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投资费用 cost of labor 人工成本 cost of labor turnover 人工周转成本 cost of labor used 人工费 cost of land 土地费用 cost of layout 布置成本 cost of living 生活费用 cost of living index 生活费用指数 cost of macromanagement 宏观管理费用 cost of maintenance 维持费; 养护费 cost of manufacture 制造成本 cost of marketing 销售费用; 经销成本; 经销成本 cost of material 材料成本 cost of merchandise sold 销货成本 cost of mining 采掘成本; 可成本 cost of overhaul 超远距费 cost of possession 保有资产成本 cost of power production 能量生产成本; 电力生产成本 cost of preinvestment studies 投资前研究费用 cost of prime implicant 初始隐含价值 cost of production 生产成本; 制造费用 cost of production budget 生产成本预算 cost of quality 品质成本 cost of raw materials used 材料消耗成本 cost of repairs 修理成本; 修理费 cost of reproduction 重造成本; 复制成本 cost of reproduction less depreciation 重造成本减折旧 cost of reproduction new value 新价值再生产成本 cost of sale 销售成本 cost of sales 硝售成本; 销货成本; 销售费用 cost of sample 样本费 cost of service 服务成本 cost of spoiled goods 废品成本 cost of storage 贮藏成本 cost of sulfur dioxide control 二氧化硫控制费用 cost of upkeep 保养成本 cost of waste disposal 废品处理费用 cost of winning 开采成本 cost of work performed 已完成工作量成本 cost reduction percentage of comparable products 可比产品成本降低率 cost variance of semi-finished goods 半成品成本差异 cost-of-living indexes 生活费用指数 cost-of-service principle 服务费用原则 cost-of-service taxation principle 服务成本课税原则 costal incisures of sternum 胸骨肋骨切迹 cotton of short staple 短绒棉 cotton picker of the spindle type 摘锭式采棉机 cotton stripper of the finger type 指杆式摘棉铃机 cotyledons of dormant seed 休眠种子的子叶 count of bacteria 细菌计数 count of yarn 纱线支数 counter counter-offer 反还盘 counter letter of credit 相对信用证 counter offer 反价 counter signed bill of lading 副署提单 counterfoil stub of a checkbook 票根 countersinking of the rivet holes 钻铆钉孔锥口 counting mechanism of a meter 电度表的计数器 counting of bacteria 细菌计数 country of consignment 交付国 country of consumption 消费国 country of departure 起运国; 启运国 country of destination 目的地国; 目的国 country of dispatch 发货国 country of origin 起运国; 启运国; 来源国; 原产国 country of purchase 收购国 country of residence 侨居国 country of sale 销售国 country of shipment 启运国 country-of-birth basis 出生国 coupling for the transmission of rotary motion 传递回转运动联轴节 coupling of circuits 电路耦合 definite amount of filling 定充量耦合器 coupling of heart-beats 二联心律 coupling of shaft 联轴节 variable amount of filling 变充量耦合器 course period of treatment 疗程 course of discharge 放电过程 course of disease 病程 course of fermentation 发酵过程 course of headers 丁砖层 course of infection 感染过程 criterion of streamline motion 流线型运动准则 critical content residue of soil moisture 临界土壤残余水分 critical depth of wave base 波蚀临界深度 critical parameter of flow 临界流动参数 critical shortage of 奇缺 critical speed of mill 磨机临界转速 critical speed of revolutions 临界转速 critical speed of second order 第二临界转速 critical speed of shaft 轴的临界转速 critical temperature of a plasma 等离子体的临界温度 critical velocity of superflow 超流动临界速度 Crohn's disease of colon 结肠克隆氏病 crooking of the tubes 炉管弯曲 crop of a bird 嗉子; 嗉子 cropping-out of the groundwater 地下水露头处 crops of tropical regions 热带作物 cross curve of stability 稳定性交叉曲线 cross offer 交叉报价; 交叉发价; 交错报价 a portion of a mature stem 成熟茎的部分横切面 cross-section of conductor 导线截面 cross-section of load 负荷截面 cross-section of the rail 钢轨剖面 crossbar of the moulding box 箱筋 crossing of dislocation 位错的割切 crossing of the rolls 轧辊轴线偏斜 crossing off 删去 crosswise movement of saddle 鞍架横向运动 crown of piston 活塞顶 crown of the beet 甜菜根冠 crown of tooth 齿顶 crown of venus 额发缘梅毒疹 crown top of burner 灯帽 crown wart of alfalfa 苜蓿冠瘿病 cruciate ligament of leg 小腿十字韧带 cruciate ligaments of knee 膝交叉韧带 crucifers of mosaic 十字花科蔬菜花叶病 cruciform of rudders 十字形舵 cruciform part of digital tendon sheaths 纤维鞘交叉部 crura of diaphragm 膈脚 crus of fornix 穹窿脚 crus of helix 耳轮脚 crush injury of skin 皮肤碾挫伤 crushing rate of gasket 垫圈的挤压率 crust of weathering 风化壳 crux of heart 房室隔十字 cryosurgery of cervix uteri 子宫颈冷冻手术 cryosurgery of the prostate 前列腺冷冻外科 cryotherapy of hemorrhoids 痔冷冻疗法 ormans of lung 肺新形隐球菌病 crystals of Venus 乙酸铜 cubic meter of stone 石方 cucumber of the sea 海参 cuff method of manometry 袖带法测压 cultivation of fields 大田耕作 good strains of seeds 培养优良品种 culture of bacteria 培养细菌 culture of microorganism 微生物培养法 culture of plants 植物栽培 culture of poverty hypothesis 贫困文化假设 cumulative letter of credit 保兑信用证; 可积累使用的信用证; 可累积信用证 cumulative switching off 累积断开 cuneiform osteotomy of genu valgum 膝外翻楔形截骨术 cuneiform osteotomy of tibia 胫骨楔形切骨术; 胫骨楔形切骨术 lofty gentlemen 瓷器名 高士杯 cupula of cochlea 蜗顶 cure of disease 治病 osteomyelitis of jaw 颌骨骨髓炎刮治术 curettage of bone 骨刮除术 curettage of infrabony pocket 牙周骨下袋刮治术 curettage of jaw cyst 颌骨囊肿刮治术 curettage of joint 关节刮术; 关节面刮除术 curettage of mesenteric tuberculous lymph nodes 肠系膜淋巴结结核刮除术 curettage of tuberculous focus 结核病灶刮除术 Curie temperature of magnetic core 磁心居里温度 curing of the mortar 砂浆养生 curl of vector 矢量的旋度; 矢量旋度 curling of flooring 楼地面翘曲 curling of slab 板翘曲 currency of over valuation 币值高估 currency of settlement 结算货币; 清算货币 current balance of payments 经常项目收支平衡; 经常项目收支平衡 current maturity of long-term debt 一年内到期的长期债务 current of commutation 换向电流 current of run-unit 过程的现行记录 current of set type indicator 当前络类型指示符; 当前系类型指示器 current rate of interest 现行利率 current-gain cut-off 电流增益截止 curtiness of beet 甜菜缩叶病 curvature of a conic 二次曲线的曲率 curvature of a curve 曲线的曲率 curvature of face 面曲率 curvature of Gothic pass 弧菱形孔型半径 curvature of hairline 曲周 curvature of parallel 纬线弯曲 curvature of space 空间曲率 curvature of the plumb line 垂线曲率 curvature of vessel surface 容器表面的曲率 curvature of wave function 波函数曲率 curve cut-off 裁弯取直 area of transverse section 横剖面面积曲线 curve of buoyancy 浮力曲线 curve of constant torsion 定挠率曲线 curve of deficiency zero 无亏曲线 curve of fatigue 疲劳曲线 curve of flotation 浮心曲线 curve of frequency distribution 频率分布曲线 curve of light distribution 光强分布曲线 curve of load 载荷曲线 curve of magnetic polar wandering 磁极移动曲线 curve of magnetization 磁化曲线 curve of order 2 二阶曲线 curve of output 输出曲线 curve of reflection 反射曲线 curve of rolling neat step shaft 轧齐曲线 curve of shearing force 剪力曲线 curve of sliding 崩滑线; 滑动曲线 curve of spectrum 光谱曲线 curve of stability 稳定曲线 curve of water supply 供水曲线 curve of zero velocity 零速度线 curve twing disease of pine 松曲枝病 area of midship section 船体中段剖面面积曲线 curves of form 船体型线图 curvilinear regression of second degree 二次曲线的回归 curving of castings 铸造圆角 cuscuta of the beet 甜菜菟丝子 cusp of the first species 第一种歧点 cusp of the second species 第二种歧点 cuspis of tooth 牙冠尖 custom freezing of semen 委托冷冻精液 custom of merchant 习惯商法 custom of trade 贸易常规 custom rearing of pullets 代养小母鸡 customer's letter of credit liability 客户信用证负债 customer's letter of credit liability 客户的承兑负债 customs bills of entry 海关册 customs declaration made at the time of entry 入境申报单 customs of trade 贸易惯例 customs office 海关 customs officer 海关人员 customs preventive officers 海关缉私官员 cut down the consumption of raw materials 降低原料消耗 cut off 切断; 截断; 绝; 绝; 隔断器; 林间防火线 cut off floor 采板层楼面 cut off man 玻璃裁工 cut off mold 溢出式塑模 cut off point 投资截止点 cut off root tips 切下根尖 cut off voltage 临界电压 cut-off 截流; 截止; 缩径量; 切开; 取直; 遮断装置; 遮热板; 关闭; 关机; 停电 cut-off attenuator -ter 极限衰减器 cut-off attenuator-ter 截止衰减器 cut-off bar 阻稿杆 cut-off basin 闭合流域 cut-off beam 截止电子注 cut-off bias 截止偏压 cut-off block 排种量调节套 cut-off cap 阻种器盖 cut-off characteristic 截止特性 cut-off circuit 截止电路 cut-off clutch 分离离合器 cut-off cock 切断旋塞 cut-off command 关闭发动机信号 cut-off computer 截止计算机; 开断计算机 cut-off condition 关机条件 cut-off control 裁切控制装置 cut-off current 截止电流 cut-off curve 轧齐曲线; 膨胀曲线 cut-off dam 截流坝 cut-off device 截流器; 断水器 cut-off diameter 截止直径 cut-off die 切边模 cut-off dike 截流堤 cut-off drain 截水沟 cut-off energy 截止能量; 门限能量 cut-off filter 截止滤波器; 截止滤光片 cut-off frequency 截止频率 cut-off governor 断汽调节器 cut-off grade 品位下限 cut-off grade 矿业 边际品位 cut-off grinder 砂轮截断机 cut-off interval 停车时间 cut-off jack 串联切断塞孔 cut-off key 切断电键 cut-off knife 裁刀 cut-off lens 切割镜片 cut-off level 截止电平; 限制电平 cut-off lid 内槽轮排种器的 阻种罩 cut-off limiting 截止限幅; 截止限制 cut-off machine 切断机 cut-off meander 割断曲流 cut-off method 截止法 cut-off mould 溢出式铸塑模 cut-off mode 截止模式 cut-off peak 截止峰值 cut-off piling 截水板桩 cut-off plate 节汽门; 风挡; 炉门 cut-off point 分界点; 熄火点; 截止点 cut-off polarizer 截止偏振器 cut-off procedure 截止程序 cut-off pulse height 脉冲幅度限 cut-off push 断路器按钮 cut-off radiation 辐射阀 f rate of return 报酬的舍弃率; 能接受的最低收益率 cut-off relay 断路继电器 cut-off relay circuit 截断继电器电路 cut-off rubbers 旺橡皮 cut-off rule 分割线 cut-off saw 横截锯; 截土锯 cut-off shell 断电器壳 cut-off signal 断开信号 cut-off slide 横刀架; 排种量调节套; 膨胀滑阀 cut-off slide valve 断流滑阀 cut-off slope 截止斜率 cut-off solenoid 切断螺管线圈 cut-off speed 截止速度 cut-off statement 截止报表 cut-off switch 切断开关; 断流开关; 断路接触器 cut-off test 停车试验 cut-off time 截止时间 cut-off tool holder 车刀支架 cut-off value 截止值 cut-off valve 截止阀; 关闭阀; 断流阀; 断流闸 cut-off velocity 截止速度; 停车速度 cut-off voltage 截止电压 cut-off wall 截水墙; 堰板 cut-off winder 开匹卷布机 cut-off-die 剪模 cutaneous horn of penis 阴茎皮角 cutaneous nerve of neck 颈皮神经; 颈皮神经 cutter back-off 抬刀; 让刀 cutter of gear wheel 齿轮刀具 cutter offset calculation declaration 刀具补偿计算说明 cutter radius offset 刀具半径偏置 cutting moment of torque 切削扭矩 cutting of bars 钢筋切断 bridge of pedicle skin tube 皮蒂管桥切断术; 皮管断蒂 cutting off lathe 截断车床 cutting off male flower cluster 断蕾 cutting off tool rest 车刀架 cutting offals 屠宰废弃物 cutting-off bushing 下料环; 环形下料模 cutting-off lathe 切断车床 cutting-off machine 切断机床 f of short-circuit 切断短路 cutting-off process 切断过程 cutting-off table 切泥台 cutting-off tool 割刀 cutting-off wheel 切断砂轮 cybernetic model of decision-making 决策的控制论模式; 决策的控制论模式 cycle of denudation 侵蚀旋回; 侵蚀循环 cycle of engine 发动机循环 cycle of infection 侵染循环 cycle of loads 载荷循环 cycle of magnetization 磁化循环 cycle of motion 运动循环 cycle of parasites 寄生虫生活周期 cycle of reproduction 再生产周期 cycle of river erosion 河蚀周期 cycle of sedimentation 沉积旋回 cycle of stress 应力周期 cycle of stress reversal 反复应力周期 cycle of the sun 太阳周 cyclic variation of stresses 应力周期变化 cyclocytic of stomata 轮裂气孔 cyclogeny of bacteria 细菌生活史 cyclone of dynamic origin 动力气漩 cyctic fibrosis of pancreas 粘稠物阻塞症 cylinder offset 汽缸偏置 cylindroma of bronchus 支气管圆柱瘤 cylindroma of palate 腭圆柱瘤 cylindroma of trachea 气管圆柱瘤 cyst of areolar glands 乳晕腺囊肿 cyst of Bartholin's gland 前庭大腺囊肿 cyst of bulbourethral gland 尿道球腺囊肿 cyst of cervix 子宫颈囊肿 cyst of chest wall 胸壁囊肿 cyst of Cowper's gland 尿道球腺囊肿 cyst of jaw 颌骨囊肿 cyst of ligamentum teres uteri 子宫圆韧带囊肿 cyst of liver 肝囊肿 cyst of mediastinum 纵隔囊肿 cyst of Montgomery's glands 乳晕腺囊肿 cyst of nasopharynx 鼻咽囊肿 cyst of palatine papilla 腭乳头囊肿 cyst of prostate 前列腺囊肿 cyst of round ligament 圆韧带囊肿 cyst of seminal vesicle 精囊囊肿 cyst of spermatic cord 精索囊肿 cyst of spleen 脾囊肿 cyst of submaxillary gland 颌下腺囊肿 cyst of thymo-pharyngeal duct 胸腺咽管囊肿 cyst of thymus 胸腺囊肿 cyst of vagina 阴道囊肿 cyst of vaginal wall 阴道壁囊肿 cystadenocarcinoma of hepatic duct 肝胆管囊腺癌 cystadenoma of breast 乳房囊腺瘤 cystadenoma of hepatic duct 肝胆管囊腺癌 cystadenoma of ovary 卵巢囊腺瘤 leiomyoma of uterus 子宫平滑肌瘤囊性变 cystic degeneration of lungs 肺囊状退变 cystic disease of breast 乳房囊性病 lung pseudocysts of lung 肺囊肿病 cystic hyperplasia of breast 乳腺囊性增生病 cystic hyperplasia of endometrium 子宫内膜囊性增生 cystic lymphangioma of mediastinum 纵隔囊性淋巴管瘤 cystic teratoma of ovary 卵巢囊性畸胎瘤 cysticercosis of breast 乳房囊尾蚴病 cysticercosis of spinal cord 脊髓囊尾蚴病 cysticercosis of vitreous 玻璃体囊尾蚴病 cysto-duodenostomy of pancreas 胰囊肿十二指肠吻合术 cystogastrostomy of pancreas 胰囊肿胃吻合术 cystoid degeneration of macula 黄斑部囊状变性 cystosarcoma of breast 乳腺囊性肉瘤 cystosarcoma phylloides of breast 乳房巨大纤维肉瘤; 乳房叶状囊性肉瘤 cystotomy for removal of foreign body 膀胱切开取异物 cytoplasm of the host cell 寄主细胞白细胞质 d-i offset system 图像直接转换胶印法 D.C. noise of tape 磁带直流噪声 d.c. testing of cables 电缆的直流测试 daily limit of price changes 每日价格变动限幅; 每日价位变动限幅 daily rate of pay 日工资率 dalton unit of mass 道尔顿 Dalton's law of partial pressures 道尔顿分压定律 damage of articular surface 关节面破坏 damage of materials 材料损害 ing of ground 地面防潮 ing of wall 墙身防潮 damped oscillatory mode of motion 阻尼振荡运动 damper of chimney 烟囱风门 damping bearing of highway bridge 公路桥梁减震支座 damping of pulsation 脉动阻尼 damping of vibration 减震 f of pine seedlings 松苗猝倒病 damping-off 猝倒病; 立枯病 f of seed ling 苗木立枯病 dan, a unit of weight 50 kilograms 市担 dance of bee 蜜蜂舞 danforth anchor of high holding power 丹福尔大抓力锚 danger of soil blowing 风蚀的危险 dangerous consequences of a crime 犯罪的危害后果 daposit of title deeds 权利证书托存 darafreciprocal of farad 拉法 permeability of porous medium 达西 dark cell of collecting tubule 集合小管暗细胞 dark field of view 暗视场 dark of the moon 无月光期; 月暗期 data component of simple OS 简单操作系统的数据成分 data of cross-section comparison 截面对比资料 data of dark-line spectrum 暗线光谱数据 data type of a variable 变量的数据类型; 变量数据类型 approval of the contract 批准合同之日 date of balance sheet 资产负债表日期 date of clearance 票据交换日期 date of declaration 宣布日 date of delivery 交割日期; 交货期; 交货日期 date of discharge 卸货日期 date of draft 出票日期 exigibility of the obligation 债务到期日 date of heading 抽穗期 date of installation required 要求安装日期 date of landing 卸货日期 date of payment 支付日期 date of record 截止过户日期 date of retirement 报废期 date of retirement 固定资产 报废日期 date of seeding 播期 date of settlement 决算日期; 决算日期 date of shipping 装船期限 date of substantial completion 实际完工日期 date of tax levied 纳税日期 date of test 试验日期 date weighed of lamb 羔羊称重日期 date-flower turbidity of the lens 枣花翳 datum for reduction of sounding 测深折算基点 datum of tidal level 潮位基准面 datum plane of gauge 测站基面 day free of frost 无霜日 day of clear sky 晴空日 day of due date 满期日 day of hail 雹日 day of maturity 满期日 day of reckoning 结帐日期 day of shipment price 装运日价格 day of snow 雪日 day of year 积日 day with wind of gale force 大风日 days of grace 延期宽限日; 宽限日; 宽延期; 恩惠日 deactivation of support 栽体的纯化; 载体钝化 dead center of lathe 车床尾顶尖 dead point of conversion gain 变换增益的死点 dead space of respirator 呼吸器死腔 dead storage of sedimentation 长期沉积 dead wood of fallen trees 树木采伐后的死木 deafness due to deficiency of blood 血虚耳聋 deallocation of devices 设备的去配; 设备的重新分配 debalance of preparation and winning work 采掘失调 debase the value of 贬值 debility of lumbus 腰无力 debility of [WTBX]Chong and Ren[WTBZ] Channels 冲任不固 debridement of craniocerebral wound 颅脑伤清创术 debt of honor 信用贷款; 信用借款; 信誉借款 debts of the deceased paid 已偿还遗债 decalcification of bone 骨脱钙 decapitation of fetus 胎儿断头术 decay of lumber 木材糟朽 decay of luminescene 发光衰变 decay of power 功率降低 decay of variability 变异性的减退 decay time of scintillation 起伏衰落时间 deceleration of electrons 电子制动 decentralization of power 分权制 profits 放权让利 decentralization of responsibility 分层负责; 分散负责 deciboyleunit of pressure 分波义耳 decide in favor of somebody 判决某人胜诉 decision in the face of risk 风险决策; 冒险性的决策 decision of maximization 最大化判定 decision of the court 法院裁决 decision thesis of probability 概率的决策论点 decisive model of organization 决策组织模型; 决策组织模型 declaraction of dividend 宣布分配股息 declaration of blockade 封锁宣言 declaration of forfeiture 没收公告 declaration of hatches 舱口报关单 declaration of inability to pay 宣告无力偿债 declaration of inventorship 发明人的声明 declaration of non-infringement 非侵权的申明 declaration of trust 信托协议 declination of grid north 格网偏角 declination of magnetic needle 磁偏角 decline of groundwater level 地下水位的降落 decline of real growth rate 实际增长水平的下降 decline of sale 销路不佳 the fire from the gate of life 命门火衰 decline of water table 地下水位下降 declining balance method of depreciation 折旧余额递减法 Decoction for Reliving Dryness of the Lung 清燥救肺汤 Decoction of Capejasmine and Fermented Soybean 栀子豉汤 Decoction of Gentian to Purge the Liver 龙胆泻肝汤 Decoction of Notopterygium for Rheumatism 羌活胜湿汤 Decoction of Seven Valuable Drugs for Malaria 截疟七宝饮 decomposition of force 力分解 decomposition of forces 力的分解 decomposition of fraction 分式分解 decomposition of query 查询分解 decomposition of relation schema 关系模式的分解 decomposition of variation 变差分解 decomposition of white light 白光分解 decompresseion of orbit 眼眶减压术 decompression of endolymphatic sac 内淋巴囊减压术 decompression of intestine 肠减压术 decompression of recurrent nerve 喉返神经减压术 decompression of saccule 球囊减压术 decompression of spinal cord 脊髓减压术 decontamination of feces 粪便无害化处理 decontrol of the market 放开市场 decoration of porcelain 瓷器装饰 decortication of lung 胸膜纤维板剥脱术 hilus of lung 肺门缩小 decrease of load 负荷降落; 降低负荷 decrease of plasma colloid osmotic pressure 血浆胶体渗透压下降 decrease of sensitivity 敏感度降低 decreasing of standard deviation 标准差降低 completion of the bankruptcy proceeding 破产终结判决 decree of court 法院裁决 decree of distribution 分配判决 management of narcotic drugs 管理毒品法令 decrement of oscillation 振荡衰减量 decrement of velocity 减速 decussation of fillet 丘系交叉 decussation of pyramid 锥体交叉 decussation of superior cerebellar peduncles 结合臂交叉 decussation of trochlear nerve 滑车神经交叉 dedendum line of contact 齿根接触线 deduct a percentage from a sum of money 提成 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司