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牙髓腔穿孔 perforation of Shrapnell's membrane 鼓膜松弛部穿孔 perforation of tympanic membrane 鼓膜穿孔 perforation of uterus 子宫穿孔 performance of analog-to-digital convertor 模数转换器性能 performance of boiler 锅炉性能 performance of propellant 推进剂性能 performance of public vehicles 公用车辆性能 performances of test piece for welding 焊接试板性能 periarteritis nodosa of hepatic artery 肝动脉结节性动脉周围炎 periarthritis of shoulder 肩周炎 pericardial pseudocirrhosis of liver 心包性假性肝硬变 pericardial pseudocirrhosis of the liver 皮克氏病 pericarp of red pompelmoose 橘红; 橘红 pericoronitis of third molar 智牙冠周炎 perils of the sea 海上风险 perineal flexure of rectum 直肠会阴曲 period of a variable star 变星周期 period of bloom 花期 period of commutation 换向周期 period of compensation 补偿期 period of contact 闭合期间 period of contraction 紧缩时期 period of crop-rotation 轮作周期 period of depreciation 贬值时期; 耐用年限 period of disease 发病期 period of dormancy 休眠期 period of duration 生育期 period of freezing weather 封冻期 period of growth 生长期 period of half change 半变期 period of heating 加热期 period of lease 租借期限 period of light variation 光变周期 period of line 扣押期 period of load development 负荷增长期 period of loading 装料期 period of motion 运动周期 period of pregnancy 怀孕期 period of reservior with full water 满库水时间 period of retention 固位期 period of revolution 公转周期 period of S.H.M. 简谐运动周期 period of sampling 取样周期 period of saturation 饱和期 period of schooling 学习期限 period of service 服务期 period of slack sales 销售淡季 period of slow-wave structure 慢波线周期 period of storage 贮存时间 period of tillage 耕作季节 period of uncovering 潮退期 period of use 利用期; 使用期 period of validity 有效期 period of wave 波周期 period of waves 波动周期 periodic hydrarthrosis of knee 策尔尼氏病 periodic payment with present value of 1 每元现值每期付款数 periodic payment with present value of l yuan 一元现值定期付款 periostitis of wrist 腕骨膜炎 peripheral circulation of thymocyte 胸腺细胞外周循环 peripheral component of velocity 圆周分速度 peripheral type carcinoma of lung 周围型肺癌 periscopic inspection of drill holes 潜望镜检查钻孔 peritonitis of newborn 新生儿腹膜炎 permanence of continents 大陆永恒说 permanent change of station 永久性调动 permanent hardness of water 水的永久硬度 permanent of a square matrix 方阵的永久性 permanent-magnet off-centering 永磁偏心 permeability of heat 透热性 permeability of permanent magnet 永磁磁导率 permeability of water 透水性 permeation loss of gasoline 汽油渗透损失 permissible for types of steels 容许的钢材类型 permissible out of roundness 允许不圆度 permissible rate of water entry 容许进水率 permissible velocity of flow 允许流速 permission to take off 允许起飞 peroid of transition 过渡阶段 perpetual machine of the first kind 第一类永动机 perpetual motion machine of the first kind 第一类永动机 perpetual motion machine of the second kind 第二类永动机 perpetual motion machine of third kind 第三类永动机 perseveration of speech 持续言语 persistence of energy 能量守恒 persistence of pesticide 农药耐久性 persistence of vision 余像现象; 视觉存留; 视觉驻留 person in charge of the project 工程主持人 personal condition of production 人身生产条件 personnel office 人事科 perturbations of daily schedule 每日故障记录表 perversion of sleep 睡眠倒错 petition of right 权利申请书 petrology of coal 煤岩学 petrology of metamorphic rocks 变质岩岩石学 pH of semen 精液pH值 Pharmacopeia of Japan 日本药局方 People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国药典 phase behaviour of greases 润滑脂的相特性 phase control of grid voltage 栅极电压相位控制 phase distribution of field 场相位分布 phase lag of tide 潮汐位相滞后 phase margin of control system 控制系统的相补角 phase of prosperity 繁荣阶段 phase of the cycle 循环阶段 phase of wave 波相 Phase of Yanshan 燕山期 phase thickness of thin films 薄膜的相位厚度 phase velocity of wave 波相速度 phase-angle of a voltage transformer 电压互感器的相角差 phaseangle of a current transformer 电流互感器的相角差 phasing of industrial investment 分阶段安排工业投资 phenomena of peripheral dissociation 感觉分离现象 phenomenon of macrophage migration-inhibition 巨噬细胞移动抑制现象; 巨噬细胞移动抑制现象 pheochromocytoma of bladder 膀胱嗜铬细胞瘤 philosophy of marketing management 行销管理哲学 philosophy of measurement 测量方法 deep vessels of lower extremities 下肢深血管静脉炎 phlebothrombosis of leg 下肢静脉血栓形成 phlegmon of stomach 胃蜂窝织炎 phoma heart rot of beet 甜菜心腐病 phoma leaf spot of beet 甜菜蛇眼病 phony disease of peach 假桃病 phosphate of lime 磷酸钙 phosphorescence of dyes 染料的磷光 phosphorescence of wood 木材磷光 photo-offset 照相胶印法 photo-offset print 摄影胶版印刷 photoefficiency of photocathode 光电阴极的光电效率 photoelectric cut-off register control 光电切断点控制 photographic study of combustion 燃烧过程的摄影研究 photographs of progress 进度照片 phugoid mode of metion 长周期运动 physical basis of heredity 遗传物质基础 physical characters of seeds 种子物质性状 physical chemistry of high polymer systems 高聚物系统物理化学 physical chemistry of high polymers 高分子物理化学 physical chemistry of scatter systems 分散体系物理化学 physical composition of investment 投资实物构成 physical holding of stock 实物库存 physical level of programming 程序设计的物理层 physical location of documents 文献的收藏地点 physical setting of a crime 犯罪环境 physical unit of goods 货物的实物计算单位 physics of materials 材料物理学 physics of superhigh energies 超高能物理学 physiologic retraction ring of uterus 子宫生理缩复环 physiological chemistry of plant 植物生理化学 physiological jaundice of newborn 新生儿生理性黄疸 physiology of balance 平衡生理 physiology of circulation 循环生理学 physiology of labour 劳动生理学 physiology of lactation 哺乳生理学 physiology of reproduction 生殖生理 physiology of respiration 呼吸生理 pick up ears of wheat 捡麦穗 pick-off 拾取 pick-off coupling 拾取耦合; 切向耦合 pick-off diode 截止二极管 pick-off gear 选速齿轮; 可换齿轮 pick-off gearbox 速度变速箱 pick-off signal 截止信号 pick-off solenoid 分离电磁线圈 pick-off unit 取件装置 pick-up of engine 发动机的加速性能 pick-up of grains 木纹显露 pick-up of metal 金属粘着 pick-up of valve seat 阀座翘陷 picking of food 食物腌渍 pickling of metal 金属酸洗法 Pictorial Handbook of Chinese Medicinal Herbs 中草药图鉴 picture cut-off voltage 图像截止电压主 picture made of sorghum stalk 高粱杆画 picture sound offset unit 图像与伴音的偏置电路 picul unit of weight 担 piece of flax stem 小片亚麻茎秆 piecemeal replacement of major units 主要设备的逐渐替换 pigment cell of choroid 脉络膜色素细胞 pigment cell of skin 皮肤色素细胞 pigmentary degeneration of corpus callosum 胼胝体色素变性 pigmentary degeneration of retina 视网膜色素变性 pigmented nevus of penis 阴茎色素痣 pigmented nevus of pharynx 咽色素痣 pigmented vevus of skin 皮肤色素痣 pile off-gas system 反应堆除气系统 plane of delineation 图像平面 plane of denudation 剥蚀面 plane of departure 发射平面 plane of direction 瞄准面 plane of disruption 断裂面 plane of field lens 场镜面 plane of fire 射击平面 plane of flexure 挠曲面 plane of floatation 浮面 plane of flow 流动平面 plane of fracture 断面 plane of gravity 重心面 plane of incidence 入射面 plane of inlet 入口平面 plane of kinking 弯结面 plane of light incidence 光线入射面 plane of maximum shearing stress 最大剪应力面 plane of mirror symmetry 镜面对称面; 镜面对称面 plane of no deformation 无伸缩剖面 plane of no distortion 不变歪面 plane of nutrition 营养水平 plane of oscillation 震荡面; 摆动面 plane of pelvic outlet 骨盆出口平面 plane of peptide band 肽键平面; 肽键平面 plane of perspectivity 透视平面 plane of polarization 偏振面; 偏振平面; 极化面; 极化平面 plane of projection 投影面 plane of reference 参考面; 基础面 plane of reflection 反射面; 反射平面 plane of refraction 折射面 plane of regression 回归平面 plane of rotation 转动面 plane of rupture 折断面; 破坏面; 破裂面; 断面 plane of saturation 地下水面 plane of sharpest focus 锐聚焦面 plane of sight 视准面 plane of site 炮目高低面 plane of symmetry 对称面 plane of tensile fracture 张裂面 plane of the sky 天球切面 plane of thrust 冲断面 plane of unconformity 不整合面 plane of uniform distortion 均匀变歪剖面; 均匀变歪剖面 plane of vaporization 汽化平面 plane of vibration 振动面 plane of weakness 弱面; 薄弱面 plane of yaw 偏航平面 plane state of stress 平面应力 plane-of-weakness joint 槽缝 planetary system of winds,planetary wind system 行星风系 planing of stee plate 钢板刨边 planned cost variance of materials 材料计划成本差异 planning of parks and greens 公园及绿地规划 plant of legume family bearing pods and seeds 结荚和籽粒的豆科植物 plant of perennial monocarp 一稔多年生植物 plantar surfaces of toe 足底面 planting early maturing varieties of soybean 种早熟大豆品种 planting of layers 压条法 planting unit of corn planter 玉米播种机排种装置 plasma cell granuloma of lung 肺浆细胞肉芽肿 plasma cell myeloma of pharynx 咽浆细胞骨髓瘤 plasma concentration of lactic acid 血浆乳酸浓度 plasmacytoma of conjunctiva 结膜浆细胞瘤 plasmacytoma of larynx 喉浆细胞瘤 plasmacytoma of mediastinum 纵隔浆细胞瘤 plasmatic atmosphere of platelet 血小板外血浆层 plasmocytoma of stomach 胃浆细胞瘤 plaster of Paris 煅石膏 plaster of paris bandage 石膏绷带 plastic flow of steel 钢的塑流 plastic limit of soil 土壤塑限 plastic repair of bronchus 支气管成形修补术 plastic sore of skin 皮肤石膏压疮 plastic theory of failure 塑性破坏理论 plastic theory of limit design 塑性极限设计理论 plastic theory of reinforced concrete 钢筋混凝土塑性理论 plasticity classification of soil 土的塑性分类 plasticity of bone 骨的可塑性 plastid system of heredity 质体遗传系 plate cut-off 阳极截止 plate cut-off current 板极截止电流 plate of a laminated spring 叠板片簧 plate-current cut-off 板流截止 plates of unequal thickness 不等厚度的平板 plating of cultures 平皿接种法 platinum group of matals 铂族金属 play of color 色彩闪变 play of valve 阀隙 play-off beam 抹迹射束; 回扫射束 plea of self-defence 出于自卫的抗辩 pledge the credit of 假借信用 plexus of spinal nerve 脊神经丛 plica of left vena cava 左腔静脉襞 plication of intestine 肠折叠术 plication of small intestine 小肠排列术; 小肠折叠排列术; 小肠折术 plication of urethra 尿道折叠术 plication of valvular ring 瓣环折叠术 plot of land 基址; 地块 plot of perennial rye-grass 多年生黑麦草种植地块 plotting office 绘图室 plug of clay 泥塞 plumbite of soda 铅酸钠 plumpness of thigh 大腿丰满程度 plurality of controls 复杂控制 pneumatic control of liquid level 液面的气动控制 pneumatic cut-off winder 气压自停卷布机 pneumatic draw-off device 气流牵拉装置 pneumatic method of sinking 压气沉箱凿井法 pneumatic system of sewerage 气压排除污水法 pneumatocele of scrotum 阴囊气瘤 pneumoarthrography of knee 膝关节充气造影 pocket of poverty 贫穷地带 pocket of pus 脓袋 pockets of soil 土囊 pockets of swamp material 湿土囊 pockets of water 水囊 pod of Chinesescholartree 槐角 podzol type of soil formation 灰壤式成土作用 podzolization of soils 土壤灰化作用 point cut-off 切断点 point of bisection 二等分点 point of burst 爆裂点 point of buttocks 臀角 change of gradient 坡度变点 point of congelation 冻凝点 point of connection 连接点 point of contact 接触点 point of contraflexure 反弯点 point of control 控制点 point of crossing 交叉点 point of cultural interest 古迹 point of curve 曲线起点 point of destination 目的点 point of discontinuity 不连续点 point of divergence 分支点; 辐散点 emergonce of dislocation 位错露头点 point of fluidity 流源 point of force concurrence 力交会点 point of fracture 断裂点 point of hock 飞节端; 小节端 point of hyperthermal rise 体温上升点 point of incidence 入射点 point of incipient fluidization 流态化起点 point of inflection 反弯点; 拐点; 变曲点 point of inflexion 变曲点; 反曲点 point of inflexion on a curve 曲线的拐点 point of insertion 插叶点 point of interruption 中断点 point of intersection 交点 intersection of tangents 切线交点 point of invocation 调用点; 调用点 point of junction 会合点 point of load 载荷点 point of low urether 下输尿管点 point of magnetic modification 磁变态点 point of magnetic transformation 磁性转变点 point of no return 不可返回点 onset of fluidization 流态化起点 point of osculation 密切点 point of pole 杆塔顶点 point of pouring 浇注温度 point of puncture 穿刺点 point of recalescence 再辉点 point of reciprocity 互易点 point of reflection 反射点 point of reflection on the curve 曲线的反弯点 point of release 排汽的 排泄点 point of reverse curvature 反曲线点 point of sale 销货点 point of sale terminal POST 销货点终端机 point of self-oscillation 自振点 point of shoulder 肩端 point of slippage 打滑点 point of solidification 固化点 split-off 分离点 point of tangency 切点 point of tongue 尖轨端 point of transition 转变点; 临界点 point of view 观点 point of weld 焊接点 point of zero flow 断流点 point of zero moment 零力矩点 point of zero shear 零剪力点 point of zero voltage 电压零点 point-of-failure restart 故障点再启动 point-of-sale terminal 售货点终端 point-of-sale terminals 销售点终端机 point-source of light 点光源 pointing of tag end 锻头 points of entry 入境地点 points of the back 背部穴 poisoning by thyroid of pig 猪甲状腺中毒 poisoning of reactor 反应堆中毒 Poisson index of dispersion 泊松离差指数 Poisson's law of large number 泊松大数定律 polar modulus of section 极截面模数 polar moment of inertia 极惯性矩; 惯性极矩 polarity glioblastoma of craniocerebrum 颅脑极性成胶质细胞瘤 polarity of chain 分子链的极性 polarity of feedback link 反馈链的极性 polarity of feedback loop 反馈环的极性 polarity of subduction 俯冲极性 polarity of sunspots 黑子的极性 polarity of transformer 变压器极性; 变压器绕线方向 polarization of laser output 激光输出偏振度 polarization of light 光的偏振; 光偏振 polarization of polymer 聚合物极化; 聚合物极化 pole of inaccessibility 冰极 pole of inertia 惯性极 pole of orbit 轨道极 pole of rotation 旋转极; 自转极 policy of product-use price differentials 不同用途差别订价政策 policy of seclusion 闭关自守政策 polished finish of stone 石面磨光 polishing of wood 木材打光 pollen grains of cultivated plants 栽培植物的花粉粒 pollination of blendings 族间或品种间传粉 pollution of chromium 铬污染 pollution of groundwater 地下水污染 pollution of herbicide 除草剂污染 pollution of natural water 天然水污染 pollution of river 河道污染 pollution of synthetic detergent 合成洗涤剂污染 pollution of the environment 污染环境 pollution of vanadium 钒污染 Polya frequency distribution of order two 波利亚二阶频率分布 polyembryoma of ovary 卵巢多胚瘤 polygon of forces 力多边形 polyp of bladder 膀胱息肉 polyp of breast 乳房息肉 polyp of cervix 子宫颈息肉 polyp of posterior naris 后鼻孔息肉 polyp of rectum 直肠息肉 polyp of sinus 鼻窦息肉 polyp of stomach 胃息肉 polyp of trachea 气管息肉 polypoid carcinoma of stomach 息肉型胃癌; 胃息肉样癌 polyposis of small intestine 小肠息肉病 polyps of endocervix 子宫颈内膜息肉 pondage of reservoir 水库蓄水量 ponding method of curing concrete 混凝土泡水养护法; 混凝土养生池养护法 pony-roughing stand of rolls 预轧机座 pool of buffer 一组缓冲 pool of labour power 劳动力资源 pooling of capital 集中资本 pooling of interest method 联营法 pooling of interests method 权益入股法 pooling of land 土地入股 poor conductor of heat 不良导热体 poor quality of the ores 贫矿 pop-off 出气冒口; 溢流冒口 pop-off flask 铰链式砂箱; 可折式砂箱 pop-off valve 爆脱阀 popularization of good strains 推广良种 population of city 城市人口 population of levels 能级数 population of parameter 参数组 population of parameters 参数群 population of rotational levels 旋转水平的总体 pore of sweat duct 汗孔 pore volume of catalyst 催化剂孔隙度 porokeratosis of toe 足趾汗孔角化病 porosity of coal 煤孔隙率 porosity of filter 过滤器孔隙度 porosity of soil 土壤孔隙性 porous ceramic sensor of moisture 多孔陶瓷湿度传感元件 port of call 寄泊港; 停靠港; 沿途停泊港 port of coaling 装煤港 port of debarkation 卸货港口 port of delivery 交货港 port of departure 出发港; 启运港 port of destination 目的港; 目的口岸 port of discharge 卸货港口 port of dispatch 发货港 port of distress 避风港 port of entry 进口港; 输入口岸 port of recruit 接应港 port of refuge 避风港; 避难港 port of registry 注册港 port of shipment 装运港; 载货港; 起运港; 发货港 port of transhipment 转运港 port of transshipment 中转港 port of unloading 起货港 port office 港务局 portability of program 程序移植性 portable therapeutic apparatus of CO2 laser 便提式CO2激光治疗机 portal of entry 侵入门户; 传染门户; 传染入口; 病菌侵入门户 portal of infection 传染门户 Portuguese man-of-war 僧帽水母 position area of the artillery 炮兵发射阵地地域 position for reception of fault notices 收受故障通知的座席 position of bearings 轴承位置 position of covered tools 埋钻深度 position of fault 故障地点 position of fetus 胎位 position of focal plane 焦面位置 position of heavenly body 天体位置 position of peril 危急情势 position of platform 平台位置 position of related features 位置公差 position of strength 实力地位 position of telescope 望远镜位置 position of trachea 气管位置 position of valve 瓣膜位置 position of welding 焊接位置; 焊位 positional response of carbon microphone 碳粒传声器倾斜角特性 positioning of beam 射束位置调整 positive cut-off 完全截水墙 positive definite differential form of degree two 正定二次微分形式 positive orientation of spin 正自旋取向 positive radius of communication 有效通信半径 possibility of inaction 静止的可能性; 静止的可能性 possibility of trouble 故障率; 事故率 Post Office bridge 箱式电桥 post office preferred POP 标准信封优待 post-inflammatory pseudopolyp of colon 炎症后结肠假息肉 post-office boxP.O.B 邮政信箱 post-traumatic hematocele of tunica vaginalis 外伤后鞘膜血囊肿 post-traumatic hydrocele of tunica vaginalis 外伤后鞘膜积液 the soft tissue 筋缩 posterior basal region of left ventricle 左室后基底部 posterior basal segement of lower lobe 下叶后基底段 posterior belly of digastric muscles 二腹肌后腹 posterior border of petrosal part 岩部后缘 posterior column of spinal cord 脊髓背侧柱; 脊髓后柱 posterior commissure of labia 阴唇后连合; 唇后连合 posterior commissurotomy of spinal cord 脊髓后联合切开术 posterior cruciate ligament of knee 后交叉韧带 posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm 前臂后皮神经 posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh 股后皮神经 posterior dislocation of shoulder 肩关节后脱位 posterior fold of tympanic membrane 鼓膜后皱壁 posterior funiculus of spinal cord 后索; 脊髓背侧索; 脊髓后索 posterior gray column of spinal cord 后灰柱; 后柱 posterior interosseous nerve of forearm 前臂骨间后神经 posterior intertransverse muscles of neck 颈横突间后肌; 颈横突间后肌 posterior ligament of incus 砧骨后韧带 posterior lobe of cerebellum 小脑后叶 posterior lymph nodes of vena cava 腔静脉后淋巴结 posterior medial branch of choroid plexus 脉络丛后内侧支 posterior median sulcus of spinal cord 脊髓后正中沟 posterior pole of lens 晶状体后极 posterior process of talus 距骨后突; 距骨后突 posterior ramus of spinal nerve 脊神经后支 posterior recess of tympanic membrane 鼓膜后隐窝 posterior region of knee 膝后区 posterior sagittal diameter of midpelvis 中骨盆后矢状径 posterior sagittal diameter of pelvic outlet 骨盆出口后矢状径 posterior segment of lower lobe 下叶背段 posterior surface of lens 晶状体后面 posterior triangle of neck 颈后三角; 颈后三角 posterior vein of corpus callosum 胼胝体后静脉 postinfective fistula of small intestine 感染后小肠瘘 postpartum ligation of fallopian tube 产后输卵管结扎术 postpartum ligation of oviduct 产后输卵管结扎术 postpartum retention of urine 产后尿潴留 postponement of payment 延期支付 postponement of taxation 延期课税 posts of shade 遮阴栅的支柱 postulate of molecular chaos 分子混沌性假设 posture reduction for fracture of spine 脊椎骨折姿势性复位 postweld heat treatment of connections 连接的焊后热处理 Potain's type of congestion 波坦氏病 potency of drug 药力 potential energy of deformation 变形势能 potential holding of funds 潜在资金 potential motion of a fluid 势流 potential of hydrogen 酸硷度 potential of regeneration 再生电位 potentiality of seed 种子发芽势 pounding of valve seat 阀座碎击 powder of cantharide 斑蝥粉 powder of fritillary bulb and antelope's horn 贝羚散 powder on the surface of a dried persimmon 柿霜 powdery mildem of cereals 谷类白粉病 powdery mildew of cereals 麦类白粉病 powdery mildew of cucumber 黄瓜白粉病 power cut-off 结束工作 power cut-off relay 电源切断继电器 power of a test 检验的势 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司