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净值利润率 it ratio of paid-up capital 实收资本利润率 it ratio of total liabilities and net worth 负债总额与净值的利益率 itability of operating units 经营单位获利能力; 经营单位获利能力 itability of the import and export enterprises 进出口企业的盈利性 its in excess of the norm 超目标利润 progagation of population 人口增殖 program of variety test 品种试验方案 program of work 工作程序 programmable point-of-sale terminal 可编程序销售点终端 programme chart of subdivisional work 分项工程进度表 programme of capital work 基础工程计划 progress of labor 产程进展 progress of material wear 材料磨损过程 progress of weld 焊向 progress of work 工作进程 progress of works 工程进度 progressive interstitial fibrosis of lung 进行性肺间质纤维变性症 progressive lipodystrophy of orbit 进行性眶脂肪营养障碍 prohibition of direct transaction 禁止直接交易 project of high-calorie coal gasification 高热量煤气化工程 projected cut-off 投射截止点; 投射截止点 projection of the celestial sphere 天球投影图 projective pencils of lines 射影线束 projective pencils of planes 射影面束 projective ranges of points 射影点列 projective system of topological group 拓扑的射影系 projective theory of curves 曲线的射影理论 projects of complete plants 成套工程 prolapse of bladder 膀胱脱垂 prolapse of ciliary body 睫状体脱出 prolapse of hemorrhoids 痔核脱出 prolapse of laryngeal ventricle 喉室脱垂 prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc 腰椎间盘突出症 prolapse of mitral valve 二尖瓣脱垂 prolapse of ovary 卵巢脱垂 prolapse of ovary and fallopian tube 卵巢输卵管脱垂 prolapse of placenta 胎盘脱垂 prolapse of rectal mucosa 直肠粘膜脱垂 prolapse of rectum 直肠脱垂; 脱肛 prolapse of umbilical cord 脐带脱垂 prolapse of uterus 阴菌; 阴挺; 阴痔; 子宫脱出; 子宫脱垂 prolapse of vagina 阴道脱垂 prolapse of vitreous 玻璃体脱出 proliferation of fibrous tissue 纤维组织增生 proliferation of funds 分散资金 proliferation of Leydig's cell 睾丸间介细胞增殖 proliferation of osteophyte 骨赘增生 proliferation of smooth muscle 平滑肌增生 proliferation of spine 脊柱增生性病变 proliferative stage of endometrium 增殖期子宫内膜 proliferative zone of cartilage cell 软骨细胞繁殖区 prolong the period of validity 延长有效期 prolongation of latency 潜伏期延长 prolonged second stage of labor 二程延长 promeristen of the root tip 根类的原生分组织 prominence of lateral semicircular canal 外半规管凸 prominence of the sunspot type 黑子日珥 promontory of tympanum 鼓岬 promote the sale of products 推销产品 promotion of lactation 催乳 promotion of market development 市场发展与培育 promotion of personnel 人员提升 prompt delivery of goods 早交货 prompt drop of reactivity 反应性速降 prompt jump of reactivity 反应性瞬发跳变 prompt of fission energy 迅发裂变能; 迅发裂变能 pronouncement of judgment 宣告判决 of cash 现金核证 of journal 日记帐检查 of loss 损失证明 of program correctness 程序正确性证明 of the contrary 反面证据 propagation constant of a semiconductor 半导体传播常数 propagation of ground wave 地波传播 propagation of high frequency radio wave 高频电波传播 propagation of low frequency LF radio wave 低频电波传播 propagation of low frequency radio wave 低频电波传播 propagation of microwave 微波传播 propagation of tea cuttings 茶树插条繁殖 propagation of very high frequency VHF 甚高频电波传播 propagation of very low frequency VLF 甚低频电波传播 propellant cut-off 停止输送推进剂 propellant cut-off mechanism 推进剂止送装置 proper functioning of the major organs 主要器官的正常功能 proper mode of membrane vibration 膜振动本征模式 proper proportion of food material 营养物质的适当比例 proper proportion of nutrient 肥料配合合理 proper rotation of crops 合理轮作 proper substance of sclera 巩膜固有质 proper tunic of testis 睾丸固有膜 properties of biological material 生物学物质的性质 estimator of a model 模型的估计量性质 property of a drug 药性 proportion of births to population 人口出生率 proportion of ingredient 指混合物的 成分比例 proportion of leaf to stem 牧草的叶茎比例 proportion of mixture 混合比例 proportion of weight to height 马 体重率 proportional allocation of sample size 样本量的比例分配 proportional limit of shear 剪切比例极限 proportional rate of tax 比例税率 proportional share-cropping of net income 净收入按比例分成; 净收入按比例分成 proportionality of production process 生产过程比例性 proportionate sharing of the revenue 比例包干 proposal of insurance 要保书 proprietorship of land parcels 小块土地所有制 prospective tank offensive 预料中的坦克进攻 prostaglandin induction of labor 前列腺素引产 prot of discharge 起货港 protect-range of grassland 草原堡区 protection film for heat treatment of metal 金属热处理堡膜 protection method of soil-hungry 防止土壤瘠薄措施 protection of child labor 童工的堡 protection of frost 防冻 protection of grassland 草原堡 protection of historical relics 文物堡 protection of home industries 民族工业堡; 堡民族工业 protection of perineum 会阴堡法 protective cover of vegetation 防护性植被; 植被防护层 protective reaction of fatigue 疲劳堡反应 protector of respiration 呼吸防护器 protein of milk 乳中的蛋白质 a cross-section of a petiole 叶柄部分横切面 Protodrakonov scale of hardness 普氏岩石硬度系数 protracted course of disease 迁延不愈 protrusion of joint 关节突出 protrusion of surface 表面突起 protrusion of thoracic intervertebral disk 胸椎间盘突出症 providing a complete set of services 提供成套服务 prudent limit of endurance 航时可靠限度 pruning of goal tree 目标树修剪 pseudo-directed family of points 伪有向点族 pseudo-group of transformations 伪变换群 pseudo-offline I-O 伪脱机输入输出 pseudo-offline working 伪脱机工作 pseudomalignant hyperplasia of endometrium 子宫内膜假恶性增生 pseudopolyp of colon 结肠假息肉 psychic paralysis of gaze 精神性凝视麻痹 psychologic attributes of colour sensation 心理的彩色三属性 psychological theory of business cycle 经济周期心理学; 经济周期心理学 psychology of chronic diseases 慢性病心理学 psychology of vision 视觉心理学 pterygopalatine sulcus of palatine bone 腭骨翼腭沟 ptyalism of pregnancy 妊娠流涎 public call office 公用电话通话所 public needs theory of taxation 课税的公需理论 public offer 公开报价 public ownership of land 土地公有制 public sector of the economy 经济中的公营成分; 经济中的公营成分 puddle cut-off 夯土截水墙 puff of wind 阵风 puffiness of face 颜面浮肿 pull of vacuum 真空吸力 pull off 脱掉 pull-off connection 脱落连接 pull-off plug 脱落插头 pull-off pole 系定杆; 锚定柱; 双撑杆 pull-off spring 放松弹簧 pull-off strength 扯离强度; 拉脱强度 pulling of seedlings 采苗 pulling off device 拉出装置 pulling out of step 牵出同步 pulling out of synchronism 牵出同步; 失步 pulling-off silk end 拖头丝 pulmonary surface of heart 心肺面 pulp of finger 指垫 pulp of flax seeds 亚麻籽肉 pulp of intervertebral disk 椎间盘软块 pulp of tooth 牙髓 pulsation of current 电流脉动 pulsation of hilar arteries 肺门动脉搏动 pulse method of measuring sound velocity 测量声速的脉冲法 pulse of sea-floor spreading 海底扩张的脉动 pulse of sound 声脉冲 pulse rate of rise 脉冲上升率 pulse-converter system of turbocharging 涡轮增压的脉冲变换系统 pulse-off period 脉冲停止周期 pulsed-off signal 脉冲断路信号 pulsed-off signal generator 脉冲断路信号发生器; 脉冲切断式信号发生器 pump of constant delivery type 定量泵 pumping head of capillarity 毛细唧送压头 punch off 穿孔结束; 不穿孔 punch-off 穿孔偏离 puncture fluid of serous cavity 浆膜腔穿刺液 puncture of bladder 膀胱穿破 purchase of a subsidiary 附属公司之买入 purchase of merchandise 进货 purchasing office 采办处 pure cost of circulation 纯流通费用 pure labor-cost theory of value 纯劳动成本价值说 pure monetary theroy of business cycle 纯粹货币周期论 pure source of monochromatic light 纯单色光源 radiation injury of laryngeal perichondrium 喉软骨膜放射性损伤 radiation injury of skin 皮肤放射损伤 radiation of energy 能量辐射 radiation of heat 热的辐射; 热辐射 radiation of lightening discharge 雷电辐射 radiation osteomyelitis of jaw 放射性颌骨骨髓炎 radiation power of sound source 声源辐射功率 radiator draw-off cock 散热器放水塞 radiator draw-off plug 散热器放水塞 radiator of sound 声辐射器 tetralogy of Fallot 法乐氏四联症根治术 radical dissection of retroperitoneal lymph nodes 腹膜后淋巴结清除术 radical dissection of thoracic tuberculous sinus 胸壁结核窦道根治清除术 radical of a Jordan algebra 约当代数的根 radical of a vector lattice 向量格的根 radical resection of pulmonary carcinoma 肺癌根治术 radical treatment of hydrocele testis 睾丸鞘膜积液根治术 radio line of position 无线电位置线 radio line-of-sight 无线电瞄准线 radio radiation of the Galaxy 银河系射电辐射 radio technical means of communication 无线电技术通信工具 radio-communication line of centimetric wave 微波无线电通信线路 radioactive burn of retina 放射性视网膜灼伤 radioactive contamination of crops 作物放射性污染 radioactive contamination of soil 土壤放射性污染 radioactive decon tamination of soils 土壤放射性净化 radiochemical synthesis of dyes 染料的放射化学合成法 radioisotope localization of placenta 放射性同位素胎盘定位 radiology of hypertension 高血压放射学 radiolysis of water 水的射解 radius of a circle 圆周半径 radius of addendum 齿顶圆半径 radius of bending 转弯半径 radius of central line 中心线半径 radius of clean-up 工作半径; 切削半径 radius of convergence 收敛半径 radius of corner 圆角半径 radius of curvature 曲率半径 curvature of meridian 子午圈曲率半径 radius of curve 曲线半径 radius of damage 毁伤半径 radius of deformation 变形半径 radius of destruction 破坏半径 radius of flange 弯边半径 radius of flute 沟底半径 flute of tooth 齿底半径 radius of graph 图的半径 radius of gyration 转动半径; 环动半径; 回转半径 gyration of area 断面二次半径 radius of inertia 惯量半径; 惯性半径 radius of influence 影响半径; 诱导半径 radius of influence circle 影响圈半径 radius of integration 核武器与普通武器起作用之 综合半径 radius of lens 晶状体半径 radius of meridional section 子午面曲率半径 radius of meromorphy 亚纯半径 radius of particle 粉粒半径 radius of principal curvature 主曲率半径 radius of protection 堡半径 radius of root 根部半径 radius of rounded corner 圆角半径 radius of rupture 破坏半径; 断裂半径; 毁伤半径 radius of safety 安全半径 radius of service 服务半径 radius of sphere 球半径 radius of sphericity 球体半径 radius of spin 螺旋半径 radius of stereoscopic vision 体视半径 radius of torsion 扭转半径; 挠率半径 radius of turn 转弯半径; 旋转半径 radius of turning circle 旋回圈半径 radius of visibility 能见半径; 能见度半径 radix of vertebra 椎根 radix polygonati officinalis 玉竹 radome of sandwich type 多层天线罩 raft of land vegetation 沿岸植物漂流块 raft of pontoons 舟桥筏 raft of timber 木排 ragging off 撬落松煤 ragne of metric thread cut 公制螺纹螺距范围 rail of self-hardening steel 自淬硬钢钢轨 railing of stainless steel tubes 不锈钢管栏杆 railroad bill of lading 铁路货运提单 railway point of frogs 铁路道叉转辙器 railway post office RPO 铁路邮局 railway transport of passengers 铁路客运 rainwater offset 雨水弯管 raise the value of money 提高货币价值 raising of ground water 地下水升高 raising of indices 升标 raising of pool 抬高水库水位 raising of water level 抬高水位; 提高水位 raising-of-truss method 举架; 举架 rake of a stylus 唱针切向倾角 rake of bow 斜柱船首 rake of tubes 管斜度 rake-off 耙出 raking off the slag 撇渣 ram of shaper 牛头刨的刨头 ramified theory of type 分歧类型论 ramified theory of types 支分类型论 ramming of the sand 捣实型砂 ramus of mandible 下颌支 random lack-of-fit structure 随机不贴合性结构 random reflectance of vitrinite 镜质体随机反射率; 镜质体随机反射率 random streams of calls 随机呼唤流 random variable of continuous type 连续型随机变量 randomization of energy 能量无规则化 range difference measurement of satellite fixing 卫星距离差定位 range mark offset 距离标志偏移; 距离标志偏移 range of an instrument 仪表量程 range of a loop 循环域 range of a mapping 映射的值域 range of a relation 关系的值域 range of a transformation 变换的量程 range of atomization 雾化区 range of attenuation 衰减范围 range of capacity 容量范围 range of conics 二次曲线列 range of definition 定义范围 range of deflection 偏转范围 range of density 密度范围 range of detector 探测距离 range of distribution 分布域; 分配范围; 分配区域 range of disturbance 扰动范围 range of DO 循环域 range of feeds 进给量范围 range of fire 射程 range of fluctuation 变动范围 range of furrow width 沟宽范围 range of headlamp 前灯照射距离 range of indication 指示范围 range of infinitely variable speeds 无级变速范围 range of influence 影响范围; 影响区域 range of instability 不稳定区 range of integration 积分限 range of lay 捻距范围 range of light-variation 光变幅 range of linearity 线性区域 range of linearity control 线性控制范围 range of longitudinal feeds 纵向进刀量范围 range of luminous reflectance 发光折射范围 range of Mach numbers 马赫数范围 range of magnification 放大限度 range of maturity 成熟期的范围 range of maximum speed 最大速度航程 range of model 模型范围 range of models 型号系列 range of module thread cut 模数螺纹螺距范围 range of movement 移动范围 range of normal hearing 正常听觉范围 range of normal value 正常值范围 range of oscillation 摆幅 range of pitch 音调范围 range of points 点列 range of possibility 可能性范围 range of power levels 功率级范围 range of price 价格范围; 价格幅度 range of quadrics 二次曲面列 range of regulation 调节范围 range of response 视场 range of revolution 转数范围 range of sample 样本范围 range of set value 设定值范围 range of sizes 尺寸范围 range of society-wide wage increases 全社会工资增长的幅度 range of speed control 速度上下范围; 转速控制范围 range of speeds 转速范围 speeds of rotation 转速范围 range of spindle speeds 主轴转速范围 range of spring 弹簧变形限度 range of springtides 子午潮幅度 range of stability 稳性范围 range of stage 水位变幅 range of stress 应力范围; 应力幅度 range of study 研究范围 range of temperature 温度变化幅度; 温度较差 range of temperatures 温度范围 range of the sample 样本的范围 range of thermal neutrality 温度适中区 range of thermometer scale 温度计读数范围 range of tide 潮差 range of time-lag settings 时延调整范围 range of unclear force 核力力程 range of uses 使用范围 range of values 值的范围 range of variable 变数范围 range of variables 变量的范围; 变量范围; 变量间隔 range of variation 变异范围 range of vision 视界 range of vitrification 帛范围 range of wind tide 风潮差 range of work 加工范围 range of working temperature 作业温度范围 ranging method of sound wave 声波测距法 rank of a bilinear form 双线性形式的秩 rank of a congruence 线汇的秩 rank of a group 群的秩 rank of a weakly stationary process 弱平稳过程的秩 rank of commensurability 通约秩 rank of matrix 矩阵的秩; 矩阵的秩 rank of selectors 选择器列 rank of tensor 张量的阶 ranking of creditors 排列债权人的顺序 ranking problem of capital investment 投资方案排队问题 ranking system of stars 明星等级制 rape of forest 违犯森林规则 raphe of perineum 会阻缝 raphe of pharynx 咽缝 raphe of scrotum 阴囊缝 raphe of tongue 舌缝 rapid cut-off valve 快速切断阀 rapid filling wave of ventricle 心室快速充盈波 rapidity of changeover 变换快速性 rapidity of convergence 收敛速度 rapidity of fading 衰落速度 rapidity of fire 射速 rapidity of firing 射速 rapture of the deep 氮麻醉 rarefaction of bone 骨质疏松 rarefied zone of wave 波疏区 actual use of available equipment 现有设备实际使用率 application and time of phosphorus 磷施用量和时间 rate of bed load transportation 河床质运送速率 rate of biodegradation 生物降解速度 rate of body weight gain 增重率 both profits and taxes on entire funds 全部资金利税率 rate of brain retention 人才存留率 rate of braking 制动强烈程度 rate of burning 燃烧速率 rate of call 通知存款利率 rate of camber change 前轮外倾角变化率 rate of capillary rise 毛管水上升率 rate of capital turnover 投资周转率 rate of change 变动率; 变化率; 变化速度 rate of change curve chart 变化率曲线图 change of acceleration 加速度的时间变率 rate of change relay 变化率继电器 rate of charge 充电率; 充电时间 rate of charging 装料速率 rate of chickens 育雏率 rate of chronometer 日差率 rate of circulating flow 循环流速 rate of circulation 循环速度 rate of climb 上升速度 rate of clock 钟速 rate of coagulation 凝固速度 rate of coal consumption 煤耗率 rate of coal contaning waste rock 煤炭含矸石率 rate of coal liquefaction 煤液化速率 rate of combined package 拼件率 rate of combustion 燃烧率; 燃烧速度; 燃烧速率 rate of concrete placement 混凝土浇筑速率 rate of consumption 消耗率 rate of contraction 收缩率 rate of convergence 收敛速度; 收敛速率 rate of conversion 转化率 rate of conveyance loss 输水损失率 rate of cooling 冷却速率 rate of correction 校正率 rate of corrosion 腐蚀率 rate of cost reduction 成本降低率 rate of crack propagation 裂缝扩展速度 rate of cracking 裂化速率 rate of creep 蠕变率; 蠕变速度; 蠕变速率 rate of curve 曲率 rate of curves 曲线斜率 rate of curving 弯曲率 rate of cutting 切削速度 rate of data signalling 数据传送率 rate of death 死亡率; 死亡速率 rate of debarkation 卸载速率 rate of decay 衰变速率; 衰减速率; 损坏速度 rate of deceleration 减速率 rate of decline 下降率 rate of decosition 熔敷速度 rate of defect 缺陷率 rate of deformation 形变速率; 变形率; 变形速率 rate of delayed report 迟报率 rate of deposition 沉淀率; 沉积率; 沉积速度; 焊着率 rate of depreciation 磨损速率; 折旧率; 贬值率 rate of descend 下降率 rate of descent 垂直下降速度 rate of detonation 爆炸速率 rate of development 开发速度; 发育速度 rate of diffusion 扩散速率 rate of dilatation 膨胀率 rate of dilution 稀释率 rate of discharge 放电率; 流量率; 排出速率; 出口流量 rate of discharging 卸货效率 rate of discount 贴现利率; 折扣率 rate of disintegration 蜕变速率 rate of displacement 位移速率 rate of dissolution 分解率 rate of distillation 蒸馏速率 rate of dividend 分红率 rate of doing work 作功率 rate of drift method 漂移率测量法 rate of driving 冶炼强度 rate of drop 下落速度 rate of drying 干燥速率 rate of drying curve 干燥速率曲线 rate of dye-uptake 上染率 emission of nitrous oxide 亚硝酸氧化物散失比率 rate of energy flow 能流速度 rate of energy loss 能量损失率 rate of enrichment 选矿系数 rate of failures 失效率 rate of fall 降落率 rate of feathering 出羽速度; 羽毛生长速度 rate of feed 进料率; 进料速率; 送料速率; 送丝速度 rate of fertilization 受精率 rate of fertilizer 肥料施用量 rate of filtration 过滤速度 rate of finished products 成品率 rate of fire 射速 flattening of flood wave 洪水波的平复率 rate of flow 流动速度; 流率; 移动率; 通量强度 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司