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弹射 lift-off hinge 套芯铰链 lift-off seal 提升密封 lift-off, launching 起飞 lift-slab method of construction 升板施工法 lifting capacity of crane 吊车起重能力; 起重机起重量 lifting hands of wrist watch 起手表针的钳子 lifting of pipe lines 起出输送管 lifting of roll 提举辊子 lifting up of vines 提蔓 ligamentous injury of knee joint 膝关节韧带损伤 ligation of internal hemorrhoid 内痔结扎术 ligation of lymphatic duct 淋巴管结扎术 ligation of pulmonary vessels 肺血管结轧法 ligation of small saphenous vein 小隐静脉结扎术 ligation of thoracic duct 胸导管结扎术 ligature mark of hanging 缢沟 light cell of collecting tubule 集合小管亮细胞 light source of gas discharge lamp 气体放电光源 lighting off 点火 lighting-off 灭灯; 停止照明 lighting-off torch 点火棒; 点火火炬 lily of the valley 铃兰 lily of the valley leaf 令兰叶 limit of a sequence 序列的极限 low-temperature storage of liquefied gas 液化气低温贮存 lower course of river 河流下游 lower limit of crystallization temperation 析晶温度下限 lower limit of separation 分选下限 lower limit of stability 下限稳定性; 安定下限 lower limit of ultimate strength 极限强度下限; 低限强度极点 lower limit of variation 偏差下限 lower limit of yield 屈服强度下限 lower margin of pubic bone 耻骨联合下缘 lower middle part of forehead 阙上 lower of historical cost or net realizable value 历史成本与可变现净值孰低 lower of total cost or total market 总成本与总市价孰低 lower part of a cereal leaf 谷类作物叶的基部 lower portion of hypocotyl 下胚轴下部 lower reaches of river 河流下游 lower storey of forest 下层林 lower variation of tolerance 下偏差 lower-cut-off frequency 下限截止频率 lowering of groundwater level 地下水位降低 lowering of groundwater table 地下水位下降 lowering of temperature 温度下降 lowering of vapor pressure 蒸气压下降 lowering of water table 地下水位降低; 地下水位下降 lowering of watertable 降低地下水位 lumbago due to deficiency of blood 血虚腰痛 lumbar part of diaphragm 腰部膈 lumbar partial removal of vertebral disc 腰椎间盘部分切除术 lumbrical muscles of foot 足蚓状肌 lumen of gland 腺腔 luminosity classification of star 恒星光度分类 luminosity of night sky 夜天光度 luminosity rate of variation relation 光度光变率关系 luminous flux curve of standard lamp 标准灯光流曲线 luminous sensitivity of phototube 光电管光灵敏度 lumps of wood 方木; 木块 lune of a sphere 球面二角形; 球面弓形 lunula of nail 甲弧影 lunules of semilunar valves 半月瓣弧影 lurching of locomotive 机车摆动 luster of wood 木材光泽 luxation of teeth 牙脱位 lymphadenitis of mesentery 肠系膜淋巴结炎 lymphagioma of liver 肝淋巴管瘤 lymphangiectasis of conjunctiva 结膜淋巴管扩张症 lymphangioma of vulva 外阴淋巴管瘤 lymphatic follicles of spleen 脾淋巴滤泡 lymphatic plexus of rectovaginal septum 阴道直肠隔淋巴丛 lymphocytic infiltration of skin 皮肤淋巴细胞浸润 lymphoedema of lower limb 下肢淋巴水肿 lymphoid hamartoma of lung 肺淋巴组织样错构瘤 lymphoma of breast 乳房淋巴瘤 lymphoma of skin 皮肤淋巴病 lymphosarcoma of bladder 膀胱淋巴肉瘤 lymphosarcoma of bone 骨淋巴肉瘤 lymphosarcoma of breast 乳房淋巴肉瘤 lymphosarcoma of palate 腭淋巴肉瘤 lymphosarcoma of pharynx 咽淋巴肉瘤 lymphosarcoma of the prostate 前列腺淋巴肉瘤 L+ dose of toxin 毒素的致死限量 L0 dose of toxin 毒素的无毒限量 Lr dose of toxin 毒素的皮肤反应限量 Ma Yinchu's theory of population 马寅初人口论 machanical handling of crops 谷物的机械收割 machinable durability of layers 膜层的机械牢固度 machine for decorating rim of ceramic ware 陶瓷饰边机 machine method of accounting 会计机器整理 machine of normal series 标准型机器 machinery of consultation 协商方法 macro body of a definition 宏定义体 macro dummy variable of definition 宏定义哑变量 macroaim of production 宏观生产目的 macrocirculation of qi partially outside the body 离体周天 macroeconomics of productivity 宏观生产力经济学 macroscopic phenomena of fluctuation 宏观涨落现象 Madrid interband offered rate 马德里银行间放款利率 Lorentz theory of light sources 洛仑兹光源理论 lose sight of 忽略 loss in fresh weight of pod 荚的鲜重的减少 loss in the suspension of work 停工损失 loss of calcination 煅烧损失 loss of cash 现金损失 loss of charge 充电损失 loss of charge method 电荷损失法 loss of condition 掉膘 loss of consciousness 意识丧失; 失去知觉 loss of contrast 对比度损失 loss of control 失去操纵 loss of controllability 失去操纵性 loss of energy 能损失 loss of field 失磁; 磁场损耗 loss of flesh 掉膘 loss of flesh cow 掉膘母牛 loss of gloss 光泽损失 loss of goods 货物的灭失 loss of head 失头 loss of head due to contraction 收缩管的压头 loss of head due to entrance 管进口段的压头损失 loss of head due to pipe fitting 管道配件的压头损失 loss of heat 热损失; 失热 loss of information 信息丧失; 信息损失 loss of inventory valuation 库存降价损失 loss of life 寿命缩短; 使用寿命降低 loss of machine 电机损耗; 引上机故障 loss of macroeconomic control 宏观失控 loss of magnetic reversals 反复磁化损耗 loss of market 市场损失 loss of memory 记忆丧失 loss of mobility 失去机动性 loss of momentum 动量损失 loss of natural structure 自然结构的丧失 loss of nitrogen 氮素损失 loss of package 整件遗失 loss of peristalsis 蠕动消失 loss of phase 断相; 失相 loss of polarity 极性消失 loss of pressure 失压; 压力降低; 压力下降 loss of prestress 预应力损失 profit insurance 营业中断收益损失保险 loss of radio control 失去无线电控制 loss of resonator 共振腔损失 loss of rigidity 刚度损失 loss of sheet 平板玻璃生产事故 掉炉 loss of sight 失明 loss of significance 精度损失 loss of soil moisture 损耗土壤水分 loss of stability 失去安定性 loss of strength 强度损失 loss of suction 失吸现象 loss of synchronism 同步性破坏 loss of synchronism protection 失步堡 loss of synchronization 失去同步 loss of tension 张力损失 loss of the macroeconomic control 宏观失控 loss of time 时间损失 loss of total pressure 总压力损失 loss of traction 牵引力损失; 打滑损失 loss of turgidity 丧失饱满度 loss of underground water 地下水损失 loss of vacuum 失去真空 loss of velocity head 速度头损失 loss of voice 失音 loss of voltage 电压损失 loss of volume 体积减少 loss of water 水分损耗 loss of weight 失重; 减重 loss of working time 误工 loss-of-head gage 压头损失仪 lossening of macroscopic planned management 放松宏观计划管理 lost of gloss 失光 lost of not lost clause 灭失或不灭失条款 lot of land 一块地皮 lots of natural fleshing 膘情良好 loudness of heart sounds 心音响度 low level of yield 低产量 low limit of tolerance 下限公差 low number of seed set per cross 每次杂交所得的种子数很少 low percentages of protein 蛋白质含量较低 low plane of nutrition 低等营养水平 low pressure synthesis of superhard coating 超硬涂层的低压合成 low temperature injury of rice plant 稻株冷害 low water level cut off breaker 低水位切断断路器 low water stand of tide 低潮停潮 low-low plane of nutrition 全期低营养水平 low-pressure combination of gases 低压气体混合物 limit of accuracy 精度极限; 精确极限 limit of backwater 回水极限 limit of bearing capacity 承载能力极限 limit of convergence 收敛极限 limit of credit 信用额度 limit of diffusion 扩散极限 limit of endurance 持久限度 limit of fatigue 疲劳极限 limit of fire 射击安全角 limit of flammability 可燃性极限 limit of flocculation 絮状沉淀单位 limit of friction 摩擦极限 limit of function 函数极限 limit of impurities 杂质限度 limit of inflammability 可燃限度 limit of inflammability 混合气燃烧的 稀薄极限 limit of integration 积分范围; 积分域 limit of maximum financial revenue 财政收入最大限量 limit of perceptibility 觉察限度; 觉察限度 limit of precision 精确极限 limit of proportionality 比例极限 limit of resolution 分辨极限; 分辨限度 limit of rollability 可轧制性极限 limit of saturation 饱和限度 limit of seed size 晶种粒度范围 limit of size 极限尺寸 limit of stability 安定极限 limit of tidal current 潮流界限 limit of tolerance 公差极限; 耐性界限 limit of visibility 能见度极限; 可见限度; 视见限度 limit of visible spectrum 可见光谱范围 limit of wear 磨损极限 limit surface of yielding 软化极限曲面 limitation of delivery 流量限制 limitation of food intake 限制食量 length of path 冲程限度 limitation of nonproductive input 限制非生产性投入 limitation of over-length 超长界限 limitation of the movement 运动限度 limitations of brazed vessels 钎焊容器限制 limited circular diameter of tube layout 布管限定圆直径 limited offer 限定报价 limited service gentex office欧洲 有限业务自通电报局 limiting distribution of the Haga's test 芳贺检验极限分布 limiting range of stress 应力极限 limiting the growth of the money supply 紧缩银根 limits of financial capacity 财力负担限度 limits of integration 积分限 action of force 力的作用线 line of balance 平衡线图 line of balance LOB 平衡作业线 line of balance technique 平衡路线法 line of beauty 曲线美 line of business reporting 分部财务报告 line of cells 电解槽系列 line of centres 中心连线 line of code 代码行 line of codes 编码线 line of collimation 视直线; 视准线; 准直线 line of connection 连接线 line of contact 接触线 line of credit 融通额度; 信贷限额; 信用额度; 信用线 line of cultivation 耕作线 line of cut 切割线 line of declination 赤纬圈 line of deflection 挠曲线 line of departure 出发线; 抛落线; 发射线 line of descent 系谱 line of dip 倾向线 line of discount 贴现额度 line of engagement 接触线; 啮合线 line of fall 落地线 line of feedback coupling 回授耦合线 line of flight 飞行航线 line of flow 流线 line of flux 通量线 line of force 力线 line of fusion 熔合线 line of gravity 重力线 line of induction 感应线 line of intensity 强度线 line of level 水准线 line of magnetic induction 磁感应线; 麦克斯韦 line of magnetization 磁化线 line of motion 运动线 line of movement data 迁移基准线 line of normal curvature 法向曲率线 line of pipes 管道; 输送管线 line of policy 方针 line of position 位置线 line of projection 投影线 line of quickest descent 最快速下降线 line of ram stroke 滑枕行程线 line of reference 参考线 line of resistance 抗力线 line of return 返回线路 line of roll forming 辊锻线 line of same dip 等倾线 line of segragation 偏析区 line of shearing stress 剪应力线 line of shortest length 最短线 line of sight 瞄准线; 视线 line of singularity 奇异线 line of slide 滑动线 line of solidification 凝固线 line of sounding 探深线 line of striction 腰曲线 line of strike 走向; 走向线 line of tidal wave 潮波线 line of transference 转移线 line of turning tool travel 车刀移动线 line of vision 视向 line of wave 波线 line of weakness 脆质线 line out of service 线路停用 lineunit of length,=1/12inch 线 line-of-sight component 视向分量 line-of-sight course 目视航向 line-of-sight coverage 直视可达范围 line-of-sight geometry 瞄准几何学 line-of-sight link 视线链路 line-of-sight velocity 视向速度 line-up of N. C. machine tools 数字控制机床群 linea terminalis of pelvis 骨盆分界线 linear array of simple source 线列声源 linear cut-off 线性截止 linear cut-off low-pass filter 线性截止低通滤波器 linear fracture of skull 线形颅骨骨折 linear order of gene switch 基因直线排列 linear rate of flow 直线流速 linear reduction of tariffs 线性关税减让法 linear source of sound 线音源 linear system of complex 线性线丛系 linear system of curves 线性曲线系 linear system of point groups 线性点集系 linear system of surfaces 线性曲面系 linearity limit output of microphone 线性限制的传声器输出 linearization of nonlinear system 非线性系统的线性化 liner of cylinder 气缸套筒 lines of curvature 曲率线 upper lobe of left lung 左肺上叶舌段 lingula of cerebellum 小脑小舌 lingula of left lung 左肺小舌 lingula of lung 肺小舌 lining coefficient of friction 衬层的摩擦系数 lining of bearing 轴承衬层 lining of fire brick 耐火砖衬里 lining of shaft 炉身内衬 link of chain 链环; 链节 linkage of characters 性状连锁 linkage of coroutine 共行程序的连接 linkage of risks 风险连锁 linked entry office 网络进口局 linked office 网络局 lino-of-sight propagation 视线传播 liomyoma of vagina 阴道平滑肌瘤 lip of the jet 喷管边缘 lipoid cell tumor of ovary 卵巢类脂质细胞瘤; 卵巢肾上腺残余瘤 lipoma of bladder 膀胱脂肪瘤 lipoma of breast 乳房脂肪瘤 lipoma of bronchus 支气管脂肪瘤 lipoma of chest wall 胸壁脂肪瘤 lipoma of larynx 喉脂肪瘤 lipoma of liver 肝脂肪瘤 lipoma of lung 肺脂肪瘤 lipoma of penis 阴茎脂肪瘤 lipoma of pharynx 咽脂肪瘤 lipoma of scrotum 阴囊脂肪瘤 lipoma of small intestine 小肠脂肪瘤 lipoma of spermatic cord 精索脂肪瘤 lipoma of stomach 胃脂肪瘤 lipoma of testis 睾丸脂肪瘤 lipoma of vulva 外阴脂肪瘤; 女阴脂肪瘤 liposarcoma of bone 骨脂肪肉瘤 liquefaction of basal cell 基底细胞液化 liquefaction of brain tissue 脑组织液化 liquefaction of coal 煤液化 liquid cutting of wood 木材水力采伐 liquid level coefficient of reactivity 反应性水位系数 liquid level gauge of low pressure 低压液面计 liquid level gauge of medium pressure 中压液面计 liquid of silicate cement 硅粘固粉液 liquid phase of soil 土壤液相 liquid-drop model of nucleus 核的液滴模型 liquidation of a judicial person 法人清算 liquidation of the debt 清偿债务 liquor of the same tap 同样品质的酒 list of a stylus 唱针径向倾角 list of building materials 建筑材料表 list of distribution 分配表 list of documents 文据清单 list of drawings 图纸目录 list of fixtures 备品目录 list of forwarded traffic 发送货物清单; 发送货物运输清单 list of internal finishes 房间做法表 list of modification 更改清单 list of notion 概念表 list of parts 零件目录 list of piping supports 管道支架一览表 list of preliminary determination 初定震中表 list of property 财产目录 list of reinforcement 钢筋表 list of son 儿子表 list of symbols 符号表 list of technical characteristics 技术特性表 list of the comprehensive materials 综合材料表 list-directed length of field 表式域长度 liters of water 公升水 lithiasis of submaxillary gland duct 颌下腺导管结石病 lithographic offset duplicater -tor 胶印复印机 litter feeding of grain 禽撒饲谷物 Liver Channel of Foot-Jueyin 足厥阴肝经; 足厥阴肝经 liver necrosis of lamb 羔羊坏死性肝炎 living environmental condition of organisms 生物生存环境条件 living in the body of another animal 生活在其他动物体内 load of bombs 载弹量 load of taxation 赋税重压 load per unit of length 单位长度的负荷 load throw-off 抛负荷; 甩负荷 load throw-off test 甩负荷试验 load thrown off 负荷卸除 load-off 卸载 loading capacty of the magazine 暗匣装片量 loading data of machines 机器的负荷数据 loading of source 装源 loan charge-offs 放款坏帐额 loan loss charge-offs 放款倒帐额 loan of development project 开发项目放款 loan of taxation 赋税的重压 loan officer 信贷员 loathing of cold 憎寒 lobe of left lung 左肺下叶 lobectomy of brain 脑叶切除术 lobectomy of breast 乳腺腺叶切除术 lobectomy of liver 肝叶切除术 lobectomy of lung 肺叶切除术 lobes of mammary gland 乳腺叶 lobular carcinoma in situ of breast 乳腺小叶原位癌 lobular carcinoma of breast 乳腺小叶癌 lobular infiltrating carcinoma of breast 乳房浸润性小叶状癌 lobule of mammary gland 乳腺小叶 lobule of testis 睾丸小叶 lobules of thymus 胸腺小叶 local bill of lading BL 局部提单; 局部提单 local bulge of chest 胸廓局部突超 local central office 地区中心局; 分局; 本地中心局 local central office 电话 市内中心局 local cluster of galaxies 本星系团 local cluster of stars 本星团 adenoma of pancreas 胰腺瘤局部切除术 lesion of ear 耳病损局部切除术 lesion of palate 腭病损局部切除术 lesion of pancreas 胰腺病损局部切除术 lesion of penis 阴茎病损局部切除术 lesion of stomach 胃病损局部切除术 lesions of rectum 直肠病损局部切除术 local overgrowth of jaw 颌骨局部过度生长 locality of program's memory reference 程序的存储引用位置 localization of boundary stress 边缘应力的局部性 localization of cortical function 皮层功能定位 localization of fault 故障点定位 localization of faults 故障位置测定; 确定故障点 localization of sound source 声源定位 localization of wave 波定域性 localization sign of intracranial tumor 颅内肿瘤定位征 locating of root 勘根法 location of components 零件配置 location of dam 坝址 location of driving unit 传动装置位置 location of faults 损坏处测定; 故障探测 location of genes 基因定位 location of growing point 生长点的位置 location of mistake 错误定位 location of production 生产布局 location of root 根的位置 location of stamping 打印位置 location of table at coordinates 工作台坐标定位 location of the machine to be installed 设备安装地点 location of well 定井位 location of work piece 对准工件位置 locator of pipe 摆管器 lock of metal for bag 包用金属锁 lock of metal for vehicle 车辆用金属锁 lock-up certificate of deposits 封锁存款单 locking of forceps 合拢锁扣 locus of discontinuity 不连续轨迹 locus of points 点轨迹 log of freight train performance 货物列车性能日记 log off 注销 log-off 请求脱机 ile of velocity 对数速度剖面图 logic diagram of reliability 可靠性逻辑图 logic of modality 模态逻辑 logic of relations 关系逻辑 logical conception of probability 概率论的逻辑概念 logical level of a structure member 结构成员的逻辑层次 logical level of programming 程序设计逻辑级 logical unit of work LUW 逻辑工作单位 logistics of distribution 分配后勤 London interbank offered rateLIBOR 伦敦银行同业拆放息 long diagonal of indentation 压痕的长对角线 long fiber in the pod of plants 豆荚内的长纤维 long flexor muscle of thumb 拇长屈肌 long flexor muscle of toe 趾长屈肌 long form bill of lading 详式提单; 全式提单 long head of biceps brachii muscle 肱二头肌长头; 肱二头肌外侧头 long hundredweight unit of weight 长担 long levator muscles of ribs 肋长提肌 long limb of incus 砧骨长脚 long muscle of neck 颈长肌; 颈长肌 long periods of wet soil 土壤长期潮湿 long process of malleus 锤骨长突 long root of ciliary ganglion 睫状神经节长根 Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan 日本长期信贷银行 longest muscle of neck 颈最长肌; 颈最长肌 longevity of service 长使用寿命 longitude of descending node 降交点黄经 longitude of node 交点黄经 longitude of periastron 近星点经度 longitude of perigee 近地点黄经 longitude of perihelion 近日点黄经 longitudinal center of buoyancy 纵向浮心 longitudinal center of gravity 纵向重心; 重心纵向位置 longitudinal degrees of freedom 纵向自由度 longitudinal mode of motion 纵向运动 longitudinal moment of inertia 纵向惯矩 longitudinal muscle of rectum 直肠纵肌 longitudinal plane of symmetry 纵向中心铅垂面 longitudinal shift of focus 焦点纵向移位 loop cut-off characteristic 回线截止频率特性 loop of Henle 髓襻 loop of retrogression 逆行圈 loop of small intestine 小肠袢 loose body of knee joint 膝关节游离体 loose kernel smut of sorghum 高粱散黑穗病 loose of buoyancy method 损失浮力法 loose smut of barley 大麦散黑穗病 loose smut of wheat 小麦散黑穗病 looseness of soil 土壤松散 looseness of structure 结构松散 loosening of articular capsule 关节囊松弛 loosening of temporomandibular joint 牙关松弛 loosening of the tube 电子管松动 magister of sulfur 硫的制备 magnesium concentration of plant dry matter 植物干物质中镁的浓度 magnetic difference of potential 磁位差 magnetic lines of flux 磁力线 magnetic lines of force 磁力线 magnetic rotation of polarized light 极化光的磁致旋转 magnetic-particle method of inspection 磁铁粉检查法 magneto central office 磁石式电话总局 magnitude of a complex number 复数的绝对值 magnitude of a vector 向量的绝对值 magnitude of closed loop resonant peak 闭环共振峰值 magnitude of current 电流量 magnitude of deflection 偏倾度 magnitude of enlargement 放大倍数 magnitude of interference 过盈量 magnitude of load 载荷大小 magnitude of maximum shearing stress 最大剪应力值 magnitude of physical quantity 物理量值 magnitude of power 功率值 magnitude of relative value 相对价值量 magnitude of use-value 使用价值量 magnitude of voltage 电压值 Magnus's sign of death 马格努斯氏死征 main bulk of fuel 燃料的主要部分 main joist of suspended ceiling 吊顶主龙骨 main leaf of spring 钢板弹簧主片 main line of sight 主视线 main lines of communication 交通干线 main means of transport 主要运输手段 main office 总办事处; 总局 main points of new planned system 新计划体制的基本点 main shut-off handle 主截止手柄 main shut-off valve 总关闭阀 main targets of the plan 主要计划指标 maintenance of breeding bulls 种公牛的维持需要 maintenance of nitrogen 氮保存; 氮的保存 maintenance of possession 保全 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司