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Nothing much. 报纸上有什么有趣的东西吗?没什么。 The new rich aped the nobility. 暴发户们仿效贵族。 Betty dresses very nicely. 蓓蒂穿着很漂亮。 Workers of our factory are working with might and main to raise labor productivity. 本厂工人正全力以赴地为提高劳动生产力而工作。 The timetable is subject to change without notice. 本时刻表随时可能改变,不另行通知。 Occasional music was played at the graduation. 毕业典礼上演奏了应景的音乐。 The closet is full of broken toys and other nonsense. 壁橱里都是些破损的玩具及其它无价值的东西。 The specimens have been classified and mounted. 标本已分类并固定在标本架上。 Don't muddy your new shoes. 别把泥巴沾到新鞋子上面去。 Stop monkeying about with the radio, or you'll break it. 别把收音机拿来瞎搞,否则你会弄坏的。 Don't mess me about. 别粗暴对待我。 Don't meddle in their affairs. 别干预他们的事。 Keep your nose out of my affairs. 别管我的事。 Stop nagging at him. 别老是怪他。 Don't just monkey about. 别老是胡闹。 Stop it, you little monkey! 别闹了,你这小淘气鬼! Don't mess in his affairs. 别去干涉他的事情。 Don't let him fool you with nonsense like that. 别让他用那种胡说八道来愚弄你。 Don't mess with me! 别惹我! Don't trust him -- he's only out for your money. 别相信他--他只是在图你的钱。 None of that old excuse of yours! 别再搬出你那老生常谈的藉口了! Do not talk so loud; you may be overheard. 别这么大声说话;别人会听见的。 Ice glitters in the moonlight. 冰在月光下闪闪发亮。 The patient is doing nicely after the operation. 病人手术后情况良好。 The sick man moaned all night. 病人通夜呻吟。 Mr. Boswell is the new president of our university. 博斯韦尔先生是我们大学的新任命的校长。 Soon Mary discovered she had married a miser. 不久,玛丽发现她嫁给了一个守财奴。 Soon he had an opportunity of explaining that to her. 不久他便有了向她解释那件事的机会。 Bad manners may offend. 不礼貌可能触犯他人。 We'll get there somehow, by train or otherwise. 不论是搭火车或用其他方式,我们总会到达那里的。 Not that I do not want to lend you money, but that I do not have any money now. 不是我不肯借钱给你,而是我现在根本就没钱。 Don't muddle things together. 不要把东西混在一起。 Don't mess with that gun. 不要摆弄那枝枪。 Can you stop nagging all the time? 不要老是唠叨行不行? Don't take any notice of others' comments. 不要理会别人的议论。 Don't neglect to brush your teeth. 不要忘了刷牙。 Needless to say, I agree with you. 不用说,我赞同你。 There is no longer the land of milk and honey. 不再有富饶的乐土。 Mr. Brown is a friend of mine. 布朗先生是我的朋友。 The troops were mustered for an attack. 部队被集合起来发动进攻。 The troops moved off at dawn. 部队在拂晓时出发了。 Mops for cleaning the floor have a long handle. 擦洗地板的拖把有一个长柄。 It took the negotiators ten hours to nail down a deal. 参加协商的人花了十个小时才敲定一桩生意。 The dining room is off the living room. 餐室通向起居室。 Do giraffes occur in Africa only? 长颈鹿是不是只在非洲才有? The crash obstructed the road for several hours. 车祸使道路堵塞了好几个小时。 Traffic noise is one of the minuses of living on a main road. 车辆的噪音是住在交通干道旁的不利条件之一。 The neck of a shirt gets dirty easily. 衬衫领口很容易弄脏。 A good deal of adult education is accomplished by the mass media. 成人教育的相当一部分是由大众传播媒介完成的。 There has been a decrease in the number of murders on the city. 城里凶杀案件有所减少。 Town life is the nurse of civilization. 城市生活是文明的摇篮。 I have to have a medical before going abroad. 出国前我得做一次健康检查。 What's up? There's such a loud noise in the corridor. 出什么事啦?走廊里喧闹声那么大。 The government will outlaw the rebels unless they surrender immediately. 除非反叛分子立即投降,否则政府将宣布他们为不法之徒。 Everything has been packed in boxes except a few odds and ends. 除了几件零星物品,所有的东西都装在盒子里了。 In addition to dessert, they served fruit for good measure. 除了甜点心外,他们再加上水果。 Phil has no occupation outside these odd jobs. 除了做这些零活外,菲尔无正式职业。 A biography is a form of narration. 传记是一种记叙文。 The preacher's monotonous voice put me to sleep. 传教士单调的声音催我入眠。 The orthodox Thanksgiving dinner includes turkey and pumpkin pie. 传统的感恩节晚餐包括火鸡和南瓜派。 The boat overturned. 船翻了。 The ship nosed her way through the winding channel. 船徐徐通过了弯弯曲曲的航道。 The ship was nosing in to the dock. 船正靠向码头。 Outside the window it was a wonderful spring morning. 窗外是一片美妙的春天晨景。 He was, moreover, a poet of promise. 此外,他还是一个有前途的诗人。 Outwardly she looked calm. 从外表上看她很镇静。 It is a mere 100 meter from my house to the theater. 从我家到剧场只有一百公尺。 From now on, we will try to do better. 从现在开始我们要尽量做得更好。 The village was overwhelmed by ash from the volcano. 村子被火山灰覆盖。 In basketball, his speed and cleverness were an offset to his small size. 打篮球时,他的速度和机智弥补了他身材矮小的不足。 The typist omitted the last line of the letter. 打字员遗漏了信的最后一行字。 The Conference was opened on October 15. 大会于十月十五日开始。 There is no light outside of the gate. 大门外面没有灯。 The hall is ornamented with Chinese paintings. 大厅以中国画装饰。 The giant panda is native to China. 大熊猫是中国特有的动物。 The kangaroo is a native of Australia. 袋鼠是澳大利亚的土生动物。 It's no use keeping this odd stocking. 单只的袜子留着没什么用。 The parents went through a terrible ordeal when their child was kidnapped. 当孩子遭到绑架时,父母亲经受了一次可怕的折磨。 He had to stop when another car nipped in before him. 当另一辆车子超到他前面时,他只好停车。 Naturally you will want to discuss it with your wife. 当然,你要与你妻子讨论这事。 Of course most of them don't agree with his opinion. 当然,他们中大多数人都不同意他的意见。 By the time he got there, his friends had already moved on. 当他到达那里的时候,他的朋友们已经走了。 The train was already moving when we arrived at the railroad station. 当我们到达火车站时,火车已经开动了。 Mind the wet paint. 当心油漆未乾。 The organ played as the bride came down the aisle. 当新娘沿着通道走过来时,风琴演奏了起来。 Up to now, the work has been quite smooth. 到目前为止,工作很顺利。 Having a bosom friend is one of the niceties of life. 得一知己乃人生一大乐事。 One by one the lights went out. 灯一个个地熄了。 The mountain climbers were outfitted with the latest equipment. 登山者用最新的设备装备起来。 She'll murder you when she finds out what you've done. 等她发现你干了什么事的时候,她会气得把你给杀了。口语:气极了 While walking along a side street, Dick was mugged by two youths. 狄克在小街上行走时,遭到来自背后的两个青年的袭击。 The enemy soon occupied the town. 敌人很快占领了这个城镇。 The earth orbits the sun. 地球绕着太阳运行。 The learner of a second language has many obstacles to overcome. 第二语言学习者有许多障碍要克服。 The omission of this chapter from the third edition was a gross oversight. 第三版漏印这一章是个大疏忽。 The electricity is off. 电流切断了。 The use of the computer has originated many other reforms. 电脑的使用引起了其他许多的革新。 Computer Science is his minor subject. 电脑是他的副修科目。 The elevator is out of order. 电梯出故障了。 The struggles soon came into the open. 斗争不久就公开化了。 Short skirts are the mode in her school. 短裙是她学校的流行服饰。 It rained off and on all day. 断断续续下了一天雨。 It completely slipped my mind. 对此,我一点也记不起来了。 What we like the most about the great man is his modesty. 对那位伟人,我们最喜欢他的谦虚。 His trial was a mockery of justice. 对他的审判是对正义的践踏。 Her insults should be beneath your notice. 对于她的侮辱你应该不屑一顾。 Opinions differ on this matter. 对这件事各人看法不一。 He is being very mysterious about his future plans. 对自己未来的打算,他显得十分诡秘。 Most birds can fly. 多数的鸟会飞。 The explosion of the Russian atomic bomb broke the American monopoly on nuclear weapons. 俄国原子弹的爆炸打破了美国对核武器的垄断。 Twenty or thirty monkeys were huddled along the thick branches. 二、三十只猴子挤在粗大的树枝上。 Distributing food among the homeless was an act of mercy. 发配食物给无家可归的人是救苦救难的行为。 The judge overruled his claim. 法官驳回了他的要求。 The judge ordered the prisoner to be transferred to the county jail. 法官命令将这囚犯转押县监狱。 The judge reminded the witness that he was still under oath. 法官提醒证人,他是发过誓的。 A court is an organ of government. 法庭是一个政府机构。 Fascism had lawlessly overthrown the democratic government. 法西斯非法推翻了民主政府。 There is a medium in all things. 凡事都有中庸之道。 All humans do have some kind of innate mental ability. 凡是人确有某种天生的智力。 The Opposition mounted another attack on the government. 反对党又对政府发起进攻。 The waiters get good tips over and above their wages. 饭店服务员除工资外,小费收入颇丰。 The defense was overwhelmed by superior numbers. 防守被优势的兵力摧垮了。 The room is too obscure for reading. 房间太暗,不能看书。 The house is on offer. 房屋待售。 The outside of the house is painted white. 房子外部漆成白色。 The plane was noticed to take off at six o'clock. 飞机接到通知六时起飞。 The plane is orbiting over the field, waiting for the signal to land. 飞机在绕机场盘旋,等待降落的信号。 The plane was nosing high up into the sky. 飞机正向上升入高空。 A mysterious light came from the deserted house. 废弃的房屋里亮起了神秘的灯光。 The mortality from lung cancer is increasing. 肺癌死亡人数在增多。 The wind has played the mischief with my papers. 风把我的文件吹得乱七八糟。 The wind came moaning through the trees. 风发着呼啸声穿过树林。 The husband and wife built themselves a comfortable nest. 夫妇俩为自己筑了个安乐窝。 Obey your boss or you will be fired. 服从你的上司,否则你会被解雇。 Service workers also have the right to organize. 服务性行业人员也有权组织工会。 The smell of decaying meat overpowered Crompton. 腐肉的臭味使克朗普顿受不了。 Our parents fulfilled their obligation to support us. 父母亲尽到了抚养我们的责任。 Father's objection was that the trip was much too expensive. 父亲的反对理由是,作这样一次旅行费用太大。 Father negatived our plan. 父亲否定了我们的计划。 Father does not oppose the idea at all. 父亲丝毫不反对这个想法。 Neither the father nor the son is interested in the film. 父子俩对这部电影都不感兴趣。 Thanksgiving is a movable holiday. 复活节是节期因年而异的假日。 The party's political muscle is growing. 该党的政治力量在增强。 The computer has two million bytes of memory. 该电脑的记忆有两百万单位。 The computer has two million bytes of memory. 该电脑的记忆有两百万单位。 The motion was carried by a majority of six. 该动议以超出六票的多数被通过。 The country maintains some sixty missions abroad. 该国在海外设有约六十个使馆。 The river is navigable during the rainy season. 该河在雨季可以通行。 The school has an orientation towards practical skills. 该校侧重培养实用技能。 The society has a large membership. 该协会拥有众多会员。 The town was an oasis of prosperity in a desert of poverty. 该镇是贫穷荒漠中的一块繁荣的"绿洲"。 It is never too late to mend. 改过不嫌晚。 The tests for hepatitis were negative. 肝炎检查结果是阴性。 Get a move on, or we'll be late! 赶快,否则我们要迟到了。 Thank you for your kind offer of help. 感谢你想给予帮助的好意。 The new arrival is none other than the President. 刚来的不是别人正是总统。 Great heat melts iron. 高温使铁熔化。 Efficiency depends on good organization. 高效率依赖于良好的组织。 Columbus, Magellan, and other great navigators 哥伦布,麦哲伦等伟大的航海探险家 Opera is a blend of all the performing arts -- songs, instrumental music, dance and drama. 歌剧艺术集所有表演艺术--歌,器乐,舞蹈和戏剧--于一体。 Mrs. Green mothered the lost children. 格林太太慈母般照料那几个走失的孩子。 A mix of people attended the meeting. 各色人等参加了那个会议。 Newer media are obsoleting the book. 更新的传播媒介正在逐步淘汰书籍。 Factories and cities are more complex organisms than self-sufficient villages. 工厂和城市是较自给自足的村庄更为复杂的社会组织。 Trade Unions nominate representatives to public bodies. 工会指定驻公共机关的代表。 The workmen mixed sand, gravel, and cement to make concrete. 工人们把沙,石子和水泥混和成混凝土。 The Industrial Revolution originated in/from the invention of the steam engine. 工业革命始于蒸汽机的发明。 Half of the office is under 30. 公司有一半职工年龄在三十岁以下。 The rent on his apartment was his biggest monthly expense. 公寓的租金是他每月最大的一笔开支。 The park is becoming more and more beautiful. 公园越来越美了。 The public were outraged by the decision. 公众对这一决定非常愤怒。 The princess spent an outrageous amount on clothes. 公主在穿着上挥霍无度。 There were people to the number of 100 who had taken part in the competition. 共计有一百人参加比赛。 The dog has nosed out a rat. 狗发现了一只老鼠。 The dog nosed out the scent. 狗嗅出了气味。 The story opens with a murder. 故事以一件谋杀案开始。 The owners agreed to meet the strikers halfway. 雇主同意向罢工者让步。 They have made a decision about which programmes are to be networked. 关于哪些节目将被联播他们已作出了决定。 His story about being very wealthy was a complete myth. 关于他非常富有的说法完全是捏造出来的。 The audience consisted mostly of women. 观众多数是妇女。 The law passed by Congress was a modification of the original bill. 国会通过的那项法律是原议案的修正稿。 In Latin, two negatives in the same sentence always amounted to an affirmation. 过去拉丁文中两个否定总是相当于肯定。 He's been moonlighting for the past year as a driver. 过去一年里他下班后开车赚外快。 Oh, George, have you seen this? 嗨,乔治,你看见过这个吗? The child is nursing the kitten. 孩子紧抱着小猫。 The children nestled in their beds. 孩子们舒适地睡在床上。 The children modeled a ship out of bits of wood. 孩子们用木片制作轮船模型。 The children played outdoors until it started to rain. 孩子们在户外玩耍直到天下起雨来。 The child obeyed and went to bed. 孩子听话睡觉去了。 Helium is a noble gas. 氦气是钝气。 The wind nipped hard. 寒风凛冽。 In the winter break I went nowhere, just stayed at home. 寒假期间,我什么地方都没去,一直待在家里。 In the winter break I went nowhere, just stayed at home. 寒假期间,我什么地方都没去,一直待在家里。 Mr. Hunter kept his eyes nailed on the car in front of his. 汉特先生目不转睛地盯着他的前面一辆车子。 Mr. Hunter collects early English miniatures. 汉特先生收藏早期英国人物小画像。 For many years the motive power of trains was steam. 好多年,火车的动力是蒸汽。 Nice boys do not use naughty words. 好孩子不说下流话。 A nice girl would never go there. 好女孩决不会去那里。 Peace negotiations are still going on. 和谈仍在进行。 The river narrows at this point. 河面到了这儿变得很狭窄。 The river narrows at this point. 河面到了这儿变得很狭窄。 Black is the opposite of white. 黑色的相反是白色。 The odds are that we won't get a baby-sitter. 很可能我们找不到照看孩子的人。 Obviously I don't need to say how important this project is. 很显然,我用不着多讲这个工程是多么重要。 It was quite obvious that she was not going home. 很显然她不准备回家。 Henry is nowhere when it comes to the race for class president. 亨利在竞选级长中被远远抛在后面。 Henry is nowhere when it comes to the race for class president. 亨利在竞选级长中被远远抛在后面。 After the floods, the local people lost everything; that is, they had no food, no clothing, no nothing. 洪水过后,当地的人丧失了一切,无衣无食,一无所有。 Later he went to India as a missionary. 后来,他以传教士的身分去了印度。 The candidate's promises misled many voters. 候选人的承诺使许多选举人上当受骗。 The nurse mouthed the word "quiet". 护士以口形默示"安静"。 The garden needs watering. 花园该浇水了。 The flowers are opening. 花正在开放。 Washington memorial is a noble monument. 华盛顿纪念碑是很宏伟的。 Outline a map of North America. 画一幅北美的略图。 Mr. White isn't here; he's at a meeting. 怀特先生不在这儿,他在开会。 Early pregnancy is often accompanied by nausea. 怀孕初期常伴有恶心。 A mood of optimism pervaded the gathering. 会上充满乐观的气氛。 The multiplication of numbers has made our club building too small. 会员的增加使得我们的俱乐部拥挤不堪。 The membership disagrees/disagree on the proposed change in the rules. 会员们对拟议中的修改条例一事持不同意见。 It was Alexander Calder who originated the mobiles. 活动雕塑是亚历山大·考尔德首创的。 The train originated in London. 火车发自伦敦。 The train was in motion. 火车开动了。 The motor vehicle becomes an outlaw on the highways if operated without new registration. 机动车辆未经重新注册在公路上开是非法的。 The machine is not operating properly. 机器运转得不正常。 He refused the request on moral grounds. 基于道德上的考虑,他拒绝了这个请求。 A few days later he told me an exciting piece of news. 几天之后他告诉我一个令人振奋的消息。 The plan miscarried. 计划受挫。 The plan came to naught at last. 计划最终成为泡影。 The plan came to naught at last. 计划最终成为泡影。 Reporters have a good nose for news. 记者对新闻有很强的觉察力。 Bear in mind that you'll have to practice economy. 记住要厉行节约。 The monument overlooks the square. 纪念碑高耸在广场之上。 Canada and the United States are neighbors. 加拿大和美国是邻邦。 The rush hour traffic is murder. 尖端时间的交通真要命。 The sale was notified in the newspapers. 减价出售的公告刊登在报纸上。 The taxcut did not have any noticeable effect on economic growth. 减税并没有对经济增长产生显着的影响。 The prosecutor indicted him of nuisance. 检察官以妨害行为起诉他。 Cut back the covers of the neutral and live wires about one inch. 将带电和不带电的电线头上的包皮割去约一英寸。 The general was in command of operations in the north. 将军负责指挥北方的作战行动。 The general had an excellent mount. 将军有出色的坐骑。 The fair opened on March 17. 交易会于三月十七日开幕。 An angry multitude collected in the street. 街道上聚集了一大群愤怒的人。 There was a garden on the opposite side of the street. 街的对面有个花园。 The streets were as noisy as ever. 街上和往常一样喧闹。 Jack is considerate; his wife is just the opposite. 杰克能体贴人,而他妻子恰恰相反。 She nested the glass tumblers in a crate. 她把玻璃酒杯一个套一个放在箱子里。 She pointed the nose of the car towards home. 她把车头朝着家的方向开去。 She mixed up flour and water. 她把面粉和水拌匀。 She overturned the bottle. 她把瓶子打翻了。 She made a pretty bad mess of it. 她把事情搞得一团糟。 She nestled her head on his shoulder. 她把头贴在他肩上。 She kept the largest apple for herself. 她把最大的苹果留给自己。 She helped the doctor to nurse her elderly mother through. 她帮助医生细心照料年迈的母亲,使她恢复健康。 She was overcome with grief. 她悲不自胜。 She was named winner of the contest. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司