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颈前羽 front of queue 队列的前端 front of saddle 溜板正面 front office 负责人办公室 front power take-off 前功率输出轴 front-end of spindle 主轴前端 Front-Mu point of the kidney 京门 front-of-wave test 波前冲击试验 frontal plate of the tentorium 幕骨额板 frostbite of penis 阴茎冻疮 frostbite of scrotum 阴囊冻伤 Froude law of similarity 弗劳德相似律 fructolysis text of semen 精液果糖分解试验 fruit of Chinese wolfberry 枸杞子 fruit of Japanese pagoda tree 槐角子 fruit of needle juniper 杜松实 fruit of negundo 黄荆子 fruit of paper mulberry 楮实子 fruit of simple leaf shrub chaste tree 蔓荆子 fruit white rot of grape 葡萄白腐病 fruiting of the groundnut 花生结实 frustration of contract 契约落空 frustum of a cone 平截圆锥体 frustum of cone 平截头圆锥体 frustum of parabola 抛物线截角锥体 frustum of pyramid 平截头棱锥体 frustum of sphere 球截角锥体 frustum of wedge 尖劈截角锥体 fuel cut off 燃料停止输送 fuel cut-off 断油开关 fuel shut-off valve 防火开关 full cut-off 全停; 全闭; 全截止 full dilatation of cervix 子宫颈开全 worm in blood of cattle 牛的血液里充满了一种寄生虫 full of liquid 液满; 充满液体 full set bills of lading 全套提单 full set of documents 全套单据 full vector offering 全矢量插入 full-value letter of credit 全额信用证 fully invariant series of subgroups 全不变子群列 Fumaria officinalis 蓝堇 fumigation of ship's holds 熏舱 fuming-off point 烟化点 fuming-off temperature 爆燃温度 function of a complex variable 复变函数 function of current 电流作用 function of detoxification 解毒功能 function of dispersion 分散函数 function of function rule 复合函数法则 function of joint 关节功能 function of macroscopic regulation 宏观调节职能 function of motion 运转功能 function of spectral power distribution 光谱功率分布函数 the extent of reaction 反应程度函数 function of word 字函数 functional defect of neutrophilic granulocytes 中性粒细胞功能缺陷 functional disorders of diaphragm 膈功能紊乱 functional disorders of platelet 血小板功能障碍性疾病 functional layer of endometrium 子宫粘膜功能层 functional reconstruction of thumb 拇指功能重建 functional region of city 城市功能分区 functional test of fat metabolism 脂肪代谢功能试验 functional tumors of ovary 卵巢功能性肿瘤 functionally complete set of connective 连接词的全功能集合 functions of control program 控制程序的功能 functions of hormones 激素的作用 functions of the Renminbi 人民币的职能 fund for repayment of borrowings 借款偿还基金 fund of funds 基金中的基金 fundamental forms of a surface 曲面的基本型 fundamental group of a topological space 拓扑空间的基本群 fundamental laws of heredity 遗传基本规律 fundamental theorem of algebra 代数基本定理 fundiform ligament of penis 阴茎拌状韧带 funds for trial manufacture of new products 新产品试制费 fundus change in toxeimia of pregnancy 妊娠毒血症眼底改变 fundus change of dermatomyositis 皮肌炎眼底改变 fundus change of polyarteritis nodosa 结节性多动脉炎眼底改变 fundus of gland 腺底 fundus of stomach 胃底 fundus of urinary bladder 膀胱底 fundus of uterus 子宫底 fungating carcinoma of stomach 胃血型癌; 息肉型胃癌 fungus infection of bone 骨真菌感染 funiculi of spinal cord 脊髓索 furlongunit of length 浪 furnace of calcium carbide 电石炉 furnace of continuous conveyor type 连续输送带式炉 furnace of the muffle type 马弗炉 furnace offtake 窑炉出口烟道 furniture of rosewood 红木家具 furniture of steel 钢家具 furskin of nutria 海狸鼠皮 furskin of sea-lion 海狮皮 further development of integument 珠被进一步发育 further investigations of 进一步研究 furuncle of mammary glands 乳腺疖肿 furuncle of penis 阴茎疖 furunculosis of buttock 坐板疮 furunculosis of vulva 外阴疖病 fusarium blight or scab of rice 稻赤霉病 fusarium wilt of cotton 棉枯萎病 fusarium wilt of cucurbits 瓜类萝枯病; 瓜类萎蔫病 fusarium wilt of flax 亚麻萎蔫病 fusarium wilt of sweet potato 甘薯萎蔫病 fusarium wilt of tobacco 烟草萎蔫病 fuse of instantaneous detonating 瞬发起爆导火索 fuse off 熔离; 熔融后拉断 fusion of shoulder joint 肩关节融合术 fusion of skull suture 颅骨缝愈合 fusion of wave 多波反应 fusion of wrist joint 腕关节融合术 future of biological control 生物防治前景 fuzzy core of representation 表现的模糊核心 fuzzy field of subset 模糊子集域 gauge of plate 中厚板的厚度 gauge of tracks 履带式拖拉机轨距 gauge of tyres 轮箍距 gain coefficient of medium 媒质增益系数 gain curve of medium 媒质增益曲线 gain factor of laser 激光器增益系数 gain of heat 增热 gain of light 光增益 gain of night vision instrument 夜视增益 gain on conversion of investment 投资变换收益 gaining in weight of lamb 羔羊增重 gains offset the losses 损益相抵 galea of chclicera 螯盔 Galen's system of medicine 盖仑氏学说 Galileo's law of inertia 牛顿第一定律 Gall Bladder Channel of Foot-Shaoyang 足少阳胆经 gall of cereals 禾本科植物黑穗病 gall of tea 茶饼病 galling of rings 活塞圈磨损 game of chance 机会对策 game of market competition 市场竞争对策 game of survial 生存的对策 game of two cars 两辆车的对策 game pay-off matrix 博弈支付矩阵 gang of cavities 多槽模; 多槽模型 gang of labourers 工作班组 ganglia of sympathetic trunk 交感干神经节 ganglioma of mediastinum 纵隔神经节细胞瘤 ibroma of mediastinum 纵隔节细胞性神经纤维瘤 gangrene of bladder 膀胱坏死 gangrene of colon 结肠坏疽 gangrene of gingiva 牙龈坏疽 gangrene of intestine 肠坏疽 gangrene of joint 关节坏疽 gangrene of penis 阴茎坏疽 gangrene of scrotum 阴囊坏疽 gangrene of uterus 子宫坏疽 gangrenous granuloma of lung 肺坏死性肉芽肿 gap-clearance of piston rings 活塞环开口 gargle of chlorine 氯含漱液 garment of clean room 防尘服 Gartner's duct cyst of vagina 阴道卵巢冠纵管囊肿 gas defence prevention of toxicants 防毒 gas dynamic type of chemical laser 气动式化学激光器 gas of combustion 废气 gas off-take 出气道 gas offtake target 采气目的层 gas-offtake borehole 煤气输出钻孔 gaseous law of volumes 气体体积定律 gaseous losses of nitrogen 氮的气体损失 gaseous phase of soil 土壤气相 gasification of wood 木材气化 gasoline officer 汽油供应员 gasoline shut-off 汽油开关 gassing of copper 铜气泡 gastrinoma of pancreas 胰促胃素瘤 gate of life 命门 gate pinch-off voltage 栅夹断电压 gate turn off 矩形脉冲断开; 矩形脉冲断开 gate turn-off 闸门电路断开 f; shut-off valve 闸阀 gauge line of rivets 铆接行线 gauge of rivets 铆行距 gauge of sheet 薄板的厚度 gauge of wire 钢丝的直径; 钢针号数 Gauss law of flux 高斯电通定律 Gauss principle of least constraint 高斯最小约束原理 Gauss system of units 高斯单位制 gelationus material of semen 精液胶状物 gemma of a fungus 芽孢 General Catalogue of Variable Stars GCVS 变星总表 general chamber of commerce 总商会 general chart of coast 海岸总图 general circulation of atmosphere 大气环流 General Conditions for the Delivery of Goods 一般商品交付条件 general conditions of construction 施工总则 Trade Unions of Japan SOHYO 日本工会总评议会 general description of construction 施工说明 General Energy Research Council of Japan 日本一般能源研究委员会 general form of value 一般价值形式 general geometry of path 一般道路几何 general goal of the macrocontrol 宏观控制的总目标 general index of retail price 一般消费物价指数 general law of error 一般误差定律 general law of reciprocity 一般互反律 general layout of project 工程总体布置 general length of service 一般工龄 general letter of credit 一般信用证 general letter of hypothecation 一般押汇担保函; 一般押汇质权书; 一般质押书; 押汇总质押书 general level of market prices 物价总水平 general level of prices 一般价格水准 general measure of reliability 可靠性的一般测定 general offer 一般报价; 一般发价 general office 总局 fice of the hospital 院部办公室 offece on cost 一般间接费用 general parts of machine 普通机件 general plan of working 总经营计划 general points of view 一般观点 general purpose lines of overhead 一般用途信用限额 general range of work speeds 工件转速范围 general rate of interest 一般利率 general run of things 一般情况 general specifications for the building of ship 通用船舶建造规范 general survey of soil and land planning 土壤普查和土壤规划 general survey of tumor 肿瘤普查 general system of preference 普遍优惠制; 普通优惠制 general theory of perturbation 一般摄动理论 general theory of relativity 广义相对论 general theory of statistics 统计学原理 generalization of binomial theorem 二项式定理的推广 generalized form of value 一般价值形式 generalized procedure of slices 广义条分法 generalized scheme of preferences 一般特惠制; 普遍优惠关税方案 generalized solution of Lagrange 广义拉格朗日解 generalized system of preferences 普遍优惠制 generalized system of preferences GSP 普遍优惠关税方案 generant of the toroid 超环面的母圆; 超环面母圆 generating function of binomial coefficients 二项式系数的生成函数 generation of a variable 变量的生成 generation of disturbances 扰动的生成 generation of inbreeding 近交代 generation of multiple output prime implicant 多端输出质蕴涵项的产生 generation of random numbers 乱数的产生 generation of storage 存储器的生成 generator of a quadric 二次曲面的母线 genesis of soil 土壤发生 genetic background of major corn varieties 主要玉米品种的遗传学背景 genetic control of insect pests 遗传防治害虫; 害虫遗传防治 genetic increment of strata 地层成因增量 genetic sequence of strata 地层的成因序列 genetic type of stream 河流发生型 genetics of quantitative characters 数量性状的遗传 gentex office 自通电报局 genu of corpus callosum 胼胝体膝 genu of facial canal 面神经管膝 genu of facial nerve 面神经膝 genu of internal capsule 内囊膝 genuineness of stain 纯种性 geographic distribution of population 人口的地理分布 geography of circulation 流通地理学 geography of energy 能源地理 geography of maritime transport 海洋运输地理学 geological map of coalfield 煤田地质图 geological work of river 河流的地质作功 geomagnetic cut-off latitude 地磁截止纬度 geometric data of cascade 叶栅的几何参数 geometric free camber of spring 弹簧几何挠度 geometric mean of U.S.weighted index 以美国为权数的几何平均指数 geometric width of gasket 垫片几何宽度 geometry of coal bed 煤层几何形态 geometry of coal seam 煤层几何形态 geometry of machinery 机械几何学 geometry of mapping 保角变换的几何关系 geotrichosis of lung 肺地丝菌病 germinal tumor of ovary 卵巢胚细胞瘤 germination of bean 豆的发芽 germination transmission of pathogen 病原种胚传播 germs of 萌芽 gestation period of investment 投资酝酿阶段 get out of order 发生故障 get out of the red 嬴利 get-of-sire 祖畜 the source of infection 消除病源 getting-off the rails 出轨 giant cell carcinoma of lung 巨细胞肺癌; 巨细胞肺癌; 肺巨细胞癌 giant cell granuloma of jaw 颌骨巨细胞肉芽肿 giant cell tumor of chest wall 胸壁巨细胞瘤 giant cell tumor of jaw 颌骨巨细胞瘤 soft tissue 软组织巨细胞瘤 giant cell tumor of tendon sheath 腱鞘巨细胞瘤; 腱鞘巨细胞瘤 giant fibroadenoma of breast 乳腺巨型纤维腺瘤 gigantism of bone 骨巨大畸形 gimbal moment of inertia 框架转动惯量 gingival cyst of mucous gland in the newborn 马牙 girth of paunch 腹围 give off carbon dioxide 呼出二氧化碳 give off vapours 放出蒸气 given off 释放 giving up of heat 放热 glaciology of the seas 海水学 gland leak-off 汽封漏汽 glanders of lung 肺鼻疽 glands of Brunner 布鲁纳腺 glands of cervix 子宫颈腺 glands of Leydig 莱迪希腺 glands of Zeis 蔡斯氏腺; 睑缘腺; 睑缘腺 glans of clitoris 阴蒂头 glaucomatous cupping of disk 青光眼性视神经乳头凹陷 glazed offset paper 高光泽胶版印刷纸 glean stray ears of wheat 拾青穗 Gleditsia officinalis 皂荚树 glide plane of symmetry 滑移对称面 glioma of spinal cord 脊髓神经胶质瘤 global grid of fault 全球性断层网 global theory of curves 整体曲线论 globe of diffusion 漫射球 globular cyst of bone 骨球状囊肿 glomerulus of kidney 肾小球 glomus tumor of stomach 胃血管球瘤 glucagonoma of pancreas 胰高血糖素瘤 glue of tortoise plastron 龟板胶 glume blight of rice 稻颖枯病 glume spot of rice 稻颖枯病 glycerolization of semen 精液干油化 glycogen-storage disease of heart 心脏糖原蓄积病 go out of business 停业; 歇业 go-off 起爆 goal of population control 人口控制目标 gob of glass 玻璃球坯 going of flight 梯段水平距 gonadal stromal tumor of ovary 卵巢性腺间质肿瘤 gonadoblastoma of ovary 卵巢性腺母细胞瘤 goniometer of knee-jerk 膝反射角测定仪 gonocytoma of testis 睾丸生殖母细胞性肿瘤 good strains of seed 良种 goodness of fit 配合适度; 拟合良好性; 适合度 goodness of fit test 拟合优度检验; 配合度检定 goodness of receiver 接收机品质因数 goodness-of-fit test 适合度检测 goodness-of-fit testing 拟合优度检测 goods of a well-known brand 名牌货 goods of first order 直接需要品 Goss process for the continuous casting of metals 高斯连续铸造 growth of load 负载增长 growth of mechanical power 机械动力的发展过程 growth of potato sets 马铃薯幼苗生长 growth of subterranean clover 遮阴下的三叶草生长 growth of the crystal 晶体生长 growth of the market 市场发育 growth of the radicle downward into the soil 胚根向下生长伸入土中 growth period duration of rice 水稻生育期 growth periodicity of tree roots 树根生长周期性 growth rate of forest trees 林木生长率 growth rate of population 人口增长率 growth rate of port traffic 港口吞吐量增长率 growth retardation of fetus 胎儿生长迟缓 growth stages of sorghum 高粱生育期 growth theory of the firm 厂商的增长理论 Guaiacum officinale 愈创木 guarantee of bills 票据保证 guarantee of delivery 交货保证 guarantee of good working order 保证良好操作 guarantee of repayment 借款偿还保证 guarantee of weight 保证重量 guarantee the payment of the debts 保证偿还债务 guaranteed letter of credit 保兑信用卡; 凭保证开发的信用证 guaranteeing of promissory notes 本票的保证 guaranty money of tender 投标保证金 gudgeon of universal joint 万向节销 guidance of table 平台导槽 guide of rod 杆导承 guide plate of gear rack 齿条导向板 guiding centre of a particle 粒子的导向中心 gullet of saw 锯齿间凹槽; 锯齿间凹槽 gum spirits of turpentine 树胶精油 gumma of chest wall 胸壁梅毒瘤 gumma of testis 睾丸树胶样肿 gumming of piston rings 活塞圈烧焦 gunite lining of tank 喷浆罐衬 gunnery officer 射击指挥所主任 H-theorem of Boltzmann 玻耳兹曼H定理 habenular commissure of habenulae 缰连合; 缰连合 habit of enuresis 便溺习惯 habitual dislocation of patella 习惯性髌骨脱位 habitual dislocation of shoulder 习惯性肩关节脱位; 肩关节习惯性脱位 hair side of belt 皮带的毛面 half cut-off 半截止; 半切断 half field-of-view 半视场 half range of tide 半潮差 half-body of revolution 半旋转体 half-life of plasma 血浆半衰期 half-life of recurrent selection process 轮回选择过程的半衰期 hallucination of organ 内脏幻觉 halo of 90 淡晕 halo of Hevelius 淡晕 halo of radio-burst region 射电暴晕 halting problem of flowchart schema 框图模式旺问题 hamartia of liver 肝错构 hamartoma of bronchus 支气管错构瘤 hamartoma of liver 肝错构瘤 hamartoma of lung 肺错构瘤 hammer off 锤截断 hammering cut of dents 凹部校直 hamulus of spiral lamina 螺旋板钩 hand of spiral 螺线方向 hand off 手动切断; 不可触摩 hand priming of pump 手起动泵 hand regulated warp let-off device 手调式送经装置 hand shovelling of coal 人工投煤 handing of door 门扇开关方向 handle of dental forceps 拔牙钳柄部 handle of malleus 锤骨柄 handling of land 土地开发 handling of plants 田间管理 handrail of staircase 楼梯扶手 hands off 手动断路 hands-off 手拉闸 hands-off control 放手操纵 hands-off policy 不干涉政策 hands-off speed 离手速度 handscroll of painting 画卷 hank unit of length 绞 harbour of refuge 避风港 hard grades of bitumen 硬质沥青 hard start of oscillation 振荡突起 hard technique of decision 决策硬技术; 决策硬技术 hardening of cement 水泥硬化 hardening of credit policies 金融政策趋向紧缩 hypomenorrhea due to deficiency of blood 血虚月经过少 hypoperistalsis of intestine 肠蠕动迟缓 hypoplasia of bladder 膀胱发育过小 hypoplasia of dentin 牙本质发育不全 hypoplasia of enamel 珐琅质发育不全; 釉质发育不全 hypoplasia of scrotum 阴囊发育不全 hypoplasia of testis 睾丸发育不全 hypoplasia of uterus 子宫发育不良 hyposulfite of soda 大苏打 hypothesis of molecular motion 分子运动假说 hysteresis constant of magnetic material 磁性材料磁滞常数 hysteresis of transformation 相变滞后 fragments of tissue 组织碎片鉴定 immobilization of the wounded limb 患肢固定 impulse-focused time-of-flight mass spectro-meter 脉冲聚焦飞行时间质谱仪 in a number of ways 在许多方面 in most of varieties 在多数品种中 in off position 在关闭状态位置 in place of 代替 in sexually mature phase of life 在性发育成熟阶段 in spite of 不管 different races of the fungus 在缺乏真菌鉴别小种存在时 in the course of cultivation 在栽培过程中 in the development of each ear 在每个穗的发育中 in the practices of breeding 在育种实践中 in the upper of the cell 在细胞的上部 in-degree of vertex 顶点的入度 inactivation of complement 补体灭活 inactivation of thrombin 凝血酶灭活 inactive queue of task 待处理任务队列 inactivity of yang-qi 结阳 inadequate perfusion of microcirculation 微循环灌流不良 incarceration of internal hemorrhoid 内痔嵌顿 incarceration of intrauterine device 宫内避孕器钳闭 incarceration of pregnant uterus 妊娠子宫箝闭 incease of power 提高功率 inch of mercury 英寸汞柱 inches of waterin H2O 英寸水柱 incidence of disease 发病率 incidence of hot spots 产生热点 incidence of light 光线入射 incidence of poverty 贫困率 incidence of taxation 纳税负担 incidence of unemployment 失业范围 incineration of garbage 垃圾焚化 incipient stage of decay 初期腐朽阶段 incised wound of larynx 喉切伤 incised wound of nerve 神经割伤 abscess of alveolus 牙槽脓肿切开引流术 incision and drainage of ankle joint 踝关节切开引流术 incision of anal membrane 肛膜切开术 great saphenous vein of femur 股部大隐静脉剖开术 incision of longitudinal vaginal septum 阴道纵隔切除术 septum of vagina 阴道隔切开术 incision of uterine septum 子宫纵隔切除术 inclination incline of nozzles flange 接管法兰倾斜 inclination of caldron 炒锅倾角 inclination of orbit 轨道倾角 inclination of planetary orbits 行星轨道倾角 inclination of the wind 风的偏差角 inclination of wave front 波前倾斜 inclined chord of truss 桁架斜弦杆 inclined dispersion of interference colours 干涉色倾斜色散 inclusion body of rhinitis 猪萎缩性鼻炎包涵体 inclusion cyst of vagina 阴道包涵囊肿 incoherence of speech 言语杂乱 incoherence of thought 破裂性思维 income from recoveries of bad debts 收回坏帐收益 income from sales of products 销货收入 income of unincorporated enterprises 非公司企业收入 income offset by depletion 冲销折耗的收益 income terms of trade 贸易收入条件 incoming of foreign capital 输入外资 incomparability of consequence 结果的不可比性 incompetence of cardiac valves 心瓣闭锁不全; 心瓣关闭不全 internal orifice of uterus 宫颈内口松弛 incompetence of pelvic floor 骨盆底机能不全 hardening of steel 钢的硬化 hardening process of wood 木材硬化法 hardness of grain 磨粒的硬度 hardness of grease 润滑脂的硬度 hardness of water 水的硬度 hardness of wood 木材硬度 tware trade-off 硬件固件软件权衡 harmfulness of smoking 吸烟危害 harmonic constant of tide 潮汐调和常数 harmonic factor of inverter output voltage 变压器的输出谐波系统; 变压器输出谐波系统 harmonic pencil of lines 调和线束 harmonic pencil of planes 调和面束 harmonic range of points 调和点列 harmonic series of sound 谐音系列 harmony of scale 比例上的协调 hasting of maturity 加速成熟 hatching method of schistosome miracidium 血吸虫毛蚴孵化法 haustra of colon 结肠袋 having the qualities of plants 具有植物特性的; 具有植物特性的 hazard of vibration 振动危害 head main, master, home office 总公司 head bay of lock 船闸前港; 船闸闸首 head loss of pipeline 管线水头损失 head of caudate nucleus 尾状核头 head of column 柱头 head of delivery 扬程; 压头 head of frame 上槛 head of glass 玻璃液压头 head of ingot 锭头 head of liquid 液柱压力 head of malleus 锤骨头 head of mandible 下颌头 head of mast 杆塔顶部 head of nozzle 喷嘴头 head of pump 泵压头 head of sheaf 禾捆的上部分 head of talus 距骨头; 距骨头 head of the clay room 坯房头 the department of medical administration 医务部主任 head of the mast 电杆顶部 head of the queue 队首 head of the reactor vessel 反应堆外壳的顶盖 head of tide water 感潮区上游段 head smut of sorghum 高粱丝黑穗病 head traverse of radial drilling machine 摇臂钻进给箱横切 head-gate duty of water 毛灌水定额; 毛灌水率 header of thermal medium inlet 热载体入口总管 heading of terry 毛巾端线 headroom of flight 梯段净高 heal the scars of war 医治战争创伤 healing of focus 病灶愈合 healing of wound 创伤愈合 healing process of tendon 肌腱愈合过程 health care of women 妇女保健 health office 卫生处 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司