立克柱头 capital of Gothic column 哥特式柱头 capital of Romanesque column 罗曼式柱头 capital pay-off time 投资回收期 capitalization of interests 以利息化为资本 capitulum of humerus 肱骨小头 capsule of Chinese caterpillar fungus 冬虫夏草胶囊 capsule of licorsinc 甘草锌胶囊 capsules of brain 脑被; 脑囊 a bill of lading 提单的船长用抄本 the purity of gold 金位 carbon content of steel 钢含碳量 carbon content of weld materials 焊接材料的碳含量 carbonizing of gas 煤气渗碳 carbuncle of lip 唇痈 carburization of gas 煤气渗碳 carcinoid of bronchus 支气管类癌 carcinoid of cecum 盲肠类癌 carcinoid of colon 结肠类癌 carcinoid of liver 肝类癌 carcinoid of ovary 卵巢类癌 carcinoid of stomach 胃类癌 carcinoma in situ of bladder 膀胱原位癌 carcinoma in situ of endometrium 子宫内膜原位癌 carcinoma in situ of larynx 喉原位癌 carcinoma in situ of vagina 阴道原位癌 carcinoma in situ of vulva 外阴原位癌 carcinoma in situs of cervix 宫颈原位癌 carcinoma in-situ of cervix 子宫颈原位癌 carcinoma of anal canal 肛管癌 carcinoma of Bartholin's glands 巴多林氏腺癌 carcinoma of buccal mucosa 颊粘膜癌 carcinoma of cecum 盲肠癌 carcinoma of cervical stump 子宫颈残端癌 carcinoma of colon 结肠癌 carcinoma of colon in pregnancy 妊娠期结肠癌 carcinoma of common bile duct 总胆管癌 carcinoma of Cowper's glands 尿道球腺癌 carcinoma of descending colon 降结肠癌 carcinoma of diaphragm 膈癌 carcinoma of endometrium 子宫内膜癌 carcinoma of facial skin 颜面部皮肤癌 carcinoma of flexura coli dextra 肝曲结肠癌 carcinoma of gum 牙龈癌 head of pancreas 胰头癌 carcinoma of lip 茧唇 carcinoma of low malignant potential 卵巢交界性囊腺瘤 carcinoma of lung 肺癌 carcinoma of pancreas 胰腺癌 carcinoma of penis 阴茎癌 Biermer's change of note 比尔默氏征 bifocal chord of a quadric 二次曲面的两焦点弦 bifurcation of urination 尿流分叉 big head disease of sheep 绵羊大头病 big head disease of turkeys 火鸡传染性窦炎 bilateral commitments of capital 双边性投资 biliary cirrhosis of children 儿童胆汁性肝硬变 bill drawn in the regular course of business 普通商业票据 bill in process of clearing 交换中票据; 票据交换 bill of clearance 出港申报表 bill of complaint 控诉状 bill of credit 取款凭单 bill of debt 债票 bill of dishonor 拒付汇票; 拒付汇票 bill of entry 入港呈报表; 进口报关单; 货物出入口报告书 bill of goods 货物清单 bill of lading BL 提单; 提货单 bill of loading 运货单 bill of material processor 物品清单处理程序 bill of materials 材料表 bill of parcels 货单 bill of particulars 明细单 bill of quantities 工程数量表 bill of sale 销售契约; 销售证; 卖契; 财产转让证书 bill of sales BS 卖据; 卖契 bill of sight 海关临时起岸报关单; 进口货临时报告书; 性质不明的进口货物登记 bill of store 海关免税单 bill of sufferance 海关落货许可单; 免税单; 卸货许可单 bill of view 海关临时起岸报关单 bill sold on condition of repurchase 附有回购条件的售出票据 bill-of-lading freight 提单运费 bills drawn under letter of credit 附有信用证的汇票 bills of payment 支付票据 bills of sale 卖据 bills under letter of credit 附有信用证的汇票 bills under letter of instruction 附通知书汇票 binary tree traversal traversal of binary tree 二叉树的遍历 binocular field of view 双目视野 binode of a surface 二切面重点 binomial index of dispersion 二项式离差指数 biochemical function of cells 细胞生化功能 biochemistry of lactation 哺乳生物化学 biochemistry of membrane transport 膜传输生物化学 biodegradability of chemicals 生物降解化合物的能力 Biography of Medical Figures 医史 biological investigation of space 空间生物研究 biological test of pregnancy 妊娠生物试验 biological value of protein 蛋白生物物质 biology of conidial fungi 分生孢子真菌生物学 biology of marine mammals 海洋哺乳动物生物学 biology of plants 作物生物系 biology of reproduction in mammals 哺乳动物生殖生物学 biology of seaweeds 海藻生物学 biophysics of membrane transport 膜输送生物物理学 biopsy of breast 乳房活组织检查 biopsy of cervix 宫颈活组织检查 biopsy of cervix uteri 子宫颈活组织检查 biopsy of larynx 喉活组织检查 biopsy of liver 肝脏活体组织检查 biopsy of lung 肺活组织检查 biopsy of lymph node 淋巴结活组织检查法 biopsy of muscle 肌活组织检查 biopsy of nasal sinuses 鼻窦活组织检查 biopsy of nasopharynx 鼻咽活组织检查 biopsy of palate 腭活组织检查 biopsy of pharynx 咽活组织检查 biopsy of salivary gland 涎腺活组织检查 biopsy of stomach 胃活组织检查 biopsy of testis 睾丸活组织检查 biopsy of urethra 尿道活组织检查 biopsy of urinary bladder 膀胱活组织检查 biopsy of vulva 外阴活组织采取 biorthogonal sets of functions 双正交函数集 biosy of brain tissue 脑活组织检查 biotic index of pollution 污染生物指数 biotin complex of yeast 生物胞素 biparietal diameter of fetus 胎头双顶间径 bird of passage 候鸟 bird of prey 猛禽类; 食肉鸟 birds of paradise 风鸟 bireflectance of vitrinite 镜质体双反射率; 镜质体双反射率 birth injury of newborn 新生儿产伤 bit of a bridle 嚼子 bit of the vice 虎钳口 bites of lid by insects 睑昆虫咬伤; 睑昆虫咬伤 bittle rot of grape 葡萄炭疽病 black chaff of rice 黑谷物 black chaff of wheat 黑颖病; 小麦黑颖病 black degeneration of brain 脑黑色变性 black heart of potato 马铃薯黑心病 black knot of plum 梅李黑结带病 black leg of beet 甜菜立枯病; 甜菜蛇眼病 black leg of cabbage 甘蓝黑胫病 black leg of potato 马铃薯胫病 black mould of rice 黑变病 black root of tobacco 烟草根黑腐病 black rot of cabbage 蔬菜黑腐病 black rot of cucurbits 瓜类黑腐病 black rot of grape 葡萄黑腐病 black rot of pear 梨轮纹病 black rot of rice grains 黑蚀米病 black rot of sweet potato 甘薯黑疤病 black scurf of potato 马铃薯黑痣病; 马铃薯丝核菌病 black smut of spinach 菠菜叶黑粉病 black stem rust of cereals 麦类秆锈病 black stem rust of wheat 小麦茎秆黑锈病 black streaked dwarf virus of rice 水稻黑条矮缩病 black-out of flyback 回闪 blade of diaphragm 光阑叶片 blade of grader 平路机铲刀 blade of T-square 丁字尺身 blade of variable cross-section 变截面叶片 blader of a ball 球胆 blakleg of potato 马铃薯黑胫病 blank back bill of lading 背面空白提单 blank bill of lading 空白提单 blank letter of credit 空白信用证 blank off 加盲板 blanked off pipe 关闭管 blanket of glass wool 玻璃棉毡 blanket of nitrogen 氮气层 blanking-off plug 浇口塞 blast injury of tympanic membrane 鼓膜震伤 blast of millet 粟瘟 blaze of grating 光栅闪耀 blazing off 回火 blazing-off 油中回火 bleed-off 放出过多液体; 漏泄; 溢流调节 bleed-off passage 抽气通道 bleed-off rocket engine 放气式火箭发动机 bleeding from orifices of the head 诸窍出血 bleeding of a feeder 冒口回涨 bleeding of steam 抽气 bleeding of the umbilicus 脐血 bleeding of tonsil 扁桃体出血 blending theory of inheritance 融合遗传学说 blephorophimosis of the newborn 初生目闭 blight of chestnut 栗疫病 blight or ink disease of chestnut 栗黑水病 blind end of rectum 直肠盲端 blind of a line 在一条管线上加盲板 blind workings of the value principle 盲目地起作用 blinding off a line 关闭管路 blister of pregnancy 妊娠水泡 blister rust of white pine 白松疱锈病 blistering of felt 油毡起鼓 blob of slag 火山渣块 block multiplication of matrices 矩阵的分块乘法; 矩阵的分块乘法; 矩阵分块乘法; 矩阵分块乘法 block of ganglion stellatum 星状神经节封闭术 block of glass wool 玻璃棉板 block of information 信号字数 block of lense 透镜块 block of memory 存储块 block of shared memory 共享存储块 block resection of jaw 颌骨大块切除术 block the passage of message 封锁消息 block type run-of-river power station 单岸式径流式电站 blockage of channel 经络阻滞; 经络阻滞 blockage of semilunar ganglion 半月神经节封闭术 engagement of fetal head 胎头衔接受阻 blocking of mammary tube 乳管堵塞 blocking of record 记录的分块 blocking of speech 言语中断 blood staining of cornea 血染角膜 blood vessel of brain 脑血管 blood vessels of endometrium 子宫内膜血管 blood vessels of umbilical cord 脐带血管 blood vessels of vagina 阴道血管 bloody blister on the upper surface of the tongue 卷帘疔; 卷帘疔 blow off 排污; 喷出; 停吹 blow off pressure 放气压力 blow-off 吹出; 刮走 blow-off branch 排汽支管; 放水支管 blow-off chamber 吹泄室 blow-off cock 吹除开关; 排气栓 blow-off cock hole 放水塞孔 blow-off line 放水管道; 排汽管道; 排污管道 blow-off nozzle 吹嘴; 断火喷嘴 blow-off pipe 放气管; 吹除管; 排污管; 安全排气管 blow-off point 吹开点 blow-off pressure 停吹气压 blow-off tank 吹卸槽 blow-off through valve 吹通阀门 blow-off valve 吹泄阀; 排料阀; 排泄阀 blow-off velocity 灭火速度 blow-up of the charge 吹过金属层上面 blowdown pressure of safety valve 安全阀关闭压力 blowing of plaster 抹灰爆裂 blowing-off 吹净 blowing-out of lines 炉衬腐蚀 blue mould of citrus 柑桔青霉病 blue of the sky 天空蓝度 blue-green region of spectrum 蓝绿光谱范围 bluing of steel 钢加蓝 blunting of feeling 感情迟钝 board of conciliation 调解委员会 board of directors 理事会 board of review 课税证价审查委员会 Board of Trade 英国贸易部 board of trustee 信任理事会 board of trustees 托事会 board officer 海关联络员 boat of refractory metal 真空镀膜用 高熔点金属舟 body measurements of a horse 马体测量 body of car 车身 body of casting 铸体 body of caudate nucleus 尾状核体 body of clitoris 阴蒂体 body of deed 契据本文 body of fornix 穹窿体 body of gland 腺体 body of humerus 肱骨体 body of incus 砧骨体 body of lathe bed 车床床身 body of mamma 乳房体 body of masonry 圬工主体 body of pancreas 胰体 body of penis 阴茎体 body of prostate 前列腺体 body of pump 泵体 body of pure yang 纯阳之体 body of revolution 回转体 body of rod 杆体 body of roll 辊身 body of screw 螺钉体 body of stomach 胃体 body of talus 距骨体; 距骨体 body of the needle 针身 body of the report 报告正文 body of the tentorium 幕骨体 body of the work 正文 body of urinary bladder 膀胱体 body of uterus 子宫体 body of valve 阀体 body of velocity 速度体 body of water 贮水池 body of wheel 轮盘 body part of a pig 猪体部位 body parts of a cock 公鸡躯体的部位 body parts of a dairy cow 乳用母牛躯身的部位 body parts of a horse 马体的部位 body parts of sheep 绵羊躯体的部位 body peel off 坯爆 body test of whole tank vehicle trailer 整车车体检验 bogie of car 车辆转向架 Bohr-Wheeler theory of fission 玻尔-惠勒裂变理论 boil-off 蒸发; 汽化损耗 boiler arrangement of marine 舶用锅炉装置 boiling of cell 电解槽沸腾 boiling of soap 肥皂的熬煮 boiling-off 煮练 boll rot of cotton 棉铃红腐病 bolt holes of for nozzle flange 接管法兰的螺栓孔 Bolza problem in calculus of variation 变分法中的博尔赞问题 bonanza of sympathy 同情的巨款 bone phosphate of lime 骨质磷酸三钙 bones of the body collectively 百骸 bonuses issued on the basis of a general voicing 评奖 bony septum of nose 骨性鼻中隔 breach of promise 违反诺言 breach of recognizance 违反保结 breach of regulation 违章 breach of trading warranty 违反航行范围的保证 breach of trust 违背信托; 违反信托 breach of warrant 违反担保 warranty of authority 违反有代理权的保证 breach of warrenty 水险单上附加的条款 违反特约条款 breadth of beam 梁宽 breadth of spectrum line 谱线宽度 breadth of tooth 齿宽 break of conductor 导线断开 break of contact 触点断开 break of load 负荷的中断 break off corn cobs 掰玉米 break-off 折断; 暂停工作 breakage of packing 包装破裂险 breakdown of fruit 果实腐败 breakdown of soil materials 土壤特质的碎裂 breakdown of variation 变差分解 breaking of contact 断接 breaking of rest period 打泡休眠期 breaking of the meres 水体杂锦 breaking of the needle 折针 f of base 玻璃制品缺陷 掉底 breaking-off 剥落; 剥蚀 breast of plough 犁胸 breed new varieties of corn 培育玉米新品种 breed of variety 品种培育 breeding of cross-pollinated crops 异花授粉作物的育种 breeding of method 繁育体系 breeding of plants 作物育种学 bridge of boiler 火坝 bridge of the nose 鼻背; 鼻柱 bridge-cut-off 桥式断路 bridge-cut-off relay 桥式断路继电器; 分隔继电器; 断桥继电器 bridge-cut-off test 断桥试验 bridle of prepuce 包皮系带 brief description of the process 工艺流程简述 Briggean system of logarithm 布氏对数; 常用对数 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司